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debate online

Professor Richard Wolff: Socialism and Workers' Self-Directed Enterprises

Will Governments Keep Their Promises on the Human Right to Water?

The next time the House votes to lower funding for social programs, remember this.


Somebody sure wants me to hate ISIS

Has anyone heard a rabbit in distress?

Doomsday ISIS Predictions Generating Bad Policy

Second Arrest In Two Days For Trying To Enter The White House Unlawfully

Japanese pan

Far better reason not to spank your kids than that you're going to turn them perverted....

Colombian senator charges Álvaro Uribe with ties to drug lords and death squads

There is a very curious thing happening on a thread here

War of the Regulation (1765-1771 in NC and SC)

Jim Bakker back to Scamming again

~ One Woman~ A dedication to the Women of DU.

Alabama Governor Consoles Family Of Murdered 8-Year-Old Black Girl By Suggesting Their Dysfunction

How A Crucial Western Ally Is Similar To ISIS Militants

This Stanford Psychologist Won A MacArthur Genius Grant For Showing How Unconsciously Racist Everybo

Thank you Great Organizer Eleanor Roosevelt

No Shit ...15

No Shit ...16

One of the most prophetic movies ever made, Network, on TCM right now

Another line of puppehs - Squee levels a Billion

A thank you Ken Burns Thread

America Keeps People Poor On Purpose: A Timeline of Choices We've Made to Increase Inequality

With His Senate Seat In Jeopardy Mitch McConnell Attacks Alison Grimes’ Dead Grandfather

US Senate Elevates Israel's Status As 'Major Strategic Partner'

Iran, China Prepare To Conduct Unprecedented Joint Naval Drills

Mike Malloy - Almost All Obamacare Enrollees Are Paying

Mike Malloy - Congress Members Are Useless SOBs

Davis Intends to Use Executive Action, Veto Power if Elected

The Right’s War on Neil deGrasse Tyson

Cornyn: GOP Must Lead and Not Throw Tantrums

At TribFest, Cruz Talks Possible 2016 Run, Partisan Gridlock

At TribFest, Patrick and Van de Putte Talk Education, Health Care

High-Speed Rail Firm's Chief: Public Meetings Set for Proposal

"OECD unveils proposals to curb corporate tax avoidance"

Neolithic-style burial barrow opens in Wiltshire

Ottawa will revoke the passports of Canadians who join extremist groups

We Loungeteers heart our furbabies but only "my little dog Fala" has a Wiki and a statue (YouTube)

I tell you, I meet the wrong people. Last week I met the Surgeon General.

Obama's 2002 Speech Against the War, Delivered by Supporters

Immigration protest cancelled over 'death threats from Mexican cartels'

When the table wears it better, it's time to go home.

Fresno CA 9/21 3:30-6pm St Paul Newman Center People's Climate March and Rally

John Yoo on CSPAN2?

U.S. Urging Allies to Join Strikes on Syria (coming as early as next week)

St. Louis Police Academy offering ‘fun’ seminar for dealing with media in officer-related shootings

Abby Martin talks to Greg Palast about BP finding

I bring you puppies because ... puppies!

Ecuador opens new security center to tackle crime


a Bible Museum in Washington, D.C.?

AP PHOTOS: Survivor of Peru massacre guides team

~ One Woman~ A dedication to the Women of DU.

Russia to Supply T-90S Tanks to Peru in Medium-Term: Rosoboronexport

For any Mike Malloy listeners:

This is your brain on narcissism: The truth about a disorder that nobody really understands

Just curious about what people believe has to be done to fix anything

There is no finer pleasure in life, I think..

Anyone else still watch "Too Cute?"

For allegedly brutal prison guard, day of reckoning arrives

GOP consultant says ‘integrity’ of court is at stake over redistricting

For aficionados of the Cuban American Senator David Rivera,"pal"Ana Alliegro & Justin Sternad saga:

Great Reps ask for Robust debate on US role in Iraq: Ellison, Lee, Grijaiva

Use of force by police is a local decision, but experts say it should be a last resort

In "Guardians Of The Galaxy," what would Starlord say if Rocket Raccoon did this?

Too Young to Die, Too Old to Worry

The Metropolitan Museum of Cat Videos...

Americans for Responsible Solutions, Working to keep the house republican

Everytime you hear someone say that liberals are unpatriotic...

Patrick pitches tax swap; Van de Putte wants surplus to go to schools

Iowa's airwaves already 'saturated' with political ads for U.S. Senate race

Hundred year old turtle.

Mama and bebehs

Plan to use teen as bait leads to rape at school, suit alleges

Christians in Lebanon unite with Hezbollah over shared ISIS threat

Conservative Christians Trying Their Damnedest to Make America's Kids Wildly Ignorant

NASA's Mars spacecraft to begin orbit of Red Planet

Pakistan is eyeing sea-based and short-range nuclear weapons, analysts say

Germany’s African Genocide

Get off my tractor! Get out of my barn and fields! Get off my porch!

Fantasy realized! When brutal "security" guys go too far and the public won't stand for it

September 21

Information to think about: How 'home hackers' spy on you and your children... with YOUR webcam

Governor: Montana can cut carbon, keep jobs

Income inequality last year rose in 15 states

Failure to Heed Concerns of Workers Playing Role in Walmart’s Poor Sales

The Arab Political Crisis: It isn’t a Matter of Civilization and it isn’t Unique

Charleston fast food workers strike shortly after Labor Day

State still owes city $2.5B for school funding

POTUS Announces 14 Executive Actions to Deploy Solar Energy

US take Guatemala to arbitration for anti-union violence

Iraq: Are Sunni Arabs of Kirkuk Province Turning on ISIL?

How The Koch Brothers Corrupted Florida State University (+163 Other Colleges) (Young Turks)

Goodell proves he has lost control with confusing press conference

Juan Cole: Shiite Militias of Iraq Reject US Return, Threaten to Attack US Forces

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Murgency Room Edition

Bill Maher: ‘White America needs to stop putting forth this toxic idea that racism is over’

Indian TV news anchor fired after calling Xi Jinping 'Eleven'

Desmond Tutu calls for tactics that beat apartheid to be used in climate change fight

Paleontologists discover massive-nosed ‘Jimmy Durante of dinosaurs’

Canadian government begins invalidating passports of citizens who have left to join extremist groups

All's Fair In Love And (The Rubber Used To Make) Condoms

Sick Texas hospital worker may have exposed 700 babies to TB

St. Louis Police Academy offering ‘fun’ seminar for dealing with media in ‘officer-related shootings

Read This: After Surgery, Surprise $117,000 Medical Bill From Doctor He Didn’t Know

Goldman Sachs reveals ties to Libya fund: Financial Times

This is what it’s like to go blind

Urban Outfitter’s greatest racist, sexist, tasteless hits

5 Totally Vile Right-Wing Moments This Week: Hannity Stands Up for Child Abuse

Police Brutality Against Street Vendors Gets Stark Exposure in Brooklyn

5 Ways Walmart Has Stooped to New Lows This Month

Do You Really Want to Save the Earth? After the Climate March, Flood Wall Street!

Escape from Duggarville: How playing the good Christian housewife almost killed me

Look Back • Race hatred, workforce tensions explode in East St. Louis in 1917

Armed ‘ninja’ sister-wives caught trying to abduct Utah sex assault victim

With America’s “Thousand-Ship Navy” Who is Getting Pulled Along?

Kurds call on 'all Middle East' to help defend stronghold from Isis

Is Australia entering a war without end?

What does the US gain from paying for Europe’s Security?

Coalition of the choosy

Remember The 'Dogs Diving Underwater' Guy? He's Back — With Puppies {IMAGES}

Justice Secretary Grayling tells Scots MPs: Get off my lawn

Absurd Creature of the Week: The Parasitic Worm That Turns Snails Into Disco Zombies

Photo of the Day

Bernie Sanders Recorded a Folk Album. No Punchline Required

Middle-School Dropout Codes Clever Chat Program That Foils NSA Spying

Why isn't this a bigger story than it is.This is crazy

A Military-Grade Drone That Can Be Printed Anywhere

In Brownbackistan, everything is awesome! And don’t let any liberal tell you different

Professors on food stamps: The shocking true story of academia in 2014

The colossal DEA failure that prevented a potentially major medical breakthrough

When the Republicans went insane: Newt Gingrich, Fox News, Grover Norquist and the roots of today’s

The World's Most Powerful MRI Takes Shape

"Disruption" -- documentary and Live Streams of People's Climate March - Sunday September 21

St. Louis Police Academy Promotes ‘Highly Entertaining’ Course On Michael Brown Shooting

Senior Israeli Officer in Gaza Saw Hamas Fighter Seize Children as Shields After Firing at IDF Force

Jewish, proudly British and increasingly concerned about rising antisemitism

Stonehedge fine goldwork compared to sewing needle

High Hopes

Why Europe is terrified of deflation

Climate Science Is Not Settled By Steven E. Koonin

Once upon a time on the Bowery

What Are You Fighting For?

Antonin Scalia’s bad law, bad history: How the Supreme Court legalized corruption

This is how ISIS wins: Repeating the Bush/Cheney/Rove approach just won’t work

‘Poor people don’t plan long-term. We’ll just get our hearts broken’

A lawyer’s spectacularly ill-advised letter about the “homosexual agenda” goes viral

Arun Gupta on the People's Climate March

Boehner messes up Paul Ryan’s image rehab: Attacks unemployed as lazy and unmotivated

Watch People’s Climate March Live Right Here on Sunday


Kornacki just said that GEM$NBComcast will be covering

Endangered Species To Light Up UN Headquarters Ahead Of Climate March

Charles M. Blow: Up From Pain

Suspicions Run Deep in Iraq That C.I.A. and the Islamic State Are United

Grimes internal poll shows tied race with McConnell

NSIDC - At Seasonal Turn, Open Water +/- 300 Miles From North Pole - Northernmost On Record

An Energy Revolution is Underway in Uruguay

how many times have i been kicked off the board, skinner?

Fuck the Wall Street Journal...

Jaw- Dropping Satellite Imagery Of Venice Louisiana Melting Into Gulf Of Mexico 1956 - 2010

How Australia Perfected Solar Power and Then Went Back to Coal

The crux of the Climate Change argument idiots (Republicans) refuse to consider . . .

And then there's this

Georgia woman’s last act before dying from gunshot was to hide baby in toilet to save her life

Live coverage of People's Climate March

Mt. Shasta mudflow prompts flash-flood watch

The informed electorate: 'We must have War''

...and still more puppies...

Why Obama’s ISIS Strategy is Incoherent

Get government off our backs

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 23: The Projected Image: The Jewish Experience on Film

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 24: Star of the Month: Melvyn Douglas

Thom Hartmann: A Country Not Afraid to Stand Up to The Billionaires

The largest climate march in history kicks off in New York

What Did The Scots Do To Engage So Many Of Their Countrymen To GOTV?.......

Career Insurance for NFL Players - Fitzsimmons 'toon makes it an easy premium to pay

"Khorasan" Group More Direct Threat Than ISIS

Mitch McConnell attempts to convince voters he's not an a**hole

Yemen PM 'quits' amid rebel clashes

Ukraine crisis: Thousands march in Moscow anti-war rally

Former Titans Kicker Rob Bironas dead at 36

People's Climate March Livestream

Some pics from Peoples Climate March. Official Count 310,000 people, Update: 400,000

Post your favorite movie opening sequences

Afghanistan resolves it's election - leading the way for a new government

Why does a LA school need a MRAP?

Are there deep red states that would secede if given a vote?

Wendell Potter: Taking Insurance Companies Out of Health Care

US will not commit to climate change aid for poor nations at UN summit

Expect Sound And Fury And Nothing In The Way Of A Binding Climate Treaty From NYC, Now Or Next Year

Cspan should be covering today's largest climate change march in NY

The homogeny of American power. War fronts and home fronts.

Marjorie Cohn on Racial Discrimination and Perpetual War

Europe must 'boost demand' to revive economy, US warns

When the USA REALLY went to war

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: An Introduction by Sir Hammerlock AND TORGUE!


A letter to the ‘Christian’ grandmother advocating homophobic books for teens

Guardian UK: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate by Naomi Klein – review

2001: A Space Oddity: Stanley Kubrick had it so wrong.

The Case Being Made for Civilian Use of MRAPs.

"Reliable Sources" STELTER sez the PALINS deserve the benefit of the doubt over brawl

Naomi Klein is right: Unchecked capitalism will destroy civilization

We have yet another name for ISIS, ISIL, IS...

Wikileaks. I sometimes wonder whether it was worth it.

"Guns are 2014s hottest campaign accessory"

A Proposed New Constitution Articles 4 & 5, Ending the Buying of Elections

Is that internet meme part of "rape culture"?

Oh Boy, Here we go --> Rob't Gates: "U.S. Will Need Some Boots On The Ground To Defeat ISIS"

Cosplaying while Black: The Homicide of Darrien Hunt pt 2

Flood Wall Street

Funniest Memes Mocking Fox News

A show of disunity at California GOP convention

White House intruder was an Army vet with PTSD, family says

All my yesterdays

All in one

Seems so far all of ISISisisisss's spokesmen have been...

How would you rate these songs and why? Have I The Right-

Hell, let's call is ISSA. He voted to fund them.

Does anyone really know the words to Louie Louie?

Scotland: Why One Londoner Is Relieved

Push for New Pact on Climate Change Is Plagued by Old Divide of Wealth

Alison Grimes "dilemma" with "Obamacare"...

"I’m so, so, so tired of watching this kind of .. craven, I’m-embarrassed-that-I’m-a-Democrat genre"

Aljazeera America saying over 100,000 are marching in NY

U.S. Says Allies Committed to Joining Airstrikes in Syria: Update

Former AG Meni Mazuz, Anat Baron named as new Supreme Court justices

Mullen: Split Between Obama, Generals 'Blown Way Out of Proportion'

Watching coverage of the climate march on Democracy Now! and thinking ..............

Meet the Iowa Lesbians Finally Married After 72 Years

Samantha Power: Syrian Rebels' Training Will Also Aid in Fight Against Assad

Tropical Storms Polo and Fung-wong; Invests 99E and 95L; FALL begins tomorrow

‘Until We Could,’ a video poem by inaugural poet Richard Blanco

Do people feel Cameron will fulfill the promises to Scotland ?

Hiding Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Reality

Artificial sweeteners may tip scales toward metabolic problems

How do we afford it?

German Families To Sue Ukraine Over MH17 Deaths

MSM War on Venezuela

Study: User feedback on websites sucks, especially negative

China, US, India push world carbon emissions up

Philosophy vs. policy....

I would welcome a return of rational Republicans. Loyal opposition and all that. And rational.

Source Tells News, That Rice Told Goodell a Detailed Account Of What Happened.

So, anyone else thrilled about fall starting tomorrow at 1029 PM EDT ?

China's per capita carbon emissions overtake EU's

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council: Atheists Working Through AP History Classes To Enable ISIS

Stuff that used to be legal!

Miss State player stomps on two LSU players.


UN General Assembly To Focus On War On Extremists

Drought Dries Up Wells In Largely Hispanic California Town

Enter the Kissinger! Barrett Brown's hilarious review of Kissinger's 'White House Years'

Who criticized the Julius Peppers signing?

This isn't mission creep, it's mission lurch.

Grover Norquist is overjoyed, Brownback's opponent was in a strip club!

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 21, 2014

Ukraine will not compete in Eurovision in 2015

Peter Thiel: ‘We attribute too much to luck. Luck is an atheistic word for God’

How the People’s Climate March Became a Corporate PR Campaign

Jimmy Carter Speaks on Islamic State at Forum

Rick Perry is a really stupid man even by ReTHUG standards

First Official Crowd Count at 310,000+, Says Event Organizers

The Mainstream Media Ignores 100,000+ Progressive Protesters At People’s Climate March

‘Wisdomkeeper’ chronicles life of radical religious scholar Huston Smith

Sen. Sanders: Peoples Climate

How would you answer this test question? From a 1st grade Common Core test.

Fuck Lou Panetta, Warmongering Stooge of the MIC

Paintings of Jacob Wrestling With the Angel, Ranked By How Much Their Actions Resemble Slow-Dancing

Which Catholics Offer Birth Control? Look To The Insurers

AP NCAA Football Poll 9/21/14 - The Idle Week

The "dirty hippies" will be proven right...again...

In the 70's this was ISIS...

100 Best Singles of 1984: Pop's Greatest Year

Who knew? Gotta love ole Bernie!

Ukraine Is On The Brink Of Total Economic Collapse

Tomorrow marks the 4th anniversary of the suicide of Tyler Clementi

BofA Poohs on CountryWide WhistleBlower; Making Sure He Doesn't Get a Dime of $3.8 Award.

Why have I not heard about this before? Medicaid expansion problems

Post your favorite moments from the Flaming Lips Super Bowl Halftime Show!!

Today a Hispanic man and a little child came to my door

German Salafists Fail

Anti-vaccination "doctor" loses appeal on libel suit...

As Republicans seek growth, a difficult fork in the road ahead

Lazy Sunday.

Former Baltimore Raven is all for beating his kid, claims he was beaten.

People's Climate March - Aerial Footage

Dream big, live small

anniversary extravaganza was fucking awesome (pic heavy)

Stephen Tulloch Hurts Himself While Celebrating Aaron Rodgers Sack

ugh. i get so many begging emails i cant stand it.

Terror on Embassy Row: The assassination of Orlando Letelier

What are you reading the week of September 21, 2014?

Meet the Press Finds Liberal Kansas Republicans Don't Like Sam Brownback

US Secretary Of State Kerry Meets Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Amid Nuclear Talks (updated)

4 HERO - Loveless

The relentless War On Drugs is a War on our Economy, on Women, and on

Stonewall organization ranks top U.K. universities for LGBT students

Hard to say what is worse, Florida alligators or pythons.

I would never have expected this level of vitriol about a faulty test item.

Russia's Putin And Japan's Abe Express Interest In Summit

Osceola Commission candidate fired after refusing to quit campaign

What happens to your email account after you die?

someone's happy we're home

Snowden Reveal Makes Israeli Spies' Protest An American Issue

Next time you hear someone say "no one gives a shit about climate change," show them this photo

Who Are the Syrian Rebels the U.S. Wants to Arm and Train?

Colombia extends its wealth tax

FDR was a great man. He would never become president today because of the media.

Ancient DNA could unlock South Florida secret

Police find gun, ammo they say belonged to Frein

Benghazi assassinations stun residents amid Libya’s turmoil

self-check out lanes . Bad business and takes away jobs at the same time creates more work for some

Today we marched in the streets for climate justice, tomorrow we FloodWallStreet

Uproar in Harvard Class of '69, This Time Over How School Spends Money

I was at the Climate March, at least 500,000 or more.

Three great people were born on Thursday!

Any fans of Down (singer Phil Anselmo's post-Pantera band)?

Texas Woman Denied Driver’s License Over Same-Sex Marriage

Ed Schultz is HAVING FUN TODAY!!

China's Per-Capita Carbon Emissions Now Exceed EU's - India To Beat EU Output By 2019

Liquid-metal batteries get boost from molten lead

Sao Paulo State (44 Million) Rationing Water, Will Run Out In 100 Days, Per El Globo - Bloomberg

This Is The Vaquita, A Small Porpoise, And It Will Go Away Very Soon. Will We Act?

Those crazy Canadians.

I'm having a Big Mac attack!

Need help with injured bird (XenaSab Alert)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 22 September 2014

Russia's Lavrov Tells U.S. Counterpart: Respect Syrian Sovereignty

Israeli Captured In Combat In Ukraine Freed In Prisoner Exchange

Howard Stern Wack Packer "Eric the Actor" Dies at 39

Dear Fellow Liberals: I’m Done Apologizing for Israel

Climate Change: This Economist article might help you keep up.

Cough syrup from the heroic age

Indonesia: Province poised to introduce law to punish gay sex with 100 lashes

Why Ordinary People Bear Economic Risks and Donald Trump Doesn’t

Emma Watson: Feminism can never succeed unless men are part of the conversation

Israel bans Muslims from Ibrahimi Mosque

Travel WTF

Ugandan LGBT-rights Activist Granted Asylum

Uh Oh, Putin Losing Support Over Ukraine Fighting!

Q&A: Bahrain rights defender Maryam Khawaja

Nothing will stop Isis except a Syrian truce