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Archives: May 23, 2014

Penn and Teller: 'We compare death threats with Richard Dawkins'

Fox News Demo Ratings Lowest In 13 Years - TV Newser

Pirates designate Wandy Rodriguez for assignment

Astronomers Tell Congress They’re Almost Certain ET Exists

Israeli Arabs face red tape when leasing JNF land (Haaretz)

Are hyper-conservative tendencies genetically linked to lower intelligence or dishonesty?

This John Boehner video was faked

Please DU you tube Wendy Davis attack add. Tell GOP to stick it

Remember When Venezuela and Bolivia Kicked the U.S. DEA Out of Their Countries....

four-day weekend!

Airlines exiting Venezuela because of World Cup, Maduro says

Good guys with guns

Milwaukee Co. John Doe Documents Unsealed From Secrecy - UPDATE

That mother who killed her three children

Water Resources Development Act Looks Promising for Making Water Infrastructure More Resilient

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 23 May 2014

In response to Michael Kinsley's anti-journalism review of Greenwald book

Top 10 Reasons the Sun is a Left-Wing Conspiracy

Big Hummus wants the government to regulate your hummus

Josh Fox is on Chris Hayes exposing O'Keefe

Right Wingers Unhappy Students Don’t Care About Benghazi

That Magnificent Army of Youth and Peace:

Liberman rejects probe of killings as IDF probes killings

Uh oh! Dr. Ben Carson coming up on "All In With Chris Hayes."

Christian Party calls the Welsh National Flag demonic and wants it replaced

Six South Dakota couples challenge gay marriage ban

If you have a secret compartment in your car -even empty - you could soon do 5 years in PA

The job of the newspaper (in re: Greenwald and Snowden and the sanctity of secrets)

Palestinian youths shot dead on camera

Tennessee brings back electric chair

LOL PALIN: Veterans died waiting for VA care because ‘Barack Obama is lazy’

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! What Ever Happened to Alice B. Toklas?

Loving Your Body: Taryn Brumfitt and The Body Image Movement

Prez: . . . I look like Morgan Freeman.

‘They need legal support from society’: Brazilian Church backs marriage equality

Barack Obama becomes first sitting president to tour Baseball Hall of Fame

Slurs taint Conservative plea to Quebecers to embrace federalism: Editorial

*Watching Rachel about cantor's problems in his home district???

Settlement assures dramatic downsizing for LICH

Fargo on FX

Driving directions!

Driving direction help, please.

Well shit, they went and grew wings. We're all fucked now.

In a rogue state, land document forgery is hardly surprising

Tennessee governor just signed law to bring back the electric chair

Massachusetts’ Top Google Search is ‘Canadian Men,’ And That’s Only Kind of Weird By Comparison

Ornamental guardrail

Why the Devil Can't Go Down on Georgia

“Bloodiest thing the world has seen”: David Cay Johnston on inequality’s looming disaster

"Terms and Conditions May Apply"

Republicans are the party of the wealthy. Voters know it, and Democrats plan to run on it

APNewsBreak: Tennessee brings back electric chair

Kentucky gains federal permit for its hemp seeds

Private money boosts federal public lands program

The Israeli Court System on Trial: The Rachel Corrie Appeal

Tara the Hero Cat ‘throws’ out first pitch at minor-league game

"If we destroy nature, nature will destroy us."

Proposed North Carolina Fracking Law Tied to Koch, Halliburton, and ALEC

OHSU Scientist Pushes Forward With Stem Cell Research

Wage Theft Is Grim Business

leading self defense lawyer and competitive shooter calls Texas Open Carry jackasses

Conservatives Draft Manifesto to Help Republicans Attract Middle-Class Voters

Interesting study from Nature on drought

i can't complete jury service on my kindle

Creepy Brighthouse adapters.

Intern with Move to Amend!

Internships and jobs with School of the Americas Watch

GM tells Wall Street recalls may last into summer

Basher of Obama and OHSA has tragic accident.

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show just did what I have been wishing for all day. He

Jon Stewart is dead to me

Celebrate CB board apologizes for denying vet group's float

Little Dragon - Cat Rider

The Busy Woman's Blues!

Yasiin Bey, formerly known Mos Def, barred from entering U.S. for tour: report

Just saw a Freedom from Religion Foundation ad at the end of Daily Show

How Australia’s winking Tony Abbott became one of the world’s most unpopular prime ministers

State court allows 'pink slime' lawsuit to proceed

Mentally Ill Prisoner Isolated For 7 Days Dies

North Dakota Is Now The Only State With An Unchallenged Gay Marriage Ban


How long can a Human live without...

Amid backlash, IRS delays new U.S. rules for social welfare groups

Just A Reminder on Why the GOP is Singling SHINSEKI Our for Special Treatment in the VA Scandal

Boehner 'closer' to calling for ouster of U.S. Veterans Affairs chief

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to reform execution method

McDonald's new 'Happy' mascot dubbed McScary in social media

this Kansas born, Kansas Bred Baptist preacher boy is advocating overthrowing Duly elected Govt.

After years of disqusting neglect, the City of Fresno shuts down Fresno Inn(why did it take so long?

Conspiracy Theories Abound as U.S. Military Closes HAARP

Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream Of A Silicon Reich

This is an invitation

Things Giants did in Denver: win, loss and no-decision

Use GMail?

Landon Donovan left off U.S. squad

GOP Dirty Trick: Greg Abbott Won’t Denounce ‘Abortion Barbie’ Posters Supporter Paid For

Regarding White Folks

I don't know who Patricia Waller is, but I think I like her.

Chinese tycoon Liu Han sentenced to death for murder

May 23, 2014 Global Call to Action to Close Guantanamo: Coleen Rowley Huffington Post.

Poll: Half of Americans dont care which party controls Congress

Brazilian Catholic bishop backs legal gay unions

Syrian Forces Break Rebels' Long Siege of Prison in Aleppo

Can These $20,000 Houses Save the American Dream?

Study Indicates ‘Healthy Trans Fats’ in Animal Products May Cut Diabetes Risk

Eight Miles High...but not with the Byrds tonight...

The frightening popularity of Golden Dawn's anti-Semitism in Greece

As of 151 AM EDT, Fire Weather advisories in parts of Alaska

So I just planted my garden tonight

Gates confirmed as Boy Scouts president

Just came from seeing "Belle!" Who wants to talk about it???

Is this the future?

Cable companies had a lot of years to come up with a closed captionings system...

Crystals - Thomas Duffy

Bronx teacher fired for asking fourth-graders for relationship advice

Dreaming of Guillotines and lynch mobs

Schweitzer & Warren ...Hmmmmm

Cleveland still in the running for Republican National Convention.

Zoo visitors can get a massage from four giant PYTHONS

Chile to Step Up Glacier Protection in Copper-Rich Andes

Chile to Step Up Glacier Protection in Copper-Rich Andes

Fog-catchers in the desert: Confessions of cultural anthropologist

U.S. states probe eBay cyber attack as customers complain

The Flawed Assumptions of the Farm Bill: The Myth of “Forest Health” Logging

US, Other Nations Express Concerns Over Thai Coup

Evidence that the Meritocracy is Made Up of Poor People

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ May 23rd

Argentina's cable TV encourages national production

Carter Center Releases Final Report on Venezuela's April 2013 Presidential Elections

Santos and zuluaga engage in heated verbal exchange during presidential debate

I was threatened by neo-paramilitaries: Mayor of town in southwestern Colombia

A group of children in Tanzania who are naturally immune to malaria are helping scientists to develo

Analysis: US plays down warming China-Russia ties

6 Bad Things That Have Happened to Greedy Walmart Recently

“Bloodiest Thing the World Has Seen”: David Cay Johnston on Inequality’s Looming Disaster

6 States Where Non-Wealthy Rural White People Actually Vote In Their Economic Interest

Of Course Women Are Getting Sexually Harassed by Drones

Halloween in North Wales

Converting the Isle of Lewis

How the NSA is Using The Bahamas as a Model for Total Control | Big Brother Watch

Sniffing the ethical rot in Wall Street's culture | Jim Hightower

Toddlers Dosed With Speed? How Big Pharma Hooks America's Kids on Dangerous Meds

How one sexy gay novel derailed Gore Vidal’s literary career

Koch brothers’ Detroit abomination: Stunning avarice and cruelty reaches new low

Chocolate tycoon heads for landslide victory in Ukraine presidential election

Detroit motorists under siege in 'Carjack City'

Russia will respond to increased NATO activity near border - top general.

What is the New Populism?

Obama goes on walk, stuns tourists

Washington Worries Boko Haram Planning Attack on U.S. Interests in Africa

Police waiting for phone records in Cochran break-in

How much gory detail do we need the Iraq war inquiry to publish? - good read

Dear Dems,

No Recovery for Workers in the Middle

early 90s music video: "Hunger Strike" by Temple of the Dog

California Counties Sue Drugmakers Over Painkiller Abuse

Another Bonus From Melting Arctic Ice - A Flood Of Plastic Particles - Science

NC Lobbyists, Er, Legislators Vow To Learn From PA Fracking Mistakes, Then Deposit Steaming Mound

BC Supreme Court Suggested 75 Steps To Restore Fraser Sockeye Runs; DFO Acted On Nearly Zero

Bernie Sanders Smacks Down Marco Rubio For Betraying Veterans On The Senate Floor

When did Free Enterprise Capitalism and Business Competition become Fringe Far-Left Purity?

Sanctions will have boomerang effect on West - Putin

NC Bill Lifted Word-For-Word From ALEC; No Pollution Penalties, Secret Self-Audits, Fine Waivers

Deutsche Bank Refuses To Fund Queensland Coal Port, Associated Barrier Reef Dumping

20 May 2014 - Atmospheric CO2 402.03 ppm; 21 May 401.80

Today I learned a cool connection between the US Civil War and Mumbai

"I'm getting married in the Morning....."

GOP Tea House Kool Kidz Klub Blocks DOD Funding To Study Climate As Strategic Threat

How The Tens Of Millions Of Kids Who Rely On School For Food Get Fed During Summer Break

Don't forget the meteor shower tonight!

4 FL Counties Don't Give A Damn What Rubio, Scott Or Bush Say; Planning For Rising Seas Anyway

Scarborough: I've Never Heard Anyone Object To Obamacare Because Of Race

Why won't the Democratic Politicians go for the kill?

North Dakota Is Now the Only State with Unchallenged Gay Marriage Ban

AL Legislators Refuse To Authorize Sea Level Studies, Even Mentioning "Climate" In Planning Process

Eugene Robinson: GOP Still Swallowing the Tea

What White Privilege Looks Like When You’re Poor

Tens of thousands of Rep voters refused to vote for Corbett

Tennessee brings back the electric chair

The Veterans Affairs Scandal Was Decades in the Making

Ralph Nader and Grover Norquist: Washington’s Most Unlikely Bromance

Are you ready for Mrs. Doubtfire II?

Enid Police Get New Armored Vehicle For SWAT Team

The Myth of a 'War on Religion'

Establishment Republicans

Boehner responded, "Me? Blocking?" and laughed.-- Jorge Ramos SMACKDOWN on Immigration

GOP’s “happy loser” syndrome: Why the right may not want the White House

Ray LaHood Declares U.S. Highways ‘One Big Pothole’

Precious Mettle: The myth of the strong black woman

Richard III reburial court bid fails

This Baby Goat Is So Happy With His New Wheelchair

Polls show growing public support for gay marriage

New Jersey gun control bill passes Assembly, heads to governor's desk

Deadly mortar attack hits Assad gathering in Syria

How one sexy gay novel derailed Gore Vidal’s literary career

PIOMAS - Maximum Volume In April 2014 2nd Lowest On Record;

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Waiting for help

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Gop

'Having a heyday': Newest falcon chicks at Woodmen Tower help bolster ranks of a species that once..

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

So, I canned 36 jars of produce yesterday. Ask me anything.

34 TX Communities Have 3 Months' Water; 12 45 Days; Past 43 Mos. Driest Ever In Panhandle

France's Total in shale deal with Russia's Lukoil

Putin will 'respect' Ukraine's presidential vote

Climate science is a hoax: Big Oil, GOP, God say so

Welfare Wasn’t Welfare Back In My Day

Video journalist Simon Ostrovsky is back in Ukraine.

Obama's Drone War Shows No Signs of Ending

Trillions of Plastic Pieces May Be Trapped in Arctic Ice

Republicans’ Attempt To Woo Women At Gubernatorial Debate Fails Miserably

Mom outraged; No criminal charges in deadly accident

Sandra Bem, feminist scholar and psychologist, dies

Johnny Manziel is being sued

New York State To Wrongfully Convicted: It's Kinda Your Fault You Confessed

6 Bad Things That Have Happened to Greedy Walmart Recently

This Ice Sheet Will Unleash A Global Superstorm Sandy That Never Ends

Ronald Reagan's Freedom From Religion spot

The Buck Stops With Obama on Tepid Financial Reform

Glenn Beck's Supporters Turn on Him After 'Operation American Spring' Total Fail

Federal judges affirm Republican-drawn Senate map

I'm working on getting NC Doctors to sign a petition to the NCGA

Boehner Blatantly Lies About Obstruction of Immigration Reform

Cuomo keeps lead over GOP, faces challenges with Democrats

NBC's Brian Wiliams Lands Snowden/Greenwald Interview in Moscow

I Can't Play the Guitar with My Teeth

Jonathan Karl's Latest Benghazi "Scoop" Was Reported By His Network In 2012 (Issa Fail)

Wacky candidates at Idaho GOP debate

Got my new shoes on

Don't Panic! But remember your towel the 25th

The VA is the best health care system in the United States.

It's rare I outright implore people to read an article

Suzuki recalls GM-made small cars for fire problem

Freedom From Religion ad by Ron Reagan airs on Comedy Central

Phoebe Allens Hummingbird cam to be discontinued.

Why I Had to Lose My Religion Before I Could Support Gender Equality

Butt Paste?

Greg Sargent: Obama slams 'false equivalence' media

One phone call....And my life will now be radically different forever...

Corporate charter school hijackers destroying public education

I got the job. I'm in shock.

Simon Ostrovsky Returns To Eastern Ukraine: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 40)

Pic Of The Moment: Colorado GOP Tries To Appeal To Women Voters, Major Fail Ensues

Noam Chomsky on class warfare: The rich think worker insecurity is a good thing

President Obama on False Equivalenicies: "What’s broken right now is (the) Republican Party"

Barclays fined for handling of gold prices

I have no words...

A progressive alternative to Obamacare

Donald Sterling Signs Over Clippers to Wife Shelly

PBS/FRONTLINE: Part Two - "Privacy Lost"How Silicon Valley Feeds the NSA's Global Dragnet

Tomblin says he’ll again veto abortion bill

Jon Stewart: Let’s just admit that America has been f*cking veterans over for centuries

Wedding bells ring at art museum steps for same-sex couple

Why didn't someone tell me that Fleetwood Mac was a blues band?

But not all men say that~!!

If you have access to online newspapers from Appalachia...

District Attorney: McDaniel Campaign Not Cleared In Investigation

Newest video from May 19th Moral Monday in NC! A powerful day at the People's House . . .

Once again, The Onion is ahead of the curve on reality. (Re: Capital Punishment)

Newest video from May 19th Moral Monday in NC! A powerful day at the People's House . . .

GOP’s trifecta of doom: How candidates, issues and culture are building a 2016 calamity

President Obama catches people by surprise on stroll

The "Duck Dynasty" star goes on another anti-gay tirade

Most people have "nothing" & are happy. Americans have "everything" & we're angry & violent.

NY Senate's Jeffrey Klein picks up endorsement of Democratic club once headed by his primary rival

No Drugs needed

Over 63,000 US Bridges Need Significant Repairs - Bryce Covert Discusses

GOP’s new plutocratic populism: A bizarre vision of the working class

Religious rights watchdog pushes to add Pakistan, Syria to list of worst offenders

The Great Society (LBJ | Ann Arbor MI | 22 May 1964)

Why both Vatican and Israel need pope’s trip to succeed

One more thing for Jon Stewart's anti-Philly-diatribe:

Bob Moog

Stocks edge higher ahead of Memorial Day holiday

Comcast Building “Largest Lobbying Team Ever Seen”

‘No Place to Hide’ by Glenn Greenwald, on the NSA’s sweeping efforts to ‘Know it All’

WikiLeaks statement on the mass recording of Afghan telephone calls by the NSA

Labor and Capital sit down at the table

Issa's CLASSIFIED Benghazi leak - which hurts the Republicans - was on the floor of the House

Women Read Grindr Messages (NSFW but so very true!)

Can Voting By Mail Combat GOP Voter Suppression Efforts? - Dina Rasor Discusses

"What period in history do you actually belong in?" -- I want to file an appeal (Wild Wild West. No.

Just Before Death, Westboro Baptist Church Founder Accepted Gay People Says Grandson

Privatization isn't just for K-12 schools in WI (UW-Superior)

Why Comparisons Between L.B.J. and Obama Can Mislead

Japanese citizens' lawsuit halts restart of Ohi reactors.

Coming back from vacation... Here are some shots!

***Exclusive: Lt. Gen. William Boykin, past Delta Force commander, hit with Army reprimand***

Thai coup makers hold ex-PM, disperse protests

Congress Reluctant To Cut Funding For Tank That Just Spins Around And Self-Destructs (The Onion)

US claims win in car trade dispute with China

Listen to what US envoys are doing in South Sudan and central Africa: Russ Feingold and Donald Booth

Hungary: Town offers impoverished Roma money to move away

Uninsured rate hits 25-year low in New Jersey thanks to Obamacare

Why aren't the videos I post on DU showing up on the homepage?

Sick of Secrets

Why so serious?

Look, Up in the sky

RNC files lawsuit to raise unlimited cash

If you cheat your customers out of the service they paid for and they die as a result, what happens?

Glenn Greenwald Takes An Axe To Michael Kinsley's Review Of His Book

House of Representatives Tells Pentagon to Ignore Climate Change Science

Why the Best Path to a Low-Carbon Future is Not Wind or Solar Power

How to Protect the Most Privacy with the Least Effort: Change Search Engines

Anyone who wants to hear me talking tomatoes - link is up for my radio show appearance

When a recent President really did lie about a national security failure before an election

"Me? Blocking?"

Cuomo Accepted Independence Party Line Before Formal Nomination

20 People You Didn't Know Were United States Marines

5 baby raccoons left in Mt. Kisco may have rabies

Vintage post cards - Apple Blossom Festival Winchester VA

What happened to The Immoral Minority blog from Alaska?

Carnival Cruz is at it again...another whopper for his resume

Report: GOP Rep. Michael Grimm held on to FBI alias even after entering Congress

Ted Cruz drops bombshell: Senate Democrats to ‘repeal the First Amendment’ this year

Poverty increases from 21.2% to 27.3% in one year (Venezuela, Spanish)

The Call: Register to Vote - Easy US Map by State

Manziel Lawsuit Is Latest Hoax From Notorious Inmate


Mark Cuban's comments on race

If You’re Older Than 45, Getting a PA Driver’s License Is Getting Tougher

In America, freedom and democracy are alive and well?

Klinsmann's decision to cut Donovan has an air of something personal

Possible tornado near Albany causes scenes of destruction

Theory: Corporate raiders are licking their chops at the failings of the VA. PRIVATIZE

Tested ideas for those times when you find yourself naked with nothing to do

Breaking-Donald Sterling surrendering control of L.A. Clippers to his wife -

My take on Boehner "Me? Blocking? Immigration reform

Elijah Cummings is on Joy Reid's program re GTA Issa's Benghazi booboo

xPost from V&M: My take on Boehner "Me? Blocking? Immigration reform

Huge ground beef recall. See link.

Ted Cruz and Rick Perry dueling for dominance in the Texas Republican Party

Slovakia: Renowned Hollywood composer supports Romani EP candidate

NYC special ed provider pleads guilty to paying no-show kin with public money

What is the simplest way to define the 1% ?

GM sales appear resilient amid recalls, dealers optimistic

Tim Hortons celebrates 50 years of exploiting national identity for profit

U.S. family tries living without China

Portland OR on boil water alert as of Fri. a.m. -- e coli

(FAIR) Greenwald's New Book and Big Media

US military must be allowed to force-feed Guantánamo detainee, judge rules

Queens Councilman Wants Homophobic Singer’s Concert Shut Down

Kerry Says He'll Appear Before Issa Panel on Benghazi

The story of Fukushima.....

House Ethics Panel Defers Probe Of Michael Grimm

"Glenn Beck's Supporters Turn on Him After 'Operation American Spring' Total Fail"

Florida Prosecutor Kenneth Lewis Sorry for 'Crack Hoes' Facebook Post

Stare at the green dot too long and the yellow spots will disappear. Blink and they’ll return.

If Elizabeth Warren Changes her Mind and Decides

A bipartisan coalition of Democrats and Republicans made NSA reform toothless and thus worthless

President Obama: "The problem is I don’t have enough votes -- full stop"

Former DPS trooper gets probation, $2,000 fine for illegal body cavity searches

Will they have to remove the sign: "X prohibits guns on the premise?"

To the palace! (British suffragettes 100 years ago)

Russian media response to Charles' Hitler remark


US forces are helping Nigeria — but there are limits to what they'll do

Thank you to all of the those who gave their lives for our great Country nt



LOL, I have to say, the GOP poster are getting an ass kicking on the Brutal!

World Nut Daily: Putin is the Anti-Obama

Virginia county board says no followers of ‘pre-Christian deities’ allowed to deliver prayers

The Hightower Report: School lunches vs. fat-cat dinners

John Nichols, co-author of Dollarocracy, in Kansas City, May 23

The Myth of the Democratic Super Majority--FYI

Well, that's good to know

Julian Castro - great choice for HUD.

Mark Cuban apologizes to Trayvon Martin’s family...

Kardashian/West Wedding Ceremonies Begin in Palace of Versailles France ('wedding of the decade')

After Teachers Back Rival, Rangel Snags Principals Endorsement

Successful Home Defense Using An 'Eeeeevul' Black Rifle (& a handgun too).

Systemic Fraud Uncovered In Privatized Schools

How Gold Helped Iran Withstand U.S. Financial Fury

Krugman: The danger from the right in Sunday's European election

Rangel vs. Sharpton

Putin signals he will work with Ukraine leader, but blasts U.S.

Is is just me,

'Stunning' Data Proves, Yet Again, Housing The Homeless Would Actually Save Taxpayers Big Time

TV chef wins Muslim award for courage

Congress Reluctant To Cut Funding For Tank That Just Spins Around And Self-Destructs

This 9/11 Cheese Plate May Be The 9/11 Museum's Most Tasteless Souvenir

Here we go with the first Eastern Pacific Tropical Storm for 2014 - Amanda


So how have the election results gone so far?

An update for those who care about my web project (apologies to those who don't)

The Pregnant Madonna and other wonders on the art Trail (a virtual blog)

RT admits the UN is skeptical about its "UN helicopter story", but only in Russian.

"How Republicans and Democrats are different, in 1 chart"​

Bodacious Cantatas?

"Ted Cruz Claims Citizens United Repeal Would 'Muzzle' Pastors"

Cuomo’s book deal worth at least $700,000

Interesting read concerning tomorrow's presidential elections in Ukraine.

Any UK DUers have time to give us the lowdown on the up-and-coming UK Independence Party?

Federal judge: John Conyers back on primary ballot

On A Losing Streak, Conservatives Struggle To Keep Fighting Gay Marriage

Billionaire environmentalist targets Corbett for defeat

(UK) Local elections 2014: Ukip makes major gains as Labour takes Tory flagship


Ted Cruz Warns That Dems Are Moving To 'Repeal' The First Amendment

Oil Train derailment in Lynchburg VA 30,000 gallons of oil spilled into the James River,

Tom Wolf

Anti-LGBT activist: Liberalism violates all 10 Commandments, embraces sex with animals

Fantastic interview on the Ed Show - Engulfed in Hardship - No cleanup in the gulf, a coverup

How many here know someone that votes Republican to keep white people in power?

Privatize The VA? Would That Really Be Any Better?

A real ladies' man

House bans the military from acknowledging climate science, national security be damned

Evening Broadcast News Shows Completely Ignored GOP's Blocking Veterans Health Bills

Tennis Emporium - Roland Garros

Three Democrats Call For Shinseki's Ouster

Rockefeller Stands By Obama Race Remark

Federal judge orders Conyers back on Aug. 5 ballot

Kerry agrees to testify on Benghazi attack

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Latvia next Putin target?

No, Urine Is Not Sterile

Ukrainian "Chocolate King" Oligarch Next President? "Gas Princess" distant second.

Anyone else staying up to see the meteor shower?

Ex-CNN Employee Claims He Was Fired For Being Gay, Wearing “Flamboyant” Outfits

Tea Party hero Steve King challenges Sen. Chuck Schumer to a “duel”

A North American player in the KHL?!

‘It was my opinion’: Utah man jailed for threatening to cut black teenager’s throat

So what would you call a Vietnamese restaurant in SF?

Emotional video of rescue goat missing his friend...until they were reunited

Fast Food Folk Song -- or Singing Drive Through Taco Bell order

Ray Rice "Apologizes"

Canadian free trade report ignores human rights abuses in Colombia: Amnesty International

Bernie Sanders to GOP: "If it’s too expensive to care for our veterans, don’t send them to war."

Zuluaga’s claims that video is fake are false: Prosecutor General

Coconut Sheet Cake

Financial Times headline: 'Piketty findings undercut by errors' (with response)

Evident differences between CO2 and Nuclear waste

Frack Till You Drop

Paul McCartney on road to recovery from virus in Japan

No Place to Hide -- Review published in the Guardian

'Very rare' dust storm last night in Reno (w/pic)

No Place to Hide -- Review published in the Guardian

Costa Rica to allow gay couples to share health benefits

Appalachia’s Place In The War On Poverty By Molly Moore

DU drummers. Please critique this piece of music.

Deadly School Bullying Case Shocks Mexico

Deadly School Bullying Case Shocks Mexico

I was reading the Religion section on my newspaper today

MrScorpio recites a poem

In what ways has DU changed over the years?

Some advice I saw down the street from the new job.


Cuba’s public health system receives global recognition

Weekend Economists Down Under May 23-26, 2014

wanna bet the benghazi hearings get more media than the entire iraq war?

Bolivian colonel convicted of extorting Miami Lakes businessman sentenced to three years

Bolivian colonel convicted of extorting Miami Lakes businessman sentenced to three years