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Alison Lundergan Grimes Goes Skeet-Shooting To Prove She's 'Not Barack Obama'

Truthout: Senior Employees "Screwed" by BP (oil)

Michigan mother’s home being foreclosed upon after just one missed property tax payment

Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan calls to end ties with ‘the Jews’

27 Christians in Saudi Arabia Arrested for Using House As a Church

NLRB orders CNN to rehire 100, compensate 200

Pope Francis’ new clothes: Why his progressive image is white smoke and mirrors

Silver Bow (Butte) and Missoula: Bluest of blue Montana counties

This is what digital civil action looks like

Dancing with the stars.....I think Cheryl Burke had some facial work done.....or not.

Photographer defied racism of late 1800s to build diverse portfolio

Shakeup at PG&E, state agency over 'inappropriate' talks

Adrian Peterson investigated for abuse against another child

Welcome To The Party (The Republican Party) - Warrior Soul

Obama withdraws nomination of top DOJ civil rights lawyer

Labor posts today around the DU

Labor posts today around the DU

Black Lung Disease Rates Skyrocket To Highest Levels Since 1970s

Yahoo has changed

Why are the time stamps the same

"He is not a Democrat."

Spanking teaches one to respect others? (getting thousands of likes on Facebook)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Union says Omaha must address slow Fire Department response times

Union says Omaha must address slow Fire Department response times

The Worst Tweet By A Republican About The Ray Rice Domestic Violence Incident

New accusations: Adrian Peterson injured another son while disciplining 4-year-old

Convicted felon Roderick Wright (D-Calif.) to resign from state Senate

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Heat is On & a new Kitteh gif

BREAKING: ISIS attempts PR move to drum up GOP Support!!!!

Are we seeing the devolving of America?

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley: If whipping's illegal, "every black parent in the south

Americans’ Opinions On Spanking Vary By Party, Race, Region And Religion

Welcome everyone! Even if you just read.

Dumb Criminals: Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested After Appearing In Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

"Don't Worry About the Size of the Government"

"Building Legacy, Obama Reshapes Appellate Bench"

WaPost: Congress nearing plan to approve training and equipping Syrian rebels

I need a lil help please (call for photos)

Rep. Loebsack At Harkin Steak Fry: What Democrats Fight For

Dr. George Frison

How much electricity do you use?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Draws Criticism From Fellow Atheists At Yale

My youngest nephew turned 8 today.

16 Of The Most Magnificent Trees In The World -

Do people live forever just because we want them to?

I was lucky enough to visit Provence a few weeks ago.

'Tea party Satanist' bristles over Detroit temple's left-leaning ways

Former local Red Cross chief linked to paramilitary groups

Former local Red Cross chief linked to paramilitary groups

72 Percent Of Americans Disapprove Of Republicans In Congress

City Unanimously Approves Paid Sick Days For 10,000 Workers

Resigned GOPer: 'Operation Wetback' Wasn't 'Derogatory'

If Peterson had "whupped" a fetus, those who now defend him would condemn him.

Macaque monkey in India becomes "philanthropist" for a day

Scrap Metal Facility Where Worker Died Had Never Been Inspected By Safety Regulators

Bill Clinton Strays From Hillary’s Israel Script And Knocks Netanyahu

Decades Later, Vietnam Soldiers Get Medal of Honor (today)

Dr. Sacra's wife: Med Center Ebola patient becoming more talkative

Evan Kansas Republicans have had enough hard core conservatism

Exported to Venezuela, miserable Cuban doctors clamor to get into U.S.

Adrian Peterson Accused Of Injuring Another 4-Year-Old Son

'Nude' Or Not, Women's Cycling Team Uniform Makes Waves

Would you boycott the NFL season because of recent issues?

Scott Walker looks to gain votes by attacking jobless aid and food stamp applicants

I wonder if cps is looking at all the other children:

Marriott hotels launch envelope campaign to get guests in the habit of tipping maids

”Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you.”

Limbaugh: Sometimes ‘No’ Means ‘Yes’

Part 3 of "The Roosevelts" will blow you away

"U.S. Chamber Attack on Wife of Walker Prosecutor Falls Apart"

Nationals featured on Mission October on MLB Network.

The Beachhead at Normandy as it was, and is

Journalist badly beaten in Mexico

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Christians forced to 'worship sodomy'

When the corporate media is interviewing candidate X,

World Bank Tribunal Weighs Final Arguments in El Salvador Mining Dispute

World Bank Tribunal Weighs Final Arguments in El Salvador Mining Dispute

An oldie but goodie - Cows with Guns

I unexpectedly got stuck having to get four of my grandkids ready for bed.

Mets unie EPIC FAIL.

Corbett Admin goes to court to try block order to release 644 pages of their emails about Sandusky

No Shit ...11

Adrian Peterson Is Not a Racial Symbol

This is a rather offensive pepper.

Corporal Punishment in the Home: Parenting Tool or Parenting Fail? A Look At The Science

so, here is the thing about hitting children. when it fails to get what you wanted

Guess what Conservative Stephen Harper's election theme music is?

A real look inside the "real" world of the "Sarah Palin Channel" ($9.95 per month)

Are my beloved Philadelphia Eagles bound and determined to give me a heart attack every week??

Police: Georgetown pizza worker placed genitals on pie

How much have things changed?

FL DOE stops K-2 testing for now. Thank a teacher who put her job on the line.

Calpers, Nation’s Biggest Pension Fund, to End Hedge Fund Investments

12 Nigerian troops sentenced to death for mutiny

Ted Cruz Embarrassingly Whines About Fact-Checking Site That Constantly Exposes His Lies

Some cool photos of African-Americans in the 1800s

Syrian city of Raqqa gripped by fear of US air strikes on Isis

Will Howard Dean's Support for Hillary Clinton hurt Bernie Sanders ?

The Eye of the Beholder: No Apologies

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand drops f-bomb on video

Washington GAO raises questions over abortion compromise in federal health law

Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton Continue Crushing on Each Other

One of my best friends killed himself tonight.

U.S. To Commit $500 Million, Deploy 3,000 Troops In Ebola Fight

Hanuman the monkey god issued ID in India

Shakeup at PG&E, state agency over 'inappropriate' talks

The views of the ultra rich nowadays in a nutshell: "I owe the public nothing"

Some iTunes help greatly appreciated.

It is very cold in Ottawa tonight. Heat is not

Nate Silver: Republican chances are about 55 percent now.

Bernie Sanders In Iowa: Soldiers Didn’t Die ‘So Billionaires Could Buy Elections’

Dumb Criminals: Spiderman Impersonator And Batman Impersonator Fight Times Square Patron

A cable car ride down Market Street in...

Thom Hartmann: Senate Decides NOT to Save Democracy...

Thom Hartmann: NFL…Rooting Out Domestic Violence in our Culture

Officials: U.S. Will Defend Itself Against Syria Attack

Report: scrutiny lacking for Florida charter schools.

Whatever you feel about Dem politicians, we HAVE to beat the Right this fall!

I won't be on for quite a while, but will never forget any of you.~

Today in Squee Land, you get extra hugs!

Funniest Protest Signs Ever

Progressive Evangelicals Launch Campaign To Expand Christian Support For Same-Sex Marriage

.. If education is poor quality, we will have no values

So public television was talking about richie rich tonight and how he's

Suspected drug dealer to undercover cop: I'm too smart to get caught

Officer Given Paid Leave After Killing Teen, Participates in NRA-Sponsored "Killer Cop Competition"

Greenland gets whale hunting permit, Iceland's commercial program criticized

Why is America not nearly outraged at Adrian Peterson as it is with Ray Rice?

Mexico: demand investigation of military massacre

Warren on Letterman now.

Colombia: freed cartel hitman demands protection

British Store Guard Tells Children ‘No Jews Allowed’

Pro-Erdogan Columnist Publishes Rant Against Turkish Jews

Angela Merkel joins Berlin rally against antisemitism

Brussels Jewish Museum Reopened Its Doors With Dedication Of The Four Victims In May Attack

Office Of German Newspaper Vandalized With Swastikas, Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Why we are going back to Iraq, Round 3, in a nutshell.

Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution In Schools

The End of History?

Religion and abortion

Pentagon's $800 Billion Real Estate Problem The U.S. Military Has No Idea What It Owns

If only parents used corporal discipline more, there would be less youth violence

Administration threatens to cut off ObamaCare subsidies to 360,000

Uruguay: Deepening of progressivism or conservative break?

British tourists bludgeoned to death on Thailand beach

Expect the Unexpected: More 9.0 Megaquakes Are Coming, Study Says

Hi DU! I'll be voting in the Scottish Independence Referendum on Thursday...

After brutal defeat, Vikings president makes the tough call and reinstates the child abuser

The Snowy Egret

Tampa woman allowed to sue FBI for leaking her connection to Petraeus affair

Wisc. GOP candidate now regrets tweeting ‘fags need 2 leave my favorite state alone’

Fact Checker: Are gun-background-check claims true?

Hopefully the upgrade will keep a charge longer...

Fuck your barriers, this is my world.

3,000 U.S. military members to fight Ebola in Africa

United Offers $100,000 Buyouts to Flight Attendants

CalPERS decides hedge funds are a sell

Massive Direct Action after the Climate March

Mass. Supreme Judicial Court rules for Tesla Motors over auto dealers

Top 5 Contradictions in Obama’s Emerging ISIL Strategy

Employers’ theft from Worker Wages 3 times more than all other Theft in US

Airstrike Uncertainties: Obama's Dangerously Vague New War

VA secretary vows more changes, including higher pay for doctors, nurses

Proposal from Oklahoma: Could Nitrogen Asphyxiation Replace Lethal Injection?

What on earth was the Colombian cycling team thinking???

Seance Diplomacy: Has the US Violated the Geneva Accords?

100 homes burned in Weed, CA ( a very cute little mountain town)

3 dead in Corpus Christi trailer park shooting

Maria Shriver Erased

Navy wants to harvest retired Japanese helos for parts

Iraqi at Guantanamo gets lawyer who invaded Iraq

Governor, lawmakers announce Virginia budget cuts

John Stewart Tears Into Lindsey Graham for Scaring the Crap Out of Everyone over ISIS

REVIEW: *The Imperfectionists* by Tom Rachman

Congress scrutinizes Obama military strategy

Russian ruble drops to historic low amid sanctions

How Uber's Efforts to Squeeze Drivers Have Compelled Them to Fight Back

GM recall death toll may top 125 based on victim claims

Babies 'R' Expensive: U.S Tops the Charts In Childbirth Costs

The 'Death of Adulthood' Is Really Just Capitalism at Work

China rig finds gas after Vietnam sea standoff

Noam Chomsky: Why Americans Know So Much About Sports But So Little About World Affairs

Sen. Hagan backs inquiry into Chinese tire imports that affect on Goodyear jobs

Study says North Carolina among most reliant on income taxes; wealth gap cuts state revenue

No one can "give" democracy to another country

Ukraine, Scotland dent German investor optimism

Dutch to present less austere budget for 2015

ISIS Has Put Rand Paul In A Very Difficult Position

Vermont City Acts Unlawfully and Unconstitutionally, Judge Finds

Worst form of black lung is roaring back

Such A Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation

Progressive Democrats Follow Obama to War in Syria

Russian Stocks Drop as Ruble Slips to Record Low on Sanctions, Price of Crude Oil

Here's How They are Selling The New Fall War Line. Who's Buying It This Time?

Who’s Paying the Pro-War Pundits?

Scientific American: Will Solar Float to the Rescue in Japan?

Judge in Pistorius trial faces criticism

What Leaving My Religion Did for Me

How Cats Love

Scientific American: Will Solar Float to the Rescue in Japan?

Secretary James: 21 general officer billets to be cut in fiscal 2015

The issue about hitting kids has always been an easy one for me.

Deborah Lee James: Air Force to Get ’70-75 Percent’ Of Budget Request Through Congress

Just curious why so few people use their real names.

kitty rescue Maine style

Democracy? No, Afghans say, after vote count ends

Richard Mack (RW hack) Has 'No Doubt' Obama Might Stage False Flag Sept. 11 Attack

New global plans unveiled to crack down on corporate tax avoidance.

F-35 Engine Fix On Track; JPO Changing Mishap Notification

Sen. Ernie Chambers blasts lieutenant governor ballot switch (NE)

Toughest Of The Bunch: "He didn't drop one tear"

Air Force IT Strategy Boosts Cyber, Neglects Jamming

“Wretched, disgusting commie leftists”: My nightmare fighting gun nuts in a red state

Vietnam urged to tackle "alarming" rate of police abuse

This Russian woman doesn't like litterbugs

Senator Roberts trailing by 7 against Orman Per PPP

What's for supper this Tuesday night, September 16, 2014?

The Syrian air force has no reservations about attacking ISIS in cities.

Climate change remedies 'affordable', says global body (BBC)

Jodi Arias auctions faux glasses she wore during her murder trial.

Will Hagel’s past doubts about U.S. military intervention in Iraq help or hurt?

Greenhouse gas fear over increased levels of meat eating (BBC)

Loyal Dog Guards Boy’s Grave, Spends Days Without Food or Water

Someone explain to me why I need a phone the size of a small piece of sheet rock?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: "I wasn't in a place where I could tell him to go fuck himself."

PCHR: Gaza detainees underwent 'torture' in Israeli custody

A little fracking perspective

U.N. Investigators Cite Atrocities in Syria (both sides, of course)

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Football

What I want to know, is what is being done NOW to protect Peterson's children?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: GOP

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

One of the things I like about kayaking is the chance to observe wildlife.


Tears, devastation as Gaza children back to school

‘It’s despair on all fronts,’ says Ebola aid worker

UN reports global child mortality rate has dropped by 1/2 since 1990 but more is needed.

Ya'alon: Hamas won't renew rocket fire at Israel anytime soon

Why We March: Stepping Forth for a Planet in Peril

I guess people got wise to Heather and Rachel.

Christie Diverts Environmental Clean-up Funds...

Imbalances in government accounts trigger inflation

Some say scientists can't agree on Earth's temperature changes.

How The NFL's Mentality Led to Botch of Ray Rice Affair

Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

Venezuela's increasing inflation, shortages leave poor doubting Maduro

What is the most prevalent state of humanity - happy or unhappy?

Mayor Stothert vows to appeal after arbitrator backs Omaha fire union on response times

List of countries the USA has bombed since the end of World War II

Mayor Stothert vows to appeal after arbitrator backs Omaha fire union on response times

Islamic State: ‘US failure to look into Saudi role in 9/11 has helped Isis’

LIVE from Kansas Supreme Court NOW

Anyone else watching the anti-war protestors at the US Senate hearing?

Walker Conservation Failure Files

Why labor has stake in fighting for racial equality

Fueling Cars with Water: Korean Research Team Develops Tech to Mass Produce Hydrogen

"Socially Responsible" Capitalism Still Feeds the Disease

The greatest speech ever given Charlie Chaplin

Kerry working to get state, religious and broadcast powers in the Middle east to condemn ISIS

It pains me to agree with ANYTHING Skip Bayless says, but ......

PPP KS Senate: Roberts (R) down 7-points vs. Orman (I)

Presidential Third-Party Candidates are Spoilers.

Dogs are wonderful.

I'm having eye surgery tomorrow. UPDATE

Tribune Poll: Minimum Wage has strong support:

Police Officer Caught On Camera Savagely Beating Girlfriend – Not Facing Arrest

D.C.: Replacement Of Metro's Delay-Prone Old Rail Cars Delayed

There’s a city in China with a special sidewalk lane for people on cellphones

And Rihanna has responded - Twitter Tuesday!

So I want to know why only athletes are being targeted for violence

Number of Americans Without Health Insurance Falls, Survey Shows

The Most Important Issue of Our Time

Can I substitute green tomatoes for tomatillos?

House votes to block EPA water rules

How women cyclists are drawing attention to their sport in Colombia. Bound to be controversial,

The University of Illinois Fails on Due Process, Academic Freedom and Free Speech: Why the Salaita C

Just for fun: What is your guilty pleasure ( funny not dirty)

California's 3-foot buffer zone for cyclists takes effect today

US Chamber Attack on Wife of Walker Prosecutor Falls Apart


Putin's 'girlfriend' Alina Kabayeva quits as MP to head pro-Kremlin media group

Naomi Klein: 'Ferocious Love' and the Climate Fight To Come

Pardon this brief ranting question; but, ...

Pic Of The Moment: WTF? Pentagon Now Giving Grenade Launchers To School Districts

Chelsea Manning breaks silence to criticise Obama's Isis strategy

Someone explain to me the appeal of the band Bush?

Palin Goes Makeup-Free—and Kinda, Sorta Gives the Finger—After Family Is Involved in Drunken Fight

Philippines orders evacuation as Mayon volcano threatens to erupt

American families are stuck in a lost quarter century

Michelle Obama Was Asked About Being A Working Mom. I Didn't Expect Her Answer To Be So Real.

Rachel Maddow - Deal-making trend emerges in three way races

Chris Hedges: "Revolt is the only option left"

Half of lower class Americans literally can’t afford to sleep

Racing wildfire engulfs homes in California town


Ed Wood.

The Fast-Food Strikes Have Been a Stunning Success for Organized Labor

Why the WHO could not stop the Ebola outbreak

US Corporate Executives to Workers: Drop Dead

Portman emails re Citizens United

The Politics of Family Dysfunction

Is Obedience the Only Way to Avoid Police Brutality?

Dempsey: If campaign fails, ground troops possible

Question about Self-Deleted threads.

Hillary Clinton, tell us your vision

Massive 5,000-Year-Old Stone Monument Revealed in Israel

Unseen Toll: Wages of Millions Seized to Pay Debts

Ram Johnston for Congress....A funny parody campaign ad

Canadian Government warns its citizens about corrupt american police officers

$40 million from a Nigerian bank IT fraud

WSJ reports Blue Origin and Boeing will beat SpaceX for Space Station Crew Delivery

Code Pink: "We need Smart Senators, not Smart Bombs."

No troops on the ground? US Troops Could Fight ISIS in Iraq, General Tells Senate

No longer the Apple of our eyes

72 percent of Americans disapprove of GOP in Congress: Poll

3-D printed car

No Shit ...12

Lessons From the Last Gilded Age

APNewsBreak: Web filter lifts block on gay sites

38 countries which have outlawed corporal punishment -

Hippopottamus Stew

This is an Islamic organization....

Religious/political craziness...

PG&E Silicon Valley Substation Is Breached Again

Raise your hand if you think women are abusing men at the same rate that men are abusing women....

Crain’s Red-Baits a Nurses Union Leader on Labor Day

Cheat Sheets to explain the two versions of the Palin Brawl - the Thrilla in Wasilla

Sean Connery: There is no more creative an act than creating a new nation.

Project for the science fair...

U.S. General Backs Limited Ground Operations Against ISIS if Needed

Artist with cerebral palsy makes incredible art using only a typewriter

Friends prank alcoholic friend into thinking he was in a coma for ten years!

Agent Storm: Inside al Qaeda for the CIA

Okay, no spanking. I get that but what's this dad suppose to do?

Trigger Warning: Real Women and Girls Behind the Statistics

Why Does My Kids’ Elementary School Need a Tank?

Spanking is linked to changes in brain chemistry

NYT: Fast Food Protests Spread Overseas

NYT: Fast Food Protests Spread Overseas

Feds Poised To Hire Private Prison Firm With Record Of Mistreating Children To Run Detention Center

Giving Up = Guaranteed to Lose (Talking to YOU, Democrats)

Hey DUers, Take A Look At This.............

Hey Michael Moore....Come Out And Plaaaaaayy..........

Landmark fracking study finds no water pollution

Wyoming Lawmakers Advance Bill Allowing Executions By Firing Squad

How the Defense Industry Bankrolls Pro-War Pundits

Hurricane Odile batters Mexico's Baja California peninsula - in pictures

Rush Limaugh is still alive? And into rape? Who Knew?

Q&A: Carmen Fowler LaBerge: I'm going to say it -- the battle for marriage is lost

Protesters back El Salvador for denying gold mining permit

Bill Clinton to McConnell: "What about 9/11?"

Alerts and Jury Results on Discussionist

Guatemala: bishop's killer runs prison ring

Goalkeeper may sue fans who urinated in his water bottle during match

Florida Republican: Black People are ‘Animals’ With a ‘Backwards Culture’

NY State Senator Liz Krueger calls for legalization of marijuana for general use by 2015

Autistic Minnesota man builds ultimate cat maze in home

A Reminder: Elliot Abrams: defender creator of death squads to direct US “democracy” crusade in Iraq

Wall Street’s civil rights disgrace: Inside a quiet, evil lobbying effort

The Strange Case Of A Father Who Sued The Obama Administration To Keep His Daughters From Getting...

Karl Rove vs Mark Udall

Karl Rove vs Mark Udall

Last day to vote in my internet poll. Thank you for your support!

Small main forum SOP change

Lindsey Graham On Abortion Ban: If Pregnant Mom 'Sings To Her Fetus' Then It Must Be A Person

Someone explain to me the appeal of the president Bush?

Why Canada wants Scotland to vote 'yes'

Want money out of politics, first get the silent filibuster out of politics..

"Understanding Pisces" Webinar scheduled for this Friday

Kevin Sorbo Explains Why More Christian Movies Aren’t Made: Jews Run Hollywood

Last day to vote in my internet poll. Thank you again for all your support!

What is the #1 most urgent issue the next president

Kobach's Lawyer Beat Up By Kansas Supreme Court In US Senate Race Case

Thom Hartmann: Our Media is the Mouthpiece for the Military-Industrial Complex

Would ISIL use civilians as human shields?

Now available for DU Lounge: The DU Lounge Learning Center for Children.

First LGBT-friendly mosque opens in South Africa; imam gets death threats

FLORIDA MAN chokes wife over lack of fried chicken leftovers: police

Because of Corbett's budget tricks, Pa. is taking out $1.5 billion loan to pay bills

Calfornia heat wave power outages (Southern California Edison)

Regulators Are Faulted in Defects at General Motors

PPP: Kansas Governor Paul Davis/Jill Docking Leads Sam Brownback/Tea Party Wingnuts 42-38%

Disgusting. World Bank to roll back safeguards for indigenous people

Prime Suspect Identified in Shooting of Troopers. He's still on the Loose.

Readers Have Lots to Say on Salting Olive Garden’s Pasta Water

Tomgram: Noam Chomsky, The Fate of the Gaza Ceasefire

Con-Way workers vote to organize

Neoliberalism at 30,000 Feet

TS Odile and TS Polo, watch out Mexico, AZ and NM; Hurricane Edouard; Typhoon Kalmaegi

I am listening to 'Wichita Lineman' right now

A Fox Host Finally Connected The NFL Domestic Violence Controversy To Benghazi

How Wolves Change Rivers (The big picture of reintroducing wolf packs to Yellowstone)

83 year old man shows the rest of us how to dress

The image of the NFL has been ruined.

Gov. Brown signs bill repealing unenforceable parts of Prop. 187

Every hour: The reason for military action against ISIS.

Fugelsang: "If you're too disillusioned ...

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/14/2014

So when does it count as "boots on the ground?"

Mortgage and foreclosure crisis 2.0

NYT: U.S. General to Seek Combat Troops if Airstrikes Can’t Stop ISIS

Wow! I just heard something that chilled me to my core ...

"A clean, disease-free guy and woman marry and keep their sex between the two of them..."

More religious/political nuttiness...

Topeka crash kills 85-year-old motorcycle rider

Robert Reich: Harvard Business School is ruining America

9 students detained for unveiling banners protesting Maduro

Is Atheist Awe A Religious Experience?

Americans for Prosperity just sent my father a voter registration form in the mail.

Soldiers Killed in Suicide Attack at U.S. Base in Kabul

Pennsylvania Police ID Eric Matthew Frein as Suspect in Barracks Ambush

Saudis Lobbied John McCain & Lindsey Graham to sell War.

I am wondering just how great is the threat of Ebola spreading to the United States, if

Lawmaker to introduce bill to end NFL’s tax-exempt status because of Redskins name

whoo hoo - I have been investing in the wrong thing

10 religious leaders you may not know about


Pittsburgh reminds Catholics: it’s a big Church

To Fight Domestic Violence, NFL Adds Female Consultants, CBS Subtracts Rihanna Song

ISIS are not Muslims!

Wales reveal they’ve already left UK

How Will the U.S. Decide Which Syrian Rebels to Arm?

ISIL Want To Assassinate The Pope, Says Iraq's Ambassador To Vatican

Gaza War Tests Interfaith Ties On L.I.

Climate expert: “Washington, D.C. faces significant risk of record high floods”

Another Out Of Control Cop Story, But This Cop May Have Messed With The Wrong Kid

Is It Finally John McCain's America?

The real final chapter of Atlas Shrugged

Buddha seems to bring tranquility to Oakland neighborhood

Harry, when Repubs fear debate, it's your job as SML to make them debate.

"You know what I mean?"

Laniakea, we live in Laniakea. Can't wait to drop that on some flat earther.

"i'll be seeing you again"

+1 for technique.

Schools Acquire Grenade Launchers, MRAPs and Other Military Equipment - What Could Possibly Go Wrong

What the Vikings and the NFL have done is legitimize child abuse

Over the last couple of days I have been heartened to see DU's response to Child Spanking, etc.

Shy versus "stuck up" ?

Thom Hartmann: Is America This Gullible About War?

Has Anyone Here Suggested that Warren or Sanders Should Not Run?

The NFL's new top lobbyist is one of the architects of VAWA and former chief counsel

WTF Sen Carl Levin! Condescending, smug remarks to anti-war protestors

Billy Bragg: Exclusive: Scottish nationalism and British nationalism aren’t the same

Derp Hasselbeck "wins" with tweet connecting Benghazi w/NFL Scandals


My 80 yo mother is addicted to my drug-addicted nephew

I re-watched the pilot episode of "Sports Night" yesterday.

Rehman Malik, friend thrown off a PIA flight by passengers angry over flight delay

Visiting “Angels?”

Charles P. Pierce on President Bernie

Code Pink disrupts ISIS/ISIL Senate Armed Services Committee (VIDEO)

Schizophrenia is actually eight distinct genetic disorders

We are drowning in stories that privilege the perspectives of white males

Bryan man sentenced to 14 years in insurance fraud scheme

Congress includes $29 million in cuts to TANF in proposed CR

Smile and weep at the same time! Nurse Turns House Into Sanctuary For Old, Sick Cats In Peru

Ban the sale and advertisement of high-sugar foods to minors?

Akron school bus driver killed while saving 10-year-old girl

Congress includes $29 million in cuts to TANF in proposed CR

Since they're afraid of everything....

NASA Picks Boeing and SpaceX to Ferry Astronauts

ACLU to request another hearing on voter ID law

Convicted killer accused of murdering fiance and eating portions of her brain, heart, and lungs

Fox Guest Slams Network ON FOX for Offensive Ray Rice Comments

Bill Clinton: Netanyahu 'not the guy' to strike lasting Middle East peace deal

NFL's Adrian Peterson Arrested on Brutal Child Abuse Charges; Charles Barkley Defends

One very scary map

'If unchecked,' Hagel tells committee, ISIS will 'directly threaten' U.S., allies

How do you change the cult that is the Republican Party?

Can we clarify--what is a "rescue cat"?

Mountaintop Removal Causes Health Emergency In Appalachia - Jeff Biggers Discusses

New Study Reveals Depths Of Fox’s Benghazi Obsession

What does the fox say....?

Harris Poll: Americans like their presidental candidates to be Christian (maybe Jewish) and straight

ALEC Exodus Continues As Four More Companies Leave Lobby

Why, YES, Elisabeth Hasselbeck...NFL players' domestic violence IS exactly like Benghazi. YES.

Naomi Klein: 'Ferocious Love' and the Climate Fight To Come

A question for the Bernie and Elizabeth supporters

Jewish extremists try to change status quo at Al-Aqsa

Moscow warns against panic as ruble plunges to historic lows

An ad that I would like to see...

Ukraine’s ‘Romantic’ Nazi Storm Troopers

new TN drug law tests infants, sends moms to jail

new TN drug law tests infants, sends moms to jail

Instead Of Holding Signs-Marchers Show Politician How They REALLY Feel & Throw Him In A Dumpster

Killing Today's Meme, Chapter the Infinity: "Sanders = Nader"

3 polls tonight all put Scottish vote at 48% Yes, 52% No once don't knows stripped out

Chinese increasingly protest projects that threaten environment

Anheuser-Busch unhappy with NFL's policing

Judge hears arguments on ballot lawsuit; no timeline for decision

This is what I see whenever I go out of the house. (Usually 5-8 per trip)

A Jihadist Paradise on Earth-- (IOWD's: Is Western Policy Failing & Creating What We Never Imagined)

A Canadian, a Texan, and a tea bagger walk into a bar?

Saudis Lobbied John McCain & Lindsey Graham to sell War.

Poll: Only 10 percent of Gazans would vote for Abbas

Tony Stewart case going to a grand jury

"The American Dream Game"


Ex-Auschwitz Guard Oskar Groening Accused of Role in 300K Deaths

Fischer: The Sale Of Bacon Proves That America Is A Christian Nation

A non-sports sports story that is good, for a change

My story of being sexually harassed by a NYC cop

Manhunt in Woods for Armed Survivalist Who Shot Two State Troopers

Tony Stewart fatal dirt-track incident to be heard by grand jury

Sanders doesn't get to decide if he runs for President "as a Democrat". Democratic voters do.

Papantonio: NFL Turns Blind Eye to Child Abuse

I'm going to make a prediction: Peterson won't play on Sunday

Who cares about the Export-Import Bank? We all should. That's why the Repubs are lying about it.

Congress includes $29 million in cuts to TANF in proposed CR

RG3 forced to turn religious T-shirt inside out, Christians get mad at gays.

U.S. general says can't rule out 'boots on the ground' in Iraq

Pakistani passengers kick politicians off plane for delaying flight for two hours -Delish!!

This Too?? BPA (& BPS)-Tainted Receipts.. thermal-paper receipts readily transfer to skin

Blacks, Hispanics have doubts about media accuracy

South West bracing for historic flooding

Princeton Professor Sees Democrats Holding Senate

Jindal Mulling White House Bid

If you want people on the left to vote for HRC IF she's nominated, MAKE A CASE FOR HER!

What a trip! (Pun intended)

SyFy fans... Wil Weaton Fans... My Wife found out that The Will Weaton Project will not be renewed..

Mailman Bludgeons a 10 Pound Yorkie With a Rock, Animal Cruelty Charges Dropped (link fixed)

Why did the war on poverty fail... or did it fail?

Here's The Most Educated Town In Every State

New Eyewitness To Palin Brawl: Bristol Was ‘Quite Violent’---"It was just so shocking"

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Ferguson, Missouri, FULL Speech

is Talking Points Memo basically a dead website? Everytime i go there the page just freezes.

Election Integrity and CASE Ohio lost a selfless advocate today.

Just Saw A St. Pete Poll That Has Scott Up

Bernie Sanders on 2016: We need ‘a political revolution’

My weird observation of Gen. Martin E. Dempsy, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Handcuffed Man Tazed Twice by Deputy

Spanking? America's killed a million Iraqi kids over the last 24 years.

Spanking is only the beginning. There is so much more you must do

Fast Food Franchise Owners Ask Congress For Help To Stop Worker Campaign For Wages, Union

How to make Isis fall on its own sword

Ukraine's former President &Prime Minister to formalize and strengthen alliance with Neo-Nazi groups

Hannity Worries Charging NFL's Peterson Could Impinge Right To Teach Kids "Being Gay Is Not Normal"

I'm back! Did you miss me?

From the Teamsters

Change will not come through the White House.

From the Teamsters

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Remember "Reverend" Manning, of New York's "Atlah" church?

US Marines using Nazi insignia.

Just saw a Crossroads ad attacking Braley

Breaking: giant net neutrality billboard outside FCC


Who is This Dog?

N.C. House panel looks at solutions to food deserts