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Engineer held with pictures of Kalpakkam reactor

My son turned 21 today. Took him to lunch and bought him his 1st legal beer!

Feudalism then and now

Is Israel’s Government Serious About Peace?

my first real paycheck in almost exactly 5 years.

Israeli Mayor: If I'm Racist, So Is Israel

Netanyahu Sees Rohani’s Call For Serious Nukes Talks As Ploy

NPR and NYT did a good piece on Hillary...

Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese 1961 Game of the Week on CBS

Chinese Media On Snowden: Washington 'Ate The Dirt' This Time

Critics of small modular reactors forecast financial risk

Protesters in Chicago Take on ALEC's 'Forty Years of Corporate Greed'

The 1965 Voting Rights Act: 48th Anniversary

Moscow ‘Rejects’ Saudi ‘Offer’ To Drop Assad For Rich Arms Deal

Walker Evans

Troll alert

North Carolina Voters Confront GOP (Corporate Friend) Congressman For Trying To Repeal Obamacare

WATCH: George Takei Says Russian Olympics a 'Situation of Good vs. Evil'

Speaking Truth To AIPAC's Power

The 30 Auto Photographers You Have to Follow

Special TARP Investigator Lists Dozens of Prosecutions

Storm cell brings down trees, powerlines in Rockland

Papantonio: BP - The Criminal Syndicate

How the Goodyear Blimp Became America’s Greatest Marketing Invention

Colombia's Santos seeks US clarification on spying

Colombia's Santos seeks US clarification on spying

Bill Clinton will Recieve the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama

Misogyny runs so deep in this society, it is even used against abused children - possible trigger

The Dude abides

Abbott: Obamacare interferes with doctor-patient relationship

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Strange Bedfellows & a new Lions gif

Cheap cheesy watches....

Oprah, Ben Bradlee Getting Presidential Medal Of Freedom

EXCLUSIVE: Alec Baldwin Set To Host New MSNBC Primetime Show

So why has Obama changed positions on national security issues?

Family Research Council fellow: Allowing women in combat is 'tragic' and 'immoral'


Two days ago on CNN, Reince Priebus said that Hillary support was a cult of personality. I say not.

OK. It's official. DU is slow...

Has anybody heard anything about the Town of Gilberton or Gilbertville?

Having some ale and some wi-fi problems with Will Shakespeare.

Oprah Winfrey 'was victim of racism' in Switzerland

I finally found the perfect signature line for DU

UK Conservative Party membership falls to just 100,000 people

WinCo....”Walmart’s worst nightmare”..


Rick Santorum being interviewed right now on CNN. He's interested in talking to the "job holders"

Florida man accused of killing wife, posting photo on Facebook

Man discovers he wasn't kidnapped baby; FBI reopens 49-year-old mystery

TSA expands its' power despite raising complaints-searching us where ever we go......

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand due to appear on 'The Daily Show' (Tonight!)

If you get lost, you can use a txt msg to help other's find you...

Not even death stops banks from deducting fees

NSA to cut system administrators by 90 percent to limit data access

Good News From Fukushima

Bwahahaha! Freedom Works scores my Representative and Senators.

Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott hospitalized

Lemon Curd - V.1

Stop Ken Cuccinelli & Crisis Pregnancy Centers

"The State Department has evacuated most of its diplomats from Lahore, Pakistan"

What's for Dinner ~ Friday August 9th

Cyprus President announces ‘Guaranteed Minimum Income’ for all citizens

The first night game at Wrigley Field was 25 years ago tonight.

Our dog Buddy seems to be NO LONGER in trouble - Buddy is better! (see my newest reply)

new avatar test...hope it works.

How the GOP's anti-woman policies create generations of misery

Judge Says He'll Decide Soon If CCA Is in Contempt

Eric Holder May Release Sweeping Drug Sentencing Proposal

Are you afraid is something, and if you admitted it ...

Judge Says He'll Decide Soon If (Corrections Corporation of America) Is in Contempt

Man Blows Up Dog That ‘Has The Devil’ In Him, Thinks World Is Ending

How to opt out of Obamacare

Vertigo. I haz it.

Today is International Cat Day. Thought you'd want to know.

Democratic Queens BP Candidates Clash Over Development, Policing In Debate

"The Three Biggest Lies About Why Corporate Taxes Should Be Lowered"

Seattle woman writes own obituary, and it is magnificent.

For us DUers born after August 8, 1974, where were you?

Google begins to insert ads in Google Maps on Android and iOS.

Swing-vote City Councilman to push for NYPD oversight

GOP Natural Born Liars. If Obamacare Were Repealed Nothing Would Replace It

I am feeling so very happy tonight...

Pics from last weekend's fly-in.

"Patrick McHenry Confronted About Obamacare At Town Hall (WATCH)"

NSA Spying Keeps Fear Fresh Mark Fiore animation

"Citizens United 'Dark Money' Could Be Revealed By States, NYC Public Advocate Report Finds"

Sun News Network, aka Fox News North, lost 17 Million dollars last year.

"Wisconsin State Senate Pushes Voting Law Overhaul" advertisers to quit site in cyberbullying row (after the death of bullied 14-year-old)

"U.S. reports a breakthrough in malaria vaccine"

Sweeping Change in Phytoplankton Populations Could Remake Oceans

"Japan vows 'firm measures' to stop radioactive water leak"

Go Bayard! Go Gloria . . . !

"The NSA Will Replace Most of Their Potential Snowdens With Machines" (In the Thin Cloud)

Are Internet Trolls the Modern Incarnation of Witch Hunters?

Like I have said, "Artistic License" a green light to lie.

Day 32: Today marks one month of the hunger strike.

Wow! First night on the part time job.

2011 arrest statistics from the FBI

We should all be feminists - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at TEDxEuston

NSA Cites Case As Success Of Phone Data-Collection Program

Something in the air/stars/planets tonight???

Democrats and Republicans agree: Reform Our Drug Laws

U.S. warns against eminent-domain mortgage seizures

We had two BEAUTIFUL old-style movie theatres in the small town where I grew up...

Vets for Peace Viet. Veteran Arrested in Wisconsin Capitol August 7, 2013

Why is the Nagasaki bomb the "Forgotten Bomb?" Even here?

Pack Up Your Sorrows

Whoops! California Charity Thieves Return Haul with Handwritten Note

Birmingham Sunday

From S. Mpls where should I go to see the Meteor showers.

The XKCD Guide to Meteor Showers

Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear

Capitol Arrests Continue as Solidarity Sing include more Vets for Peace 9th Day of Mass Arrests

talkin about a revolution

Anchorage Baptist Temple ousts Boy Scout troop over allowing gay Scouts

Santa Ana Police Officer Shoot Kill Unarmed Homeless man for calling her a 'bitch'

Ralph McDaniel Refused To Help Me Get My R&B B*ches (Hilarious text message exchange)

What kind of pepper is this?

BP CEO Says He’s Done Paying For The Deepwater Horizon Disaster

joe worker (the cradle will rock)

Settle into your favorite chair ~ time to watch ... Hook

70yr black Viet. Veteran Abused by Wisconsin Capitol Cops, August 1,

Man saves dog in boating mishap before rescuing his wife

School supplies!

John Oliver Scorches Military Sexual Assault Epidemic And The ‘Old Men’ Doing Nothing To Stop It

Afraid to shoot strangers

please mr president

The New Doctor Who

Back on the water

Gun rights supporter Charles Nichols drops lawsuit against Redondo Beach (Hint: He's nuts)

Here's what I don't get, regarding Snowden and Manning...

Jackie Gingrich Dead: Ex-Wife Of Newt Gingrich Dies At 77

Mother fears for her family after 17-year-old son is killed

A bit boring maybe - but not after the heat we've had to endure. Overnight rain

Born to commute: Woman gives birth at Penn Station

I'm not going to miss this one.

Three lawsuits by Asiana crash victims target Boeing

"From One Second To The Next" (AT&T-sponsored Werner Herzog documentary on texting and driving)

Interesting thread in GD about witch hunts of modern day feminists

I'm on Medicare and am drowning in paperwork!

It is kind of absurd that women can be arrested for not wearing a shirt...

Taking it easy today, low stress

5 Myths About Illegal Drugs You Probably Believe

US withdraws diplomats from Lahore consulate in Pakistan

The Bombing of Nagasaki August 9, 1945: The Untold Story

Utah, Nevada, California, OMG-- final road trip pics....

Anybody know how long "Doonesbury" is gonna keep being "Flashbacks"?

Is this too phallic for a potential tattoo?

Hamas closes Gaza media offices in crackdown

August 9: National Rice Pudding Day

A new installment of "Travels With Bucky" is up.

Glenn Greenwald Offered Brazilian Protection From U.S.

I'd appreciate some thoughts on this article concerning McDonald's wages, please.

Guy does to bank what banks usually do to other people

Apple patents tech to let cops switch off iPhone video, camera and wi-fi

Israel says won't sign EU deal under new terms

'The Following Program was formatted"

Planning a night out at the strip club just got easier in Houston

Kasich calls ethics investigation ‘smoke and politics’

Brian Banks Finally Plays In NFL Game. (YES!)

Mers coronavirus: Dromedary camels could be source

The new phonebook's here!

Mystery particle could shrink your hard drive to the size of a peanut

Nine killed in gun attack in Pakistani city of Quetta

PPP poll in Georgia: creationism, Hillary, background checks, gay marriage ...

15 Things Americans Would Know if There Were a "Liberal Media"

PSA: The annual Persied meteor shower is upon us this weekend...

Prevent Obama from shutting down the government!

Florida man allegedly kills wife, posts confession, photo of body on Facebook

Kitchens in sync: With space scarce, new program aims to get small biz cooking

The Persied meteor shower is upon us this weekend...

Your Government Spies on You and Lies About It: Now What?

Shop & Sell LOCALLY in Seattle

Conservatives Used to Mock Ayn Rand -- How Did She Become a Hero to Right-Wing Nerds Everywhere?

The Miranda Warning in 2013 is Worded a little Differently (Jamiol Cartoon)

Juan Cole: Top Ten Things That Don't Make Sense About Obama's Security State

Dean Baker | Glass-Steagall Now: Because the Banks Own Washington

Launch of Green Tea Coalition Drives a Wedge Through Georgia’s Tea Party

Politifact: Florida can't negotiate lower insurance rates? TRUE

Govt Training Game Marks 'Unhappiness with US Foreign Policy' as 'High Threat'

History's current beat.

How Secrecy Has Already Corroded Our Democracy in Concrete Ways

Exclusive: PetroChina to join Exxon on giant Iraqi oilfield - source

Trayvon enters Deep South’s painful history - good read

I posted DU's MLK/Paula Deen graphic on FB.

I love Surfing!

Corporate Constitutional “Rights” Harm Small Business

Bernie Buzz

Death sentence sought in rape, slaying of 93-year-old Omaha woman

Climate Skepticism

Apple’s Tim Cook, tech executives meet with Barack Obama to talk surveillance

Andrea Mitchell Joins NBC News Revolt Against Hillary Clinton Film

Resentment keeps family-leave policies unused

Was Obama telling the truth about NSA spying on Jay Leno?

No comments yet from industry lobby and privacy advocates attending 'secret' Obama meeting Thurs.

Flailing Mess Of Economist Article Predicts China Will Serve As Environmental Model - Someday

the justice department's 'war on wall street' - still no criminal charges

I think for the time being, the gun debate's played out. Can they go back to the Gungeon?

China Finds New Use For Untreated Sewage Sludge - Fertilizer For Fruits & Vegetables

Need a dining recommendation in or near downtown Minneapolis

Uh oh...

Australian Study Finds Green & Leatherback Turtles Swallowing 2X More Plastic Than 25 Years Ago

Australia's Environment Minister Suspends Plan To Dredge 3 Million M3 Of GB Reef To Export Coal

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the Green Deep Dish Pizza Supreme!

in milw time warner land-tonights packer game will be on channel 27 in spanish

Found after 40 years: Man who went missing with his son in the Vietnamese jungle

Turkish Airlines Crew Kidnapped In Lebanon's Capital

Increase in Woodpecker Populations Linked to Feasting on Emerald Ash Borer

What a wonderful way to start my day . . . . .

Analysts: Cutting aircraft carriers a real possibility

Thirty Seven House Democrats To Head To Israel on AIPAC Trip

The boys have their toys, and this is the best they can do.

Full jury seated in Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair's sexual assault case

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross

Two Twits in a Tweet (say THAT 5 times fast!!) Mitch McConnell / Jesse Benton

You might want to avoid Starbucks today

Ethel Kennedy clan attend Sunrise funeral of beloved nanny Ena 'Mimi' Bernard

How Is President Obama Being Un-White Today?

Some good news for a change: Burglars with hearts of gold

Quinn Leads Democratic Candidates for Mayor, Poll Finds

Has the Gov't Lied on Snooping? Let's Go to the Videotape

How did I discover I was gay?

Has anyone here worked with Fine Art America.

Franco Zeffirelli's 1972 classic "Brother Sun and Sister Moon" based on the life of Francis of Assis

Pie ...

Did Bush say that he wanted to be remembered as the war president?

TSA: 894 guns seized at airports in first six months of 2013

Who’s Lying to Whom? Duncan, Bloomberg, and the Rotted Common Core

Russia plans no retaliation for Obama visit cancellation: Kremlin

Vaccine protects against malaria in early test

Acts of Random Kindess:

Scott Brown’s Brother Accused Of Impersonating Officer, Commandeering Boat

Is Robert P. Koch related to the infamous Koch Brothers?

Obama administration backs prayer at local government meetings

Today's Doonesbury got it right

When Stephanie Got Her Facts Wrong (Australia)

White Suburb Fighting to Keep Black Bus-Riders Out

Criminal defense lawyers demand access to secret DEA evidence

Bryan Fischer: CIA Director John Brennan is Really a Muslim

The Amazoning of news has now begun

Keith Olbermann is going to be on Colin Cowherd today.....should this go in the sports section??

X Sen. Scott Brown’s Brother Accused Of Impersonating Officer, Commandeering Boat

Giving kids iPads won't solve the education challenge

Dimon the greatest banker of his generation? Hardly. The data says otherwise . . .

All male jury seated for trial of general accused of 'barbaric sexual assaults' of women officers

Curly didn't die, he just changed his face. Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

Children's Tribunal prohibits El Nacional from publishing violent images (Spanish)

IMAGE: How I feel as an American the last few years (Crosspost from Reddit)

Check in if you can hardly contain your excitement for Breaking Bad on Sunday!

Alan Grayson: Member Of Congress Asked NSA For Their Dossier - Answer Was NO - Not, We Don't Have It

In Fascist Russia...

Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway Files for Bankruptcy After Crash

If it was about the baby....there would be social programs to take care of the baby

ShockingTsunami video of 2011

Women's health care moves to State approved privatization. Some large areas

PA. Let QVC Cable Channel Avoid $4 Million in Taxes in One Year, with much more to come

Hillary Clinton Meets With Diet Guru As 2016 Speculation Ramps Up...

Report Indicates Snowden/Greenwald Lied About Key Claims

Builder of skyscraper forgets the elevator

This is what we've come to. Kind of sad.

Pic Of The Moment: Now That's What I Call A Vote Of Confidence

Papantonio: Racism Still Motivates Tea Party

Little Johnnie Kasich’s JobsOhio Scam is Finally Getting Scrutiny

Peru to Become Top Producer of Cocaine After Colombian Decline

KRUGMAN: A Poll I'd Like To See

Kurt Cobain - with an oh so plain request for those who discriminate

Obama Fraud Task Force Takes on the Big Banks

Greenwald's Appropriate Compound Adjective:"...hostage-message-sounding missives...."

Rich Preachers

Florida’s Scott Rolls Political Dice With New Voter Purge

Big Papi steals baby on live TV

A Monarch Butterfly came to our garden

GDP Growth A Question Mark As Wholesale Inventories Miss

Mysterious priest comes out of nowhere to aid accident victim

Here comes the Permanent, Ever-Expanding, Militarized Border-Industrial Complex - by Jim Hightower

Dear Mr. Secretary: I hereby resign the office of President of the United States

US Government To American People Re: NSA Spying: GET OVER IT - Privacy Is What WE Say It Is.

Man accused of blowing up dog in Washington state

How the Court Made Unpaid Interns Powerless to Sue Employers for Sexual Assault

a Happy Anniversary today!!

Leaked pics show stadium of Manchester City’s New York team

Leaked pics show stadium of Manchester City’s New York team


Detroit Community beats accused rapist due to slow police response

Rick Scott (FL) trying to pilfer tech businessmen from states with Dem governors.

Thom Hartmann: If a business won't pay a living wage - it shouldn't exist

Hamas 'to publicly execute two men in Gaza'

August 9, 1974 .... Where Were You On That Day?

Satanic Summer: Horror Fiction for Hot Days

Yemen: Saudis among militants hit in drone strikes

This is for the naysayers who believe the NSA is incapable of breaking their $99.95 encryption

Obama’s Putin Snub Puts New Focus On Moscow’s China Ties

Gun Advocates Reportedly Planning 'Appreciation Day' At Newtown Starbucks

Rand Paul's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

Candidate Obama debates President Obama on Government Surveillance

US Remains 'Uninterested' As Kurds Massacred By Syria’s Militant Opposition

Mark Zuckerberg's Newest Friend: Paul Ryan

Need dry food advice for my cats.

"Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment" RWNJ Flag Danglers.

Their goal? The permanent destruction of democracy in Wisconsin - and eventually throughout the U.S.

Can anyone with a truck help a fellow DUer?

Can anyone with a truck help a fellow DUer?

German companies to automatically encrypt emails

Can anyone with a truck help a fellow DUer?

Russian Communists must stand against LGBTQ persecution

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, new medical marijuana advocate

Not a question but a comment

Would You Support Jerry Brown Candidacy For POTUS?

Walmart's 'Worst Nightmare' (WinCo) Coming to Texas


15 things everyone would know if there really was a liberal media bias

How can a body catch a break, first it's split 3 ways, then one of those is split 16 ways, and to

Palestinian report: IDF bombs rocket launchers in Egyptian Rafah

Amy's Baking Company's Latest Cash Grab

For those seeking a little knowledge and a little respite: a digitized manuscript now available.

We should all be feminists

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth

Farmers fear for their lives in North West Colombia

Texas(!1) gun rights advocate gets arrested for rifle, "Open Carry" or provocation?!

Methotrexate, anyone?

Supreme Court uphold judgment linking forming mayor to paramilitaries

NSA loophole allows warrantless search for US citizens' emails and phone calls

Today I met an angel in training.

'King Alfred' remains in Winchester to be examined

Hank Hill listens to conservative right-wing Christian radio...

U.S. court hears arguments in Apple's case against Samsung

How Does A Guy Like Rand Paul - Who Never Held A Political Office Before His Senate Bid.....

Snakebite Protection: Rape Victim Advocacy

Democrat Michael Cole Will Challenge Congressman Steve Stockman in East Texas

Man gets 30 years in prison for Fed plot in NYC

Just sayin' . . .

Mexico drug kingpin Caro Quintero ordered released

Judge Amy Salerno tells jurors they got verdict wrong

The record/our memories indicate NSA and apologists, etc, have lied

Why Picking Your Berries For $8,000 A Year Hurts A Lot

If you have a weak heart, don't read what Pierce does to the Hillary biopic, you may die laughing

Man Gets 30 Years In Plot To Blow Up Federal Reserve Building

Anthony Weiner Knocks On Doors, Mocks Reporters, Delivers Fake British Weather Forecast

Why Picking Your Berries For $8,000 A Year Hurts A Lot

8 Chicago shootings boost GDP

Poll: Quinn Up, Weiner Down Among Democratic Hopefuls

The quest of the perfectly boiled egg

Been asked to autograph an anthology in which a story of mine appears

Rand Paul's Top Idea to Win Minority Voters: Attack Indefinite Detention?

Mexico - Court overturns conviction for Proceso reporter's murder

"Elysium": Matt Damon Shoots His Way to Universal Health Care

Atheism is maturing, and it will leave Richard Dawkins behind

NSA surveillance: the long fight to close backdoor into US communications

The Magical World Where McDonald's Pays $15 an Hour? It's Australia

Death Before NSA Dishonor: Encrypted Services Stage Suicide Revolt

Happiest Event on Earth---OMG!

Eliot Spitzer, Scott Stringer meet in first New York City comptroller debate

Tony Romo snags a lucrative endorsement

Toxic Dog Treat Claims Survive Dismissal Motion


Feds Agree To Examine Ramarley Graham Shooting

so there were even more undisclosed loans to McDonnell? It just keeps coming.

Sochi Olympics: Rogge asks Russia to clarify gay law

Obama gets "personal" as rift with Russia over Snowden grows

Juan Cole: Whistleblowing is espionage. Reading books is a crime

10 careers boosted by Obamacare

This all they got?

I'm sort of conflicted on this . . . but it is so cute

Sexual Escapades, Criminality, Corruption, Bribery, Amorality, Brutality Etc Ok If You Are GOP

Piñera apologizes to the Chilean people for the flawed 2012 census

Thom Hartmann: BP - GUILTY! of High Crimes Against Humanity & Sperm Whales

Putin puts on his special shades:

GOP Rep. Tells Angry Birther: ‘I Believe What You’re Saying’ (VIDEO)

Greenwald release shows NSA foreign program prohibits targeting Americans, considering rule change

Have you ever seen a band more genuinely happy to perform in front of a live audience?

See how well you'd fare on this 101-year-old quiz for Bullitt County, Ky., junior high students

Wyden, Udall vindicated: Obama Admin Caught LYING?

Official: Battles over Charlotte airport and state politics hurting job recruitment efforts

Bond Ordered in Slaughterhouse Legal Fight

The "Scandal" Scandal...

When a city has to publish safe passage routes to get kids to school alive

Belle Island Proposal IS Elysium And That Is The Fate Of The 99% With GOP In Power

Went to the dentist this morning

Silent Circle follows Lavabit in shuttering encrypted e-mail

Expansion in State Gambling Could Bring Expansion of Gambling Addiction

impromptu camping trip!

Mary Jo White Refusing to Settle "London Whale" Case Without Admission of Wrongoing

A few very common shore birds.

Poll: Hispanics Favor Democrats Over GOP By Big Margin

(yet another) ‘Independent Study’ On Keystone XL Closely Linked To Fossil Fuel Companies

Catfish :I always thought a catfish was something you fry in cornmeal, but it's so much more.

Tiger is NOT going to make the cut for the PGA Championship this weekend.....

Then and now

The Top 10 Most Inaccurate and Exaggerrated NSA Stories (So Far)

California kidnapping suspect's car found in Valley County (Idaho)

Cryptic Leaflet Threatens To Expose ‘Disabled’

The Role of Religious Ethics in Public Policy

Russia Cracks Down On Journalists, Activists Exposing Corruption Ahead Of Sochi Olympics

How McConnell’s Woes Could Blow Up Washington

Pentagon Finalizing Plan to Provide Benefits to Same-Sex Military Spouses

This Documentary Might Be The Thing That Kills Texting While Driving

POTUS press conference

A "Transgalactic Travel Guide"

Dozens Protest Planned Development Along Gowanus Canal

Social Security is Not Welfare

I'm sure Hannah Anderson's family had to start a web page to get people to help find their daughter

Police, SS, DEA, DOJ, DOD, DHS… Add the IRS to list

2 Rare Sumatran Tiger Cubs Born At The National Zoo:

How many times has he said the word "constitution", does anyo know? Just curios. Flame away if you

Attention all you CON lurkers

Nuclear Energy Q&A

Fed Up Consumers..Email Bomb Execs, Get Results..NBC News

Chuck Todd Has Done It Again!

The Rude Pundit: Louisiana Tries to Kill Death Row Inmates the Natural Way

What I'd do if I was in a government and wanted to get access to

The jokes write themselves people, Rush Limbaugh calls Oprah "fat."

GA Police Forcibly Removing Blood From Citizens Without Legitimate Probable Cause (VIDEO) Read more

Remember Gomer's "terror babies?"

LOL, Tell me again how SNOWDEN did not make any difference......


The real size of the African Continent

President Obama Owns Fox News' Ed Henry On Getting The Perpetrators Of The Benghazi Attack!

Ed Henry, where the Hell were you when Bush was NOT concerned to look for Bin Laden for

Smokey and Sylvester are home and doing well.

Bronx man suing NYPD over allegedly ramming his dirt bike, causing him brain damage

Maher: ‘Sad’ that the super-rich GOP takeover of NC ‘wasn’t even all that expensive’

Boehner’s Office Reacts To Obama’s Spying Oversight Plan

F**** Yeah - Pres O presser -- Obamacare

Steubenville-Inspired Program Teaches Teen Jocks Not to Instagram Rape by Katie J.M.Baker

The Fringe. T.V. show. Your thoughts.


World Wide Photo walk date posted. Find a walk. Oct 5

Libertarian populism isn’t a governing ideology — it’s a swindle

LulzSec's Raynaldo Rivera, a.k.a. 'neuron,' Gets One-Year Prison Term

Pie in the face: New York City just 4th in ranking of pizza cities

NSA to cut system administrators by 90 percent to limit data access

Vicious Cycle of Repression-Protest-Repression

Icelanders Protest Evangelist Franklin Graham

I really want to puke...

Rand Paul’s week of delusion - By Joan Walsh

Because I can walk and chew gum I have to say that

ALEC at 40: Turning Back the Clock on Prosperity and Progress (The Center for Media and Democracy

"Obama: New Oversight But No Change To Spying Power" (Press Conference Today)

Dronestagram (all the info you need on the drone strikes)

Obama Announces Plans To Reform Surveillance Programs

WBAI Alert:

Obama Offers Plan Meant to Ease Concerns on Surveillance

Full Show: United States of ALEC — A Follow-Up

Government Releases White Paper On Collection Of Metadata (READ)

Has Snowden applied for citizenship in Russia? The "asylum" status is temporary, so it seems he

Investigation confirms inmate was beaten at a Florida county jail, and staff attempted cover-up

Obama: ‘I Don’t Think Mr. Snowden Was A Patriot’

A Man In California Got Diagnosed With “Chronic Homosexual Behavior

Russia Olympic Boycott 'Not Appropriate', Obama Says

Cat "Hide and Go Seek"

Cut food stamps, cut your own throat

Reason number 9,625,367 why I love The Onion

Russia Acted on Snowden in Line With Law -- Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

President Obama Torches GOP For ‘Ideological Fixation’ With Repealing Obamacare

MAD Magazine Weighs In On NSA

Teens bused to Albuquerque to protest ‘abortion holocaust’ outside actual Holocaust museum

The Friday Afternoon Challenge returns after a brief respite! The latest Art in the Nooz for ya!

Pap and Seder: Fracking Undercuts Democracy

From The "Don't Get Mad, Get Even" Department: Arizona Man Turns Tables On Robber Who Took Package

Pap and Seder: McDonald's - They Love To See You Poor

Now Chick-fil-A is anti-breastfeeding!

Snowden Fallout Claims Second Email Service

NSA Releases Document That Aims To Be ‘Succinct’ Description Of Mission

Nagasaki Anniversary

question for those who do not have tattoos

Tomorrow I leave on a 3 day cruise to the bahamas

What is the national language of the United States?

Yemen Officials Say 7 Saudi Militants Killed Iin Recent Wave Of US Drone Strikes

President of Young Democrats of America Comes Out

When creepy dolls attack

Chucky Todd your an idiot

End of the line for the Love Boat: MS ex-Pacific Princess beached at Aliaga for scrapping (UPDATE#2)

Want to get nothing done? Form a committee and have a meeting.

Hey Smerconish why don't you show some Democratictown halls

Did you know this?

As we approack the Atlantic Hurricane peak season here's Jeff Masters must read

Ezra Klein: President Obama’s news conference today was … weird. (and Snowden is a patriot)

Blumenthal Applauds President Obama’s Support For Special Advocate In FISA Courts

Snowden findings corroborated by second whistleblower

Florida Sheriffs Association unanimously supports Stand Your Ground

Krugman: A Poll I’d Like To See

Wyden Statement on President Obama’s Proposed Reforms to the FISC and PATRIOT ACT

Have you heard Alex Baldwin will host an MSNBC program?

Roots of Wrongness

More On The Disappearance Of Milton Friedman


Funniest Waether Channel ad I've seen...

Post your earworm tonight: me? Dixie Chicks "Wide Open Spaces"

So . . . . weren't we told Al Kaida was "decimated"? Now we need to worry cuz Al is about to blow?

(Maine Gov.) LePage says he'd like to blow up Press Herald

Leakers and Jacqueries

Weekend Economists Going for the Gold August 9-11, 2013

"The Free Market Backfires" BY David Sirota


"Phony Fear Factor" By PAUL KRUGMAN

What young atheists can teach us.............

breastfeeding at hate-fil-a

THE NATION Endorses Bill de Blasio for mayor of NYC.

Leahy blocks 95 million dollar appropriation for Drug War group

President Obama: "They're wrong about that."

taking some mental health time this weekend

I've been sitting at a Starbucks in uptown Dallas for the past three hours

Feliz Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas 9 August = Today ‪#‎pueblosindígenas‬

Could you please tell me why you got tattooed?

President Obama: Mr. Snowden has been charged with three felonies.

The Secret to Writing Believable Female Characters

Has anyone heard when Tom Delay reports to prison yet? I've lost track of the status of his case,

Follow up of teengage Canadian gang rape victim who committed suicide

Cruz, Rubio creating grassroots army to force gop to commit political suicide

The slow lingering death of a local, progressive, independent radio station.

Rise and Shine~

The Kimchi Chronicles

Another week, another $2 billion thrown away in Afghanistan

Your Friday afternoon laugh - ReTHUG sequestration

Would the President's proposed NSA reforms make us less safe, if implemented?

Meteors and Aurorae over Iceland

Rehtaeh Parsons gang rape case

Ferocious Kitteh Fights Air (with added helpful hint!)

Russian Foreign Minister Tells US To Behave 'Like Grown-Ups'

Apple patent wins could mean U.S. import ban for Samsung

The American Conservative: How Raleigh’s Republicans Forgot the Working Class

18 Of 19 Closed U.S. Embassies, Consulates To Reopen

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 9, 1943

Ebony editor: 'The extremists are the ones with the megaphone'

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 9, 1943

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Oregon delays wide access to Obamacare insurance exchange

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