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Ukrainians Back Poroshenko To Find Way Out Of Crisis

If gay guys talked to straight guys like straight guys talk to gay guys

At Dinner With Putin, Menu Of Crimean Flounder And Russian Grievances

It's been a while but here is an update to my blog...

Putin Rounds On Charles: 'It's Not What Monarchs Do'

It's been a while but here is an update to my blog...


A couple of problems............

Anti-Establishment Parties Claim Big Wins In European Parliamentary Vote

UKIP heading for clear victory in UK European elections

On to the regionals!

Has anyone tbought about the GOP lead House is setting up another committee to

Pope Urges Leaders 'To Leave No Stone Unturned' In Quest For Two-State Solution

Wide-ranging views of forest ringing Coit Tower parking lot

Camelopardalididn’ts - Predicting meteor showers an predicting cats: same thing

Photographer Mario Testino focuses on Peru's mountain people

Thanks, Obama!

Rodger's neighbor: 'He was so closed off'

Floyd Mayweather And T.I. Reportedly Get Into Giant Brawl In Las Vegas

The myth of the 'nice guy' and Elliot Rodger.

Filthy Dirty South

Nico Rosberg stole the pole Saturday, and with it Sunday's Grand Prix de Monte Carlo.

Mississippi Judge accused of hitting mentally challenged young man and using racial slurs VIDEO@link

Rodger's neighbor: 'He was so closed off'

Video of Elizabeth Warren's speech at The New Populism Conference last week.

Watch a narcissistic, arrogant liar in this debate: Greenwald & Hayden.

Morse stars, Giants get 8 runs and sweep Twins

As Memorial Day is upon us,

Let's Stop Searching for a "Messiah" and Build a Movement

Elliot Rodgers reported to have exhibited "severe paranoia" and "heard voices."

Friend of Alleged Santa Barbara Shooter Discusses Warning Signs

Why Elliot Rodger’s misogyny matters

Santa Barbara Town in Shock After Mass Shooting

Ted Cruz drops bombshell: Senate Democrats to ‘repeal the First Amendment’ this year

A brief tutorial on manliness

Hermione graduated from muggle college. Selfie included

Imagine a White People's Party ---Gene Nichol / Point of View / Raleigh News and Observer

"How to tell who hasn't read the new 'Atlantic' cover story" (stolen from GD)

I don't have an answer but am heartbroken

a bit more WV and beyond:

Actress Patty Duke released from Omaha hospital

Relative moved to Boise, so visited Boise for the first time.


50th anniversary, 1964 flood



Another person giving away random cash in S.F.

"Schumer: Obama will act on immigration if GOP doesn't"

"Don't Goat Me, Bro!"

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead to me.

This may be a tad rhetorical

Republican Todd Kincannon beating his chest re: Elliot Rodger: "my son won't cower like a bitch"

How's everyone doing? Check in please

0 die of gay marriage, voting without an ID or too much health care.

Elliot Rodgers: His Parents "Frantic Race To Stop the Killings"

Tryouts start next week for Dancing With The Lounge.

Tea Party favorite Dr. Ben Carson calls Veteran Affairs waiting list scandal a ‘gift from God’

Are there any more details on the three young men stabbed inside Elliot's apartment?

Spain village votes to change its 'Kill Jews' name

First same-sex divorce sought in Schuylkill County

Horse meets an old friend

The Practical Choice: Not American Capitalism or "Welfare State Socialism" But

I.R.S. Bars Employers From Dumping Workers Into Health Exchanges

For the first time in modern history, neither Labour nor Conservatives have won a British election

Who else thinks John Fugelsang should get a radio show?

Veterans Groups Completely Unload On GOP Senator

Just watched Earthlings

Howard Dean Tells Republicans: Leave America, Go Back To Russia (LOL! from the Daily Caller)

White House mistakenly identifies CIA chief in Afghanistan

Those who stigmatize mental illness are harming my family, they can all fuck off.

North America's most visited glacier could disappear within a generation, says manager

State Department sued over Portland-Montreal pipeline (tar sands oil)

Did you just watch "A Normal Heart"...

Netanyahu explains how he stood up to the U.S., kept building settlements

Ecuador's president backs indefinite re-elections, coy about his plans

French adults in their prime working years are more likely to have jobs than US Counterparts

Nevada ranchers cite Gandhi in protest ride

Steppenwolf- Monster

Truvia is not Stevia...

Memorial Day, 2014

The demonization of opiates is hurting people.

George Carlin takes on the 10 Commandments

One of my gardening projects this year - investigating straw bale gardening

anyone watch "the normal heart"?

My show this week, GOP Scandal mongering, Boko Haram, Serbian floods and more

My show this week, GOP Scandal mongering, Boko Haram, Serbian floods and more

The Alaska Funny River fire has increased to 124,000 acres

Far-Right National Front Stuns French Elite With EU 'Earthquake'

Heads Up: The Pendulum Has Swung: Future of Progressive Talk Radio Is - On the Web

Ugandan lesbian to be deported from UK

Anti-gay Houston official threatens to recall lesbian mayor if nondiscrimination bill passes

is there a greater privilege

Far Right, Euroskeptics Make Big Gains In EU Vote

Cornetto Ice Cream's Lesbian Love Story Ad Is A Sweet Treat

Monterey's KRXA becomes online-only, AM station sold

I just bought a cheap food processor and it's every bit as good as my old expensive one

Nearly 60% of voters stay home for Colombia elections

Ex-congressman arrested after voting in Colombia’s presidential elections

CA Judgeships - LA Times Endorsements

The Daily Show: 5/21/14 in :60 Seconds

Started my day with the sweet smell of a newly risen Sun basking the Earth with radiant parentage

Eric Cantor and the WWII veterans tonight

Why can't Congress get gun control legislation done?

The nation’s last unchallenged state same-sex marriage ban is about to lose that status

China busts 23 'terror, religious extremism' groups: Xinhua

how about some new language for a new age?

Architects & Engineers for Truth!

I want to thank those on this site who are standing up to defend people witn mental illnesses

U.S. cites 'credible threat,' issues warning for Nogales, Mexico

France and the EU voters have joined to bring back a political system that gave the world nothing

Sheesh, what a pathetic creature Elliott Rodgers was

Walmart Pre-Crime Treats All Customers Like Criminals

Old-school Thai junta faces new adversary: social media, flash mob protests

Sam Berns - the anti Elliot Rodgers...This video may restore some hope in humanity...

Brakin Mews: Meowmorial Dai – Speshul Edishun!

The kitten saga continues

Sinn Fein's Lynn Boylan is first MEP [EU rep] to be elected in Dublin

As of AM EDT, Flood watches/warnings across parts of Texas

Dumb Cops: New Jersey Officer Fired After Masturbating In Starbucks

"I'd like to be 4 again" (from a 5 year old, video at link)

U.S.-Mexico border wreaks havoc on lives of an indigenous desert tribe

U.S.-Mexico border wreaks havoc on lives of an indigenous desert tribe

Roosevelt's Warning

Elliot Rodger, the UCSB shooter, felt that winning the lottery was 'the only way out'

Pre-Book Tour, GOP Tries To Define Hillary Clinton

Businesses see opportunity in Chiquita's return

When I Win the Lottery

AKB48 Attacked: Saw-Wielding Man Reportedly Slashes 2 Members Of Japanese Pop Group At Fan Event

They Looked Like Birds, But What They Saw Up Close Surprised Them

US Corporation Evicts Guatemalan Blockade Against Gold Mine

#yesallwomen on Twitter is still getting a ton of tweets..


My co-author and I are happy dancing today...

Why Uruguay's President is the Most Bad-Ass Leader in the World | Heroes and Villains

Ultra-realistic Dental Training Android Robot - Showa Hanako 2

Giant Japanese Robot Strippers

A moist hand

Hand of Glory

Far-Right Parties win big in European Elections

U.S. Retailers Missing Estimates by Most in 13 Years

New Ukrainian president already at odds with Moscow

Memorial Day: Remembering 70 U.S. Wars, Big and Small

5 Take Aways From Jim De Mint, One of Washington's Most Hated Men

Tea Party's Failed Propaganda: It Was Always A Tool of the Republicans

This is very sweet (reunited animal pals)

South Carolina Slaveholder Arrested. Yes, You Read That Correctly

Shale Oil Hype Fail: California Bonanza Evaporates

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ May 26th

Your computer isn't as safe as you think

Raw satellite data on MH370 to be released Tuesday, Malaysia says

The Next Five Years Are Crucial for the US and the World

Fast Lane in the Works

More Than Half of Black College Graduates Underemployed

Disruption of Ukraine Vote Justifies More Russia Sanctions, U.S. Senator Says

In memory of John Doe.

a great loss

People of Color Beyond Faith Announce Community Outreach Drive

The Thirsty Ones

Obama's Record

Video: Not in God’s Name

Priests in high demand as Catholic population rises

Moving toward a New Asia-Pacific Region

How American Evangelicals Infected Uganda

Memorial Day: Despair and Resilience

Where does your state rank?

The Great Western Gas Fiasco

Radiation Release From Federal Facility Still Stymies Experts

Stress Test: The Indictment of Timothy Geithner

Hey Brother.

Memorial Day: For Vets, Too Many Delays and Not Enough Parades

Feed the Poor (graphic)

"What shall we do now?" (re. the UCSB shootings)

Gov. Christie’s Pipeline

A Memorial Day Truth

Ukraine military strikes rebel-held Donetsk airport

Word Cloud of the Killer's Manifesto

The War on America's Military Veterans, Waged with SWAT Teams, Surveillance and Neglect

Elliot Rodger is a horrific example of what we here

The right is on the rise across Europe – and I'm starting to worry

The "Moron Identification Law"

New Scientist - Abbott Point Destruction Avoidable W. Longer Pier, But That Would Cost More

Killer's family tried to intervene before rampage

OSU Glaciologist John Mercer (d. 1987) Predicted WAIS Meltdown In 1978 In Nature Article

Instead of Austerity and Slogans, the VA Needs Full Funding and Accountability

More Erosion, Salt Water In Aquifers, Septic System Failures; What 6" Rise By 2030 In Jax Looks Like

TAFTA - Monsanto's Backdoor to GMOs

Weekend project roundup!

Israel okays 50 new settler homes in East Jerusalem

Indonesian Rainforests Increasingly Devoid Of Wildlife - Poaching Pressure Even In Heart Of Borneo

Top 10 New Species Discoveries Of 2013

NASA Image Of The Day - Rare Clear Weather Showcases Cape Horn, Strait Of Magellan

Dear Eric Holder

The handful of Corporations that pump America full of sugared carbohydrate

Christie's Hunterdon County-Gate: Don't let it get buried.

1/3 Of Vegetables Tested In Hong Kong Markets Contained Cadmium, Mercury @ Up To 94% Over Limits

New unity government to review Hamas laws in Gaza

I'm seeing a lot of posts about the EU elections and the......

Syncrude Claims 20% Restoration Of Tar Sands Land; To Date, One 104-Hectare Site Returned To AL

Christopher Michael-Martinez’s Father Gets It Right

Since 2010, EPA Officials Have Accepted $4.5 Million In Travel, Meals, Lodging From Industries

Take Care Of Your Veterans

Wives of jailed Venezuelan opposition mayors win in polls

Op Ed - Rubio's Credibility Melting Like Antarctic Ice Sheet

Releases Of Biologically Available Iron From Melting Greenland Ice May Boost Plankton Carbon Uptake

Divide grows between Israeli, Palestinian journalists

Climate Modeling Shows Potential Loss Of 25% Of Output In US Corn Belt - Climate Central

Florida Orange Cty State Attorney nabs a Republican corrupt circle of friends.

Rain Heading For Southern Plains Week Of 5/26, But Not Enough To Break Drought

TOM TOMORROW: The Mystery of The Unhinged Netizens

Sculpture......Using Science and Art

Anyone seen the new X-Men movie?

World stocks mostly higher on US optimism

We need a feminist voice in Europe – these elections can be a new beginning (Commentary)

Turning Off Your Cell Phone For Folks Born Before 1950.

Miss. Judge Allegedly Struck, Yelled Slur At Mentally Disabled Black Man

What Obama Can — And Cannot — Do On Immigration By Executive Action

Philippines lawyer, devoted to women’s rights, to get award from University of Philippines

Brad Paisley traveled with the President to Afghanistan. Class act

"A Govt. Of Thugs" - Harper's Canada And Environmental Journalists

GOP’s post-Obama problem: Why they’re lost without him — and with the electorate he helped create

For Memorial Day, A Jo'rneyman's Song

Transgender Teen Spends Five Weeks in Solitary at an Adult Prison — Without Being Charged

Papantonio: Bundy’s Militias Turn On Each Other

Anti-woman website predicts more Elliott Rogers if society doesn’t provide them with sex

A tribute to Bill Mauldin - cartoon from the 50s:

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Remembering Their Sacrifice

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Sacrificing more than they bargained for

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Pet Peeve of mine about Memorial Day

Unfortunately, there is no "nice" way to prevent massacres

Koterba toons: Memorial Day & the VA

Elliot Rodger’s fatal menace: How toxic male entitlement devalues women’s and men’s lives

update on my job application

VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘Hypocrites’

Paul Craig Roberts - "Why War is Inevitible"...

Teen Sex, Dr. Phil, Bain Capital, Collide: Fed Lawsuit in Utah.

Franklin Graham warns gays to change their ways or ‘it’s the flames of hell for you’

‘Time running out’ as CO2 levels hit new high in Northern Hermisphere: UN

#YesAllWomen Shows That Misogyny Is Everyone’s Problem

Likely Nebraska Senator wrote dissertation at Yale advocating populist Christian uprisings

Robo Friend: New Robotic System Helps Elderly At Home

I want to know how men REALLY think about women and sex

Uh oh! I just abbreviated "Gilmore Girls" as "GG". Guess I'm homophobic now.

Red Power Media: The Lakota vow to die rather than let the KXL pipeline pass

Fox Analyst on VA Controversy: “Where was the outrage during the Bush years?”

My family is not "shielding" a dangerous person and I will not tolerate those who imply otherwise

ICTMN: At UN, Oglala Lakota Says US Defies International Law to Steal Land, Water and Billions...

The political reality of drywalling.

Income inequality map from Bloomberg

Grieve, Glorify, Repeat...

The Pope's Pivotal Palestinian Moment

I said this last year and it deserves repeating. We didn't fight for your freedom.

Memorial Day (used to be) Decoration (of graves) Day.

The Battle for LGBT Equality Isn’t Over Yet - By Gene Robinson

Thai coup leader: Don't protest, it's no use (corrected)

Elliot Rodger would not have been able to buy his handguns in NJ

And to the Red Veteran in Austin..Thanks a bunch!!!

Anti-woman website predicts more Elliott Rogers if society doesn’t provide them with sex

You can't cut open pregnant women because you disagree with their choices

White House accidentally outs CIA official

Karl Rove: Jeb Bush Is "The Biggest Thinker on Our Side"

Breitbart contributor blames deadly shooting spree on sex education and hippies

I though this issue was settled that dems were going to run on the ACA

I still remember Jim Rudd ... Memorial Day 2014

I'm back from oblivion

One click a day helps homeless and hungry Vets!!!

Thanks for blocking the vet bill Coryny and KanukCruse

VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘Hypocrites’

“There's nothing to forgive, she was sick.” (LONG)

Judge slaps mentally challenged black teenager

Americans Don't Want To Pay Taxes To Take Care Of Vets. Good On Rhetoric But Empty On Action.

Union wants hospitals to disclose employees on public assistance

Union wants hospitals to disclose employees on public assistance

My support for gun ownership rights is not universal and unqualified.

Christie's pension payment reduction plan sparks lawsuit from CWA

We can't end these massacres but we sure can cut them down by orders of magnitude

Has our gun situation in the US gotten worse since they ended the draft?

Tea Party to Ted Cruz: Stop the lies.

Stormy Monday, 5/26/14

Mississippi Judge Accused Of Hitting Mentally Challenged Man, Yelling “Run N***er Run!”

Gun control might not deter regular criminals, but it would these mass shooters

How can you tell it's Memorial Day in Austin?

U.S. labor secretary praises Phila. trade school program

U.S. labor secretary praises Phila. trade school program

How easy things can be

BAT SHIT INSANITY: Fox News 'Expert': 'Homosexual Impulses' Probably Triggered Calif. Mass Shooting

Debunking the myth of the SuperHero Powers of the Presidency

Oh, hell no....Are the Duggars Having Baby No. 20?

Protest Music and People Movements: The Tradition Continues

Space Shuttle a Failure?

Gay Nazis, Gay Clergy, Gay Atheists, Gay Pride

Crews search for 3 people in Colorado mudslide

Republican voter explains why she's against the ACA because she hates Obama

Kerry's tribute to the fallen on Mémorial Day.

In a final videotaped message, a sad reflection of the sexist stories we so often see on screen

LABOR: Grocery union and chains reach contract deal

Memorial Days and Veterans Days always make me feel weird.

LABOR: Grocery union and chains reach contract deal

The poem 'It is the soldier" disturbs me

Memorial Weekend Weather From My Jewish Grandmother


I feel like a proud parent!

Don't you just hate it

MRA woman hating ideology and the NRA both are anathema to civilized society,

Does anyone here know much about licorice poisoning? (glycyrrhizin)

My 1975 'Cooling World' story doesn't make today's climate scientists wrong

Misogyny, defined

Union official files election complaint against Sullivan

Nigeria kidnapped girls: Government 'called off deal'

Narendra Modi sworn in as Indian prime minister, heralding change

EU election: Merkel vows economic boost to counter Eurosceptic gains

Paralyzed man raided by SWAT, sentenced to 25 years for possessing his own medicine

Seems To Me We Need To Keep An Eye On Anyone Publishing A Manifesto To The Internet......

Paul Krugman: European Green Lanterns

For a lost soldier…

very cool facebook page: The Heirloom Gardener

Southwestern Pirates Beat Stuttgart Scorpions 48-7

Cheap Easy Whole House Attic Fan (plus one other idea)

My Colorado Springs "Garden of the Gods" photos (obligatory "WARNING: PIC HEAVY" message goes here)

Hey it you want to get really angry, check this out: How To Thank A Soldier, By George W. Bush

Cheap Easy Attic Fan and one other unrelated idea

America's Tomorrow: Tomato Workers in Florida Remake an Industry

Death of the Utilities, Part Three: Barclay's Downgrades Entire Electric Utility Sector...

Charles Pierce on the slaughter in Santa Barbara. He should be read daily, nationwide.

When One Can Sum Up An Argument About A Complex Issue In A Four Minute Song - That's Genius

There's heavy fighting going on in Donetsk right now.

Krugman: How American Capitalism Fails—and Northern European 'Socialism' Succeeds—at Job Creation

My opinion about jorts (from a young person's perspective)

Judge orders release of man who admitted raping 40 women

Man In A Hurry, Ukraine's New Leader Flashes Steel Behind Smile

UCSB Shooter's Parents Were Trying to Find Him When the Rampage Began

Republicans: Can't afford Veterans

Start of the True Space Age

Thank you Army Major Robert Daniel Collier (deceased)

Do you ever feel like this?

Renegade Former Libyan General Says PM Must Go, Vote Must Wait

Family Drama Legal Dilemma (Thoughts Welcome)

Anyone watch "The Normal Heart" last night?

FREE------ Wi-Fi-to the entire world-from satellites.

Time to wake up. The mentally ill are NOT responsible for society's woes.

My Yearly Memorial Day Message to my Brothers and Sisters.

Toon: Rancher Cliven Bundy

Vote Denotes The Growing Disunity Of The European Union

Toon: The 113th congress took 239 days off

Is Putin Right to Call Monsanto a Terrorist Organization and Ban GMOs?

We're in Illinois now on our TransAm bike ride!

Silent thread for all victims of the Isla Vista killings

We should be backing these guys up - 99Rise

Toon: George W. Bush Presidential Booky Thingy

Catapulting the obvious about commentary on the killings by Rodgers

Last night's HBO The Normal Heart reminded: Why the President Ignored AIDS. 2003 article.

What IS IT with Republicans and Guns?!?

Dozens Of Hearings Later, Lawmakers Pressed On Where They've Been On VA Dysfunction

Uninsured Veterans qualify for Medicaid ...

Zuluaga make suspending FARC peace talks central point in race to 2nd round

Palestinian Soccer Chief Wants FIFA Sanctions If Israel Fails To Lifts Travel Restrictions

European Parliament set to usher in first neo-Nazis

Welcome to BlameFest! Come on Down and Play!

Need a little help here, about Ophran Black. Spoilers possible.

European Parliament set to usher in first neo-Nazis

NRA has stalled Obama's Surgeon General pick since February

Prosecutors: Hacker helped thwart 300 cyberattacks

Lakota Country Times: Firsthand Account Of Man Camp In North Dakota From Local Tribal Cop

Hydrofracking Explained (toon)

Union workers protest at Old Saybrook work site after 3 contractors cited for labor violations

Union workers protest at Old Saybrook work site after 3 contractors cited for labor violations

Hours After UCSB Shooting, Man Allegedly Shot At Girls (women) For Refusing To Have Sex With Him

Obama leads country in celebrating Memorial Day

UNC System Student Athletes Can Join State Employee Union!!!

The Happiest Countries In The World (10/11 are LatAm nations)

Anti-drug program linked to Scientology is back in California schools

North Carolina scholarship athletes CAN unionize!!!

Are you being talked about on Discussionist?

Look out Katy and NW Houston--strong storm heading your direction

North Carolina scholarship athletes CAN unionize!!!

Am I the only person who *hates* the statement "that's just my/your opinion"?

NE mayor challenges atheists over faith-based event: ‘Take me to f-cking court — I don’t care’

It appears some don't want a discussion regarding misogyny

So...Christianity is 2000 years old now.

Franklin Graham warns gays to change their ways or ‘it’s the flames of hell for you’

I’m not running for president. You can ask it lots of different ways.

In memory of Atheists in Foxholes and countless Freethinkers who have served this Country...

Question about cell phones in airplanes:

Poor Joey. Duke beats Noter Dame again.

Charles Pierce: It's Memorial Day And The Country Is At War With Itself

NRA Talking Points - Redux

Zuluaga has 3 criminal investigations pending against him: Colombia prosecution

From a forensic psychiatrist: How the media shouldn't cover a mass murder

Miss. Judge Allegedly Struck, Yelled Slur At Mentally Disabled Black Man

Oklahoma state senator arrested for DWI in Texas

What a sociopath tweets on Memorial Day (SKW)

San Joaquin County District Attorney Candidate Arrested Twice In 24 Hours

California GOPer Sent Out Pro-Gun Robocall Day After Massacre

the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire...

A society so militarized

Mel Brooks's takes on 10 commandments as Moses.

I don't remember DUers being upset when Dr.Tiller's murder was

Who can show me some links on how Republicans suppress the Democratic vote?

If the job market is so good....

(VIDEO): On This Memorial Day GOP: Honor Our Veterans with Bonifide Actions As Well As Words

Fla. court blocks evidence at redistricting trial

Politicians who use prayer can expect skepticism: Editorial

Veterans Groups Lash Out at Republican Senator Cornyn and KanuckCruse

The first gay marriage in history occurred in 1,000,000 BC

Veterans Groups Lash Out at Republican Senator

WMO Says CO2 Up To 400PPM In Northern Hemisphere. GOP Will Stop Every Effort To Address Warming.

Iran’s Supreme Leader: Jihad Will Continue Until America is No More

On the art Trail in Sansepolcro, pop. 15,923: an earlier Madonna and “The best picture in the world.

SC pastor accused of turning Bible college into forced labor camp for foreign students

Pro-Military Fervor At Polls As Egyptians Vote

If Republicans Really Supported The Troops They Wouldn’t Propose Privatizing the VA

Shooting victim’s father rips ‘rudderless idiots’ in Congress: ‘I can’t tell you how angry I am’

Media Coverage of the Recent Shooting Inspires Future Acts of Murder?

Slow roasted baby back ribs, seared on mesquite coals,

Somebody made a post in a foreign language with no translation

The attention to detail at Legoland is amazing

Breaking: Nigeria Army 'Knows Where Boko Haram Are Holding Girls'

Walter Williams: Liberty is under attack by elitists on college campuses

'The True Alpha Male':... Elliot Rodger, and Aggrieved White Male Entitlement Syndrome

Student Held "Taco Day" Turns Into Food Fight Which Leads To Criminal Charges Being Filed

I think the idea that religious groups, non-religious groups, agnostics, nones, etc are monolithic

Pfizer Says Its Bid for AstraZeneca Is Dead

Latest update on Alaska's Funny River fire

This... May 26, 2014

The Men Who Built America "Blood is Spilled"

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 27: TCM Guest Programmer Dolores Hart

Anyone ever heard of ab muscle implants?

Rap Genius Co-Founder Moghadam Fired Over Tasteless Comments on Santa Barbara Shooting

EU: Proposed Solution Found in Ukraine Gas Dispute

Colombian Army Escalates Attack on Communities near Tolemaida Military Base

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 28: Star of the Month: June Allyson

"I'm used to massacres. Whatevs."

Back at the cottage

Graphs: Who wants to be called an atheist? (spoiler: college-educated men)

(VIDEO): On This Memorial Day GOP: Honor Our Veterans with Bonifide Actions As Well As Words


Infidelio: Renowned atheist Richard Dawkins makes operatic debut

Texas Teen Faces Life in Prison For Pot Brownies: The Stupid Flows in Williamson County

‘A Government Of Thugs’: How Canada Treats Environmental Journalists

Our high school would march three miles

Racism and mysogyny, an example.

If We Didn't Have Wars.....

A Mysterious Mailer Closes the Heated Runoff for Texas Lieutenant Governor (Offensive Faces Warning)

WSJ: Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger refused to take his prescribed anti-psychotic.

Mexico City's Campaign To Encourage Breast-Feeding Backfires

Krugman: Euro-style welfare states more successful at job creation than U.S. reverse Robin-Hoodism

What War on Women?

I'm a proud American. I observe Memorial Day. We need a Memorial Day for gun victims...

Whom will we Honor Memorial Day - Howard Zinn

My mid-sixties sister-in-law is on her deathbed...

As a veteran on Memorial Day...

For today: Marine Major General Smedly D. Butler: "War is a Racket"

Question about green solutions for space&water heating and industrial manufacturing

Registry hack gives Windows XP five more years of updates

Service Dog Receives College Diploma

Teddy Roosevelt & The Tillman Act of 1907:

Victim’s Father Goes Off on ‘Idiots’ in Congress: ‘Have We Learned Nothing’ Since Newtown?

Why the redistricting mess is so outrageous

De Blasio, at Memorial Day Events, Pays Tribute to Veterans

Netflix Summary Bug Creates Movies We'd Love to See

TOON: The NRA Pledge

War Is A Racket speech by most decorated Marine General, Smedley Butler

Are "Hillbilly" & "Redneck" Nation's Last Acceptable Stereotypes?

Luckovich: But not forgotten

4 of the 6 latest massacre murder victims were males.

College baseball: bat dogs answer the call!