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Cheney at Auschwitz Memorial Ceremony in a hat that says "STAFF", 2001

The Very Funny Comic Who Just Became the Next Weekend Update Anchor

George W. Bush -- Hero!

Shouting out here, since you might be more tuned in to this:

Well, here's finally some more good sports news...

Couldn't have said it better than FLOTUS

Being Conservative Logic Facebook Page

It's wrong to refer to President Obama as "The Black President," and here's why...

Prosecutors: Mom of 4 raped sleeping man in West Seattle

Asperger's Cats

Halloween candy apples.

What people don’t know can hurt them

Conservative GOP Official: Sterilize Poor Women Who Get Federal Aid And Put Them Through Hell

Colorado teen pleads guilty in plan to join ISIS

What I'd like to see...

Lava threat in Puna

Koterba toon: Obama borrows from the past....

OK, ladies, so who wants to marry an NFL player?

PPP head calls for national unity, no return to negotiations

East Sussex man shoots daughter, then himself

Are you qualified to be an NFL Commissioner?

Warrant issued for arrest of Vikings' Peterson (Trigger Warning: Graphic description of child abuse)

High school football standout Jayru Campbell arrested a second time

Wendy Davis: ‘My stand on abortion showed women what we could achieve’

GOP congressman calls Cruz remarks to Christian group ‘outrageous and incendiary’

GOP plans to fast-track TPP agreement if they win majority in November

the details of what Adrian Peterson did to his 4 year old son are grotesque

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Fridaze & a new Kitteh gif

Supervenus, Frédéric Doazan - The canon of Western beauty (potentially NSFW)

The Biggest Robbers In America Are Employers

Watch Sen. Durbin Destroy Sen. Cruz with Actual Facts About DACA and Immigration

Major victory at work involving harassment.

The Typewriter Whisperer.

Gimme some truth (John Lennon)

What would you say is the theme of American foreign policy

(From the Thom Hartmann Show) Senator Bernie Sanders on Dealing with ISIS...

Iran banished from Meeting to Aid Iraq: It's ‘Not Appropriate,’ Says Kerry

Go with the bros...

I had to turn off Bill Maher. He has Huntsman, Hally Barber, and Andrea Mitchell. It is

In the end is it going to matter if the GOP wins back the US Senate?

Ken Burns The Roosevelts debuts on PBS Sunday night

Nick Hanauer: Beware, the pitchforks are coming

Wild Kingdom...

US Rep Sanford Calls Off Engagement to 'Soul Mate'

Rash of breaking into parked cars

Enormous Carbon Capture Project Begins Construction In Texas (HOWEVER.......)

Getting an earful with the Virgin Mary...

I run into the damndest people at a "happy" hour: He has a dog named "HITLER"!1

Thoughts on slut shame

Bristol Palin faces legal trouble on two fronts.

"It's time for Democrats to grow a backbone and stand up for what we believe"

Venezuela Threatens Harvard Professor for Default Comment

Caller: U.S. Military Intervention Does More Harm than Good...

Track Palin got into another fight after the party.

'Six Californias' Initiative Fails for 2016 Ballot

Senate Republicans defend billionaires by keeping Citizens United alive

Ben Carson: "I'm not sure that's true" that domestic violence is widespread

Batman vs. Superman Batmobile stolen in Detroit

any ideas for freshening a frozen nut cake?

Republican Senators Filibuster Citizens United Constitutional Amendment

Tomorrow, we remember the ladies.

Sarah Palin has an Apology For America

Domestic Violence and the NFL: Could Concussions be the Cause?

This aired as part of an NFL game broadcast

Skittles used to be quite the partier.

Rats as Pets

Man kills ex-girlfriend's dog, feeds it to her

Iowa: Hillary helps Hilary while O'Malley helps the Democratic ticket.

A few of my old "classic" spiral fractals for a friday night

Rush Limbaugh: "If we keep chickifying this game, we're going to ruin it"

There is only one team in MLB on target to lose 100 games this year.

We have been fighting in Iraq in one way or another for 23 years.

Nancy Pelosi on Bill Maher tonight:

Jerry Jones Claims Dallas Cowboys Are The Team To Beat Up On This Season


Breaking into a Garage in 6 seconds

Israel tells US it will act if IS reaches Jordan

Weekend Economists Boldly Go...Again! September 12-14, 2014

Reid compares Hamas to ISIS

NJ: two groups to appeal ban on 'gay cure therapy' to Supreme Court

Frank Sinatra appreciation thread

Ratatouille recipe that kicks butt!

Congressman Mark Sanford uses Facebook to call off engagement (with onetime mistress)

Kentucky: teen killed defending mother from abusive boyfriend

Olive Garden Says You Can't Share Or Sell Your $100 "Never Ending Pasta Pass"

Goddell's Non-Independent Independent Investigation

I joined DU b/c they have a photo forum,, same mind set

Texas asks court to allow closure of most clinics

Diana Taurasi and Phoenix Mercury sweep Chicago Sky to claim 3rd WNBA title

Ferguson video shows witness raising hands in air

Rude Pundit: Thank god Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson aren't gay...

Funny overheard quotes to be found here

Billy Bragg - "The Reason Why"

It took a Second Grand Jury to hand down the Peterson indictment

Ex-President of Haiti Put Under House Arrest

Texas Cops Shoot Schizophrenic 80 Times, Then do Fist-Bump

Diana Taurasi helps Mercury sweep Sky to claim third WNBA title (6 losses this season)

If you have one "main" tradition that you are most interested in, is there a second one...?

Ex-President of Haiti Put Under House Arrest

French Hill residents call for new fence

US, Ukraine or Middle East? Ferguson Images Made It Hard to Tell

With the economy improving exactly as planned, those that NEED THE MOST

FBI Investigated "It's a Wonderful Life" for Portraying Bankers as "Evil"

Mountain top removal mining

Losing the Plot: Israel's Premier to Face New Gaza Reality

The Big Lie in the 'News' 'Reporting' about Ukraine and Russia

The Fabulous Life Of Filthy Rich – Billionaires 2014

The Afghan Girls Who Live as Boys

Texas Textbooks Complain About Taxes, Downplay Segregation

Islamic State: John Kerry Visits Egypt For Coalition Talks

Porn conviction tossed over military’s surveillance role

Funny Bumper Stickers Mocking Right-Wingers

Kerry ‘Taken Aback’ By James Foley’s Mother’s Reaction To Handling Of Case

final piece of anniversary extravaganza fell into place tonight

Anyone have copy on Hillary Clinton's take of Obama's endeavors against IS as of late?

So if we pulled out of the Middle East, what would the probabilities be?

Ever been hit up for a pyramid scam?

Are there an WoW players here?

The U.S. might follow up an African American President with a woman President

Thom Hartmann: Is This Obama's Gulf of Tonkin Moment?

Thom Hartmann: The GOP has Forgotten the Victims of 9/11

US opposes Iran's presence at French-hosted conference on Iraq

Glitch in health care law allows employers to offer substandard insurance

This tweet from Tom Tomorrow is Twitter at its best

NYT: Military action against ISIS sets "dangerous precedent" for executive branch

Sweeping new US and EU sanctions target Russia's banks and oil companies

Lima prison staffing and security questioned in wake of trio’s escape

My stand on abortion showed women what we could achieve (Wendy Davis for The Guardian)

China's military secrecy justifies surveillance flights - U.S. official

The betrayal of my beautiful religion, Islam

University of Nottingham labs destroyed in fire

Can atheist Sam Harris become a spiritual figure?

Prophetic in it's own way

WHO welcomes Cuban doctors for Ebola response in west Africa

Should Large Nations Split into Small Nations?

5 Ways New Car Dealerships Try to Rip You Off

Dick Cheney Should be in Jail

Strong Work Mother Jones- who owns the H2O in CA

The Real Reason Why We Can't Defeat ISIS

What if Shareholders Knew About Their Company's Political Spending?

West Virginia cop caught threatening woman filming rough arrest of terminally ill man

Eyewitness loses job after going on TV to say Palin family brawl was like ‘Jerry Springer’

Alabama Supreme Court lets class action lawsuit against CVS Health proceed

AZ GOP vice-chair calls for sterilizing poor women: If you want a baby, get a job

I don't have a high energy dog.

Princess Peanut has a Mast Cell Tumor/update#2

Not One Drop: How Long Will California Survive Life Without Water?

From the Mount Washington Observatory:

South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford calls off engagement in bizarre Facebook post

From the Mount Washington Observatory:

Rachel M. had Chucky T. on her show as an expert

From the Mount Washington Observatory:

Watch warrantless police raid on Ky. dive bar: ‘If you’re clean, you get to go out the front door’

Cops fatally shoot Utah man carrying a sword, but they won’t say why

Lebanon gets US-made Hellfire missiles thanks to Saudi funds


The question is...

Josh Gordon's suspension reduced to 10 games

Stuck in Middle East, defending imaginary lines in the sand

Rasmussen poll has Crist up 42-41% among LIKELY voters!

Syrian rebels said to control most of Israel border

More disgusting misogyny in the sports world...

This Red Sox Fan Accepts the Gratitude of you Tigers Fans

41 fucking degrees outside

Is It Peacetime or Wartime in America?

Enterovirus D68 makes its way to the Northeast, officials confirm

Search for missing pilot continues after 2 Navy jets collide in Pacific

Palaeontologists have discovered the world's first swimming dinosaur in Morocco

15,000 attend memorial for fallen Druze soldiers

US Navy already looking beyond carrier-based F-35

VIOLENCE AND VITRIOL Anti-Semitism Around the World During Israel’s Operation...

7 astounding facts about the mind-blowing cost of war

I could not imagine yelling out--- Do you know who I am?

I have never killed someone and if I had, I'm pretty certain it would F me up for a long time.

Republican attorney general (NE) hopeful tried to head off Heidemann protection order

War or Counterterrorism? John Kerry denies it is a War

Now this is a hazard

The Plutocracy Strikes Back: The Pathologies of Rule by a Handful of Billionaires

How Corrupt Are Our Politics?

Every child when I was one

MP: Abbas halted ICC bid on Israeli war crimes

American shakedown: Police won't charge you, but they'll grab your money

Weekly Address: We Will Degrade and Destroy ISIL

Y'all realize what the coming Palin exculpation will be, right?

Service member's car arrives late, damaged

Expanded US strikes are 1st step in long campaign

What We’re Afraid to Say About Ebola

Ukraine's Yatsenyuk Says His Party to Compete With President's One at Parliamentary Vote

Despite rhetoric, more fossil-burning power plants are being built than ever before

Federal judge scolds Avaya in awarding Fife-based Continuant an unprecedented $2.6 million interest

So we're ready to spend how much money trying to wipe out ISIS

Milestone for women: Army could admit female soldiers to Ranger School next spring

VA: ‘Tens of thousands’ more medical staff needed

ISIS Strikes Deal With Moderate Syrian Rebels: Reports

US, EU levy sanctions on Russia despite cease-fire

Apocalypse Pooh

Eugene Robinson: What If This Doesn’t Work?

INFLUENCE GAME: Chemical trade tries to shape regs

Re Michael Moore: "Liberals turn on one of their own"

Kilmer’s VA reform bill aims for changes in troubled agency’s top ranks Read more here: http://www.

Hand in Hand With Kissinger: A Review of Hillary Clinton’s Review

U.S. asks that new trial be denied for Jeffrey McDonald

The People’s Climate March: This Generation’s March on Washington?

(Fort Hood) Darnall adds sexual assault forensic exams to patient care

IS, ISIS, ISIL was germinatedted into existence at the very moment when GWB smirked

Court-martial for accused ring leader in Fort Hood prostitution case slated for December

The next shoe will drop


Somerset, Kentucky bucks big corporations by selling its citizens gasoline at lower costs

Have you ever felt like the whole world is screwed up?

Obama taps Sen. Ron Johnson for UN post.....

Board game cafe now open near Midtown Crossing (OS JR made the paper on video)

A World Leader Should Call for a Global Peace Conference

Did Steve Kornacki do anything on Palin?

Harvard Business School’s Role in Widening Inequality

Can you add "Top"...

Professor Richard Wolff: Global Capitalism: September 2014 Monthly Update

What is the Palin/McKenna connection?

Steve Kornecki's game, Up Against the Clock, on his weekend show often proves

James Foley Is Not a War Ad

Corporal punishment as discipline is not only ineffective, it's damaging.

Why can't we have any copy dog threads?

The Narcissist In All Of Us

Syngenta Pushing For Permits To Spray Neonics On Pretty Much Everything

US Gov Threatened Yahoo with $250,000++ Fine Per Day For Not Complying With NSA Data Requests

2/3rds Of Scottish Kestrels Gone In Past 20 Years; Fastest Decline Of Any Bird In Scotland

ICTMN: Nearly 1,200 Missing, Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada: RCMP

Chris Hedges on the power and history of propaganda

Heroic Entrepreneur Delivers Jack Shit (Less Than 10%) Of Pledged $3 Billion For Clean Fuel

Heres what my mo'fo' of a state representative had to say about Obama and the middle east

Capitalism Will Save The World, And Other Bullshit

Not even Buddhists are peaceful in today's world

Eroding AL Beach Town Lands Grant, $ In Pipeline, Then Votes No Because Freedumb Socialism Benghazi

Do a good deed today -- tell a business to switch their TV off of FAUX

Let's stop focusing on NFL players who beat their wives, girlfriends and kids:

NW Hawaiian Island So Polluted With Plastic Garbage & Lead That Superfund Status Possible

Brain Trauma to Affect One in Three Players, N.F.L. (FINALLY) Agrees

Jan - Aug 2014 Hottest Eight Months On Record In California - 4F Over 20th Cent. Average

Because he is rich, he is by definition superior to you. Period.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 13, 2014

My Town: San Diego’s school district has acquired a 14-ton mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle

Palin Money Laundering: Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin

Family Of British Hostage Sends Message To ISIS Captors: ‘Make Contact With Us’

What If A Muslim Comic Said About Jews What Joan Rivers Said About Palestinians?

a drop of good news- thanks to Bernie Sanders.

The Comments on the Palins' brawl story on the Anchorage

Police In Three States Hunt For Gunman After Trooper Shot Dead At Pennsylvania Barracks

Lebanon Gets US-Made Hellfire Missiles Thanks To Saudi Funds

Rachel Maddow - Double scandal wreaks havoc on ballot

Has Syria's Assad ASKED us for help against ISIL?

The American mass media has again been weaponized, you and I are once again the targets.

Rachel Maddow - Best: An election where everybody cares

Pope Francis: Pope says world's many conflicts amount to piecemeal World War Three

Rachel Maddow - Partisan games in senate ballot drama? Meh?

Lavrov: West Unwilling to Recognize That US, EU Stand Behind Ukrainian Coup

Russia's Eastern Military District Troops Moved to Highest State of Combat Readiness

NM city plans to auction excavated vintage video games

Saturday, September 13th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Well, we won one and lost one Friday in the courts RE: voter ID

Christian privilege and the “desecration” of a Jesus statue

Beating death of dog sparks outrage, anguish in Bethel (AK) and beyond

Iranian, Russian Presidents Call for Strengthening Mutual Cooperation

Who Knew? All European Jews Are 30th Cousins or Closer

Priest found guilty of raping dozens of children (and a sled dog) in Canada

BOBA Life!

Naomi Klein: the hypocrisy behind the big business climate change battle

In my religion this is hell

Some inspiration from Carl Sagan

US Intelligence Most Worried About Al-Qaida Cells Plotting Attacks On US Planes

Iraq PM Orders Halt To Shelling Of Civilian Areas

How do some of you think you can predict how a terrorist cell will operate?

Best Cover Songs You Probably Have Never Heard

San Diego: Public School Police Receive Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

Naomi Wolf’s Embrace of Hamas Spells the Fall of a Feminist Icon

Maddening TV audio issue: Advice sought

ISIS / ISIL Overhyped - Neocons and Military Industrial Complex must be stopped

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

a kickstarter campaign I can get behind!

Rest in Power, Joe Sample

In my opinion, Adrian Peterson should get the same treatment

Melissa Harris Perry posed a very interesting question: Who are the exact people who advise the

Bill Hicks about the US and its Military Industrial Complex

Sisters Christian oh the time has come.........

Election 2014 Governors Update: So Many Close Races

VP Biden joins Nuns on the Bus for 10 state kickoff tour

Citizens fight back

3 in 10 Former NFL Players Will Get Alzheimer’s, Dementia

U.S. Scientists See Long Fight Against Ebola

Jeremy Scahill: ISIS Disaster Has Failed 'War on Terrorism' Blowback Written All Over it

Joe Sample, Iconic Jazz Pianist & Composer, Is Dead at 75

Mesmerizing Aurora in Dramatic Landscapes of Fire, Ice, and Shadow

Here's an Interesting List of NFL Players Who Have Been Arrested.

My , how times have changed

Anti-vax asshat RFK Jr. on Dr. Oz, promoting his anti-vax asshat book...

Something Ann Coulter maybe got correct, although she was early.

Damnation, American Style: How American Preachers Reinvented Hell{long read}

Watch out Mexican Baja for Hurricane Odile; TS Edouard, Typhoon Kalmaegi, TD16E and...

LIVE RADIO NOW: Common sense please, ISIS / ISIL is more hype than threat


Lawrence O'Donnell--The Military stuff will make it all worse.

Playing God: The Rebirth of Family Capitalism or How the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson ........

DAY 3: How We Gonna Pay For the New War? (PS - We just spent 2 billion this week in Afghanistan)

Dishing Up International Law a la Carte

Crusaders - Chain Reaction

What is the most common language spoken in each state, apart from English or Spanish?

I'm a Cheerleader for GOTV!

Senate Update: Democrats In Purple States Are Beating The National Mood

Joe Sample - Sunrise

OH GREAT!! this should complicate things Syrian moderates make a deal with Isis

Bill Maher nails it: Fox News is a media cancer.

Pope Francis Says Global Conflicts Are 'Piecemeal' Third World War

Stepping up the 'war' with ISIS really bothers me...

Was it wrong to prosecute Oliver North for trading arms for hostages?

Elderly couple, down on their luck, found living in car

Sarah Palin reportedly asks dumb question during weekend brawl

So many people came to donate to an Animal Shelter that they gridlocked a motorway

An Ill 'Star Trek' Fan Wanted to Meet Patrick Stewart, and He Made It So

Am I the only one creeped out by Tom Foley's campaign ads?

Boko Haram's Feared Commander Reportedly Among 200 Militants Killed by Nigerian Military

Did US policy on kidnappings create the pretense for war?

The Rise of the Kittehering

Redskins owner announces support of Roger Goodell

DC Comics Teen ‘Titans’ Drama From Akiva Goldsman Nears TNT Pilot Order

Rape culture in the Alaskan Wilderness

Marco Rubio attacks Obama's ISIS strategy

Maher: ‘Naive’ and Wrong to Say Islam Isn’t More Violent Than Other Religions

Listen up Dems....

Religious or not, we all misbehave

Apple Watch? Ha! I'm waiting for GOP Watch, the only watch that goes backwards to the 1950s....

UPDATE "Haas v Romney" Racketeering: 9th Cir Appeal Show Cause Response

NRA Hosts "Killer Cop" Competition Amid National Outcry Over Police Violence

Is there a racial component to the reaction to the Adrian Peterson situation?

Are You Catholic and Divorced? Share Your Experience

Thousands of Nameless Short-Lived Lakes

Luckovich toon: Self-inflicted wound

Luckovich toon: Run down the clock

Question posted by hifiguy

Obama Unable to Sleep After Learning Limbaugh Liked His Speech

A Walker ad so bad it's worth watching

Useless Household Tip: How to make your own soap

Alaska is the rape capitol of the United States

Deepak: "Dawkins is a bad scientist and his arrogance pisses me off"

Transgender Girl Crowned Homecoming Princess.

WTF! High school football star arraigned on 3 charges related to assault on girlfriend.

McCain: I’ve Vetted Syrian Rebels, People Not Trusting Them Making ‘Excuses’

The Holocaust’s Forgotten Roma Victims

I could really use some good vibes,prayers,good thoughts right now

Guinness Beef Stew: Posting as I go along....

Ben & Jerry's Launches Bob Marley-Inspired Ice Cream

2014 Governors Election Update

Terrorist ALERT: "Alcohol-fueled brawl allegedly breaks out at a snowmobile party in Anchorage"

Crimes Against Humanity. Historical Evolution and Contemporary Application – M. Cherif Bassiouni

James O'Keefe promoted to Major Asshole

How effective are political ads??

Wasn't Bergdahl release secured by paying a ransom to Terrorists?

Dignity: Fast-food workers and a new form of labor activism.

Time to Mend Rift with Cuba--Ebola Help to Africa

Best Internet provider?

Bernie Sanders to be on MTP tomorrow morning!! Hell must be freezing over!

Getting sick and tired of the New Dark Ages everywhere I turn.

Well, I'm stunned -

It's the Catholic Sisters vs. the Koch brothers

U. of I. trustees vote 8-1 to reject Salaita

Thieves should take lessons

"7 Things Americans Find Weird in Russia"

Toon: Introducing Iraq War 3.0

Another shooting death by police. This one in Utah.

All in a day's work...

Facebook Messenger appears to have more spyware code in it than commercial spyware products...."

Mountain top removal mining

Just playing around

"Death of a King"

O'Keefe to don blackface, steal something, and act shady in most racist town he can find.

Harvest, she is a comin'

Carol Schwartz proves she’s no empty suit.

Locker Room Humor

Feel marginalized yet?

Report: ISIS, Syrian Rebels Reach Ceasefire

Clarity: We Will Be Funding The Terror Group Who Kidnapped Sotloff, and Asking Them to Fight the

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says he will call for $15-an-hour federal minimum wage

Bernie Sanders on MTP tomorrow

Oklahoma GOP to Christians: Be ‘wary’ of Muslim Americans — they’ll ‘decapitate you’

Anyone who uses Photobucket...having a weird problem.

John Crawford Witness Changes Tune

It all makes perfect sense...

No, I'm not 'back,' I'm reading, but most definitely still not able to fully participate here.

Thom Hartmann: Time to End the Bloody Ukraine Conflict...

"The Guns of Navarone" starting now (5:17 Eastern) on TCM.

Need help identifying birds...

My Love and Hate of American Engineering.

Aye or Die!

All in a day's work Pt 2...

Claims of Saudi hand in September 11 attacks hang over Obama's speech

His Powerful Speech From Last Night Is All Over The News — And That's Exactly What We Need

Transgender Girl Crowned Homecoming Princess (at Colorado High School)

Human-rights based Police Training? Absolutely. But ONLY in Europe

Defining "Terrorist" Targets

Question for fans of 'Casino Royale' (2006).

Beware a compliant giggling Press

ISIS Reportedly Beheads British Aid Worker

A toast!

I'm not sure the YES vote will win in Scotland

WTF ...155

Wonkette drops a hint about the Palins and meth.

"We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor....

No Shit ...10

Swansea, Wales: photographer blind in one eye after attack

Ugandan officials: travel still safe for gay tourists

BREAKING NEWS ISIS release video claiming to show beheading of British hostage David Haines

Porn Fights For Your Right to Surf: Pornhub, YouPorn, and Redtube Lead Charge For Net Neutrality

Person(s) who ambushed 2 state troopers in NE PA still out there. Other cops may be threatened.

Others' Proposed Articles and Amendments to the Constitution

Iowa State wins! >>>

And now, another edition of MODERN PROBLEMS


So you think we are significant, huh?

I'd eat here every day.

So I'm watching BBC I coverage re another despicable beheading

World Congress of Families calls for more bans on 'gay propaganda'

Guatemala's poor getting poorer

Be on the Lookout

Join us 9/15 at 6:30, Eagan. Tell MAC workers deserve $ 15 hour.

Ben & Jerry's One Of 30 Top Corporations Petitioning Supreme Court To Let Gays Marry

Workers in Maine Buy Out Their Jobs, Set an Example for the Nation

Officers involved in Wendy’s (COPS) incident returning to duty on Monday

Want to help the Progressives in Fresno work against the Neo-con Good ol boys ?

"...November is coming up, and you are out!"

Young black man warns Ferguson’s white establishment: ‘We’ve got the power — you don’t’

The sky has CLEARED!

Hi guys! Miss anything?

Couple say 'I abide' in 'Big Lebowski'-themed wedding at south Omaha bowling alley