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Archives: August 29, 2013

Sorry bloodthirsty warlovers: No War This Week!

A day of 'law enforcement': Upheaval, banishment and persecution

If the intercepts prove anything, it's that some Gen. Ripper type launched the attack on his own.

Interesting: Syrian Rebel Commanders Fear Aftermath of Airstrikes

"So beautiful: President Obama with Yolanda Renee King, granddaughter of Martin Luther King"

Change comes not from Washington, but TO Washington.

1%er steals from taxpayers, corporate states of america will only send him to prison for one year

So I'm watching Dexter and House of Cards back to back, and all I can say is,

uh oh, the cats have noticed the suitcase

A Plutocracy Ruled by Self-Centered Jerks?

116 House members say Obama needs approval from Congress on Syria

Iridologist 'wrong to treat cancer patient'

Documenting Elephants’ Compassion, and Their Slaughter

The Axis of Evil minus one

Booker: NJ Rival's Comment on Sexuality 'Bigoted'

Syria: Drop medicines, not bombs

HuffPo: Welfare Drug Testing Catches Only 12 Users In Utah

Montana judge criticized for 31-day sentence for ex-teacher who raped teen

Scott Walker Completely Abandons His 250,000 Jobs Promise

Don't the rebels in Syria also have stockpiles of chemical weapons?

FULL: President Obama Speech at 50th Anniversary of March on Washington, Pays Tribute to MLK

The Onion: This hits too close to home (not political)

Sochi Isn’t a Host, and Olympic Athletes Aren’t Guests, So Stop Talking About Hospitality

Tea-partying deadbeat dad Joe Walsh has ‘a dream’ that black men won’t be deadbeat dads

Johnny Manziel to sit half of A&M's opener against Rice for an "inadvertent" rules violation

One day early: Happy Hour with Will Shakespeare!

PSA: There is a new traffic light outside the Lounge

I weep!

Young people love being covered by their parents' health insurance until 25

Lady Lawyer Educates Bensalem, PA Cop

What is the first casualty of war??

Feds arrest East Texas police chief for role in meth ring

NY Times: Unscheduled act at DeBlasio event

Resign, Judge G. Todd Baugh -- UPDATE. PETITION

Panama says Cuban weapons shipment 'without doubt' violated U.N. sanctions

Conservatives keeping Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations secret

A must-see visual representation of distance in our solar system (dial-up warning)

PSA: Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, your attorneys are assholes

Journalists jumping ship at Venezuela TV channel

Honoring our grandmothers' history this Labor Day:

Four from today. Great Blue Heron

Am I allowed to put my foot in Romney's arse?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Dream, Revisited! GOOOOAAAAL! Thank you

An unlikely couple, but you know you'd be alright with it if it happened.

Florida police searching for three men who raped a woman for being a lesbian.

Day 52: Gov. Brown’s response to our peaceful action has not been silence, rather, it has been loud

Arkansas homeowners settle suit charging fracking wastewater caused quakes

Psychedelics Don't Cause Mental Health Problems—And They Might Keep You Sane

TERRORISTS! have been found....In New Hampshire

Hold Onto Your Wallet — “Fiscal Cliff 2.0″ is Coming Soon

Woot! Good News! New Quinnipiac Poll Has de Blasio On The Verge Of Avoiding Runoff

Australia has been Invaded by Giant Feral Cats (????)

It has come to this: NYT Op Ed- "Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal"

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says CAT scan showed he has ‘brain of a 40-year-old’

That'll do, Wabbit. That'll do.

Like Dogs? Like Horses? Take 6 minutes and watch these two have a blast with each other;

9% approval for bombing Syria = suicide for Dems in 2014

Boy I betcha that Matt Drudge, Fox and Red State will be all over this story.

Fast-food strikes set for cities nationwide

MLK Jr. ''I Had a Dream'' - FULL SPEECH

Tor usage doubles after Snowden's surveillance revelations

". . .Been stuck inside of me, ever since 1963. . ."

Essay: Wh. of these is Schrodinger's? At wht point did you know? Discuss. (cat question)

The "Guardian" has the Latest about PUSH BACK against USA of Syria Bombings..WAIT!

!!! Brooklyn Hipster Company Generator

NSA: fear of a black van

Are you ready for some college football?

Uneven Election Success for Black Politicians

Obama makes case for punishing Syria over gas attack

Isn't She Beautiful!

Judge in rape case criticized for light sentence, remarks about victim

Go here to stop Gov. Brown's costly private prison scheme!

Sorority offered free drinks to members to vote in Tuscaloosa City Board of Education race

DHS is basically opening our mail NO WARRANT NEEDED! "Doesn't matter if we are U.S. citizens.

Prison Medicine and the California Hunger Strike

Lawsuit says Walmart bag's failure led to Nebraska woman's death

Beatles to release second volume of BBC recordings

"Virginia Man Temporarily Detained After Protesting Obama With Loaded Weapons On Highway Overpass"

Syria is moving hardware and troops around Syria. They obviously think it is a go.

"My favorite photo of MLK~ It's very nice to change the world, but a smile this big is from..

Here's a petition you may wish to consider signing-

The Most Dangerous City in the World Is Not Where You Think It Is

"TIME to Americans: You are stupid, vapid, self-absorbed narcissists"

Obamacare Explained By An Insurance Industry Insider

It was a manufactured ‘event’ by CNN & a Republican for profit consultant

Photos Of Three Living Democratic Presidents On A Solemn, Momentous Day

"People don’t like Obamacare. They like defunding it even less"

Texas State Fair fried food finalists

Jimmy Carter March On Washington Speech: 'There's A Tremendous Agenda Ahead Of Us'

Cross posted from the Texas Group: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says CAT scan he has ‘brain of

Hudbay Minerals Loses Ruling Over Subsidiary’s Human Rights Violations

Boring night on call. Anybody want to hang out?

David Rovics: Syria 2013

President Jimmy Carter Speaks at 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington - Full Speech

Boonville Superintendent to Keep His Job

Kid President, Robby Novak, Tells March on Washington Crowd to 'Keep Dreaming'

Now, we need a 50th anniversary commemoration of the Poor People's Campaign

"Gun Bill in Missouri Would Test Limits in Nullifying U.S. Law"

"Pride" - U2's tribute to MLK

State Dept Admits It Doesn't Know Who Ordered Syria's Chemical Strike

Mother could face hate crime charges for attempting to ‘beat the gay’ out of son

War With Syria and Its Repercussions

What is the real reason Republicans are against "Obamacare"?

Obama does his Bush/Cheney impression "chemical weapons that... could be directed at us."

Harvard Study: Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?

How Workers Can Get a Fair Shake -- A Labor Day Message from Robert Reich


Attorneys for Pa.’s Republican governor say gay couples, just like 12-year-olds, can’t marry

Are We Going To Launch Air Strikes Based On SAY-SO Of Intell Community Headed By Guy Who Lied To Us?

No, Bank of America, what you're doing on MSNBC today DOESN'T get you off the hook.

Homeless Advocates need you at Fresno City council mtg 8/29 9am

Deadbeat Republicans Demand a Bribe Before They Will Agree to Pay Their Debts

Hey is it true that Egypt has closed the Suez canal to the US

US Not Waiting for UN to Respond on Syria

If you haven't seen Dr. MLK's "I have a dream" speech today,

Good Lord I am going to puke...

Unions Under Siege in Guatemala

This occurred to me today...

amazing pic of the Rim Fire

Baby pictures

Colombia president says government ready for peace talks with ELN rebels

Homeless Advocates need you at Fresno City council mtg 8/29 9am

What do you think of this "serving suggestion" I saw in the Trader Joe's flyer?

If you are still having trouble accessing the NY Times . . .

Send this pic to the WH (rising price of gas can harm Economy):

France's de Villepin warns against 'conscience-clearing' Syria strikes

Some are missing...

US: Assad responsible even if didn't order gas attack

White House Copyright Czar Jumps to Industry Anti-Piracy Group

U.S. Congressional Leaders To Receive Syria Briefing Thursday

Western Powers Face Widespread Skepticism Over Military Strike On Syria

Check this teabagger out.....I just love this response...

U.S. congressional leaders to receive Syria briefing on Thursday

So what do we hope to accomplish in Syria?

Life is a grave and I dig it

Republican NYC mayoral hopefuls spar in debate

Colombia farmers' strikes spread to cities

Obama to Name Top Climate-Change Regulator

You know that TexasTowelie is craving for catnip...

A WW II veteran was reunited with something near and dear to his heart--his dog tag, 68 years later

I lost my Iphone at the Lincoln Memorial Celebration today..

Farking Fountainhead douchebaggers

Dove season in Texas looms: Sept. 1...

Obama on Syria: 'I have not made a decision"

Company That Vetted Snowden Defends Work

Clapper - "It was the least untruthful answer possible"

Calif. state justices refuse to bar release of serial rapist in L.A. County

Oh sure...

CNN Guest: Why Should ‘Appointed’ Sen. Tim Scott Have Been Invited to MLK Anniversary?

Is It Possible Syrian Rebels, Not Assad, Used Chemical Weapons? (Yes, But Not Likely)

Congressman: People Without Jobs Are Like Lazy Kids Who Need To ‘Step Up’

Archaeologists use drones to map sites in Peru

Just spitting in the face of history!

My Dad Passed Away This Morning

Imminent U.S. strike on Syria could draw nation into civil war

Don't forget, everybody: Sympathy fast food boycott today!

Republican leaders asked to speak at March on Washington anniversary, declined

Julian Assange confident of winning Senate seat, participating in debate

Man sues Wal-Mart, saying can of La Choy in overstuffed bag killed his wife

Has there been a recent change in acceptable news sources?

So the Sheriff Department was at the store tonight to search it.

Your Ignorance is not as Good; Or, You Don't Know Fuck-All About Syria

A DU'er has purchased a ticket for me to go back to Tucson AZ.

the kinds of Nkorean women's underwear

Help me wish grandma a happy 100th birthday. I'd like to know her secret to long life...

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 30, 2013 -- Summer Under The Stars -- Kirk Douglas

Regarding DU2 bookmarked threads...

Former Gov. Don Siegelman Seeks New Trial

The 2014 Ford Fiesta Now Comes In Bacon Flavor

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 31, 2013 -- The Essentials: Rex Harrison

TCM Schedule for Sunday, September 1, 2013 - Tonight on TCM: Sundays with Hitch

Nancy's Daughter

Rumsfeld on Syria

Colonel Meow's 9-inch hair sets record

Ex-PTA president accused of making child porn at Washington elementary school

CNN guest jokes that Chelsea Manning will get "good practice" at being a woman while in prison

Oh, PLEASE help me smack this down...we might be able to nip this one in the bud...

The Civil War Within Syria's Civil War

Wow. Incredible Job of Character Assassination on Treyvon Martin by this Wingnut.

What to tell a Teabagger about Civil Rights...

Bill Clinton MLK 50 Year March On Washington

First time to start my own post!

Republicans Commemorate March On Washington By Bashing Gays

ABC News opened the 4 am hour with the official "Crisis in Syria" banner...

Obama 2002 MLK speech

Syria is not about the gas, it's about the oil.

A little peace for GD this morning from a little girl.

AP sources: Intelligence on weapons no 'slam dunk'

Republican's Attorneys: Gays, Like Children, Are Simply Ineligible For Marriage

Study Shows Percent of depressed men comparable to women

Cory Booker Responds To Steve Lonegan's 'Callous, Bigoted Disrespect To Gays And Lesbians'

High deductible heath plans maim and kill people

Earth life 'may have come from Mars'

Maine Town Official Visited By Secret Service For Racially Charged Obama Post

Mexico City Paralyzed by Teachers’ Protests

What Whistle Blower and Former Executive Michael Winston Knows About Bankers Crimes Will Horrify You

August 29: Lemon Juice Day

The High Probability of Being Poor in America

How Prescribing Heroin Could Actually Save Lives

my son is sick (probably nothing serious)

No shit.

6 Ways That Workers Are Being Treated Like Machines

Meet the Women Fighting a Voter ID Law

Does Backing Rebels Militarily Increase Civilian Deaths?

Voting rights vs. 'Whac-A-Mole' discrimination (Editorial Board USATODAY )

(Texas) Voter ID law a headache for officials

Older Workers:.Set Back by Recession, and Shut Out of Rebound

NYT Syria Editiorial:

The state of voting rights’ fights in the states (WaPo)

Obama, Clinton, Carter all criticize voter-ID laws at MLK event

42 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

poll on DU performance

Martin Luther King's Economic Dream: A Guaranteed Income for All Americans

The Ruthless Global Battle for Your Back-to-School Shopping Dollars


Non Sequitur today

U.S. government paid $17 billion for weather-withered crops last year

Russia sends warships to Mediterranean - Interfax

Wind turbines don’t hurt property values

NSA Spying Abroad isn’t OK Either (Kurzman)

Human Rights Watch statement on possible Syria intervention and "the rules of war".

DU extremely slow for you?

U.S. officials: Intelligence on Syrian Gas Attacks "No Slam Dunk"

"Guided Missiles and Misguided Men"

Where is your tray ?

Charles M. Blow: ‘The Most Dangerous Negro’

Hagan Asks US Attorney General To Examine NC's Voter ID Law

Wow! Morning Joke has avoided any mention of the President's speech yesterday.

Austin Could Sue Texas Over Voter ID Law

Defending the voting rights of black students in Texas and North Carolina


Wisconsin: PETITION: Get Politics OUT of Redistricting

Assange's WikiLeaks party in turmoil

In Syria, Obama's Calculations Reveal Stupidity of US Imperialism

Not the Onion: Rumsfeld says that Obama has not made the case for war military action against Syria.

Syria isn't going to respond like the president thinks to a 'shot across the bow'

The Kosovo Precedent and Syria (Or Why International Laws Apply Only To Some)

Miliband: Parliament should not be asked to give the PM a "blank check"

Assange's Party preferenced white supremacists above Trotskyites and pornographers above the Greens

Cooling Pacific has dampened global warming, research shows

On March on Washington Anniversary, Obama Stresses Economic Opportunity

Syria Live{britain says legally entitled to strike syria even if the U.N. Security Council blocked s

States find new ways to resist health law

Avoiding Needless Wars, Part 8: Syria

Ghosts of Iraq war force Britain to delay immediate Syria strike

UN weapons inspectors to leave Syria a day early

‘Number 10 and the Foreign Office think Miliband is a f****** c**** and a copper-bottomed s***,

A Force 10x Bigger Than Syria Is Driving Oil Prices Higher (USO, OIL)

Public opinion stands in way of EU shale gas (fracking) revolution

The New Hackable Internet is on the Horizon

Experts urge Japan to break away from ‘failed’ nuclear reprocessing program

Experts urge Japan to break away from ‘failed’ nuclear reprocessing program

Fast-Food Strikes Expand Across U.S. to 50 Cities

The Outsiders: How Can Millennials Change Washington If They Hate It?

Age-Related Forgetfulness Tied to Diminished Brain Protein

Welfare fraud: 'Damned if you do, doomed if you don't'

Papantonio: Political Poison From The Pulpit

US willing to go it alone against Syria if needed

Bombs are Humanitarian Aid?

University Tries to Nip Professors’ Union in the Bud

PA. Tried to Suppress Consideration of Study About Gas Well Air Pollution/Climate Impacts

Viral Photo Sparks Honor, Not Pity — Finally

iPad 3G subscription

Predator drone now part of Calif. wildfire battle

Every GOP leader refused to participate in yesterday's commemoration

Labour will vote against government over Syria

xpost from CHaS: poll on DU performance

Wendy Davis Preparing for Statewide Campaign in Texas

Is there any way you guys could pin a thread with current system status?

Wasserman Schultz: King fought for voting rights

President Obama is NOT a tool of the banks/MIC, a liar or a murderous warmonger

Boehner, Cantor declined invitation to speak at MLK event

Blix: Even if Assad used chemical weapons, the west has no mandate to act as a global policeman

Kim Jong-Un's Ex-Girlfriend Reportedly Executed By Firing Squad

Light and refreshing corn medley

Thanks in advance, warmongers...

AP SOURCES: Intelligence On Syria Chemical Weapons No 'Slam Dunk'

Economic growth and jobless claims improve

George Zimmerman’s Wife Says He Has ‘Beaten Down Her Self Esteem’

"Get a brain moron" may be closer than you think.

US, UK back down from immediate Syria strike, President Assad vows 'victory'

Hans Blix: if Assad Used Chemical Weapons, The West Has No Mandate to Act as a Global Policeman

A CAPTION a day keeps the rethugs away. Please come CAPTION Fox's Eric Bolling!!!

Alex Jones: I've Been Racially Attacked 40 Times!

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Burned by War again?

OK, so there's this guy on H2, calls himself a moonshiner, but he has a licensed still.

Bush Library Rewrite Website Presents Democratic Version Of President's Legacy

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Republicans and CONgress

A Poll on the President's War Powers

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

The President should seek an AUMF v Syria

So, What’s It Going To Be? (by Bashar al-Assad)

Republican Accused of Openly Masturbating in Men's Room

Bevin wins new Tea Party endorsement over McConnell in Ky.

Snowden impersonated NSA officials, sources say

THE ONION Posts A Message From Assad: I’d use chemical weapons again in a heartbeat. You Know That.

AP Exclusive: Obama offers new gun control steps

Corbett Lawsuit Against Same-Sex marriages Says Gay Couples Are Like 12 Year Olds

I just found out my Dad has prostate cancer.

The inimitable Howard Zinn

Zimmerman's wife was staying at parents night of shooting because of argument w/ GZ

Try it

"Nobody could have known!" (Millions of us knew) "Nobody told us!"

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2013: The Most Spectacular Pictures Of The Natural World

Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal

I was just on the losing end of a 3-3 jury but I think you should be aware

N.C. lawmakers meet raucous crowd at Charlotte forum

Amnesty International on use of chemical weapons in Syria

Why a Medieval Peasant Got More Vacation Time Than You

Alabama Repug wants Toni Morrison book banned

If you are Pro- Syrian war, you should think about something:

I have wanted to find one of these forever:

Is This 19-Year-Old the Leader of the Syrian Electronic Army?

With Enemies Like This, Who Needs Friends?

Now that's what you call a fur coat! Colonel Meow sets world record for cat with longest hair

Congo, beyond the conflict: Six reasons why it matters

On the ground in Damascus: ‘It is us who will die’

Neocons Push Obama to Go Beyond a Punitive Strike in Syria

German energy crisis favours the fleet (of foot- k)

People are spending millions to get you to believe these 5 myths about Obamacare

Wave goodbye to global warming, GM and pesticides

"Give peace a chance. Give diplomacy a chance. Stop acting and start talking."

Nearly 20 Percent Of Scientists Contemplate Moving Overseas Due In Part To Sequestration

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 29, 1957

"The Arrogance of Power"

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 29, 1957

Obama offers new gun control steps

Unlocking the secrets of the Elephant Man

Scientists leave GOP due to attitudes toward science, say Utah educators

UK House of Commons Syria debate live

Eight things to consider before intervening in Syria.

Deep thoughts from a usually shallow man...

Rival campers who opened fire turn out to be sheriff's deputies

Obama Plans Executive Action To Close Gun Sale Loophole

Study confirms: haters gonna hate

Modest Strategy for action in Syria - as revealed by Andy Borowitz/ even he can't find humor

East Antarctic ice sheet 'vulnerable' to temperature changes

(Hawaii) Bill would target off duty officers who drink and carry weapons

Josh Mandel Covers Up Two Wrecks and Misuse of Funds

Henri, Le Chat Noir is back with Two videos:

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday August 29th

Remember Kosovo?

Grabbing again: Obama bans the reimportation of old service rifles

Egypt Moves Closer to Al-Jazeera TV Affiliate Ban

Archbishop urges Christians to ‘repent’ over ‘wicked’ attitude to homosexuality

Cute proposal to name hurricanes after climate denier legislators like Inhofe.

Interesting social temp. check. None of the women in my wife's quilt group want to see "The Butler".

GCHQ reported to have access to almost all European internet traffic

Tossing A Cigarette Butt Will Soon Become A Felony In Illinois

David Marsters, Maine Man, Gets Visit From Secret Service Over Obama Facebook Threat

Without Wolves

Officials OK rule to force fracking on NC landowners

Marching (foolishly) as to war

When I Said ‘Shoot The N*gger’ I Just Meant ‘I Hope The Bastard Dies’

So after the President doesn't attack/invade Syria..

NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong-UN has ex-girl friend and her band machine-gunned to death.

Holy Ground in Kentucky: Monks and Nuns Fight Fracking

Texas Democrats look for statewide candidates to run on ticket with Wendy Davis

"Preparing For More Slaughter in Syria" By Chris Floyd

Keep doomsday religion out of the Syrian conflict

Bombing Syria will send them a message,

Debate in UK House of Commons on Syria, live link here

IF USA Cares About Int'l War Crimes Law-We Would Do Better By Delivering Cheney To The Hague-Instead

NYPD Officer Indicted After Investigation of NPPA Member’s Unlawful Arrest

Chemical weapons UN weapons inspectors to leave Syria a day early

Politics live blog/live video. British MPs debate Syria as parliament recalled...

Papantonio: Obama’s Choice -- Peace or Violence

Officials OK rule to force fracking on NC landowners

Renewing my DU Star membership is forcing me to set up a PayPal account


Alan Grayson: attacking Syria is the "wrong decision," Obama "boxed himself in" w/the "redline"

Some new photos of the new photos...

Mama said knock you out...

This Velociraptor Chasing A Japanese Office Worker Is The Most Terrifying Office Prank Ever

9 Tales of Young Love and Old Memories

Judge in rape case criticized for light sentence, remarks about victim

CNBC's average audience ages 25-54 is only 37,000; Fox Business just 10,000

Thomas Roberts almost got it right. Almost.

Anderson Cooper Takes Apart Pat Robertson - The video from CNN is a thing to behold.

Maine candidate questioned by Secret Service after posting Obama photo labelled ‘shoot the ni**er’

Neko Case Alert

If the NC voter ID law is rammed down our throats...

HHS Extends Medicare Benefits To Married Gay Couples

Medicare lays out post-DOMA coverage policy for gay couples

Another way for Jews to atone this Yom Kippur: the eScapegoat

UK Parliament Debating Syria Intervention LIVE CSpan2 Link here...

Events Are Moving Quickly With Syria--Here's What You Need to Know

Would Martin Luther King have thought a "surgical strike" on Syria would lessen war crimes?

James Spader is a perfect example of why male actors do well in the business,

AJ: Russia sending the navy to protect Mediterranean

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas separate

Reign of tarragon: How to start an herb share with neighbors

U.S. Releases Some Prisoners from Guantanamo Bay Prison

Skinner, can you please say more about why you consider RT not to be a reputable news source?

Selective ‘obscenity’ : US checkered record on chemical weapons.

Juan Cole: Assad regime responsible for gas attacks

None of my children had measles, mumps or rubella -

Boogie night on the West Bank lands Israeli soldiers in hot water

45 years ago today in Democratic Party history

UK makes the case for Syria action

Fighting Bob Fest Kick-Off Event at the Barrymore Theatre 9/6 -Bernie, Hightower and others

"It's Yahweh or the Highway!" . . . Please come CAPTION Pat Robertson!!!

Texas Gun Store Closes On Saturdays, "Thanks Obama"

A shark that walks like a tetrapod

Aetna pulls out of New York health insurance exchange

Police Break Up Public Citizen Press-Conference

Why is anti-union scabbing tolerated here?

The Headlines

You know what I noticed, and it's a sad observation.

Just heard on the floor of the House of Commons....

Report: Heritage Foundation Barred From GOP House Group’s Meetings

Elizabeth Warren's Secret

A crochet Amigurumi prosperity doll to bring you money!

While Boner and Yertle squabble over the sequester, real people are about to end up on the street

Saudi Arabia (finally) outaws domestic abuse.

I just realized what's missing in the march to another war

Don't eat fast food today--support the wage raise demands!

What gives the US the right to tell Syria what to do with their own people?

The Conscience-Free Zone. Please come CAPTION Donald Rumsfeld!!!!

"Let us create a society where even if the governments and corporations work against us,

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Decline Invitations To Speak At March On Washington Anniversary

Game Show Answers

Syria Strikes Recede as Cameron Struggles for Lawmaker Assent

The Rude Pundit: Man with a Distinct Lisp Questions the Masculinity of Another Man

Wall Street’s Rental Bet Brings Quandary Housing Poor

Premium Increases Under Obamacare May Be Overstated

Do you know who Dave Kopay is?

I'm only ignorant because they want me to be

Growth Exceeds Estimates as U.S. Weathers Budget Cuts: Economy

How can Obama step back from the "red line" and not strike Syria?

John Cleese: ‘Syria and Alert to threats in Europe’

I love the "ignore" feature.

Edward Snowden's leaks are a grave threat to US national security by John Bolton

So let’s not continue that pattern. Let’s “do something” different. Let’s “do something” else.

There seems to be a lot of international push back against American machismo.

Everyone with a smart phone should watch this and then ransack your life.

UK Telegraph ! : The rush to judgment on Syria is a catastrophic and deadly error

natalie maines -- i'd run away

"This rhymes with what happened over Iraq WMD"

Thank you for making it clear for the LBN hosts about RT news.

Billionaire Executives and Owners are a lot like Royalty...someday the idea will seem just as stupid

What are your picks for the best albums of 2013?

Quantum Cryptography

Fidel Castro: Cuba Never Denied Snowden Access

"a degree of uncertainty" creeping in against the assumption that the president is on the brink of

A poison gas attack is a war crime: the proper action is to arrest and try the perpetrators

Has the New York Times been hacked again?


Russia sending anti-submarine ship, missile carrying cruiser to Mediterranean Sea

Damn You Miley Cyrus!!! See What You Started!!!

Web Anonymity: Tor Use More Than Doubles Since PRISM Revelations

Truthout needs our help to stay afloat

"Conservative" talk-show host flips out...

Liberal Arts Majors Need These 8 Skills To Get Ahead

Descartes walks into a bar and asks ...

NFL, players reach concussion deal

Rush Limbaugh is a laugh riot today!

NFL agrees to $765 million settlement deal in concussion lawsuit

A Strike on Sryia Could Explode the Entire Region.

Brazil Population Tops 200 Million as Middle Class Lives Longer

U.S. Officials say 'no smoking gun' implicating Assad in chemical attack

$175,000 memorial proposed to honor Austin's homeless

Obama 'tactic of delay and deferral' pissing off Keystone conservatives

How can I fix the time stamp on DU threads?

A man gets stopped for speeding and gives the policeman his

So, who decided whether Syria should be punished? Who *should* decide???

A Mac Mini is the brain of this new video camera.

Live link to UK debate in Parliament on Syria

Jean Paul Sartre sits down at a table in a small Paris cofeeshop

U.S. eyes crude-by-rail safety in wake of Canada mishap

Human rights in Colombia: how bad do things have to get?

Eric Holder Says DOJ Will Let Washington, Colorado Marijuana Laws Go Into Effect

Data privacy issues following PRISM affair

Christina McHale is working on her 3rd set of her match....

UK on cspan

"You thought you were voting for a Gov. Bill Milliken, but you got a Gov. Dick DeVos."

"Respectfully, it is the constitutional power of Congress, not the President, to approve military ..

U.S. spy network’s successes, failures and objectives detailed in ‘black budget’ summary

Woman charged with marring D.C. landmarks ordered to psychiatric ward

If ANY Republicans deserved to speak at the Dream anniversary, they're no longer with us

Pat Robertson grinds on Miley Cyrus onstage!

California gay conversion therapy ban upheld

Nature: US electrical grid on the edge of failure

Opting For Free Time - Sarah Jaffe Discusses

Powerful: Olbermann talks about his dad, Satchel Paige and King’s speech

Gomer still claims Saddam had WMD's including nukes...

Victim Testifies in US Naval Academy Gang Rape Trial

Transcript of Today's House of Commons debates

"Shoot the ni**er"

Patrick the Miracle Dog's Abuser Gets Probation, Fine

Breaking: Washington’s pot law won’t get federal challenge

FOX News reports that Senator Tim Scott was not invited to speak at MLK celebration.

Obama's Red Line --The Cynical and Dangerous Mindset of those Choosing War Over Peace

German Jewish Group Calls For Boycott Of Roger Waters Concert Over Star of David Symbol On Pig

"The friendzone"

Big shiny metal god reaches sky with flames shooting out of its ass!

Russia Calls Urgent UN Council Meeting On Syria

Miniature 'human brain' grown in lab

Patrick the Miracle Dog's Abuser Gets Probation, Fine

Why I sing at the Wisconsin Capitol without a permit

How US airstrikes in Syria would make the situation worse

Pakistan to hold retrial of doctor who helped CIA

China Warns U.S. Against Attack On Syria

Man's Funeral Interrupted By Airplane PA Announcements

US Scientist Thinks All Life On Earth Might Be Of Martian Origin

Huge canyon discovered under Greenland ice

Angry crowd boos North Carolina lawmakers over voting restrictions

Virginia Survey Results

USGS: Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Likely Harmed Threatened Kentucky Fish Species

Same-Sex Married Couples To Get Federal Tax Recognition Regardless Of State

I'm a fan of language and I detest the word "twerking"

Running one's mouth sometimes leads to Trouble.

Racketeering Then and Racketeering Now

Murder of Honduras judge prompts calls for action

Poverty saps mental capacity to deal with complex tasks, say scientists

Hospital Battling Amish Family's Decision to End Girl's Chemotherapy

Did Donald Rumsfeld Counsel Obama To Lie So As To Create The Justification For Bombing Syria?

Cross posting from LBN important to all in our Group.

Got my first pay check from the job yesterday, cashed it today.

To my fellow atheist, do you think believers just wrong?

Valerie Harper’s Cancer “Close To A Remission,” Says Her Doctor

Economists Advise Nation’s Poor To Invent The Next Facebook

Third friend of accused Boston bomber indicted for misleading probe

Weakness of Indian Nuclear Regulation Manifest in Reactor Accident

US banks earn record $42.2B in 2nd quarter

How Weed Saves Lives

I think this has been posted here before, but if you haven't seen it:

Want Military Action? Look No Further Than Your Local Police

That other executive order...(updated)

New Fracking Deregulation Used by Corporation That Lobbied For It to Sue PA Families [VIDEO]

Affirmative Action Should Be Expanded To INCLUDE Age Discrimination/Here Is Why.

OOPS: Senator Who Advocates Arming Teachers Accidentally Shoots Teacher With Rubber Bullet

U.S. Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth Opposes Military Action in Syria

Chile poll shows Bachelet winning presidential election

New Fracking Deregulation Used by Corporation That Lobbied For It to Sue PA Families [VIDEO]

Inside the secretive prison pits where El Salvador's most notorious gangs are crammed...

Pa. Turnpike Says Use of EZPass Will be Mandatory by 2018.

"PA Independent" Proven to be Right-Wing Propaganda [VIDEO]

Nature News: Government 'must step in' to halt Fukushima leaks

"PA Independent" Proven to be Right-Wing Propaganda [VIDEO]

Just served on my 300th jury.

Anyone else noticed that the Chicken Hawk Right has morphed into the Anti-War Right?

GRC's Interactive Brute Force Password “Search Space” Calculator *BOOZ* *ALLEN* involved in any Syrian Conflict Intel?

Man Who Threatened to Decapitate Hawaii Congresswoman is Captured in Mexico

Woman gives birth in a bar restroom, kills baby, and hides him in toilet tank. Charged with murder.

Measles outbreaks, religion, and the reality of the antivaccine movement

Column: Does Tom Wolf Have the Right Stuff to be Governor of PA?

Venezuela demands US explanation over alleged assassination plot

Rousseff’s fury over Bolivian fugitive incident

Venezuela demands US explanation over alleged assassination plot

Thoughts on a separate taxating and budget for research?

New Orleans Lost Half Its Black Population Since Hurricane Katrina

The Wit and Wisdom of Myrna Loy

If Gas goes to just 5.50 a gallon, who wins?

Is Obama just waiting until all the Obama-haters decide 'We should not strike Syria' to not strike?

Latest Poll Has City Comptroller Race In Dead Heat-Spitzer/Stringer race.

The Assad regime continues to move troops and materiel in an effort to limit losses in any US strike

Can this be done in America?

NY1 ItCH: Could Christine Quinn Be Finished?

"Local Food Vendors Coming To The Field Museum"

Paying CEOs Top Dollar for Poor Performance

The President should cut his losses with his "red line" remark"...

Two kittens shut down subway service for nearly two hours

So who really perpetrated the sarin gas attack in Syria?.....

New York Times Slams Army's Refusal to Give Chelsea Manning Transition-Related Healthcare.

In This Bizzarro World We Live In - Things Have Flipped 180 Degrees Again.....

Conservatives Pressure Democratic Tenn. AG to Oppose Marriage Equality.

Hyon Song Wol, Kim Jong Un's Ex-Girlfriend, Reportedly Executed For Making Sex Tape

Reflections on the power of "we"

Colombian president hopeful surrendered on charges of paramilitary collusion

Colombian president hopeful surrendered on charges of paramilitary collusion

Court of Appeals will review frack-ban lawsuits

Report: Heritage Foundation Barred From GOP House Group’s Meetings

My response to Jim Dean/DFA survey question about action against Syria

Bolivian treasure island reveals human habitation starting 10,400 years ago

In your opinion, how long should a new resident of your state live there before allowed to vote?

Eight Years After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Has Been Resurrected

DNR committee votes to award controversial $500K grant to politically connected group

Five years of Palin. On this day in 2008 John McCain went all "mavericky" and ...

Larry Summers may not be the shoo-in he thinks he is..

Woodruff scores RW points regurgitating a GOP Big Lie wrapped inan illigitimate question 4 President

Rand Paul opposes U.S. attack if it could ‘kill Christians in Syria’

Hugh Everett walks into a bar and orders a Heinecken...

Green card on way for gay S.F. husband

Town official who called for Obama to be shot resigns committees

Whack-a-mole-cat (Funny)

Papantonio: Are We Being Misled Into Another War?

New Victim of Climate Change Revealed: East Antarctic Ice

DOJ will NOT take Washington and Colorado to court over marijuana legalization

U.S. allows states to legalize recreational marijuana within limits

IKEA Unveils Solar-Powered Flat Pack Shelters

Video: Ken Cuccinelli storms out of press "scrum," won't answer climate change question, #FAILs

Syria crisis: France is no longer shoulder-to-shoulder with US

Wesley Clark: Syria vs. Kosovo

Wed gay couples win U.S. marriage tax benefits nationwide

Parliamentary revolt (in the UK re. authorizing a Syria attack)

Jace Everett walks into a bar

Edward Everett Horton is the narrator of "Fractured Fairy Tales" in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show"

New Mexico Republican: Gays Should Stop 'Whoring Around,' Marry Women

Pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA positions itself to support Hillary Clinton

Lao boy killed, friends wounded playing with cluster bomb - report

This is one time when I hope someone is watching the neo-cons

Southern Democratic parties band together

Ipad help needed.

Breaking news : Iran-bound S-300 anti-aircraft systems ‘dismantled’ – Russia

All of us are dupes of the KGB! Well, Jerome Corsi says so...

Bowl of Kewt

Tiny ND town mobilizes to halt Aryan enclave plan

11 hurt when fire tears through Brooklyn apartment building

I have been getting some really outrageous right-wing swill

Italian court insists Berlusconi devised tax fraud

Have you heard about this lunatic?

All hail Marx-Lennon!1!!

George Galloway Smashes parliament on Syria.

Atom Bomb Baby

Holder announces fed policy toward CO and WA legalization

The Oatmeal: The world reacts to the crisis in Syria

You know how conservatives were complaining that Tim Scott wasn't invited to the MLK event? Well....

Recently, I ordered Steve McQueen's "The Blob" from Neflix.

Oral Roberts University Holds "Bald Eagle Day", Turns Out To Be Epic Fail

Tea party talk host: Trayvon ‘deserves to be dead’ — and ‘that f*ggot’ Dan Savage too

UK Parliament Syria Vote Defeated

British Parliament says no to Syrian action.

Why labor should unite behind the fast food workers?

REPORT: America Is 'Livid' With The British And Could Launch Syria Strikes On Its Own

Holy Moly: Snowden leaked the "black budget" summary to the WaPo

David Cameron loses Syria vote in Commons

Pearl Witherington: British spy who fought the Nazis

I met my boyfriend on

It's Going To Be Hard To Find A Legal Justification For Attacking Syria

Fast-food workers stage largest protests yet

The IRS/Feds will now recognize ALL same-sex marriages, regardless of whether your state does so.

Vote at if you want to delay military action against Syria

At least the British Parliament has spoken. US Congress?

Her Majesty's Government lost a vote. Good!

Simon Jenkins nails it -

Syria crisis: Incendiary bomb victims 'like the walking dead'

Conservative Claim 2013

12 arrests made at St. Louis fast food protests

One thing that has always chapped my ass is the gold digger label given to women.

"The whole world has failed us," says this Syrian woman. How would you answer her?


****Fall 2013 Premiere Dates****

I'm sorry.

Edward Everett walks into a bar

Starbucks Fires Employee on Food Stamps for Eating a Sandwich from the Garbage

Per yahoo British Parlament

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 30 August 2013

Inviting comment on this graphic being circulated by conservatives re: MLK Celebration

Dodging the God Squad

Breaking on CBS: British Vote Down Syria Action

Wisconsin: Guv Walker's Newest Bizarre Scheme to Stop Singers

What is the UN take on attacking Syria?

COMMENTARY: Labor Day and the unions’ forgotten religious roots

You guy's want to see a Tea Bagger on Steroids?

God save the Queen!

Obama administration doubles down on Syria attack post GB decision

Obama Willing to Pursue Solo Syria Strikes, Aides Say

“Peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty."

Iran may be peeling away from Assad over chemical weapons

On her 100th birthday, Chicago nun still wants to become a Catholic priest

Raytheon hit a 52-week high this week...

Ted Nugent’s Wife Arrested in TX Airport for Bringing Gun in Terminal

Life Lessons from Bill Waterson

What a long strange trip its been

I predict that Carolina will lose tonight

We gotta go show em who the real killers

The Children of Lidice

You cannot achieve real happiness without love in your life

Senator Tim Scott Turned Down Invitation to 50th Anniversary of MLK Speech

Working for a Dollar Store is No Bargain

More than 50 House Democrats also want Syria strike resolution

Might “shoulder-fired rocket launchers” be protected?

(Chemical weapons) "Could be directed at us". Really?

White House Says US Interests Will Guide Obama's Syria Decision As Vote For Action Fails In UK

I feel dirty for going there.

Civil Rights Group Seeks Changes in Indiana Election Law

Just saw a Kirk Cameron commercial at my movie theater.

Frankfort Becomes Fifth Ky. City With Antidiscrimination Ordinance

FACT SHEET: New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence

U.S.: If We Need Legal Justification For Syria Strike, We'll Produce One On Our Own

Restoring the right to vote: the time to do so is now

Despite Words Of Warning, Israel Wants To Stay Out Of Syria Conflict

N.D. Oil Industry Flares Off $1B Worth of Natural Gas…But Balks at Investments in Renewable Fuels -

How Art Pope helped turn back the clock on voting rights in North Carolina

Bill O'Reilly Falsely Claims Republicans Barred From March On Washington

Kansas Democrats to introduce voting rights bill at special session in Topeka

Syrian Rebels- They Aren't All Al Qaeda. Noticing Rightwing Sites Claiming This

Who wants some "Afternoon Delight?

CPAC slavery

Bravo Obama!

Stand with Rep Alan Grayson against insanity.

Gawker: Fifty Years After the March, White People Are Still a Disgrace

'Calvin & Hobbes' Creator Has A Message You Need To See

Recognize Bartcop's 8-29 "Mystery Celebrity?"

SXSW 2014: The Unruly Mob Would Like to Comment

White supremacist's plan angers a North Dakota town