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N.C. elections boards move to curtail student voting

Issa Starts New Congressional Hearings


Fact 1: Only 6% of Scientists are Republicans. Fact 2: Only 9% of Scientists are conservatives.

One step closer to war: U.S. wins Arab League backing as plans emerge for strike against Syria

Ex-Salvadoran colonel gets US prison sentence

So...Booz Allen, guys, anything?

Announcing to the world Miss Victoria Duval

OHRT: Atheism a creed that needs the same religious protections of Christianity and Islam

How many dead Americans would an attack on Syria be worth?

Finding God Behind Bars: A Look at Religion in American Prisons

Federal Cuts to Food Assistance to Increase Hunger in PA as Farmers Markets Access Expands [VIDEO]

Federal Cuts to Food Assistance to Increase Hunger in PA as Farmers Markets Access Expands [VIDEO]

no trespassing signs, warning it could end with injury or death

The Broader Stakes of Syrian Crisis

'Every Tree and Plant Died': Massive Toxic Spill Guts Alberta

Is it okay to just want

How will the Syrian chemical weapons storage sites (presumably two main ones)

Iraq, Obama, Libya, Syria..I am sick at heart

Former Senior High teacher gets 30 days for rape of (14 yr. old) student

Man shot dead by Palestinian security forces

Cheap cleaning solutions.

Catholics rise up against bishop's leadership

Researcher controls colleague’s motions in 1st human brain-to-brain interface

An Anchor Who Stars in the Highlight Reels

Dengue fever reported in South Florida

St. Louis Named Among 'Best Cities For Cheapskates'

Lotus in Wickford

Rude students in Huckleberry Kentucky tell Michelle Obama her food taste like VOMIT

Tuesday, Aug. 27 at 7:00 p.m. on 8.1 In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of Music

inquiring minds want to know about....tattoos

Bombing for peace is like destroying a village in order to save it.

10 year old charged with sexual assault

Is THAT So Mr. Carney?

Mr Fish- Surgical Strike

August Photo Contest - the winner is.......

A Plutocracy Ruled by Self-Centered Jerks?

Danziger Toon- How do you ask?

An attack on Syria will only spread the war and killing

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! If It’s Tuesday . . . & a new Kitteh gif

Your not going to fucking believe this.

National Labor Relations Board Members Select Chief Counsels

Incoming Winston-Salem police chief shoots woman in the leg

This Thursday Aug 29!!!

toon- Perpetual War Machine

HEY DU...I have an Idea...tell me what you think?

Yet another Syria thread....

Living Wage Boycott Thursday

Kerry’s Chem Speech: Old-School Empire: It’s not about chemicals, or death tolls, or even Syria.

Is this the #NewSchoolUniform?

Why I miss NYC.

Pentagon Sees Syrian Military, Not Chemical Sites, as Target

Hey to all my friends in the Lounge UPDATE

Epic New North Korea Documentary

Ughhh. My dog just got skunked.

R.I. P. Roger Bucklesby.

Betrayed & Defeated.

Fort Hood gunman rests case without making statement

Breaking Bad meets Miley Cyrus

Michigan Senate approves bill expanding Medicaid under Obamacare

How many dead Syrians is an acceptable number in order to topple Assad?

N. Carolina restrictions may backfire on GOP

Homophobia and Birther Paranoia Take Venezuelan Politics by Storm

Arrest Made In Connection With Brooklyn Small Business Owner's Shooting Death

Feds: Bank chairman used bailout money to buy luxury condo

Vatican criticizes global powers for preparing military action against Syria

Race to save Ecuador's Yasuní national park from oil lobby

Questions I have on Syrian chemical thing.

Remembering the Clintons on Syria

Science And GMOs Are Not The Bad Guys Here

Obama meets new five-member panel reviewing surveillance programs

Amazing! One of the kids that killed the WWII vet in Spokane claims it was a drug deal gone bad!

California governor proposes $315 million plan to ease prison overcrowding

On syria, notice a pattern?

Immigration Congressman understands illegal aliens; he came from Arkansas

What syria reveals about the UN

Evidence for new periodic table element boosted

I'm sorry, but this is funny!

Syria Vows 'Surprise' Against Western Military Strike

I'm back

NSA surveillance program violates the constitution, ACLU says

The real reason Miley got into the sexual innuendos, twerking etc. at the VMAs

To be clear, I am a Pacifist.

Former PA. Republican Speaker of the House Blasts Corbett for Public School Funding Cuts

Ozell Williams

What is your critter up to tonight? Twilight doesn't like the new stepping stone

You don't fight for peace

Fort Hood gunman won't call witnesses, testify

Are you tolerant of other viewpoints on DU?

I have a friend that is coming off of real cigarettes, and it using e-cigs

Ron Paul will be speaking at an event with this clown...

Holy Orgy, Batman!

Sorry. n/t

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday August 28th

Instead of releasing prisoners, Gov. Brown wants to send them to private prisons

If Syria is bombed, what should be the goal?

I Have A Dream...

I heard a new one about WMDs

In other news, she fell asleep in her swing today clutching her plushy bunny to her face.

New Research Supports the Notion That There’s No Such Thing as a “Consensual” Police Encounter

The rarrative on Syria was set 20 years ago

"JP Morgan: Too much European democracy getting in our way"

I support a military strike to disable Assad's capability to use chemical weapons again.

How many civilians killed by chemical weapons in Syria would justify outside military intervention?

Alabama Woman: Their White Churches Preach Racism (VIDEO)

When a plan comes together... or not.

Paul Reubens, iconic legend of American stage and screen, turns 61 today

Akron (OH) parents with two sons in the military nervous about growing crisis in Syria

If strikes are ordered against the Syrian regime the service members who carry out those orders are:

Which of these best describes your view on the current situation in Syria?

Today is the anniversay of the Kellogg-Briand Pact

The Unofficial DU "Give Crook Larry Summers a Nickname" Contest

We need go develop a new energy policy.

George Zimmerman wants state of Florida to pay for defense expenses


How many parents, of whatever persuasion, allowed this poster into their sons' rooms?

Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria (Telegraph, UK)

"Rand Paul Tells Poor People That Food Equals Slavery"

"The Sapphires" is an excellent movie!

Simple question, how does bombing Syria help the situation?

No more print magazines, what do I do?


Donald Trump

Don't wana be an American Idiot!

Connecting previous shiny to current shiny: call intercepts show Syrian use of chemical weapons

Wisconsin Prepares to Hand Half-Million in Taxpayer Funds to Koch-Tied GOP Lobby Shop

Will the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Dr. King's March turn into an anti-war demonstration?

Japan Formally Raises Fukushima Water Leak to INES Level 3 Incident

Are You Getting "Catfished" By the Koch Brothers?

Assad knew what would happen so I assume he has access to 19 subs and

What is the goal?

I'm goin out on a limb and predicting an increase in DU Pizza

More war and still no good wages with retirement benefits

Dallas Zoo's Ocelot Kitten Explores Her New Home (With Video)

New poll: Syria intervention even less popular than Congress

The president does not

DAY 51: w/o Food, CDCR Continues to Crack Down on Prisoners’ Peaceful Protest, Forcibly Relocates

Israel may have intercepted Syrian discussions about chemical attack

Day two of the War on the Poor and Homeless in Fresno, CA

Hey! Mike Malloy needs some help to upgrade his studio....

Because of gassings we will strike Syria?

Taxpayer Dollars Paid A Third Of Richest Corporate CEOs: Report

How is this attack on Democratic Admin acceptable

RALLY: Support the California Prison Hunger Strikers! 8/29 5:30pm Sacramento

Data Proves NC’s Voter ID Law Declares War on Women’s Votes

"The Bionic Redneck" on marriage equality

"Girls Gone Wild" creator going to jail.

Private Manning’s Transition (NYT Editorial Board)

(NC) NAACP calls on US Attorney General to address Voter ID Bill

Can The U.S.'s Limited Military Strike Against Assad Stay Limited?

GOP’s Sensenbrenner vows to repair Voting Rights Act

New Obama Directive Bypasses Tea Party – Allows Immigration Agents To Keep Families Intact

The Onion predicted Miley Cyrus debacle in 2008

Where the North Carolina GOP got its agenda

What did the grape say when it was crushed? Nothing...

The Middle East’s Big Knot of Enemies and Allies, Visualized

Historic and precedent setting vote in Dallas, 8/28, Fracking for gas

Pat Robertson: Gay people will cut you and give you AIDS with special rings

"A Point of View: Democracy and Islamic law"


Is there a World Court? Is there a War Crimes Tribunal? Do we still have a United Nations?

"New Voter-ID Laws Target Women"

Historic and precedent setting vote in Dallas, 8/28, Fracking for gas

2013 Stanislaus National Forest "Rim" Fire Pictures

PLEASE Mr President, Give Us A War!

"Golden Slumbers" the Beatles

All this moralizing with respect to Syria . . .


Dystopia - "Hands That Mold"

Convenient Store work is NOt my thing.

Texas' "Poopgate" never happened.

Post a song that gets you all teary-eyed...

Qatari Air Force fighters....

Nancy Reagan wants to see Jane Fonda Play her, asks her for DVD of Movie

Dewhurst says Davis will fail if she seeks statewide office

I don't enjoy GD anymore

At Your Service: Top 10 Etiquette Tips for Restaurant Servers

Personal rantette on the usefulness of religion.

EXCLUSIVE-U.S. delays deadline for finalizing Obamacare health plans

In the last 60 years, how many US military actions have turned out well?

Child poverty in Britain is causing 'social apartheid'

On NPR the death toll from the Chemical weapons was 300. That's what eats me

Are you fucking kidding me? 30 days for a teacher who raped a 14 yr old. who eventually

Ask a FISA Court Judge! (MoJo)

I think I just "created" one of the most unhealthy snacks ever!

Photographer Falls in Love with Less-Than-Perfect Dog, Saves Her Just in Time Read more: http://www

'Alien' gargoyle on ancient abbey revealed!

Evidence for new periodic table element boosted

DUers in Texas need people to write emails by 8/28 to oppose fracking!!

Al Qaeda vows 'Volcano of Revenge' over Syrian suspected gas attack

Egypt will not allow US & UK warships through Suez canal to attack Syria (Egpytian News)

The Accelerating Assault on Journalism

NYPD designates mosques as terrorism organizations

NYPD designates mosques as terrorism organizations

Iran says it will strike Israel if there's an attack on Syria. Israel says if

Some toys I have the good sense not to buy myself

Egypt Rejects Military Intervention In Syria

"Your job is to hold my feet to the fire. . ."

Insurer sues Schnucks, seeking to avoid paying for credit-card breach

can't sleep, you too ?

Israeli intelligence 'intercepted Syrian regime talk about chemical attack'

“No War With Syria” Rallies Happening This Saturday August 31 Worldwide

Series of attacks kill 51 across Baghdad - police, medics

a significant cultural meme: The Ballad of Paledin

Harry! John!.. Call Congress RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Glitch: LBN OP hidden, still on the home page.

Syria crisis: UK to put forward UN resolution

Officials raise alert levels on Fukushima leaks to level 3- serious incident

Extravagant "Support Our Troops" Display Doesn't Help Soldiers, But Does a Lot for Those Who Profit

How I Got Over (Mahalia Jackson)

The Other NRA: How the Insidiously Powerful Restaurant Lobby

If the Administration expects to maintain any credibility at all concerning Syria . . .

CEOs Rip Off Their Companies and the Public Via Fraud and Walk Away With Their Pockets Bulging

Doom, gloom, shut up and smile. Mark Morford

Vanishing ocean smell could also mean fewer clouds

Can a Nobel Peace Prize be rescinded?

Iraq: Is it civil war yet?

9 scary facts about the Yosemite fire

If Miley wants to do "sexual"

Labor rules to boost employment for vets, disabled

Calif. fire prompts unhealthy air warnings in Nev.

Developers flay Microsoft for withholding Windows 8.1 RTM

tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds flee to Iraq

United Nations troops accused of killing two civilians in Congo

MAP OF THE DAY: Here's A Look At The US, British, French, And NATO Forces Surrounding Syria

I believe that I was transformed fifty years ago today:

I Am Not A Member Of Any Organized Political Party. I Am A Democrat

Wisconsin: Squat Wanker's latest excuse: Syria

Las Vegas Sands to pay $47.4M to settle fed probe

There’s not a lot of enthusiasm in South Carolina for Nikki Haley

Toles: 'What line did I cross?'

Fukushima's crisis new blow to fishermen's hopes

rimshot smiley for anyone who needs one

In Speech to Alabama GOP, Walker Claims Protesters Spit Upon His Son and 76 Year Old Mother

Juan Cole's thoughts on Syria

Experimental drug cures 70 percent of patients with hepatitis C

request for custom smiley, please

Wind and rockets key clues in Syrian chemical puzzle

What the Assault on Whistleblowers Has to Do With War on Syria by Norman Solomon

Killing Civilians to Protect Civilians in Syria

Elizabeth Warren's position opposing a US strike on Syria

America is not the world's policeman – in Syria or Iraq (Interview with Hans Blix)

Report: Frackers cheating Pa. landowners and gov't out of billions

The US Corporate Media Heads to War With Syria

Marie Laforêt / Et si je t'aime

Doubting Dawkinses another breed of fanatic

'Money reduces trust' in small groups, study shows

Syria crisis: UK to put forward UN resolution

Broccoli slows arthritis, researchers think

GOP Rival On Speculation That Booker Is Gay: ‘I Personally Like Being A Guy’

Residence Halls Get Religion

Legislative Approval for military action

Joseph Bottum claims fidelity to Church stance on marriage

So, I'm in India, and as of yet the security posture is normal

McCain on MJ being interviewed by Willie-boy

Do you ever wish you had a follow-up on news stories?

"Ma, he stole my ball again!" . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!

I remember studying in high school history that NRA referred to this:

Maya Angelou, the Dalai Lama & Stevie Wonder . . .

Just saw my DVR'd Olbermann show.....

A question for all those who favor some sort of military strike at Syria

Taking Their Sacrifices for Granted – It’s Why We Still Have to Fight for Our Rights

Experts Point To Long, Glorious History Of Successful U.S. Bombing Campaigns

Lord Krishna's birth is celebrated today

The children of Syria and the hot mess there:

Expect an onslaught of scary propaganda. Admin officials: Aleppo next for gas attack

Doubling The Minimum Wage May Seem Insane, But It Happened In 1949

UN: Military Intervention in Syria Requires UN Approval- Says Obama ‘‘Not Known to be Trigger Happy"

Do Liberals Deserve Larry Summers as Fed Chair?

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 28, 1963

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 28, 1963

Funniest solution to climate change denial ever

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Economics and Health (audio link)

Endangered: EPA finally comes to defense of honey bees

The Leveraged Buyout of America

Beloved former Vice President Dick Cheney just can't stop twerking...

President Obama is receiving his daily briefing

“Bachmannnistan: Behind the Lines, a Report From the Inside“

5 Amphibious Houses Built to Survive the Coming Floods

Before You Conclude That 'Precision' Bombing Makes Sense With Syria ...

PA.'s Latest Secretary of Education of the Week Did Not Disclose Consulting Income

Crisis of Humanity: Global Capitalism Breeds 21st Century Fascism

goofy stuff that comes to me when I'm exhausted

Describing My Experiences in Afghanistan—in 6 Words

your guesstimate: how much $ will we spend to teach bashar al assad a lesson?

UN Sec. General: "Give peace a chance. Give diplomacy a chance. Stop fighting and start talking"

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Must it always be war?

U.S. envoy to visit North Korea over jailed American

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Voter Suppression

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The Dream 50 years later

Texas Athiest Wears Pasta Strainer in DMV Photo.

Taxpayer Dollars Paid A Third Of Richest Corporate CEOs: Report (Huffpost)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Friedersdorf: Instead of strikes, how about helping Syrian refugees?

Crisis of Humanity: Global Capitalism Breeds 21st Century Fascism

How to approve of interning Japanese-Americans in One Easy Step.

Pat Robertson Defends His Warning of Gay AIDS Handshake Rings

I do not support the idea of a US Strike on Syria

Fresh fish

The Leveraged Buyout of America

Elizabeth Warren joins with MAIG to urge congress to pass tougher laws

US rules out unilateral military action in Syria

I am genuinely ambivalent about bombing Syria

Bill Clinton To Give Speech Defending Obamacare

Martin Luther King Jr. ...... 2013 (cartoon)

I wish it weren't so, but this is blatant dishonesty on the part of the Administration

Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks

Bank CEO Admits To Using Bailout Money To Buy A Luxury Condo In Florida

Gay marriage legal in New Mexico, sort of

How Dr. King Shaped My Work in Economics

Climate Change Frogs (cartoon)

Okay, this is creepy: Scientist controls colleague's hand in first human brain-to-brain interface

HELP!!!! People who have had experience with Paypal and those pre paid type of cards (BlueBird)

US military action against Syria right now is a strategic error of the first order

I'm getting phone bombed.

Simple Yes or No: Do You Support U.S. Involvement in Syria

Sorkin's Simplistic Take on Operation Tailwind: Special Report on 'The Newsroom'

Wall Street’s greatest enemy: The man who knows too much

The Fight For Hotel Worker Justice - AFL-CIO's Ross Hyman & Unite Here's Kirk Laubenstein Discuss

Air strikes ineffective, even counterproductive, analysts say

Trail of Lies (music audio)

What am I??

A question about Syria: Is this a religious civil war?

Photo ID, Dr. King?

A collection of Free PDF Books on race, gender, sexuality, class, and culture

If we engage militarily in Syria, I think Kosovo should be the model

Papantonio: Senior Citizens At Risk

Can someone help me debunk

Fifty years ago today--August 28, 1963--the Lincoln Memorial--I was there...

WH In Bubble-Don't They Know This Story Will Explode As Soon As They Nominate Summers?

Nissan plans to offer affordable self-driving cars by 2020

OK called Blue Bird's customer service and they say that they can't work with

Opinion: Why is Gov. Scott Walker hiding health care prices?

Fifty years ago today, a dream was had.

14 U.S. Cities That Could Disappear Over The Next Century, Thanks To Global Warming

The Climate Name Change (Video)

New smarter wind turbines to boost Canada’s renewable energy portfolio

Continuing my thought: What happens to the Kurds is the great unanswered question of the middle east

I bleed red. I support intervention in Syria.

Found this on facebook .. too funny

This Is the NYPD's Secret Spy Cab

"Cornel West: Market-driven culture has destroyed virtue"

No War with Syria

Pic Of The Moment: 50

50 Years Ago Today, Martin Luther King Jr Marched on Washington to Demand a $15 an Hour Minimum Wage

Rock Bottom: Cory Booker's opponent resorts to homophobia

Old Member/New Name

Bayard Rustin Planned the March On Washington And Is Only Now Getting The Credit He Deserves

Sunshine Laws in Florida getting an infusion: Textgate about to explode.

Progress on MLKs dream can be measured with one simple question

George Bush's hurricane Katrina was raging in the Gulf of Mexico eight years ago

August 28: National Cherry Turnover Day

the war prayer--mark twain (listening to the appalling drumbeat for war in syria, time for this)

North Carolina's Horrific New Voter Restrictions - Ari Berman Discusses

Who knew that the Chemical Weapons Convention trumps the U.S. Constitution?

Representative government, my ass.

Muhammad Ali Center to debut humanitarian awards

Paul Ryan's choice: Koch brothers or his constituents?

The Classic "if your only tool is a hammer..

When Republicans claim the racist/racebaiting 'Southern Strategy' never happened

A question for those pushing for war on Syria...Have you lost anyone you know in war?

Laos accused of lying over Sombath Somphone abduction

Propublica: Frackers Cheating PA. Govt. and Landowners Out of Billions

We're tired of wars

I've just learned poor Graham has signed with the Jets -

Gov. Nikki Haley passenger in NC wreck in June

Kaiser poll: Majority Opposed to Defunding Obamacare

The Rude Pundit's Handy Talking Points for Dealing with Stupid Conservatives on Today's Anniversary

Men enter closed store by accident, pay for purchases

I did not vote for another war!

A caffeined description of me...

This is ALMOST unbelievable

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Report From James “Least Untruthful” Clapper

another sketch

C-SPAN Airing The 50th Anniversary Celebration of the March On Washington

Hey I got an idea. Let's send Joe Wilson on a fact finding mission.

White House Syria Deliberations: 'Do Less' Camp is Still Winning

Can anyone recommend a good password manager?

If Bomb Syria Policy was trying to DO Something...

Authoritarian apologists

Seems a good time to ask: If we can't afford to educate our children, to heal our sick or ...

Syria Isn’t Iraq. Everything Isn’t Iraq

Decade After Iraq, Right-Wing and Liberal Hawks Reunite Over Syria

thoughts while packing up....

'Revenge porn' law considered by California

Federal Cuts to Food Assistance to Increase Hunger in PA as Farmers Markets Access Expands [VIDEO]

Bayard Rustin, organizer of the March on Washington, was crucial to the movement

For those who think our interest in attacking Syria isn't about oil, I ask ...

Increasingly Likely That E. Coast Dolphin Kill Caused By Morbilivirus - 9X Avg. Ju/Aug Death Rate

George Zimmerman's wife pleads guilty to perjury in Florida court

Reality is a social construct

Syria isn't about money or corporations or the MIC.

It's a girl!

Mr. Fish Toon- MLK's suit

a sign of things to come...

This Is Probably The Funniest, Most Effective Way To Deal With People Who Ignore Science Facts Ever

For supporters of military action against Syria.

Push to name hurricanes after climate change deniers

Obama sends Bush to teach Syria how to kill civilians legally

Do anything to combat global warming in Glenn Beck’s office? You’re fired!

BBCA's 'Luther'......

Boy dead, three sick and more than 100 quarantined as Kyrgystan battles bubonic plague

I have some family history that sheds a light on the generational nature of Racism in the South....

The Disappointing, Necessary Reason for Doing Something About Syria

OK some has been botheing me about what I was told last night by my trainer.

Former San Diego Mayoral Hopeful Denies Reportedly Masturbating At City Hall

The Winners in Immigration Control: Private Prisons

Bangladesh's Atheist Blogger Still Wants to Talk

The New Anti-Gay Argument: "The Gag Reflex"

Kraft: I’m rooting for Tebow, he’s a joy to be around

Canadian Gernot Wober freed by Colombia ELN rebels

I dimly remember 50 years ago today!!!

March on Washington set the standard for songs of protest

Syria Evacuates Most Army Buildings In Damascus In Preparation For Western Military Strike

Rolling Stone Promises Aaron Hernandez Bombshells, Including Angel Dust Use

U.S. Sees Multiday Syria Strikes as U.K. Goes to UN

5 years ago today

"what's going on/foolish notion" holly near and ronnie gilbert ("why do we kill people who are

"They Fear Us Because We Are Fearless": Reclaiming Indigenous Lands and Strength in Honduras

"Feds have come up with a new way to harass medicinal-pot sellers"

Computer Science Teacher Certification 'Deeply Flawed,' Report Says

Pending Home Sales Fall 1.3% in July as Higher Rates Slow Demand

I'm worried that my twerking won't pass muster

MSNBC Just said

Booker asked if he's gay and answers what does it matter

Been offline, back now. WTF is up with Syria and USA?

Reccomendations needed for freeze-dried foods.

San Jose approves foam food container ban

Your thoughts please--It is said that the electorate is further left than the politicians are, and

A moral obscenity

What 50th anniv. celebration of MoW live here:

Virginia’s Wallops Island to launch spacecraft to moon

Virginia’s Wallops Island to launch spacecraft to moon

Did you either attend or watch the March on Washington 50 years ago?

Solidarity is for Miley Cyrus

Advocacy group calls for stricter gun background checks

George Zimmerman's wife pleads guilty to perjury charge

Scientific Survey Proves What We've All Been Thinking: Haters Gon' Hate

Every dollar that we spend on dropping bombs on Syria ....

In Case You Were Wondering What The Finalists From The Annual Texas Fried Food Contest Were:

Gasoline Gains as Looming Syria Strike Sends Crude Above $112

Just so I understand this--a lot of the folks who have been deploring the evil of drone warfare

Peru plans tramway to Incan refuge of Choquequirao

WOW! How very interesting. No one is talking about the N.S.A ...

Marshals arrest rape suspect

Dalai Lama sharing his dream on the "I Have a Dream" speech anniversary

Peru plans tramway to Incan refuge of Choquequirao

Rebels Without a Leader Show Limit to U.S. Role in Syria War

For ASAH....

Video: Cuccinelli's Creepy Video Coopts March on Washington for His School Privatization Agenda

US and UK under pressure to delay military intervention in Syria

French prosecutor investigates U.S. Prism spying scheme

Marine units positioned near Syria

Just curious, if you were alive 50 years ago today

Humane Society Sues North Carolina transit for rejecting bus ad on Pig Gestation Crates

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly reports number of citizens shot by cops is down

Obama Meets Panel Reviewing U.S. Surveillance Programs

I don't want to invade Syria - I want to bribe the officials to behave.

Join Senators Harkin and Begich - demand Congress expand, not cut, Social Security


Security Council’s 5 Permanent Members Meet To Discuss Syria; UK Resolution Seems Doomed

‘Our Enemies Are Killing Each Other’: Fox Military Analysts Battle O’Reilly Over Syria

Anyone going to a commemoration of the Great Man's speech today?

Hacked New York Times website still down; alternate site working

Benjamin Henry Waters To Sue BX D.A. After Spending Six Years in Pretrial Detention

Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech - August 28, 1963

Simple solution: Declare that the money for war in Syria has been sequestered.

Joe Namath: Fess up, Rex

Wow, just wow. ...... Grand Wizard Joe Walsh at it again.

Payless and Denver Fans Irked By Banners

These images are floating around the web showing a massive amount of military vehicles being

Did Pap just censor Laura Flanders?

We Are Faced with a Decision in Syria because

Why is the first-round of the U.S. Open spread over 3 days?

A Tribute to Chelsea Manning from Tunisia

Who Wins If America Bombs Syria?

Left over hamburger patties? Anyone have a casserole recipe to put those in?

Preschooler brings loaded gun to school in backpack

In Rush to Strike Syria, U.S. Tried to Derail U.N. Probe

Miniature 'human brain' grown in lab

As we spend the day commemorating Dr. King's Speech let also remember the others who gave their

Millions of Families Ineligible for Obamacare Subsidies Because of IRS Ruling

How US Media Is Pushing For War With Syria

Walmart Extends Benefits To LGBT Employees' Same-Sex Domestic Partners (WAIT FOR IT!)

Walmart Extends Benefits To LGBT Employees' Same-Sex Domestic Partners

Sen. Markey: ‘Surgical Strike’ A Must To Punish Syria’s Assad

Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks

Representative Van Hollen (D-MD) Sues IRS For Allowing Tax-Exempt Groups’ Political Contributions

Why you won’t see or hear the ‘I have a dream’ speech

Obama is not threatening to attack Syria in order to distract from the NSA issue

Lynda Johnson Robb is a very impressive speaker. I gave up on MSNBC as they spoke to each other

This is the kind of situation drones should be used for.

W.Va. Woman Loses Everything When Wrong House is Repossessed

What happened to the antiwar left?

need a gift card idea, please

More BS from the WSJ

Data Proves NC’s Voter ID Law Declares War on Women’s Votes

Iraq Bombings, Shooting Kill At Least 70 People

Rolling Stone: Urban Meyer may have covered up for Aaron Hernandez.

Nominations for The Official Lounge Theme Song. Post 'em Here!

Glenn Beckkk declares war on fluorescent light bulbs

My latest sci/fi novella "The Marriage Hearse" free at Amazon

Orange leaders broke law in 'textgate' scandal, Ashton says

Fidel Castro Pens New Essay On Syria, Snowden

Bill Murray: "It Just Doesn't Matter"

My state rep-Repub nom for state Speaker Pro-Tem and a flippin' idiot

George Zimmerman's wife pleads guilty to lesser count of perjury

Greenwich High School student commits suicide

What Are We Supposed to Do When They Lie?

This is truly inspiring

Norman Solomon: What the Assault on Whistleblowers Has to Do With War on Syria

Gus the Central Park polar bear dies at 27

Cal Football: Back in Berkeley - Episode 3

How Beer Saved The World

If anyone is watching the ceremony from D.C., they are pulling out the big ones now

I don't like hunting, but I do like these moose hunters

Love the First Lady's POPPIES!

Can only speak for myself but it was wonderful to see President Carter

Three Democratic Presidents and NOT ONE REPUKE?

I awoke to find THIS given as one of the reasons to LEAVE a post on which someone had alerted:

How We Got Here: A Timeline Of The Syria Chemical Weapons Saga

Because Syria Used Chemical Weapons - We Need To Light It Up Like Fallujah

I never do this, but just now watching the singing of the

Why I Hate Pandas and You Should Too

Just breathtaking . . . Joseph Lowery

How time marches on so terrifyingly quickly

Get off my yard smileys (emoticons) for ya


Here's what the attack on Syria (most likely) will consist of

Hitler was a bitter Beta Male who wouldn’t have started WW2 if he’d read my pickup artist blog

Bill Clinton now speaking at March ceremonies

Fearmongering over water leaks at Fukushima

Asshole: Judge defends 30-day sentence for teacher who raped girl, 14

Gibson: Don’t bomb Syria

Carter, Clinton, and the Obamas . . .

Great line from Bill Clinton

Miniature 'human brain' grown in lab

OMG...look at the picture on the C-SPAN home page...

What is Atheism?

Presidents Carter and Clinton both have given good history lessons

Walter Rhett: "The Greatest Demonstration for Freedom in Our Nation’s History"

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington

The Syrian Rebel Forces: A Reminder

Nikolai Alexeyev: The Kremlin’s New Pocket Gay

At Lincoln's feet

Fukushima leak cleaned up

Pump prices will probably go up when the missiles begin, so get your gas today. 1.09 USD pinned at

Latest Fukushima Leaks Prompt Grim Assessment from Nuclear Agencies

Just heard bells tolling in Tacoma, Washington

Soldier Sentenced To Death For Fort Hood Shooting


Nidal Hasan sentenced to death...

Terror Label Allows NYPD To Monitor City Mosques, Report Finds

Labour could oppose?

There is a book that would be very fitting for today

Opinion: SeaWorld vs. the Whale That Killed Its Trainer, National Geographic


De Blasio Close To 40% In New York City Mayoral Race, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

If you're against going to war with Syria

Florida schools ban cheerleaders from wearing uniforms during school because they are ‘too vulgar'

The Best Map Ever Made of America’s Racial Segregation

Thoughts swirling in my brain with regards to the Syria possibilities....

MLK Jr. & bootstraps...

Where's Associate Justice Thomas at the MLK 50 today?

Federal Judge Halts Attempt to Frack Land that Was Protected by Permanent Conservation Easement

I want a bench like this in memory me in the City of Sin's commons that's shaped like a shoe

How Fox news is handling the 50th..

Is there really no thread on the MLK50th speeches?


Colombia extradites top drug gang leader to U.S.

Listening to MLK and then Pres. Obama, I'm crying!

LIVE: Obama speaks on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington

Should Syria not be punished for using chemical weapons because Russia and China don't care....

Media Matters: What Al Jazeera America Didn't Say About Climate Change

Save me from having to go to Hobby Lobby

I just knew Tweety would be here to cover the speech

Obama and me, both about the same age . . . he spoke well for us today

MAP: Here Are The States Where People Are Falling Behind On Their Student Loans

Syrians in Damascus hoard food, seek shelter as foreign strike looms

What they sing...

Pat Robertson: Gays use rings to spread AIDS

Russia Raids Gay People's Homes

Syria: Cameron forced to drop timetable for strikes by Miliband

Dumb Criminals: Japanese Thief Accumulated More Than 200 Women's Bicycle Seats

my love/hate affair with bill clinton continues.

UN Security Council Fails To Reach Syria Agreement

Russian Police Seize Painting Of Putin In Women's Underwear

Original AP story on the 1963 March on Washington

Johnny Manziel suspended for half game

Syrian army may use kamikaze pilots against west, Assad officer claims

Just reflecting on my youth, and U.S. military involvement overseas.

In August of 1963, I was a recent high school graduate,

OMG I am listening to Dr. King's speech right now

Syria Envoy Alleges Rebel Gas Attack, Demands U.N. Investigate

I appreciate the fact that the Lounge allows us to post about our struggles.

'A Powerful Sight: Barack Obama, the two-term African-American POTUS'

WVU Football season is here at last!

Pop music and sex and silliness

Long lines in Israel: Syria tensions spur rush for gas masks

First Nations loses bid to block Canada-China FIPA treaty

De Blasio widens lead in latest NYC mayoral poll

Papantonio: Green Jobs – Where Have They Gone?

Oh God, I must be really bored.

Gun/wing-nut state sen.pushing to arm teachers accidentally shot teacher in training

The Asian Crisis Versus The Euro Crisis

Nearly 3,400 Military civilian medical workers quit due to furloughs

Beautiful film on felting

"How Dr. King Shaped My Work in Economics" by JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ at the NY Times

Latest sequester victim: The desert tortoise

Fidel Castro angry at accusations that Cuba snubbed Edward Snowden

Key Questions On Syria-Assad Isn't "Winning" & Had Incentive To Use Chemical Agents

Christianity is dying in England, and in France Catholic priests are only preaching to pensioners

Mass. senators urge caution on Syria action

Minimum Wage and The Working Poor

"The emancipation of the slave's mind is the best way of preventing the emancipation of the slave."

Please help! Looking for a website shows photos around world and you guess where picture was taken

So a huge mil contractor (Carlyle Group) provides the NSA data that proves we should bomb Syria?

Dumb Criminals: Man Charged With Dousing Cop Car With Poop

No Republican presence at today's Anniversery?

Another former Japanese Prime Minister turns anti-nuclear

The Chinese Curse

Dumb Criminals: Man Dresses Like Cop And Destroys Actual Cop Car

"Only A Pawn In Their Game"

"Data Proves NC’s Voter ID Law Declares War on Women’s Votes"

Gun Bill in Missouri Would Test Limits in Nullifying U.S. Law

Terry Jones and his burning of Korans runs into a problem...

Snowden Who?

Anybody have video of the three president's speeches regarding the March on Washington?

Conservatives Use Clinton Speech To Pretend Background Checks Are Required For Every Gun Sale

DU Sucks

Out of the mouth of children..

Operation Ballsack: 'Just Muscular Enough Not To Get Mocked'

40 percent of americans are totally confused about ACA. How could that be?

I would appreciate a critique on a post I made in Al Jazeera.

Judge Returns Two Cases Charging Love Canal’s Recontamination to State Court from Federal Court

Elizabeth Warren at MAIG event: "We are not going away on this issue."

At 50th Anniversary of March, No GOP Speakers. (They Had Their Own Event)

"Laura Ingraham plays gunfire sounds during John Lewis’ Washington March speech"

15 Hottest Sideboobs at the VMA's

Still can't acess

Jordan: No attack on Syria from our soil

Many Americans are not paying attention to the ACA's good provisions. And opponents are convincing

What experience do you have personally to the Civil Rights struggle?

A moment of joy.

Pope phones Argentine woman who wrote to him about rape

Watching "The Ed Show" right now.

Meanwhile in Iraq, 80 more dead in car bombings today...

Japan notifies IAEA of Fukushima Daiichi level 3 INES rating

"Tea Party to rally against ‘BoehnerCare’ over fight to defund healthcare law"

Boehner, Cantor Turned Down Chance to Speak at March Anniversary

Researcher remotely controls colleague's body with his brain (i.e. by thinking it) - no joke!

US: Assad responsible even if didn't order gas attack

Arkansas Lawmaker Leading Call for Arming Teachers Accidentally Shot a Teacher

Ok, it's pretty close to 5:00 somewhere.....

Bald eagle crashes into window as crowd chants "USA! USA! USA!"

Backwards inbred assholes.

How about sharing some tips for good finds?

St. Petersburg Police Seize Painting of Putin in Women's Underwear

2nd largest population of English speakers by country?

An ode to Dookus/MonkeyFunk/RudyNJack

Gov. Brown preparing to raid the budget for prison expansion

Rock solid proof of alien life? Scientists claim fossilized algae inside meteorite

Boehner, Cantor declined invitation to speak at MLK event

Laid-off Paraguay bus drivers crucified in protest

NLRB and National Labor Rights Week: Working to Fulfill the Promise of the NLRB Act

if U.S. strikes Syria over Gassing of rebels and civilians - Iran says itwill attack ISRAEL!

George W. Bush Honors Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy

Virginia Teabagger stands on highway overpass with automatic weapon, pistol, and Impeach Obama sign

Phoenix ranks number one for safest drivers by population size

Syrians' Facebook posts illustrate tragedy of chemical weapons attacks

US Says It Won’t Let Diplomatic Paralysis Slow Action Against Syria

Be prepared to throw this guy under the bus too Re: Syria

ALEC's Energy Climate Agenda: ProFossil, ProNuclear, AntiRenewable

Cat barks like a dog until it's caught and then meows...

I do believe I agree with Markos Moulitsas on a rather controversial assertion.

A thank-you thread for MSNBC for their excellent coverage

"Justin Trudeau to Liberals: it's back to work in September"

What I heard Obama say wasn't just for Blacks..

Freepers respond to Bill Clinton and expose their 'moranic' ignorance

Republicans Asked To Speak At March On Washington Anniversary, Declined

Absence of Bush #1 and #2 (pun intended) speaks volumes.

"Because they kept marching...."

The right’s big gay dilemma: A movement divided in 2016

The kittens at my sister's house... (videos and pictures)

Does Obama Know He’s Fighting On al-Qa’ida’s Side?

I am a veteran and this is my wish

Per US officials, we can't take out the chem weapons depots. Too dangerous.

Top Republicans Declined to Speak on MLK Anniversary

Pete Seeger Singing 'We Shall Overcome' Live Audience

France's de Villepin warns against 'conscience-clearing' Syria strikes

THE ONION: Now Sadly The Best Time In American History To Be Black

"21 Jokes Only History Nerds Will Understand"

WTF? Donald Rumsfeld: Obama Has Failed To Justify Intervening In Syria

Report: U.S. Shift in Syria Policy Influenced by Israeli Intelligence

Slain toddler’s sister: Mom’s story ‘didn’t add up’

Uncle Sam Gets It Right.

Do the Peace Puritians

Al Qaeda Will Get Assad Regime Before We Do.

Bar Patron Intentionally Swallows Human Toe Meant For Famous Cocktail

New Jersey bans ‘ATHEIST’ vanity plate, calls it 'offensive'

If this all looks like Iraq 2.0 that's because it is---Time to fix the facts around the policy AGAIN


STOCK MARKET WATCH , Thursday, 29 August 2013

Film of San Fran's Market Street, 1906 from a cable car.

Removing Islam display surrenders to ignorance

I am getting sick of all these ads for the mayor's race here in NYC.

Bolivia demands return of senator who fled to Brazil

I going to round up my day after attending the MLK 50th Anniversary at the Lincoln Memorial today

Keeping order Sekhet Bast Ra offers an oasis to people seeking a different sort of spirituality.

Timeline of the Syria chemical weapons saga


Obama: Syria Strike Would Be 'Shot Across Bow'

Cory Booker Unveils Plan For Criminal Justice Reform: 'The Stakes Are High'

"Obama urged each of them to become a modern-day marcher for economic justice and racial harmony"

Case Against Wisconsin Pagan Prison Chaplain Dismissed

Julian Assange, donning a mullet won't make you an ordinary Australian bloke

Obama tells PBS "I have not made a decision" on possible strikes against Syria

40th anniversary of my fathers death in England-any clue how I can get records or any news clippings

So somehow I managed to move my ipad app site from US to the UK

Tortellini, The Dumpling Inspired By Venus' Navel

I am reading "New York" by Edward Rutherford. I an into something that absolutely shocked me.

Police Guards Escort Kids To School Across Chicago Gang Boundaries

If we do attack Syria, 10 things I think that prove it'll be awesome.

Hurricane tracks, 1842-2012

Panel: Catholics must make better connections between militarism, racism, poverty

Papantonio: Gimme Shelter From A Syrian War

Obama: US Has Concluded That Syrian Government Carried Out Chemical Weapons Attack

Saturn Moon Titan Sports Thick Icy Shell & Bizarre Interior

Obama Constituency Overwhelmingly Supports War with Syria

Syria in 'state of war,' preparing for expected attack

Recycled Reads

Has anyone here contacted the White House to say NO?!

Is there a way we can start a group for people with ADHD?


Oral Roberts University lets bald eagle fly inside chapel, bald eagle almost dies

Arab League blames Syria's Assad for chemical attack (Reuters)

West Scrambles for Legal Rationale for Syria Strike

So why won't they wait for the U.N. investigation?

Russian Warships Dock at Venezuelan Port for Visit

I Have A Dream ...

Submitted w/o comment: Most Beautiful Story Ever! Reasons: The Story of Alice the Pig

wow...can you believe this?

16 Tons. By the Russian Army Choir.

Detroit can keep casino tax revenue, judge rules

San Bernardino, California, eligible for bankruptcy: judge

So I asked my friends from Syria about my "I support intervention" stance.

Here’s why Obama is giving up the element of surprise in Syria

Schooling a Conservative on Abortion Rights

October trial set for woman accused of mailing ricin to Obama

Administration To Brief Lawmakers On Secret Syria Intelligence

Tea partiers on tour stop at Texas Capitol call for defunding of Affordable Care Act

In the West Bank, a new settlement is born