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Archives: August 23, 2013

Police Investigate Transgendered Woman's Death In Possible Hate Crime

Israel, the un-apartheid state – a comparison with Australia

S-h-h-h-h-h!!! Applegrove's trying to take a nap over there in the corner.

liveblog from the Obama appearance in Auburn New York

It's not Kali's fault that she's online 24/7. It really isn't.

Why you'll NEVER see an astronomer with a cat:

Sushi Love:

MFM lives his life in constant fear - TERRIFIED that disco will actually make that dreaded comeback.

MFM's quite the naturist. And thank you, he WILL remember to apply sunscreen. Everywhere.

Dream Land (Full movie)

WWII vet, beaten by teens outside Eagles Lodge, dies

Tennessee 5-year-old detained after firing handgun in school cafeteria

Am I wrong to think the UPS decision to drop some coverage and blame it on ACA is a good thing?

Ectotherms Sunbathing

has everyone seen/heard the google doodle today--151st birthday of claude debussey

Brooke Astor's Son Granted Medical Parole

NY Times: Democracy may prove the doom of WBAI

President Obama called Georgia school clerk Antoinette Tuff to thank her for her courage

I grew up with AM radio and b&w TV. I saw this tonight for the first time

Son Accused in Shooting Death of May's Donuts Owner

Thanks, Obama!

Palast on Summers as evil genius in the fall of the world's economies

What is Women’s Equality Day?

(Vegas) Metro infiltrates Sovereign Citizens movement, uncovers plots to 'snatch,' execute officers

Just a general observation if I may

Hepatitis A scare at Westside Market

Rick Perry begging for Obamacare even as he maligns it

5 animals that can do amazing things ... with their penises ~

Mubarak has just left prison

Walter Rhett: Answering The Call (The Butler)

How about marching for leisure as well as jobs?

Papantonio: Take Away Church Tax Breaks

On Chris Hayes now, where were Libertarians during all the Stop And Frisk years?

I have a silly question.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Private Parts & a new Kitteh gif

Is it just me -- or --

Colin Powell slams North Carolina voting law

Azumi (English Subs) Starring Aya Ueto (Full Movie)

Sen. Jon Erpenbach goes to bat for Capitol protesters

The difference between knowledge and wisdom?

Another day in post-racial America

Obama’s “outside experts” surveillance review panel has deep ties to gov’t

How me understand this: Landlord's handy-man to check for the leak and said the Gas man was wrong.

Aging mobile homes burden owners with huge power bills and mold

Jerry Brown Considers Prison Alliance Between Private Company, Union

Where are those crazy Amish Mother Fuckers when you need them?

TYT: WHO Got Shorter Sentences Than Bradley Manning?

Finally! A church I feel comfortable joining!

Vladimir Nabokov Creates a Hand-Drawn Map of James Joyce’s Ulysses

Interview with Quinn Eaker of Garden of Eden About SWAT Raid on Organic Texas Garden

Take Five (Summertime Blues and Reds edition)

SE China gets dumped on again

George Zimmerman looking for shotgun today

Koch brothers will not buy Chicago Tribune

Home-Made Rocket Reaches 121,000 Ft. In Less Than 120 Seconds

Justice Department Sues Texas Over Voter ID, Citing The Remainder Of The Voting Rights Act

I have thought this for awhile.

"Well and Truly Fracked" (blog post from Archdruid Report)

Interview with Quinn Eaker of Garden of Eden About SWAT raid on Organic Garden

Ah, summer...

Luckovich Toon- A Republican Dream

Mr Fish lays it out for you

So Who Is Paying For Mannings Change?

"Republicans are their own worst political enemy"

Yosemite...considering meeting friends there in 2014

Poll - ATA - come play here:

Bradley Manning should win the Nobel Peace Prize

Ministry - "So What"

"States Predict More Uninsured Will Buy Through Health Care Exchanges"

Can Marijuana Improve Your Emotional State? New study suggests yes

Thank you, Al Sharpton

Steve Nelson The Point of the Sphinx, Cybele, Egyptian New Year and the New Aeon, Aug 22-25 ~

Today I learned that many people posting here are transphobic.

It's time THIS flag and this symbol made their appearance on DU:

Transgender Woman Dies After Assault in Harlem: Police

Brock Obama

Found this interesting and cool

Greenpeace activist punks media outlets with "report" on nuclear terrorism

TransMilitary Documentary Seeks to End Trans Service Ban

Jean Shepherd Remembers the March On Washington

KXL: "We will not let you build this pipeline."

Cheney is the traitor to our country

"The Great Bubble Era Was Caused by Financial Deregulation, Not Easy Money"

The false tension between Stop/Frisk and domestic spying: don't fall for it

(Tennessee) SCS To Review Policies After Delay Reporting Shot Fired Incident

Officer struck in Astoria, police search for suspect

Fair trade / ethically sourced / eco-friendly semi-precious stones?

Grumpy Cat has a sibling:

Cass Sunstein helped get Bush and Cheney off the hook...

It is really, really easy. Here, try this.

Ex-convict sentenced for sneaking into NYC jails

Look, the traitor Manning was convicted of Treason and that's just what it is

Crafters/jewelers: Fair trade/ethically sourced/eco-friendly semi-precious stones?

My first day off is tommorow, but it is filled with work!

"How do I make the American people more comfortable," with NSA spying, the president said.

Rick Perry is Now Asking President Obama for Funds From Obamacare (Poll) the 'Bama Breeze

Best. Convocation speech. EVER!!!

please send good thoughts for manitou springs and surrounding areas tonight.

New Mexico Secretary of State Revives 21-Year Old Discredited Attorney General Opinion to Remove Gre

After PA. Legislature Fail, State Puts Tighter Weight Restrictions on 1,000 Bridges

Get the new social network that all your friends are talking about: PRSM

Fukushima Cancer Fears Are Absurd

Advice: if when it comes to Manning, all you can think of is surgery, you need to grow up

What is Fraud Armor?

Need a recommendation for a GPS device

Wikipedia has been updated from 'Bradley Manning' to 'Chelsea Manning'

Archeological discovery indicates women once ruled Peru

Brother of that mentally ill Gun man at the School is a Fool

Hacked Colo. Road Sign Shows Support For Snowden

The senseless violence is making me cry.

(Minnesota) Supreme Court sides with bar staff forced to pay cash shortages with tips

National Women's History Museum

Day 46: CA Democrat Politicians don't care of Human Rights or use of Torture

Blaming President Obama for Loss of Privacy? What about the Supreme Court?

FEMEN's Topless Protesters Get Schooled in the Muslim World

If Republicans are the real enemy, why call them Libertarians?

Belgian fashion designer launches pro-gay boxer shorts to humiliate Putin

“Although some have lost around 30 pounds and are getting significantly weaker, CA Hunger strike

Slamdunk Summary of Reactions to Manning "Controversy"

Thousands show for free Medical care Virginia

AP source: DHS employee behind racist website

ESPN Quits Film Project on Concussions in N.F.L.

A few photos from Oregon (some wilderness, some not)

Robin THICKE?!1 Alan THICKE?!1 Robert PALMER?!1 *So* confusing!1

Boehner warns against shutting U.S. government over 'Obamacare'

FIRE WEATHER: LAL 3=>4 tonight. LOL! Never happened here! (LAL = Lightning Activity Level)

Great article of CA Prison system in SF weekly

Pricing Problem Suspends Nasdaq for Three Hours.

North Carolina’s Politics Shift

Some Mumbai pictures (pic-heavy, obviously)

Dem Rep.: Right-Wing Blogs ‘Manufacture Controversy,’ Like Pre-Holocaust Nazi Propaganda

Todd Asker; Hunger Striker in Solidary, influenced by Howard Zinn and Bobby Sands

US Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act

Quote from Barry Goldwater

Woman with a shiner claims boyfriend beat her, which is why she killed him. Police doubt her story.

Anyone who says it's easy or mock them, I challenge to try it for two weeks

Native Californians Followed the Greenery: Environment Shaped 12,000 Years of Ethnic and Linguistic

Colombia: the Aftermath of Counterinsurgency

Report from the North Idaho Fair Democratic party booth, day 1

South Carolina (Columbia) Criminalizing Their Homeless

911 Dispatchers In Santa Clara County Threaten To Strike

Anti-NSA and -Obama feeling on DU: how much is closeted racism?

Mumbai photojournalist gang-raped on assignment

NZ police affidavits show use of PRISM for surveillance

"Don't Fly On Ramadan" or "You’ll have to understand, when a person of your… background...."

Another 'traitor' - 35 years ago

Mapped: Every Protest on the Planet Since 1979

Rachel's 8/22 segment on NC voter suppression...

WWII vet, 88, beaten to death by teens in Spokane, Washington

Obama orders Syria 'gas attack' inquiry

OK guys. Here it comes.

Zog Nit Keyn Mol

The NFL better be scared.They had a rheumatologist in charge of their concussion program.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, a song that is absolutely not brimming with innuendo...

Measles Outbreak at Vaccine-Denying Pastor Kenneth Copeland's Fort Worth Church

Am I wrong to say that the Obama Administrations deserves a grade of C- in defending the

55th birthday today :)

Do not confuse ethical and legal.

Jonathan Turley: A Threat to Our Principles

Large Slave Tunnel Discovered Under Emperor Hadrian's Villa in Rome

Walmarts Latest Scheme to Replace the Middle Class With an Underclass Forced to Buy its Shoddy Goods

"Adolf Hitler was 'probably a neurotic psychopath bordering on schizophrenia' " (1943 report)

August 23: National Sponge Cake Day.

For transgender prisoners, hormones seen as matter of life and death

South carolina and the homeless..And Nasdaq shuts down..

Seattle Media Credulously Regurgitate Industry-Funded "Report" on Paid Sick Leave

New Report Says More Doctors are Accepting Medicare

Cry, the Beloved Republic.

The Rise of Bullshit Jobs

Columbia, South Carolina Criminalizes Homelessness In Unanimous Vote

Voter intent.....registration eligibility

Now we know: States cannot shut down Nuclear Plants.

A graveyard of vehicles contaminated at Chernobyl

Attorney for Dewhurst Niece Slams Attention on Shoplifting Arrest

2500 line up for Mobile Free Clinic for Health Care

Texting while driving.

Why Congress Fears Crossing The NSA


Raw Story: Court strikes down Arizona law defunding Planned Parenthood

Ben Affleck is the new Batman

Neo-Nazi plans to build an all-white city of racists in North Dakota

Beastly fire disrupts Idaho vacation heaven

Renewable Natural Gas from Landfill Fueling Buses in Pierce County

"Is compromise a dirty word for Republicans ?"

Cynicism is Corporate America’s Greatest Weapon. Disarm It.

Renewable Natural Gas from Landfill Fueling Buses

5 Most Absurd, Self-Pitying Gripes of the Christian Right

The sleeping dog.. (my son sent me this)

Nobody handles hecklers as well as the President

How North Dakota Plans To Become The Drone Capital Of America

Walmart's Latest Scheme to Replace the Middle Class With an Underclass Forced to Buy its Shoddy Good

The Surprising Reason Americans Are Far Less Healthy Than Others in Developed Nations

Here's Some Blowback Brewing For Our Kids And Grandkids

Bill would put lawmakers to the test, requires them to take standardized tests

New Jersey’s ban on ex-gay therapy is a victory over religious nuts

Iran Said to Pave Over Site Linked to Nuclear Talks

PD: Lake Erie wind turbines will be built by 2017, says LEEDCo

My Dinner With NSA Director Keith Alexander

Chelsea Manning is teaching me a lot about my "compatriots" today

I'm starting the Paleo diet next week.

(German) Government warns of Windows 8

I gave a woman money today so she could cremate her granddaughter. (Multiple trigger warnings)

Scott Rasmussen leaves the Asbury Park polling company he founded

Obama tells CNN key decisions nearing on Syria, Egypt

The drone that may never have to land

Mumbai photojournalist gang-raped on assignment

Tim Tebow in a perfect nutshell.

Should jury votes be subjected to admin scrutiny?

Too Often Forgotten: An Amazingly Long List of What We Know Thanks to Private Manning

Anti-Austerity Campaign Demands Shutdown of Corporate Tax Dodging

China's arsenic contamination risk is assessed

I think I figured out why Tweety sounds so pleading & desperate

Pick up game Basketball Video---hilarious

ASPCA employees concerned NYPD takeover of abuse cases puts animals at risk

Did Mueller Jump on the Thought Police Bandwagon?

Some days the bad guys get theirs

Insight - In Fukushima end-game, radiated water has nowhere to go

It's great that the DOJ is going after the Texas and NC voter laws, but...

Egypt's bruised Brotherhood seeks to show street power

Passengers on troubled cruise ship near rioting, callers told Ketchikan police

Mammon breathes. Buchanan listens. Please come CAPTION Pat Buchanan!!!

Comcast email is OUT

New oil tax rules drawing complaints from industry over defining "new oil"

Made in China: The Green Futurism of Architect Ma Yansong

I've seen enough evidence of a real issue here regarding

TPP: Keeping a Massive Trade Deal Out of the Fast Lane

Florida Couple Assaults Dunkin Donuts Worker with Gun Over Wrong Coffee

Evidently Things Are Better Than The Dod Tells Us

Swiss City to Unveil Taxpayer-Funded “Sex Boxes” for Prostitutes

Three Good Reasons To Liquidate Our Empire by Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt

VIDEO: 'O'Reilly Factor' producer Jesse Watters visits Telluride mushroom festival

Green Scare Lite: When the Feds Come Knocking on the Climate Movement's Doors

Review of US Surveillance Programs to be Led by Panel of Intelligence Insiders

today's irony

America as we used to know it is officially DEAD

Sunday: CNN Spotlighting Union Struggle to Save the Middle Class

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Stop, look and listen

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Violence, prevented or not.

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Egypt and middle east

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

OPG radioactive waste dump a "declaration of war against the Great Lakes"

Sovereign Citizen terror plot - this is why they don't recognize fed/local laws

Luckovich: Higher and Higher

WWII vet Delbert Belton, 88, beaten to death by teens in Spokane, Washington

Ballmer Announces Retirement From Microsoft

Bald eagle flight goes awry during ORU service

Ireland Has Performed Its First-Ever Legal Abortion, And It Saved A Dying Woman’s Life

Republicans’ Own Investigation Into ‘Dangerous’ Abortion Clinics Discovers They’re Already Very Safe

Government Now "Leaking Harmful Info & Attributing It To Others-To Make Snowden et al Look Dangerous

Kaplan: Myths About Manning, Why Chelsea Manning may get out of jail sooner than you think

Check in here if you trust the NSA

Viewing Fukushima in the Cold Light of Chernobyl

"Full care for transgender veterans" ......

Warning: Tear Jerking Story of a Miracle Baby

AJ gave more air time to climate change in one day than any other network has in a year

The milk has arrived!!! video

Where do you buy a "we accept credit cards" sign?

Saying Boo To A Ghost: It's No Secret Why Congress Fears Crossing The NSA

Dozens dead in north Lebanon twin blasts

California’s Carbon Trading System Is Going So Well They Sold Out Of Permits

Cost of F-35 stealth fighters could soon hit (Canadian) defence spending cap, report shows

Prez Posing as President

Manning Sentenced To 35 Years - More Than All Previous Leakers Combined

California's iconic redwoods in danger from fire and infectious disease

Snowden: UK government now leaking documents about itself

Elizabeth Warren May Control Larry Summers's Fate

Google Blocks YouTube app on Windows Phones.

Native American Special Issue of Literary Orphans

This drives me absolutely crazy. Just because a person of one race kills a person of another.....

Negligent parents, lawbreaking kids

Talk of impeachment

Calling Bradley Manning a She---Educate me DU.

Papantonio: March For Your Voting Rights This Saturday

GOP reacts to new doggy

Just some (not so) random thoughts based on recent news events.

Nuclear deterrence is overrated

Paul Krugman- This Age of Bubbles

Howard Dean vs. Hillary Clinton: Who would get your vote?

Elizabeth Warren’s secret: The Salon interview

The Gainesville 8 and a Nixonized World

All Hail Hungary: Country Bravely Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn - AGAIN

(NBA player) Chris Paul: A Union Chief They Can't Knock Off

Quickbooks Pro 2013...

What the media won't say about Chris Lane's murder

Good Friday morning!

"Hey Mister, what's that coming out of your ears?" Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!!

Anyone want to help me respond to my Senator?

Papantonio: Texas – A Fracking Dustbowl

New Mexico Supreme Court: Wedding photographer illegally discriminated against gay couple

Would you consider replacing post count

What’s the Deal With Waiters Grinding Pepper Onto Your Food?

CNN: Japanese nuclear regulators call the Fukushima plant a "house of horrors"

A Speech on Teachers

It is not okay for cats to kill all the neighborhood birds.

Does the 1st Amendment Give Us The Right

N.F.L. Pressure Said to Lead ESPN to Quit Film Project

The only Ben Bernenke profile you need to read

Obama Suggests Lame-Duck Congress Take Tips From 'Schoolhouse Rock'

Arkansas School Posts Sign Warning That Teachers Are Armed, Gunmen Will Be ‘Met With Deadly Force’

Petrol price hike causes sales crash

Bravery Cut Short: Islan Nettles Dead After Attack

The Air Force's $40 Billion Space Push

Manning’s Biggest Revelation of All

Lebanese city of Tripoli rocked by deadly explosions

Welcome to the Age of Denial

PA Cyber founder Trombetta finally indicted

Words/phrases that have lost their edge due to overuse in political debates.

Say a prayer for Delbert Belton.

DU has become unusable on my BlackBerry...

So, can any of you tell me what High crimes and Misdemeanors the President committed?

Rules Approved For New Voter ID Law

Marines Put F-35B Flight Costs 17 Percent Lower Than OSD

Council of Europe asks UK to explain intimidation against the Guardian

The Story Behind the ‘Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment’ Movement

The "Fed rate" list will compete with the list of "Best Party" schools. This fed

Dems could gain control of Pa. Senate next year - 15 Repub seats up for grabs, 3 retirements

Zimmerman Tours Kel-Tec Gun Plant: Who the fuck does such a thing, except a sociopath?

Do You Want the U.S. to Expand Our Military Involvement to Include Syria?

Ex-CIA, Barry Eisler, on the detention of David Miranda

9/11 trial lawyer: CIA had its finger on Guantánamo’s mute button

ACLU on Manning and medical rights of gender dysphoric prisoners

Another horrendous gang rape in India.

I'm grateful this morning.

FBI Investigating Cut Power Line in Cabot


My star is gone and I'm too lazy to make a donation

I am back from rookie purgatory!

Lori Wallach: Alternatives to Economic Globalization

Can you order pizza or delivery food with paypal?

Name of Song - Zillow TV ad

NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies

10 ideas Republicans loved until Barack Obama became President

(Rethinking) Gender

U.S. New-Home Sales Plunge as Mortgage Rates Rise

The biggest change since 1850 for universities. Proposed at Buffalo speech.

I'm having lunch with a Republican friend today.

What's wrong with flat? I mean as in geography. Kansas is flat, Florida is flat,

About that CVS receipt thread

State Laws Hinder Obamacare Effort to Enroll Uninsured

Prez on the Ball Today

To save the government time,we should send them detailed info about our activities on a daily basis

MSNBC needs to reestablish its hard news bona fides to grow its audience

Consumers Skip Dining for Cars as Sales Slow

Dishwashers Beat Clothes as U.S. Moms Use Hand-Me-Downs

So all the EU privacy laws are for nothing. Why is no one addressing this?

6 Things Losing Candidates Say

Pet cancer answers from Savannah oncologist

The Surprising Reason Americans Are Far Less Healthy Than Others in Developed Nations

Groundwater Contamination May End the Gas-Fracking Boom

“Brother Martin would not be invited to the very march in his name"

CNN Fukushima misquote touches off firestorm of antinuclear hysteria

NJ Governor race getting closer. Told you so!!!

Prez: “He’s very down-to-earth, someone who really cared and wants to make a difference"

Tallahassee Democrat: Dream Defenders' Agnew will have 2 minutes during Saturday march in Washington

Gaming Nightmare Fuel (or: what keeps you up at night?)

The Daily Beast publishes column that alleges ‘true rape’ doesn’t occur in prison

"Only Larry Summers can save the world from Larry Summers is not a particularly compelling argument"

Oh, Mister!!

USA To Internet Companies: "We pay you because we know it is illegal"

Japan's unwanted IT workers dumped in 'forcing-out rooms'

"Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither." Benjamin Franklin

Ben Affleck to play Batman in 'Man of Steel' sequel

Come on people....She’s older and wiser now.. But still very Pretty

Vatican Urges Caution Over Syria Chemical Arms Claims

A Supergiant Star Goes Missing, and a Supernova Mystery Is Solved

It’s natural to have sympathy for Chelsea Manning as a young person

Russia Slams Calls To Use Force In Syria

Elementary School Kids Told To Kneel Before Principal

New Glue-Spitting Velvet Worm Found in Vietnam

Bacon Festival Runs Out Of Bacon

Tesla Opens First Plant in the Netherlands

Black Keys Leader Dan Auerbach Loses Lock Of Bob Dylan's Hair In Divorce

Hundreds March Against Trans-Pacific Partnership In Minnesota

Sloppy police work, a hands-off justice system & blind prison system turned one man into another

Who fishes with a net?

A Unanimous Decision for Equality

In Markets’ Tuned-Up Machinery, Stubborn Ghosts Remain.

But private corporations collect personal data too

The persistent stained-glass ceiling

Taxpayer Cost Of Housing NYC Prisoners Last Year: $167,000 Per Inmate

More birdcages

Obama: US Is Now Facing A 'More Abbreviated' Time Frame On Decision For Syria, Egypt Response

Pic Of The Moment: Sen. Tom Coburn Latest Republican To Suggest Obama Impeachment

Everyone deserves hugs right now.

Voter Suppression = Taxation Without Representation

The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York by Robert Caro

My father was an amateur photographer

Jobs and Freedom. We need both.

Obama says Republicans privately tell him they're scared of Rush Limbaugh

Jury duty - Ignore list question

Not from the Onion: Center for Marriage Policy - Lesbians Will Trick Gay Men Into Fathering Children

B’Tselem: Police Investigating Alleged Abuse Of Palestinian Minors During Interrogations

The World's Most Precise Clock Could Prove Einstein Wrong

How much anti-transgender bigotry must we tolerate here?

Um, excuse me NSA/Mike: there's no Friday October 6th in the last three years.

Drunk Vs. Stoned

Ryan Braun finally admits to steroid use (I don't believe him)

Samuel R. Delany on Gender and Sexuality

11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures

Heros & Zeros

While the NSA scares you.. this is what scares me

San Francisco's Green Power Plan Still Stalled by Corporate Interests a Decade Later

Materials Implicating Syrian Govt In Chemical Attack Prepared Before Incident – Russia

You've seen the *old* MLK shootin pool picture, right? Here's a new one

Guardian partners with New York Times over Snowden GCHQ files

The New York Times has rather decisively broken with the Obama administration:

Breaking: Army psychiatrist convicted of murder for Fort Hood shooting, now eligible for death

Ex-Salvadoran military colonel's US immigration sentencing begins with professor's testimony

US gun culture is 'corrupting the world,' Australia ex-deputy PM says after Okla. slaying

What is with so many of you referring to Manning with male pronouns

Putin Bans Protests at Games

El Salvador: Quest for Justice

Pat Buchanan Praises Segregated Black Schools For Promoting "Patriotism And Traditional Values"

Megachurch and Measles Outbreak

'Jury convicts Nidal Hasan on all charges in Fort Hood shooting'

Schoolhouse Rock for the 113th Congress

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 23, 1933

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 23, 1933

Lavrov, Kerry Call for Unbiased Probe into Alleged Syria Attack

Buzzfeed: New York Times And Guardian Will Publish More Snowden Revelations

U.N. expert says solitary confinement in U.S. prisons can be torture

Question about Comcast billing

my appreciation thread for Catherina

Boehner's pollster: even Republicans oppose shutdown plan

Ron Motley, Who Spearheaded Tobacco Suits, Dies at 68

Transgender Woman Dies After Assault in NYC

OOPS: Obamacare Opponent Is Very Impressed With The Law He Hates So Much

Idiot Quote of the Day – Jim DeMint

California raised a bunch of taxes this year. Its economy hasn’t collapsed.

Detaining someone you *Know* is not a terrorist

Thank you for taking care of the ones that need to go my friend!

Breaking: U.S. Soldier Who Massacred Afghan Villagers Sentenced to Life W/out Possibility of Parole

Belgium police raid '1.3bn-euro' Chimay drug pills factory'

'Paula Deen' Shoots 'Trayvon Martin' in 'Law & Order: SVU' Episode

GOP Rep. Goodlatte: Mexican asylum-seekers are lying about fearing for their lives

Police: Hit-And-Run Driver Who Fired Shots At Officers Still At Large

The New "Criminal" Menace: Peaceful creative Burning Man gatherings in middle of nowhere

Giant Telescope Mirror for Future Observatory to Be Cast Saturday

I have no problem calling Pvt. Manning Chelsea or using

Cold War Kids: The Right Stuff drops on Blu-ray November 5!

All crime reporting is inherently misleading.

(Former) FERC Chair Jon Wellinghoff: Solar ‘Is Going to Overtake Everything’

Atheists vote, too: Why is religious pandering so prevalent?

Woman turns up alive 13 days after funeral; body buried wasn’t her

What Snowden And Manning Don't Understand About Secrecy

Gov't seeks new limits on silica dust

---so what you are saying, is we would be BETTER OFF --- NOT KNOWING THESE THINGS?:

"wacko activists posing as journalists have been out 2 get the #NSA for decades" via billmon

H. G. Heinz was bought out and are laying people off

Sign seen at a Tea-Party rally in the year 2020

Shell investigates leak in Niger delta

I find 'em and I post 'em.

29% of Louisiana Republicans Blame Obama for Katrina Response

Obama on CNN: Congress Has Two Jobs, But Too ‘Worried About’ ‘Rush Limbaugh’ to Do Them

Chelsea Manning,

Syria: Russia joins international pressure on Assad over chemical attack

Scammers Targeting Con Ed Customers, Utility Warns

FHA Waives Foreclosure, Short-Sale, and Bankruptcy Waiting Periods

I Never Realized How Right Wing & Biased Mediaite Was

Drunk Republican Blames DUI on Gay Marriage

Notre Dame To Admit Undocumented Students Living In The US

Just returned from anti-fracking demo at SUNY Binghamton

It's easy to cast Batman. The hard part is casting Bruce Wayne.

Poll: Boehner Deeply Unpopular in Home State

Harassment Among Game Developers From Fans On The Rise

Ben Affleck is the new Batman

shtiler shtiler

Snowden: UK government now leaking documents about itself

Mysterious sea monster discovered in Spain is identified

The Gold Mines of Colombia

Let's clear something up here. (Chelsea Manning and transgender)

The Most Annoying Sounds..

I can not tell you how dissapointed I am in some of the Transphobic posts I am seeing here.

John Piper - Why I abominate the prosperity gospel

Remember the newspaper who published gun-owner records? Poof!

By the end of next week we'll be talking Syria 24x7

Texas Supreme Court takes same-sex divorce cases

Texas Supreme Court takes same-sex divorce cases

Top investigative journalism reports from 2013 which you may have missed.

Tax Wall Street Party more than double the needed signatures to become offical party on NYC ballot!

Wonder Woman Cosplay

What's good for free antivirus

Trans Treason: Why Chelsea Manning is no hero for trans soldiers

KFC coleslaw dressing recipe?

I'm no longer on MIRT, but I still get the email notifications.

a vast, silent, automatic system

TX Repub AG Defrauds TX on 'Voter Fraud' in Response to DoJ Lawsuit Against Polling Place Photo ID

Perfect Day.

I wonder who the NY Times mule was?

About removing information about ignores...

A statistic that's been buzzing in my brain all day

Manning's Name Change and CNN's Weird Reaction

The math of residential alternative energy.

Chinese Floods Kill 250 During Past Week: Earth's 4th Deadliest Disaster of 2013

WiDi Latency Issue

"I am secretly a citizen of Ethiopia." -- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), quoted by the Houston Chronicle

Cleveland fan John Adams has been drumming in futility for 40 years

What's for Dinner ~ Friday August 23rd

Pearl Jam 'Mind Your Manners' Video

If a newspaper said "Bradley Manning met with her lawyers today..."

surveillance state has lost Toure (MSNBC)

More Facebook fun! 'Bored' teen hunts, kills kittens. Posts photos to Facebook

NSA used against Kim Dotcom in NZ copyright battle

Bolivia prison riot leaves at least 15 dead

Reports: Bob Filner signs resignation letter

Trans: The Movie

I think we are fortunately still a ways from being an authoritarian state. And I am probably one

I hope the last couple of days will lead to some reconsideration

Limbaugh re-ups with Cumulus

Germany Breaks Its Own Record For Solar Power Generation

Expect a lot more Mannings and Snowdens

German Government Warns Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8 – Links The NSA


Xpost: California’s Carbon Trading System Is Going So Well They Sold Out Of Permits

Venezuela to install 30,000 cameras to combat crime

Mike Collier, Democrat and Businessman, Steps Up for Texas Comptroller

Yo, DU. I think we all need to take a deep breath, just for a moment, to remember

A Nevada Tribe’s Epic Battle To Replace A Deadly Coal Plant With Solar

September 4th...mark the date...Hot in Cleveland...

Hackney woman told to remove burka by crown court judge

meanwhile in kentucky, the democratic governor kicks paul`s and mcconnell`s ass

Despite 10,000 New Jobs, State Now Lags Behind Nat'l Rate

It's Friday!! I'm putting some Jimmy Buffett in the Lounge Jukebox


Ohio man revives 45 mins after heart stops

Barack and Joe in Scranton

Bloomberg: Why Is Obama Caving on Tobacco?

By the way I heard that the fuggers at Fux haven't said a word about Antoinette Tuff

Male Atheists and White Knight Sexism

Q&A: Quebec's religious garb debate intensifies

Tea partier at Ted Cruz town hall: ‘Canada is not really foreign soil’

Chelsea Manning Turned Down Lesser Sentence To Not Sell Out Julian Assange

Now that their Mayor is resigning most San Diegans don't care who replaces him....

A Conservative Catholic Now Backs Same-Sex Marriage

Jury: Life in Prison for Afghanistan Massacre

Drudge Report joins in the race-baiting...

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Loses Stop-and-Frisk Battle to City Council...

Women's ordination movement takes interfaith approach

Nothing Fails Like Faith

Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH): Businesses Can't Find Enough 'Sober,' 'Drug-Free' Workers

"They Don't Care About Syria, They Won't Care About Us"

Anti-Fracking Groups Greet Obama On New York Tour...

Russian spyboss brands Tor a crook's paradise, demands a total ban

It's time for a disapproving post.

All claims dismissed against Paula Deen in employee lawsuit

Prez LOVES Pie!

Does anyone on DU have an address for Manning?

'Boko Haram Islamists' kill 35 in Nigeria raid

Investigators believe 8-year-old intentionally killed 90-year-old woman

SPOKANE VETERAN BEATEN TO DEATH: One Suspect In Custody; Another On The Loose

Rude Pundit: The Research That Caused the Migraine 99 must-reads on income inequality

Happy William Wallace day!

Trayvon comparisons on FB. Finally had it UP with that Bullshit. My response.

Just unboxed my shiny new chromecast

How Not to React to the News That Bradley Manning Is Transgender

Jebus effin Krist are you folks watching Istook

Weekend Economists Sit on a Wall August 23-25, 2013

Post a song with a profession in the title or lyrics. I'll start with "Cowboy Song" - Thin Lizzy

Anyone know how to disable mixed content blocking in FireFox 23?

Guantanamo Lawyer Invokes King's 'Dream' Speech in Tribunal Challenge

Vandalism or Art? You decide.

A veteran newsreader on our local CBS affiliate needs vocabulary lessons.

LA porn sets closed after actress tests positive for HIV

Never thought of it this way..

Monterey County agrees to pay $2.6 million in 'flash-bang' death of Greenfield man (wrong guy)

What Catholic Women Want

Scientology Flack Arrested in Plot to Kill Cop

Chris Hedges On Bradley Manning Being Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison

Anyone know about sewing up backpacks?

Pap and Seder: College Students Are Financially Screwed

Thom Hartmann ALEC Wants Back in the Shadows

Visualization of drone strikes

NC state employees bill

They really just need an enemy, don't they?

Matt Taibbi on Larry Summers running the Federal Reserve....

I was wrong about DU...

Pat Robertson Says President Obama is Inciting 'Black-On-White Violence'

Resolved-Thanks. They are working on the water main here

August 23, 1966

The Walking Dead - Season 4 Sneak Peak this Sunday

Good STUFF! Marci Wheeler on Cass Sunstein at "Real News Network" Interview/Transcript...

On Al Sharptons Politics Nation: JFK had a tricky relationship with Martin Luther King at first

Whoa: NYT Now Has Snowden Docs Carried By Secret Courier into the US

The Real News Mubarak Eyes Release As Egyptian Military Continues To Kill Protestors

Pap and Seder: America's Water Problem

Kitty's first 3 words were, "WTF, man!!!"

Hush!!! Dad's watchin' TV.

Bananaman to the rescue!!! Na-na na-na na-na na-na Na-na na-na na-na na-na, BANANAMAN!!!

The other Avengers are in agreement -- The Incredible Hulk is pretty much an asshole.

Once again, MiddleFingerMom speaks out for gender equality.

Hi... my name is MiddleFingerMom and I'm an addict. HI, MIDDLEFINGERMOM!!! EW!!!

Don’t Let The Government Get Its Hands On Obamacare!

For Artisus, California Peggy, Mr. Scorpio, MFM, Archae, AsahinaKimi, and all who have been kind..

Walk with Walker event in Fox Point

Friday Evening Moment of Enlightenment- People who highlight minor grammar points are amazing

New study suggests "universal fetal exposure" to BPA

McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign fined $80,000

Tomb find confirms powerful women ruled Peru long ago

Bob Filner giving a speech right now blaming the media and a vicious lynch mob for

Ted Cruz Follower: Canada Is Not Really Foreign Soil (VIDEO)

Animal Sanctuaries In NYC Provide Escape From Growing Urban Slaughter Markets

Anyone have Liberal attorney recommendations in the Florida area?

Lawyers settle Paula Deen lawsuit in Georgia

Manning's gender switch is confusing and disturbing to me, and I'm the problem.

Chris Hedges On Bradley Manning Being Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison

Lawyer: George Zimmerman should not be visiting gun factories

You did us proud Sammamish!

Nasdaq crash triggers fear of data meltdown

CBS News: America moving ships in Med to prepare for missile attack on Syria

Kentuckians Hate Obamacare But Love It By Another Name

ALEC has requested an opinion from Abbott that they are exempt from Texas open records law

I had to delete a lot of Facebook friends today.

Stairway to ...

"Everything You Think You Know About Health Care Spending Is Wrong"

Mayor Filner Resigns: "I Never Sexually Harassed Anyone"

FACT SHEET: President’s Plan to Make College More Affordable: A Better Bargain for the Middle Class

Been away for a while due to 'puter problems.

Florida imam gets 25 years in prison for aiding Pakistani Taliban

Nuclear Regulators Declare Fukushima Leak A Level-Three ‘Serious Incident’

Villagers unsatisfied by life sentence for Bales


Guantanamo war crimes tribunal in 'hot mess' over computer problems

Goodbye, Claudia.

"The GOP doesn’t want Americans to know anything about its candidates"

Have archaeologists discovered the grave of Alexander the Great ?

Have archaeologists discovered the grave of Alexander the Great ?

(NYC) City’s Annual Cost Per Inmate Is $168,000, Study Finds

Snowden Effect Prompts Release of Info Showing Illegal NSA Domestic Surveillance

Lavabit founder: 'My own tax dollars are being used to spy on me'

A word of advice

"The GOP Plan to Crush Silicon Valley"

The DOJ Has Corrupted the Rule of Law by Not Prosecuting Wall Street Financial Looters

Jill Abramson, NYT Executive Editor: “my cell phone is not a secure line”

Private Gain to a Few Trumps Public Good for the Many

So I took a bunch of vegetables from my garden to the coffee shop this morning

I can't find CTYankee's Friday art challenge.

U.S. Preps For Possible Cruise Missile Attack On Syrian Gov't Forces