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Grayson on Syria: "We Are Not the World's Policeman"

Must Read- "We should not trot along obediently as the ever-loyal poodle …

Teens say they were beaten by cops in Bronx park

Life in a neo-Nazi village

Want to read a wonderful and true little love story?

Alabama Republican Wants to Ban Toni Morrison's 'The Bluest Eye' from Schools

Julian Assange: 'Secret' Meeting Proves Google Conducts 'Back Channel' Operations For State Dept

Report: Israeli, US and Jordanian commandos operating in Syria

Anyone who would like a group for ADHD please check in

So you got rid of the ignore count on my transparency page?

Eric Cantor Skipped The March On Washington To Meet With Oil Lobbyists

Syria Debate: Does U.S. Have the Evidence and Authority to Hit Assad for Alleged Chemical Attack?

Much respect to the UK people and Parliament for defeating the Syria resolution

An opinion about devils.

On our walk today our red dog ate a mouse.

My baby, Zoey somehow injured her eye

Would I be wrong to suggest that you keep your cars' gas tank @full?

Obama insists opposition to policies 'doesn't have to do with my race'...(no more room for the rest)

Woman Struck, Killed In Brooklyn Bus Accident

Mysterious American swallows Yukon bar’s last human toe, pays $500 fine

Martin Luther King asked for

My Little Pony Fans Discuss the Impending War on Syria (UPDATED with more politigab. imgtxt heavy)

Drink Liberally - A Shot of Truth - "SYRIASLY?"

So, where's OUR vote on Syria?

Over 50 House Democrats oppose "unwise war... without adhering to constitutional requirements."

There are times when many must try to find happiness without love in your life.

Syria chemical attack must not go unpunished – French foreign minister (but France is in no hurry)

White House announces new executive actions on guns

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Shock and Awful, Redux & a new Kitteh gif

Sign Congressman Graysons Syria petition...

The Real News Ways Privatization Failed America - Part 2

US recognizes same-sex couples for tax purposes

New Song From Paul McCartney...

David Cameron loses Commons vote on Syria action - BBC

Syria crisis: No to war, blow to Cameron

If you are an empire, the whole world is your animal shelter

Mad, are you watching the Doncos game? Zack Dessert will play...

Even Senator Cornyn is not crazy enough for the TP'ers!

Same Iraq WMD Fabricators Planned US Attack by "Drawing Attention" to Syria's WMDs in 1996

My kids were hovering around the thawing ice cream cake...So I sang MacArthur park

South African BDSers Sing ‘Shoot the Jew’ at Event Featuring Israeli Saxophonist

IDF: Non-Israelis must purchase gas masks

Aetna Drops From Another Obamacare Health Exchange

6000-year old tunic and other artifacts found in melting snow

The Pentagon is totally out of control and it is time that something is finally done to rein it in

Internment camp for Jews in Second World War a little-known piece of New Brunswick history

Obama Better Get Authorization From Congress For A Syrian Strike Because The Repugs.....

WI Capitol Police Crackdown on Dissent: What You Wouldn’t Know From Reading Wisconsin’s Newspapers

Judges: Text sender can be held civilly liable if driver crashes

JAPAN: WWII rape “necessary” to keep solders strong

Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader, reportedly has ex-girlfriend, 11 others executed

Sandusky prison letter blasts Penn State settlements with victims

All Congressmen agreed on response on tonight's conference call about Syria. List of participants

To hunt Osama bin Laden, satellites watched over Abbottabad, Pakistan, and Navy SEALs

Laurel County murder suspect says he killed his wife to end her pain

Hundreds rally to protest Montana judge over 31-day rape sentence


Looks as if the Atlantic is beginning to stir

Colchord Oklahoma ?? Worms in your faucets? Just get the Dept. of Environmental Equality out of

Contributor newspaper down to final issue unless donors step up

(Austin TX) City Council opposes Texas voter ID law

Has anyone seen confirmation of this report of musicians being executed in North Korea?

Sources: Intercepts show top Syrians preparing for chemical attack, discussing afterward

Young Gifted And Black

Post your fav. theme songs from movie's and tv here:

Indian Reservation

Black and Proud

If Obama strikes Syria unilaterally, would it unify the Democratic Party in opposition?

Bourgeois Blues

Bill O’Reilly Issues On-Air Apology (regarding his 'no republicans' invited statements)


Nugent’s wife arrested at DFW after X-ray finds gun

Michael Steele on MSNBC: 'Abhorrent' That GOP Declined MLK Invitations

How Poverty Taxes the Brain

Carefully taught

Solar shingles...are they a viable option right now?

Just arrest Assad and anyone else responsible for the chemical attack

Towson [University] cheerleading squad suspended for alleged hazing

Gimme hope Joanna

The food industry: Strike!

Stonewall Nation

Anyone watching the Seahawks/Raiders game?

Wisconsin Capitol protester released from jail, no charges yet...

"Syria - It Takes More Courage to Say There Is Nothing Outsiders Can Do"

Time to Listen to Your Intuition (Donald Michael Kraig)

How to Center

Mabon Incense

A response from Senator Di-Fi on my opposition to TPP

Zimmerman sentenced to a year's probation and community service

Obama's war in Syria will be his legacy

I saw something that really bothered me posted on facebook today

Funniest Pictures Mocking Sarah Palin (celebrating her 5th anniversary of becoming a laughingstock)

"Romney's untaxed '47 percent' of Americans shrinks, center says"

Anti-legalization group (Patrick Kennedy) continues reefer madness

"Official: U.S. may take unilateral action against Syria"

El picket sign

Bangladesh's Atheist Blogger Still Wants to Talk

The U.S. does have nonmilitary options in Syria. Here are four of them.

A New Low For Tea Bagger Bigots: Public Shaming Of The Disabled

Study: Too much religion can harm economy

Peace Fresno action "WAR ON SYRIA IS NOT THE ANSWER" 8/31

Enbridge oil pipeline protestors gather at Mason courthouse to support four charged with felony

Shock: Billo Clown Admits He Lied To His Dopey Viewers.

'Molecular basis' for jet lag found

nearly 13 hours in the car and we're here

Tackling Torture Video Contest

I'm not sure what I just ate, but I'm pretty sure that was an ear

I thought this was interesting about stereotypes.

Mitch McConnell Battles Conservative Challenge In Reelection Bid

Youngest daughter got married today.

Look what stopped a NYC subway!

Federal judge orders VA to obey Supreme Court ruling on same-sex benefits

Action Alert from Vets for Peace, chapter 27, No War With Syria.

Internment camp for Jews in Second World War a little-known piece of New Brunswick history

Group Banning as opposed to Forum Banning

Want to play Draw Something ?

Graywarrior's HOA Board marching down to inspect the quacking "doorbell" duct-taped to her door.

Kali's next ranch dog -- Dumbwiener:

CAUTION: You will never again hear Batman's theme song without visualizing THIS:

REAL men have sleepovers. REAL men even have "pillow" fights.

Young MFM was the only Catholic EVER to be given a "GET OUT OF CONFESSION FREE FOR LIFE" card.

MiddleFingerMom never did quite grasp the concept of "twerking".

Even if we wanted to take military action in Syria,

Uribe was ‘the head of Colombia’s paramilitaries’: former AUC ringleader

Uribe was ‘the head of Colombia’s paramilitaries’: former AUC ringleader

Moral Obscenity: Toxic background to US chemical 'highground'

would any DU'rs like to get a table for WAMM's silent auction 9/22 ?

Colombian government to answer for ‘excessive’ force used in protests

In event of an attack on Syria, check WAMM facebook page for time and place of emergency protest

I got it!

Day 53: Criminal Justice Reformers Say: Negotiate Now Before There Is Blood on Your Hands

Pope says only dialogue can end strife in Syria

Reuters: Pope, Jordanian king agree dialogue 'only option' in Syria

Come with me to Key West - It's hot - but bearable. I had an hour and a half :) today

AP: Thursday Poll Shows Majority of Germans Oppose Backing US Action in Syria

Hey Folks I Need Some Help Fast....

State’s defense of sorry voter ID law drags on (Dallas Morning News editorial)

Alawite Stronghold in Syria a Haven Amid War

Syria crisis forces World to clarify its thinking on Assad regime

I could stand this, here in the U.S.

Syria: ‘Napalm-style’ attack on school reported

Judge: V.A. Can't Deny Benefits to Lesbian Army Vet

Sweet, nice little tropical thunderstorm we are having here :D

If the PTB running the US military-industrial complex think that chemical weapons are so bad--

Bali drugs case: Lindsay Sandiford loses death sentence appeal

Teacher arrested for having sex with 2 students over a 4-year period

Syrian Americans protest possible US attack in Syria

Study: U.S. Hispanic population dispersing but still anchored in 3 states

NYC Subway shuts down over...KITTENS!

Arizona girl, 6, killed in joyride with brother, 8, at the wheel

New Fracking Deregulation Used by Corporation That Lobbied For It to Sue PA Families [VIDEO]

New PA Budget: Reverse Robin Hood PA GOP Robs From the Poor to Give to the Rich [VIDEO]

New PA Budget: Reverse Robin Hood PA GOP Robs From the Poor to Give to the Rich [VIDEO]

Dueling bubbles

"PA Independent" Proven to be Right-Wing Propaganda [VIDEO]


President Obama will not launch strike against Syria

August 30: National Toasted Marshmallow Day

August 30, 1813, Fort Mims, Alabama (Mississippi Territory)

US: Iran can't access much oil income

Jury instructions quibble

Russian, NORAD forces unite for exercise

Sept. 11, 2013 is almost here!

Why do people still fly the Confederate flag?

Christian Girl Guide troop agrees to adopt secular Promise

N.Y. Freethought Trail traces nonbelievers who chartered a historic course

Welfare Reform Insanity: Banning Convicted Drug Offenders from Food Stamps for Life

Massive Nationwide Walkout By Fast-Food Workers Signals Growing Backlash Against Low-Wage Employers

Are We Being Ruled by Self-Centered Jerks? What New Studies Reveals About the Ultra Wealthy

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for Iraq bombings

First glimpse of Orion in the eastern skies...

Germany rules out taking part in Syria military strike: minister.

Can cats develop a sweet tooth?

It is not just the Assad regime that is bracing itself. Jihadists fear the US may seek to kill

*Finally* A way to make football more dangerous!

Israel confirms plan to deport African migrants to Uganda

Worst governor ever! Calls for an education conference...then...

France backs US on Syria action

Defecting Syrian Officer: I Was Ordered to Use Chemical Weapons

Poet Seamus Heaney dies aged 74

No German plans to join Syria military action

US’s NATO allies snub Syria military action call

What's for Dinner ~ Friday August 30th

Ten Reasons Why Fast Food Workers Deserve A Raise

Experts : Don't bomb chemical weapon sites in Syria

US, UK should show Syria chemical weapons intel to Russia - ex-British Navy chief

A Massive Canyon Was Just Discovered Under Greenland's Ice Sheet

NBC poll: Americans skeptical of U.S. intervention in Syria

Some pictures from the Thunersee, and a renaissance ukelele.

So instead of taking a knee with 6 seconds left, Tebow throws a jump ball for a 9 yard TD.

19th-Century Samurai Training Text Deciphered (

The Soul of Our Nation: War

****~~~ The Black and White of Stand Your Ground ~~~****

How many neurons did you fry/drown when you were younger ?

US And France Set To Strike Syria As UK Bows Out

Pepe Escobar: ‘War on chemical weapons’: Obama traps himself into Syrian combat

It makes exactly ZERO difference to me if the Assad regime committed the Ghouta atrocity

Brotherly Tears (Catullus)

NYC subway shuts down because of...KITTENS (x-post from GD)

David Cameron becomes 1st British PM to lose a war vote since 1782.

Silent in the Morning...

There Are A Few Major Problems With The West's Reasoning For Striking Syria

New Snowden Leak Reports ‘Groundbreaking’ NSA Crypto-Cracking

I'll be damned if I tell people I had a "slip" but I think I need to go to a meeting.

F-35 purchase could cost Canada $71-billion under worst-case scenario: report

Poet Seamus Heaney passes away aged 74

The disconnect by Americans re violence in Syria is sickening.

DR Congo rebels announce troop withdrawal

Admire the fecal glow, then please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!

Who's going to see the One Direction movie this weekend?

Marijuana Doesn't Just Sell Itself, As Marketers Face Resistance From Google, Media Companies

Iraq: Civil War. Libya: Civil War. Afghanistan: Civil War.

Syria Could Become Another Iraq on Religious Freedom, Says Retired Army Lt. Col.

Simon Jenkins: Syria: it takes more courage to say there is nothing outsiders can do

Judge rules U.S. military cannot deny benefits to lesbian veteran and her wife

St. John's Anglican Church sign

U.S. military officers have deep doubts about impact, wisdom of a U.S. strike on Syria

U.S. plans reports on secret court orders to telecom providers

Meet Rep. Brian Sims: Philly's Brains and Brawn With a Cause

This makes perfect sense (if you're a Republican)

David Miranda: police win wider powers to investigate seized data

Israel furious after UK justifies Hezbollah terror

David Bowie - Modern Love

Why Coca-Cola's New Ad Campaign May Be Dangerous to Your Health

This song never fails to cheer me up.

David Bowie ft. Earl Slick - Stay (Live)

Luckovich: Having it my way

Report: World of Warcraft movie begins filming Jan. 13

David Bowie - Golden Years (Live)

The most important story of the morning:

Dropping Napalm on innocent people is unconscionable.

PBS, GENEALOGY ROADSHOW premiere's Monday, September 23-October 14, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET

So here's where I'm the unpopular dove

David Bowie - Fashion

What did you all expect after the Arab Spring?

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone - Take Monday off in appreciation

Exotic weapons aim to destroy chemical weapons ???

David Bowie | rebel rebel

Wisconsin: Planned Parenthood fights back against Mike Ellis and his Republican cronies

Nobel Prize Winning Poet Seamus Heaney Dead

Blueberries, not fruit juice, cut type-2 diabetes risk

Statement from National Lawyer Guild on recent Wisconsin Capitol Police brutality, racial profiling

David Bowie - Fame

Watching the Media cover MLK tributes and beat the war drum

Poverty significantly saps our mental abilities say researchers

Summer Contest ~ Don't wait! (PSA)

Nearly a fifth of scientists are considering abandoning the U.S.

Joint Chief Gen. Dempsey:"Once we take action...Deeper involvement is hard to avoid."

Do you know where Damascus is?

"Death with dignity." "Cruel and unusual punishment."

Is Syria Being 'Lebanized' or is Lebanon Being 'Syrianized'?

Watching John Bolton Made Me More Likely To Support The President If He Decides To Punish Syria

Toumai, the "talking" alpaca


War ISN'T Hell...

Only a Peace Conference, Not Air Strikes, Can Stop Further Bloodshed

Portraits of Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives As Men

Feds won't sue to stop pot use in Washington and Colorado - with caveats

"Swanee" perfomed by the Banjo-Orchestra

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -There is no Nobel War Prize

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Meanwhile, in GOP-land

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Laboring Day

Gilberton police chief shoots councilman target in new video

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

consistently colder in Canadian "high Arctic" than Siberian coast and elsewhere....


F-22 May Get Its First Combat Mission

Perot Foundation donates $1 million to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas

"Does this mean we need to start calling English muffins 'Freedom muffins?'"

Food, water, shelter and sanitation for refugees is nowhere near as sexy as war...

I have a little dream..

New Leaked Document Outlines U.S. Spending on Intelligence Agencies

New Neighbor’s Agenda: White Power Takeover

Prediction: Obama will NOT attack Syria

Syria conflict a strategic blessing in disguise?

Leaderless party endures humiliating week

Pisces III: A dramatic underwater rescue

Statement from the Carter Center on the Syria Crisis

Missouri Madness: Statehouse Swagger in the Gun Debate

Christopher Dickey: An Open Letter to President Obama: Syria Is Not Our War

Theoretical physics: The origins of space and time

It looks like Rep. Alan Grayson and I will be discussing Syria on my show this weekend

Where Does Senator Durbin Stand?

Glenn Greenwald's Partner Was Carrying A Stunning Amount Of Sensitive Documents When He Was Detained

So, are we still waiting on the "Coalition of the Willing?" HELL NO!

Rape Porn Should Be Banned, Women's Campaigners Call

Why Telemedical Abortions Are the Future

George Zimmerman’s wife reveals she’d left him the night before he killed Trayvon Martin

Oh, I need help again...anybody got anything on paying Fast Food workers a living wage?

Syrian extremists in the opposition fear US strike

Accused Chicago bomb plotter indicted for seeking murder of FBI agent

"The British Aren't Coming": David Cameron Humiliated as MPs Veto Missile Strikes On Syria

German Utility Revolts Against Renewable Energy, Threatens To Relocate In Turkey

Kerry To Make Statement On Syria At 12:30 P.M. ET

Why do we have wars? (Photo)

Shemane Nugent, wife of Ted Nugent, arrested for possession of handgun in Dallas airport

Cheddar squash bread?

U.S. senators respond almost exclusively to the interests of their wealthiest constituents

Hello-Need to know a good fix for downey mildew!!

Kerry expected to make statement on Syria on Friday: source

Because Bush Lied, More Children will Die

Saudi Arabia raises military alertness over Syria: sources

Which rights really matter in America?

Fast Fashion - Anne Elizabeth Moore Discusses The Ladydrawers Series On The Textile Industry

The last time a British prime minister was defeated by the Commons on a war motion was 1782

"The Black Budget Is Bigger Than Head Start, Justice & the Park Service Combined."

Mystic Highway - John Fogerty

NC Fight for 15

I vote "NO" on Syria attack

Ken Cuccinelli’s Involvement With Hardline "Fathers' Rights" Misogynists

So, What’s It Going To Be?

Well I have most of the debts paid,...

Snowden and Greenwald DISAGREE on question of withholding harmful docs.

Navy: Training, testing may kill hundreds whales and dolphins

A migraine may change your brain

Pelosi urges military response to Syria

President Obama should listen to US and UK public: don't strike Syria

When Kerry speaks on Syria (Friday 1230 EDT) he will say...

Kudos to Skinner / LBN hosts for their decisions re: RT.

Windows 8 Has Built In Back Door That Could Be Exploited By NSA

The best path forward on Syria - Obama steps up and says the situation has changed since his

Does anyone use Gimp or Picasa?

I have a number of links on this GD thread re Syria

Iran, Not Syria, Is the West's Real Target

Laid off yesterday - seeking support here?

I was wearing a pair of Doc Marten oxfords in clinic the other day, and a patient saw them and asked

get it right people its really not that hard

Obama is way out on a limb right now

Iran provided the Chemical Weapons to Syria

Editors chastize Britain over detention of Miranda

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 30, 1967

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 30, 1967

Murdoch's Papers Fight the Guardian (and Free Speech)

If I may. Venting.

You Know The Thought Just Occurred To Me That BushCo Strikes Again.....

David Cameron accused Ed Miliband of 'siding with Russia' over Syria

Sensors Could Make Electric-Car Batteries Smaller and Cheaper (by 20%-50%)

Sign OXFAM Petition to Secretary Kerry:

How do you see how many people have put you on ignore?

Japan's Lo maglev train aces first test, zooms past countryside at 311 mph

Al Jazeera: Syrian civilians in desperate need, as threat of US strike looms

38 Problems Only People From Hawaii Will Understand

Interesting article

Pic Of The Moment: Six Crazy Stories From Wingnut Land You Might Have Missed This Week

is this perhaps a feminist anthem by Neko Case?

Liberals Can't Be Wise Because They Don't Fear God

De Blasio Has Large Lead Heading into Final Days

Nobel Peace Prize for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy"

Does U.S. Have the Evidence and Authority to Hit Assad for Alleged Chemical Attack?

And the Fuse is Burning!!!

Incredible images of Supercells.

Academy Fight Song---We forgot that maybe the market wasn’t the solution to all things.

Fort Hood Shooter Sentenced to Death

After all these years I still don't get it.

Why did the Washington Post choose to make the "Black Budget" public?

To those who say "give peace a chance": what does that mean?

ET Tu, Pelosi?

Saving 'Grace' Or Saving 'Face'.......

Is Obama bluffing on Syria?

Impeachment Flow Chart

Freedumb! NC Leg Preps Law To Force Landowners To Sell Natural Gas Rights On Own Property

Judge: V.A. Can't Deny Benefits to Lesbian Army Vet

600 Cases Of Rarely Seen Parasite In 19 States, But CDC Hamstrung By Spending Cuts - Freedumb!

Good dietary habits ain't simple.

Putting Darwinian theory into practice:

Does are pigs. (I was going to title this, "Nice rack, baby!!!"... but forgot to change it.)

Never trust a prized, precious photo to someone who knows Photoshop. Those people just ain't right.

The ONLY reason MFM is "The Fucking Immortal MFM" is because he exploits Death's therapy sessions.

America Backs Down

Not about politics, just curious about the legal system in the U.K.

Freedumb! Harshly Restricted As Jack-Booted Gov Thugs Force Koch To Remove Coke From Detroit

WHITE HOUSE PETITION: US had no moral authority to punish Syria's war crimes while our own...

Maybr this is TMI. There's a good reason MFM hasn't had a serious GF in a long time. He's got crabs.

Let the experiment happen

Oh, yeah. I'm going there. An Open Letter to President Obama

China continues incredible space push with lunar rover launch in 2013

Freedumb! Employee Of Gas Company Admits Dumping Fracking WasteAt Least 24X Into Mahoning River

It is the classic story of the boy who cried wolf.

Guy Takes Laptop On Movie Date To Participate In Fantasy Football Draft

The Wall Street Journal is banned from LBN too.

It would be nice if whatever fart comes out of Glen and Rush, and Ann

Hollywood's next big thing: religion

what low wage workers need most

Rachel Maddow says the UK had a robust debate, the US Congress was silent

In Syria, more children and other civilians are going to die. period.

Daniel Ellsberg: ‘Obama Would Have Indicted Me & Sought A Life Sentence For Me"

bringing bison and biodiversity back to the prarie

"I was not a fan of Mr. Assad. He's an ally of Iran, he's made MISCHIEF," Bush told Fox News

The week of health scares!

Experts: Don't bomb chemical weapon sites in Syria

U.S. and France prepare to act on Syria despite UK no vote

Skinner has ended the Ignore Count - Please check in here if you are ignoring me.

Never posted something like this before, but - "The STUPID is strong with him, Luke..."

War monger Hillary Clinton

One-Third of U.S. Employees Say Employers Do Not Accommodate Religion in Workplaces

Obama’s gun control steps useful, but Congress needs to act

Heads up Kerry on GEM$NBComcast n/t

Stay classy, Bryan Fischer.

Kerry live stream-

Is there anything at all that Assad could do that would make you support US military intervention?

I've got a new House Fire Show going on right now

Is international humanitarian law really law?

Amy Goodman - Just say no to nuclear power

What are you talking about John Kerry

Papantonio: Contractors Vying For A War

Watching John Kerry give Colin Powell's speech I am disgusted

too bad we cant talk about Israeli nukes, our own torture issues or that we have the highest

Cutest commercial ever?

Bright sun, bright future: Can Africa unlock its solar potential?

Kerry Makes Case That Syria Used Chemical Weapons

New PA Budget: Reverse Robin Hood PA GOP Robs From the Poor to Give to the Rich [VIDEO]

New PA Budget: Reverse Robin Hood PA GOP Robs From the Poor to Give to the Rich [VIDEO]

Words Matter

Russia will Obstruct, Our Egos are Threatened, We Will Act Alone

Secretary John Kerry: No plan for war.

Kerry wants Americans to read the US intel report on Syria for themselves. Here it is

Um, why didn't the WH tell us which chemical agent they believe was found to be used in Syria?

READ: U.S. Intelligence Assessment On Syria

I had to sigh when I saw the term "Peace Purist"

Important words left unspoken by Sec. Kerry

Native American Women Are Being Sold into the Sex Trade on Ships Along Lake Superior

Yahoo did it again!

Lots of people rely on homeopathy. Can they all be wrong? Yes

I agree that we should go to war BEFORE discussing how the middle class & poor will pay for it.

New Federal Rule Aims To Boost Disability Employment

Jesus H. Crackers! It is not a WAR, it's a *bombing campaign*

Detained partner of Glenn Greenwald was ‘human carrier pigeon’

Military escalation in Syria will worsen civilians' plight-ICRC

Syrian Rebel Leader Abu Sakkar Filmed Cutting Out (GRAPHIC VIDEO, PICTURES at link)

No one wants it, but we’ll have a little war anyway

Unofficial "Impeach Obama" thread

This is what a real Democracy looks like

From Japan, it's the 2.65 pound, $26 "Megaburger Pizza" (photo)

George Galloway HEATED Speech British Parliament Debate On Military Action Against Syria. 8/29/2013

LIMBOsevic still pushing the CHURCHILL bust insult urban propaganda at this late date

Maduro: we must multiply, like Christ multiplied penises (Spanish)

Full transcript of Secretary of State John Kerry's remarks on Syria

Pres. Obama: Why are you pushing the Koch Supported Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

New Siena Poll Maintains De Blasio Lead, Gives Spitzer Edge

Obama expected to speak in about 15 minutes.

Lessons of Volcanic Eruptions

Now this is a COUGH SYRUP:

President Obama to speak on Syria in 15 minutes

A Liberal Catholic and Staying Put

"the best blog written by a Pennsylvania Politician" - Dem. Repres. Mike Sturla

Thank You Mr. Grayson

If we go after Assad & Syria for killing their citizens....

It was a great vacation!

How do you hide something as big as the Grand Canyon?

Correction Officer Charged With Setting Bed-Stuy Fire

Syria is in the midst of a civil war.

WTF???? House unlikely to come back into session before Sept. 9,

I was gone for a bit

A face in a billion: Facebook to include profile pix in facial recognition database.

If the British Can Stop Their Government From Waging War in Syria, Why Can't We?

OK, does anyone here know anyone looking for some barn cats? Or willing to take some feral kittens?

U.S. Government Assessment of the Syrian Government’s Use of Chemical Weapons on August 21, 2013

Two charged in Hyde Park hate crime

Federal court will hear constitutional challenge to ‘No Fly List’

Leslie Morgan Steiner: Why domestic violence victims don't leave

Hands up everyone who thinks Syria will end up worse than Iraq.

I found this short vid. very very helpful in understanding the multi-faceted issues about Syria

Breaking - no final decision on Syria - OBAMA

BREAKING NEWS: White House Releases Report on Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Breaking:Obama says he has made no final decision on Syria, but is considering 'limited narrow act'

What is the best likely outcome in Syria?

How an Insular Beltway Elite Makes Wars of Choice More Likely

Which faction do you want to win the Syrian Civil War?

American Moral Authority

TCM in Sept: "The Story of Film: An Odyssey"

"Fuck every cause that ends in murder and children crying"

UK asked N.Y. Times to destroy Snowden material

This Is Why Corporate America Supports High Unemployment

Recast Russian warheads have prevented an .4PPM global rise in CO2

Obama speaking now n/t

White Supremacist Felon Caught With 18 Guns, 45,000 Bullets And A List Of Black & Jewish Leaders

Suffer the Little Children

Whee! We're about to get a kabuki fireworks show!

Large earthquake hits remote Alaska waters, no tsunami seen

colonel jack jacobs....stfu

Empires... thanks Eddie

"Nayirah", 60 Minutes part 2

"Nayirah", 60 Minutes, (part 1)

Breakbad Mountain

U.S. says North Korea scrubs trip aimed at securing American's release

Let's Talk About 'Saving Face'......

John Kerry is a man of great courage and integrity.

Dennis Kucinich: Truth & Accountability, Forgotten Veterans, Selling Syria & Iran Wars

David Cameron asked permission to strike Syria. Why won’t Obama?

Found this while checking on the Sansair sous vide that is under development . . .

Would you give the noozmedia a heads up on where to point their cameras for the best video?

Are you above or below "Average" Height? And how do you think that has affected you in your life?

Stare at the red dot...

The Witnesses: Syrian activists who took the YouTube videos paid with their lives

Obama Promises Syria Strike Will Have No Objective

Owning Right Wingers on the Political Spectrum

Dallas County Is Turning Its "White Only" Water Fountain Into a Multimedia Art Installation

Can you possibly imagine a "March on Washington for Peace"

The Fort Worth Cats Can't Even Afford Porta-Potties

Straight up or down: Do you believe the U.S. will launch missile strikes

So what do you figure this shit is all about?

Lawyers who fought city in FDNY discrimination case to get $3.7M in fees

Windows 8.1 won't rescue PC market this year, IDC says

OK, does anyone here know anyone looking for some barn cats? Or willing to take some feral kittens?

Hey! (cat pic)

Topsy-Turvy land for Neo-cons on the Radio News

Rwanda accuses Congo of rocket attacks over border

Now that Obama is finally imitating FDR, the Far Left is STILL complaining about him.

Why I voted against military intervention "white phosphorus" How Can That NOT Be A Chemical Weapon?"

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA19) Statement on Syria

Syrian chemical attack killed 1,429 so we will kill 200,000 in response.

Chris Christie Signs Equal Pay Bill Into Law

Not Like Bush at All: Obama Says No Boots On the Ground Or Long Campaign in Syria

Florida says no thanks to $2.6M in federal bike path money

For fucks sake! People/kids are dying in Syria from chemicals & MSNBC's already talking oil prices!

Native American Women Are Being Sold into the Sex Trade on Ships Along Lake Superior

Most graceful exit strategy: The UN Security Council

Who needs facts? We've got Intelligence.

The Dolphins Tweeted out a Great Picture last night

Bronx Woman Detained 15 Hours for Parking Citation She Already Paid, Says Complaint

The average investor’s guide to war

Dumb Criminals: Man's Attempt To Smuggle Live Fish Through Pants At Airport Fails Big Time

I'll bet military and intel officials are lined up to talk to you

The best part about this Syria issue is how it reveals how all members of DU are bloodthirsty ghouls

How A Stupid Election Rule Could Reelect A Tea Party Governor That His Voters Hate

Ken Cuccinelli’s family law stance won him support of fathers’ rights movement

Back in 1979, Jimmy Carter did the proper, humane thing and

When you can absolutely, definitely, permanently prevent THIS, THEN tell me why you support fracking

3D printing finally gets serious...

No decison? Bullshit. What Kerry and Obama did today was make the case

Guilty verdict in Brunswick baby murder

Tacoma Protest

Abortion rights protesters head to court to face new charges

Britain won't be joining and huge majorities of Americans oppose it. It doesn't matter

Court upholds gay 'therapy' restrictions: State says it's not medicine, court agrees

Matt Rmoney will NOT be running for San Diego mayor. GOOD.

Papantonio: Progressives United On Syria

AG Abbott releases tax returns

In honor of Parliament's NO WAR vote, here is a George Galloway Blast-From-the-Past

Brunswick, Georgia baby killing trial - Defendant guilty on all counts

Question about the Zimmerman Trial? What Ever Came of the 'Anonymous Phone Call' to Serino

Does Anyone Think PBO's Red-Line Comment Actually Invited Assad To Use Chemical Weapons?.....

A glass of wine a day may keep depression away

What "Happily Ever After" means for Disney Princesses

Texas A&M University assistant professor Sorg seeking remedy for dangerous bacteria

Texas A&M University assistant professor Sorg seeking remedy for dangerous bacteria

WH: Government Assessment of the Syrian Government’s Use of Chemical Weapons on August 21, 2013

Administration speaks of international 'norms' being violated, instead of actual international 'law'

The Case For And Against Intervening In Syria

Medicaid Expansion Vote in Michigan

Burning Man just a social media event now

RE: Syria, I sympathize with Obama on the decisions he must make

Levin: Syria Intervention Would Suffer Without Support Of ‘Large Number Of Nations’

I think this nailed the US reaction to Syria right on the head...

WHEW...President Obama Almost Missed His G-20 Flight Over This Syria Shit...

I'm afraid I don't believe in blasphemy,

Step Back and Count to Ten

Not everyone needs to be Highly Literate

2 kittens that--no, whom--stopped NYC subway service found

Why do motor cyclists drive in troop like groups?

Enviros call for go-slow approach on Adirondack lands

In Effort To Woo Female Voters, Mitch McConnell Touts Women’s Law He Voted Against

Cop who pepper-sprayed Occupy Wall Street protesters doesn’t have to talk...

Losing race for VA governor, Ken Cuccinelli switches to...Syria?!?

Jul 5, 1946: Bikini introduced

Breaking News: Pellucidar is real!!

Damned if you do.. and damned if you don't

I've long been a Dictionary hound. Thank you Ms. Hypes, and Orwell too.

EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack

Chemical Warfare

Thanks Ed Shultz

From the Bronx to Queens, Deals Defined Quinn's Council Leadership

When I Didn’t Consent. Why I reported. Why I didn’t.

Information needed: Does anyone here know about the email service

Department Of Justice Paves Way For Banks To Work With Pot Shops, Citing Public Safety

NBA's Lamar Odom arrested for DUI in Los Angeles

We are broke. We are tapped out.

This morning, President Obama met with his National Security Council on Syria - PHOTO

Atheists should have good rules for behavior

The baddest badass of them all...

Woman Screams ‘F*** You Justin Bieber’ At Deputy During Arrest

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to officiate at weekend same-sex wedding

France Has Problems With All Religions — Not Just Islam

FOX's O'Reilly: I Made Wrong Claim About March

UK Asked N.Y. Times to Destroy Snowden Material

NAACP rolls out voter info line

Four Big Lessons the GOP Learned from the Clinton Era (TPM)

Wonder how to revoke a Nobel Prize?

"The Tanning Bed Tax"

Not Another Undeclared War: UK Parliament Votes, Why Not US Congress?

Fred Kaplan: Obama’s in a Jam on Syria

Justice Ginsburg To Officiate Same-Sex Wedding - TPM

Syria proposes Middle East become 'WMD-free zone'

"You've got to be kidding me"

NOT Florida: Woman Hid Stolen $5000 In Her Rectum

Inhofe: Kerry sought to 'sell' senators on use of force against Syria

Ginsburg to officiate same-sex wedding

"READY, AIM, TRADE": CNBC So Ready For You To Make A ‘Killing’ Off Your Upcoming Syria War

How To Charge 546 Dollars for Six Liters of Salt Water.:.New York Times

Obama says Syria chemical weapons attack threatens Israel, Jordan.

Friday News Dump? U.S. Had Intel on Chemical Strike Before It Was Launched

John Fugelsang just went to town ...

Nipple malfunction at the Open!

I do not abide by insider trader laws - I am a US Congressman

What happened to the guy I voted for?

Turn telemarketers calls into CASH. Yep, it works.

O.K., Who is at Burning Man right now? The Man Burns Sat. at 9PM PDT. LINK:

Racism is dead! Also, black man shoots son accidentally, is charged with murder.

Just finished my pre-recorded interview with Congressman Alan Grayson re: Syria

Energy Commercials From Germany

Narendra Dabholkar murder: Police to send CCTV footage to London Read more at: http://indiatoday.i

Bug report: funny looking post with no subject line, grey all over

Marco Rubio heckled by conservatives

Weekend Economists Get Syri-ous August 30-September 2, 2013

Ave Maria University Files Second Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate

Nuremberg to spend €70 million on re-building Nazi rally grounds

Bush Ruined it for the Warmongers

Toon- The world reacts to Syria

The “Don’t Be That Girl” Poster Controversy in Edmonton & A Voice for Men’s History of Rape Apologia

Ken Anderson appears for civil hearing in Morton case

the maine wire

The world has turned upside down

It Appears that Obama/Kerry are being duped by Bandar Bush

What Kerry did and didn't say:

So...if Hillary get's the Blockbuster Support of OFA...would she Pick Howard Dean as VP?

Do you think Obama’s trying to prove he’s a tough guy??

'Enough is enough': 1-year-old shot to death on New Orleans street

Fascinating video of an air drop of retardent on the "Rim Fire" in Yosemite. (6:51 min vid)

Transport Workers Deliver Petition with Thousands of Signatures to U.S. Dept. of Justice Offices

There but for the grace of....

Life started on Mars - coming up on CNN

FIU cancels baseball game w/former players for Cuban baseball team - Vigilia Mambisa takes credit

The Soul of Our Nation: War

Police: 1 person wounded in Winston-Salem, NC, high school shooting; suspect in custody

US strikes could kill Assad opponents: army defectors

How to warp a psyche.

Iraqi militia vowes (sic) to attack U.S. interests if Syria hit

Matt Leinart released by Buffalo Bills after five days

Weekly Summary of Communications Job Postings for August 29, 2013

Finally! Information on the implementation of Obamacare (as I like to call it)

Michigan governor seeks to dodge deposition in Detroit bankruptcy case

Microsoft, Google team up to sue federal government over NSA spying


Readout of the President’s Phone Call with President Hollande of France

How the Rest of the World Views the American Military

I'm sorry but I don't give a rat's furry ass if they tap my phones or whatthehelleverthefuck.

Department of Peace

my dad liked a good cigar

Media Takes Sides: A Guide to Who’s For and Against the Syria Strike

Gay combat medic discharged after challenging "don't ask, don't tell" policy is killed in accident