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Archives: September 27, 2014

Oklahoma beheading: Sheriff calls Vaughan Foods executive a “hero”

Carly Fiorina Hits the Trail With an Eye on 2016

UN Human Rights Council backs Argentina on US debt row

UN Human Rights Council backs Argentina on US debt row

Reporters get to see porn videos shared by top Corbett aides on their office computers

Sarah Palin Gets White House Address Wrong, Internet Piles On

This Republican Who Wants to End the Weekend Is Probably Headed to Congress

How does this values voters shite get more coverage

Impossible-to-remove hard water deposits

Whoa. Ravitch *Clobbers* Cuomo and DEMS; Will Back Greens Instead

A unique, awe-inspiring storm photo.

AG Eric Holder Will be Missed(if the Senate Confirms his Replacement)...

1400 Pennsylvania Avenue c/o: Sarah Palin

Family flying Mexican flag brings out the racists in full force

Smothie with kale, flax seed, cardamon, blueberries, dates, mango

More Bullying by Cops: "Lynn police block complaints with threats of arrest"

Donald Trump DO IT! I dare you.

Oregon Poll shows marijuana measure with tenuous lead

Treasonous GOP Congressman Dares Generals To Resign en masse in protest of President Obama...

Video of Huntsville atheist opening City Council meeting with invocation extolling American virtues

2016 GOP contenders woo religious conservatives at Values summit

Brave BBC reporter Paul Wood reporting on Isis attack on Kobane, Syria

I know this situation is series but I just cannot believe what my brother said to an emergency nurse

The tattooed feminist Catholic who chooses conscience over catechism


Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fetish Friday & a new Kitteh gif

go turn Rachel on right now....

UN: Human Rights Council passes LGBT rights resolution

Your employer could be considering a health plan with no hospital benefits

Social experiment. (Graphic simulated violence)

Cancer kills three 9/11 firefighters on the same day

Breaking: Dept. Of Justice Will Ask US Supreme Court To Uphold Same-Sex Marriage

France announces world’s toughest anti-smoking laws

Shouldn't they be paying taxes on this monstrosity?

Alison Grimes takes controversial positions at Big Blue Nation interview.


Friday Talking Points (321) -- Eric Holder's Record

Brazil releases 'good' mosquitoes to fight dengue fever

Brazil releases 'good' mosquitoes to fight dengue fever

Peru holding two loggers in murder of four native environmentalists

Peru holding two loggers in murder of four native environmentalists

U.S. Considers a No-Fly Zone to Protect Civilians From Airstrikes by Syria

Lamborn Will Win His Re Election Handily Because The Religious Right Supports Him.

Judge lifts bar on debt service payment in Argentina case

Judge lifts bar on debt service payment in Argentina case

Sat. 9/27 3pm Cedar Ave & 3rd St. West bank, Minneapolis Stop Bombing Iraq and Syria

Russia: US Airstrikes in Syria Violate International Law

Russia Fights to Keep Veto Right in UN Security Council

Foolish you, not me, to petition an apple tree for an orange, or vice versa

Mount Shasta Mudslides

9/27 8am-4pm Fresno Center for NonViolence book sale

Chile becomes the first South American country to tax carbon

Chile becomes the first South American country to tax carbon

Mostly Positive ACA story hidden in the Omaha World Herald

U.S. State Department Condemns Abbas' 'Provocative' UNGA Speech

Who are you going to call? – Sun-Herald

I discovered to day that Walmart charges a sales tax on a non-taxable item. So I

Do I risk pissing him off and clean, or do I turn my back and shrug?

Justice Department to ban profiling by federal law enforcement

A new religious schism

The fruit of Tom Perez’s labor (possible AG pick)

Jon Stewart on Fox News: ‘F*ck You and Your False Patriotism’

Justice Department tells Ferguson police to stop wearing bracelets

Expedia revealed as dues-paying member of ALEC

Prayers and good vibes asked for my sis

WATCH: This Talk Will Make You Question How Much You Really Know About Everything

Montana ex-teacher re-sentenced to 10 years for rape of student

Sep 23, 2014 7:56 AM ET|

New Mexico sheriff found guilty of pistol-whipping, civil rights violations

Hats off to the Kansas City Royals.

The Giants of Appalachia

In hopes of extending its useful life, I just bought a 1TB SSD for my 2008 MacPro

Abbott needs to be called out on his debate lie

Amazon Wish Lists are gone...

Police: Alleged Child Rapist on the Run With Stolen Gun

Um, did I miss something in LBN?

Abbott lied in the debate w/ Wendy Davis

Erdogan’s Turkey and Iranian Intelligence

If trees could talk: Forest research network reveals global change effects

Go rec this.

US Moves Forward with Labour Case under Guatemala Trade Deal

Friday night is a much better night for a drinking thread than Wednesday.

Lavrov confirms Russia ready to assist Iraq in fighting Islamic State

Capsula Mundi

U.S. Wars and the Climate Crisis

According to her twitter feed Chelsea Clinton had a girl.

Cat hugs stuffed toy (warning: extremely squee)

We had another little earthquake...

Jeepers! What happened in LBN? 'Name Removed' got something like 12 threads locked...

The vet found a mammary mass in my 15 year old female lab

Chelsea Clinton gives birth to a daughter

Climate Reckoning: My Own Private Coal Story by Jeff Biggers

World must move toward total elimination of nuclear weapons - UN chief

It's a girl! Chelsea makes grandparents out of Hillary and Bill.

UPS worker Trades Stolen $160,000 Diamond for $20 Bag of Weed

NC inmate died of thirst after 35 days in solitary

Matzoh brei,

Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang

Guardian: Eric Holder didn't send a single banker to jail for the mortgage crisis. Is that justice?

No Breakthrough In Iran Nuclear Talks, Sides Agree To Keep Talking

I have bad news.

Cuba sharply expands Ebola medical mission

Gov. Scott’s office defends not probing prison death

Calling for terrorism at the polls and then saying "Kidding!" a week later is not a "hoax."

Low salt diet may increase anxiety levels, suggests rat study

Uruguay: Guantanamo prisoner transfer not imminent

This time there was a happy ending ...

September 27

'Kim Jong-un not feeling well,' North Korean authorities confirm

Will mayors one day rule the world?

Governor orders criminal probe, workplace safety investigation of Stericycle

Paid Maternity Leave Push Underway At U.S. Labor Department

Who is behind Isis (Corbett Report)

Picking Up Steam: The Expansion of Chinese Railways in Africa

Volcano Erupts in Japan; Injuries Reported

Pine Lawn Mayor Faces Federal Extortion Charges

Why U.S. airstrikes in Syria are not legal- and why it matters

Clashing Goals in Syria Strikes Bedevil Obama

Romney's Attorney Responds "Haas v Romney" Racketeering 9th Circuit Case

Giant flesh-eating leech filmed swallowing huge earthworm like spaghetti

Toon: Police Training these days

Colorado's Little Rebels: Thoreau and Zinn For Everyone

Islamic State 'targeted by strikes on Syria border'

Los Angeles Hotel Workers Win Big Minimum Wage Victory

Mississippi Sued Over 'Hellish' Conditions in For-Profit Prison

Lawyers seek fees of about $195 mln for LBO collusion settlements

US combat role in Iraq not off table, Gen. Dempsey says

Central Japan’s Mount Ontake erupts; hikers reported injured

DOD proposes broad ban on high-cost loans to servicemembers

Extra taxes for large supermarkets?

People hear that 3/4 of poor Americans own a car and think this:

Pro-Sullivan group gets $500,000 for U.S. Senate race from NFL owner

85 Years ago, I, Still In The Womb, Heard this Ultimate Earworm Song

Analysts: Pace of campaign could strain Navy forces

Outrage: Man's Health Insurance Is Holding His Liver Transplant Hostage

What Killed John Crawford: How Terrible Police Training is Ruining America

Catalonia defies Spain by calling secession vote

Bodyslamming for Jesus: Inside the Bizarre World of Christian Wrestling

Welcome to the world, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky

Better/different version of 'How Raped Were You'

We're Screwed: The New War on ISIL Will Kill Spying Reform, and Reoccupy Iraq at Giant Costs

Apple knew of iCloud security hole 6 months before Celebgate

Wrongfully imprisoned man awarded nearly $500,000

Battle of Fort Davidson

Aerial Photos Show The True Magnitude Of The Tar Sands Developments {LARGE IMAGES}

Weekly Address: America is Leading the World

Canadian Postal Worker's Apology for Non-Delivery: 'Bear at the Door'

(WA) State receives DOD grant to prepare military contractors of downsizing

Second of three Medal of Honor recipients at JBLM leaves uniform

Sierra Nevada Corp. Takes NASA to Court for ISS Transport Contracts

R**skins Fans Claim They Were Tricked Into Appearing on The Daily Show

FBI launches powerful face recognition/tracking system

could any president have gotten away with NOT bombing ISIS?

Obama loses the left: Why his low approval rating may be here to stay

Why Don’t We Have Real Data on Charter Schools?

The JFK Oliver Nix film, stabilized, enhanced, enlarged and revealing

Apology to cali and jury for accidental alert

Photo of the Day

What Do You Want From Me

Study: Men of All Ages Want Women in Their Mid-20s

Words....can mean whatever.

Ran across this definition of mental health, supposedly from the WHO

Wall Street scared new attorney general could be Preet

Introspection time for evangelicals

CA eyes rules before 'plunge into desalination'

US Treasury: Senior ISIL Commander Raised $2 million from Qatari Nationals

Homeless Woman Receives $1.5 Million After CHP Beating Caught on Video

How Nigeria has succeeded in containing Ebola


New US-led air strikes hit Isil targets in Syria

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 27, 2014

El Salvador's total abortion ban lethal, says Amnesty

Walker thinks Supreme Court justices who got aid from his pals can objectively consider the Doe case

Catalonia president signs independence referendum decree

US Carbon Emissions Up 6% In Past Two Years

Forest Service Backs Down - Now Reporters Will NOT Need Permits To Film In Wilderness Areas

60 Years Ago Today: The Tonight Show debuts on NBC

Is all out bombing worth it?

Coal Companies In Financial Trouble - Arch Shares Down 31% In Sep., Peabody Off 22%

What's Wrong With the NFL Is What's Wrong With America

ALEC Tries To Prove It's Not Lying About Climate, Fails Miserably - Salon

US Oil Imports From Canada Hit New All-Time Record Despite Opposition - Up 20% YOY

My letter to my Florida family and friends

Rachel Maddow - A perfect ending to some beltway nonsense

Rachel Maddow - Shell looks to weaken drilling regs in Arctic

Managing a Nightmare: How the CIA Watched Over the Destruction of Gary Webb

Rachel Maddow - Threat of terror influences ISIS debate in US

Drive-By Truckers -

The nuclear industry’s game plan: kill the competition and fleece the ratepayers

An Open Letter To Fox News About "Boobs On The Ground"

Is revolution the only way we can elicit change?

Shouldn't it be "Arab-led air strikes, assisted by America". Since five Sunni Arab nations with far

Volcano erupts in Japan; 7 missing, 40 injured

NYT Op-Ed: How Israel Silences Dissent

The domestic violence gender trap: Hope Solo, Ray Rice and the tired myopia of “women do it too”

Even animals need guardian angels.

"A nation that does not care for its war veterans has no business making new ones."

Chevy Tells Corvette Owners Their Valet Surveillance Systems Might Be Illegal

You are not funny. You are not clever. And you are not excused.

Wage Theft Costing Low-Income Workers Billions

Justice Department to Soon Ask Supreme Court to Uphold Marriage Equality

Should I have said something?

"America’s summer of white supremacy: A postmortem "

Tory MP Mark Reckless joins UKIP and resigns to force by-election

Veterans respond to Fox News "Boobs on the Ground"

The Suburban Sociopath....


Russian Cosmonaut Slaps Down Reporters Asking About Her Hair And Makeup

Catholic theologian banned from giving talk because she supports gay marriage

Republicans Air Early Attack Ad on Newborn Clinton - little Charlotte already under fire / Borowitz

Wisconsin ID Ruling Withstands Appellate Rehearing Bid

Which state has the best chance of making gay marriage the law of the land?

Soldier, Ask Not

Treasonous SOB

Why Can’t the Census Count Gay Couples Accurately?

‘Cloaking’ device uses ordinary lenses to hide objects across range of angles

Catholic theologian banned from giving talk over opposition to church teaching

Venezuela Takes Over Closed Clorox Factory

Ven. black dollar rate over 100 Bs (Spanish)

What Russian state media sources are allowed to be posted in LBN?

Oped by Anne-Marie Slaughter on Obama's ISIS strategy - is this the neo liberal position?

Elizabeth Warren tweet

Another Blast From the Past...One Eyed..Flying Purple People Eater..with original singer..1958

Bolling apologizes for "boobs on the ground" insult, but Gutfeld doesn’t.

Equals Rights Amendment Never Ratified; due to Phylis Schlafly

GOP Rep Doug Lamborn is urging generals to resign in a blaze of glory to oppose the president (VIDEO

Why ice sheets will keep melting for centuries to come

Mentally strong - I like the similarities

Apparently, We're all totally fucked.

Kitty Assassins! (video)

More Shit You Will Never Read About In any of those 144-point font emails...

Gaza war may be over but Jerusalem is still simmering

DOJ Tells Ferguson Cops To Stop Wearing 'I Am Darren WIlson' Bracelets

Times when ethnocentrism got the better of me.

Curmudgucation: Directory of Anti-Teacher Trolls

Obama's military advisor, Gen. Dempsey, say 15,000 troops needed in Syria.

I missed this post in June from Peter Greene's blog. Anti-teacher trolls.

LIVE RADIO NOW: War and the Obama derangement syndrome

Votes to Support Air Strikes, transcript w General Wesley Clark

Was watching ESPN's College GameDay this morning

Danziger Toon- Boehner is Off this Month (plus calculators) ~ Reposted due to necessity yet again.

28 Unusually Eye-Catching Meals Inspired by Japanese Cuisine

(Bernie Sanders on Fox News Radio) Sen. Bernie Sanders May Lead A “Revolution” in 2016

I am sick to death of getting chain e-mails and Facebook notices all about

Debunking a Capitalist

You Find This Surprising?

Post your favorite song about pulling a house down with a bus!!!

Post your favorite Steely Dan song about Chris Paul's alma mater!!!

Former Instructor Accuses Auburn University of Religious Discrimination

Emeril cooked his brain

Who do you think will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016?

Turkey Hesitant to Ally With U.S. in Syria Mission

Al Qaeda-Linked Militants In Yemen Fire Rocket Towards U.S. Embassy, Say Revenge For Drone Strike

Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin Wishes 'Cowardly' Christians Would Be Brave Like ISIS Terrorists

Google Wi-Fi Roundup Has Lawyers Chasing Landmark Jackpot

Russia’s State-Run Rosneft Says Exxon Arctic Well Strikes Oil

MY GOD-end of an age

Suggestion from Savannahmann

Could Iran Be Trading Oil With Russia for Nuclear Support?

Former Congressman Jim Traficant Dies from Injuries Related to Tractor Accident

War on Drugs — a form of racism that prevents African-Americans from full participation in democracy

536: The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra Sep 26, 2014

Maher Rips Liberals: If We're Giving No Quarter To Intolerance, Shouldn't We Start With Honor Kilers

Wisconsin: Mary Burke says she would stop expansion of voucher schools

Taliban, Al Qaeda,...

Muslim scholars present religious rebuttal to Islamic State

Ohio Police Given 'pep talk' on Shooting Scenarios Ahead of Walmart Encounter

Cat fostering update

Scoop on one Nathan L. GONZALES/Rothenberg? Of the Ruben NAVARRETTE ilk or credible?

Little Rock Catholic Bishop Plays Incest Card in Marriage Case

"A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby....." by Ben Macintyre

You Won’t Believe How Bad Pollution In China Has Become

Arab Bank Found Liable for Hamas Attacks

Laura Ingraham: President Obama Wants To Expose Troops To Ebola To Make Up For Colonialism

Blest Be the Tie That Binds

Repeat Stuff - Bo Burnham. The last Bieber or boy band song you will ever need

Information For People Who Are Clueless About Social Security Claims

Your favorite car song(s)?

Neil deGrasse Tyson to play super-intelligent pig on Disney’s ‘Gravity Falls’

Mike Malloy - The Real Reason We Are Bombing Syria

Here is my ISIS strategy in a nutshell.

Three weeks home post Auto-Stem Cell transplant

Cornmeal Plum Scones

Brain Research: White People Lack Empathy for Brown People

Picture of the grandparents with baby Charlotte

Twitter pic of Chelsea with her daughter Charlotte.

Mike Malloy - Revolt At Molly´s School Continues (A talk between father and

British chef creates burgers that taste like human flesh

Egypt sentences six men convicted of homosexuality to 2 years in jail

Mysterious New Poison Dart Frog Found; Is Size of Fingernail

Gravity Shift Reveals West Antarctic Ice Loss

Freedom to Marry Tells Supreme Court 'It's Time'

The world is overrun with crazies and they post on Facebook

Just insane

As the UK prepares for another war in Iraq, is its strategy any more coherent than in 2003?

Mr. Fish Toon- Be Scared

Saw my first "oh, geeeeezzzzzz!" bumper sticker of the season, today

“The Pentagon Won’t Be Holding a Bake Sale Any Time Soon”

Watch a Hyundai Hydrogen Electric Car being fueled with Solar Hydrogen

So...a radio station asked me if I would like to do a show for them...

Better Fly Right!

Luckovich toon: Leave it on the field

Penn State Players Blocking Each Other?

Elizabeth Warren Bashes GOPer Who Called Reporter 'Sweetheart'

Ted Cruz Wins 2014 Values Voter Summit Presidential Straw Poll (Again)

Had McCain Been Elected In 2008 - Sarah Palin Might Never Have Been Able To Find Him

Who needs a good chuckle from TBogg today?

Iraqi Veteran Seeks Answers on Depleted Uranium...Calls for Iraq Sites to Be Identified for Study


Government by Goldman Sachs

Fox regular shows just how STUPID he really is...

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

The most air pollution is in what US city?

"Duck Dynasty" clan is "wise and godly?"

PR man hired by Ferguson fired because he was convicted of reckless homicide

When Suits Become a Stumbling Block: A Plea to My Brothers in Christ*

Hong Kong clashes, arrests kick-start plans to blockade city

I was drunk the day my ma got out of prison.

North Central Texas College grieves after 4 killed in bus crash

This is outrageous

Anyone here near Brockville, ON? nt

By all means, don't show up to the polls and let THIS woman choose our government....


23 Reasons Why Jeb Bush Should Think Twice About Running for President

Study: Women all seem to want taller men

I want to see Big Tex's new moves!

Kat Edmonson on Austin City Limits "Lucky"

Toon: The March on Reality

Large Crowd Gathers For ‘March To End Rape Culture’

Chemistry experts, I need your experience.

James Traficant, 73, died of the injuries

Anyone got a newer mattress where the top is different from the bottom of the mattress?

Study: Divide and conquer works

President's Weekly Address: America is Leading the World

Twenty-Three People Killed by American Police in the Span of One Week


Rachel Maddow's Praise of Eric Holder

West Wing Week: 9/26/14 or "Stronger When We Stand United"

The Angel of the Gap – Australian Man Living Near a Cliff Saved 160 People from Suicide by Striking

Three Faces at the Henry Clay Estate. -- Edited 2nd photo

Warren Responds To "This American Life" - Calls for Hearings on New York Fed Allegations

Abbott Rulings an Issue in Enterprise Fund Controversy

Thomas Mueller in a penalty shootout

US rejects Palestinian speech claims. Says Abbas was offensive, provocative

Don't Know if Takei's Take has been posted here yet....

Biohacking: The Creepy but Exciting Trend in Body Modification

Our problem is that most ordinary voters just don't know what the Republicans are up to...

Suor Cristina Scuccia: "Flashdance what a feeling" Live 1 - The Voice of Italy 2014

Like a lot of shows, Californication went one season too long - but fun show

Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and Ken Paxton Skip Out on Disability Issues Forum

Hurricane Rachel, Tropical Storm Kammuri

Why Hospitals Want Patients to Pay Upfront