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NASA Earth Observatory - Baikal Still Largely Iced In, But Fires Parallel Much Of Its Length 4/22/14

The tornado sirens just went off here in Bellevue...

Governors who reject the ACA will kill thousands.

Will the Government Listen? Ukraine: Lies and Realities - CounterPunch

Omaha metro area no longer under tornado warning

Will the Government Listen? Ukraine: Lies and Realities

Fight intensifies over what can, can't be said about Israel in the U.S.

It’s the little things about occupation

A Mother's day gift for all you DU moms...The Birth Certificate Hula

Beware of aid agencies bearing gifts

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 12 May 2014

Amid Eastern Ukraine Vote, Soldiers Open Fire on Crowd - Associated Press

I had to post this

CHP Officers Rescue Scared Chihuahua From Busy Highway

Artist Mark Ryden's "Daisy Bell" music videos...

Artist Mark Ryden's "Daisy Bell" music videos...

Samsung chairman hospitalized after heart attack

"Split appears in GOP as more call for raising federal minimum wage"

Mother’s Day On Our Radar – Mindy Forsythe Rescues A Tortured Gay Teen (trigger warning)

The Blue Man Group

time to go to bed so I say to all

4th Trimester Bodies Project

"Meet the chief prosecutor in the GOP’s Benghazi show trial"

JOSH MARSHALL – This is my mother, Sandra. She died 33 years ago.

TPP and Free Trade REALLY IS a plan to bring back jobs and industry to the US

Colombia: ’Why did they kill my son, take my husband away?’

Did anyone see John Oliver's show last week on HBO? Was it any good?

Italian opera in a London grocery store

A Brilliant Plan To Give Billionaires Who Try To Buy U.S. Elections A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Republicans are working on a bill to prevent states like Vermont

Uruguay says legal marijuana to be good and cheap

Woman Made From Iron

Would the existence or non-existence of deities be irrelevant to political discussion if...?

Artist Mark Ryden's "Daisy Bell" music videos...

Letters Marque and Reprisal, crowdfunding, and #bringbackourgirls

I encourage everyone to watch the entire discussion with bell hooks before saying anything...

So my good friend asked me what it's like to be black...

Israel hate crimes 'poison atmosphere' for pope visit

Couple Set to Appear on the Maury Show End Up in Jail Instead

Ran into John Kerry today in Tribeca

Remember this?

Mad Men (possible spoilers)

Colombia ex-leader told to back up allegations

Clippers' Sterling apologizes, says 'not a racist'

Gabby Giffords: Our moms are our teachers.


What, no Mother's Day thread?

Cliff Diving World Series Kicks Off in Cuba

What is the ultimate solution to income inequality in the US?

Stormy Monday, 5/12/14

Super PACs spend big in Oregon GOP Senate primary

'Attempted' annexation of Crimea latest in US 'diplospeak' euphemisms

CNN poll: 61 percent want to keep health care law as is or make some changes.

A sand sculpture on a beach in Puri, India

Vibram, 'Barefoot Running Shoe' Company, Settles Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Sen. John McCain Hears Vets Complaints Over VA

Man arrested for claiming US-South Korean drill caused ferry sinking

FCC chairman will revise broadband proposal - ISPs will not be able to segregate web traffic.

Looniest Benghazi theory I've seen so far...

US democracy in Guyana project on hold for talks

A man wakes up in the hospital bandaged from head to foot.

Imposter Rumsfeld?

"Independent Contractor" or employee? Is this the latest scamming of workers?

I refuse to listen

Illegal fishing: 21st-century pirates plunder treasures of Costa Rica’s seas

Listen to me very carefully. I ate ice cream for dinner not because it was a good idea...

Meet the Costa Rican Lawyer Who Sued His Own President For Backing the Iraq War

Architects union mulls suspending membership of the Israeli association of architects

I think I need a break from GD

Reading for fun drops dramatically among teens, report says

High-tech thieves siphoning diesel fuel from South Florida gas stations

Indyk: Settlement building poses a danger to 'Israel's Jewish future'

Giants win in 10th after L.A. ties it in 9th

Privilege = shit you don't have to put up with

A frustrated parent responds on a Common Core assignment. Looks like it's back to the old New Math.

Texas Education Agency changes how it grades public schools

Exiles captured in Cuba during armed infiltrations cannot return to the US

Exiles captured in Cuba during armed infiltrations cannot return to the US

Attraction - Shadow Theater Group

Daniele Ganser Lecture...

DUer 'onestepforward' has passed away.

So someone tried to break into my house

This is the world’s most valuable selfie of CEOs.

Is there a ETA

a beautiful musical tribute to moms (sent to me from my son)

X-post from GD: DUer 'onestepforward' has passed away

Dumbest thing you ever did driving?

MA Gov. Deval Patrick Calls For ‘Future Free Of Fossil Fuels,’ And Zero Coal In Four Years

The poster prevents a reply to his post by setting it up so that after you click on "reply"

Feature request...

More restaurants need this.

On reliable sources. CNN is great

One Fukushima resident's impassioned plea

Response to Tragedy - Ted Rall

Kremlin hopes for dialogue after Ukraine vote

Elizabeth Warren Blasts Boehner’s House Circus, ‘That’s not how you run a country.’

Score me some catnip, or else...

Let's Ride….

John Oliver, Bill Nye present the way media SHOULD hold climate change "debate"

Pilots Come Clean: Drone Warfare Is Riddled with Tragic, Bloody Errors

Seeing America's Longest War Through Afghan Eyes

I possess a device, in my pocket, that is capable of accessing the entirety of information...

The Marx Brothers? Pope Francis and Thomas Piketty Both Want to Redistribute Wealth

Panama: President-elect Pledges To Normalise Relations With Venezuela, Colombia

And you thought $88 Million Was A Lot To Waste on NASCAR?

Bible-Thumping Pastor Believes Women Shouldn't Interfere with 'God's Will' In Pregnancy--Unless

President Morales: Costa Rica Business Leaders Interested In Bolivia Gas

Hero Mutt: Dog Calls 911, Helps Save Veteran (Hero Pit Bull)

If a woman surprises a man


No, People Don’t Get Buried In Credit Card Debt Because They’re Bad With Money

Joe Scum and Climate Change

The Mother Of Dragons' Day...

Watch this “Years of Living Dangerously” takedown of Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity

France won't cancel warship deal with Russia: sources

What are you reading the week of May 11, 2014?

‘We Kill People Based on Metadata’

An Oral History of the No Nukes Movement - By Al Giordano

Boko Haram Video: We'll Exchange Nigerian Girls For Prisoners

Tater, Moonpie, and Me

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Rethugs

Monday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Boehners admitts the IRS investigation is all about IMPEACHING!!! Obama

Juvenile In Justice

Plant miRNAs Could Enter Host Blood And Tissues Via Food Intake, Study Suggests

Why don't people care about climate change (or act on their concern)?

Chapman is back and he's smokin'!

Climate Change in the U.S. in 8 Frightening Charts

Chris Hedges: The Power of Imagination

Truthdigger of the Week: Cecily McMillan

Uganda anti-gay law led to tenfold rise in attacks on LGBTI people, report says

Scientists: Methane from 2010 BP oil spill lasted long after clean-up

Southern Ocean winds strongest in 1,000 years: study

Exclusive: Air traffic system failure caused by computer memory shortage

"nutrition bed with Big Food"

US black pastor group: America is being ‘re-engineered’ by gay activists

Solar Panels On The White House : Video

British public wrong about nearly everything, survey shows.

The March for Marriage in D.C. this June -- how to respond?

Does Paul Krugman know he doesn't understand math?

Virginia official: Non-Christian public prayer violates my rights ‘because I don’t believe that’

Phila. Inquirer Profile of Tom Wolf

Nigerian schoolgirls: Boko Haram releases new video, says schoolgirls have converted to Islam

Why Rand Paul Can't Stop, Won't Stop Talking About Hillary Clinton

White privilege 101: Here’s the basic lesson Paul Ryan, Tal Fortgang and Donald Sterling need

Estranged Wife Says Donald Sterling May Have Dementia

Bloomberg: Attacks On Hillary Over Benghazi Are 'Cheap Politics'

Why doesn't DU look nice in IE 5?

Paul Krugman- Crazy Climate Economics

Czech Defense Minister sees no NATO troops stationed on Czech soil.

The right is convinced that biased debate moderators made their candidates look bad

How the Left Cut Down a Democratic Frontrunner

Anti-gay fervor in Uganda hurts region’s AIDS projects

Liberal online group helped Oliver Koppell raise nearly $30,000 so far

(WIPP) Nuclear Waste Leak Traced To --- Kitty Litter

De Blasio budgets for accessible taxis

I would suggest George Will shove his incandescent light bulbs where the sun don't shine.

Yale professor on (Russian) fascism in Ukraine

The Crisis in Ukraine: What Can Be Done?

"Now I just have to figure out who Julia Child is..."

Why the U.S. Plastics Industry Loves the Fracking Boom

Cinco de Mayo observances cause student protests

one last mom thread- for all the moms whose kids are jerks.

Wet spring snows hit Rockies, Nebraska

Cuomo lets a running-mate question linger

What did Boehner's Select Committee on the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster Find?

Sovereign Citizens Dodge Taxes, Claim to Be From "Kingdom of Heaven"

Research in India suggests Google search results can influence an election

Watch: John Oliver And Bill Nye Show Why Cable News Climate "Debates" Are So Ridiculous

November 2014 Elections..

These Mysterious Cave Churches And Monasteries Totally Rock

1981 - Hits from Coventina's Collection

1914-2014: Imperialism means war (KKE analysis)

Warren Ballintine: Gay people have more rights than black people

A Silicon Valley Native Describes All The Ways The Valley Has Changed

Schumer Wants Reward Established To Help Find Missing Girls In Nigeria

Sandy Hook "Truther" Steals Memorial Sign

New Jersey Allowed to Require ''Justifiable Need'' to Carry a Firearm in Public

Live Updates: Arkansas counties issue same-sex marriage licenses

NRA plans TV and online shows to promote firearm culture

New Jersey should begin enforcing smart-gun mandate

The cartoon hillbilly - by Tom Tomorrow

As with Obamacare, GOP will need fifty failed Benghazi attempts before they move on...

Chrysler reports $690 million first quarter loss

Do you need an emotional pick-me-up today?

John Oliver's hbo show last night had 2 political ads on the Kentucky senate race

Arizona house so full of guns, it’s a miracle the 3-year-old only now shot himself

Deputy who choked TN student opts for early retirement instead of fighting termination

Cop that killed 93 Y/O woman has been fired.

Ice-loss moves the Earth 250 miles down

Pryor leading in Arkansas Grimes and Nunn very close in NEW polling

Dems very competitive in the medterms in the south despite the media's DOOM and GLOOM

Moms Stand Up Against Domestic Abuse By Walking Across Brooklyn Bridge

Network/IT people, please come help this thread in W&H.....

Show Us The Drone Memos - Rand Paul

so i noticed another thread about the donation levels

First walkabout with my new camera.

Craigslist posters!!!! You don't need to post the same ad for the same apartment 6 times

Geithner Called Dinesh D'Souza A 'Dick' For Outing Of Dartmouth Gays

Rams GM On Michael Sam: 'I Could Feel The Pivot In History'

DiNapoli: Pension Fund Hits All-Time High

Cognitive Dissonance is Cognitivey: Ukraine Edition (Stalin, Bandera, Maidan and Russian separatism)

Dolphins Suspend Player For Tweet About Michael Sam Kiss

Forget the KeyStone Pipeline - shouldn't every Senator and Representative from a coastal state

NYC's lever voting machines warehoused... but not forgotten (or unused)

Violent Clashes in Mariupol on Victory Day: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 36)

Frank Schaeffer: The God-Believing Atheist

As of 1120 AM EDT, Severe Thunderstorm warnings in parts of IL and WI

New Battle for the Dating of Chauvet Cave

"Stem cell" woo sellers get jail.

Heaven is for neuroscience: How the brain creates visions of God

Conservatives Complain Sam Is Treated Better For Being Gay Than Tebow Was For Being A Christian

All NYC Marriage Licenses Today Will Be Covered by 'Modern Family'

Let's do a lounge book club and discussion

Police ask blogger to remove tweet about Ukip

Have you heard anything about the Synod coming up this Fall?

Record retail rents along some posh strips

Pic Of The Moment: Dramatic Improvement At Fox News!

South Korea Says North Korea 'Must Disappear Soon'

Ever been to Australia (or live there) ?

WOW! My Rent is going down due to Solar Panels and other energy saving items!

Allen West: #BringBackOurGirls Is Just A Distraction From #Benghazi

Homophobia must not be tolerated in schools, Church of England says

OK, DUers, say you were in charge of the FCC

Church of Stop Shopping Swarms RoboBee Lab - HoneyBeeLujah!

A successful parasite is one that is not recognized by its host

After the Russian Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Who the 7 Dems are, voting for the Benghazi inquisition. I "get" they're from wingnut districts

OK this will generate a variety of comments

Louie Gohmert compares reality TV show cancellation to female genital mutilation

Nine Venezuelan government officials in the US list of drug trafficking

Glenn Greenwald: ‘I don’t trust the UK not to arrest me’ over NSA leaks

What McMansions say about Americans

Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points [303] -- Benghazi Frenzy!

Sandy Hook truther steals memorial sign, tells victim’s mother her child never existed

Was poisoning of scientist's dog a warning from Humboldt pot growers?

Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity has $125 million budget for 2014, but it's fair because ...

The demonic flinging of chocolates! (Blog post by PZ Myers)

This guy is running for the Colorado state legislature?

English fashion designer launches updated clerical line for women

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? honouring dorothy hodgkin, credited

'Fire rainbows'

World record attempt at tossing cabers

Paulin and Lanza want sex trafficking bill out of women's equality agenda

Dolphins' Don Jones fined for tweets about Michael Sam

For Firefox users having trouble with DU, troubleshooting tip here:

Death Panels

Double Squee Warning - Happy 1st Birthday to my Rescue Kitteh Blue, and here's the Calico again...

The Cubs have joined the 10,000 loss club

You all owe me money for the sunshine.

Plugging In Your Brain and Body – The Future Of Implanted Computers

The Documentary Hypothesis as described by Dr Stephen DiMattei (X-post Religion)

The Documentary Hypothesis as described by Dr Stephen DiMattei (X-post AandA)

update on my leg

Michael Sam second to Johnny Manziel in rookie jersey sales

If cats took Selfies...

Um... Marty, the Reds are NOT in first place. >>

Timing, reimbursement process scuttle upstate pre-K programs

Facing Challenge to Execution, Texas Calls Its Process the Gold Standard

Eastern Ukrainians Vote for Self-Rule in Referendum Opposed by West

Activists ask speaker to put single-payer health care bill to a vote on the Assembly floor

Get Well Gifts for the Unvaccinated

This is so cute! Let's caption it!

The Connection Between Racial Justice & Climate Justice - Mychal Denzel Smith Discusses

Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns Wins Twitter Feud with The Weather Channel

In the Spirit of Peter Matthiessen

Where is Ukraine? Don't believe CNN. >>

No More “Texas Solutions”

He Got A Good Idea From The Internet, Put It On A Cardboard Sign, And Made It Real

East Village unprovoked attack leaves man dead

Fast Food Workers Global Strike May 15th

The Rude Pundit: GOP Senator Marco Rubio Is a Frighteningly Stupid Man ...

The 100 Year Starship Session at the EU Parliament

My LTTE printed yesterday

Germans Fight Neo-Nazis by Liking Their Facebook Page and Flooding It With Love

Outsider Democrats Friedman & Hogan Vie for Agriculture Commissioner

#MonuMeet - Follow the reopening of the Washington Monument on Instagram!

COULTERgeist mocks FLofUS with hashtag pic. Twitter responds slapping her down

State expects developers to make "minimum" investments in casinos of as much as $350 million

Hometown police withdraw endorsement for Ken Paxton in AG race

How to Talk to Your Kids About Michael Sam

Last lawsuit from A&M Bonfire collapse settled

Global Capitalism, the US Empire and Russian Nationalism

The Washington Monument reopened today

Chris Weigant: The Big Republican Pivot

Outside group hits Grimes on coal, Obama

Southern Democrats Competitive Despite Rough Midterm Climate

Rutgers QB arrested for assault; victim in critical condition

Bipartisan group of senators hopes to curb elder abuse

Technical College System Pursuing Single Accreditation

Sandy Hook truther steals memorial sign, tells victim’s mother her child never existed

Ah, beautiful Coors Field on May 12th. >>

It's springtime for crazy in Washington (Operation American Spring)

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 12

Chamber Prez: GOP Has No Chance In 2016 If It Blocks Immigration Reform

G.O.P. Rivals Question Rubio’s Ignorance Credentials

Allen West: Kidnapped Nigerian girls are a ‘fishy’ Obama plot to distract from Benghazi

EPA, GE begin season five of Hudson dredging

India elections: stunning exit poll results

Racism, Again: Why Drug Tests Are Helping Black Americans Get Jobs

Who sponsors a Nutritionists Conference? Why McDonalds and Frito Lay of course

Militant MadAmerika | Philip A Farruggio

Rancher Cliven Bundy's grazing debt has no equal among Oregon cattlemen

Filing for election starts today

You know what I suddenly missed today?

Fact Check: Harry Reid and that possible 'land grab'

Ethics complaint filed against John Cahill a day after he announces run for attorney general

Today's LA Times on the Republicans and Benghazi:

Cliven Bundy’s Son Is Rosa Parks Of Riding ATVs Through Protected Native Lands

Teacher of the Year pens BREAKUP letter to state of North Carolina.

Higher penalties for fleeing an accident scene

PHOTOS: Ark. Couples Rush to Marry, Fearing Court Stay

Russia demands payment for next month's gas on June 2: Russian media

GOTV! Mark Pryor leads Tom Cotton 51-40 with all voters in Arkansas.

Your kitchen just got a lot more interesting...

Michael Sam and BF Vito Cammisano (nice pics)

BBC sacks veteran DJ for playing original version of song which has the N word

Hats off to India for conducting the largest democratic election in human history.

Transportation Alternatives supports bill to allow illegal immigrants to get driver licenses

Glenn Greenwald Doesn't Share Washington's Love Of Tim Russert

Is anyone else having problems linking to DU ..

Colorado: Over $25 Million in Marijuana Revenue Since Legalization

Jury rules that Dallas billionaires Charles, Sam Wyly used offshore trusts to hide trades

All those climate change deniers won't shut up

You know you are a "D***" when Tim Geitner calls you a .......

Harvard president calls planned Black Mass 'abhorrent'


Melissa Mark-Viverito Calls Eric Cantor’s Bronx Visit ‘Unfortunate’

Bible contradictions and historical inaccuracies visualized and sourced.

Nigerian extremist leader demands fighter release (re: missing schoolgirls)

"The worship of the ancient golden calf has returned.........

"The Man Who Knows Too Much? "GQ" interview with Greenwald..."More Bombs to Come"

Tire Slasher Gets Probation Despite Outrage of Neighbor Victims

Rupert Murdoch hopes to create pan-European TV giant

The Indians Are Coming!

NASA/GRL/Science - Collapse Of West Antarctic Ice Sheet Appears To Be Under Way, Likely Unstoppable

Ole Miss Star Marshall Henderson Tweets He's Boycotting ESPN Because of Michael Sam

De Blasio: W.F.P. must make its own choice on Cuomo

NASA/GRL/Science - Collapse Of West Antarctic Ice Sheet Appears To Be Under Way, Likely Unstoppable

Weekend Gun Report: May 9-11, 2014

It occurs to me that charter schools are just like congress:

Meet Michael Sam’s Partner: Vito Cammisano, a Former Missouri Swimmer

Oil 4 Blood - Lakota Rapper's Sound Track to Keystone Protests

Second MERS Case in U.S. Reported in Orlando

... time .. someone asked Washington .. Sheriff .. Helder about .. Oath Keepers?

Well, I’ll be hornswoggled! (The Union | Nevada County CA)

US Patent Office Grants 'Photography Against A White Background' Patent To Amazon

Football's Risks Sink In, Even in Heart of Texas

Incredible, must-read piece written by Timothy Snyder on the Ukrainian crisis and underlying history

Protesters in Utah drive ATVs onto federal land — but find no showdown

Black Americans Activists Who Never Said "White Privilege"

Greenwald: "Hillary is banal, corrupted, drained of vibrancy and passion...a fucking hawk..."

Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans as Antarctic Ice Melts

Hard news journalism by CNN

Same-sex marriage licenses issued per county as of Monday: Carroll County: At least 27 since Saturd

A variation on the Pledge of Allegiance:

I'm buying large appliances for the first time - any tips on shopping?

Multiple counties issuing same-sex marriage licenses, 1 quit

Straw Poll Shows Cantor Losing Badly to Dave Brat; Video of Cantor Being Booed

Openly Gay Mesa PD officer killed by wrong-way driver

A so sad, but so true cartoon.

Moreland referrals spur call for itemized expenses

More marriage licenses for same-sex couples issued in Pulaski Co.

Seven Years for Occupy Protester Cecily McMillan

This dog doesn't fetch

Bill proposes commission to investigate complaints against state prosecutors

C&L-"Marco Rubio Says Scientists Are Wrong: 'Human Activity' Does Not Cause Climate Change"


Why do people believe baseless conspiracy theorists?

NBC series has joke about school massacres

NYPD To Stop Seizing Condoms From Suspected Sex Workers

East Ukraine separatists seek union with Russia

Gov. McAuliffe calls for review of abortion clinic regulations in Virginia

Michelle Bachmann Chooses 3 Funny Companies As Examples Of Obamacare Hurting Their Earnings

Nearly 30 US personnel assisting Nigerian search

State anti-smoking chief questions e-cigs as quit aids

Traditional Norwegian embroidery

Darkness falls across the land...

Because I say so.

"The Man Who Knows Too Much?" "GQ" interview with Greenwald..."More Bombs to Come"

The Case Against Killer Robots - Why the United States Should Ban Them

Hospitals see blue-red divide early into Obamacare’s coverage expansion

Get Out Of That Tree, Goats!

Stephen Cohen: Is the US Applauding War Crimes in Ukraine?

Blood-Soaked US has No Business Opposing Sovereignty Plebiscites

Dave Weigel: Republicans are overly optimistic about 2014.

Is there a consensus on whether the Muslim religion allows forced conversions?

How to make blind, unquestioning credulity look like intelligent scepticism:

Down the Slippery Slope to a National Religion; From Your Activist SCOTUS

Plesiadapis, 55 mya. Wouldn't it make a nice animal companion, if we could time travel and get one?

American nuns at rough end of Pope Francis’s mixed messages

Because I say so.

Did anyone catch "Mad Men" last night?

If you would just admit...

Congressional candidate Keith Crisco dies suddenly at home

"Inside Putin's Rigged Ukraine Election"

How much bigotry is okay?

BOOK REVIEW: Reality Check: How Science Deniers Threaten Our Future

Terry McAuliffe Reminds Virginia Women Why They Voted for Him

Keith Crisco dies at his home just days after primary

Tom Brady is now the second-best looking quarterback for the New England Patriots

Breaking: Clay Aiken NC primary opponent Keith Crisco dies in fall at home

Father arrested protesting over teaching Jodi Picoult at high school

Is White Male Straight Privilege Real?


'Modern Family’ Pays For NYC Marriage Licenses

$15 an Hour CAN WORK for small business- Non Profit hiring halls!

Possible to remove an archived post containing my name?

Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

Amon Amarth...sorta funny

what would be acceptable.

The Enemies of Economic Stimulus | Philip A. Farruggio

So let me get this straight.....

How Prostitution Will Survive the Rise of the Sexbots

#BringBackOurCriticalThinking | Mickey Z.

What It's Like Having A Disease That Makes You Trust Everyone

Pastor: Christians should drop ‘us vs. them’ mentality

Maidan and Armenian political perspectives

I married my same-sex partner in Little Rock, Arkansas today.

Okay. I checked my privilege. Now what? Is there an actual political goal somewhere?

Legendary DJ Casey Kasem Missing

Charter school boss Eva Moskowitz: I may run for mayor

Mother Nature's Mothers Day

Should the U.S. continue aiding the Kiev government?

Uribe refuses to corroborate Santos drug money allegations under oath

AT&T Said in Advanced Talks to Buy DirecTV for About $50 Billion

FCC proposed rules

I wonder if Michael Sam will be the target of cheap shots if he plays

Ann Coulter's AMAZING Fail!

Meet The Republican Judge Fighting To Bail Scott Walker Out Of A Criminal Investigation

Here's The Simple Explanation For Why Cops Seem Arrogant

Indyk vs. Indyk

My day/life in a nutshell

Med marijuana at 39 yes votes ‘and growing,’ Savino says

Dare to imagine what could have been.

"Let's drink for our fatherland, drink for Hitler, drink and pour out some more."

Florida Man Sent To Hospital After Attempting To Have Sex With Beer Can

1st MERS virus case reported in Central Florida

Solar window this only available in Europe?

Catholic Teacher Backs Gay Son, Quitting to Protest Contract

Good vibes thread for dallas/Central Texas Du folks.

Obama climate change panel to meet in Des Moines

How to survive a plane crash.

Oh DAMN!! anyone see this story

I just realized that Michael Moore hasn't released a film in five years.

All the single ladies, all the single ladies/Are possessed: Kevin Swanson, idiot

Colombia's FARC female fighters

Kerry, Abbas to meet in London on Thursday


Russia Stops Short of Recognizing East Ukraine Secession Vote

Wildfire at 35 percent contained; over 2000 evacuated

How to rob a bank (from the inside) -William Black

Seats Unfilled, Fed May Have Trouble Meeting Duties

Budget deficit on track for six-year low

An Open Letter to Bill Maher From a Muslim American

Michael Sam Puts Spotlight on Missouri's LGBT Laws

Black Mass Relocated Off Campus Amid Uproar

Jameis Winston's father wants 24/7 handler for Heisman winner

Reactor 3 Spent Fuel Pool Debris Removal Update: Fuel Handling Machine Set for Removal

Iran Claims Copy Of Captured US Drone Will Soon Take Test Flight

What does Eastern Ukraine vote for? Why is eastern region's will to vote condemned by the West?

I got summoned for jury duty & am empaneled on a serious criminal case. Why am I

White House urges highway bill passage, says jobs at stake

Tenfold Spike in Anti-LGBT Attacks in Uganda Since Antigay Law's Passage

Ted Cruz Blames Gay People For Ruining America –

Clay Aiken's Democratic rival dies suddenly

Cosmopolitan has a circulation of 3,017,987. It's the world's leading women's magazine

Kremlin: Putin, OSCE Urge Dialogue Between Kiev And East Ukraine

Stuck in sand, smugglers bail on 1,000 pounds of pot

Water Falling Over Things 2014: Part III ("Eagle Creek keeps fallin' on my head...")

Anti-gay radio host Dino Costa lost his sponsor, because of us (Update).

New book: Solidarity - Selected Essays by Dan Gallin

Denial, Delusion And Jewish Settlements Are Killing The Two-State Solution

New book: Solidarity - Selected Essays by Dan Gallin

Browns tell Johnny Manziel to start acting "like a backup quarterback"

The cure for privilege.

How An Indiana Hospital Got It Right When MERS Showed Up At The Door

Tornado Sirens going off

Whoa: Blockbuster new scoop on what Hillary knew about Benghazi

Ann Curry Rescued By Boy Scout Troop

Boehner says he's nudged Jeb Bush on presidency

Texas Says It Will Ignore Rules Designed to Prevent Rape of Minors in Prisons

Turkey ordered to pay 90m euros over Cyprus invasion.

John Boehner's fundraising brings him to San Antonio; protesters there to greet him

Is the state ready to make hard decisions for long-term water future?

Dino Costa (anti-Michael Sam guy) uses the N-word on his radio show, lets contact his sponsor.

Cecily McMillan: How A Non-Violent Labor Organizer Ended Up In Prison After Being Attacked By Police

MUST read in GD

MUST read in GD

Aggies regent wants ‘House That Johnny Built’ added to Kyle Field name

Dow, S&P 500 end at record highs

Study finds sage grouse doing better on grazed lands

"The EU Is 1 Big Scam & The Ukraine Is It's Next Victim"...Retro of 3/25 Hartmann & Richard Wolfe

Humans projecting badly

My profile lists that I have 4 hides

No Tweety Hillary doesn't need a so called war room

One Reason Atheism Doesn’t Really Answer Anything

FairPoint employees attend annual meeting & claim part of company’s contract proposal violates USlaw

House/Senate Votes - CD 34 5/12/14

Piketty: three steps to halt inequality drift

Talks between Vatican and U.S. women's religious break down

Texas High School Student Suspended For Refusing to Stand During Classroom Pledge of Allegiance

If It Quacks Like Apartheid

Another Comet Pan-STARRS (,

Group Questions Ill. Charter’s Pact With Religious Nonprofit

Mother tells of miracle daughter's milestones 10 week after she was born at legal abortion threshold

So where does Boko Haram get most of it's finances

Will you speak up or remain silent?

Widening Cracks In US-Israeli Relations

How real men peel apples

Governor Debate Live Right Now on NBC (Philadelphia)

Letitia James pushes to require colleges to release rape stats

They Will Stop Punching Themselves in the Face

Greenwald fans/detractors - he's going to be on The Colbert Report tonight.

Polls show Democrats competitive in Southern Senate races

Clay Aiken's Opponent in Congressional Race, Keith Crisco, Dies

When Israelis Teach Their Kids To Hate

Out of the mouths of babes!!