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4 officers off the job following portable toilet tipping incident

Portal Bridge Presents Northeast Rail Commuters With a 104-Year-Old Problem.

Mom Bakes Vagina Cookies For 2nd Graders

Grayson on ISIS: “If Iraq Won’t Defend its Own Territory, Why Should We?”

Danish Burger Joint "Hot Buns" Adds Sex Toys To Menu

Andie Case "Me and My Broken Heart" - post your fav. Youtubes here:

Just for giggles from John Scalzi

"How the Rich Conquered the Economy, in One Chart"

The Continuity of Hate:

Atheism and American ruling class

It's Now Illegal to Kill Wolves in Wyoming!!

Why one prominent doctor (Dr. Ezekial Emmanuel) says, "I hope to die at 75"

Islamists Destroy 7th Century Church, Mosque in Tikrit, Iraq

Powerful earthquake rattles large swath of Alaska

A slippery Magyar slope

Violence against men news feed

Foley Blames Copied Language In His Urban Plan On 'Sloppy Staff Work'

State Auditor: University of North Texas Should Pay State Back $75.6 Million

I'm feeling much better tonight.

What is more common in the movies?

S.F., L.A. threaten Uber, Lyft, Sidecar with legal action

Good news on energy-Getting serious about it

It's Now Illegal to Kill Wolves in Wyoming

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Un-popular & a new Kitteh gif

Neocons’ Ferguson freakout: Why their latest attack on Obama makes them look so silly

How conservative do you think the next AG will be

Forest Service says media doesn't need permit

Mike Luckovich Toon- deep dive

So can we make the GOP go totally insane if the POTUS appoints...

Hamas, Fatah agree Palestinian Authority to take control of Gaza

Man charged with abduction of Hannah Graham was 'expelled after girl claimed he raped her on campus'

UN nuclear assembly rejects Arab bid criticizing Israel's 'atomic arsenal'

Carpe Noctem!!!!!

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/25/2014

Families want investigations into police deaths

Families of 16 journalists killed in Gaza demand justice

Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton are Perfecting the Non-Campaign

This is the tipping point for the Aramark Rolling Tub of Scandalous...

Breitbart Texas: All Thunder, No Rain

Israel criticised over blocking UNHRC mission

I hate the new guy I hate the new guy I hate the new guy.

First U.S. Stealth Jet Attack on Syria Cost More Than Indian Mission to Mars

Money Is Pouring Into Tech Like It’s 1999—And That’s Not Good

Conservative Lawmakers Take Food From Mouths Of Michigan's Hungry; Food Stamp Cuts Coming...

Same Crime.

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 25 September 2014

Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air I want one!!!

Apopka's Anderson collects nearly $350,000 in unused sick, vacation time

Chicken at food safety summit source of illness

Santos promotes Colombia peace talks at UN General Assembly

Redneck Christmas Parade canceled for being too 'trashy' (guess the State)

Top Pennsylvania officials(republicons)shared explicit, pornographic images, AG says

Santos aims to create fund for Colombia’s post-conflict ecosystem

More than 90% of complaints against police not investigated, ministry says

September 25, 1932: Women Fight Back Against Cutback Legislation

No fewer than fifteen Values Voters Summit speakers think we're just like Nazi Germany

Hello Americans ...


I do not follow football closely, but I sometimes watch it.

Well done Derek Jeter! n/t.

That's how you go out, baby! That's how it's done!!!

Untruths if necessary but not Necessarily Untruths

I lost respect for Da Coach.

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 26, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Classic Pre-Code

Derek Jeter

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 27, 2014 -- The Essentials - New York Apartments

Trying to get a feel for this site ...

Man charged after turtles found beneath clothing

A "Little Jewish Radical" Responds....

More protests in Ferguson

AP: Tranquilizer dart ends black bear's school visit

A clarification.

Derek Jeter just had a walk off hit in his final game at Yankee Stadium

Just a dog?

Cougars are adorable, why can't I have one as a pet?

Everything you need to know about the Shellshock Bash bug

13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

The declining influence of poor Richard Dawkins...

Jeter Walks Off In Yankee Stadium Finale

My Daughter Passed Her Nursing Boards Today.

If Mary Burke plagiarized, Scott Walker did it worse

Abby Martin Uncovers 9/11 with Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV

Windows update takes forever.

Just saw "How To Get Away With Murder". Was a good show. But I fear

Rescued Syrians refuse to leave cruise ship after it docks in Cyprus

Peyton Manning is an overrated hack

Official list of Colorado Rockies World Series Championships

Detroit city council votes to remove emergency manager

Large black bear forces lockdown at Port Coquitlam school (500 pound fella)

Awesome! Rolling Stone Outs the Kochs!

Why Does The U.S. Like Iraq's Kurds But Not Syria's?

Why I never reported my own rape

Breaking Bad. The infinite wisdom of Walt, speaking to Jesse:

25th wedding anniversary

Congressman Terry (R-NE) just said this in the debate

WOW! Rolling Stone EXPOSES Koch Bros: financially, politically, environmentally ***MUST READ

Colin Powell: GOP Headed For A 'Brick Wall'

Esquire's List of Baseball's Worst Walk Up Songs

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 28 - Whit Stillman

WTF just happened???

Gov. Brown vetoes bill limiting estate recovery for Medi-Cal enrollees

TCM Schedule for Monday September 29 - Max Steiner

Britain's involvement in the new Iraq war is a doomed and dangerous gesture

Saudi Prince Joins ISIS Bombing Run

Women's Rights Activist tortured and executed by ISIS

In Reno, the Truckee River has gone almost dry (photos)

Has Apple gotten Justin Bieber'ed?!

Terrorists would never attack subways or trains. Who ever heard of such a thing?

Only 3 days left to see 'The Roosevelts' for free at PBS:

WTF ...162

Democracy Now! No Charges in Ohio Police Killing of John Crawford...

The Buck stops here.

Border agent charged with assault of migrant teen

21 Alaska soldiers exposed to carbon monoxide

Officials: 6,600 ignored child-abuse cases closed

Cartier launches legal attempt to block websites selling counterfeit goods

Ohio asks US Supreme Court to delay voting order

California may restrict common pesticide

Kick for Russ Feingold for Attorney General !!!!!

Mexico army holds 8 soldiers in June killing of 22

Mexico army holds 8 soldiers in June killing of 22

No Justice from the Prison State

Cruz - Confirm No New US AG Until Convening of Next New Congress - 2017.

Study: Natural Gas Expansion Will Raise Emissions, Worsen Climate

Seattle Says Yes to Compost, Yes to Bees

gratuitous kitteh pics - i love scritches edition

Cop asks for license then opens fire. WTF!!!

'Sorry for algebra' and more #MuslimApologies

El Salvador's total abortion ban lethal, says Amnesty

Everyone who clicks on to this should send it

Confused about the Middle East?

Teacher to Be Re-Sentenced in Montana Rape Case

The man overseeing Ferguson's public relations convicted of reckless homicide in Tennessee in 2006

First Russian woman in International Space Station mission

Kittehs on the tee vee!

Texas Tech freshman died with blood alcohol content 4 times over legal limit to drive

More greatest hits of Eric Holder: Monsanto, drugs, CIA spying, envt., transparency, strip searches

Injured Spaniard Trapped for 7 Days in Peru Cave

Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

Houston attorney alleges Perry prosecutor overbilling Travis County

Would it be quicker & less expensive to bomb Saudi Arabia & their banks than all the peon recruits?

This song is probably Politically Incorrect but, I don't give a happy hot damn. Posting it anyway.

September 26

More fun with extension tubes - a few macro shots

Reynoldsburg’s striking teachers, board schedule negotiations for Sunday

Or are you just happy to see me? Man arrested w/51 turtles in pants

APWU Victory: 9,000 New Jobs

Nurses Stage Massive Protest on Las Vegas Strip, Highlighting Need for Ebola Readiness

Religious beliefs cost SEPTA worker his job, union says

Sen. Booker Shines Spotlight on Steel, Trade

New Republican Bill Would Paralyze National Labor Relations Board

US considers new offer to Iran at nuke talks.

State Farm dumps Rob Schneider for anti-vaccination views

NYT Science: A Tiny Emissary From the Ancient Past

Water found on Earth predates the formation of the Sun –

Amorous donkeys reunited in zoo after objections of grumpy humans

What if the America Dream were to be changed?

Why is Steve Martin so good at playing a con man in Bowfinger? n/t

Supermarkets Waste Tons Of Food As They Woo Shoppers

Juan Cole: Syrian Regime Propaganda Coup as Israel Downs Syrian Plane Over Golan

Europe's Muslims Stand Up to ISIS With Public Protests, Twitter Campaign

British Economist magazine on the Affordable Care Act

Carbon tax calculator for WA State

Your medical record is worth more to hackers than your credit card

Propoesed aw prevents Medicare Advantage plans from dropping doctors after enrollment period ends

Scholars decipher names of Amazon warrior women from ancient pottery

Ladies, Stop Offending Ann Romney With How Stupid You Are

AP Source: Video addressed to NFL security chief

Leader of UKIP (UK's tea party) vows to leave EU, cut taxes, slash foreign aid. Familiar ring to it.

16-yr old Irish Girls Win Google Science Fair 2014 With World-Changing Crop Yield Breakthrough

Ebola mission includes risk of malaria for troops

Rescued Sea Otter Recovers at the I.Sea.U

Man killed by fellow hunter who mistook him for a squirrel

Toon : War on Extremism

Police, protesters scuffle after Ferguson apology

Michele Bachmann Says Phyllis Schlafly Ended Cold War

Why Right-Wing Christians Think They're America's Most Persecuted

10 Ways Conservatives Sell Their Failed Policies

4 Ways Amazon’s Ruthless Practices Are Crushing Local Economies

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Resigned to dealing with the GOP

Friday Toon Roundup 2: War and Lessons

Friday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

We're so used to war being the status quo

A Romney/Bush protracted GOP primary battle inches closer to reality

When protesting against LGBT isn't automatically evil.

Antivirus program on an Android phone

The Progressive: Eric Holder's Five Crucial Failures

The Progressive: Obama's U.N. Hypocrisy

Photo of the Day

Screaming Inmates Make L.A. Rethink Jailing Mentally Ill

Economic Segregation is not Okay.

Was 'Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia' Really Just First-Rate Trolling?

FBI Says that Apple and Google are horrid for locking the phones.

VA to Pay Medical Care for Lejeune Families

Many still not well-informed about health care law, poll indicates

Google's Ties To Denialist Politicians Go Back Years, Push $700K In PAC, Other Donations

News Anchor Drops F-Bomb, Bashes Poor People On Live Mic

14 California Towns At The Far Edge Of Drought - Now Trucking In Drinking Water

Ohio appeals to U.S. Supreme Court on early voting

Phys.Org - Rate Of Global Sea Level Rise At End Of Last Five Ice Ages- 5 Meters/Century

Russell Brand sitting on a fire engine

Total abortion bans are killing women and girls.

Is it sprinkling or raining?

Ok just going to say it....I love the Ryder Cup.....

Libertarian Think Tank Removes Piece Comparing Eric Holder To George Wallace

Fire grounds flights at Midway and O'Hare, man found with self-inflicted wounds

Eugene Robinson: Bookends of a Presidency

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 26, 2014

Eric Holder’s complex legacy: A civil rights hero who defended the national security state

YouTuber Who Sexually Harasses Women Dropped By His Network

World's first family robot!

Ebola is a worse threat to the world than ISIS

FBI: 12 Americans in ISIS, Not 100

Stock markets turn higher after Wall Street drop

U.S. Economy Grows Most Since 2011

I sent in my 'donation' about Sept 12, 2014, but still haven't seen the check cashed......

The upcoming hypocrisy parade on the AG

$55M Of $100B Pledged 5 Years Ago, Lots Of Greenwash, And Beyond UN Doors, CO2 Output Only Goes Up

US Court Summons PM Narendra Modi in Gujarat Riots Case

The Curious Case Of The GOP Dog That Didn't Bark At Climate Policy - Not Too Much Derp, Please

PA. Govt. hit by 5th drop in its credit rating in 2 years (one of 7 worst states)

For what it is worth. I would love to see Eliot Spitzer

Kansas "What's the Matter With Sam Brownback?" Everything!

Racist rant at Alaska fender bender

“The most important chart about the American economy you'll see this year”

Eric Holder Exit Interview: Why He'll Always Be an African American Icon

Jon Stewart to Eric Bolling: "F*** you and all your false patriotism."

India's Mars mission: Picture that spoke 1,000 words (BBC)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 'has illness' (BBC)

Warrant Issued For Cliven Bundy Jr.'s Arrest (Again)

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes "The Ray Rice Video For The Financial Sector Has Arrived"

If you could draw a map of the "American empire," what would

FBI Classifies Animal Abuse as a ‘Crime Against Society’

It was a beautiful day ...

Doubt as a Sign of Faith

This Republican Who Wants to End the Weekend Is Probably Headed to Congress

Did tales told over fires aid our social and cultural evolution?

Pope Francis Slams Extremists Who 'Pervert Religion' On Trip To Mainly Muslim Albania

87-year-old woman tells her story about being disenfranchised by the GOP’s war on voting

GOP House Candidate: ‘Atheist Agenda’ Caused Sandy Hook Shooting

Understanding Common Core is About Seeing a Much Larger Picture

Beheading in Oklahoma 9-25-2014

Koch Funded AFP- NC Chapter sends out incorrect voter information

Exclusive: Islamic State Member Warns of NYC Attack In VICE News Interview

Molly Ivins - a killer review of Camille Paglia from 1991

Complex organic molecule found in interstellar space

XPost from Good Reads

New complaint of the NRA et. al.: "Gun Crow" Laws (Comparing gun control to Jim Crow)

How Jeremy Renner's new film Kill The Messenger will vindicate investigative journalist Gary Webb

Rachel Maddow - Sen. Pat Roberts faces difficult race in Kansas

Rachel Maddow - Congress won’t touch vote on ISIS

I don't want NO stinking "freedom fries"

New Mexico Police Catch Mysterious Ghostly Intruder on Camera

Melt ponds successfully forecast Arctic sea-ice extent.

JFK Jr., George, & Me

Scotland: Renewables achieved 46.4% of gross electricity consumption in 2013

Ethiopia Puts Spotlight On Women's Right to Land

Ernst ad on Directv

Women's rights: Engaging the other half of the population

Congressman Denies Making Controversial Comments About Gays, Forgets The Entire Thing Is On Tape

Kansas looks to sex toy sale as payback for overdue taxes

Researchers Are Using ‘Bee Doctors’ To Treat Cherry Tree Disease

Might I recommend ...

Longtime Native Voice for Women’s Rights, Deer, Speechless With Recent Honor

Controversial fingerprinting machines rolled out in some Venezuelan stores

It doesn't matter. None of it matters. Job One is Africa.

Hungary suspends gas supplies to Ukraine

Rachel Maddow - AG Eric Holder rebuilt DOJ from the ground up

Holder's 'too big to jail' let the economy down

Who can tell me about Charlie Baker, R, running against Martha Coakley for Gov of Mass.?

The "education market is ripe for disruption" Great article in The Nation. A must read.

Home ownership with no mortgage is the best retirement plan

Police: Woman Beheaded at Oklahoma Workplace MOORE, Okla.

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder Leaves Office (Good Riddance)

35 Rescue Dogs Living Life To Its Fullest

They're just going to add boots on the ground in dribs and drabs- like this

forget about rolling coal...

FAA facility fire 'not a terrorist act,' police say; Ground stops at Chicago's Midway, O'Hare

ISIS aligned militants in Afghanistan kill over 100, capture villages

An idea for voter supression

Guess Who’s Leading on Paid Leave? (Hint: Not Us)

Liberal educating a liberal

Citizens United is killing the republicans dems have more money to spend in 2014

Pic Of The Moment: Good News, Bad News

Managing a Nightmare: The CIA Reveals How It Watched Over the Destruction of Gary Webb

Family ties

17 Lies We Have to Stop Telling our Daughters about Sex

Sprint car fatality update: Tony Stewart cleared, Kevin Ward stoned

U.S. Outgunned by Extremists on New YouTube, Twitter Battlefield

Here's a cheery question: What songs/music do you want played at your funeral?

Russia-Ukraine Reach Preliminary Agreement on Interim Gas Price

Wendy Davis overstates what's confirmed about Abbott backer Ted Nugent

Makeup Tutorial Brilliantly Encourages Women to Vote

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Rose in September to 14-Month High

Despite split from group, Google’s links to climate change denial run deep

Passport Office to be stripped of agency status after soaring summer backlog

Petraeus Says Ground Forces Necessary to Defeat Islamic State

Bad kitchen design

The Typical DU discussion, condensed. (Get to 1:30 mark if you're in a hurry. So cute.)

MPs Give Approval For UK Airstrikes In Iraq

"No Boots on the Ground," my ass.

In other words, he's a conservative

Synchronized Facepalm

German Shepard has a tantrum.

According to Andrea Mitchell, Derek Jeter and Chuck Toad both "do it when it matters."

will the Sun ever set on US interventionism (such a polite expression for making death)?

Police: Former Employee Beheaded Woman At Moore Workplace

Delaware State U. won’t interfere with free speech of professor spreading Ebola conspiracy theories

90% of Kids Who Died Last Flu Seasons Didn't Get Vaccine

The $1-Billion-a-Year Right-Wing Conspiracy You Haven’t Heard Of

THE ONLY SALUTE THAT MATTERS:...and not one of his predecessors has done it.....

Lawrence Krauss: Does Everything Have a Cause?

The terrorists of 4chan

“Would you like Fries with your Governor?” Repubs have a Price List for Bribes.

Real Time with Bill Maher: Wendell Pierce – September 19, 2014 (HBO)

Tom Cotton and the era of post-truth politics

(NOT SATIRE) Christian mum writes ‘family friendly’ Harry Potter, where Dumbledore is straight

450,000 in Va. may lack proper ID needed to vote

George Takei: Here's a little primer....

Charles P. Pierce - Under Color Of The Law

Story of the Day: Education Entrepreneurs Set to Disrupt Our Schools for Their Profit

Man beheads woman in Oklahoma, officials say

Look At Who Just Put India's Mangalyaan Spaceship In Orbit Around Mars

High-flying CEO quits after daughter writes list of 22 milestones he missed

Orman scheduled to meet with tea party candidate who ran against Roberts

Asshole Of The Day.....

Scientists confess to sneaking Bob Dylan lyrics into their work for the past 17 years

More illegal voting activities from the Kochs

Even disco burned out. How long until Kim & Kanye get bored of each other & just GO

GOP Redefining "Religious Liberty" - Right To Force Fundy Religion On The Country Legally.

Thom Hartmann: Is ISIS a Product of Libertarian Economics?

Values Voter Summit updates...

The President and the Tow Truck Driver

"Republicans are People" caught using Stock images "Republicans are Liars" manufacturing consent

ISIS -approx 10-20k barely trained lightly armed. Iraqi Army approx 250k

ISIS/ISIL and WW3..... Are We There Yet or....

Michigan Restaurant “Moo Cluck Moo” now Pays Their Employees $15/hr. “It’s the right thing to do.”

UK community wins battle to prevent their school from becoming an academy

Man beheads co-worker after firing

To understand today's global conflicts....take a hard look at a map

Up to half of some types of antibiotics 'fail due to superbugs' study finds

Kathy Shaw's blog: Abuse Tracker (Bishop Accountability)

Tech gives the rich new toys while perpetuating the criminalization of poverty

After Two Years Of Driving, Curiosity Found The Dirt It Was Looking For

Christian Wife Swappers Preach The Word Of God Through Swinging

Stephen Hawking Says 'There Is No God,' Confirms He's An Atheist

I find it interesting ...

Even Bill Clinton talks about Market Basket

Expired World Cup Budweiser beers being sold at FedEx Field

Obama Blasts Brutality and Bullying, But Not by Israel

Very strange feelings.

If we'd pulled totally out of Iraq on 1/20/09, would ANYTHING be worse?

five years ago today i married my awesome husband

But wait! There's more!“How would Artie “T” handle this”

Macon GA Board of Elections: No Sun. voting: "Just trying to wring out every last vote."

The Hidden Potential of Autistic Kids: What intelligence tests might be overlooking

Wake Up, Republicans: Hillary Clinton’s Machine Can Crush You

Cherry picking the bible

Israel’s moment of choice ( Opinion )

Papantonio: Democrats Can Win on Social Security

Condom cookbook

Michele Bachmann to Obama: Islam is the problem and you need to ‘declare war on it’

A Sobering Story

America's poor actually live pretty durn well


Thom Hartmann: Stop Conservatives Before They Kill Again

15 Values Voters Summit Speakers Who Think That The US Is Becoming Nazi Germany

so i have a couple tickets to grant to someone who wants to meet kelly westlund.

Cash 'n Carry tries to buy votes, barely succeeds

The naked truth about Kevin Yoder (R-KS-3)

Jury Duty Glitch

A Sobering Story

Group sues Jacobs, accuses her of violating records law (Orlando)

Watch This Guy Shut Down These TSA Bullies Who Want To Screen Him AFTER He Lands

UK owes our citizens unpaid welfare, say Slovakia and Czech Republic

Hong Kong democracy protesters enter government complex

They're now calling Eric Frien "The Diaper Sniper"

Pap and Seder: The World Is Ending and Corporate Media Doesn't Care

Marvel, Jack Kirby Estate Settlement Brings End to High-Stakes Battle

There's no terrorist Shaolin temple.

Army refuser Sara Beining arrested and jailed after going AWOL again

Luckovich: Deep Dive

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin: Don't Pray For God's Blessings,' 'Pray God Forgives Us' For Abortion & Pornos

Shu Bop by Dion and the Belmonts.wmv

Ambush planned for years, state police say

My 12 yr old Bichon lost an eye.

Ray McGovern Wins Victory in Civil Rights Case after his Brutal Arrest Protesting a Hillary Speech

Kirk Gibson was just fired from Diamondbacks

"The information war for Ukraine" - Satirical German program "Die Anstalt" (Eng Subs)

Michael Bennet won in 2010 because of turnout.

We need a "Put up or shut up" Bill in Congress on the new war in Iraq and Syria

'Bond King' Bill Gross Leaves Pimco, Joins Janus

Cheney: "No Fair" That Obama Gets to Bomb Syria

Photobucket is losing its hold on folks -

Laura Ingraham: Obama Ebola Assistance Stems From 'Liberal Guilt' to Atone For American Colonialism

The Dismal Science By PAUL KRUGMAN

PA Gov. Rocked By News Of Ex-Staffers' Hardcore Porn Email Trove

GOP rep urges US generals ‘behind the scenes’ to resign

1990 just called. It wants its peace dividend back.

GOP Rep: Homeless People Moving To Colorado Because Of Legal Weed

GOP Donor: Elect a Republican Sheriff in Case Obama Seizes Dictatorial Power

so i have a couple tickets to grant to someone who wants to meet kelly westlund.

Here Are All the Rumored Potential Replacements for Eric Holder

Doubt and religious belief

GOP Congressman Urges U.S. Generals To Resign In Protest Of Obama's Foreign Policy

Crazed Tea Partier Allen West Tells American Troops Not To Follow President Obama’s Orders

Presidents war hurting senate chances?

The Twenty-Eight Pages - A Void in the history of September 11th by Lawrence Wright (New Yorker)

1400 Pennsylvania Ave...... Thats where Mama Grizzly Soccer Mom Palin Thinks The......

RWW News: Palin: No Truth In '1400 Pennsylvania Avenue'

And for my 12,000th post, I bring you...

Which rivalry World Series are you hoping for?

7 Clever Ways To Keep Getting Smarter Throughout Your Entire Life

This will kill the GOP in ’16: Romney buzz and GOP’s immigration meltdown

So so proud to be a belong to the Democratic Party..

Alaska governor race - Walker-Mallott campaign still on ballot after judge's decision

Now It's Explicit: Fighting Inflation Is A War To Ensure That Real Wages For The Vast Majority Never

Hank Ballard and The Midnighters - Work With Me Annie

Dumb Criminals: Santa Ana Grocery Store Robber Rides Around On Courtesy Scooter, Caught On Camera

Dumb Criminals: Oklahoma Man Carjacks McDonalds Patron After Being Denied Service

Conservatives Go Full-Racist On Neil deGrasse Tyson After He’s Accused Of Misquoting Bush

Two FBI Employees Killed After Their Boat Collided With A Barge On The Ohio River

US tells citizens to leave Yemen, reduces embassy staff

Why exactly was this LBN post locked?

New York Yankees at the Boston Roid Sox. The MOST meaningless series of the weekend...

L.A. Cops Kill A Person Every Week, And 82% Of The Dead Are Black Or Latino

2 Nebraska Medical Center employees fired for looking at Ebola patient’s records

'It was a crank call': family seeks action against 911 caller in Walmart shooting

Cute Video Might Brighten Your Day

White House preparing to defy GOP in pushing through Holder replacement

16-Year-Old Irish Girls Win Google Science Fair 2014 With World-Changing Crop Yield Breakthrough

Militia group planning armed interdiction of Democratic voters at the polls.

Weekend Economists Salute the 99% September 26-28, 2014

Regulators: Nuclear plant not ready to operate without special oversight

How raped were you?

ISIS: You Can’t Defeat Somebody With Nobody

Johnny Galecki on rumors of him being gay...

Couple weirded out by their desire to have sex next to two guys they killed

Police kill John Crawford III and Ronald Ritchie changes his story

US stocks end rocky week with a surge; Nike gains

Hospitalized Owner Reuniting With Beloved Pit Bull Is The Best Medicine

Koch Bros. US Senate candidate Wehby refuses to debate Senator Merkley (D-OR)

With the RS Koch story, I'm reminded of an experience with a local business and their family members

From the comments of the NY Times:

Tropical Storm Rachel; Tropical Storm Kammuri; Invest 96L

Nice try, Mitch....

Marlene Pinnock’s Settlement Could Shift Cop Accountability

A Chevron PR website pretends to be an objective news source

Tina Fey rips ‘grey-faced men with $2 haircuts’ defining rape....

Gentrification’s insidious violence: The truth about American cities

89-Year-Old Man Develops Bladeless Bird-Friendly Wind Turbine!

Koch's Americans for Prosperity (for themselves) send voter registration to a cat in N. Carolina

Economic growth improves to eight-year high

Keanu Reeves' home invaded twice in three days.

This Racy 'Breastaurant' Is The Fastest-Growing Food Chain In America

Wesley Clark: Don’t Wait for the Next War

Just saw my first episode of Key & Peele ...

Wesley Clark: Don’t Wait for the Next War


Tell me more...

Oklahoma beheading: Man accused of beheading woman in Moore served prison time in Oklahoma.

50 years now, of the "Three Hour Tour."