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Kerry: The Internet Iron Curtain

Behold The World's Largest Solar-Panel Power Plant -- In Arizona

Race and Myth Revisited

If you can't find the book you are looking for then you are obviously in the

Clippers Retire Donald Sterling Jersey

Weather service: Sunday's tornado in central Arkansas rated as EF4

US solar power installed costs on course for 2020 target

How did our criminal justice system get so bad at executions?

I like this!

Governor Mary Fallin is a moronic monster.

Costs of Pentagon’s major weapons systems ballooned half a trillion dollars over initial pricetags

5 Ways the "Mooch Militia" Resemble the Taliban

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 1 May 2014

Obama formally approves yet another nickel-and-diming of the 99%

McFadden - The FCC's Net Fatality

Attorney steps up to help with defense in homeless baiting cases

A Radical, Not a Dreamer (The Uncompromising Anti-Capitalism of Martin Luther King and more)

Chris Christie's budget numbers busted after he unleashed on the guy who told him

McFadden - Unlikely 2014 Headlines

Just found out my grandpa wrote a letter to NASA in 1965

AZ pastor: Childless women on birth control have destroyed the U.S. with ‘whoredom’

Elizabeth Warren: Floor Speech on Minimum Wage Vote

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!

If Donald Sterling IS forced to sell the Clippers, THESE things should happen...

Peaches Geldof 'died of heroin overdose'

No health problem in Colorado, right?

How come all the death penalty madness with these illegal drugs

I participated in a jury for an OP that was locked by the hosts while I was still waiting

US military intelligence chief stepping down

What Sterling does to his tenants in L.A. is WORSE than what he said in that phone call.

What women eat before conception can alter baby's genes: study

What happens under "hate speech" laws: UK election candidate arrested for quoting Churchill

Mad Magazine's Al Feldstein Dies at 88

Amidst masked men and paramilitary violence, Ukraine is a country on the jagged edge of anarchy

1 Charged In Connection With Kidnap, Murder Of Brooklyn Landlord

"Remember, Remember The 4th Of November"

AFL-CIO: North Dakota's worker death rate highest

Former NSA contractor Snowden expects to remain in Russia

Macy's theft case dropped; woman said false arrest

Senate examines precious metal scams on seniors

A simple picture, yet so strongly evocative.

Agrarian Uprising Against Free Trade and 'Government Lies' Sweeps Colombia

I bet she's having flashbacks to bad dates.

Moyers: Prosecutors May Finally Go After Criminal Mega-Banks

Clouds remain over Conyers' bid to qualify for Aug. 5 primary ballot

Vatican to debate teachings on divorce, birth control, gay unions

Today is Lee Elia Day

Edward Snowden: NSA Spies More on Americans Than Russians

When this old hat was new

Rain brings flooding concerns to New York, New Jersey

We are number 5 IN THE WORLD in executing people! Congratulations USA!!!

The eye of the beholder.

"Rob Ford to take leave of absence, lawyer says"

Oscar winner Patty Duke coming to Omaha for 'Miracle Worker' screening

an ex?-Democrat to shun

Pundits see Rick Perry’s presidential chances rising from the ashes

Kentucky Derby Post Positions and Morning Line Odds

White House opens door to tolls on interstate highways, removing long-standing prohibition.

watching chris hayes..

Millennials Are Becoming A Huge Problem For Retailers

Inevitable, irreversible engagement with terrorism

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 1, 2014 -- Moms in the Movies

A Brilliantly Redesigned Ax That Makes Chopping Wood Less of a Chore



Rachel on Reagan. Grand Slam. You know you're right. She tells you why.

Elizabeth Warren Blasts The FCC's Net Neutrality Plan

The real roots of racism in America.

You can pick your friends & you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose

Monsters vs. human beings

London cleric wanted jihadists to train in Oregon, U.S. jury told

Fifth Mississippi City Council Passes Pro-LGBT Resolution

That'll buff right out

Dumb Criminals: Guy With Ironic Last Name Of "Popadick" Busted For Indecent Exposure

Nevada Brothel Becomes Latest Place To Ban Donald Sterling For Life

"We raise girls to cater to the fragile egos of men."

Space rocket debris found floating in Amazon

"Voter ID Is the Real Fraud"

How do parents of young teens deal with a kid's dysfunctional relationship?

Shaq apologizes to man he mocked in Instagram post

i am part of someone's inspirational speech.

Ukraine Says That Militants Won the East

Bill Nye the Science Guy has no patience for your candy-assed science illiteracy

A reminder...Snowden had NO ALTERNATIVE but to go to Russia.

A Verdict on Comments, but the Conversation Isn’t Over.

Mississipi Weatherman On Live TV Ordered Staff To Seek Shelter As Tornado Struck Tupelo

Lynchburg: City Estimates 50,000 Gallons Of Crude Oil Missing From Wrecked Cars

I want a black kitten!

Check out my DKos post about FL's horrific harm done to one county.

Meet Harley Dockery III Bundy's protector

Higher Doses Of Antidepressants May Raise Suicide Risk In Teens, Young Adults

Rockin bears

Doctors agree Glenn Beck delusional behavior result of years of chalk dust inhalation

Cross-post from the Good Reads forum: Race and Myth Revisited

More Phone Calls from the Dead

UN Expert Urges Measures To Protect Children From Sale, Sexual Abuse In Honduras

UN Urges Protection of Honduran Children From Sale, Abuse

Nigeria girls' abduction: Protest march in Abuja

You May Have To Say Goodbye To Your Toll-Free Highways

President Obama Announces May As Jewish American Heritage Month


Island of War

San Jose airport fences passed inspection three weeks before teen's breach

Vet kept supposedly euthanized dog alive - used it as blood donor

It’s Good – no – Great to be the CEO Running a Huge Criminal Bank

Biden: The US will defend its NATO allies "no ifs, ands, or buts"

Please don't respond to this unless you've actually "done your research."

Radical Fast Food Joint Doubles Down on High Wages~$15 per hour!/In Michigan..

As border security expands, complaints of abuse rise among Americans

Toothpaste tops

Toyota's move to Texas is about more than corporate welfare

Fifth of crimes 'may be unrecorded'

State Department kicks off the third annual Free the Press campaign

This is a perfect example of why scientists don't vote Republican

Patron Tried to Ban Dr. Seuss’ ‘Hop on Pop’ From Toronto Library

Using coins for economic expansion?

Bechtel Corporation gets contract for thousands of federal toll booths

World Bank Names Familiar to Oversee Latin America Effort

What should a cop like this have done?

This is surprising me: DU is against a tax on driving cars to pay for infrastructure?

Disowning Your Children?

Hankering for some Spanish Grease

Campaign signs defaced with Nazi symbols in Arlington

Texas 'Has No Plans' to Use Drug From Botched Oklahoma Execution

Spain refuses to extradite 'torturer'

Spain refuses to extradite 'torturer'

"What's wrong?"

Was that a double entendre headline that made me ROTFL? "Voters come out for CBC election"

Pyramids - Researchers find wet sand was key to movement of huge stone blocks.

US Continues Ransoming Development Aid, Now Using CAFTA to Threaten Social Programs

Libertarian militia nut/Bundy fan who threatens to "rip Reid's ball off" is a mooch on disability

Prehistoric North Sea 'Atlantis' hit by 5m tsunami

Congressional scrutiny puts propaganda plan on hold

US State Department adopting social media to counter Al-Qaeda propaganda

Happy May Day!

USAID's "Technological Mercenaries" Deceive Cubans

Winter weather statements for parts of TX, NM, CO, KS, and NE

Good Lord... just saw the photos from my friends and family in Mississippi

New browser: Aviator

Dutch arrest 30 Greenpeace activists blocking Russian tanker

Al Feldstein has passed. We all owe him a huge debt of gratitude.


Bribery...but not enough: Venezuela to raise minimum wage by 30%, Maduro says

Exclusive: Elizabeth Warren Discusses Her New Book, Thomas Piketty and the Disappearing Middle Class

Barbers Forfeits

John Oliver on India's election

GOP’s White Southern Men Problem: Why They Can’t Hold Democrats Down Any Longer

Creationists Hit the Panic Button After Neil DeGrasse Tyson Demolishes Their Myth That the Universe

Are Oil Companies 21st Century Slaveowners?{long read}

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- NBA's Silver Hammer came down...

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- Not OK

Hispanic Nativity Shift

Thursday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

APNewsBreak: Military sex assault claims up 50 pct

Victim of botched execution to have independent

Out of the kiln this morning...

May Day rallies demand reform; 5 hurt in Cambodia

Gulf War Illness: New Report Lauds Treatment Research, Confirms Toxic Causes

Our Nuclear Infrastructure Is a Radioactive Time Bomb

Hooray, hooray, it's the First of May!

International Workers' Day

Warriors of the Steppe 2012 HD Full movie

Happy May Day

Ralph Nader wants liberals to back Rand Paul. Don't do it.

Master-shmaster, I'm going for a walk...

Crumbling infrastructure in Pensacola and Maryland from

Heroic JBLM nurse ran 'into hell' on fatal mission to booby-trapped compound

Horseabunga, dude!

Today my energy bills will start to go up 6%

Pick Tennessee Products!


Mary Mengele Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma

Drug Prices Defy Gravity, Doubling for Dozens of Products

APNewsBreak: Military sex assault claims up 50 pct

The Only Time It's Acceptable To Sleep With Someone Other Than Your Spouse (pics)


IRS Chief Says It Can’t End Companies’ Offshore Tax Deals

Dementia? And Justice Scalia

If you support the death penalty, you support killing as revenge.

Is there a way to hide emoticons?

FSU Heisman trophy winning rapist "cited" for shoplifting

The Rigged Game of US Economics Viewed Through the Eyes of My Generation.

Wisconsin: Republican morons assert right to nullify federal laws, secede from Union

I can see pot being a left - right coalition issue. Can you?

Ukraine crisis affects start of EU talks with Cuba

May Day rallies held around world -

Iran to buy 400 airliners if sanctions lifted, top official says

SJMN - Scientists Confirm Acid Seawater Dissolving Shells Of Pteropods, Marine Food Chain Foundation

Freedom Industries Execs Register New West Virginia Chemical Company, Per Secretary Of State Records

Why The Pentagon Is Spending So Unbelievably Much On The F-35

Fuck Ralph Nader

Russia’s First Shipment of Arctic Oil to Europe Arrives in Netherlands

They're not laughing now

NASA/MODIS - China's Great Wall Of Dust

Pollution in China is bad. How bad is it?

Happy May Day workers!..........

Palestinian Reconciliation Raises Tough Questions

They are taking away our open highways

Unfortunately, there will always be enough yahoos around who think the death penalty is "justice"...

Urban rail could cost homeowners $200 per year

Ukraine offers its territory to NATO for transit traffic.

The US Surveillance Court Hasn't Turned Down an NSA Request This Decade

Why is Alaska fighting the cleanup of Chesapeake Bay?

This American Refused to Become an FBI Informant.

Republicans in Congress Are Trying to Gut Local Fracking Regulations

Bad movie prequel ideas

History of May Day~

Why we talk about the Kochs

Yonkers mudslide onto Metro-North tracks causes delays

Well played, Marine...

NYC reportedly close to contract with teachers union

So what did you pull in comics this week?

Harry Reid has a Koch problem

‘The Daily Show’ Mocks ‘Grimm Shady’ After Indictment

Fox News denies report Shepard Smith demoted for asking to come out

Russia stages first Red Square May Day parade since Soviet days

China: Criticism of U.S. Move on Iran

John Kerry's heresy

Why I Will Vaccinate My Kids (if i have any)

Cross-post from LBN: Vatican to debate teachings on divorce, birth control, gay unions

Casino news thread.


Honest Question: If Voter ID is unconstitutional are CCW licenses/FOIDs also unconstitutional?

Don't buy the propoganda coming from the DLC lately

No, Megyn Kelly, Mikey Weinstein Is NOT an Atheist

Wild weather hits United States crops

A May Day 2014 Lament for American Labor

234 Girls

Oil-train blow-up in Virginia reverberates in New York

Next Exit: 1964


From the Secret Files - US Government's Incredible Threats!

Was at the grocery yesterday...

Obama Rips Senate Republicans For Blocking Bill To Raise The Minimum Wage

Happy May Day, everybody!

NFTA pulls plug on plan to sell port site to Canada furniture-maker for 250-employee plant

Ted Kennedy on Minimum Wage 7 Years Ago

Just spitballing here, but what if...

The "Compassionate" Conservative

Nader wants the most Progressive on the left, who barely tolerate Democrats, to join Libertarians?

White House denies memo was about Benghazi attack

(PA) Supreme Court: Pennsylvania cops no longer need a warrant to search citizens’ vehicles

2nd Hand Information, but a disgrace none the less

Europe Pays Almost TWICE As Much For Gas To Drive Cars

Oy! Marylanders: the Howard Duckett dam has overflowed

"Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us, and now we are discovering we work for Fox."

Obama Says Critics Suffer "Lack Of Knowledge" Of Secret TPP Treaty

Backtrack in Scaffold Law debate

Early Image of Jesus Found in Egyptian Tomb

Citizens Arrest Attempt Results in Murder of Heroic Effort of Troy Cansler (Turley Blog)

Heartbreaking video shows students as ferry sinks

Tom Toles nails it.

Maybe it’s time to invest in infrastructure?

New York troopers issue 24,354 tickets in speed week

Cop Beats Up Young Man with Down Syndrome for Packing…a Colostomy Bag

The establishment GOP is not the political home of conservatives, and that needs to change

21 Creative Geniuses Doing What They Love In Life

Pic Of The Moment: Paul Ryan Holds Congressional Hearing On Poverty, Excludes Poor People

Without U.S. troops, Afghanistan, like Iraq, could descend into chaos

Report: AT&T eyes DirecTV for acquisition

Green groups hail Supreme Court acid rain ruling

Prisoners from the collapsed jail in Pensacola are saying that they saw

Toyota exit from Torrance inflames Texas/California rivalry

Russia Challenges EU Energy Market Rules

Obama - Right About Now

Geeky joy: NASA's next-generation Z-2 spacesuit with Tron-like ‘technology’ design chosen by public

NYC metro area got up to 6 inches of rain yesterday. The sun is finally starting to come out

Prehistoric North Sea 'Atlantis' hit by 5m tsunami

Report: ObamaCare to save large corporations hundreds of billions

I am Dressed to impress, got an extra copy of my...

The unlikely story of California Chrome

5 facts about prayer

Trainees gird for fight vs. lake invaders

Russia’s Actions in Ukraine Are Crossing the Line

What if God's existence were proven without doubt? Good or bad?

Former Rahm Emanuel's Chicago comptroller Ahmad arrested in Pakistan

US consumer spending surged 0.9 percent in March

Staten Island Assemblyman Joe Borelli fundraiser invite features segregationist George Wallace pins

This is a terrible!!! 93%??? OMG!!!

Master Willy Nelson

Bwah-HAH the BUNDY militias are in civil war, some afeard of HOLDER's drones

Nigerian Militants Sell Kidnapped Schoolgirls as Child Brides for as little as $12

Historian Gerald Horne:“The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the USA

Tom Coburn: Abolish minimum wage and let ‘free market’ decide how little workers make

Cops Must Swear Silence to Access Vehicle Tracking System

Electric bills to rise again in bid to spur new power

States Would CHOOSE To Begin Tolling. It Would Be A STATE Decision.

Meet the male escort who gives the Duke porn star a run for her money

New PPP numbers on several races

Uncle Ruckus? Is that you?

Vatican to debate teachings on divorce, birth control, gay unions

As GOP Rep. Michael Grimm looks to shore up Washington support, experts differ over impact of...

UPDATE 1-IMF says Ukraine needs modified bailout if it loses the east

All you pro-death penalty people who say it's not about revenge or any other negative

We've all used WD-40 for one reason or another ...

Happy 50th birthday, BASIC

SF Chronicle: “Unbelievable hordes” of fish near California coast

Sec Jewell Announces $1.1 Billion to State Wildlife Agencies from Excise Taxes on Anglers, Hunters,

Another movie being made by the "We're persecuted by liberals so we're making movies about it" types

Just sat on a jury. Juror 4 is a piece of work.

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ May 1st

The Shep Smith story shows the failure of fact-checking

Ukraine crisis: Kiev reinstates conscription

A Florida Resident Drove Around with a Cellphone Jammer for Two Years Before Being Caught

Local assessors say Cuomo inflated claims on STAR fraud crackdown

GOP candidates’ freak-out moment: As Obamacare horror stories flop, what’s left?

Fox News’ real gay problem: Inside a festering cesspool of reflexive bigotry

Episcopal churches ban weapons after expansion of Georgia’s gun laws

Will Obama Be The President Who Kills Net Neutrality And The Open Internet?

Gun ban in restraining-order cases gains ground

Thomas Piketty terrifies Paul Ryan: Behind the right’s desperate, laughable need to destroy an econo

Bail Set At $50,000 For Chautauqua Co. Man In Illegal Weapon Case

Bipartisan bill approves pipeline construction

Every time I step out the dooor, I flinch, expecting that stab of Arctic air,

Benghazi is kind of a perfect scandal in that what is alleged isn't particularly scandalous

#DonaldSterling, Civil Rights, and American Racism (HuffPost blog)

Bill Clinton Defends His Economic Legacy

Are we pounding the earth too much?

Woman A Leading Authority On What Shouldn’t Be In Poor People’s Grocery Carts

New Honda Solar Power Hydrogen Station Debuts (2010)

Russia Throws Soviet-Style Parade

The Rude Pundit: New Jersey's School Superintendent Doesn't Care If Your School Is Successful

Welcome to the Well-Educated-Barista Economy

Witness: US response to Benghazi attack too weak

It's not Russia that's pushed Ukraine to the brink of war

Americans are an inherently violent people, hence the 300M guns, botched executions,

'Guns Everywhere' Don't Stop GA Shooter from Wounding 6, Killing Himself

Cliven Bundy: I Am 'Just Like Rosa Parks'

I know we have affected DU'ers in the LA firezone, so...

Battle over oil and gas regs in Colorado loops in political powers

Meet Mary Burke, the Woman Who Could Beat Scott Walker

Man jailed 13 years after sentence...

Battle over oil and gas regs in Colorado loops in political powers

British Officials Portrayed Reagan as a “Bozo”

4 Ways Parents Teach Kids that Consent Doesn’t Matter

"Will New FCC Internet Regulations Strengthen Monopoly Control?" /TRNN with Paul Jay 4/29/14

I just installed the NEW Microsoft Security Update for Windows XP

NATO official: Russia now an adversary

Venezuela's largest private firm Polar halts pasta production

Woman A Leading Authority On What Shouldn’t Be In Poor People’s Grocery Carts

Conservatives, Evil and Psychopathy: Science makes the link!

Working the Dark Side

FCC commissioner chief if cable companies make the internet two tier. ... then

'William Gheen Defends Don Sterling: "I'm More Worried About the Black Mobs"'

Scientific American Editor Flooded With Hate Tweets After Fox News Targets Him

Microsoft issuing fix for IE zero day today...XP included

Donald Sterling banned from Bunny Ranch brothel following 'racist' rant

Whose broken window?

We may have a problem ...

Seattle Announces $15 Minimum Wage, Highest In The U.S.

For DUers who haven't lived somewhere with toll roads, technologies have advanced

I'm now a week without cigarettes, just an e-cig

Details emerge on Palestinian Gaza declaration

55 Schools Face US Federal Sex Assault Probe; Six from Mass.

So Chimpo is hosting wounded warriors at his Crawford ranch, is he?

Espaillat picks up another East Harlem endorsement

This Town Needs a Better Class of Racist

following the botched execution -- what should be the way to execute some one?


Elizabeth Warren: What happened to the middle class?

Mark-Viverito: UFT contract will "set the tone" for deals with other unions

Pat Robertson: Don’t try to prove God exists to atheist ‘swine’ on Facebook and Twitter

Rape crisis center scolds Texas judge after she sentences rapist to work with victims there

Sterling, Silver, and the Clippers

Antonin Scalia's Blunder Is Unprecedented, Legal Experts Say

Court agrees with David Cameron's brother that his legal aid cuts prevent a trial proceeding


More Than A Million Young People Enrolled In Obamacare Last Month

CA golf coach tried to hire hitman to kill three teens he is accused of molesting: prosecutors


Another consequence of "hate speech" laws- guy in UK questioned by police over this sign:


Cinco de Mayo Pro-US Flag Rallies Attract Calls for Violence Against High School Students

Freedom execs tied to new chemical company

Baseball's Bizarre Opening Month Recap

Papantonio: BP’s Toxic Legacy

Instead of toll booths let's look to the past.

Zowie and Ollie are the proud parents of... an armadillo!

"I find politics in this country completely nauseating."

'Man gets six months for St. Pete Pride BB gun shooting'

The Hill: 56 senators back new Keystone bill

Construction workers protest wage theft and poor working conditions on Pace University dorm job

PROOF: When it comes to income inequality, no other developed economy does it quite like the U.S.A.

Children targeted in Queens attempted abductions

OBAMACARE News: It is time to drink the tears of your Republican neighbors & They Taste SO Sweet!

Rush Limbaugh's California Ratings Debacle

A life in the day of a weed delivery service ... Speed Weed ...

Interesting trivia about English actor Esmond Knight

Teachers union says new deal reached with New York City

TPM buried the lede: Patriot Leader Who Threatened To Rip Reid's Balls-Lives off Gov Disabilty Check

Do you think these two conservative women changed their minds now?

No traffic lights experiment in English village

Bernie Sanders Speaks Truth They Don’t Want You To Hear: The GOP Is an Extremist Party

Turnabout is Fair Play - Cuba and Ukraine

I don't post here much, but an appreciation thread is (IMO) in order…

Happy Feast of St. Joseph, the Worker

Obama administration confirms success of first Obamacare enrollment period

Dear Abby: Married to an atheist

Prehistoric North Sea 'Atlantis' {Doggerland} hit by 5m tsunami (BBC)

Fulton County schools faith summit asks religious leaders to help students

Just a chuckle from "Slate's Say What?"

Nasa shows off prototype spacesuit for journey to Mars (BBC)

Disturbing and Perhaps Criminal': Issa Questions Why Benghazi Docs Were Not Turned Over

WikiLeaks Just Blew A Big Hole In The Snowden Narrative

LGBT Ugandans dying in ‘crimes against humanity’

Nader promotes for President: co-founder of leveraged buyout group; co-founder of Carlyle group;

Microsoft releases security update for Explorer

The Interstate Highway System was started

Sabotaging one of Obama's Top Priorities: NSA Undermines Internet Security

ACLU: White House "Big Data" Report Recommends Updating Email Privacy Law

How Scientists, Car Companies, And The Military Are Creating The Smartest Energy Solution

Does Our Zeal to Support American Exceptionalism--Lead Us to View Other Countries as Dispensable?

EXCLUSIVE: Here's The House GOP's 'Incredibly Rigged' Obamacare Survey

The Importance of Kindness

Let's play "Who said this?" (Religious Quotes)

Med Students Rally at BCBS for Single Payer

Just heard NPR doing a feature on the death penalty today

Mayor Rob Ford 'ready to take a break'

GOP Senate Candidate Likens Food Stamp Recipients To Wild Animals

Energy company: Think of the business opportunities an oil spill generates in your local economy!

Happy Beltane

A discussion on the dos-and-don'ts of Data Journalism

Tiny Snake eats a Tiny Hampster eats a Tiny Burrito at a Tiny Table - EWWWWWWWWW

Germany blocks Edward Snowden from testifying in person in NSA inquiry

What's wrong with DU? won't let me post a new thread.

Has anyone notices in fairly recent years, protagonists of novels frequently **SPOILERS BIG TIME**

Cafeteria Religion

Nigeria's kidnapped girls sold into marriage for $12

A confession from a liberal idealist.

Can we stop calling the US Senate a "deliberative body"

Important show on H2 @ 10 pm Saturday:

on the death penalty

Merkel asks Putin's help in freeing European hostages in Ukraine

My SNAP will be cut some and my payments to HUD will go up! AND I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT!

Kenya catholic church critcises Obama's gay stance

Explosion rocks Nigerian capital, 2nd in 3 weeks

From Boehner to Rush: Republicans Are Crushed as Obamacare Enrollment Hits 17.8 Million

Netanyahu pushing Basic Law defining Israel as Jewish state

TSA bars mute stroke victim from flight, forces 8-hour bus ride

One in twenty-five death row inmates are falsely convicted.

They Start Their Indoctrination Very Early

Have to say, I agree:

Montana top court overturns teacher's one-month rape sentence

House GOP's Anti-Obamacare Message Doesn't Always Come Through On Members' Websites

Oil-train wreck brings demands for more regulation

Justice Department, eBay settle antitrust lawsuit

MH370: Malaysia releases preliminary report revealing it took four hours for search to activate

Putin Demands Ukraine Withdraw Troops From Troubled Eastern Regions

Just wanted to say thanks to many folks in this group

Auto Industry Rebounds After Tough Winter

I'm going to give these a try. Vegetable Masala Burgers (Trader Joes)


Hannity defends vigilante killer...

Here's a photo of the Satan statue coming to Oklahoma Capitol

David "fake historian" Barton says women shoudn't never have been aloowed to vote...

Bomb attack in Nigeria capital kills at least 16

California business environment had nothing to do with the decision to leave California

Tolled Interstates

Sold another piece of work!

The Deserter

USA and UK slip down global press freedom index, thanks to their reaction to Snowden

Germany blocks Edward Snowden from testifying in person in NSA inquiry

State Dept Blog: Russia Today’s Disinformation Campaign

'Barton: Not Allowing Women to Vote Was Designed 'To Keep the Family Together'

5 facts about prayer

Did you see Howard Dean on the ed show?

Happy National Bike Month everybody!

Here's one thing terribly wrong about toll roads.

German Student Killed in 'Castle Doctrine' Case

A question of 'propriety.'

5 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is A Dead End Technology, by Jeremy Rifkin

Beltane 2014: Facts, History And Traditions Of The May Day Festival

The real data -- how much money are we all making?

He is trash

California Sikh Man, Gursant Singh, Barred From Jury Duty For Carrying Religious Dagger, Kirpan

World Bank loan to Honduran bank comes under scrutiny

"I will not follow the herd" - send this to your anti-vaxxer acquaintences

...and the game goes on...

Giddy, giddy, giddy! Let's start racing!

New PSA will air in movie theaters and on military installations and ships.

CNN Rep Mocks Scarborough: He's 'Become Unhinged' Over His Low Ratings

Prez of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: death penalty good 'cos God told 950 year old man so

GOP State Lawmaker Writes Letter To Editor About Dangers Of Anal Sex

Exclusive: Tesla Motors faces $89,000 in fines for incident that injured workers at Fremont facility

Flea Market Raids in Rio Grande Valley Leave Women Without Birth Control and Abortion Care

A law against laws named for victims

Rep. Grijalva Demands Federal Investigation into ALEC's Role in Neo-Sagebrush Rebellion

Please send prayers, good thoughts, good vibes for the Calico rescue's touch and go...

Shareholders, protesters, speak out to Duke (Energy) board

Apple, Facebook, others defy authorities, notify users of secret data demands

Porn for Progess

Today-"Neighbors want architect's dream home torn down: 'It's devastating' "

Teaneck High School senior prank leads to vandalism, arrest of 62 students

Canadian friends, I need some advice.

Shannan Gilbert's Cause of Death "Undetermined," According to Medical Examiner's Office

Environmental question about trash line from flood.

"Whoever You Are"

The war criminal of a dick was attacking Obama in Washington yesterday

NYC police union and city at an impasse to reach contract deal

Star cluster hurtling towards earth

Just discovered a brilliant anti-racist, anti-UKIP parody site:

D Koz: Yes, The Affordable Care Act Is The Path To Single Payer Universal Healthcare

May theme - Looking Up

Over 100 Sick After Food Safety Summit

NBA advisory panel agrees to move on Clippers' Sterling (on termination of ownership)

How to make a Third World Country

A thought I had listening to the Diane Rehm show discussion of the eroding middle class, etc -

when it comes to sharp-as-a-tack images, we have not improved much in the past 70 years

Florida: Plaintiffs want state marriage equality ban ruled unconstitutional

D Koz: Liberal friend plus Obamacare saves conservative crank's life. He's not so cranky anymore

Archaeologists discover cemetery in Mexican city with clues to ancient civilization

Owners meet, hope to move quickly on Sterling

Oklahoma prison chief calls for execution review

Rick Perry's 'Texas Miracle' is a Texas Mess - And He Won't Be Around to Clean it Up

Wow Michael Steele just served up a hanging curveball to David Korn

Austin Police Ticket 47 Campus-Area Cyclists on 'Bike to UT Day'

I'm incensed

Hillary Clinton Would Beat Jeb Bush In Florida (+8 Quinnipiac)

Baphomet statue for Oaklahoma Statehouse just about ready.

Geraldo Rivera Compares Current Minimum Wage to Slavery

a quick political typology

Economist to Austin City Council: The Good News Is Also the Bad News

Collin County Judge Keith Self Is Ready for the "Federal War on Texas"

Dirty Money, Dirty Fuels: Why Money in Politics Matters to the Environment

Vice President Joe Biden: ‘No downside’ to an executive order banning anti-gay discrimination

Snowden says he could see what I do on the web.

Texas Is Losing Out on Millions of Dollars Thanks to Its Defective Property-Tax System

White House calls for more privacy laws

Officials monitor Rio Grande River water supply after warning of Pemex release

Van Jones on "Crossfire" said that GOP stood for "Get Obama Party" as demonstrated

Black Star, White Ceiling: Why Can't Lupita Nyong'o Find a Role Worthy Of Her?

Kathleen PARKER just told Tweety Jeb Crow Shrub *IS* definitely running

Does Our Zeal to Support American Exceptionalism--Lead Us to View Other Countries as Dispensable?

Strange Drug Bust Reveals 18 Brutalized Pit Bulls on the Brink of Death

Kwon you hear me Phil - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - Bridgegate picks up steam

Paul Krugman slams the ‘parade of billionaires whining’ because people are criticizing them

Progress Moves Ahead For Phase One Of Second Avenue Subway

From Bundy To The Keystone XL: Where's The Property Rights Outrage Here?

TEPCO posts $4.3bn profit

Church demolition illuminates China's religious tensions

Jeopardy Regulars - spoiler