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'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Activist Dies in NY Wreck

Why is the Administration Withholding Israeli-Provided Intercepts That "Prove" Responsibility?

So where are all the imams and mullahs

Camui Gackt

Iowa board votes to end 'tele-med' abortions used by rural women

Staten Island Soldier, 24, Killed In Overseas Insurgents Attack

Would any of you ladies go out with this guy?

Suriname president's son arrested on U.S. drug smuggling charges

Jenny Schecter is far and away the singularly most annoying teevee character ever.

Cornel West LOSES IT....Calls Al Sharpton a ‘Bonafide House Negro of the Obama Plantation’

Mourners Pay Tribute To Former Knick Dean "The Dream" Meminger

Amnesty International believes that chemical weapons were used based on their own investigation

Lay Off Obama

The Admin's approach is like they dont want to, but have to strike Assad

America Totally Discredited -- Paul Craig Roberts

Michigan court clears way to certify Detroit mayoral primary

Damn country's going to hell in a handbasket, I tell you

If France Join The USA in Punishing Syria......

Microsoft Greenlights Gag Order Lawsuit

Politics at play in more state jobs; hundreds learn

Hubble Spots 'Cosmic Caterpillar'

"Assad’s Brother Seen Linked to Syria Chemical Attack! (Who Knows..but this is Put Out There)

Every popular uprising in the world being stomped down with chemical weapons.

California ban on foie gras to remain, court rules

MAIG protest turns into 2nd Amendment rally

For the BOG, Vid~ President Barack Obama's remarks on Syria..

Experts: Don't Bomb Chemical Weapon Sites in Syria

I have appeased the Angry Fly Gods by sacrificing one of their own

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy & a new Kitteh gif

Friday Talking Points (271) -- A Weed Screed

Syria: how UN inspectors might be able to identify the weapon AND its source.

Looking for Rachel, getting Tweety

The End of Hope and Change

Your Lounge Friday-Saturday Art Challenge

Tweety got his second hour back?

Talked to my psychiatrist about school comming up...

Connecticut man shoots self while biking and claims it was hoodie-wearing ‘gang’

BLITZER kissing BREMER's ass - that is all

Canada says 'clear' evidence shows Syria used chemical weapons

The only way to shock Al-Assad

Colombia’s cities wake up after violence-stained night

What will Washington do when they realize no one believes their bullshit excuses for war?

Some more good news on the Gay Marriage front from the IRS....

Friday at the museum

Wouldn't it be more fruitful if the President called ASSAD?

Do you know why poison gas isn't used by major nations?

Assad Courts 'People's Embrace' Amid U.S. Attack Threat

To CNN: "Crossfire with Neuter GRINCH" is a LOSER. Direct deposit millions to me for this. nt

The Lie of "Limited" War Against Syria

Vikings - Season 1 - Review (no spoilers)

U.S. attorney Cotter: Pot policy doesn't undermine Montana crackdown

Pepe Escobar's Latest: Operation Tomahawk with cheese

"War is the Health of the State"

The more things change. . .

The Real News: Syria: The Most Sought After Chess Piece

GOP lawmakers seek to stop gay marriage in NM

A quick and dirty examination of options regarding Syria

Texas Planned Parenthood Gets $1 Million Donation From Perot Foundation

Judge plans to appoint monitor for controversial Arizona sheriff

The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

Is this a time for a man of peace or a man of war??

Iron Age village uncovered at loch could be 'Scotland's Glastonbury'

Once again we move to a Wag The Dog world

National Labor Relations Board Launches Mobile App

Gates: "I love nuclear"; low density, intermittency are big problems for solar & wind (video)

The time has come for a face to face summit between Obama and Assad.

The Constant Re-Invention of "Moral Authority" to kill brown skinned people everywhere

U.S. spy agencies mounted 231 offensive cyber-operations in 2011, documents show

Did Senator Obama introduce a resolution to prevent Bush from bombing Iran

Noe niño bolero de chiapas !ME DUELES MÉXICO¡ - 4 year old shoe shine boy in chiapas mx

We need a song for our war May I suggest: The American Dream

omz i took a dog pill. thought it was a cookie crumb. tasted like peanut butter

I posted this in the BOG ...

My Health Insurance Company bcBS just informed me my rates are going up due

Are we invading Syria like we did Iraq?

Chaplain Lying About Obamacare Obliterated On The Ed Show (VIDEO)

Not saying we wouldn't get our hair mussed

Canada activist calls for shooting Jerusalem Jews

US urged Haughey to take tough line with Nicaraguan president Ortega

Rochester police brutally beat woman 6 months pregnant

The 213 Things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the Army....

British Academy urged to snub Richard Falk

NPR reported THREE DAYS AGO that the rebels may have controlled the chem weapons

Who is responsible for the chemical attacks in Syria?

Assad’s Newest Ally: Venezuelan Congressman Goes to Syria to Fight Rebels, the U.S.

Ohio man pleads guilty to dumping fracking waste into Mahoning River

Cracking down on whistleblowers and the media is such a great idea

My dear NYC_SKP!

If you backed Kerry for the nom in 2004...

The Bridge: just WOW!

How do we KNOW it couldn't have been the "rebels" launching the gas?

How do I cancel membership?

Another pet food recall

Voter ID suit should be tossed after plaintiff dies, state officials argue

Sixth U.S. Ship Now in Eastern Mediterranean 'As Precaution'...

No more whining about voter ID suit (FW Star-Telegram editorial)

Monsanto's Chemical Weapons

Ecuador rebukes Assange for mocking Australian politicians in video

I'm going to be honest here about what I see in Syria.

Julian Assange told: stop using embassy to make fun of politicians

What level of U.S.-inflicted death could YOU stomach in Syria?

The new college football avatar for El Supremo this year...

Do not crawl outside the lines.

Government Internet Surveillance in Chicago Bomb-Plot Case Can Remain Secret, Judge Rules

Please post this to every rightie who is chicken doving regarding Syria

Drunk vs Stoned...

As President Obama Clearly Condones Lying to Congress, Why Should His Rationale for War Be Believed?

It might be different...

1. Something must be done. 2. This is something. 3. Therefore, let’s do this.

Putting Labor Back in Labor Day

Reactions to Holder's Policy Announcement Widely Divergent

So now they (the RWers, of course) are trying to position guns and votes

Who wrote the "U.S. Government Assessment" released today?

10 Things I Hate About Commandments

Five reasons for optimism about unions this Labor Day

Last time the USA needed an invasion, and lots of airstrikes to rid the world of the illegal WMDs

One thing for which we can all HOPE

Police Groups Furiously Protest Eric Holder's Marijuana Policy Announcement

We'll lose the WH in 2016 if our nominee doesn't run AGAINST Obama's wars.

Syria Inaction is NOT AN OPTION

Is there an online aerial map viewer that's fairly current?

Twain’s War Prayer

I'm bored. Quiz me and I'll try to answer without Googling...

Dexter fans. Was the revelation of the Ice Truck Killer in Episode 8 really a surprise?

Nobody's talking about the Unconstitutional Practices of the NSA anymore.

What is the Ugliest Animal? Blob Fish Ahead in the Vote (+Photos)

do you believe in ghosts?

Older DUers: Remember this one?

Never enough photos of a beautiful sunset - throwing in a boat full of fishermen

Abbott or Rudd

War On Terror

Might want to look at this thread's HTML

How much did Snowden take? At least three times number reported

SuperCup: FC Bayern vs. Chelsea

I Refuse

Paul McCartney's new single "New"

Windshield wipers and a cat

Obama's "Shot Across the Bow" Would Make Him a Laughing Stock

Pirate-themed CT scanner helps New York City kids

Syria - Notice how all the RWers who supported the Bush wars are now peaceniks?

Jimmy Carter calls for Syria peace summit

Who here can name ONE democracy that we have facilitated after the Marshall Plan

Now Could Be The Time For

Sarah Palin ""So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?”

sure, i could have lit that $20 on fire

Police Groups are pissed off to the max at Eric Holder

Dumb Criminals: Woman Hid Stolen $5000 Cash In Rectum

U.N. Chemical Weapons Inspectors Leave Damascus, Syria

Marijuana Legalization, Immigration Reform & Philly Schools Cuts Protests in PA [VIDEO]

Marijuana Legalization, Immigration Reform & Philly Schools Cuts Protests in PA [VIDEO]



A rather ominous dust storm outside my house from a few days ago...

If rebels carried out chemical attacks in Syria, how would the US respond?

Advocate for gays in US military killed in New York state car crash

August 31: National Trail Mix Day


I never thought an illustrated text would be so difficult until Derrida put me right...

State of emergency

Ain't gonna let nobody turn me round

UN Chemical Weapons Inspectors Leave Syria. Syria expects attack 'at any moment'

Soweto by night

The Poor and the Middle Class Will Save America Yet

The end is near

Ministers face sack over Syria shambles

Larry Summers and the Secret "End-Game" Memo

Why Syria Intervention Plan Is Being Pushed by Oil Interests, Not Concern About Chemical Weapons

Al Qaeda affiliate urges attacks on Egyptian army

San Diego mayor accused of sexual harassment leaves office quietly

What are you reading the week of September 1, 2013?

How Bureaucrats Are Ruining Education

This Week in Poverty: John Lewis, Barack Obama and the New March

Iran’s underground hip hop dance scene

Is there anyone here from DFA (past or present) who would be willing to engage me in

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday August 31st

My reason for being atheist...

Insomniacs' brains lose focus, scans suggest

Bill would close forest around Wis. mine site

If the British Can Stop Their Government From Waging War in Syria, Why Can't We?

In trying to help Syria, an intervention would destroy it

S-300 Missiles for Iran 'Dismantled, Scrapped' - Manufacturer

UNREST IN SCOTTWALKERSTAN "Pain compliance is polite torture."

Yeah? Well fuck your rights.

US claim on Syria chemical attack 'nonsense' - Putin

Fear in America

Federal Safety Standards

Anonymous Tweet

Bosnian Serbs welcome released war criminal Momcilo Krajisnik home as a hero

History Lesson

Iran, Not Syria, Is the West's Real Target

Rand Paul opposes U.S. attack if it could ‘kill Christians in Syria’

Obama’s in a Jam on Syria. Military Analysis

Madison Police Office Anthony Ward - "Rhythm of da Journey"

German gov't: Windows 8 contains possible backdoor for NSA, Chinese

Third Florida Mayor Arrested This Month

German gov't: Windows 8 contains possible backdoor for NSA, Chinese

First Papal "Selfie?"

The Worst State Legislators of 2013 on Marijuana Policy

One day AQ fighters are U.S. drone targets, the next they're

Obama's Quagmire

To The Members of Congress; Are you the Worthless Cowards You Seem to Be?

Obama Proposes Linking Federal Aid to New College Ranking

UNREST IN SCOTTWALKERSTAN "Pain compliance is polite torture."

The conservative crackup: How the Republican Party lost its mind

GOP’s destructive grifter: Jim DeMint peddles political poison - By Joan Walsh

The Broader Stakes of Syrian Crisis

Ross Perot just donated $1 million to Planned Parenthood

How Netanyahu can match Abbas's commitment to peace

Pope replaces divisive Vatican figure with top diplomat

How One Nuclear Missile Base Is Battling Ground Squirrels

National Lawyers Guild thumbs up on Venezuela April 14 election

Experts Fear That U.S. Plan to Strike Syria Overlooks Risks

So Its Now Pretty Obvious Snowden Gave the Names of US and British Agents to China and Russia

Why Obama's Plan to Strike Syria Makes No Strategic Sense

PBS NewsHour: Should Obama Seek.... Approval before Action on Syria?

the old jail-gonzales texas


Ten Years Later (not to be confused with the great band Ten Years After)

Shirtless presidents

I'd like to ask DU's military strike supporters a few questions

UH-OH: David Gregory Misery Continues

Syrian rebels plan raids to exploit Western strikes - commander

Helping other professions (esp. white collar ones) to unionize will increase support for unions.

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 31, 1974

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 31, 1974

Laborfest on Monday!


TODAY's MiddleFingerMom sighting...

mccain whines on tonight show, wants more, more, more war.

Without the UK could we lose a ship? Today/tomorrow most likely strike days.

Just like Cory Booker but without the brains and character. Come CAPTION Steve Lonegan, R., NJ.

Keystone, Summers, & Syria

'N Sync's Lance Bass Making Doc About Religious Brainwashing

GOP Senators Can't Avoid Primary Challenges

A proposal that restores sanity to Foreign Policy.

Justifying War; 'Just' Wars

Will Reporters Revealing Details Of US Intelligence On Syria Be Called Criminals?

Why Fukushima is worse than you think - By Mycle Schneider, Special to CNN

We've lost the UK, NATO, the UN... the Pentagon...

Mandela still in hospital, not discharged - South Africa government

Putin names new envoy for far east region after floods

Remember Prince Bandar 'Bush'?

Microsoft and Google to sue over US surveillance requests.

9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask

Help me. What is this "own people" line in the sand?

The Cameron Trap: Obama’s Lesson from the British Vote

Luckovich toon from yesterday.

The correct reason not to intervene in Syria

Inadvertantly plugged keyboard into mouse port

NC Officials OK rule to force fracking on landowners

More (strong) indications that a military strike is imminent

Julian Assange told: stop using embassy to make fun of politicians

UK Government Asked New York Times To Destroy Edward Snowden Documents; NYT SAID - NO WAY

Church Sign Has Amazing Message For Christian Homophobes

Christians, other minorities in Syria fear 'ethnic cleansing'

Christian School With Creationist 'Science' Quiz Closing Down For Financial Reasons

Who are some of your favorite women artists?

What it's ALL about...

Gov. Cuomo: Schools that fail deserve to die

Leaked E-Mails: Syria intervention plan fueled by oil interests---NOT--- chemical weapon concern

Is There Any Chance That Assad Would Use Chemical Weapons Again?......

If you're interested in KNOWING Syria situation, Wikileaks released 2mil emails in 2010.

What gives American factories their competitive edge: They’re easy to close

Just had a CFL gutter and die.

I want to travel to Germany one day. What should I know ?

Time is not on the side of the "humanitarian" would-be bombers.

The Wacko Caucus: Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz Ties Syria To ObamaCare

Patriots released Tim Tebow.

any spare light you can send to my Domingo, for a gentle passing, would be appreciated...

Charles Pierce: The Syria Mess, Explained by a Man You've Never Heard Of

Papantonio: Larry Summers’ Gloomy Shadow Looming

Chris Christie’s ‘Deeply Religious Sex Cult’?

today in women's herstory-30 august

Was going to save this for the show but it clearly cant wait go there

Weak link in MSNBC shows continues to be Chris Hayes

Putin: US Claims About Syrian Chemical Attack ‘Unimaginable Nonsense’

Atheists' festival awaiting HC nod

Swan Cyrus - An Exploration of Political Consciousness

some quotes of the day--molly ivins

Freedom Muffins

Republican lawmaker says he serves God, not his constituents

Religious diversity is increasing at the office, and so are pitfalls

I think it unlikely that bombing Syria once would lead to regional war.

US Supreme Court's Ruth Bader Ginsburg to perform gay wedding

Fight over existence of God leads to Oakland murder; now jury will decide fate of defendant

OMG, Bill O'Reilly Smears Catholic Church While Fr. Jonathan Morris (Sort of) Breaks With GOP

NYT: Amid Skepticism, White House Tries to Shore Up Support <- NEOLIB UNITARY EXECUTIVE FAIL

Anyone use CentryLink for a service provider?

Does Interfaith Pave Way For More Integrated UK?

Ronald Reagan Gassed Me

happy birthday to our beloved molly ivins--you are sorely missed!!

Experts Fear U.S. Plan to Strike Syria Overlooks Risks

The worst of fracking + the worst of coal = "Underground Coal Gasification"

Why is one part of this statue shinier than the rest?

Kudos for Tampa Bay Times editorial "Governor Phony". Outstanding.

Judge Rules Americans Have A Right To Air Travel, Takes Aim At ‘No Fly’ List

Bill Burr speaks on southern people

Study: Men secretly feel terrible when the women they love succeed

How Dr. King Shaped My Work in Economics ( Joseph Stiglitz )

List of 4 Generals in favor of War

I didn't see this posted but it needs to go viral (video)

Al Franken: Supported the Iraq War, Supports Syrian Strikes

All this talk of red lines... Heres mine:

A must-see destination north of Fairbanks, Alaska on the Dalton Highway.....

I guess this is what a democracy looks like.

Meet the Military Forces Gathering on Syria's Doorstep

"50 Years After The March On Washington":

Syria antiwar demo at Whitehouse (livestream)

Football player wears tape and a ball in hot new campaign shot.

Republican Hunger Mongers Are Starving People To Give Corporations Welfare

US flatters ‘oldest ally’ France after shock UK vote on Syria

Obama to make statement on Syria at 1:15 p.m. EDT Saturday

Obama to make statement on Syria at 1:15 p.m. EDT.

Obama's Kobayashi Maru situation:

Resources for new business - bakery / lunch spot

New England Patriots release Tim Tebow

So, is it over for Tim Tebow?

Defined Lines (parody of Blurred Lines)

Rebel fighters prepared to exploit U.S. strikes

Pirate festival in Enfield Labor Day wkend, bring your FSM pirate outfits

B-3 Bomber

I said I was sorry

Syria crisis: France is no longer shoulder-to-shoulder with US - The Independent/UK

Chorus of Syria leaks bears hallmark of White House's orchestrated spin.

LIVE RADIO NOW: Minimum Wage Hike Yes / Syrian War No

If I Were PBO I Wouldn't Trust Any Repug That Is Backing His Intended Action On Syria.....

Get the ominous music ready.

Man Mistakes Girlfriend for Actual Fox

Gov McCrory calls journalists dumb--N&O editor's blistering response:

AP: Protester chants of "Obama, hands off Syria" can be heard in Rose Garden

U.N. rejects suggestion it's pulling out of Syria to allow strikes

TCM Schedule for Monday September 2 - TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

Watch Obama live

Syria Situation: What Would Hillary Do?......

Dear Mr. President. Whatever you decided to do, please do not make your action my name....

"NSA paying companies for access to communications networks" --WAPO

U.N. weapons inspectors arrive in The Netherlands

"In shallow waters dragons become the sport of shrimps.": Senator J. William Fulbright - 1967

clown colored running shoes

Sexual Assault in Mormon Patriarchy

In 2011, it was estimated that a single Tomahawk cruise missile costs US$1,410,000.[1

Mr President, Don't do it!

White House: No Announcement Of Imminent Strike In Obama Statement

Unprecedented Diplomatic Isolation: Canada Ties Itself to Washington

Do you think we're going into Syria

DOE Report Says Stuyvesant High Officials Didn't Stop, Investigate Or Report Student Cheating

Mr. President, Don't Do It - Five Reasons

Syria is not Iraq or Afghanistan

Canadian warships collide

When adults have less sense than the kids...

Anti-war protestors heard in the rose garden where president is scheduled to speak.

I find it interesting that everyone here knows how to run the country

Unasur summit emphasizes South American identity

Governor Phony!

CNN is Having a Sad: Obama isn't going to War Fast Enough....

You do know that the US government says that the rebels are affiliated with al Qaeda, right?


Call CONGRESS Right Effin' NOW!

Marijuana Legalization, Immigration Reform & Philly Schools Cuts Protests in PA [VIDEO]

Marijuana Legalization, Immigration Reform & Philly Schools Cuts Protests in PA [VIDEO]

August 31, 1921

2 found dead after fire at YMCA in White Plains

DEPT. OF PEACE - a fitting legacy for President Obama...


Breaking - I will seek authorization from Congress

Did you hear that

How to prevent subsequent gas attacks aka war crimes in Syria?

I love the smell of war in the morning.

Moral Ground

Those who are against going into Syria

Obama to seek Congress vote on Syria military action

I call for Tuesday to be a national day of protest

and this is why we elected him President.

Will the president go into Syria

a rare note of gratitude to president obama from ... me.

Huh? The President's Statement

Chuck Todd said this:

How do you think Congress will vote?

Imagine If Obama Is Trolling Assad?

Is riding a Segway

Fuck you Richard Engel

Tears in Teabagistan as the president gave them EXACTLY what they've been screaming for.

Leaders considering bringing the Senate back early from recess vacation to debate striking Syria

Everyone in Congress, in unison: "Oh shit."

Oh, that Obama, throwing it back to Congress

Good speech. I give Obama credit for making

Nancy Pelosi your career is on the line

New device tests food for radioactive content more efficiently

I hope this is a step toward returning to Congress the war making and war declaring authority

Will They or Won't They?

Iraq will haunt us until the end of time.


Every blister from going door-to-door in...

If Congress votes no, should the President strike anyway?

I trust the President more than I trust this specific Congress

not sure anyone has posted THIS yet:

Red State DUers and Blue State DUers, Call Congress RFN....

OK, let's say something has to be done about Syria

Is there a way we can have a coordinated

You can thank public pressure for Obama's decision to seek Congress' approval for Syrian strikes

Don't post malicious code or mess with the software.

no support for attacking Syria or anyone else absent a direct, imminent threat...

When will MSNBC stop using war profiteers as "analysts"??

'Don't Wash Your Chicken!'

Cooler Pacific ‘Is Slowing Warming’

WAR! Uh, What is it good for?....

Justin Amash (R) gets Town Hall question: "Why would we want to trust insurance companies...?"

The President Has Spoken. Now We Should Act.

OMG! Obama asks the House to weigh in and set their bitter anti-government agenda job aside.

This just cracked me up from HuffPo..Tucker

John McCain has a sad....n/t

Is The Use of Chemical Weapons Sufficient or Necessary to Justify Force?

Photo of camels in the desert (wih a twist)

David Koch: Attacking Syria Would Be 'Dead Wrong'

Dunkin' Donuts apologizes for blackface ad campaign in Thailand

Mississippi sheriff indicted on 31 charges

A message from Edward Snowden, "Hope for Change", upon receiving Whistleblower Award 2013

Opportunism has a face.

Syria: Ban briefed by UN disarmament chief on latest developments - UN spokesperson

GOP Lawmakers Are Trying To Stop Gay Marriage In New Mexico

This is the WORST Congress I have ever seen they can't even call an emergency vote on Syria

I wonder if calling in the Congress might just solve everything

Dunkin' Donuts apologises for 'bizarre and racist' Thai advert

How The Power Of Ocean Waves Could Yield Freshwater With Zero Carbon Emissions

I am PROUD of our President.

I'm glad the president is seeking approval from congress

The Muslim Brotherhood is marching to the Egyptian Army office in DC.

Well it's peak season so time to pay attention

So Obama's National Security team didn't want him to go to Congress

"I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action..."

Artist Who Painted Putin in Lingerie Seeking Asylum in France

I'm against war with Syrria, but let's face it....

Reports: Lhota Thinks It Wasn’t ‘Appropriate’ To Stop Subways For Kittens

Delisting of Gray Wolves as Endangered, Fed gov comments open to Sep 11, 2013

Statement by the President on Syria

Delisting of Gray Wolves as Endangered, Fed gov comments open to Sep 11, 2013

Federal Court Sides With ACLU in No Fly List Lawsuit

(PA) Voter ID law should be abolished (Montgomery News editorial)

Jesus Christ MSNBC get these opposition Syrian spokes people off the air there nothing but TERRORIST

So, how soon will Boehner and Cantor agree to vote for military strikes in Syria

Okay, what sort of ugly spider is this?

Miley Cyrus Goes to Syria

If anyone was wanting to watch Syrian state television

I'm against war with Siri, but let's face it ...

Riddle- How Do You Get A Republican To Vote "No" On Military Strikes?

Michigan Wolf Hunt Based on False Information and Poor Farm Stewardship

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the loveliest pup of all?

Tucker Carlson Falls Asleep On 'Fox & Friends'

Hillary Clinton for HRC's Americans for Marriage Equality

So Congress is not flying back to Washington to take this vote tonight ???

March 24, 1999: President's Statement on Kosovo

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the loveliest pup of all?

Does anyone know why posts on the left side of the Greatest Page have a line through them?


Sarah Palin: 'Let Allah Sort It Out' In Syria

I just ran into this really weird movie called "Idiocracy" on Comedy Central.

pst, Ms. Pelosi, over here...

Fred Kaplan: Obama's Gamble: Seeking congressional approval for Syria strike was risky and right

The good news is that Obama does not make rash decisions. The not so good news is he

"Masterful" Vid of PBO's "We Should Have This Debate" from the Rose Garden

What is Phil Mickelson doing ?

Duck Dynaty is now selling razors.

Ducks football thread with spoiler.

Is the US being snookered by Prince Bendar?

i suspect the house of representatives will tell our esteemed President...

Check this site out for some great ideas

One moment of Syrian sanity in the last week

The propaganda mouthpiece of the oil magnate Dictator in Qatar - Al Jazeera America

Obama goes golfing after his presser?

Transcript: President Obama Turns To Congress On Syria

Tim Tebow cut by Patriots, plans to keep playing

Have you ever seen a body without a head, or vice-versa?

The Unending American War on The World

Congressional approval very rarely sought by Presidents.

Syria, North Korea, and our Unexplained Priorities

Senior GOP Senators: We Won't Support Military Strikes Without 'Overall Strategy' To Remove Assad

Group sues nuclear regulators over Oconee concerns

Syrian State TV Fabrication Scandals Exposed by State TV defectors

Metaphors Have Meaning: The Hidden Cruelty of Andrew Cuomo.

Ginsburg, Gregory, and others who supported Bush all have shown up on MSNBC

Bandar Bush to Putin: Be a Real Shame if Something Bad Should Happen to Your Olympics....

Rep. King: Obama Shouldn’t Ask Congress For Syria Strike Approval

Tim Kaine just cut Andrea Mitchell off at the pass.


Well I gave my two weeks today.

Here's when I will support military action in Syria, and not a moment before...

Protesters rally in Times Square against attack on Syria

Netflix Rental - 4:44: Last Day on Earth - Wow!

Recalling when Obama asked several EU countries to force down Morales's plane....

The most frightening part of all the discussions re Syria

If the United States had another Civil war

If Obama does not get authorization to use military force,and the U.N. confirms use of

Rock/Metal thread!

So if the House votes "no" but the Senate votes "yes", or vice versa,

6-year-old boy shoots younger sister, 4. In the head. With a shotgun.

Suez Canal Authority says attack attempted on container ship

Flat Foot Floogie

Obama Syria Rose Garden Speech Seeks Congressional Support for the Use of Force - full remarks

Toon: Unaffordable College Orientation

Request to expand "Auto-removed" options

Measles cases put Texas megachurch under scrutiny (update)

What the Hell is up with MSNBC?

You just KNOW evil Dick is thinking this....

NSA spied on Al Jazeera's 'internal communication system,' according to new leak

Mr. Fish Toon: A Message From England

Federal government looking to punish man who taught people how to beat polygraph tests

MIM will be happy. Zac Dysentery made the team.

Why is it such a big deal when a leader in Syria gasses innocent civilians, including children,

So good-bye, I'll be leaving...

An old story....

Oh BOY. I'll bet Mary Cheney is gift-wrapping a big "fuck you" for her sis as you read this.

2009 Nobel Peace Prize

possible consequences of a US military strike on syria

Saudi Arabia, NATO, and Israel all want Assad gone. Now, who or what replaces him....

France's Hollande facing pressure for deputies to vote on Syria

critters in my garden...

Don't let corporations close Wisconsin forests to hiking, hunting

Yemen violence: PM Basindwa unhurt in assassination bid

Bones unearthed in search at former Florida reform school

About Fucking Time!!!

Examiner: Rebels admit gas attack result of mishandling chemical weapons

Police allege Ohio robber hit clerk with Bible:

Patriots release Tim Tebow

Oh good God read the faux news crawl here.

Egypt's Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie 'suffers heart attack' in jail

Only the biggest God builds a civilization: Author posits religion is essential building block

abandoned buildings

Six hours to the start of Sunday..and here we go

As feds acquiesce on marijuana, might the South legalize?

And the next time Assad kills 500 kids with WMD?

Syrian discussion (Move-On)

The perpetual problem.. Which bully to back..

Obama: "People's Representatives Must Be Invested"

Oh, Shemane Nugent. I'm sorry you got a head like a po-tay-to. I really am.

Atheist Pledge Of Allegiance Case Goes To Massachusetts' Supreme Court

Did you know....

Poverty can sap people's ability to think clearly

Breaking: President Obama Formally Requests Congress Approve Military Strike Against Syria

Congress is now happy, defense contrators/lobbyist will be opening their checkbooks

White House release: Draft legislation for Authorization for Use of US Armed Forces

Before we debate a Syrian response,

Poll Obama, GOP, Syria and Impeachment

Hey Andrea Mitchell if you think the President looks weak for waiting send

What is the best way to build a sandwich?

I'm sitting on Commercial St. in PTown...