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(HuffPost) Over 300 years ago an artist created and documented any color you can think of

Chris Christie’s latest misery: N.J.’s finances

Larry Wilmore to Take Place of Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central

Know your Congressional Wingnuts: Louis Gohmert edition

North Korea unleashes racist slurs against Obama...

So Huntsvillians built the Saturn Vs that put Neil on the moon.

Realistic Universe Simulation

‘The Roosevelts’, A New Ken Burns Documentary Series Profiling Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor R.

Politicians appear in denial on climate change

another documentary tells the truth

No Worries: Fukushima Radiation Didn't Make it to L.A. Beaches

Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa butcher's closes after inspectors find mouldy carcasses and mouse droppings

But What Would the End of Humanity Mean for Me?

Thank you DU!

WV school punished rape victim by moving her back a grade, attorney general says

VMI to allow pregnant and parenting cadets to remain in school after federal probe

A big round of THANK YOU!

Evening news says Putin has not pulled troops back.

Help! TV is automatically switching to FOX News

The next mobile frontier: Trailer parks lure white-collar types seeking double-wide profits

Obama was picketed again, this time at the Mountain View WalMart.

Borowitz Poll:Millions of Americans Who Need Jobs Want Congress to Get to Bottom of Benghazi Thing

Comment from George Takei on the Arkansas ruling on same sex marriages...

Michigan Senate Subcommittee Proposes Penalty for Speech About Labor Unions

Michigan Senate Subcommittee Proposes Penalty for Speech About Labor Unions

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Encore! Best of Malloy & a new Kitteh gif!

The oncoming military draft (diabetes-related)

Friday Talking Points (303) -- Benghazi Frenzy!

luke10: 25- 28

Is DU having server problems? The response rate is really, really, really slow right now for me.

Rob Ford: One wild night in March

Just cast my California primary ballot.

Putin arrives in Crimea for Victory Day events as deadly Ukraine clashes erupt

If J Street’s self-description as “pro-Israel” is to be accepted, we must truly be living in wonderl

DNC members fume over Obama's decision to speak at Walmart

H2 Channel Sat night -- The Billionaire Agenda

May 9, 1972


U.S. Officers Kill Armed Civilians in Yemen Capital

Twelve laid off employees at Biondi Schools in the Bronx and in Yonkers to receive backpay and offer

Fort Worth Flight Simulator Employees receive nearly $105,000 in back pay



Wyoming Governor Blasts EPA's Coal Plant Proposal

Lawmaker Ignores His Own Facts To Make Debunked Benghazi Claim (Update)

Would the NRA support this?

Putin's Export Machine Rolls Right Over Sanctions, Outcry

Comedy Central Picks Stephen Colbert's Replacement

Plants vs. Zombies™ Game of the Year Edition - Free

Catholic teacher in Cincinnati backs gay son, quits to protest contract

The Summer That Will Change the Internet Forever

Nancy Pelosi: Families of Benghazi victims have asked us not to launch new committee

U.S. judge says Wal-Mart should face lawsuit over alleged Mexico bribery


TCM Schedule for Sunday May 11 - What's On Tonight: Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there

Amnesty: Nigeria warned of Boko Haram raid at girls school, failed to act

Rollin' wild

We should not give up on the South Dakota Senate race (PPP shows several Democratic advantages)

TCM Schedule for Monday May 11 - What's On Tonight: Mitzi Gaynor

NLRB General Counsel Griffin issues Memorandum on the Agency's 10(j) program

NLRB General Counsel Griffin issues Memorandum on the Agency's 10(j) program

How every question to the Benghazi Star Chamber needs to be answered

Meet the US Senate Candidate Who’s Standing With Cliven Bundy

Harvard study shows neonicotionoids are devastating colonies by triggerring colony collapse disorder

Militiamen move on from Bundy fight to next battle with BLM

This family thinks their dog's butt looks like Jesus...

Public-Land Protests and Their Big-Energy Puppet Masters

Ky. says gay marriage threatens state's birth rates

Editorial: Federal employees don’t deserve to be attacked (Salt Lake Trib)

World's No. 1 pesticide brings honeybees to their knees, say scientists

What if every road in America Generated Electric Power?

A Painting Hangs Over My Life

Report: Yemeni forces kill al Qaeda terrorist in capital

Canada's $207,000 oil sands ad: Putting a price on deception

In North Carolina, Rand Paul touts tea party diversity

Protestor at the MV Walmart before the Obama speech

A couple looking up

Pure primary gold

Aren't we getting a little tired of the Snowden/Greenwald flame wars?

Turntablism (aka, Scratching)

I do not speak for all liberal Christians. Only myself

"Larry Wilmore to Replace Colbert"

Texas Sues Xerox to Recover Millions in Allegedly Misspent Money

Salon: Samantha Power’s brazen hypocrisy: Media swallows propaganda, here’s the truth about Ukraine

The Plight of Red State Public Hospitals and the Patients They Serve

How Did You Congresscritter Vote on the American Research and Competitiveness Act of 2014

Are we/you/us/DU being hacked?

Coming this summer: Atheist TV!

Texas A&M System Announces Hiring Freeze

Here is a thought on the whole Min wage issue.

Tonight's inspirational story: Blind high school vaulter in Texas nearly medals

We like our hot guys stupid

Say, "Thank you Grandma Orange"

Weekend Economists Celebrate M-O-T-H-E-R, May 9-11, 2014

Simon's Cat - Scary Legs

Six men arrested for alleged rape of girl in Waco

Atheists to launch the first TV channel dedicated to godlessness (Hate the headline)

The US Air Force Is Not Afraid Of Godzilla

Ted Cruz: ‘I’m OK Talking to Gay People, But Christians Should Not Have to Do Business With Them’

Ted Cruz: ‘I’m OK Talking to Gay People, But Christians Should Not Have to Do Business With Them’

Forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate possibly identified? Was it marijuana?

Friday Night Contemplations?????

Major New Report on Climate Change...It's Here

Groundbreaking, must see TV is "Vice" = please read and maybe learn about it

Michelle Obama is to deliver weekly presidential address

My gift to DU tonight - Arizona Fire Lookout Pics

Well, dayum....

“Vikings”: A Post-Finale Chat with Gustaf Skarsgård (FLOKI)

So how much is Way Too Much ... ?

Kevin Durant - MVP Awards

5 signs the rich have way too much money

"Widespread ignorance bordering on idiocy is our new national goal"

How the Israeli gov't rewards land thieves

AP EXCLUSIVE: USAID's days counted in Ecuador

AP EXCLUSIVE: USAID's days counted in Ecuador

Al-Qaida's Thoughts on Boko Haram Will Make You Even More Terrified For Those Missing Girls

Jubilant Putin Visits Crimea, Asserts Russia’s Right To Annex Region

Panel moves to end NASA’s reliance on Russia to reach space station

Friday Night at the BOG!

Family of slain 93 yr-old Hearne resident Pearlie Golden said woman fired gun 2X before being shot

“Rural communities… where 39 percent of the folks who have a stroke or have a heart attack die."

The Nuclear Explosion You Never Heard Of...

Giants beat L.A. 3-1, but Brandon Belt breaks thumb

SB 1005 Health for All Act clears Senate Health Committee

If you dropped a cooked turkey onto the floor, right out of the oven, would you still serve it?

Vice President Tom Harkin 2016... could we make it happen ?

The Benefits of Insomnia: Finding a Great Blog Post by Robert Reich.

Wal-Mart should face lawsuit over alleged Mexico bribery -U.S. judge

Kids killed in Honduras for refusing to join gangs

Uruguay Becomes First Country to Legalize Marijuana Trade

Female candidates boost Dems hopes in tough year

UK probes 'trophy' pictures of dead Taliban

Will the State Department Torpedo Its Last Great Program?

I am a Realistic American Combating Ignorance & Socialist Trends

P&G Pulls Detergent Over Neo-Nazi Code

How much does a falling magnet weigh ?

Robert Parry: Putin's Subtle Message to Obama

Seattle’s paid sick and safe leave ordinance a win for workers and business

Will Hillary be as kind to banksters as Bill was?

The Colbert Report: Recap - Week of 5/5/14

The Daily Show: Recap - Week of 5/5/14

Here's Hoping Pres. O. Figures Out How to Use What Little Control He Has, Bef. He Has None.

About Time! FBI Investigating Welfare Rancher Cliven Bundy For Threatening Law Officers

We are happy and proud to announce

3 people missing after hot air balloon bursts into flames, crashes in Virginia

A Brilliant Plan To Give Billionaires Who Try To Buy U.S. Elections A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Could these guys be bigger assholes? (NSFW)

So the Nigerian govt now denies they knew of the attack beforehand?

Texas Sen. Cruz fires up Omaha rally for (NE) governor candidate Pete Ricketts

A portrait by Alfred Stieglitz

When you buy mattresses and box springs, will the vendor to get rid of the old one?

The Hell you say?

Happy Birthday to me.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Sends Right-Wing Flagship Newspaper Into Tizzy Over Evolution and Climate Change

Scientist Tells Bill Moyers That Letting Climate Change Happen Is an 'Intergenerational Crime'

the appalling hypocrisy of all of those crying tears over the kidnapped girls

Bizarre — Why Is Michigan Govt. Trying to Derail Detroit-Area's Urban Farming Movement?

First lady: Nigeria kidnappings 'unconscionable'

Is Whole Foods really that threatened by Walmart offering organics?

North Dakota is the deadliest state to work in

What Executive Order would you like to see Obama put into law?

Winter weather statements for parts of OR, ID, MT, NV, UT, CO, WY and SD at 744 AM EST

Hypothethical situation concerning post op pain and physical therapy.

Have you been to Beijing or any part of the People's Republic of China ?

On this Mother's Day Weekend...

Run, Joe, Run: Why Democrats Need a Biden Candidacy

What am I doing wrong?

Church of St. Aidan

Weekend Toon roundup 1- The Real Motive

For our teachers--a resource.

More Bad Luck

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- Girls

Weekend Toon Roundup 3- The rest

Libertarians’ scary new star: Meet Bryan Caplan, the right’s next “great” philosopher

Just found an empty birds nest on the ground...

David Brooks is still really bad at his job (May 9 edition)

Western Denial of Women's Danger In Islam Concerns Us ALL

TRN: Who Makes US Foreign Policy? - Lawrence Wilkerson On Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)

Newly Discovered Footage of the Hindenburg Disaster

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ May 10th

A Mother’s Day ‘Week of Action’ to #FreeMarissa

Despite Shocking Reports of Fraud at Charter Schools, Lawmakers Miss Opportunity to Increase Oversig

Judicial Hijinks in Effort to Kill Walker Criminal Probe and Destroy Evidence

care to expound on the current funding model versus the old campaigns ?

South Sudan signs ceasefire with rebels

How the International Struggle Against McDonald’s Could Bring a $15 Minimum Wage to NYC

First Lady Michelle Obama addresses nation on kidnapped Nigerian girls, importance of education

Did Pharmaceutical Firms Exploit Pancreas Problems to Increase Profits?

CL&P Tells Regulators It Wants To Raise Electricity Rates By 5.9%

When FL charter schools close, taxpayer money remains in private hands.

US blames Russia when Kyiv unleashes armored vehicles against civilians in eastern Ukraine

Poll: Millions of Unemployed Americans Want Congress To Get To Bottom Of This Benghazi Thing First

Ravens have social abilities previously only seen in humans

Steve Kornacki is breaking down the single vs married woman voters

Here’s why you have to be a dick to be a Republican

If someone from the 1950's suddenly appeared today........

The Rise of the Gig Economy

Facing Up to Atheism’s MRA Problem

What should Tyrion Lannister do now?

Catholic teacher in Cincinnati backs gay son, quits to protest contract

Satanic inmate sues Reno jail for religious meals

The Congresswoman Whose Husband Called Her Home

Larry Wilmore to take over Stephen Colbert’s time slot with ‘The Minority Report’ on Comedy Central

Merciful God, Merciful Church

Since 2000 my wages have been stagnant

Bill de Blasio Disapproves of Congress’ ‘Politicized’ Benghazi Investigation

Bill Clinton couldn't be prouder of Chelsea today

You'll forgive me if I find this the height of hypocrisy

Great news articles and columns about Tom Wolf

The CIA Aided Polio's Comeback–but Media Have Forgotten the Story

Your thoughts on a record I found on rootsireland, curious...

I saw a mother's day Starbucks commercial this morning

So then why is it wrong for Putin to visit Crimea but fine for Kerry to visit

‘End Of An Era’ As Metro-North’s Bar Cars Make Final Run

Did an Israeli spy hide in Al Gore's bathroom?

Gun Rights Letter Signed By Rand Paul Takes Obama Insanely Out Of Context

Bruno aide took call on grant from 'impatient' firm chief

Donald Sterling, meet Dan Snyder (cartoon)

Firearms Instructor Arrested In Probe of Bogus Armed Security Guard Licenses

The Ukraine crisis in a nutshell, as explained to me by a physics professor who lived both in ...

Grady Co. sticking to guns on park gun ban

The VA Hospitals "secret" waiting lists...

awesome youtube find - van halen's first 6 albums ( DLR era ) in one place...

Here's a squirrel enjoying himself.

APNewsBreak: NYC marijuana arrests drop moderately

Livni: Israeli settlements are to blame for failure of talks

Putin’s Subtle Message to Obama: Let's Talk

Rights and privileges are two entirely different things.

Browns sell 2,300 season tickets after Manziel pick

Wherein We Learn The True Nature of Bacon =

Time to start counting the ways Putin screwed his people over

Clarence Thomas Wrote A Bizarre Opinion About Religion And The Constitution

Wake up guys!

Have you seen this cat?

Can you believe 7 impossible things before breakfast?

Who Makes US Foreign Policy? - Lawrence Wilkerson On Reality Asserts Itself

7 Sacred Mothers To Celebrate An Interfaith Mother's Day

Today is my 34th anniversary

trouble in the South China Sea

Federal Agents Seek to Loosen Rules on Hacking Computers

Guardian - Harvard Study Directly Links Bee Deaths, CCD To Neonic Pesticides

Self-healing plastic mimics blood clotting (BBC)

End Beggar-thy-neighbor subsidies

X-post: My kittens Trixie and Gizmo discover boxes.

UMaine student who slept in car to save money will graduate same weekend as mother, sister

Protein Collected Years Ago From Australian Soft Coral Highly Effective At Blocking HIV Infection

Grammar is important

Disabled Woman Claims Parking Meters Are Too Tall

Scripps - With May 1/3 Gone, Still Stuck Above 401 ppm CO2

West Virginia Primary Election this Tuesday

Just curious: Does anyone else out there feel sorry for Bill Clinton?

Deep state: U.S. foreign policy product of permanent bureaucracy.

Decapitated Birds Found On Streets In Vegas Neighborhood

Press Corpse In Action; Final Score From Monday Briefing; Climate Change 26 Minutes, Benghazi 34

May 2014: Photo of the Day -

Pork Chops

Budget-strapped Israeli military banks on future US aid

Being Called a Racist is Far Worst Than Actually Doing Racist Stuff ...

9/11 remains returned to World Trade Center site

Sean Penn: Venezuela’s President Faces Same Challenges Obama Faced in 2009

Bar Cars Make Last Run on NYC-CT Commuter Trains

Is Republican Party Divided or Not?

So Republican Stepdad ordered pizza last night

Women and Religion

Pumped Up Kicks

Women and Religion

The Cost of ADA Compliance

How much does the Congressional Budget Office think a raise to $10.10 will cost corporate America?

Dear little freaks on Facebook

Gun control is not a cultural battle

Are you an enabler of hate?

Big Sugar; Big Ag is already fighting back with misleading sites against this new Film:

Weird question...

Since it's all the rage to complain about what people post (Greenwald)

Nigerian army posts two divisions to hunt for missing girls

Rethugs and Social Justice

Erwin Schrodinger admitted defeat ...

Batman meets his romantic destiny.

LGBT history: FIRST same-sex marriage license in the SOUTH

Romania Queries Moscow After Deputy PM Sends Bomber Jet Tweets.

Florida Man Wants To Open A Meeting With Satanic Prayer (DAILY KOS)

It's all about the priorities we set and the decisions we make.

Why did the chicken cross the pond?

Right hook?

Is this bigfoot?

Is it possible to watch the first episodes of the latest season of Scandal?

X post from cycling group: Avoiding right hooking bicyclists

LIVE RADIO NOW: Numbers prove it is immoral to oppose Obamacare

Why Men Can't Understand Women

US Evangelicals (Still) Exporting Homophobia...

A Song Going Thru my Head.

First same-sex couple marries in Arkansas after marriage ban struck down

Jesus Humor

Florida Man is a woman (this time)

Questions are raised about Christie, pension investment

New York lists 51 bridges needing upgrades, retrofits

"The best single idea for celebrating Mother's Day is Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour"

New Yorkers March From Harlem To Midtown, Rally In Support Of Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

It's About Time: A "Fiery" Biden delivers 'Elizabeth Warren-type speech' at fundraiser

Protest of Prof. John Yoo at UC Berkeley commencement ceremony! Happening now!

Uh Oh, Mass. gov. candidate Charlie Baker denies connection between donation, investment!

Dedication to Lounge: Maureen McGOVERN There's Got to Be a Morning After

Dog Vs. Cat and Cat Parking Assist

Consumption of Whole Milk is BAD for Marriage in Alabama!

Obama To Push Infrastructure Spending At Tappan Zee Bridge

God damn it, don't tell me that democrats are the same as republicans!!

Where did that word come from? Ever asked that question?

Reports: 100,000 'yes' ballots for referendum intercepted in Sloviansk

Citizens Storm In & Take Over Albuquerque City Council In Protest Of Police Brutality

Turkey dating show contestant reveals he killed ex partners

I'd rather have my hair on fire than my head in the sand, when it comes to Corporate Power

Wal-Mart gets ammo for decreasing wages

Year of Action: "We're not done yet"

EPA Takes First Step Toward Regulating Fracking Chemicals

That Embassy is a GOP Talking Point----so Why Is DU Talking about It and Not ACA, Unemployment,

Want to feel good? Spend 4 minutes watching this amazing clip --

The Secret History of Life-Hacking

This is why I dislike Cuomo.

Web hosting company puts FCC in the 'slow lane' in net neutrality protest

Czech politicians, survivors honor memory of victims of Communism

This is why we need to strengthen unions, not eliminate them....

Texas climate change deniers

How to Win an Argument - 38 Methods from Schopenhauer

A gay male survivor's story

It’s Gadgets vs. Eyeballs as Two Species of Bird-Watchers Clash

NRC: Indian Point needs more earthquake evaluation

We can't count on plants to slow down global warming

First Lady in New Orleans today - tells Dillard grads to stay hungry for learning

Trail Ride to Challenge Federal Control of Utah Land.

Japanese Aerospace Agency Plans for Space-Based Solar Energy Farm by 2030

(Ukraine and the) Crisis of Legitimacy

Someone let me know when it's cool again to eat yogurt that's not nasty

The Next Cliven Bundy Showdown

'Former friend, supporter of George Zimmerman has change of heart'

7 ways to help your friend get out of a toxic relationship

chickens in the city-

article about Net Neutrality, please read and critique, thanks !

Happy mothers day

Soylent is here. It's not people.

Pope Paul VI to be beatified October 19; will be one step closer to sainthood

Charter Schools discriminate against males? Yes, duh.

U.S. 'net neutrality' plan faces heat from venture capitalists

Watch Sister Simone smack down Dinesh D'Souza


You Pass Butter

Twin Twin/Moustache

Chicago Police Sgt promotions finally announced: promoted dead man, guy who's already a Sgt...

If you worry about thinking too much

Bernie Sanders: Who are the Koch Brothers?

Obama’s Move On Solar Is Equivalent To A Year Without 80 Million Cars

"Huge loss for Eric his top lieutenant Linwood Cobb is toppled"

Oh C'mon local TV stations: leave the astronomers alone

Did Anyone Else Ever Read an Encyclopedia?

Arkansas Clerk Issues 1st Gay Marriage License

I need pregnant kitty help!!!

A brief reminder of the history of net neutrality as a concept

1982 - Hits from Coventina's collection

Are 'female friendly' restaurants sexist?

DU will not load at all in IE 11 (at least for me).

Kansas And Arizona Voter Registration Fight Not Over Yet

Kansas And Arizona Voter Registration Fight Not Over Yet

I can never get enough of this stuff

9/11 remains returned to World Trade Center site

State suspends Gig Harbor, Washington physician’s license after alleged threats

Pope Francis announces beatification date for Paul VI

Arizona republicans wanted atheists to be forbidden to graduate...

I'm really not surprised to see people attacking Michelle Obama....

Is there something in the South Carolina water?

Militants hold Red Cross workers for seven hours in east Ukraine

Loon supporting Bundy is on disability.

Me on the O'Reilly Factor criticizing Republicans for starting yet another Benghazi investigation

Think your sand castle is cool, check out mine!

Iowa’s Republican Secretary of State Just Proved That Voter ID Laws Are Unnecessary

Iowa’s Republican Secretary of State Just Proved That Voter ID Laws Are Unnecessary

Texas officer who shot armed 93-year-old fired

“Black racism is a myth…"

You personally have my permission to knuckle-dust any fool who wears one of these atrocities...

Silhouette Man Sums It Up: WTF is Wrong With Americans?

Anti-vax kills: polio spreads in Pakistan

Supreme Court Prayer Ruling May Bring Atheists, Minority Religions Together, Atheist Leader Says

France Is Spending 3 Million Euros to Save the Great Hamster of Alsace

Hans Pieter Von Wahnsin performing the 1st ever equestrian clean-&-jerk during the Olympic trials

The FCC can’t handle all the net neutrality calls it’s getting, urges people to email instead

Rio 2016 Olympics 'could move to London'

Not Your Daddy's Flintstones...

Fukushima is an ongoing problem

Damn, I miss Albert Heijn…

Hobby Lobby Oral Arguments..

"Intolerant negros have an agenda to force interracial marriage on America and destroy the bible"

Sweating Obama Admits Drone Strikes Have Been Happening On Their Own

Why atheists should care about transgender issues: A conversation with Kayley Whalen

Geraldo to Eric Bolling: You Want to Cut Obama’s Throat in Every Story We Do! That’s Your Job!

Robert Reich: The four biggest right-wing lies about inequality

Jindal to warn of religious intolerance by left, slam HGTV

Problems accessing DU

Former House Speaker Jim Wright says he probably shouldn’t have retired

Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking Honored by White House

An Idea To Get The Youth Vote Out In Nov....

Republicans Terrified of ObamaCare Success

SCOTUS is a major problem.

There's a chicken on my balls, a deer on my bed and a fox waiting in line for the ATM. That is all.

Pope Francis Tweets for prayer for the return of our girls.

County clerks discuss headaches of marriage order

Sofia is three!

I just had a woman running for the Justice Court ...

Bundy son leads 300 activists in armed protest for right to ATV in Utah’s sacred ‘Recapture Canyon’

Gowdy - I have evidence of a cover up but I can't disclose that evidence

Issa and Boehner beating a dead horse

7 ways pesticide companies are spinning the bee crisis to protect profits

Nintendo apologizes for lack of virtual equality

Venezuela's Maduro rails at 'stupid' U.S. sanctions calls

Arkansas issues same-sex marriage licenses

Dozens ride ATVs into Utah’s Recapture Canyon in lands dispute rally

GOP "Family Values": When Rural Hospitals Close for Lack of Medicaid, Women and Children Die

Michael Sam drafted by St. Louis Rams

Beans, beans musical fruit.

Argentine scientist who challenged Monsanto dies

Argentine scientist who challenged Monsanto dies

Rams draft Michael Sam

Luckovich Toon: The Last Word

Michael Sam Drafted by Rams

Family: Fremont teacher slapped boy over math test

Plane with smoke in cockpit returns to LAX

Michael Sam celebrates being drafted w/a kiss from his boyfriend, aired live on ESPN (now w-video)

Austria wins Eurovision Song Contest

Vermont passed a GMO labeling bill

My wife got me the original Cosmos series on DVD.

FBI Finally Shows Up! Bundy's Thugs Suddenly Deny They Pointed Weapons at Federal Agents

Just a quick update to let you know what Florida Woman's been doing lately!

Toon-Microstrikes for the Modern Workplace

Governor Christie and the Kochtopus

GEOPOLITICS instead of BS on Russia

Michael Sam Drafted By Rams

Summer semester starts in a few weeks.

Rand Paul to GOP: Our party's gone crazy and we're offending people

Good Grief! The stupid never stops. A post about Michael Sam.

Anderson Cooper on the serial pooper

El Salvador says wanted ex-president fled country