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Mitt Romney trashes Ted Cruz-style brinkmanship on government shutdown

Have you guys been starving the hamsters doing power duty on the server wheels or is it my isp?

Under what circumstances is it justifiable to use nuclear weapons against a civilian population?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 7 August 2013

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event - English .

Beautifully Done~ Four Different Ebony Covers: "We Are Trayvon"~ September Issues

Wisconsin: Watching the Solidarity Singers is Declared Illegal

Former state rep. Andy Nunez becomes a Republican

Wisconsin lawmaker Sondy Pope threatened with arrest at Capitol for observing Solidarity Sing Along


Connecting the pieces???

Never Forget: On this Day in 2001, Bush Ignored the Bin Laden Threat.

I think Florida should be commended for seeing its own future and embracing that reality

Ryan Adams vs. Sean Hannity

NRA attacks “shadowy network” of environmentalists, zoos fighting to ban lead bullets

Imagine How Many Lives Would Have Been Saved if WE had just surrendered .....

Fourth Amendment? Meh. Privacy? Yawn. Corporate profits? PANIC!

This is exactly why I hang out here and the cooking forum...

Bolivian President Evo Morales - Expelled the DEA in 2008 + Coca Cultivation Down-2nd Straight Year

Winning Our Hearts and Minds? Monsanto and Big Food Pull Out the Big Guns

FACT SHEET: A Better Bargain for the Middle Class: Housing

Denzel Washington To Narrate PBS Documentary, ‘The March’

The bonsai that survived Hiroshima.

I wish the atomic bomb had been developed a few years sooner. We could have nuked Germany.

The Fundamental Limitations of Renewable Energy

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Have a Koch and a Smile & a new Kitteh gif

Al Qaeda Has 'Developed Liquid Explosives Which Blow Up When Dry' Prompting US Evacuation

Pres Obama gets birthday serenade at Phoenix high school

My (onsite) landlord is looking for another tenant. The last one moved out...

.Shark Week. #SharkCat cleaning Kitchen

... but it's alright ...


TCM Schedule for Friday, August 9, 2013 -- Summer Under The Stars -- Steve McQueen

Toon- Absolute Zero


Hiroshima. August 6, 1945.

Krugman: Another Bad Story Bites The Dust (the economy must be Obama's fault)

Penis. Wine. Penis Wine. That Is All, Just Penis Wine.

Yale Environment 360: Tar Sands Industry Approaching Tipping Point On Water Use, Pollution?

Toon- Republican Neighborhood Watch

East Coast Bottlenose Dolphin Deaths Spike; 120+ Deaths On VA-NJ Coast Since June

Westchester residents warned of coyote attacks

Ebony 'Trayvon' Covers: The Martins, Spike Lee, Boris Kodjoe, Dwyane Wade & Their Sons For September

'We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.'

Lounge Alert--now playing in GD: "Penis. Wine. Penis Wine. That Is All, Just Penis Wine."

Miss Utah contestant charged with making and throwing homemade bombs

U.S. Senator McCain, in Cairo, says Egypt near 'all-out bloodshed'

Repugs Roll Out "Slap Hillary" Game


New Job For Buffalo Riverkeeper - Warning Immigrants Of Dangers Of Eating Fish They Catch

At this point, who's your preferred pres. nominee for '16?

Which do you think should be the party's TOP priority for the midterms?

So I went for a meeting for the welfare to work program...

Been hearing about this O'Malley guy as possible pres. material.

Urgent! Hillary supporters. DU this poll!

Egypt's ousting of Mohamed Morsi was a coup, says John McCain

Entry of Republican Congressman Promises Hot Senate Race in Arkansas.

Another serious failing of this Administration. Asset forfeiture policies:

GAAAh! Was this one of you guys ideas? I don't know where I saw it! Mini egg, cheese & veggie cups


So did I mention we are staying in a treehouse tonight?

Yoga cat

The Day Ronald Reagan Destroyed the American Labor Movement

Bezos and the CIA? Yes. They started working together last year.

New U.S. spying revelations coming from Snowden leaks: journalist

A little something for the good people of Ashville-up in those beautiful mountains.

Slow down deer? crossing?...

Navy drops plans to repair USS Miami sub

Kerry, Hagel and Russians Will Meet on Issues Imperiling Obama-Putin Visit

An overlooked A-bomb issue: the wait-a-couple-weeks argument

Valedictorian and Salutorian - John Galt High School

Purple Heart Medals and Japan

Defendant in Fort Hood Shooting Case Admits Being Gunman

A Business Proposal for the NSA

Argentina blast hits apartment block in Rosario

21st Century Fox loss shrinks after company split

"Why you shouldn’t underestimate Elizabeth Warren"

2400 horsepower big rig races Pike's Peak...

"CMHC cools mortgage market with new cap for banks"

OMG this is BIG! ...... this is a must read ..... breaking headline tonight on Fox News.

"Matchstick men and their marks"

I need to find a coffee bar here in Joplin MO.

Early Reports Raise Questions About CNN's Upcoming Benghazi Special

"White House unveils Health Care Wizard to teach business owners about Obamacare"

Thomas in position to become NFL's first female official

Simple dinner in two pictures. Ingredients....and the result

"Walmart's big lie: no it doesn't create jobs."

Nukes or drones?

Why Sodom was bad, according to the big G.


Logan Stevenson, Two-Year-Old 'Best Man' at Parents' Wedding, Has Died

It would seem some people in Iceland aren't happy with so called "renewable energy."

Mountain Moral Monday 8-5-2013 Asheville Hallelujah revised

"Swaps Probe Finds Banks Rigged Rate at Expense of Retirees"

WebMD Launches An Online Guide To Teach Americans About Obamacare

Rising water levels threaten Boston’s waterfront

Hate parallel parking? This Chinese EV, with 4 independently-steered wheels, may be for you.

AARP unveils websites to help consumers navigate ObamaCare

Is this a silly question?

Judge: Beaumont ISD battles are hurting our economy

"Rand Paul and the G.O.P.’s Ball of Cheerful Hate" Posted by Amy Davidson at the New Yorker

What is with all the ads about the Highmark BC/BS and UPMC "fall out"

In Western PA we are seeing ads where an Insurance company isn't working with a hospital chain...

Disease threatens South Texas citrus industry

Let me make sure I understand this.....

Obama Defends Travel Warning in Leno Appearance

"The most deadly challenge ever faced by the medical profession"

Cafe owner shames mom for her messy children.

Former NSA chief: Snowden defenders are ‘twentysomethings who haven’t talked to the opposite sex’

The Happiest States In America In One Map (INFOGRAPHIC)

"How Obama's economic recovery stacks up against Reagan's"

("Dream 9") 9 Mexicans win first step in asylum claim

Al Qaida Groups Lead Syrian Rebels’ Seizure Of Air Base In Sign They Continue To Dominate...

A Moral Monday Chicago Welcome for ALEC

I think there is a glich in MIRT.

********HEADS UP BOG--POTUS is about to come on the JAY LENO SHOW.********

He’s lost over 40 pounds “and getting smaller by the day” Day 30

Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom criticises aid to 'bongo bongo land'

Been wondering...

AG candidate Dan Branch files brief opposing marriage equality

And I meant every word I said. When I said that I love you I meant, That I love you forever

Garbage Warrior - Full Length Documentary

Obama Talks NSA, Trayvon, And Hillary Lunch With Jay Leno (Update: all ** SIX ** parts)

Princeton Review’s 20 most gay-friendly and gay-unfriendly colleges in the U.S.

Lisa Bonet on Drunk History

‘Racism Is Already Half Non-Existent’: Daily Show Tries To Heal America’s Racial Wounds…

Decomposing body discovered in Woodlands parking garage after sitting unnoticed for two months

Aug 9th, in Fresno, at historic Tower Theater, "We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks,"

Aug 15th: Hot Water for Fresno City Council

IT Programmers At Edinbergh University Teach Computer To Generate Sexist Jokes

Iran’s New President Calls for Nuclear Talks Without Rejecting Direct U.S. Role

Serious medical crisis is looming in two California prisons. Valley fever a sometimes lethal fungus

Cyberscare: Ex-NSA chief calls transparency groups, hackers next terrorists

Put your hand in my hand baby, don't ever look back!

What is the most amount of posts you have done in a day?

While you all are re-fighting WW2 (an annual tradition on DU), Fukushima is ignored

Same old tune under Christie

Fried chicken cookies...

If you like a good British Series, BroadChuch debuts tomorrow..

Lesbophobia makes gay women a minority among minorities

Tim Minchin: Storm

Archeology dig may uncover nation's eariest free African-American settlement

I hear the drums echoing tonight.

GOP is convincing their own voters not to buy life saving health insurance, their hurting their own

It has been only 26 day, I know, but I still can't take his ring off.

Could it be time for a reminder of how the jury system works, perhaps as a pinned thread?

Vancouver from on high (a few pics)...

Vancouver from on high (a few pics)...

UCSC’s Solar Breakthrough

My new avatar

Massive fire shuts down Nairobi airport; whole terminal in flames

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 10, 2013 -- The Essentials: Lana Turner

TCM Schedule for Sunday, August 11, 2013 - Essentials Jr.: Henry Fonda

Conservative Policy Analyst Insists PA Medicaid Expansion Under ObamaCare Would Be "Immoral" [VIDEO]

Conservative Policy Analyst Insists PA Medicaid Expansion Under ObamaCare Would Be "Immoral" [VIDEO]

Conservative Policy Analyst Insists PA Medicaid Expansion Under ObamaCare Would Be "Immoral" [VIDEO]

Conservative Policy Analyst Insists PA Medicaid Expansion Under ObamaCare Would Be "Immoral" [VIDEO]

A frolicking cat vs. Afro licking cat: Proof that space makes a difference

Protesters Rage Against Marriage Licenses Given to LGBT Couples in Montgomery County, PA [VIDEO]

Protesters Rage Against Marriage Licenses Given to LGBT Couples in Montgomery County, PA [VIDEO]

Protesters Rage Against Marriage Licenses Given to LGBT Couples in Montgomery County, PA [VIDEO]

Protesters Rage Against Marriage Licenses Given to LGBT Couples in Montgomery County, PA [VIDEO]

PA AG Kathleen Kane (D) Will Defend Discriminatory Voter ID Suppression Tactic in Court [VIDEO]

PA AG Kathleen Kane (D) Will Defend Discriminatory Voter ID Suppression Tactic in Court [VIDEO]

PA AG Kathleen Kane (D) Will Defend Discriminatory Voter ID Suppression Tactic in Court [VIDEO]

PA AG Kathleen Kane (D) Will Defend Discriminatory Voter ID Suppression Tactic in Court [VIDEO]

Napoleon, Duggan appear headed for November showdown for Detroit mayor amid flood of write-ins

Former NSA and CIA chief Hayden has never accounted for 9/11

Confused Xerox copiers rewrite documents, expert finds

Pay your taxes or lose your license

The Sapphires reach out to NAACP over DVD cover

Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom criticises aid to 'bongo bongo land'

Obamacare months behind in testing IT data security: government

Washington's War in Yemen Backfires

Capitalism in Question’ at Annual Meeting of Management Profs

Taken-Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with crimes can be stripped of

Nagasaki research center releases data on nuclear warheads around world

August 7: National Raspberries in Cream Day

Drone strike kills six suspected militants in Yemen

Japan's Fukushima Plant Has Been Leaking Contaminated Water For Two Years

Syrian army kills 62 rebels east of Damascus

H7N9 bird flu in likely China spread between people, researchers find

I Work for Burger King at $7.40 an Hour Here's What It's Like & Why Fast Food Workers Are on Strike

Republicans Are Clearly Happy to Destroy the Country...If They Can Get Political Leverage Out of It

An Open Letter To David Cameron & The IOC (about Sochi and LGBT rights):

Capriles to take election result case to international bodies

The Secret to One High-Poverty School District's Success

San Francisco Strikes Blow to Wall Street: City May Now Get Its Own Public Bank

If you aren't watching Morning Joe, you are missing Scarborough just RIPPING,

Online jersey sales highlight NCAA's hypocrisy on amateurism Read More:

Gum Sleuths Find Sick Mouths Play Role in Deadly Diseases

A year ago today, a cop took nine bullets and insisted victims be treated first

OSHA proposes $45,500 in fines for grain elevator over safety issues

Detroit Is the Front Line

"Vote for Hillary or else!"

Rethugs started already on Hillary BS

In Bid for Tanks, NH Police Label Protest Groups 'Terrorists'

Obama To Leno: 'There Is No Spying On Americans'

Election Yesterday in the Ferguson-Florrisant School District

PM has 'constructive' call with Spain over Gibraltar

Yesterday there was a drone strike in Yemen. Today there was a drone strike in Yemen. Yawn.

Race is on to define Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential candidacy

Not gonna even sample THIS:

The Pentagon Wants To Sell $2.7 Billion In Weapons To A Country On The Verge Of Collapse

Kings of Cannabis

Great street art:

100 percent all natural lies. Mark Morford

Amazon Is Now Selling Fine Art

Tony Auth nails the Republicans once again


Lab testing on chimps may end as U.S. moves to declare them all 'endangered'

The world water shortage looks unsolvable

Maryland Seeks Private Operator for Purple Line

Japan's Giant New Destroyer Sends A Clear Message To China, The World

I've been hired to be an election worker for next week's NJ senatorial primary.

Bet you can't set your table like this:

The Swift-Boating of Terry McAuliffe

Former NSA Chief Hayden on Latest Leaked NSA Dragnet Program XKEYSCORE: It's Real, It's Spectacular

Suppose a strain of bird flu—from chickens—started an epidemic.

Blumenthal: Let's re-evaluate Russia

Not the Nine O'Clock News - Monty Pythons worshipers.

Half of potential jurors dismissed as jury selection resumes in Brig. Gen. Sinclair's court-martial

Obama to Attend G20 Summit in St. Petersburg

Will Boeing's Tanker Destroy Lockheed Martin's F-35?

Wake up. We are at war in Yemen. Drones, U.S. troops on the ground training Yemenis.

Pasta with tomatoes, basil, and Brie!

Koch Brothers' group launching TN chapter

Annual floating beer event in Finland

Day 7: Mass arrest of singers in WI capitol, legislator and photographers threatened with arrest

Media Matters Backs RNC, Calls On CNN And NBC To Pull Clinton Productions

McDonald's Franchisees Are Furious About How Much It Costs To Operate A Restaurant

Navy abandons plan to fix nuclear sub burned in Maine

Snowden Wiki Entry Changed to 'Traitor' by US Senate IP Address

Twitter Troll Fined $61,508 for Pedophile Slur: Justice or Free Speech?

The Congressman Formerly Known as Crazy: Why Alan Grayson is now the most effective member

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday August 7th

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Harsh criticism of the perpetual terror state

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Congress and Obamacare

Who put the hippo in hypocrisy? . . . Please come CAPTION RNC Chair Reince Priebus!!!!

Romney Warns ‘Our Party Would Suffer’ If Government Shuts Down

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- A-Roid

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Did George W. Bush Really Need A Stent?

Cellphone Amber Alert has unlikely critic in Polly Klaas' dad

DOE: U.S. Wind Energy Production and Manufacturing Reaches Record Highs

If you were deserted on an Island with your Enemy what would you do?

Girls Say Yes To Boys Who Say No, 1968 (Draft-Resistance poster)

Obama Cancels Meeting with Putin in Moscow Amid Tensions Over NSA leaker Snowden

American tourist snaps off finger to 600-year-old Italian statue, says he was trying to measure it

America's Hidden Detention Centers

Why this influx of police/detective/spy shows featuring lead characters with a mental quirk???

The rich really are different: Their bodies contain unique chemical pollutants

"I might be wrong but who cares?" . . . Please come CAPTION John Stossel!!!

"Obama is hiding Benghazi survivors and changing their names!!"

My wife is going to get Health insurance with the company she is with BUT it is STARBRIDGE

Do you think the current "TERROR TERROR TERROR" talk is based on a real threat or do you think . . .

Until humanity gets it shit together

Who is gonna play the PowerBall?

US IT professional files a lawsuit against Indian outsourcing firm Infosys

Fascinating.....High-speed animated map of global protests since 1980

Range Backtracks: We Never, EVER Meant Fracking Non-Disclosure Agreement To Apply To Children

Mountain Moral Monday - Asheville - Rev. William Barber full speech (video)

The B52's - Love Shack{did you know Rupaul was in this?}

Neo-Confederates to Install 15-foot Battle Flag on Virginia's I-95

CJR - Ag-Gag Laws Now In 15 States; So Broad They Could Block Most Investigative Journalism

Is America playing its last card?: Pissing Off Friends is a Doomed Strategy

Mountain Moral Monday - Asheville - Rev. William Barber full speech

Bankers: The Real House Thieves of New Jersey

Ariel Castro's house of horror demolished in Cleveland

Better Health in 120 days!!!

Sliced, Sinking & Starved For Sediment, Coastal Louisiana Going Fast - 1 Manhattan Every Year

Papantonio: The Detroit Blueprint To Bankrupt America

The Texas Legislature’s Sexist Little Secret

Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina No Different Than What Is Going On In Gilberton, PA

U.S. Spy Program Lifts Veil in Court

Sharks Key To Climate, Thanks To Seagrass Sequestration Of Marine CO2

Taco Bell's Waffle Taco Is Beautiful and Frightening and Full of Meat

Wisconsin Legislators Didn't Even Look At Scientific Data Before Giving OK To Huge Upstate Iron Mine

This is why you don't lie when you get pulled over

Walmart found guilty of dumping hazardous waste nationwide

"An error a day will boost my pay." Please come CAPTION The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes!!!

White House Cites ‘Lack Of Progress’ WIth Russia In Postponing Putin Meeting

AARP calls Weiner's language at forum unfortunate

Gold Undies For The Haves

"The Age Of Endings, Of Acceleration, Is At Hand, And Each Of Us Is Strung Out On Its Web"

'Spy Rings' in Germany: A Baker's Ode to the NSA and Snowden

Hump Day!!!

"Agnes Browne". One of the best films I've seen in a while

Republicans: The party of god is a farce and now laid bare.

In Rebuke, Obama Cancels Moscow Summit With Putin

Head of Small Venezuela Opposition Party Shot Dead

Head of Small Venezuela Opposition Party Shot Dead

Federal Employees/ Retirees- OPM Notice

SKorean Prime Minister says nuclear industry like the Mafia

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick says Liberals are making YMCA showers uncomfortable

"Something's burning in my head." Please come CAPTION NC's Republican congressman, Trey Gowdy!!!

Exclusive: Al Qaeda Conference Call Intercepted by U.S. Officials Sparked Alerts

Handy comparison chart: Janet Yellen vs. Larry Summers

JTMP Re-Releases Op-Critical's Anti-War "Fear Not" Activist Music Video In 1080p HD

A Thought Experiment: Would the U.S. Grant Asylum to a Man Who Exposed Russia's Spying?

Does anyone have a graph of who owns the media?? I had it once but trashed it and I need it again..

Salvatore "Toto" Riina Documentary -

Republican Congressman Declares That Most People On Food Stamps Deserve To Starve (with AUDIO)

Clear Channel Claims Ads For Women's Health Centers "Indecent" - Jaclyn Friedman Discusses

16 days...

Anyone know what movie this Arvo Part piece was used in?


Anyone know what movie this Arvo Part piece was used in?

JPMorgan Sued With Goldman in Aluminum Antitrust Racketeering Case

Hiroshima Visualized

Rand Paul On Secessionist Ex-Aide’s Writings: ‘None Of It Was Racist’

A different approach to explaining the problem with income distribution -

The News brought to you by......

Kevin Keller's First Gay Kiss

Venezuela Prices Jump Most Since 2008 as Shortages Persist

President Obama Condemns Russia's Anti-Gay Laws

Nothing To Spare In The New Reaganomic Low Wage Economy For 401K

How An Espionage Act Ruling Will Have Consequences For Whistle Blowers - Kevin Gosztola Explains

In Some Cities, Gays Face Greater Risk Of Becoming Homeless

A couple beats Bank of America in court.

The larger truth about Hiroshima, Dresden, Tokyo:

Kenyan lawyer seeks to overturn conviction of Jesus

Trump demands Weiner get out of NY mayoral race, calls him "total joke"

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman defies state law, marries same-sex couple

American Tourist Breaks Finger Off 600-Year-Old Italian Statue

How Keeping Us Safe Doesn't: The Terrible Domestic Perils Of A Permanent War Footing

On growing older:

Papantonio: The Conservative Media Minimum Wage Lie

Marathon bombing suspects met conspiracy theorist

From Mississippi to the Ivy League: Two students reflect on their unique journeys

Egypt leadership says diplomacy phase is over

I'm sure everyone will be thrilled to know Inhofe is seeking a 4th term in the Senate


Deal reached averting San Francisco-area bus strike

Faith in Values: Religious Liberty + Marriage Equality = Harmony, Not Dissension

Freddie Mac earns $5 billion in second quarter

gee Appleton is beat to piss today

Excommunicated For ‘Grave Scandal’ of Ordaining Women

Info for Charlotte Aug 19 Moral Monday.

Study shows Fracking contaminates 82% of nearby Drinking Water

Letter from my 72 yr. old classmate who is part of Wisconsin's Solidarity Sing Along

North Korea lifts ban on South Korean workers at joint industrial complex

Homeland Security Taps Generals to Run Domestic Drone Program: The Rise of Predators at Home

Apartment tenants told they must get rid of their guns or move.

Like Father, Like Daughter: Liz Cheney Repeats Daddy Dick’s Wyoming Scams

Arab elites push back political Islam

Santorum: Abortion Cooties!

Should The U.S. End Its War On Terror?

We are being methodically dumbed down by the media because the monied own it

It's Shark Week, ergo sum ...

Wrecked Fukushima nuke plant leaking 330 tons of contaminated water a day

Barney Frank’s atheist triumph

Grace: Kentuckian's last wish — for kin to give $500 tip — ripples all the way to Omaha

Amazon's Libertarian Bezos, No Fan of Unions, Gets 1,200 Union Workers at Washington Post

“Legion of Doom” al-Qaida call allegedly closed embassies

An e-mail note from VP Joe Biden

Revisiting GOP attacks on President Clinton ("Wag the Dog" theories)

Our View: Internet provides dangerous loophole on gun sales

NRA President James Porter Wins 'Conservationist Of The Year' As Smear On Wildlife Nonprofits Begins

Ron Paul Campaign Accused of Trying to Buy Iowa Endorsements

Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Breaks Ground

Japan says Fukushima leak worse than thought, government joins clean-up - wants to freeze the soil

The anti-gay bigotry in Russia is overblown - they love us!!

Justin Amash: Snowden "may be doing things overseas that we’d find problematic...dangerous"

Booz Allen to help corporations limit fraud with big data

Why do believers have such a hard time saying "I don't know"

President Barack Obama, Parts 1 to 6 - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

City Students' Math And English Scores Dip

Great art made from leaves, nails, fruit, pencil shavings, etc.

IBM announces furloughs

52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less

Pic Of The Moment: "None Of It Was Racist"

150 human, digital, & media rights NGOs all on Obama to end prosecution of Snowden

My father flew low level napalm attacks against Japan

Feds sue Westchester over contamination in water district

Whack-a-Mole: How Payday Lenders Bounce Back When States Crack Down

The Morning Plum: The GOP’s fundamental miscalculation on Obamacare

Yemeni authorities 'foil al-Qaeda plot to seize ports'

As God is my witness, my goal is to turn this into the combat juggling group!

10 Most Vulnerable and Overdue Hurricane Cities

Good news: PA picks experienced administrator over political hack to run PA.'s public universities

Liberal mega-donor George Soros backs Bill de Blasio for NYC Mayor

AARP Criticizes Anthony Weiner for Calling Rival "Grandpa" at Forum

Cool Dad!!!

How Corruption is Reported - Dems vs Repubs

Smart Meters, Dumb Science

Great prognostications in America Conservative history

Working with Lightroom on an older photo.

10 Weird Lakes of the World (PHOTOS)

I am genuinely disturbed by this leak of NSA capabilities

Spider Infestation In Air Traffic Control Tower At KCI Airport Delays Flights

DOH marks 50 years of screening newborns

World's First Lab Grown Hamburger Has Been Eaten (And What The Critic Thought Of It)

In Case You Ever Wanted To Know What A Smurf Smells Like:

Shark Week is coming! To those who are slower swimmers than I am:

NRC " agency that has a unique view of its own independence"

Booker On Top In NJ Senate Primary, General Election, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

NBC nixes anti-Keystone ad to appear during Obama Tonight Show appearance; cites policy

15 Ton "Fatberg" (Ball Of Fatty Food Deposits & Tissue) Removed From London's Sewers

The 'conscience of the US Congress' on Snowden

I believe 100 years from now, Shark Week will be a major religious holiday,

Russia 'disappointed' by Obama cancelling Putin meeting: Kremlin

Thom Hartmann: The DEA is preventing THE RIGHT to a fair trial?

3 Reasons the Walmart Empire Is Collapsing

State to Feds: We Won't Enforce Insurance Reforms

NYPD Tapes: City Subpeonas Frank Serpico Over Communications with Village Voice Reporter, Among Othe

"Spying" is even less defined than "torture" was.

Powerball jackpot at $425M: Where's your best chance to win?

See Paris by Zeppelin

Chicago 8, the movie <-- a must watch

Cat Wearing Shark Costume Cleans Kitchen On A Roomba. Your Argument Is Irrelevant.

Roger Goodell's secret relocation plans

Conason: To Repair The Damage Done In NSA Blowup, Start With Clapper

Cop tracks down and arrests woman who lied about dying dad to get out of speeding ticket

If "PRESIDENT" Warren on Day 1 does NOT...

Dear CNN & NBC: stop kowtowing to the 'right'...

I will be on the O'Reilly factor tonight facing off against Laura Ingraham Re: Benghazi

I will be on the O'Reilly factor tonight facing off against Laura Ingraham Re: Benghazi

Republicans’ desperate plan to hide its clowns

stuck in motor vehicles hell

We Are Truly A Very Sick Country When You Consider The Unchallenged Brutality, Sadism & Cruelty By

Here’s The Robot That Will Keep You From Going Insane In Space

Simply an amazing love story

When is AFA supposed to have effect on premiums?

Forum Cross-Posting Protocol

Rush reached out to the youth of America today.

A Review Of The GOP Presidential Field It Is Beyond Terrifying That Any Could Be President

Skeptic Presents: You Can’t Handle The Truther

Look, I would honestly love to see Hillary run in '16.....

The original sink-hole. . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!

Tom Cotton versus Mark Pryor for Senate

Greenwald to Reuters: "many more revelations on spying by the U.S. government" to come

Good financial blogs?

'Faith-Healing' Parents To Be Charged With Murder (son got pneumonia and they tried to pray it away)

Grumpy Cat shares her opinion on the new actor selected to portray Dr. Who

Judge halts trial in Fort Hood shooting rampage

Sen Reid: "That's a clown question, bro."

Colbert on the Manning Verdict: WE'RE "The Enemy."

the "My Posts" tab quit turning yellow when I get replies

Who else remembers the I-95 "You are in Klan Country" Billboard circa 1970?

Community Standards Question:

Its got eggs, sausage, waffles, and syrup. What could possibly go wrong?

Say goodbye to Rand Paul's presidential aspirations!

Disappearance of Coral Reefs, Drastically Altered Marine Food Web on the Horizon

Ariel Castro's Seymour Avenue home reduced to rubble

John Lewis, the 'conscience of the US Congress', on Snowden's act of 'civil disobedience'

Bike Week on the Great Lakes

The best billboard you will ever see:

Verizon worker thankful 911 operator could hear him now

LIMBOsevic approves Russia/PUTIN's homophobia: Need for population & productivity

Freddie Mac profit jumps; will pay U.S. Treasury $4.4 bln

It's really rather simple.

X-Ray pulsars boil “nuclear pasta” to keep spinning

Ah yes. Private contractors at work:

Racist graffiti spotted on Jackie Robinson statue

Castro house torn down. They don't want it to be a memorial. It should be a park. Huh?

Maine Senate Candidate Defends Ad Campaign Where He Dances In A Speedo

On the way Uptown...

Jay Z gives massive bonuses to all 80 of his employees. (Yay, Jay !)

Bomb threat forces emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport

Eminent domain proposal for mortgages gains traction in California

"Anyone I want to be." Please come CAPTION Liz Cheney!!!

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis: Snowden’s Actions In Line With Gandhi, Thoreau

Shocker! Young people aren't getting drivers' licenses. It's 'too much hassle.'

Serpent handling pastors to star in Snake Salvation reality show

White supremacists sentenced for N.J. hate attacks

So BOA is no longer an untouchable

The Yes Story

Jurassic squirrel's secret is out after 165m years

I have beef ribs, bell peppers, and mushrooms!

Notice how the Rethugs/Libers are using NSA as a fear mongering tool against Obamacare?

Walter Rhett: Democratic Strategic Thinkers: Take Note!

I am streaming Zoogma's new release "Anthems for Androids" ...

Are you a cracker?

52% of recent college grads are overqualified for the job they have

Breaking: New Pope lifts ban on prophylactics

Dead Cows. "Energy companies are exempt from key provisions of environmental laws."

Senegalese spicy sweet potato soup

Jackie Robinson statue defaced with swastikas and racist slurs outside Brooklyn Cyclones stadium

I guess this is the final question that America is asking itself.

American Tourist Snaps Finger Off 600-Year-Old Statue in Florence Museum

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis: Snowden’s Actions In Line With Gandhi, Thoreau

$147 Million High School opens in Atlanta

Simple Summer Salad

Asian Music mix XXIV

ESPN: Six months to Sochi: Let them play

83 members of Congress call on U.S. to protect Olympians from Russia's anti-gay laws

Erick Ericson likes to call Wendy Davis "Abortion Barbie."

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Threat to Democracy and Food Sovereignty

Money stolen by police ordered returned to owner.

Watch what happens when a Prius gets hacked

Kochs Are A Larger Threat To Democracy Than WWII Foes

Senator: Obama Viewed As ‘Exotic’ In The South

Anyone try the high-end tonic waters? Worth it

Plane Hits Cow In Indonesia, Skids Off Runway (No injuries)

The Best Use of a Billboard That I Have Ever Seen:

VT Governor Pete Shumlin gets schooled on wind power variability

"Letter from a United States SuperMax"

Read this and weepDaniel Pelka death: children's services chief to retire with full pension

Sen Reid: "That's a clown question, bro."

Bill Seeks to Halt Bee-Killing Pesticides in U.S.

Obama Snub Won't Matter To Russia, Analysts Say

President Obama Giving an awesome speech to Marines at Camp Pendelton on MSNBC..n/t

Marijuana stops child's severe seizures

America: We're big on law and order. Justice, not so much.

Egypt Crisis Enters Tense New Phase After Mediation Collapses

Thanks, Stand Your Ground! No homicide charges for teen who shot, killed man

Four Thoughts From Non-Christians About Christians

Can you get pregnant from oral sex? Maybe if you swallow real hard.

The man is brilliant! Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) can't find vagina on anatomical doll! (satire)


Forget Student Loans -- Make Higher Ed Free

We're Getting Screwed!

I'm sorry, but that's too many damn shoes. Enough, already.

Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan headline Koch summit

I'm talking, of course, about North Carolina.

Rail company involved in Lac-Mégantic disaster files for bankruptcy

Ultra-rich Atherton CA: 175 out of 182 vehicle code citations went to drivers with Hispanic names

Study Links California Gun Murder Decrease to Strict Regulations, a Sharp Contrast to Florida

Will AWOL True Believers Leave GOP at the Altar?

Ha I was just suggested a minimum gross income during my student loan exit counseling...

Why Habitat for Humanity’s Newest Homeowner Might Never Pay an Electricity Bill

Jeffrey Sachs is on Bashir - turn him on right fuggin' now

Ultra-rich Atherton: 175 of 182 traffic citations went to drivers with Hispanic names (xpost from GD

Is sarcasm a type of mindgasm?

Juan Cole: Farewell Ahmadinejad, Only the Neocons Will Miss Him

'Eminent Domain for the People' Leaves Wall Street Furious

Ebony Magazine Mocks Tea Party In Response To Controversy Over Trayvon Covers

The "professional left": a bunch of "firebaggers"

When Doctors set their (own) pay - Our view - USA Today

Citing Tight Budgets, U.S. Navy Decides To Scrap Fire-Damaged Nuclear Sub

On getting a driver's licence on my 16th birthday...

I still haven't seen any evidence of the NSA spying on Americans.

U.S. military document teaches atheism is a suicide risk

Man returns to confrontation, but this time with a gun. Happy ending ensues.

What if Elizabeth Warren doesn't run, and throws her support to Hillary?

Yemen says it foiled major al Queda plot.

What caused the Kansas sinkhole? Someone commented on an article about it:

'Downton Abbey' star: Lady Mary 'needs to find a husband'

The U.S. military has a problem with atheists

Toon: Do nothing Congress? Are you kidding?

Freight Train Wreck At Altoona

2011 Japan tsunami and the feared outbreak of malaria..

Woman helps girl, 12, elude abductor: 'She didn't have to do what she did' - Chicago Tribune

New York Irish bars join LGBT community in boycotting Russian vodka

Taxing Tanning Salons Is Racist Against Whites

No Patience for Post Sentimentality

These Six States Want To Allow Health Insurers To Deny Coverage To Sick People

iDoctor: The future of medicine?

Ohayou (good morning)

Deal Reached To Limit NYPD Stop-And-Frisk Database

As expected, New York standardized test scores drop

Judge Orders BP to Pay $130 Million Fees to Gulf Claims Program.

Joe Scarborough says MSNBC the same as FOX at night...

Educated people vote for Democrats.

Oooooh... gimme

Leno monologue last night, when guest was some guy named "Barack"

Sunset at Race Point at the tip of Cape Cod--some priceless art by Mother Nature

A presidential first on another planet?

Some Old Photographs *warning* pic heavy

Chris Kluwe to speak at American Atheists convention

Who saw "Now you see me."

Thought on roses???

Rockies fans who are frustrated should adopt the Pirates

Ethicist Shaun Casey to oversee religious engagement for State Department

Chesapeake (CHK) Drops Energy Leases in Fracking-shy New York

A Reduced Government Role In The Mortgage Market Means Higher Mortgage Rates

You Are, In Fact, Being Watched

‘47 Percent Negro’: Anti-Obama Protest Turns Racist In Phoenix

Our local paper just got a new editor. Anyone know what we can expect?

The New MOOC Strategy: Rise of the Higher Ed Empires

The Surveillance Reforms Obama Supported Before He Was President

Indian man who beheaded his 5 daughters (ages 1 to 6) executed today.

Confederate flag will fly along I-95 (Richmond VA)

NRA asks Supreme Court to lift ban on handgun sales to teens

JP Morgan Chase (the nation's largest bank) is being investigated by the DOJ over mortgages

Which of these choices would be the most ludicrous statement?

Coming soon to a mirror near you... false (manipulative) mirrors

Why didn't Obama cancel his summit with Putin over their new anti-gay laws and policies?

Uh-oh...Tweety's off his meds again...

Military hospitals shrinking services to meet spending cuts

'Daily Show' Proves That Race Is, Indeed, Still A Tricky Subject (VIDEO)

North Carolina Reverts to Red

Why Seniors Are Turning Against The GOP

Utah Man Accused Of Running Old Fashioned Speakeasy In His Garage For 7 Years

Psychologists Say 'Group Narcissism' Linked to Negative Attitudes Toward Immigrants

If Snowden had been Russian or Chinese . . .

Chemical Companies Striking Back in Hawaii

Luckovich Toon- Enemy Chatter

Today at the Union Square Green Market

Shark Week sheet Music: A must...

Tom THE DANCING BUG: God-Man's Storied Life

Abby Huntsman on MSNBC's The Cycle

Exclusive: IRS Manual Detailed DEA's Use of Hidden Intel Evidence

August 7, 1890

Caril Ann Fugate, 1958 murder spree convict, critically injured in car crash

Elevation 3600'

Man ordered out of bed by 18 armed police for having a television remote

Mayoral Candidates Stake Out Own Ground Over Occupy Crackdown

Conservatives Target New Washington Post Owner

Republican PAC Puts Game Online Encouraging Players To Slap Hillary Clinton Across The Face

A war. A Father and a son. Some guy in the grocery store

More revelations on German spy agency sharing phone, email data with NSA

JPMorgan faces criminal and civil probes over mortgages

Off to the annual Armadillo World Headquarters Birthday Party

Papantonio: The GOP Eating Itself Alive

Anybody concentrating on Front-End development? Single Page Applications?

"Our Nixon" is on CNN at 10:00 if you're interested. n/t

"What The Rest Of America Can Learn From California's Strict Gun Laws"

Santorum: Liberals ‘make it uncomfortable’ to shower at the YMCA

Swastika, slurs foul Robinson statue

I have kitten fever right now

Smarter women who dont want children are selfish?

Smokers Cost Employers $5,816 A Year.

A Stairway to Heaven and A Highway to Hell

Man sues Texas GOP lawmaker he worked for after being repeatedly shot with taser for months on end

The Repbulcians already are after Hillary? Really?

Illinois governor set to sign bill requiring dog behavior training for police

Tourists Threatened with Arrest in Madison, Wisconsin

Doe made famous for living in cemetery shot dead

Had the worst experience with Paypal

Pelosi: GOP "anti-government ideologues" to blame for partisanship

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 8 August 2013

Huge fire rips through Nairobi airport's international terminal

Coffee with Cong. Xavier Becerra - CA-34

Marry me Alan Grayson! eom

Cornel West Speaks Out For Bradley Manning: 'Us At Our Best'

Scott Walker Forced to Back Down and NOT Arrest People for Watching Wisconsin Protest

Cosmo Allegretti, "Captain Kangaroo" character, dies at 86

Why do we have police officers testify in their uniforms?

Fettuccine or Spaghetti?

Ok, I bought a brand-new Norelco razor today at Shopko.

Stay Classy AZ: "Impeach the Half-White Muslim!"

This strange thing in today's baseball history:


Study ties higher blood sugar to dementia risk

FYI for Wellness food brand!