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Archives: September 24, 2014

Stephen Soderbergh re-creates "Raiders of the Lost Ark" as a Black & White silent movie

If you were in charge of programming, what shows would you create for the History Channel?

GOP strategist gets scolded on Texas TV for calling rape, incest victims ‘minor issues’

Existential carrot

War on Terror v. Climate Change

Megan McArdle cries about "The Daily Show" being biased.

@RichardEngel: Syrian rebels angry airstrikes against isis also hit fighters opposing Assad

who gets called a "scholar"?

Palestinian family forced to demolish own house in Jerusalem

The Real Deal Tax Rebate

Anyone else sick of the Jeter worship? nt

If you love Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi...

Religion and basketball

This election is feeling like 1986 in reverse.

This Massive Squirrel Has Been Saved from Extinction

Some guys have all the luck

Girls With a Plan to Ease World Hunger Win Top Science Award

I would really like to see Senator Whitehouse make a presidential run.

Here's Friskies 2014 Best Cat videos!! Yay!!!

People worldwide think CEOs should make a tiny fraction of what they do

Well written article from Alternet about the math common core. Makes a lot of great points.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! If It’s Tuesday, it Must Be Damascus & a new

To brighten the mood a bit, an oldie...

New mushroom species discovered in London grocery store

Ginsburg: If I Resigned, Obama Couldn't Appoint 'Someone Like Me'

Ebola epidemic: experimental drugs to be rushed to Africa

India’s Mars mission set for attempt to enter orbit.

Oglala Sioux Want to Vote on the Rez

"Number of Obamacare insurers to rise by 25% in 2015"

The Top 10 Solutions to Cut Poverty and Grow the Middle Class

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? celebrating the first day of autumn--very cute.

Syria air strikes: Pres. Obama undergoes Damascene conversion as Isis forces America to change tack

Nike stands by soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo, charged with fourth-degree domestic violence assault

Stronger WiFi?


Legislation to Support Testing of Backlogged Rape Kits Goes to President’s Desk

Legislation to Support Testing of Backlogged Rape Kits Goes to President’s Desk

Diplomats Owe NYC $16M in Unpaid Parking Tickets

Venezuela's Maduro launches civilian disarmament plan

September 23, 1923: National Women’s Party Celebrates Its Legacy, Vows to Move Forward at Colorado

President Carter: US Bomb Attack On Islamic State 'Likely To Kill More Civilians' Than Fighters

Syria Strike Protesters Arrested at White House !! "War is Terrorism"

'Syria Becomes the 7th Predominantly Muslim Country Bombed by 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate'

Liberty family says they unknowingly moved next to 'toxic soup'

Bill Clinton defends corporate inversions (tax dodging), won’t call them ‘unpatriotic’

The U.S. does not bomb countries for humanitarian objectives

Anti-terror police arrest man in north west London on suspicion of making roadside bombs in Iraq

In First Talks Since 1979, UK And Iran To Discuss IS

September 22, 1932: Amelia Earhart Lobbies for the ERA at the White House

ISIS Airstrikes: U.S. Told Iran Of Intent To Strike Targets In Syria


Obama to Meet Israeli PM as US Denies Quid Pro Quo With Iran

Facebook to cut ties with conservative policy group (ALEC)

"The GOP’s Latest Attempt to Fool Women Won’t Work"

Wendy Davis Could Be Catching Greg Abbott In Texas Governor’s Race

19 Years of Feeding Animals GMO Shows No Harm

Facebook to cut ties with conservative policy group ALEC

My contract law book stinks.

Alan Dershowitz: United States Attack in Syria Parallels Israel’s in Gaza

Former senator Jim Webb: 'Taking a hard look' at Democratic presidential bid

Happy autumn!

After Sun News host calls Pierre Trudeau a 'slut', Justin Trudeau blacklists media company

Thurs 9/25 at 7:30pm Walker Community Church in Mpls Singer of Justice, David Rovics

(PA-R Gov) Corbett, down in the polls, may now have to face the ...

Neighbors feeling squeezed by work on Mark Zuckerberg’s S.F. home

"Paul Ryan Declares War Against Math"

Venezuelan president follows Chavez's NY footsteps

Anyone else expect the Republicans to impeach Obama over the ISIS war?

MN Republicans gone amok --

Very much worth watching - Afghanistan

Private tollway near east Dallas draws ire from record crowd

"Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million Within Four Months, C.D.C. Estimates"

Never mistake a paragraph with the entire story

Johnny Cash - Tennessee Flattop Box (VIDEO)

It's never a good time to be a Cookie Wookie

Northeast Colombia mayor accused of sexual abuse

Investigations of senators blocking Colombia political reform

Pat Robertson vs. Atheist Air Force Member

Bill Maher mocks gullible America for missing the real enemy

All-time high migrant death rate along US-Mexico border: prevention in immigration reform?

Homing missile.

No justice.

RAF jets could be bombing jihadis by the weekend Cameron to sign off on military action against ISIS

Alaska TV News reporter Charlo "F Bomb" Greene: "Why I Quit"

Amen, brother!

Good thing we started our years long bombing war in Syria before Afghanistan combat operations end

Not that I disagree . . . .

"Nerdy men" and the double standard it represents.

70 IS militants killed in US-led airstrikes in Syria

U.S. judge restores federal protections to wolves in Wyoming

Study: Major companies are increasingly disclosing their political spending

India puts satellite into Mars orbit

Control of oil and...

A Question, and an Answer

TSW #38

The ignore function

Invest 99E and Tropical Depression Fung-wong, no threats to US ! Enjoy your fall ! :)

Suddenly Khorasan: New US Enemy Came Out of Nowhere

Tech glitch

OMG... The haters find anything

If you live near Elkton MD, my sister's pottery co-op holds a charity event called "Empty Bowls"

Vatican Arrests Ex-Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski on Pedophilia Charges

My Brownback story

Poor supports Brazil's president in re-election

Overseas voters: Beware

US ties itself in legal knots to cover shifting rationale for Syria strikes

Dana Milbank: Obama endures as the lesser evil for liberals

Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott clash over abortion and other women's issues

Russia will add 80 new warships to Black Sea Fleet: fleet commander

Venezuela Opens Gold Vaults to Improptu Inspection

Stephen Murphy---Ireland past and present

Nazca Lines of Kazakhstan: More Than 50 Geoglyphs Discovered

Rachel Maddow made it all clear to me tonight

September 12th: A Toy World

An Open Letter To The West From Islamic State... (TOON)

Edinburgh Zoo's panda not pregnant anymore

Poll: Obamacare support sliding, Jerry Brown, water-bond up big

Six L.A. County sheriff workers get prison for obstructing jail probe

Ryder Cup: Gala concert to launch Gleneagles tournament

Abu Qatada cleared of terror charges

Emma Watson Nude Photo Leak Was a Marketing Stunt to Shut Down 4Chan

In new ad, Washington Democrats slam Rep. Lee Terry’s shutdown quote


U.S. Is Carrying Out Vast Majority of Strikes on ISIS, Military Officials Say

Brad Ashford - Twenty Five


26 Facts That Prove Mick Foley Is The World’s Coolest Person

11 Questions About Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

We don't want to believe that our greatest threat is internal

I have been without a contract since Jan 1 2013

I have been without a contract since Jan 1 2013

Seattle councilmember Kshama Sawant speech to Bernie

Quick ..CNN's page the face of climate change

Disney's Mars needs women $150 million India's Mars mission $74 million

Emma Watson threat looks like it was a marketing hoax

Students object as Florida St. Univ. picks Rick Scott’s campaign chair as president

Ballots are about to hit the mail. Help out the Dems and vote early!!!

September 24

New York Times/CBS poll proves Americans are morons.

Hundreds of Colorado students protest history curriculum changes that would promote patriotism

DOD needs to improve estimates for sustaining F-35 jets, report says (shitty MPG)

Enterovirus detected in southeastern Mass. girl

The push is on to increase the military budget- from all directions

Apocalypse Now, Iraq Edition

13 Years after US started Bombing it, Afghanistan Still Unstable

Operation Tomahawk The Caliph

NY Times Editorial - Wrong Turn on Syria: No Convincing Plan

The West Rushes In!

Kidnapping in Somalia: German-American Journalist Released after Years in Captivity

Give the homeless homes

"Vatican Puts Ex-Dominican Envoy Under House Arrest"

'I'm gay. Get over it,' Pennsylvania senator casually comes out

7 Things You Might Believe About Money That Are Totally Untrue

AP Slams Obama on Press Freedom

Police Charge Suspect in Missing UVA Student Case With Felony Abduction

Shocking Racist Ideas Are Getting Treated as Science in Leading National Publications

UK based American football fans given 24-hour amnesty

Obama's Novel Lawyering to Bomb Syria

Syria Becomes The 7th Predominantly Muslim Country Bombed By 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate

Why Do Tea Partiers Get to Parade Around Armed, While Peaceful Protests Are Met With Tanks?

Toon: Groundhog Day

UK Parliament 'set to be recalled' over Islamic State action

American journalist freed from Somali pirates

The Guardian: Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change and what to do about it

Toon: If FDR were Running Today….

Paul Ryan Admits That The GOP Plans To Win The Senate and Take Healthcare Away From Millions

Chris Christie Sides With the Koch Brothers on Climate Change

"Made in America"

Oklahoma Sooners rank No. 1 in ESPN power rankings, playoff forecast

Democrats Run Away from Success of Obamacare

Will Assad's government survive our war?

This started with just a few "advisers" too.

A Toxic Mine Spill In Mexico May Have Contaminated US Water

Greek PM expects early bailout exit

US ties itself in legal knots to cover shifting rationale for Syria strikes

A Bottom-Up Solution to the Global Democracy Crisis

Woman Says She Was Brutally Beaten By Teenage Girls On Subway In Brooklyn

If I legally change my last name to "Kardashian,"

Beheadings and Bombings

Why are we doing this?

Consumerization of healthcare: why the hearing aid market might be the next to feel disruption

Rights of same-sex military spouses vary by state

S. Korea to pay $7 bn for 40 F-35A fighter jets

Photo of the Day


No Religion? Here Are 7 Types of Non-Believers (Alternet)

VA to investigate whether Marine's data was falsified

U.S.: Strikes on Islamic State, Khorasan in Syria first step of a years-long campaign

Spankings are not discipline "Spanking is a sex act" Jillian Keenan at The Slate

Important notice for DU members:

Syrian rebels angry that strikes hit al Qaida ally but not Assad

Financial relief finally coming for Camp Lejeune toxic water victims

Illinois Republican state rep candidate alternated voting in WI & IL in recent years

TRANSCOM Official Explains Vehicle Shipment Issues

Paul Ryan vs. The Poor

the average IQ in the U.S. is 98

******Summer contest will start tomorow september 25th*******

Climate Breakdown Bonus: Lyme Disease Spreading Rapidly Aross Canada

"If there is a god, he will have to beg my forgiveness."

Stocks drift as divergent economic fates weighed

Wikileaks convict sues Pentagon over gender change treatments

Colorado school board wingnuts want to teach/preach "Patriotism."

What about an activist app?

Bluefin Tuna Are Showing Up in the Arctic-and That's Not Good News

Whats with this discussionist forum?

China: Our Carbon Emissions Will Peak "As Early As Possible" . . . Uh, OK . . .

California realtor doesn't like Mexican flag on display

Ferguson Police with a bracelet on that reads "I am Darren Wilson".

Who profits from our new war? Inside NSA and private contractors’ secret plans

Florida with the nation's highest foreclosure rate for the 11th straight month.

Could GA Senate be the sleeper race of 2014?--SUSA Perdue & Nunn essentially tied

Quote from Einstein

Survey USA: GA Senate: Perdue: 46% Nunn: 45% Carter up by 1 in Gov Race

Liverpool 16, Middlesborough 15; who says soccer is low scoring?

Textbook Case of Bad Textbooking

Alaska rejects Army offer of 8 free demilitarized cargo planes

Republicans use militant threat as political cudgel against Democrats in campaign ads

Limpblaugh tip sent to abortion charity. :)

Watch the Heartwarming Rescue of a Baby Elephant Separated From Its Mom

The heart and mind of a 1%er. It ain't pretty.

More Americans Favor Mixing Religion And Politics, Survey Says

"the most important thing we can do is pray for that family..."

One in five Army hospital leaders suspended in two years: What's behind the discipline?

Atheism and feminism

Naftogaz Ukrainy is not ruling out the increase in gas prices for the population to a commercial lev

Army guardsman: Superior said more sexual assault reports could threaten graduation

Thom Hartmann: 400,000 Marched…Corporate Media Absent!

Minnesota senators want answers about Marine's death

Sources: Army drawdown could lead to closure of two-star medical headquarters at JBLM Read more her

Obama criticized for saluting while black

The only effective way to stop people from committing acts of terror is to fight poverty in the...

FAA seeks comment on plan for upgrade of Kodiak rocket launch complex

Here Are Registration And Voting Instructions For All 50 States

A teacher speaks:

Hey gang! Who's ready to impeach President Obama?

Imagine it was YOUR city being hit...

Interview with Justice Ginsburg - No plans to step down

Get this man off the road!

I'm an Unashamed Nerd.

This Anti-ISIS Joke Is So Funny, the State Department Retweeted It

INCREDIBLE MOZART RAP (To Inspire Teenagers)

Guardian: John Gray reviews Naomi Klein's "This Changes Everything"

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Fence Jumping

Saying "Islamic State" is a lot like saying "The United States of Westboro Baptist".

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Syrian War

Full Movie 9 11 Revealed The TRUTH

Washington Gripped by Madness: When War Is Not War, Combat Is Not Combat & Boots Are Never on Ground

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- US and Overseas

Turtles band members win copyright dispute against Sirius XM

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Climate

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- The Rest

President OBAMA addressing the UN right now on TV.

Obama shares relaxing, gracious moment at Clinton Global Initiative Philanthropy Fest in NYC

Obama's making some great points at the UN

The Untold Story of the Shejaiya Massacre in Gaza: A Former Israel Soldier Speaks Out

UPDATED WITH COMMENT: South Africa in ‘$50 bn deal’ for Russian nuclear reactors

The Fight for Action on Climate Change (Bernie was in NYC Hillary wasn't)

Jameis Winston claims he was extorted for $7M by rape accuser, TMZ reports

CD4 debate

Colombia: Venezuela must be 'constructive' at UN

Forest Service says media needs photography permit in wilderness areas

Where are the peace protests over Syria bombing?

Sales of New U.S. Homes Surged in August to Six-Year High

Thom Hartmann: Can We Save Humans From the Greatest Threat Ever?

Moscow’s ‘Mr. Yuan’ Builds China Link as Putin Tilts East

Weeknight Dinner Success Starts With Lemon, Olive Oil and Salt.

Pfizer Seeking Inversions Shows Companies Unfazed by Lew

A bisexual woman that is okay with lesbians and hates gays

Naomi Klein on Cause of Climate Crisis: "Capitalism Is Stupid"

Kerry Claims U.S. Has Found a Moderate Syrian Rebel

After 9 Years and $67 Billion, F-22 Raptor Sees Combat in Syria

The Three Biggest Myths About Porn

'Ex-gay' and ex-porn star: the devil comes out of your butt during gay sex

Queen Accepts Scotland’s Apology

We Have Met the Existential Threat, and It Is Us

Record number of crocodiles hatch in Everglades

how many women walk into a public bathroom, and look at every knook and cranny and into fixtures

Thousands of living green balls have taken up residence on an Australian beach

GOP Candidate Voted In Both Illinois And Wisconsin In The Same Year

Robert Parry: Obama’s Novel Lawyering to Bomb Syria

Did anybody here place 2014 on Georgia Guidestones? Fess up

How do you get a Tea Party candidate off your front porch??

PR Mind Control: Even Better Than the Real Thing | Mickey Z.

California Experiences Dramatic Increase In Voter Registration Without Party Preference

Ouster of FDA chief urged

President Obama at UN General Assembly this morning...

Awesome! Another hole punched in the Mideast Frequent Bombing Card

Losing the Plot: Israel's Premier to Face New Gaza Reality | Ramzy Baroud

George Takei’s Special Message for National Voter Registration Day

Snake Tangled Up and Dying in Garden Rescued by Determined Man

Need some information on Rep Aaron Shock for my sister.

derby Predicts: The 2014 "Soda Summit" means more profit for them while you get "canned"

from Robert Reich


Snowden, Guardian Editor Among Winners Of 'Alternative Nobel' Award

Conservative activist blames Obama for WH fence jumper...

Hell (on Earth) is for Children | Mickey Z.

Steel Cage Match: America’s Torturous History vs. ISIS | Mickey Z.

Bootcamp Workout: Bringing the War Home | Mickey Z.

Obama's Going Wrong Way With America's Nukes

Please rate President Obama's United Nations speech

Rich and the Poor , living together

The War Machine

Pic Of The Moment: McCain Calls Obama Administration "The Worst I Have Ever Seen"

D'Souza still claims "da rulz" are for the little people...

EDF Struggles With Nuclear Reactor Maintenance, Safety Body Says

Zelda Williams (Robin's daughter) Thanks Supporters For Comforting Letters

Algeria: Isis-Linked Jund Al-Khilafah Beheads French Hostage Herve Gourdel

Breaking: Grand Jury Issues No Indictments of Police Officers in Fatal Shooting of Wal-mart Shopper

Chief Seattle

Sheep to the Balls

Derek Jeter Isn't The Greatest Player Ever


President Obama Address to UN: "No God Condones the Terror of Islamic State"

Koch Freakin' Industries is now advertising on The Daily Show.

The Republican Obstruction And Sabotage of the US Economy

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Obama "whether one year from now or 10. I can promise you America will remain engaged in the region"

I made tuna salad for lunch - but I'm convinced it wasn't tuna.

Kicking a gift horse in the mouth

As Ukraine's debt tangle unwinds, Russia holds key thread.

Luckovich toons....

'I'm an Atheist': Stephen Hawking on God and Space Travel

Disputes over religion return to Supreme Court

Understanding conservative America — in one Venn diagram

Where can I find that picture of Bush holding his dog while saluting when he got off

Montana Catholic Parish Divided Over Priest's Decision To Ban Married Gay Couple From Communion

Borowitz: Americans Who Have Not Read a Single Article About Syria Strongly Support Bombing It

Roots Ireland now offering subscription services - starting at 1 month subscription

Denver Students Walk Out In Protest Of Conservative Takeover Of Curriculum

In One Quote, Elizabeth Warren Perfectly Sums Up Why We Need More Women in Politics

New Jersey Confirms First Case of Children’s Enterovirus D68 Virus

Airport workers to Delta CEO Richard Anderson: we need a raise

Anti-Semitic vandalism in Miami area condemned by interfaith leaders

UN Chief Urges Hope In World Seeming To Fall Apart

OKC Gun Range That Serves Alcohol To Open This Friday

Enlightened self interest versus rational selfishness (Ayn Rand)

Convenient Genocide: Another Failed War to Re-Arrange the Middle East | Ramzy Baroud

Arab States Risk Backlash By Joining Syria Strikes

3-breasted Florida woman insists 3rd boob is real, but police report shows she once lost 'prosthesis

NIH gives $10.1 million for gender-balanced research

Ebola Vaccine Could be Ready by End of Year

Abortion and Incest

How Costs Have Surged For Middle-Class American Families


MPs Sob At 'Keep Your Mitts Off My NHS' Speech

GOP Operative Threatens BRAD BLOG w/ Suit After FL Probe Confirms Our 2012 Reg Fraud Reporting...

Airline Launches World's Cutest Lost and Found Service

Lavrov: Russia Ranked Second On Obama’s List Of Threats

Contacted the Voter Registration Web Page on the TX Secretary Of State Web Site To Down Load an

We can't have it both ways.. and I do not have a simple answer for any of it..

My first major problem with my iPhone 5s, and it's a doozie

Woodside man pulled off Virgin plane for sex act

President Obama's 2014 UN General Assembly Speech in Full for the BOG

Dark Age America: The End of the Old Order | John Michael Greer

Mom irate when 2nd grade teacher refuses vagina cookies

Emma Watson threats actually stunt to shut down 4chan

Hey I just noticed I finally broke 10,000

Lemurs licking lollipops.

How's that Nobel Peace Prize working for you?

See you at the polls.....

Two 30 yr old guys lip sync a conversation between 60 yr old mom and aunt

Detroit City Council has votes to remove Kevyn Orr as EM, 'move forward,' Andre Spivey claims

Forbes Columnist: "Drunk Female Guests Are the Gravest Threat" to Frats

Pat Robertson Furious That People Want His Church To Pay Taxes That Rightfully Belong To Him…Er…God

I posted that they should have a second fence but it needs to be inside not

Leonardo DiCaprio Asks Everyone In The World To Stop Pretending Like Facts Don't Exist

Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire (Rolling Stone)

Question about Outlook mail

UPDATE | Jim Traficant in 'very critical' condition after accident at farm

George Bush Responds To Controversy Over Obama's Coffee Cup Salute.

Judge orders BP to stick by Deepwater Horizon payouts agreement

Obama says US ready to lift sanctions against Russia if Moscow changes course on Ukraine

"He's basically furniture in the Senate, and the people in Kansas know that...."

Did We Get Muhsin Al-Fadhli? (Khorasan Leader and 9/11 Conspirator.)

The Santa Claus Code

AR-SEN Suffolk U. Poll: Pryor (D) 45 - Cotton (R) 43

GOP Strategist: Pat Roberts is "basically furniture in the Senate"...

Obama addresses Muslim youth at UNGA

what, if anything, can be done to combat the excesses of Islam, such as ISIS?

A President pre-occupied with other thoughts?

China: separatism in Ukraine = we can live with that; separatism in China = life sentence

Colombia passes decree promoting cheaper pharmaceutical drugs

86% of Colombia’s ethnic minority children lack access to adequate education

Impeachable Offenses! They're All Here! (UPDATED!) --->

Dolphins' Stadium Is Literally Built On An Indian Burial Ground

Kucinich: The Real Reason We Are Bombing Syria

Have a happy and healthy new year!

Thom Hartmann: Time for America to Dump “Homeland"

African views on death and burial

Federal Probe Set In Ohio Wal-Mart Police Shooting

The Rude Pundit - American History X, Y, and Z

At UN, Obama asks for freedom for Leopoldo Lopez imprisoned in Venezuela

The Worst Fish in America: Asian Carpocalpyse

New Rosetta Comet Closeups

Dinesh D'Souza, criminal: 'Government trying to shut me up'

I hope someone will keep their eyes on Karl rove when the tabulations

Apple pulls iOS 8.0.1 after users report major problems with update

ok, I joined WoW again and got the xpac upgrade too for November release

Since the Summer contest is on, I will slightly postpone October's contest.

DOJ Opens Probe in Walmart Shooting! Hours After County Jury No-Bills.

Four large fireballs reported across United States

US Airstrikes On Syria Are Not About ISIS - Syrians Reject Violation of Sovereignty

Senate Dems: Guatemala must enforce labor laws

Threatened birds of prey 'vanish'

Priest tells UNHRC to ‘end witch hunt’ of Israel

Unwitting humans assist lizard invasions across the Caribbean

D'Souza Gets Slap On The Wrist For Violating Voting Laws

GOP Will Run Against Weak Dems & Obama For Not Invading ME With Divisions Of Troops.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 24, 2014

New dinosaur from New Mexico has relatives in Alberta

Palestinians Mourn Hamas Terrorists Suspected of Killing Israeli Boys

Michael Tomasky: Obama’s Iraq Is Not Bush’s Iraq

Torture Relations - US surreptitious involvement in Uruguay, etc. (U.S. torturer Dan Mitrione)

Torture Relations - US surreptitious involvement in Uruguay, etc. (U.S. torturer Dan Mitrione)

Michael Savage: We must support Pres Obama's actions in Syria. HUH?

Focusing on renewal, Obama wishes Jews ‘Shana Tova’

Uugghh! Louisiana cop fatally shoots 14-year-old ‘four or five times in the back’

Finland man finds his first car 40 years later in spot where he abandoned it

Secret G.O.P. Records Reveal Corporate Donors Paying for Access to Governors

South Bay man Freed after being held captive by Somali Pirates for 2&1/2 years

DC Police to Start Wearing Body Cameras

Ring of Fire: Will Democrats Retain the Senate?

Coalition of black U.S. pastors to file 80 legal briefs against marriage equality

Movement to shelter immigrants spreads to 24 churches

Why the ‘broken’ corporate bond market needs an overhaul

Track workers deaths prompt transportation study

A Creationist Just Became Florida State University’s New President

The Changes in America Favor Progressives - Another excerpt from "...and Call it Capitalism"

Ex-firm exec pleads guilty in insider trading case

Qatar, a partner in U.S. airstrikes, says Syrian regime main problem (C-r-e-e-e-e-e-ep)

Anti-addiction groups call for new FDA chief

Stanford University Promises Not to Use Google Money for Privacy Research

Grand Canyon changes budget to repay $100M loan

"Hello my name is Gaytard" name tag given to Taco John's employee via ACLU

Grand Jury: No Indictment for Cops in John Crawford III Wal-Mart Shooting

Archbishop forces music director's resignation after marriage

Red Cross team attacked while burying Ebola dead

Demand Action For Our Southwestern Desert Tortoises (population has plummeted by as much as 90%)

Another credit card data breech - Jimmy John's

An Invasive Species of Fish Is Taking Over America's Waterways

Watch: Scientist boil water with glowing lava creeping from Icelandic Bardarbunga volcano

U.S. transportation chief: Lincoln Kawasaki plant is 'part of the mettle that makes this country wha

Is it against the rules to serve red beans and rice on a Wed, on a bed of lettuce??

U.S. transportation chief: Lincoln Kawasaki plant is 'part of the mettle that makes this country wha

Without a Truce in Syrian Civil War, U.S.-Led Strikes Threaten More Chaos for World’s Worst Crisis

Gordo, the dog hit during wild police pursuit, goes home

NYPD probes treatment of pregnant woman

Islamic Fighters Advance In Syria Despite U.S. Strikes

(Jim) Webb 'seriously looking' at 2016 campaign

Federal Appeals Court Lifts Injunction That Stopped Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Investigation

Hillary was once defeated by a newbie/no-namer, she can be defeated again.

Exclusive: 500 more tickets released for "Harvest the Hope" concert ANTI-XL pipeline

Papantonio: Labor Can Save The Middle Class

"The Grandsons of Iraq"-- Fighting Until Hell Freezes Over

Having It and Flaunting It

Exclusive: 500 more tickets released for "Harvest the Hope" concert ANTI-XL pipeline

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Decision Restoring Ohio Early Voting Hours

Moscow Stock Exchange To Start Trading In Hong Kong Dollars

Happy Rosh Hashanah to all Jewish DUers!

Obamacare to save U.S. hospitals $5.7 bln in uncompensated care -govt

Thom Hartmann: Why Should It Matter If Poor People Own a TV or Not?

chitown du'ers alert.


Mass Shootings on the Rise, New FBI Study Shows

Stop Sickening Animal Abuse at World’s Largest Pizza Cheese Supplier

Tens of Thousands of Wisconsin Students Face New Voting Hurdles

David Cameron holds talks with Iran's Hassan Rouhani

UPDATED: John Crawford was EXECUTED, and the cops are getting away with it.

Obama’s Sanctimonious Human Rights Argument Against Cuba

fuck the koch brothers. just fuck them.

I don't see any point in going to those other places

St. Louis area Jimmy John's stores affected by data breach

Do you still believe the stated objectives of these wars?

Howard Stern's Benjy Bronk Interrupts NFL Roger Goodell Press Conference

Statement from Grace Lee Boggs' bedside

The Iranian commander on the frontline against IS

Polar Bear & 100+ Others Arrested at Flood Wall Street Protest

Jim Miklaszewski and Jack Jacobs - MSNBC

Racism and Noble Virtues

Just in case you need a reminder: It's still open season on Black people in America

Tony Stewart will not face charges in deadly crash

Elizabeth Warren says it's promising that Arab countries are joining US military response in Syria

I'm .sick of MSNBC. mainly covering war

Why is the Utah prison system housing someone who robbed an Arkansas taco shop 33 years ago?

Ad from Big Lots, funny and cute!

Abu Ghraib photographer: Restoring dignity to detainees

The Wookie gets his knowledge on

TYT “F*ck It, I Quit” News Anchor Explains Why She Quit. Very impressive!

Huntsville schools say call from NSA led to monitoring students online

The crows are feisty today

NY Times has New Cooking Web Site!

Incredible Dateline episode about stem cell surgeries

3 surrender in Philadelphia gay beating case

Thaw In Saudi-Iran Ties As FMs Meet In US

Lemony Feta Chicken

Hillary praises Obama for launching airstrikes in Syria

Turkish Leader Slams UN Security Council

Family Security Matters Suggests Outlawing Islam In The United States

Republicans Deploy The Buffoon Squad Of Rick Perry and Sarah Palin To Save Kansas For The GOP

Colombia to Create New Congressional Seats Under FARC Peace Deal

Colombia to Create New Congressional Seats Under FARC Peace Deal

Reluctant Warrior Bombs Yet Another Country

Colombia’s paramilitary successors continue to threaten human rights defenders

Prosecutor General wants FARC members exempted from extradition

Terrestrial zoomass: 10,000 BCE to 2050 AD

Reza Aslan: Most Christians are clueless about Jesus — who wanted the rich to be poor

Coming Soon: Longevity for the 1%, the "Choice" to Sacrifice for the Rest

A Question for the PA 10th

Our Long National Nightmare is Over!

Mexico lawmaker, aide killed; bodies burned

Russia Threatens Foreign Media Ownership With New Rules


Favorite anti-war film? Are anti-war films still being made?

Liberia: Dead Ebola Patients Resurrect?

those pesky public schools...

FOX New alternate reality: Students protest history curriculum changes that would promote patriotism

Newt Gingrich reveals his true nature in the raw and outs himself as CNN's biggest idiot.

I'm surprised...

Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire

US-led air strikes target IS oil refineries in Syria

All in for Dave Peiser

Islamist fighters advance in Syria despite U.S. strikes

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins: Obama 'Despises Military' And Wants To Destroy It

VA-10 Republican Candidate Compares Immigrants to FedEx packages, then runs from reporter

Will we see a new poll just before election showing a large majority of American are against....

My five days on the SNAP Challenge were not fun

Nations Commit to Fight Climate Change by Restoring Forests

Progressive Caucus Split on Issue of Arming Syrian Rebels--and, also,"Women Against More War"

Faux News Hostess Connects White House Fence Jumper to BENGHAZI!!! (totally logical, of course)

John Lewis in Durham NC - important event - Durham County Public Library sponsored

Any suggestions for non-fiction or poetry for a sharp 91 year old woman?

Boko Haram fighters 'surrender' as alleged chief killed

LOW pay is not OK, a thank you

L'shanah Tovah

PTA President: It's Not Just About History

Union Member and Correctional Counselor Stands for Safety at Federal Prisons

Union Member and Correctional Counselor Stands for Safety at Federal Prisons

The Emma Watson hoax was created to make money.

"Crazy corporate tax loopholes? 'Inversions' are small potatoes"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 25 September 2014

What do you all think of this?

High-Flying Drones and Basement Wages: Alarming Trends in Package Delivery

Traitor Barack Obama Murders America Again, With A Cup

Who Made The Rule That You Have To Wait 3 Days To Call A Girl?

(NM) Gov. Susana Martinez's Emails Have Mysteriously Disappeared

John Crawford set air rifle down before police shot him

"The GOP's Jobs Bill Will Create Few Jobs, But Plenty of Debt"

Bill Clinton on Inversions: ‘This Is Their Money’

20 Ways the World Was Very Different the Last Time the Pittsburgh Pirates Missed the Playoffs

This young mother’s poem about her vanishing country stunned the world’s leaders

WGN's new morning news promo

Jesus Planning to Return for Derek Jeter’s Final Homestand

I drove through a vast windfarm on my way to Spokane.

Ebola-hit nations may 'face collapse'

Please help a victim of a police shooting!

Dumb Criminals: "It's Not Illegal, It's Frowned Upon, Like Masturbating On An Airplane."

I got some bad news in my patient reports yesterday in clinic.

Stephen Harper won't rule out further military contribution in ISIS fight

so, i pulled down the paneling, peeled off the old tin tiles,

“Obama didn’t ask us to do work, so we’ve decided not to bother.”

UNL climate report: Nebraska temperatures could rise 4-5 or 8-9 degrees by 2100

Bent iPhone claims put Apple under pressure to respond.

Silicon Valley Billionaire Vinod Khosla Forced To Allow Access To The Beach He Had Blocked

Fox's Bolling Calls First Female UAE Pilot That Bombed Islamic State "Boobs On The Ground"

Hiking Mt. Washington, NH

Right thinks Left surrendering all freedom to authoritarian government in exchange for free love.

Can we open up GD:P again for the Hillary inevitability debates?

No surprise here: Hillary Clinton stands with Obama on airstrikes, arming Syrian rebels

If Stuart Mills lll looks like Brad Pitt I look like George Clooney

"It's Not Easy Being GOP, Says GOP"

President Jimmy Carter: Jesus Christ Never Discriminated Against Anyone

For Those Upset With the Derek Jeter Farewell Tour

Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo says Jesse Matthew is in police custody

That super cute video of a beagle helping with Lost & Found in an airport? Sorry, but it was a hoax.


L.A. city council raises minimum wage at large hotels to $15 an hour

Obama to create world’s largest protected marine reserve in Pacific Ocean

Bam! Emeril's a winger.

okay I have a question-