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Archives: August 8, 2013

This should make you really angry.

No Homicide Charges For Teen Who Used Illegal Gun to Kill Man, Thanks To Stand Your Ground

IDC: Android extends lead over iPhone in 2Q

BBC: Fukushima Built On Aquifer Could Topple

'Let Freedom Ring'

Manning sentencing: judge rejects claim leaks had 'chilling effect'

From Daily Kos: Handy comparison chart on Janet Yellen vs Larry Summers.

Watching Masterchef who love Gordon Ramsey?


Is Obama's Justice Department finally getting tough with the Banks??

First trip to NYC. What are the must-sees?

Svalbard Bear Photographer On Yesterday's Find: "It Looked Basically Like A Rug"

Why did CNN put on this drivel?

This is the "debate" Reince Priebus wants...

I think that i shall never see

NOAA Report: 2012 Among Top 10 Warmest, Year Of Record Sea Levels, Record Arctic Sea Ice Loss

the soul of the internet (dialup warning)

Cancer-Free Tasmanian Devils Limited To Small Region, So Oz Gov. Approves Plan To Build A Mine There

Study: Old-Growth Trees Store Up To Half Of All Carbon In Tropical Rainforests

Manning sentencing: judge rejects claim leaks had 'chilling effect'

Shanghai Hits 105.4F - Hottest On Record; In July, 24 Days At Or Over 95F

Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign allegedly bought Iowa endorsement

Anybody ever use Rosetta Stone software to learn a language?

How the "mighty" have fallen:

105 degrees today.

Cagle: "Republican Neighborhood Watch"

This guy calls himself a Democrat?

A Brief Wal-Mart Discussion I had with my Mom

NRA asks Supreme Court to lift ban on handgun sales to teens

I am in a pickle! A very odd pickle! It is about work!!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! Glory, Glory, Glory!

The courage of Bradley Manning will inspire others to seize their moment of truth - John Pilger

Families of dead Yarnell Hill firefighters say they're being cheated out of benefits

And I’m sorry if …

I got nuthin' but...

Street cred. Why run when I can shoot someone, eh?

Stand With Our Future.

August photo contest - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Bikes and Boats) - blind submissions


JPMorgan: We're Being Investigated By DOJ Over Mortgages

Stigletz: Yellen brings understanding of capital as well as labor markets.

'Annie' in Popeyes commercials is an actress.

Thom Hartmann vs right wing radio host on austerity and suicide

Sabrina de Sousa has blown the whistle on all of them

O.K., I've *done* GD/LBN, anything else, Lounge?!1

Superintendent says role in 'The Producers' cost him his job with Christian school

The old saying "When it rains, it pours" works in two directions.

3 - count 'em - 3 different terrorist attacks today.

Why Seniors Are Turning Against The GOP

A Minor Personal Victory, in a political sense

Question about journals.

State officials say they won't issue citations to Solidarity Singalong observers

Kali was going to get some more insurance for the ranch, but she flunked the insurance test.

Tobin's driving record would be perfect, but he looked over & saw that damn ski jump at Lake Placid.

EW!!! EW!!! Fumunda?!? Fumunda?!? $4.99/pound for FUMUNDA?!?!? That stinks!!!

So you think YOU'RE sexually adventurous? You ain't got NOTHIN' on these two.

MFM has a new SO!!! It's a FWB relationship!!! Just think of the possibilities. HUBBA!!! HUBBA!!!

You'd think as much as MFM loves NAKEDTIME, he'd have it down to an art instead of just a science.


You Can't Take Away My Dignity~ Immigration Reform.

Happy Dance With Me?

Limbaugh, Hannity to lose Philadelphia affiliate (non-Cumulus)

Me (Steve Leser) vs. Laura Ingraham on the O'Reilly Factor regarding Benghazi

xpost from V&M Me (Steve Leser) vs. Laura Ingraham on the O'Reilly Factor regarding Benghazi

"What can I do to help get America back on track?" Robert Reich has a few ideas...

Pocket Change: BP Ordered to Pay Settlement Administrator $130M

Where is Congress? Everyone is outraged about Obama's "lie"

Did San Diego mayor target victims of military sexual assault?

Wait, everyone take a step back for a second. I'm reading the FISA Act of 1978...

ALEC in Chicago - Let's nail these bastards!

You Really Shouldn't Shop There: The Businesses That Told Perry to Veto Equal Pay

Tesla sales up 70% in Q2; CEO Musk hints at $35K model with 200-mile range

Has anyone endured long waiting periods for referrals in Texan Plus for needed care?

Lab results are back, old lady dog's tumors removed were not malignant!

Colbert has a ball!

Now get this straight: Obama is NOT spying on Americans.

(spoilers) Newsroom: Help me out here in understanding the whole Africa thing...

Paula Deen Is More Popular Than MLK Among Georgia Republicans

Futurama's seventh season may ret-con the series' saddest moment

The Republican Plan To Bail On The Presidential Debates Has Completely Backfired

Some vital questions for you to answer...

Help: Pre-existing conduction and ACA and insurance offer by employer.

Best Obama quote on Congress was regarding Obamacare.

Walker’s Cops Take Flag from Vets for Peace

Uruguay president confirms meeting with FARC

Uruguay president confirms meeting with FARC

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Why did they wait to tell me now?!?!?!?!

Court won't cut claims in wrongful death case at Pittsburgh zoo

Senator Blumenthal: prosecute Snowden, overhaul FISA courts.

How Do I Retrieve My Bookmarked Threads?.....

Boycott Variety Wholesalers's stores/Art Pope's stores movement?

"Yemen says it foiled al Qaeda plot"

Gus "Cosmo" Allegretti has died

Why Not Make A Video Game?

Wal-Mart Settles OSHA Case Over Cleaning Procedures.

FKA twigs - Water Me

Louisiana parish claims incarcerated 14-year-old consented to be raped by a corrections officer

Too Much Work for Justice John Roberts? by Linda Greenhouse

"JPMorgan Reveals It Faces Civil and Criminal Inquiries"

We are American.

I think we need to reform the way telecom data is recorded by evolving the technology...

Koch slaves report in

Wet dog lol

Cleveland baseball ...

Moscow Dismisses Western Criticism of Gay Propaganda Law

Lawrence O'Donnell Blows Up At New Republic's Julia Ioffe Over Snowden

Dead shark found on New York City subway


All They Will Call You Will Be Deportees: On 9/2, the Mexican farmworkers mentioned in Woody Guthrie

U.K. Gives Details of Nuclear, Renewable Power Contracts

ALEC Reinstates Attack On Renewable Energy Policies

Doctors Who Torture Accountability Project,

NEW: New fire at Nairobi airport after large parts destroyed in massive blaze

Gundersen: No way to stop Fukushima’s radioactive water going into Pacific - It will continue for

DAY 31: CA Prisons Chief Says Desperate, Hunger-Striking Prisoners Are Doing Just Fine

Afghanistan hero, Malalai Joya: I am Bradley Manning!

I think Sen Warren is having a hard time adjusting. Going from a highly intellectual environment to

All we need to kill cable is __________.

wow... hold on folks.. we might have a win against one battle of the tar sands..

Austin: Threat made to downtown for next three days

Threat made to downtown for next three days (Austin, TX)

Guatemala: 'Extraordinary' Mayan frieze found

18 Great Signs From North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” Protests

CNN's Sanjay Gupta: We've been misled about cannabis

Hidden graves give up their secrets to geologists

Wow! This Blue Moon Beer is hitting me tonight.

Dumb Criminals: South Carolina Man Charged With Rubbing Buttered Toast On SUV

Russia: MP calls for law allowing gays to be whipped in public squares

NYPD to stop archiving names, addresses of stop-and-frisk targets

Los Angeles Area Bar To Offer County's Most Extensive Water Menu

He's a sweet talkin stud who can melt a girl's heart with his pout

UPDATED: Don't Boycott: Ban Russia From Their Own Winter Olympics

The March of the Women

Yahoo News is jumping on the GOP bandwagon again...

Colbert / Stewart 2015 Let's Keep it Real! JMO /nt

Kroger, Macy's Face Boycott Call After Opposing Texas Equal Pay Bill

Honduras: attacks on human rights activists increase

Mercy Mercy Me

Israel Hernandez Dies After Being Tasered By Miami Beach Police For Graffiti (VIDEO link)

1000 posts in the last 90 days... I think this may be a first for me!

4 Israeli soldiers wounded in Lebanon incursion

Guatemala to Protect Judges in Rios Montt's Case

Guatemala to Protect Judges in Rios Montt's Case

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday August 8th

One Meat Ball

Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Contest

Zimmerman acquittal spurs Paul Quinn scholarship (historically black college)

Talking Un-American Blues

Colombia aims to raise defense industry profile

The Salt River Canyon, via US 60 traveling north.

Israel says Iran is accelerating nuclear quest

Tearful plea: Woman Breaks Down To Lawmaker Over Threats to Social Security

Hard Times in Coleman’s Mine

Repost from LBN: NYPD to stop archiving names, addresses of stop-and-frisk targets

North Korea expanding Yongbyon nuclear complex, U.S. institute says

Colombia: US court throws out suit against Drummond

The Ballad Of Springhill

Budget cuts spell end of fire-ravaged nuclear sub

For Obamacare, Some Hurdles Still Ahead

Activists Identify DC Cop Who Infiltrated Sweatshop Protests

Peter Dowling, Australian Parliament Member, Resigns After Sexting Photo Of Penis In Glass Of Wine

August 8: National Zucchini Day

GoP proving once again that their idiocy has no bounds...

Guatemala: 'Extraordinary' Mayan frieze found

Facts and Myths of RTs Gay Rights in Russia: Facts and Myths

This would really wake you up!

Southern senator: ‘My people’ dislike Obama because he is too ‘exotic’

Vancouver in the evening (a few more panos)...

Guatemala: 'Extraordinary' Mayan frieze found

47,000 people, George Takei sign petition to move Sochi Olympics to Vancouver

How many of the Republicans are (secretly) basic Keynesians?

What Were They Thinking? Dept.

Barack Obama IS divisive!

Obama racial attack in Phoenix: "Bye bye blacksheep"

Study finds vast online marketplace for guns without background checks

"Sorry, It's Not a 'Law of Capitalism' That You Pay Your Employees as Little as Possible. It's..."

Japanese Battery Trial Seeks To Transform How Grids Work: Energy

Pentagon doctors claim military suicides not related to combat

I don't know what people are thinking sometimes.

I Only Regret That I Have But One Life to Give for My Country: Yours

Cop Saves Sea Turtle Hatchlings At Florida Resort

Rick Santorum: Liberals ‘make it uncomfortable’ to shower at the YMCA

And another thing! Russia denies Visas to US Officials involved in Torture, including Yoo, Addingto

Hypothetically, let's say you haven't used your rice cooker in a while,

Shot to Death by Police for Betting on a Football Game? The Rise of Paramilitary Force in America

I Only Regret That I Have But One Life to Give for My Country: Yours

Exposing the Real Politics of Jeff Bezos: Privatization, Big Business, Lower Taxes on the Rich—

American Bullying: South Korea Furious at US Investigation of Asiana Crash (Boeing)

Louisiana LNG Export Proposal Approved (Third one so far)

Joe Scum et al - get over yourselves

Thursday Toon roundup 1- Stuck with Lame Congress

Thursday Toon roundup 2- Just like the 1950's, with better tech

The US view of Yemen as an al-Qaida hotbed is a travesty of the truth (and ANOTHER drone strike)

Joe Scarborough's take on fast-food workers and the minimum wage:

Thursday Toon roundup 3- Juicin'

To Repair the Damage Done in NSA Blow Up, Start with James Clapper

NYT: Broader Sifting of Data Abroad Is Seen by NSA (Vast Dragnet of Americans' Int'l Emails/Texts)

Thursday Toon roundup 4- The Rest

When an article starts with "Facts don’t seem to be all that important", you know

Harrison Ford: Indiana Jones could return

Why Do the People Raising Our Children Earn Poverty Wages?

Stephen King's Joyland

How we lost Yemen (Not that it was fucking ours to begin with)

Republicans Accept Government Spending Jobs Bill!!!

'Eminent Domain for the People' Leaves Wall Street Furious

Spectator Wars

US & UK Pull Out Yemen Embassy Staff After Series of Drone Strikes

Luckovich brilliantly nails the Republicans

The anti-Keystone ad NBC refused to air

Asylum's ancient graveyard is unearthed beneath London as Crossrail dig reveals patients' bones Rea

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

39 years ago today - Richard Nixon announces resignation - August 8, 1974

The US View of Yemen as Al-Qaida Hotbed is a Travesty of the Truth

Marijuana stops child's severe seizures-- Wow what a great story....

I hear people say sometimes, “My picker is broken.”

Are We So Inured To War That When A New Front Opens, We Just Shrug

Which one of the three dogs is guilty?

That's some serious flooding in Missouri

Why do they hate Obamacare?

Silicon Valley Engineer Analyzes Traffic Stops In Extremely Rich City, Discovers Disturbing Pattern

I see Hillary 2016 has the right wing shook

Long-Lost Orson Welles Film Found In Italian Warehouse

Schools: This made me laugh out loud.

Misdemeanor child neglect.

Moroccan roasted beets

Suspect in custody after four killed, four wounded in shooting rampage in Dallas, DeSoto

FreedomWorks Wants ObamaCare to Fail, so they can Make Money for Themselves.

A Week of Groceries In Different Countries [Pictures]

Meet the town that’s being swallowed by a sinkhole

Bradley Manning Max Sentence Cut to 90 Years; Dad Claims Innocence

Jacob Rees-Mogg and the right-wing group that wants black Britons to leave the UK

Glenn Greenwald: Is US Exaggerating Threats to Silence Surveillance Critics?

15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal media

Extreme extractors use extreme measures to silence critics

Day 8 of mass arrests in Wisconsin capitol: 15 arrests, Vets for Peace, more.

Inequality for All (official trailer w/Robert Reich)

Two "critically endangered" Sumatran Tiger Cubs Born At National Zoo

Ordering a pizza, 2015-style

Act 10 Keeps "Saving" Taxpayers Money - The Corrections Edition

US firms worry Edward Snowden is wrecking their business, but the Patriot Act was already doing that

Former Navy Chaplain: Jesus Wants You to 'Sell Your Clothes and Buy a Gun'

China’s lust for ivory isn’t just slaughtering elephants. It’s also destabilizing Africa

NYT: John Boehner personally driving up his own Obamacare cost

Did the CIA Just Run an Intel Operation on the Daily Beast?

Papantonio: Obama's Anything But Grand Bargain

Teen graffiti artist dies after Tasering by Miami Beach cops

When global warming finally gets going, it could last for 200,000 years

NYT: Did We Waste a Recession?

Fight For Paid Sick Leave Starts In Massachusetts

Synthetic polymers enable cheap, efficient, durable alkaline fuel cells

A Logical Exercise for Orly Taitz

How Secrecy Has Already Corroded Our Democracy in Concrete Ways

Legal fictions about "Persons" and "Property"

Long Search For 6-Year-Old’s Seizure Relief Ends With Medical Marijuana

Sun News (aka 'Fox News North') is denied must-carry status; channel shutdown likely

"You're not in Kansas anymore. You never were." Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Terrorist Tungsten in Colombia Taints Global Phone-to-Car Sales

NOAA report highlights climate change threats to nation’s estuaries

Dementia Risk Boosted by High Blood-Sugar Levels in Study

Probiotics Fail to Foil Diarrhea in Setback for Gut-Taming Pills

Larry Summers helped sink Elizabeth Warren’s nomination to head new consumer bureau

Drones Are the Price of the Perpetual Warfare State

Doctor Sanjay Gupta Publicly Apologizes For Being SO WRONG About Medical Marijuana

"Why, thirty-nine years ago today. . . ." Please come CAPTION Richard Nixon!!!

TN gay couples try to get marriage licenses but get denied

Jobless claims inch higher, but remain near five-year low

Question re: video of property

Haunting lesson of Nazi Olympics

So are the store clerks saying "Eid mubarak" instead of just "Happy holidays" today?

I Told You So, It’s about Cybersecurity

"Corporate Personhood" dates back to at least 1819.

United Steel Workers President Blasts Obama For Trade Promotion Authority Request

Have you seen the proposed reforms to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act

How Obama’s Putin Snub Is Playing Out in Russia

the social sickness of artificially promoting asset growth over wage growth

The President Has Resigned...

FOX Sports lands 2015 US Open

Evidence of an American Plutocracy: The Larry Summers Story

TYT: Disagree with U.S. Policy? You May be a 'High Threat' to the Pentagon

Knock Knock!

In 2002 Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, VP Biden and SoS Kerry voted against Trade Fast Track

Homeland Security Taps Generals to Run Domestic Drone Program: The Rise of Predators at Home

Rep. Steve King Doesn't Know How Sea Level Works

Why is the FBI in Kenya investigating the Nairobi airport fire???

Yemen Didn't Really Foil a Terror Plot Yesterday--Did Terrorism Analysts Overthink?

Mis-heard lyrics. Post yours, others guess the song and post the real lyrics.

Does Anyone Know If Michael Moore Is Working On A New Documentary?.....

This is the last Slate article that will refer to the Washington NFL team as the Redskins.

“We don’t have a domestic spying program” Just incredible . . .


Calls Grow for State and Federal Investigations into ALEC’s Illicit Activities

Labor law question

Priebus really fugged up on Morning Joe Scum today

Carnegie Mellon research shows cellphone use may not cause more car crashes

Thom Hartmann: How Liberals will infiltrate the ALEC meeting

A Bigger Boat: Offshore Wind Service Vessels Grow Up

Chase Utley sends Dioner Navarro to the hospital

Pic Of The Moment: New Poll: Among GA Republicans, Paula Deen More Popular Than MLK Jr.

Happy Birthday Roger Federer and DU's Own Sports Forumite TBF!!!!!

Solar Energy and the WECC: Beefing Up the Western US Grid (great graphic)

Some Gun Makers Moving to Gun Friendly States.

Will Weatherford using fear tactics to justify gutting FRS. Make sure public employees

Help, Etsy sellers

Woman weeps to senator over Social Security cuts: "There's no way for me to eat less!"

"There Is No Global Warming" Tell that to THIS bear (warning: sad)

Jean Stapleton. Bobby Blue Bland. Helen Thomas.

U.S. Postal Service releases "Made in America: Building a Nation" stamps.


Sicilian Mafia boss Domenico Rancadore arrested in west London after 19 years on the run

Electric Vehicle Economics — Can You "Fill Up" from the Sun?

Uzes, the Hidden Gem of the South of France

One of Nation's Most Sexist, Racist, Homophobic Commentators Goes All in for Ken Cuccinelli

The courage of Bradley Manning : John Pilger

Channel 9 bias in Apartment gun ban.

Leahy, Graham Send Bipartisan Letter To Secretary Hagel Seeking Accountability Over Security Leaks

CRTC denies Sun News bid for mandatory spot on cable

"Unions are the bulwark against economic and political totalitarianism."

Religion in a nutshell

"God Bless America" in a public school


Steve King: We might not notice ‘if sea levels go up 4 or 6 inches’

OPEC Nations Seek Cash for $1.5 Billion Solar Power Plan

Rep. John Lewis: "NO PRAISE FOR SNOWDEN-Reports about my interview with The Guardian are misleading"

Thom Hartmann: Are We Being Poisoned by Unregulated Capitalism?

Data visualization: Mapping Scott Walker's donors

And Happy Birthday to DU's a la izquierda!

Monsanto (cartoon)

INSIDER Proof: Tea & Libertarian Parties ARE The John Birch Society

Suicide bomber kills 30 at policeman's funeral in Pakistan

OWS -- where have they gone?

Richard Dawkins Ignites Nobel Prize Controversy

Blind dog and deaf dog who became best friends at shelter find forever home together

"Coolest Mayor" John Fetterman Defies PA Law, Officiates First Gay Marriage in Allegheny County

Comic Psychotherapist Gives Some Powerful Advice to Weiner: Absurdity Today with Julianna Forlano Ep

Have you ever heard of a short story called "The Porcupine Whose Name Didn't Matter"?

Ken Cuccinelli’s Sodomy Obsession-The frightening legal implications of the VA politician’s crusade

Dept of Energy 2012 Wind Technologies Market Report August 2013

New Rules for Musical Chairs (Toles Toon)

Now THIS is one tired puppy...

No One Can Overtake Steve King In The Race To The Bottom Of Climate Change Stupidity

Cree Launches $99 LED Street Light

“Food and faith” leader: Environmentalists shouldn’t fear religion

World's First Road Embedded Wireless Electric Bus Network Opens

LOL.."I'm sorta holding my nose for 2 years"

Groundswell Launches "Hydra Campaign" to Block Americans From Voting

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 8, 1974

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 8, 1974

Why Seniors Are Turning Against The GOP

ALEC at 40: New Report Identifies 466 ALEC Bills in 2013 That Reflect Corporate Agenda

from Governor O'Malley, on climate change:

Solar Energy Battery Backup Under Attack in California?

I love this idea...

The Hightower Report: Here comes the Border-Industrial Complex

"I don't think I'd be interested in that" (local restaurant loves their cell phone food photos)...

Secrecy is already corroding our democracy & is a bigger threat to America democracy than al-Qaeda.

A gaggle of geese, a school of fish, a herd of buffaloes, a ______ of Republicans?

Rehtaeh Parsons: RCMP arrest two males in teen’s April suicide

Wisconsin: Care about protecting our water? DNR is accepting comments now. Add your voice.


Shark weak: the Discovery Channel's famous week is sinking to tabloid tactics

New York Times Op-Ed: racism is alive and well

Conservatives once ridiculed Ayn Rand

The more openly socialist political agendas of any Hollywood movie in memory

Israel closes Eilat airport over security concerns

North Shore Animal League America- Puppy and Kitten Cam (Thurs, 11am-2pm)

F*$&ing Giant Spiders. GLOBAL WARMING SUCKS.

N.S.A. Said to Search Content of Messages to and From U.S.

New York Times Dangerously Ignores Its Own Words In Calling For Extradition of Edward Snowden

Sen. Sanders opposes Carper-Coburn Post office "Death Spiral" Bill

Trust me on will love this recipe (esp. if you are growing Sungold cherry tomatoes!)

What Kind Of Country Do We Have When A GOP Rep Can Say Let People Starve

Texas Tea Partiers Want Louis Gohmert For Senate

Ol' Spade-head digging his own grave. Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!!

You really wanna feel old? Dustin Hoffman, star of "The Graduate" is 76 today!

VICE- Kings of Cannabis

Japanese Beetles & My Fruit Cocktail Tree.

Folks, I think Ender's Game is gonna suck.

Know your Crazy: Extreme Right Personalities

Police can keep guns seized near Spierer hangout

Big Brother Contestant says "Beating off to child porn is my favorite thing". Investigated by police

The Fed's Terminal Dilemma: When to Begin 'the Great Unwind'

Nearly 5,500 Seized Guns Melted Into Rebar

Police arrest two in Rehtaeh Parsons bullying suicide

Filner targeted armed forces survivors of sexual assault for his creepy advances

Do you season your cast iron skillet with bacon grease?

Congressional Rules and Oversight of Intelligence Activities

"Does everything for less." Please come CAPTION Pep Boys wantabe Bret Baier!!

NYPD Officer Will Not Be Re-Indicted In Bronx Teen's Shooting

Controversial ‘Ex-Gay’ Gospel Singer To Appear At MLK Tribute

Mommy Blogger Of Pink Headband Fame Hospitalized For Mental Evaluation

Please be quiet, Richard Dawkins, I'm begging, as a fan

Huckabee: Muslims Are ‘Uncorked Animals’ After Praying To Allah

Sad news: Cowboy Jack Clement has died.

Bringing God Along For the Ride

Home Prices Climb in 87% of U.S. Cities Amid Recovery

this has been a really hard week


Photographic Evidence of Just How Much New Yorkers on the Street Still Love Anthony Weiner

Right now, seven years after a car model is ended, the manufacturers can stop providing parts

Respiratory therapist gets 35 years for child porn, molestation

Respiratory therapist gets 35 years for child porn, molestation


Fracking: Meet the town that’s being swallowed by a sinkhole

Consumers in U.S. Gain Confidence as Firings Recede: Economy

Boston Bomb Suspect’s Friends Indicted by Grand Jury

NY firearms maker blames SAFE Act for move to Pa.

The Men Who Want AIDS — and How It Improved Their Lives

LeBron James reports for Jury Duty

Why don't people get this? If you communicate with someone overseas YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN

Burglary suspects return stolen goods, leave note - sexual assault assistance non profit

Egypt's Copts fearful Christians in corner

Serious U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Fall to Five-Year Low

"The GOP Busters"

2fer of disgust:ZIMMERMAN's friend/defender a violent criminal racist. &Australia's own dumber PALIN

Loss of Medicaid Expansion Will Cost Texas Taxpayers Billions

So why would anyone who opposes abortion also oppose contraception?

SC nuclear project comes in $550 million under budget


Obamacare supporters can go to town-hall meetings, too

Spell check error, it just sits and spins

State Investigates Sex Harassment Claims Against Manhattan Assemblyman

Rachel Parent debates (i.e. schools and shuts up) Kevin O'Leary on why GMO labelling is necessary

Students rally to support gay teacher fired from Catholic school Edit: (video added)

for just one moment, Obama's cabinet forgot to cloak their true identities....

Let's face it. There are a FEW people for whom the best thing to make for dinner IS a reservation.

Four Years Ago Today, Sonia Sotomayor...

Alarm Bells Are Ringing: Creationists Get Influential Positions in Texas Science Textbook Review

Israel Advances 1,100 Settlement Units Despite Peace Talks

"Republicans Against Reality" - Republicans lost in time and space - take us along for a ride

Stand Up For Science: Petition for proper science in Texas textbooks

Christie spends $4.7 million of Sandy money on ads starring him

Retail Sales Miss Forecasts In July, Raise Back-To-School Worries

State Dept confirms that civil partnerships & unions don't count for new same-sex visa rules

Fracking: Meet the town that’s being swallowed by a sinkhole

Drone strikes kill eight suspected militants in Yemen

Over objections, judge orders lawyers remain on Fort Hood case

Teenager Israel Hernandez Dies After Miami Beach Cops Catch Him Tagging, Taser Him

Why does a discussion of racism (as it relates to black Americans) always dissolve . . .

US Gov't Training: "Political dissent = a 'terrorist' security threat"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio arms his deputies with 400 new AK-47 assault rifles

Well, it's the price we pay for freedom.

US lobbying group Alec pushing pro-gun agenda despite promise to stop

Megyn Kelly Getting Sean Hannity's 9 PM Slot: Drudge Report

Most mothers should feel a sense of obligation to breastfeed their children.

Resurrected protein's clue to origins of life (BBC)

This is what my son is reading during Shark Week.

Hey Putin!

Rethug Mocked Weiner, Busted for allegedly Sexting Underage Girl

Hell No (Can't Use My Song in a Porno)

BREAKING: Obama promises completely "open & transparent" government!

First ad of 2016 presidential campaign...

Thompson Trades Jabs With Quinn

Fox News use of a photo to promote traditional same sex marriage

$13,660 for an American to have a hip replacement in Belgium; U.S., it's closer to $100K

Dedicated to Gilberton Police Chief

Profiling Atherton (the dark side of that funny little police blotter)

Crossrail unearths evidence humans lived on Thames in 7,000 BC (BBC)

Study: Your Dog Yawns With You Because They Love You

Richard Wolff explains the economy like it is...not (particularly) like we're told it is

Unions, teachers, others protest ALEC conference in Chicago. Huge.

August 28th: Forward Together Movement Marches Across North Carolina!

August 19th: Coastal Moral Monday!

So what comes after repeal, Mr. Republican Congressman?...McHenry doesn't have an answer.

anyone catch broadchurch on BBC America yesterday?

A question

Xerox to update scan software after switched number outcry

Free subscription to Motorcyclist magazine

I use to semi-like Lawrence O'Donnell,now he just another windbag douchebag who lives in the village

Wikileaks: Expert says enemy could've used info

Interfaith efforts wrecked by misunderstanding, says Pak Lah

The forgotten in Mayflower. Exxon wants to forget about their spill in Arkansas. These people can't

The Best Time To Exercise (And The Benefits Of Scheduling Other Healthy Habits)

Obama Sidesteps Afghan War -- With Media's Help

International Day Of The Female Orgasm Brings Pleasure To Brazilian Women

The ever elusive bee capture.

Heroin use in the United States soars after crackdown on prescription painkillers such as oxycodone

Brad Benson Hyundai commercials on WFAN 660.

Reza Aslan's Missed Opportunity

Miami teen graffiti artist dies after being tasered by police

Damascus Denies Rebel Attack On Convoy; President Assad Appears On TV Unharmed

Nearly 9 percent of Texas schools fail to meet state standards

Arrested for Sex? -- Lawrence v Texas (Sodomy Laws)

Does one method have any inherent advantage over the other?

Last Days Of Southern Democrats? Fate Of The Few Remaining Could Swing Senate Control To GOP

President Obama will speak at the March on Washington

Animatronic MFM

See? Let's not judge people from red states

Former Texas Rangers baseball club Pres and lawyer Schieffer ready to play ball with high-speed rail

Santa Ana Police Officer Shoot Kill Unarmed Homeless man for calling her a 'bitch'

A Material That Could Make Solar Power “Dirt Cheap”

I want to thank everyone for helping me survive the last year.

In hindsight, would it have been better if we had not pulled Snowden's passport...?

SC challenger calls Sen. Graham a ‘Nancy boy’ in retweet

Even "Slap Hillary" people think Ken Cuccinelli has a "backward view of a woman's role in society"

BBCA's Broadchurch, anyone else catch season 1, episode 1, last night?

There are hundreds of sovereign states across this planet

WakeMed faces first financial loss in years

Willie Wonka's response to GOP complaining

N.S.A. Said to Search Content of Messages to and From U.S.

The Democrats Who Defended The NSA

Reza Aslan's Zealot: the Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth

Edward Snowden’s Email Provider Shuts Down After Secret Court Battle

Some food for thought.

In your opinion, Vangelis's greatest film soundtrack.

Keith is Back on Sports Center Tonight!!


Congressman: America’s Creditors Would Prefer For Us To Default On Our Debt

Link to article and pictures! Latest Outreach NC garden!

Internal Email Names 17 House GOP Targets for Recess

The Rude Pundit: Why Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly Are C$*&s (Racism and Sexism Edition)

Cocoa 'might prevent memory decline' (BBC)

Amazon Founder Says He Clicked on Washington Post by Mistake

Whoa - Leah Remini files missing person report on Scientology head's wife.

Victim's vitals improve after priest visits accident scene, prays, leaves incognito

In honor of Putin, who here thinks Obama

More thuggish asshole cops. Raided the wrong house.

Police Enter Georgia Home at 2am, Threaten To 'Cane' Family Over Past Due Fine (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

For transparency sake.

For those of you who might dismiss The Lounge as basically nothing but poop & penis jokes:

It doesn't make any difference if it's a person or a pet in surgery

George Zimmerman's Biggest Defender: A Racist With a Criminal Past

MALKIN's sockpuppet asks for "worst Lib on Twitter" so in opposite-speak OUR bests

Gun ban for Colorado tenants overturned by property owners. Tenants can keep their guns.

More than 500 hospitals in Colombia ‘close to bankruptcy’

The widest reaching ad in history?

Sign up now for DU-Survival football- year 2

New original Cutie Honey video animation to be released Dec 6

Still Living on the Edge: Colombian Refugees in Panama and Ecuador

How Fiat made a 500 Abarth out of human bodies

Anyone guess what is going two happen in season 2 of this Netflix. series

Muddled US Messages On Egypt Complicate Diplomacy, Fuel Popular Anger At A Delicate Point


Best Obamacare event picture I've seen!

Fox's message for "poor people"

Fox News Host Demands Escalation Of Nuclear Hostilities With Russia Over Snowden

Mexico City mayor’s marijuana legalization bill ignites national debate

Mexico City mayor’s marijuana legalization bill ignites national debate

Apple patent could remotely disable protesters' phone cameras

So, it turns out that raising taxes is reducing the deficit. A lot!!

Ouch!! -Mitch the turtle's Campaign Manager: I’m “Holding My Nose”-

Acid attack on two British women in Zanzibar

Join Atty Gen. Roy Cooper in Asking McCrory to Veto NC Election Law Changes

Why Is the Boreal Forest Breathing CO2 More Deeply?

How It Works: Wireless Amber Alert Notifications

Has anyone here ever heard or played a game that was talked about on NPR yesterday?

LightRails: A Neglected Railroad Underpass Illuminated by Artist Bill FitzGibbons

Dr. Zhivago & 1917 Russian Revolution A Reminder Of What Can Happen

Radioactive hot spots found in seabed as far away as Miyagi

Former police officer convicted of robbing Hispanic motorists

New Mind-Warping Animated GIF Art from Paolo Čeric

Shake Up At FOX

The Mitch McConnell Salute

Japan to use public funds to deal with radioactive water in Fukushima

Dustin Lance Black Urges Hollywood to Confront Russia's Anti-Gay Laws

President Obama To Answer Terror Alert Questions In Friday News Conference

It's amazing that John Lewis can be so easily insulted by people hiding behind keyboards.

City Council Holds Hearing As TWC, CBS Dispute Continues

Houston cops don ‘chrome penis,’ arrest 20 in gay sex sting, activist says

The 1965 Voting Rights Act: 48th Anniversary

Bayard Rustin Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

two questions

DHS unmanned aerial surveillance

Anyone have a healthy smoothie that tasted good?

Breakfast pizza

WATCH: ‘Blurred Lines’ parody just made for left-leaning Texans (NSFW)

San Diego Area - Lenovo Yoga 11 (factory refurb) for $300

Snowden Honored with 2013 Whistleblower Prize from Transparency International and Partners

Teamsters at McKesson In Year Two of Contract Fight While CEO Takes $159M Pension Benefit

Pharmaceutical refund!!!

Not "news" - For sale computer in San Diego - Lenovo Yoga 11 (crossposted)

Greg Abbott Fights Obamacare at Republican Mailhouse

Vote Suppression Alleged in Close Florida Election

IMO, Sanjay Gupta is the medical equivalent of Tweety...

Florida man kills wife and posts photo of her body on Facebook

Valley men lacking health insurance

Police may block mobile devices via Apple

A bit of good news. 0 For 13: Beating ALEC

Karen Black, "Five Easy Pieces" Star, Dead at 74

Dozens of mothers stage breastfeeding 'nurse-in' at (Tennessee) Chick-fil-A

Two Men Dump Asbestos-Contaminated Material into NY River

What's this iCloud thing and should I care?

Police climb through innocent family's window, shoot their 2 dogs - No warrant, no evidence

Join in "The Climate Reality Project"

'Cowboy' Jack Clement Dies

Actress Karen Black passed away

I personally do not know a single "left" thinking person

Ozone hole might slightly warm planet

Snowden's email service, Lavabit, shuts down rather than comply with U.S. gov. orders.

Yemen official: US drones kill 12 in 3 airstrikes

Where did the "poor folks buying crab legs with food stamps" thing come from?

UFCW Affiliates with AFL-CIO

In Maine municipal election, it's husband versus wife

American Geophysical Union Releases Revised Position Statement on Climate Change

I, Troll

Carl Hiaasen: Snowden savors the taste of liberty in Russia

Councilman wants Baltimore to boycott Florida after Zimmerman trial

RIP, Karen Black. In so many movies of an Era.

Anybody else notice this?...Re: Morgan Freeman.

Racism? There is no racism in this country.

Brandon Toy: US Wars, Dehumanization, and Me

Why I changed my mind on weed

Chevrolet Impala review Redesigned for 2014, this model is now our highest-scoring sedan

Fannie Mae to pay federal government $10.2 billion in profits

Resistance is Futile. Comply.

Life at Louisiana's Toxic Sinkhole: An Eco-Disaster Continues With No End in Sight

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Mocked Larry Summers as Eva Peron in 2009, Backs Janet Yellen

Take Five (Hot Mess in the Summertime edition)

I LOVE cats, but like all cat-lovers, I'm in denial. Face it. Cats? Evil. Pure, unadulerated evil.

Fuck lemonade.

You & DuPont may be more in agreement with "Better Living Though Chemistry" then you EVER imagined.

You think you've faced a lot of rejection in your life? You don't know the HALF of it.

Young MFM's parents HATED vacations. Til he was 12, this is what he thought "going to the beach" was

Folks complain MFM does things half-assed. True, but there's a good reason they don't know about.

If a Business Won't Pay a Living Wage, It Shouldn't Exist

70 Percent Of Georgia Republicans Believe In Creationism Over Evolution

House Republicans see body floating in Rio Grande during tour of border

Undercover Audio From VA "Crisis Pregnancy Centers Reveals Outrageous Lies, Manipulation

The Best Fried Eggs...EVER.

The Indy: The Top 10 Republican mistakes


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 August 2013

"Aiding The Enemy"

Governor Chris Christie Signs 10 Gun Bills Into Law

Paul Krugman Blog- Milton Friedman, Unperson

Today in Security State Stupidity: The Undercover Cop Who Tweets About Being a Cop


Is it just me or does it seem like we've entered "Berserk Cop Week"???

McConnell's campaign manager "holding his nose" re: Rand Paul

Staying Home Corporation creates bulletproof storm shelter to keep students safe

Is Congress Getting A Better Deal Than You On Obamacare?

At Opening Ceremony of Olympics in Russia, athletes should carry rainbow flags