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Archives: August 26, 2013

Nazi loot claim over Burrell Collection tapestry

'High' Alert: 1000s of cannabis plants in German town as part of protest

My husband was bitten by a dog

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Syria and the errors we must not repeat

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me!!

Things no one told me about being a survivor.

Muriel Siebert, first woman to own a seat on Wall St. dies at 80

Power to the People ~ Warning picture heavy

Favourite Dance Music (I'm not the only one who likes to dance am I?)

You Won’t Believe What The Traditional Meaning Of ‘Republican Marriage’ Really Is

One-time Senate candidate in Tennessee accused of trying to have uncle killed

If you've been missing Giancarlo Esposito (AKA Gus from Breaking Bad)

Republicans Have Awakened A Giant as Huge Crowd Attends March on Washington

Really, 1 to 5 to keep this

Colombia Nationwide Strike Against 'Free Trade,' Privatization, Poverty

I am this close to trying to find a way to ban a person from posting here who doesn't even post here

"Syria: Cameron and Obama agree to military strike over chemical weapons"

Faith Healer Convinces Followers To Never Vaccinate, Now Church The Center Of Measles Outbreak

New Born Panda Cub Healthy and Vibrant says National Zoo

Dark Night Of The Soul - A new graphic

I just had a slice of Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake

"The GOP in Fantasyland" by Eugene Robinson at the Washington Post

I Spoke out of Turn

Things Kanye ain't: 1) Elton. 2) Blackeyed Peas. 3) Taylor. 4) and counting n/t

Cruz will not support Cornyn for reelection to the US Senate.

Canajoharie planning board rejects puppy mill

Seeing 'New Jim Crow' Placards Seized by Police & More From the March on Washington

Just in case anyone wants to know how important the ocean is.

"Don’t Let The Government Get Its Hands On Obamacare!"

The majority of creepy metallic noises in horror movies are made by this instrument: The Waterphone

The Butler is a film for our time.

ESPN rounds up the "Bobby Riggs took a dive" arguments

I have to wonder about those who can't figure out what to call Chelsea Manning

Cruz incorrectly tells listeners that it takes the Senate vote to impeach Obama

Breaking Bad anyone? {Warning: There be Spoilers!}

Ostrich-egg globe hailed as ‘oldest’ orb showing Newfoundland and the New World

Politicians Making Awkward Rap References

Iowa’s G.O.P. Fears Its Role in Presidential Selection Is Diminishing

Name an actress or actor that is/was so beautiful it hurts...

DUH! Raising the minimum wage will reduce the need for food stamps etc.

police on the field at a football game? why????

Steely Dan Sunday. Post your favorite here

Atheist 6th Grader asks Pastor about Noah's Ark

Private lobbyists get public pensions in 20 states

Goat On Roof Respects One Man - And It's Not The Police

It's alright Ma, I'm only bleeding...

Just in case anybody doesn't think racism is screwing up the debate about guns

Syria Doves In Congress Want A Vote

Help with getting a gift for my wife for our anniversary: A tablet or other ideas.

Obama pressured to intervene in Syria. Most Americans say 'no,' says poll

Global Warming is Cooking the Planet Now – Not in Some Far-Off Future

A Blazing Giant Stirs California to High Alert

Video of Melissa (MSNBC) and panel including Rev Barber, Aug 24 in DC:

Steelhead Trout Sunday. Post your favorite here!

Greenpeace Vs. Shell Oil at the Grand Prix

Obama Awards Bayard Rustin the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Venezuela to sell oil at 'fair price' to Palestinians

Fatal Venezuela refinery blast was sabotage, says Maduro

So, exactly what law did Justin Trudeau break in puffing from a spliff being passed around?

Steel-cut Oat Sunday. Post your favorite here!

Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran

How to Charge $546 for Six Liters of Saltwater

Stop the Evil. Sign Now!

HELL YEAH! "Same Love" wins MTV award for social change!

Day 49: Families of hunger striking prisoners in California join protests

sign the petition to the City of Fresno to end homeless camp demolition. asap 8/26

Hillary Clinton Crushes All Republicans As Ohio Swings Towards Solid Blue...Today in Politicususa.

It was really really hard for me to switch from calling the 'flesh' crayon 'peach'

Sign Petition: City of Fresno: End Homeless Camp Demolition, Establish Humane & Affordable Housing

I hate Strong Female Characters

I'm not a prude, but, good God, Miley: put on clothes.

Lee Thompson Young, Tabloid Reporters, and Traditional Religions - See more at:

And this happened in West Texas of all places.

What's for Dinner ~ Monday August 26th

Interesting three-axis social attitudes test after Eysenck's inventory

Icelanders disgusted by US evangelist's visit and a bishop apologises to the gay community

Since we will be at war in a few days time...

How many still get a cost of living raise every year?

whatever happened to DU member McAmy Taylor?

Water squeeze developing in Vegas

Carrot and Cheddar Cheese Soup

Can we get a "get off my yard" smiley ?

Get Off My Yard.....

WH: Very Little Doubt Assad behind Chem Weapon Attack

If UN inspectors agree with the Obama administration, will you support the war?

Whether or not Assad used chemical weapons doesn't alter my thoughts on military intervention much

"Love Until It Hurts" by Headstrong Featuring Stine Grove (Aurosonic Progressive Mix)

Michael Brown Sues the Guy He Hired to Save His Companies

Unions Under Siege in Guatemala

Gas stations that will only serve you through security window...

President Obama is intelligent, thoughtful and engaged. He is not a warmongering moron.

Obamacare and right wing emails.

Hey since we're spying on everyone, can we go ahead and get to the part where we spy on a

Court Is ‘One of Most Activist,’ Ginsburg Says, Vowing to Stay

Court Is 'One of Most Activist,' Ginsburg Says, Vowing to Stay

What has 60 years of our covert and overt intervention in the ME, resulted in?

Huge hurdle coming up, and I'm worried...

Turkey would join anti-Syria coalition without UN consensus

Asian Music Mix XXV

August 26: National Cherry Popsicle Day

I have always maintained that it doesn't matter if our President is a natural born citizen...

Dear Skinner,

Just a feel good kinda video

Hah lol, got handed a mormon business card :D...

Wild Wings Cafe and Wild Weird SC

Reagan helped facilitate Saddam's use of poison gas against Iran.

Republicans Bar CNN, NBC From 2016 GOP Primary Debates

Snowden got stuck in Russia after Cuba blocked entry - newspaper

Nuclear may become obsolete warns US solar energy chief

Will we ever want to have sex with robots ?

Raising the Minimum Wage is a Political Goldmine

Is it worth it to join AARP ?

Donald Trump investment school sued by New York attorney general -report

What is economics good for?

'Pastafarian' gets government photo ID taken wearing a pasta strainer

Italy centre left rejects Berlusconi 'blackmail'

Codename 'Apalachee': How America Spies on Europe and the UN

How Our Society Breeds Anxiety, Depression and Dysfunction

50 Years Later, Civil Rights Leaders Face Bigger Economic Challenges

Kaffee Mit Schlag, my style

6 Filthy Facts About the Rich

private lobbyists get public pensions in 20 states

GOP senator says Obama 'close' to impeachment. True?

Slate's Fred Kaplan: Obama's Guns of August

The NYPD Division of Un-American Activities

France says 'response' brewing after syria attack

The real mystery of our age is this: why do all the media warmongers still have jobs

We Are The Merchant of Death: U.S. to Sell $500 Million of Attack Helicopters to Indonesia

Snipers in Syria shoot at UN chemical inspectors: UN

Five seconds and four words. The concept is not hard.

Postal Union Members give $5,000 to defend Solidarity Sing Along (Wisconsin)

Indiscriminate surveillance fosters distrust, conformity and mediocrity: research

Government plans to euthanize hundreds of desert tortoises after budget cuts to refuge

We gon' burn this mutha out...

Environmentalists warn plan to link Red Sea with Dead Sea could have dire consequences

Is isolationism a benchmark of the left or right?

Owning a dog can make you healthier:

War on Leaks Is Pitting Journalist vs. Journalist

Codename 'Apalachee': How America Spies on Europe and the UN

Toles: 'Socially Awkward'

Everytime I open my mouth, my face disappears!" Please come CAPTION The Donald!!!

Zurich introduces 'drive-in' sex

Ginsburg calls out Roberts

Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli police

When You Feel Like Giving Up…

Palestinians call off peace talks after clash

Thomas Roberts on MJ

I am off today. But last night was real rough!

Former Jabhat al-Nusrah Member admits Chemical Weapons Use

Study Suggests Universal Fetal Exposure To BPA

NM State Water Commission Proposal Would Open Groundwater Pollution To Mines, Industries

Indian Environmental Advisor: Nation On Brink Of Becoming World Leader In Lead Poisoning

Canada - DFO Bans All Salmon Fishing On The Fraser; 9 Boats, 60 Nets Seized, 28 Arrested

Georgia Debates Further Loosening Handling Of Hog Manure From CAFOS, Weakening Water Laws

TRC Allows Bankrupt East TX Coal Company To Expand, Dump Set-Asides For Land Reclamation

Gifting Circles And The Monetization Of Everything - Resilience

When the news really isn't new to you.

After watching the VMA's last night---I am officially declaring 8-25-13--- the day Music died.

Nature - Ocean Acidification May Provide Additional Warming Momentum As Plankton Die Off

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

Comma or semicolon question

Monday Toon Roundup 2- NSA

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

Orders for U.S. Durable Goods Fell More Than Forecast

Iraq opposes use of airspace to strike Syria

Drone crashes into crowd during Va. running of the bulls event

Second suspect arrested in fatal beating of WWII vet

Regarding Breaking Bad and Jesse and the Cigs, I don't buy it. (Spoiler alert)

Favorite bumper sticker/window decal?

Paul B. Farrell: Silicon Valley can’t save America’s dying economy

Highlights of a Full Week of Screw-ups by Corbett

The war drive against Syria

Zurich divided as sex drive-in opens its doors

Group with no training record (But GOP ties) may get $500,000 over 2 years

What would be the most likely consequences of U.S. Military Strikes in Syrian?

The BIG Picture re: Syria – BRICS vs NATO

Ocean Acidification Will Make Climate Change Worse

Guantanamo authorities block Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Gulag Archipelago’

Everything's Bigger in Rick Perry's Texas, Except a Woman's Right to Equal Pay

Tim Moffitt: “WE predicted this would happen in 2011 when it started in WI and moved to MI"

When you are not watching TV, the world looks a little different

TOM TOMORROW: Snowden & Manning On Parallel Earth!

The Voices at Arlington

Invoking God in America

2008 video from The Onion predicted Miley Cyrus meltdown by 2013.

Now that football is here, time for our annual "Post your Allegiances" Thread.

This is going to sound funny, but can we have polls that use instant runoff voting?

McCrory signs (another) horrible bill

FBI's claim that it dismantled Anonymous met with a massive data leak

What would our government do if Syria killed over a thousand civilians with white phosphorus or


Test your general science knowledge!

OK this is some creepy shit.

Local Fox news now totally right wing

We Fear Each Other, When Guns Themselves Are The Real Danger

Tesla outsells Porsche, Jaguar in California

Howard Dean re: Ted Cruz: He's a slick spokesman-God help us if he ever does get to be anything more

NASA will use space-based telescope to hunt near-Earth asteroids

Liz Cheney STILL Trying To Blame The Clerk Where She Bought Her Fishing Licence

new sitcom on ABC!

Syria action possible without full UN backing: Hague

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 26, 1920

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 26, 1920

The greatest con ever played

Baby boomers may have no one to care for them in old age

NYTimes: We’re All Still Hostages to the Big Banks

Lumberjack beards and handlebar moustaches. Is that the new thing?

Huckabee says only the government can address major health issues.

women's equality day

women's equality day


celebrate women's equality day: vote

U.N. inspectors visit site of alleged attack after sniper fire. Coalition forming including Turkey

Farmers' Almanac: Super Bowl may be 'Storm Bowl'

Laura Poitras: Miranda Detention: 'Blatant Attack on Press Freedom'

FAA awards Conoco-Phillips permission to fly surveillance drones over American airspace

Could www.Vote.Republican Be a Porn Site Next Year?

Endangered: EPA finally comes to defense of honey bees

Two things bug me about Cormac McCarthy's "The Road"

If Betty Draper Joined The Army

The droppings don't fall far from the asshole.......

Income and Taxation

Huckabee’s Alternative To Obamacare: The GOP Should Cure Cancer

Research: Indiscriminate Surveillance Fosters Distrust, Conformity and Mediocrity

Press release: An Appeal Against Attacking Syria from Nobel Prize Winner Mairead Maguire


Ovarian cancer: US trial boosts hope of early detection

Yes, they really think like this.

Moving Oil. Fucked Four Ways From Sunday No Matter What.

Gun fight in Colorado: the NRA rides in, as children duck-and-cover

So how come Miley Cyrus gets shamed

Odds are Russia will back down in Syria...This time...

San Diego’s New Mayor Is A Gay Man And That’s Making The Right Crazy

I learned it by watching you!

How can we get a progressive presidential candidate at the top of Democratic ticket in 2016?

Oil billionaire finds wind turbines creepy

"The world has failed us,”

Would an attack on Syria meet your criteria for war crimes, or not?

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs

Iced Tea

Pot/Kettle: US to Target Syria for Sarin Gas Use ..Yet, USA Helped Saddam Use Sarin Gas on Iran?

Another example of the American Christian Right intruding into England

Now I lay me down to sleep.......

NSA broke encryption on UN communications: report

Fukushima Leaks Prompt Government to ‘Emergency Measures’

Science explains the Reality of Tea Partiers

China will soon have 40% more coal than the combined weight of humanity

Don't Sponsor Hate!

Note to media: Get used to calling Manning “she” because there’ll be many more like her

Obama Faces Toughest Foreign Policy Challenge in Syria

Are Turkish Oil Wrestlers Hotter Than Tennis Pros?

Now I know how Mrs. Duggar's the latest 5-week-old kitten

I Am a False Rape Allegation Statistic

Marty Feldman

Papantonio: Texas Fracked Into An Even Deeper Drought

Bob Dylan: Face Value

It looks like we need some clarification of the definition of CT.

Ruth Ginsburg = Great judge, lousy political anaylst

Egypt Military Enlists Religion to Quell Ranks

Weirder & Weirder - Julian Assange dons mullet to sing You're the Voice (not The Onion)

The March on Washington had me thinking about something...

Trans-Pacific Partnership talks hit roadblock over anti-smoking policies

Freedom From Religion Foundation to expand in Wis.

For the Syrians’ sakes and for our own, we must not intervene

RoadKill episode 19 - Camaro vs. Super Bee

Will Smith and Family React to Miley Cyrus's performance....

a question on obamacare

The NATO angle (Why NATO would care about Syria)

Jail Becomes Home for Husband Stuck With Lifetime Alimony

Ok, I thought this was hilarious.

Trump: Attorney general behind lawsuit a 'total lightweight

367 dogs seized in dog fighting raid; 10 indicted on felony charges

Durable-Goods Drop Imperils Outlook for U.S. GDP Pickup

Hold a local event during Space Week (Oct 5-12, 2013)

To make journalism harder, slower, less secure-That’s what the surveillance state is trying to do.

Greenwald interview: NSA cannot break the code on Miranda's thumb drives.

Sen. Leahy Schedules Marijuana Hearing, Wants State Laws Respected


Punitive Syria Military Strike Is No Game-Changer in Assad’s War

I think Joseph Heller or Thomas Pynchon must be writing our history

The Leveraged Buyout of America

If I only had time for three youtube videos of MTV performances from last night's awards,

Breaking News: ASPCA Rescues 367 Dogs in Multi-State Dog Fighting Bust

NJ's Gay Therapy Ban Attacks 'Right to Self-Determination,' Argues Lawsuit

Pic Of The Moment: More Proof That Conservatives Who Hate Obamacare Don't Even Know What It Is

Papantonio: Lessons Not Learned From Economic Meltdown

Liz Cheney: Terrorists' 'Recruitment Goes On Through Mosques'

Heard about any new sinkholes today? nt

Syria And Sarin: Such Is Politics

Bill Nelson endorses Rick Kriseman in St. Pete mayor’s race

Surveillance Revelations Shake U.S.-German Ties

Gay Rights Finally Are Human Rights — Here and Abroad

Drones that tag and track people using nanoparticle sprays

Syria rebels take control of strategic town (Northern/Coastal Syria) Al Jazeera

Wow--the public now favors pot legalization (or at least decriminalization)

Syria rebels take control of strategic town (Northern/Coastal Syria-Assad Stronghold) Al Jazeera

Anti-Abortion Laws Take Dramatic Toll On Clinics Nationwide

Holy Molly... I am so OLD

Going to a conference in Rhode Island in October

As long as there has been music, there has been music that sucked.

Higher CO2 Harming All Marine Life From Corals and Clams to Fish (Researchers)

Tea Party Now Covering News for Washington Post

CNN iReport: Middle Class Revival Demands All Workers Be In A Union (VIDEO)

My left shoulder has been aching/hurting a lot...

I just love weird headlines: Conn. Officer Kills Lizard Found Menacing Chickens

EPA comes to the defense of the Honeybee

Energy Department: World oil use hit new high in 2012

Another weigh-in on the ignore numbers

Matt Bors TOON: Chelsea Manning

Women And Girls Don't Need To Be Told To Be Nicer



The arrests of #wiunion and #righttoassemble defenders have commenced. So far at least 6 down.

Secretary Kerry to speak LIVE on CSpan1 at 2EDT/11PDT...

Live Thread: Kerry To Make Statement On Syria at 2:00 pm Eastern

Apropos of his entire public life, Donald Trump is a clown.

Report: Snowden reached out to Russia before arrival

More good news from Texas

U.S. Army sergeant to receive Medal of Honor at White House ceremony on Monday

Interfaith Medical Center to remain open — for 16 more days, thanks to judge’s ruling

Mr President, the Democratic Party is not ready for another war.

Please watch this Bill Moyers episode on Terry MAculiffe, Haley Barbour, and Bill Clinton!

Ex-US Attorney Calls James O’Keefe ‘A Nasty Little Cowardly Spud’

Russian Lawmaker Wants to Offer Free 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

Yo Green and Snowy, PLEASE release some full NSA docs. please! Something new..

A Step Toward Healing

Going to see "World's End" ... thoughts?

Mercury Levels In Pacific Fish May Double By 2050, Scientists Call Pollution ‘A Global Atmospheri...

If your argument against attacking Syria would have applied to Rwanda, it *must* be wrong.

A Special Issue of NAJMS: ADVANCES IN AUTISM 2013

Italian politician compares black minister to prostitute


Additional Clarification on PVT Manning's Request (from her attorney & network)

HSUS Helps Lead 2nd Largest Ever Dogfighting Raid

Hey you, today is National Dog Day, hug your puppy

Historians Say Woolly Mammoth Was Probably Not Found On Plum Island

U.N. Pushes Back at U.S. Calls to Abort Syria Inspection Mission

Climbing Trees on Women's Equality Day

What's up with all of those buxom fantasy warriors in the ads I'm seeing?

San Francisco filling reservoirs in as fire approaches supply

'New'..U.S. spy agency bugged UN headquarters: Germany’s Der Spiegel/Snowden

Trump says he reviewed university’s instructor resumes; blasts NY AG as a ‘political hack’

Live link to Kerry's remarks on Syria

Deputy's gun fired accidentally outside York Comprehensive High

There is a Texas Democrat that has made me smile again!

Need help with Patient Advocate information please.

To The Dudebro Who Thinks He’s Insulting Me by Calling Me a Feminist by Jonn Scalzi

Gov. Bobby Jindal rejects Obama impeachment talk

Dumb Donald blames Obama for his fraud indictment...

I am going to Tucson!!! Thank you to the DU'er who is helping me!

Michael Hastings: 5 Conspiracy Theories That DIDN'T Pan Out

Lesbian Poet Slams Homophobic 'Straight People' With Incredible Performance

Brooklyn Basks In VMA's Star-Studded Glow

Now try the CS monitor SCIENCE TEST

Charles Manson learned his most effective techniques by studying Dale Carnegie.

Kerry comments delayed due to problems with duck alignment . . .

WATCH: Minnesota Presbyterians Ordain First Openly Gay Minister

Photographer Falls in Love with Less-Than-Perfect Dog, Saves Her Just in Time

Breaking News! NSA breaks the code on Miranda's thumb drives!!!

Still Standing With Rand?

About removing information re. ignores...another suggestion.

I coming HOME! Thanks to a DU'er who's heart is bigger that their home state

Ellsberg: Journalists Who Attack Glenn Greenwald Are "Tools"

New (and not surprising) Republican Poll Results

Maryland Congressman Files Lawsuit That Could End Tax-Free Status Of Churches Involved In Politics.

How bad is Fukushima?--really alarmingly God-awful bad.

Kerry Statement Appeared Weak To Me.....

Law sought to curb youths' access to guns

As I said in the Lounge:There is a Texas Democrat that has made me smile again!

Man rescued from trench in Brooklyn

Leak of Nations: Secret NSA Docs Show Wiretapping Of UN

Vancouver woman steals bike back after seeing ad for it on Craigslist

New Yorkers spending $300G on STORAGE in the basement of luxury skyscraper

I am in love with this Song!!

Kerry Accuses Syria of Chemical Weapons Attack

Shaved Fish

Despite Sniper Fire, U.N. Team Reaches Syria Inspection Site

Syrian Kurdish leader says Assad not to blame for attack

Husband & Wife Clown Team Get Hitched At Clownfest 2013 (video at link)

AC/DC - "Gone Shootin'"

What would weapons look like if women designed them?

RUMMY: 'We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years-Starting with Iraq & Syria-Ending With Iran'

Rodeo clown who mocked Obama at Missouri State Fair speaks out

Update on the stealing from Mrs. V.'s mom

Ohio Attorney General: State secretly uploaded all drivers license photos into police database

Facebook friends could change your credit score

Righties want to recall Daniel Hernandez from a school board because he is gay. Yes really.

Laura Ingraham plays gunfire sounds during John Lewis’ Washington March speech

The Business 9 Women Kept A Secret For Three Decades

Classmates hold vigil for teen shot to death by father

HEADS UP for those interested--WH Press Briefing/Jay Carney coming up shortly on CSPAN

California is poised to damage its economic recovery in order to keep its prison system going

Our tacit approval of Sarin use in the 1980s is not very relevant.

Three charged with stealing source code, data from trading firm

FBI: How To (Maybe) Spot A Mass Shooter Before They Start

Kerry's Syria Statement: Right Out Of The Playbook. Here's The Transcript.

First woman member of the NYSE Siebert dies at 80

Who IS this incompetent twit?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Assange: Google and the NSA: Who’s holding the ‘shit-bag’ now?

Containing Fukushima by building the world's largest ice wall

Howard Dean Goes After Ted Cruz On Healthcare (VIDEO)

The Obama Admnistration has Gone Full Crazy (Larry Summers)

Simple Take On Syrian War

Do you believe Russian denials regarding the alleged Syrian chemical use on civilian targets?

Are there one-hit wonders any more?

Radioactive waste dumped on the street

DUers from Lake Oswego or West Linn OR

Religious Exemptions On Gay Marriage Divides Church Advocacy Groups

Syria crisis: warplanes spotted in Cyprus as tensions rise in Damascus

"It Was The Express Policy Of Reagan To Ensure Iraqi Victory-"Including Helping Saddam Gas Iran"

Fire marshal: 5 facilities similar to West fertilizer plant refuse inspection

Student Loan Question

Assange's Senate campaign ad

In Austin, Pelosi praises Wendy Davis but doesn’t pressure her to run for governor

Miley's mistake one of race and not racey?: The 2013 VMAs Were Dominated by Miley’s Minstrel Show

Questions about the Health care exchanges :

Anonymous DPS trooper blog bites the dust

that 8 year old Shot his Grandmother with her own Gun

New Laws Arrive Next Month to Help Patients, Doctors

We Don't Need NAFTA on Steroids, Let's Stop the TPP (Most Imp. Trade Agreement You've Never Heard Of

Did Bobby Riggs lose famous 'Battle of the Sexes' match on purpose? Or ESPN, as usual, full of sh*t?

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon blasts back at Perry trip

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon blasts back at Perry trip

One of the best, most truthful articles the Onion (or *anyone*) has ever done: CNN/Miley Cyrus

" Dengue Fever Found on Florida's Treasure Coast"

'Point 'em out, knock 'em out': Brutal game ends when assault victim fires his concealed handgun

Poopgate: DPS releases documents to back up its 'jars of feces' statements

That journalist is right.

'Sometimes You Have to Pay a Heavy Price to Live in a Free Society' by Chelsea Manning

Big Ed starts next.

What is the male version of camel toe?

Dog fighting crackdown nets 12 arrests in 4 states

An email exchange with an actual Paul-Bot (What I call Ron & Rand Paul supporters)

Who else is watching the triumphant return of THE ED SHOW to weekdays right now on MSNBC?

unaccoubtable bureaucrats in FL support Common Core. Send up the BAT signal!

Questions for President Obama — Before He Pulls the Trigger on Syria

Cornel West Says Civil Rights Leaders Have Failed The Movement

State lets near-bankrupt Luminant expand mines

Ed Shultz is back - I love you Ed

Fuck War

Assange's campaign ad is out

James O'Keefe whines about being PWNED on one of his petty videos...

National Salmonella outbreak highlights precautions around live poultry--at least 32 Texans sick

Anyone familiar with the "Physician's Foundation"?

Got my first "gay wedding" invitation today......

Laser fusion experiment yields record energy at Lawrence Livermore's National Ignition Facility


CERN develops cancer zapping radio beam

March/2005: Bill Clinton's diary entry about Syria and Assad.

I just love Barbara Boxer

California wildfire threatens ancient giant sequoia trees

Crass, crude, and really really funny, especially if you're afraid of spiders (no scary pics inside)

FirstEnergy's nuclear security an issue in an NRC closed-door meeting (Beaver Valley nuke plant)

Tough Guy Pulls Gun on Elementary School Students After They Make Fun of His Confederate Flag

Coy Flowers will be running in the 42nd district

Swiss (publicly funded) "Sex Box" drive-in seeks to make prostitution safer.

OK, so we're going to war and we're going to depose Assad. What happens after that?

I want Hardball back at 4 PM CDT.

I am a died-in-the-wool old fuddy-duddy, and i don't get all the fuss over Miley Cyrus.

Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help me with this google warning that pops up

Bill Moyers full show on ALEC.

Think About This~

WHY does Miley Cyrus get as much news time on CNN as Syria??????????????

Faux "news" found a new authority on Global Climate Change!

The Rude Pundit: Indian-American Says Everyone Should Act White Because MLK Would Want You To

Open Atheists Already Collect Tax-Free Clergy Housing Allowances

De'Marquise Elkins hid a gun under sofa morning 13-month-old was fatally shot, witnesses say

The first night without DoubleMatthews

Police search for missing 10-year-old in the Bronx-Girl has been found.

Court says atheist was wrongly jailed over religious rehab

Aww! Blind puppy's first moments after surgery

I'd like to discuss something serious here.

Ohio's 62nd governor dies at 92 at his home in Cincinnati

Am I the only person here who acutally had to look up the definition of "twerking"

Obama doesn't need Congress to intervene in Syria

Will Smith and Family react to the story of the moment

He is the Tea Party's favorite economist, mainly because tea partiers don't read

Former Ohio Govenor John J Gilligan is dead.

'The Donald' Suggests Obama Was in on Lawsuit Against Trump University

NC unemployment no longer 5th worst... it's tied for 3rd worst.

Re "Chelsea" Manning...

Anglican priest, flock cross a welcoming bridge

Yes, you can, save a species

When should one's rights end and the employers rights begin?

The TRUTH about the Will Smith and his kids photo - it had NOTHING to do with Miley Cyrus

OBAMACARE- "..So for all you cons who have been desperately straining for years to scare me.."

There are a bunch of old musicians...

Do we now support Al Qaeda?

Controversial rodeo clown speaks out after death threats

Israel 'will come under fire' if Syria attacked

Eastern U.S. water supplies threatened by a legacy of acid rain

Office Depot is proudly union-free

Some decisions do not belong to you.

Ok Governor, Mary Fallin gets health-sector lift

Send this cat to Washington-- won't get fooled by the shell game...

Empathetic floor.

More, More, More, how do you like it?

My dear Solidarity Singers, have you thought of this?

Blasts from the past. Knighthood for Assad, Dinners, Strolls through the gardens

Death Walks Behind You

New series on PBS "Silk"....

Road rage + concealed carry asshole = "terroristic threat."

The Cops Should Always Be On Camera

Watching Matthews on rethugs and impeachment.

When I'm feeling down, I watch this great performance. Brings back better times.

It's Monday, car show day! (pic heavy)

"Sexual self-gratification on stage" ...... "A strip-tease with clothes on".

Sugar art...

Gay Intern Who Saved Rep. Giffords Targeted With Antigay Fliers in Recall Election

Sea otter return boosts ailing seagrass in California

Syria Crisis: Cameron And Putin Disagree On Evidence In Phone Call

Is anyone familiar with the flag on the left?

The new Chavez? Oil trumps rain forest in Ecuador

Aleppo Christians Fear Iraq-Style Ethnic Cleansing

Court Is ‘One of Most Activist,’ Ginsburg Says, Vowing to Stay

Stormy Monday, 8/26/13

US to hit debt ceiling in mid-October, Treasury secretary warns House GOP

Second NM Judge Orders Clerk To Issue Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples

Here's a question, Can you name something other than Poison Gas ....

"Obama Is Out to Get Me!" : Donald Trump Claims President Is Behind $40m Lawsuit Against Phony Univ

TED Talk: Beware of online filter bubbles (from 2011 but still relevant)

Remember the 2 year-old who grabbed the concealed-carry permit holder's gun and fired in a Staples?

Road to Damascus

Rare dolphin stampede captivates onlookers!

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