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Turn on Chris Hayes right fugging now

I want to start a somewhat different sort of conversation here: What made you into a book reader?

this may be a really stupid question (about the Middle East)

President of Round Rock business arrested in immigration inquiry

Texas Woman Denied Driver’s License Over Same-Sex Marriage

Texas Woman Denied Driver’s License Over Same-Sex Marriage

A few of my more unique fractals for a boring monday evening

Getting back to the proposed book club,

No Shit ...17

NYPD clashes with protesters on Wall Street

TSA: Woman's Luggage Contained 2 Guns, 350 Rounds Of Ammo, 58 Bricks Of Pot

Cosmic inflation: BICEP 'underestimated' dust problem

Beauty in the Beets

Of God's and Goddesses

Democrats refocus on protecting Social Security for 2014

I think I just found the perfect birthday gift for Orrex.

Connecting the Dots: Hamas, ISIS, and the Assault on Human Rights in the Middle East

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Change in the Weather, a best of Malloy &

The Following List Of Bands You Are Not Allowed To Talk About On Seton Hall WSOU Radio

Something to think about...

Med Center doctors release name of drug used on Ebola patient; condition improving

Colombia’s emeralds generating more fear than revenue

Give Tweetie his due

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/22/2014

Building Blocks of War (Tom Tomorrow)

Rep. Steve Stockman and Gun Company "Liberal Tears" Gun Lubricant (this is not a joke)

Prosecutor: 800 rounds found in intruder case

Wow! Did anyone read this?

The Republican Party Just Dumped A Whole Bunch Of Its Dirt On Hillary Clinton

too young to trick or treat?

BREAKING: US Has Begun Airstrikes in Syria Against ISIS

Pope Francis Believes World War III Has Already Begun: Jews In The Past-Christians At Present

Every year I read about cases like this, "psychic" claims to remove curse from money.

ISIS gives advice on how to kill an American

Wesleyan orders fraternities to become coed

The Gold Riggers

UPDATED: BREAKING: US begins bombing ISIL sites in Syria

TRMS: We're bombing ISIS in Syria.

Pasta With Caramelized Lemons, video

U.S. and Allies Hit ISIS Targets in Syria - NYT

Why buy peanut butter? It is so easy to make and so much better!

The U.S. military announces that it has commenced airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

Rabbis Find Talk of Israel and Gaza a Sure Way to Draw Congregants’ Wrath

Kitten found in car engine in Norfolk, England

Buying the Beach

I will be 65 soon

7.1 Billion Demonstrate In Favor Of Global Warming

Delicata squash at Trader Joe for 99 cents = a new favorite recipe

Global Warming Goal of 2 Degrees Dwindling

CDN = Computer Does Nothing.

Bobbie Gentry - Ode To Billie Joe (VIDEO)

Jury: Arab Bank liable in terror attacks

I posted 399 photos of the Climate March

How Rich Old White Men Are Taking the Lunch Money Away From Broken-Down Schools

Little doggies as TV and movie characters

Prayers for my mom, and any advice from diabetics/people with diabetic relatives is appreciated....

Billionaires are hoarding piles of cash

Anybody got a recipe for Eurasian collared doves?

Senate Dems Don't Think The 2014 Elections Will Turn The Political Tide. Here's Why

Country of Chad mulls criminalization of homosexuality

Bryan Fischer: immigrants should be made to convert to Christianity

High Cost of Bad Journalism on Ukraine

Why is Michelle Nunn

We're done here.

MBAs vs MDs

When was the UN resolution to bomb Syria? When was the Syrian AUMF passed in Congress?

OK, we started bombing a new country. Straight up or down: do you support it?

Values Voters Summit to feature all kinds of awful right-wing freaks

Chris Hedges: The Coming Climate Revolt

A real keeper I just found - Whipping Post - Allman Brothers live video

US starts bombing the day after largest climate change march ever.

one more for the road- as intense as it gets - King Crimson Larks Tongues in Aspic II

Robert Lopez's brief to 5th Circuit Court filled with homophobic nonsense

By the way, Syria almost certainly is perfectly fine with the US bombing ISIL.

VERY IMPORTANT! DUKE UNIVERSITY- Ebola: The Outbreak the Response

what should i do?

Republicans don't agree with Obama's ISIL plan

"After each war there is a little less democracy left to save." ......

'F*ck It, I Quit' Reporter Explains Why She Left News For Pot Advocacy

This 1 chart exposes climate-science deniers as frauds

Florida Man walks in traffic, urinates on cars

KS Gov Race. Pastor Sammy Brownbeckistan is scared. Digging up dirt on Davis. Davis at strip club

Iranian talks with Saudi Arabia may signal thaw in relations

I support air strikes against ISIS, ISIL, IS or whatever is the current acronym.

Florida man at drive-thru: “Give me a hamburger or I’ll shoot you”

Obama, Netanyahu to meet next week for first time in 7 months

You start a PAC for the 2016 presidential election. What do you name it?

I think that I'm going to like this new GOTHAM series...

Eating a police car is a felony in Idaho

Florida man escapes prison to get tobacco, alcohol, cigarettes

Political sleazeball Frank Luntz orchestrated Goodell's awful press conference!

If you're feeling like you can't get up..

Restrictions on Gaza turn reconstruction plans into science fiction

Bill O'Reilly's Plan To Defeat Islamic State: A 25,000-Person Well-Paid Mercenary Force Around World

A Message from Elizabeth Warren...

Good riddance to this anti-choice troll.

Being John Malkovich....

Nevada regulators to launch inquiry into smart meters that catch fire

About 100 climate protesters arrested in march on Wall Street

Phil Hartman’s Final Night: The tragic death of a “Saturday Night Live” Genius.

Photography show: New Order

Poor Michigan.

Michigan Gubernatorial Debate Finally, as Gov. Rick Snyder stops duck and dodge of Mark Schauer

Beyond Angkor: How lasers revealed a lost city (BBC)

We Spoke to the Alaskan Reporter Who Quit Her Job on Live TV to Run a Weed Dispensary

Great white sharks partly to blame for otter recovery stall

Museum reunion for Colossus computer veterans (BBC) {Bletchley Park}

Ya can't believe we're on the eve of destructon?

Damascus Says Washington Informed Syrian UN Envoy Before Striking Islamic State Group In Syria

Second plaintiff added to federal whistleblower lawsuit against Maine CDC officials

Mitt Romney To Rally With Michigan Republicans Ahead Of November Elections

Chris Christie Coming Back For Snyder

Carbon map – which countries are responsible for climate change?

9/11 BOMBS in Tower Core When 1st Plane Hit

Former New York mayor to defend Call of Duty maker from Noriega lawsuit.

So, when are they going to arrest that Cliven Bundy guy anyway?

If the breach of the WH were written in a TV script...

A Bit of Catnip: Kaleidoscope (UK) - "Sky Children" (1967)

David Cameron to meet Iran leader over Isis campaign

Any links to understanding our 2014 Props? I could look at the pug's site and do the opposite but...

An ancient poem was rediscovered—and the world swerved.

Robert Kennedy Jr. schools Fox News contributor Michelle Fields at Climate March

John Oliver roasts Roger Goodell NFL nicely for no-answer press conference

Brussels may revise anti-Russian sanctions on September 30: reports

New photos of Amphipolis Caryatids released

New photos of Amphipolis Caryatids released

A better word for plutocracy: Richtatorship.

Three early but positive signs that things may get better in the Middle East.

BBC: Wounded soldiers face new battle in Ukraine

Cirque du Soleil Finds Good Use for Drones - choreography and dance

BREAKING: Israel military says shot down Syrian aircraft that entered its airspace in Golan Heights

Hello All!

English-language translation of the Sept. 19 cease-fire memorandum in Minsk.

By and large it is MEN that are being murdered by the police.

Hello Y'all :)

Israel Shoots Down Syrian MiG Fighter Jet Over Golan Heights

Accused White House intruder armed in July arrest

Israel shoots dead two Palestinians suspected of killing teenagers

Basel, Switzerland seen from a ship on the Rhein

Fear grips Raqqa

Details of the bombing: 14 strikes against 3 groups: ISIS, Al-Nusra and Khorasan

Anybody else using Musl libc?

Google Disavows ALEC: They Are 'Literally Lying' About Climate Change

Stewart Blows Up on GOP Over Climate Change: ‘Pushing a Million Pounds of Idiot Up a Mountain’

Media Ignores Massive Climate March, Reports Tiny Tea Party Rallies

Like Right-Wing Christians, ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution in Schools

Sarcastic Rover did NOT do a science today!

Invest 99E, Tropical Depression Fung-wong, no threats to US

September 23:

Why the Latest Trendy Approach to Learning Math Is Driving Students and their Families to Tears

College Student Killed in Rare Bear Attack While Hiking in NJ

Totalitarianism, American Style

5 Ways You Can Prevent Big Corporations from Ripping You Off

McDonald's Wants to Re-Brand? Fast Food Needs to Rethink Everything

EC has drafted proposals for Russia on interim gas dispute solution - Oettinger

Joy BEHAR heckles BONER to "stop obstructing President OBAMA". He choke holds her.

U.S. airstrikes expand to Syrian city of Aleppo

Tim Hortons, Burger King merger fallout: U.S. cracks down on tax inversions

There Are So Many Things Wrong With This Alabama Middle School Rape Case

Former Mexican President: 'The Path Toward Legalizing Drugs Is Irreversible'

Rebel Architecture - Guerilla Architects (video series by Al Jazeera)

Government hackers try to crack

Rebel Architecture - Guerrilla Architects (Al Jazeera video series)

Koterba toon: Intruder ALERT!!!

Incredible New Nanothreads Could Help Us Build a Space Elevator

What is killing Bristol County's bees?

State police: 3 missing Afghan soldiers in custody at Canadian border

Shock & Awe In Syria: It never Works

What does Ukraine have to do to get real help from the West?

I grant Ms. Watson's point. Still.

Student Debt Factories: The Scandal of For-Profit Colleges

The Syrian Maelstrom: How Repression, Drought & Climate Change Drove the Civil War

The Rude Pundit - Climate March: If All the Trees Fell in the Forest...

Jon Stewart: Talking to GOP about climate change is like ‘pushing a million pounds of idiot up a mou

U.S. airstrikes expand to Syrian city of Aleppo

Liberia signs 'transformational' deal to stem deforestation

The New Yorker: The Wisdom of the Crowd

UPDATE 2-EU regulators say will approve British EDF nuclear project

Scenes from Flood Wall Street, Occupy’s ‘Family Reunion’

Cape Town pro-gay mosque opens in South Africa

WHO: 21,000 Ebola cases by November if no changes

‘Felony stupid’: CA Republicans clash after candidate’s homeless stunt

Bombing the planet in submission

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Elections a ‘more meaningful measure’ if voters must pass a test

Mexico's Sonora state reports new mine spill

Rush Limbaugh’s black sidekick, Snerdley: Segregation was the ‘good old days’

State Farm drops ad with anti-vaxxer Rob Schneider after social media outrage

We Need a Global Carbon Tax

Swedish man acquitted of rape charges after court accepts ‘sexsomnia’ defense

Wesleyan, accused of harboring ‘Rape Factory,’ orders frats to admit women

Alaska reporter outs herself as pro-pot activist in epic on-air resignation: ‘F*ck it, I quit’

Kashmir’s famed carpets ruined in $5 billion flood losses

Rising from the rubble - Rebel Architecture, Guerrilla Architects. Just do it.

Syria Supports 'Any International Effort' in Fight Against Jihadists Following Isis Strikes

Canada fails to meet East Asian potential

Abbas: Prime Minister Netanyahu, end the occupation, make peace

South Korea stonewalls on the Sewol

Polarization in America is here to stay. What now?{IMAGES}

Erdogan's flying carpet unravels

Chad becomes 37th African state to seek ban on homosexuality

The Bear's Lair: Get on with it!

Suspects in murder of Israeli teens killed in West Bank raid

War, circus and injustice down under

Is there still a way out for Iraq?

I stand with President Obama

Tea Party Patriots Plan Nativist October Surprise - DVD "The Border States of America"

4chan users threaten to leak nude photos of Emma Watson because of her speech

And Pretty Much The Whole Thing In A Nutshell . . . .

A Painful Choice

The West and Islamic State: Once more into the quagmire

Actual Headline! "UN Chief Detects 'Sense Of Anxiety' On Climate Change"

In the Green Party antisemitism can be affirming

Six Years Later, There Are Still Lessons to Learn!

Cartoon for September 22, 2014: U.S. Invades Ebola

Virginia speaker blocks approval of Dem appointments

Has anyone read or know how much

Army opens Ranger school to women

Syrian jet shot down over Israel, circumstances 'unclear'

Eau Claire schools tax levy hike attributed to state aid reduction

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) leads by 1 point in polling average.

Senators: Take Gaza Away From Hamas

Request to use war funds on F-35s, Apaches rejected

Nearly 1M not on payroll have security clearances

Being 'Openly Secular' Is the First Step To Eliminating the Stigma

Worst Case Carbon Dioxide Emissions Increases Continue — 40 Gt in 2013

Analysts: Pakistan eyeing sea-based nuclear weapons


What is the best way to handle someone who, on the internet, insists upon...

FDIC sues former Bank of Commonwealth officials

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: The climate change

Deutsche Bank co-CEO, 4 others face charges

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Juan Cole: Shock & Awe In Syria: It never Works

Limits on overseas mergers prompt renewed debate

Germany pushes for solution to Ukraine gas spat

i read the news today oh boy.....

Europe's Original Sin: What Asylum Policy Says about the EU

"Oops! Oh s...h...*....t !!!!!" (John Oliver looks into the status of our nuclear arsenal)

As one senior Qatari official stated, “ISIS has been a Saudi project.”

Sharing Burdens: Germany to Urge Shift in EU Refugee Policy

Koch Bros Send Maddow a Script to Read

Man shot dead and two police officers stabbed during Melbourne 'counter-terrorism operation'

So after slaughtering nearly 2,000 people in Gaza, Israel kills

Israel shoots down Syrian jet

In News - What Constitutes A Breaking Story & How Long Does It Remain Breaking?.....

Juan Cole: How Repression and Climate Change Drove the Civil War

War against a foreign country -

Autumn! Time for home canning

Like His Dad, Charles Koch Was a Bircher

Lancet 'hijacked in anti-Israel campaign

Rachel Maddow - Pressure building on Congress to address ISIS

The natural process of death versus killing - good read

BBCtrending: Chile's Gay Kiss

Rachel Maddow - World's eyes on ISIS, Syria after airstrikes

UN Report: Human-Caused Climate Disruption Is "Severe, Pervasive, Irreversible"

New papal commission appointed to streamline annulment process

Laura Flanders: It's Not the Carbon; It's the Capitalism!

My spell check has quit working. I get an error message "no frame available". nt

Kazakhstan balanced between Ukraine and post-NATO Afghanistan

$608/hr. Not bad for part time work

Your Beer Are Belong to Us !!!!

Charles Pierce: "THE FACE OF DISGRACE" - on the media's history of ignoring mass protests

The Terrorists of 4chan

So, for the curious, I think the bombing campaign is a bad idea

Right wing whining about the polarization they've created

How long? How many bombs? How many civilian deaths?

Seattle Prosecutor To Drop All Seattle Marijuana Tickets

My humble suggestion...

Kentucky group to present ideas on improving Appalachia

what's the best place to view my credit history??? is Credit Karma a good source?

Anyone who's had DNA testing done...

Tom Cotton gets a "Four Pinocchio" rating from the Washington Post

As much as I complain about the foreign service, sometimes stuff like this comes through

The Reluctant Loner President Builds a Coalition and Goes After Terrorists Across Syria

Irony! Elisabeth Hasselbeck Demands Voters Pass 'Citizenship Test' To Make Sure They're Not Stupid

Right wing whining about the polarization they've created

Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million in 4 Months, C.D.C. Estimates

Cintra, Macquarie file bankruptcy on Indiana Toll Road. Is Texas next?

Great (and currently apropos) quote from Hannah Arendt:

WHO: Ebola death rate is actually 70%

Through A Lens Darkly -- the real American family photo record.

“There Is No Military Solution” — But Obama Launches a New U.S. War in Syria

Marriott just fired an employee because she's a Democrat

Chicago’s Cop Watchers: Youth stand up to police violence

Who hears extra sounds in words? Or doesn't hear certain letters?

Will Misogyny Bring Down The Atheist Movement?

Got a text from Everytown

Sept 20: Bernie Sanders - Bill McKibben - Naomi Klein - Kshama Sawant - Chris Hedges - Brian Lehrer

Russ Feingold’s Progressives United Endorses Democratic Congressional Candidate Kelly Westlund

Ebola Death Rate 70 Percent, WHO Says in Dire New Forecast

There will be troops in Iraq and Syria.

This will make your day. Amzing video of Canuck fisherman saving exhausted bald eagle.

Dumb question about ISIS - I noticed on the BBC footage this morning that a lot of these guys are

Does anyone in this group have a good recipe for Pesto without Pine Nuts or Walnuts?

Gabby Giffords gets mean.

VIDEO: Bloody fan brawl breaks out at 49ers-Cardinals game

One for the "'murica" file. Sex, Guns and Jesus: Inside America’s Manliest Church

Science Says That Drinking Wine Is Better Than Going To The Gym

Pic Of The Moment: Boehner Slams Lazy Americans, Then Goes On Vacation (Again)

3 dead in shooting at Birmingham UPS Customer Center

Fox News ISIS Campaign is working - from a convo I just had

Irony meter goes off the scale, Larry Pratt and guns edition...

Turkey’s ISIL crisis is worse than you think

Take The A-Team, add a dash of MacGyver, and a splash of an O'Reilly wet dream & you get...

‘Imminent Attack’ on U.S. Prompted Strikes on Khorasan Group

Targeted by U.S. airstrikes: The secretive al-Qaeda cell plotting an ‘imminent attack’

"The Grandsons of Iraq"-- Fighting Until Hell Freezes Over

The "WAR ON DRUGS": New Hampshire grandma shot by cops after reaching for infant during DEA raid

Rome had its Gauls, Britian its Hessians

Gingrich: Oops! C-Span Made Me DO IT: Obama Didn't Say The Thing I Freaked Out About

"But moooooom! I don't wanna go!" German Shepherd throws a tantrum when it's time to leave lake

The Fight Isn't Over: Gay Marriage support DOWN among Americans

Back-to-School Slump Raises Concerns About Holiday Season

"Limited to air strikes" = "just the tip". Does anyone really believe there will be no boots on the

Hind sight is 20/20.. and what is in the future is viewed through murky water..

Kobach's Last Ploy To Thwart Dems In Kansas Senate Race Dealt Big Setback

PETA makes an ass of themselves once again...

I know I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, but wasn't Hillary inevitable once before,

If you were president how would you respond to the threat from ISIS?

Air Force Tests Unarmed Minuteman 3 Missile With Launch From California Base

Pentagon to deploy 12 A-10s to Middle East

The news is full of idiots boston and khorason a

We have over 1,600 troops on the ground in Iraq, and thousands conducting on sea and air.

Seattle councilmember Kshama Sawant speech to Bernie

Are "breakfast meetings" unique to good ole boy communities?

Ricky Desantis: A 9/11 Survivor Speaks Out

To others, you were a distinguished journalist. To me, you were a dear friend.

Great chart for understanding relations between countries and Isis in the ME (all hate Isis)

How bad could it be to arm and train people in the Middle East to help fight our current enemies?

Uh Oh, Christie's Pension Overseer Invested New Jersey Money In Fund He Is Linked To Privately!

The strong argument against attacking ISIS is not the lives, it's the money.

How ‘The Wire’ Explains America’s Fight Against ISIS

i don't give a shit what you think. *sorry. fixed*

Maduro speaks to the "crowd" at the UN

Illinois State Trooper Flips Out On Motorist For Defending His Rights During Checkpoint Search

CDC: Ebola Could Infect 1.4 Million by January VOA

Fence jumper....

If a protest falls in Manhattan and no one is there to televise it...

Kindle HD6 and other pads/ tablets, opinions?

Obama Administration Announces Exception To Land Mine Ban For Stockpile In South Korea

WND goes full kook...

US-Led Strikes On Isis In Syria Have Opened A New Middle East Battlefront

Are right wingers mostly sadists?

Reminder: "Atrocity Propaganda"- bought and paid for

School Claims Teen's Writing About Marijuana Use Is 'Drug Possession'

Confronting the Islamic State - analysis of the Syrian Opposition

Nudie shoot in African Savannah

I got this email about the 2nd Amendment from a Home Owner Association perspective. I am on a HOA

Bin Laden son-in-law sentenced to life in U.S. prison

This girl nails it. Sorry if it has been posted but I just saw it

A storm is coming...

Sam Brownback’s failed ‘experiment’ puts state on path to penury

5 Questions (re: "good" democrats)

Beyond Angkor: How lasers revealed a lost city

Court: Andrew Wakefield, autism researcher, cannot sue in Texas

Russia Holds Massive Military Drill: 155,000 Troops, 4,000 Tanks, 632 Aircraft, 84 Ships

DOJ preparing criminal charges against Wall Street executives


‘Stop Arming Israel!’ Scottish Pro-Palestinian Activists Occupy Israel-Linked Arms Factory In Glasgo

Fear as a Way of Life: Why Women In Comics Don’t ‘Just Report’ Sexual Harassment

Funniest evangelist I've ever heard of!

Emma Watson Faces Backlash After Gender Equality Speech

Russia Warns US-Led Coalition: Those Who Carry Out Strikes In Syria Face Blowback

National Voter Registration Day

We are bombing a city in Syria?

The Onion Slideshow: 12 Top-Paying Jobs In The U.S

ok folks. lets see some du'ers turn out for another du'er- kelly westlund.

ok folks. lets see some du'ers turn out for another du'er- kelly westlund.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Attends Huge NYC Climate Change March! Thank You Senator!

Water: A Defining Issue for Post-2015

Social Security and Medicare Taxes and Benefits Over a Lifetime

An early vote is cast

Best way not to get raped by cops is to ‘follow the law’

Report: Rob Bironas Tried Running Someone Off The Road Before Crash

IL Gov candidate Bruce "Li'l Mitt" Rauner (R) avoids questions as nursing home trial starts

American Amnesia: Why the GOP Leads on National Security


China’s booming torture trade revealed

Bad news from Jefferson County.. but at least there's push back.

Kevin Sorbo: NFL Won’t Fire Anyone Over Domestic Abuse Scandal Because Of Benghazi (of course!)

Scholar behind anti-Obama film gets probation

IL Gov candidate Bruce "Li'l Mitt" Rauner (R) avoids questions as nursing home trial starts

Happy Birthday John Coltrane

IS strikes: Not America's fight alone - Obama

Breaking the Political Gridlock with a Progressive Movement

Rep. Michele Bachmann Credits Eagle Forum's Phyllis Schlafly With Ending The Cold War

Republicans would get 51 US Senate seats if election held today

One thing often overlooked in discussions about religion is the "community" aspect.

Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the legend... Mr. Bruce Springsteen. The Boss turns 65 today.

7 banned classic books reviewed by the would-be banners


Billionaires that spend $100 Million this election, perverting our democracy..

Scott Brown's new ad says Obama is confused about ISIS, but he (Brown) knows what to do

Rick Scott - Florida's shame

Papantonio: The Party of Voter Suppression

"Young men need to be socialized in such a way that rape is as unthinkable to them as cannibalism."

All Signs Point To Jeb Bush Presidential Run (heads to 2014 battleground states-No Carolina/ Kansas)

PLEASE help the Democrat FIRED for running for office in FL (donate, comment & keep kicked)

The Good Wife; any fans here?

How the Koch Network Exploited the Veterans Affairs Crisis

Syrian Rebels, a puzzle

Federal Judge Hears Closing Arguments in Voter ID Trial

Dinesh D'Souza Avoids Prison Time, Sentenced To 5 Years Probation

The Rude Pundit - Note to Iraq War Supporters: Eat Shit and Then We Can Talk About ISIS

So If Khorason Was Close To Initiating An Attack On The U.S. Do You Feel Safer Because They Were....

Syria is the 7th Muslim country bombed by the Nobel Peace Laureate.

In Reverse

Hillary Clinton to stump for Crist in Florida

SUMMER CONTEST: I completly forgot about it

Ukraine - Hryvnia's all-time low reflects population's panic

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (11- 17 Sept

Pat Roberts invokes 'national socialism' front WWII veteran BOB DOLE.

8 Civilians killed in Syria airstrikes.

What happened?

'True Detective': HBO Confirms Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn to Star in Season 2

Exhibition hockey is already being played.

He changed my life forever with the breath from his lungs.

Younger workers poorer than parents' generation, research says

You can slice the symbolism with a butter knife

I love the researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada. Read this and you will too!!!

What's for Dinner, Sept. 23, 2014

Any Allman Brothers Fans out there? You might want to check this out...

I am getting ready to grill/smoke some chops, steak, and a half chicken

What happens when your state becomes a "battleground" state?

British hostage's friend appeals to leader of Isis to show mercy

Unhappy Hipsters:

Share this… With your Republican voting peeps.

Watching CNN at the barbershop -- it's like fucking Groundhog Day

Buzzfeed Quiz: Are You Ready for Sweater Weather?

Someone burned up the Mike Brown Memorial last night in Ferguson...

Strikes Against ISIS in Syria Draw Mixed Reactions in Middle East

Restaurant closes down after owner gets sick of rude and picky diners.

Turnovers by another name...

Refurbishing our nukes, the program needs a nickname.


More Lenders Are ‘Garnishing Wages’ To Get Paid Back

Bryan Fischer Wants To Require All Immigrants To Convert To Christianity

I believe Jihadists must be forcefully countered

Alison Grimes' latest TV ad...

NYC Officials Denounce Anti-Islam Transit Ads

5 Ways ISIS Can Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

VERY difficult to get into a conversation; (Eddie Izzard, "Dressed to Kill".....still kills me!)

If collecting dust leads to needed refurbishment, hint: our nukes..

Bill O’Reilly’s ‘terrible idea’ for ISIS

They hate us for our

Kobach’s ballot ‘disclaimer’ worsens Kansas’ circus

The Supreme Court Returns To Work Next Week (Be Afraid)

New sports for the century of climate change

How Pure Are You? Take Our Purity Test

Did your heart drop?

Anti-BDS(boycott, divestment, and sanctions) Bill Would Have Stifled Free Speech On Campus

Cape Town Shuts South Africa's Pro-Gay Mosque

"A thousand little Saddams.”

Atheist George Will Denounces Religious Conservatives

Two tough polls out today from PPP in senate race

Priest tells UNHRC to ‘end witch hunt’ of Israel

A NEW LOW? – Obama’s Salute to Marines – Most Degrading Salute Ever to Men in Uniform???

Just maybe we have too much military equipment?

The fear starts early these days...

Papantonio: ISIS Bombing - No Law Is Broken Here

Ingraham Mocks MSNBC's Jose Diaz-Balart For Translating For Spanish-Speaking Guest

Some of OUR bombs might have needed some remedial instruction.

What sort of measures would the US military take to control Party policy?

Top 6 International Progressive Conflicts of Our Time

President Obama Delivers Remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative BOG :)

Top 6 International Progressive Conflicts of Our Time

Justice Ginsburg: If I Resign, Obama Could Not Appoint ‘Anyone I Would Like To See In The Court’

UAE and slavery

Question about the Senate minority...

President Obama Speaks at the 2014 Climate Summit BOG :)

Obama doesn't want your approval for Syria strikes

How do I change my homepage back?

"So that others may live" WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

Frank Zappa was prescient on how to deal with

Democrats say turnout of black voters key to North Carolina’s US Senate contest

What is the name for our new war thats not really a war? How 'bout "Operation: Just The Tip"?

Beautiful eulogy by a daughter for her mother who died after a battle with dementia

Right now I'm sipping an apple juice/Redds Apple ale cocktail

Politicians, Religious Leaders Denounce Anti-Muslim Bus Ads

German police raid flats, mosque over suspected ISIS ties

More Civilians May Die In The U.S. Campaign In Syria Than In Iraq, At Least At First

I am skeptical of the entire ISIS operation.

That radical Pope Francis makes more shocking appointments

The GOP May Be BatShit Crazy But It Is The Batship Crazy People Who Vote For Them As Well

Arab States Single Out Israel At IAEA

Has anyone worked for or dealt with a company called Align Networks?

Three charged in assault on gay couple in Center City Read more at

Maze Runner -- One major beef.


How many people have been killed in your name today?

Is everyone getting inundated with commit-to-vote emails?

Prediction: Mission Accomplished" speech before the elections:)

Ex-Medellin prosecutor convicted of aiding drug lord

It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside.

David Swanson, a guest on the Ed Show?

Damn, they're well-funded.

I just got all set up to be an Elections Inspector, I will be in charge of ballots.

Former Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) Mulling White House Bid

The Lancet’s indefensible defense of antisemitic David Duke promoters

The Next Generation Asks World Leaders at UN: Why Not Act on Climate Change?

Sierra Leone: 130 Ebola cases found in lockdown

Rauner's Nursing Home Drama Escalates Amid Federal Trial

Any thoughts? My computer has slowed to a crawl. I have done scans,

Man Gunned Down By Police While Checking Facebook And Smoking A Cigarette

Favorite pizza, if you must eat outside of your home or order in


Conservative Stephen Hayes on terrorist watch list

Mexico: 2 burned bodies found in congressman's SUV

EU warns Russia not to use gas as weapon in Ukraine crisis

Last miners union in 'Salt of the Earth' area ends

We are now bombing TWO groups in Syria, for TWO different reasons.

We're going to need more cameras.

Ed Miliband promises £2.5bn ‘time to care’ fund to transform NHS

A Strange Cloud Over St. Louis Turns Out to Be an Enormous Swarm of Butterflies

Found this on Obama's appellate judge appointments

Blizzard cancels its 'World of Warcraft' successor

Spain abortion: Rajoy scraps tighter law

I can't even watch all the warmongers being trotted out

Nine Cubans arrive on south Florida beach after 10 days in boat

ISIS Forces 1.3 Million Homeless Children to Starve, Live in Bug Infested Motels

So ISIS is threatening to behead a British relief worker...

It's not about Oil.

Cross -Post: Huge cloud of Butterflies on Radar

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 24 September 2014

If ISIS is so scary and dangerous, we must RAISE TAXES TO PAY FOR this WAR

Everyone remember when they said deposing Saddam was gonna work out Just Great?

Colorado students walk out to protest conservative ‘censorship’ of AP history

Denver Area Students Walk Out in Protest

Next stop is...

Damn Al Sharpton's whole show is about war

A couple of Luckovich Toons

Toon: Visiting Hours

Why do you think there is a war in the Middle East?

A better crowdfunding site than GoFundMe?

'I'm an Atheist': Stephen Hawking on God and Space Travel

Texas Tech frat suspended for party banner promoting rape, sprinkler shaped like female genitalia

It’s not rocket science. We can do this.

The silence on climate change is deafening. It's time for us to get loud

You guys ready for SALUTE GATE????

Drought bites as Amazon’s ‘flying rivers’ dry up

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Finding a Door Into Banking, Walmart to Offer Checking Accounts

The Fight to Keep Toxic Mining Out of El Salvador

Reveille handler getting boots and Aggie ring paid after throwing block

Reveille handler getting boots and Aggie ring paid after throwing block

We need to push Hillary to the left, and Bernie Sanders can do that.

Wendy Davis says Greg Abbott bad for Texas women, Van de Putte slams Patrick at Dallas luncheon

Kansas University charges student $1,800 for open-records request about Kochs

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John Green: The Need for Clean Water in Ethiopia

8 Balls

Fort Lauderdale Targets Homeless Population, Outlaws Sleeping In Public And Panhandling

Honduras: mine opponents report new threats

Kitchen dancing -

Joe Biden?

US deporting children of parents allowed to stay

US deporting children of parents allowed to stay

Happy Autumn!

Bill Maher mocks gullible America for missing the real enemy

Michael Brown Memorial Rebuilt After Fire

Deliver US From Evil - scientific study reveals why conservatives want you to live in fear.

McCain says Obama administration ‘the worst that I have ever seen’

PLEASE help the Democrat FIRED for running for office in FL (donate, comment & keep kicked)

Photographer Looks Down at Ocean from Boat, Discover Massive Swarm of Devil Rays

Girl With Three Boobs a Fake?! Everything to Know About Jasmine Tridevil's Elaborate Hoax