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Archives: September 28, 2014

Is Biology Woman’s Destiny?

Back to work today, but was only able to do east coast calls.

Stephen King, J.J. Abrams to bring Kennedy Assasination Time Travel series 11/22/63 to Hulu

Nannies: something needed? Or should parents who choose to have children also rear them?

Qatari women's basketball team withdraws from Asian Games over headscarves

I picked up a used lens last week. Looking for it's sweet spot

Danziger on the Mideast Rathole

Cuomo: Still won't cater to teachers' union. Says he doesn't need their endorsement.

Not only did the Pirates game cut way into the Texas/KU game...

Atheists Show Their Sexist Side


Grocery apps... yes, no or meh?

Traveling on AMTRAK

Future Olympic Host Cities Must Sign Non-Discrimination Clause

Don't mess with Edward.

You Don't Get to Pick Your Tax Rate. Neither Should Corporations.

The Tree that Owns Itself

Am I the only one here using ubuntu 14.04.1

Formatting Glitch? I swear, I didn't mistype this:

Cuomo: Still won't cater to teachers' union. Says he doesn't need their endorsement.

Hello Ello (Peace out, Facebook!)

Breaking: 49-43 Yale beats Army today.

Interesting piece Alexandra Pelosi did on Real Time

Minimum Wage Hike Has Strong Support Among Employers, Survey Finds

If footballers were cars...

Ebola Breakthrough?

Detroit rides again!

Calling all car buffs

BOURDAIN vids guesting with KIMMEL last week. Shaky, nervous? (fixed the link)

"Obama Isn’t Finished Yet"

An Israel Equal For All, Jewish Or Not

Islamic Nations Lobbying Palestinians To Go To ICC

Anyone familiar with Fenway Park?

Russian Foreign Minister Slams US, NATO, Blames Ukraine Crisis On Western-Backed Coup

Corps sending 200 Marines to Central America for disaster relief, training

4 Good Reasons For A Man To Hit A Woman

Corps sending 200 Marines to Central America for disaster relief, training

Alexandra Pelosi has been talking to voters in MN 2nd District

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 30: The Projected Image: The Jewish Experience on Film

Former Congressman James Traficant has died

"It's The Dash".......

Medea Benjamin on Breaking the Set: "We need more visible OUTRAGE"

I am having a discussion on FB

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 1: Star of the Month: Janet Leigh

My little girl cat just peed on the bed

Countdown to US combat troops in Iraq:

Race to Nowhere airs on local PBS stations Sept 25- Oct 5. High pressures on students.

Race to Nowhere airs on local PBS stations Sept 25- Oct 5. About education reform's dark side.

Australian couple swims with whales

Volcanic eruption of Mt. Ontake in Japan injures 30

I saw you in a parking lot today--who are you?

Official: Ferguson, Missouri, police officer shot

DU History buffs-How important was General Lafayette to our success in the Revolutionary War?

The White House wants the Kurds to help save Iraq from ISIS

Thomas Hogg and the most interesting buggery case ever.

WATCH: Rochester researchers’ ‘invisibility cloak’ cost just $1,000 to make

WATCH: Rochester researchers’ ‘invisibility cloak’ cost just $1,000 to make

SNL is looking really bad. The opening was a lame NFL bit and with flubbed words.

WATCH: This Talk Will Make You Question How Much You Really Know About Everything

George Galloway hammers Jacqui Smith on bombing ISIS - BBC This Week - 25th September 2014

War, Children, It's Just a Shot Away.

Can somebody please explain to me why

Was surprised at Sunday delivery by Amazon and USPS

School System Was Never Broken Until The Reagan Devil And GOP Broke It.

When Religious Freedom Can Allow Refusal Of Legal Public Services Because Of Belief We Are Done.

A sign that takes itself seriously.

Texas TRS fund invests in casinos, loses $99M; businessmen contributed to Perry campaigns

my husband brought home 120 rolls of toilet paper yesterday

My significant other went blind this week.

Cops: Student Passes Out Pot-Laced Lollipops To Classmates

Most states aren't waiting until Election Day to start voting

Cloaking device uses ordinary lenses to hide objects across range of angles

Iowa curbs Tesla test drives

General Jean Victor Marie Moreau

Japan potentially has twice as much solar capability as Germany, but...

At Long Last, Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy Is Becoming a TV Show

Willie Nelson, Neil Young lend their talents to Keystone XL fight

Pagan Prayer Sung at Escambia Cty Bd. of County Commissioners Mtg

There's another Bash update today (Saturday)

Steve Ballmer banning Apple products for L.A. Clippers

U.S. Soldier Shot Twice(in the legs) by German Cops After Oktoberfest Rampage –

Will Obama tap Labor Sec. Tom Perez to replace Eric Holder?

I am pissed...why should I have to go to a shelter?

30 hikers found unresponsive (dead) on Mt. Ontake

September 28

"'Ferguson' officer shot in arm while interrupting burglary".. and is "male" contrary to

I need some pricing advice from the pros

8 questions we must ask Obama about secret war

Virginia GOP candidate Dave Brat looks for balance.

Roche Breast Cancer Drug Appears to Greatly Extend Patients’ Lives.

Honeywell Union Workers Demonstrate in Washington D.C.

"Contract employee"

Insist on Public Disclosure and Accountability in the Washington State Legislature

Iraq: Shiites Paralyzed by infighting as ISIL menaces Baghdad

Iraq’s Humpty-Dumpty Factor: Even if ISIL is Defeated, Can it ever be put Together Again?

‘You killed a million people in Iraq’ George Galloway tells Blair Cabinet Member

Syria to Afghanistan: US Military Policy hasn’t Solved the Zone of Crisis & may Enlarge it

Super-Rich Oil and Gas Companies Routinely Underpay own Workers

Well-Ordered Philanthropy …

An American, Not an International Mobilization

US security agencies concerned over Apple iPhone 6’s encryption technology

Where was ISIS last year?

Flawed but delicious movies

4 governors in Afghanistan for briefings, visit troops

U.S. struggles to blunt Syria rebel anger at strikes

TV show... real? Or "The Simpsons" parody? Can YOU tell the difference?

Norfolk sea level rise takes shine off waterfront homes

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Like This Post Edition

Hong Kong police use tear gas to clear protesters

Not the Onion..Steve Ballmer banning Apple products for L.A. Clippers

(NC) Fracking rule-makers sort thousands of comments

6 Idiotic Right-Wing Statements this Week: O'Reilly Goes Off the Deep End Edition

Begich asks Parnell, EPA for help resolving work stoppage at Usibelli's Seward coal dock

Divorce Harder on Rich Kids, Study Finds

Army shrinks stockpile of obsolete Stryker parts at local warehouse, new report says Read more here

The 'Club Med for terrorists'

(Wealthy) Seattle suburb told to boil water for E. coli

When a Haaretz journalist (Amira Hass) was asked to leave a Palestinian university

(WA) Navy wants to conduct war games on coast

County executive frets over prosecutor’s outside legal fees: $683,000 and counting

Bernie Sanders: Longterm Democratic strategy is “pathetic”{INTERVIEW}

KNFB Reader: New Smartphone App Heralded as Game-Changer for the Blind

If a woman is hitting me....I still won't hit her.

Poland plans to buy missiles from Lockheed

Missouri drill sergeant found guilty of sex assaults

Business Lobby to Women: Get Back in the Kitchen

Germany starts training 32 Kurdish fighters

US airstrikes hit Syria oil refinery near Turkey

More moonflowers--and fall color!

Interview with Ebola Discoverer Peter Piot: 'It Is What People Call a Perfect Storm'

Knock Knock: Its the FBI

‘What the Fluff’

Modi to meet Netanyahu; marks shift in Indian policy

Tech Time Warp of the Week: This Tech Giant Saw the Future. Then Google Put It Out of Business

Comedian tells remarkable story of how his Franciscan monk father and nun mother fell in love

Slot Machine Saves German Gambler as Police Arrive

When a Giant Asteroid Impact Created Its Own Magma

72% Believe U.S. Will Use American Combat Troops Against ISIS

"I know the one thing we did right, was the day we started to fight! Keep your eyes on the prize!"


somebody had a T-Shirt last night

The government in Washington is broken.

Please grade Barack Obama's performance as president

Blacks disproportionately arrested for marijuana possession in Pinellas, Hillsborough counties

Vatican Paedophilia Scandal: Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski Stored Over 100,000 Child Porn Videos

Sunday Morning Tunes...

Judging America

Woman shoots intruder in southwest Las Vegas


“Slimlandia,” The Land of Mexican Oligarchs NAKED CAPITALISM

Contempt of Congress...

Anyone else noticed that Jeb Bush feels free to announce that he''s running

Is this the type of mobile oil refinery we bombed in Syria?

Guide: How to remove trojans, spyware, rogues and other malware

When has any of the networks aired a US Congressman talking to a Bush cabinet member this way?

Merck Has Some Explaining To Do Over Its MMR Vaccine Claims

When was the last time a president did something truly great/epoch-making?

TIME: The 3% Economy

New Republic: On Our Cover: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is an American Hero

This is the guy Putin hand picked to run RT.



Hurricane Rachel, Tropical Storm Kammuri

He should have thought of the privacy of his parts and his family - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Photography Exhibits featured in the Triangle (NC)

President Obama: "That is not the society we want---It's not the society that our children deserve"

Why did ISIS want to draw us into war?

Wolves Introduced To Park To Revitalize Ecosystem (Beautifully-Amazing)

America has enshrined in its national security doctrine a right to use force at its own discretion.

What's that sound? Rain!

God, Darwin and My College Biology Class

The Health Effects of Leaving Religion

Everything We Think We Know About Mass Shooters Is Wrong

Tesla Trumps Toyota: Why Hydrogen Cars Can’t Compete With Pure Electric Cars

Top Republican Presidential Candidate Says Anarchy May Force Cancellation Of 2016 Election

Early Voting and Same Day Registration Has Now Started In Illinois. -details-

Jimmy Carter will be 90 on Wednesday

California governor signs law outlawing ‘gay panic’ legal defense

In case we are tempted to forget that the right wing press hates all Democrats, not just Obama

Cuban cologne creators to face punishment

Are you REALLY an Independent Contractor?

World marathon record for Dennis Kimetto in Berlin

Fox hosts: Drunk girls share blame for frat rapes

Author Carl Hiassen~Here we go again in the Middle East

Humala to Maduor: jailing those who think different won't resolve anything (Spanish)

The NY Post has sunk to a new depth - slamming the Clinton grandchild

PayPal now lets shops accept Bitcoin

Judge won't grant immunity to police, doctor who medically paralyzed man for cavity search

IHH Mavi Marmara Activist Joins ISIS, Gets Killed

Making a Splash on Campus-College Recreation Now Includes Pool Parties and River Rides


Tiny Spanish Island Nears Its Goal: 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher ready to begin shaping Knicks into a winner

Okay, I finally ordered a 30" Masterbuilt electric smoker

Da Bears still suck!

Lakers GM: Hopes pinned on health

On the other hand, I started reading Tacitus again. This war isn't remotely new.

Secret Service stumbled after 2011 White House shooting

Report: Secret Service Slow To Respond To 2011 White House Shooting

We will be the laughing stock of the country if we do not help Democrats win the Senate in 2014

Khorasan leader killed by U.S. air strike in Syria last week, Al-Qaida member tweets

The Secret Service Ignored Shots Fired Into the White House Residence When Sasha Obama Was Home

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules - September 26, 2014 (HBO)

Not a question. Just a "Thank You"

Alaskan TV reporter drops f-bomb, quits on-air to focus on legalizing marijuana

Deja Vu again

Anatomy of a Fake Terror Threat

Really awesome DIY projects!

UMass Student Dies of Heroin Overdose After Campus Police Recruit Him as Informant.

Fifteen people shot during party at Miami club

NY Post -reflects Conservative values: This new-born is no longer a fetus & thus deserves no respect

" "We have no choice. These are barbarians. They intend to kill us.

I Wasn't Born To Follow. Sums up my view of life.

Presidential Candidate in Navajo Nation Protests a Language Requirement

49ers veterans still grumbling about Jim Harbaugh

Rich cheat way more that the poorer classes

Borowitz 2008:Goldman Sachs in Talks to Acquire Treasury Department

KoKo Taylor was born on this date

Past Mount St. Helens eruptions help predict the next

When was the last real no-holds-barred state-on-state war?

How the 0.00003 Percent Lives

Raspberry Cobblers.

It looks like all streaming games today (Sunday) are free at

Is Alaska the new Florida? Experts predict where next for America's 'climate refugees'

Lady Gaga: World is wrong about Israel

Nunn goes after her opponent in new ad

California bans government sales or display of Confederate flag

Republican Congressional Candidate: Government Should Track Immigrants Like FedEx Tracks Packages

US companies spent more than $500 billion in the past year on stock buybacks,

The Woman’s Heart Attack

Armed Palestinian apprehended in Israeli community on Gaza border

Tea Party Congressman: Holder’s Resignation A Ploy To Distract From Horrors Of Obamacare

what's for dinner - sunday, sept 28th

CSM - It's Climate Week. Where are Republicans?

Trammell tries to find his place in 7th District race.

Anarchy May Force Cancellation Of 2016 Election

The snow bunting

At least eight killed in earthquake in southern Peru

Shermer Experiences an Anomaly

Moving picture from folder to folder (PC)

I successfully drove home yesterday and I did not get attacked by ISIS.

Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski Stored Over 100,000 Child Porn Videos

Uruguay's Legalization of Marijuana Makes Sense in a Senseless Drug War

Uruguay's Legalization of Marijuana Makes Sense in a Senseless Drug War

There could be three MLB games tomorrow.

Grace: At tribal wedding, a bride in buckskin and beat of a buffalo-hide drum

Sorry to repeat this, but it's come up again. It's not "the Confederate Flag"

Colombia's Ecopetrol to process fracking licenses

DuPage Clerk Candidates Tussle Over Election Oversight Issues

Did I Read Juan Cole Correctly? US Fracking will Replace Loss of Blown Up Syrian Oil

What are you reading the week of September 28, 2014?

The Good Old Days...

Frisco Cheaters: Fire alarm goes off in Eagles' hotel at 2:30 a.m.

DuPage Clerk Candidates Tussle Over Election Oversight Issues

Hong Kong police use tear gas on protesters

At least 31 believed dead at Japanese volcano

Bad News from Iowa

Your Sunday Moment of Zen! See Vladimir Putin's presidential inauguration in 2012 (Full Video)

Our President certainly is very well spoken....

China busts smugglers of iPhone 6 in Shanghai

Peru: massacre victims exhumed in Ayacucho

Feminism and the NFL are not compatible

Bill Maher - Fellate Show (a/k/a the JC BJ)

Ohioan who raised $55,000 for potato salad throws party

Atheist Eve

Papantonio: Californians Fight Malpractice Caps

Sen. Sanders: Why do we continue to listen to the SAME people

Gabby Giffords' comeback: Word by word, step by step

Education Reform

Oscar Ramino Ortega claims he fired several shots

The GOP’s New #IAmARepublican Campaign is Completely Backfiring on Them in Hilarious Ways

Isis reconciles with al-Qaida group as Syria air strikes continue

After watching the Fox News report on Rape, I've come to the undeniable conclusion...

Anyone get siriusxm? Is Chuck Todd drunk?

For the 1,000,000th time, John McCain is not President and I give less than a

"Alan Grayson is a Unique Voice for Peace. Help Him." - Frances Fisher

Mississippi Sued Over 'Hellish' Conditions in For-Profit Prison

NY Times Burying Story of Goldman Sachs Crimes; Taibbi's Forgotten Vexing of Sorkin

'Big Red One' HQ will deploy to Iraq

Jordan Zimmerman tosses first Nats no hitter

What is the difference between a d-bag and a tool?

Dave Brat's Pal Laura Ingraham - Ebola Aid About Obama's Father's "rage against colonialism"

Hans und Franz are back!

I don't know if this sounds silly or poignant.

Dumb Criminals: Real Estate Agent Allegedly Stole $100K Of Jewelry During House-Sitting Gig

Russia's Highest Court Upholds So-Called LGBT Propaganda Law

Dumb Criminals: Truck Driver Accused Of Abandoning $80,000 Worth Of Chicken At Truck Stop

Because somebody had to post it....

Just another brisk fall day in Summit Station, Greenland: -20 F

Sunday Toons

Secret nuclear cargo along coast of Norway

ISIL fight already near $1 billion as strategy shifts

POLL: 72% believe US will use ground forces against ISIS

Next month hubby and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage HOW long have you been married?

20 years ago today: MS Estonia disaster

AP NCAA Football Poll 9/28/14 - TCU now ranked

Cory Gardner: ‘There is no federal personhood bill’

Rosneft and Exxon discover Arctic oil

Your Sunday Moment of Zen! Vladimir Putin's inauguration in 2012 - Full Video

Another example of why even many liberals hate the San Francisco School District.

Microsoft Indonesia president: Windows 9 will be free to Windows 8 owners

We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 6 - Lorie Van Auken

Atheist church spreads to Paris

how long is it taking to get passports these days?

Human Nature and the Fruits of Faith

There is no debate that ground troops will be needed in Syria. Whose? When?

A little naval humor

Pope revisits 'punishing' rules on Catholic divorce

Louisiana church: Alcoholics Anonymous must leave, so we don't have gay marriages

Media Time Machine

Tollbooth Attendant Wishes Just One High-Speed Chase Would Crash Through Entry Bar

Heavenly humor.

Now THAT'S a Kaw.

This isn't a question, this is a statement

Rockies' Justin Morneau clinches NL batting title; sits out last two games

Hunting humor.

Fixed: Car slide show

Radical Monk in Myanmar Pledges to Protect Global Buddhism

Pa. Man Shoots At Neighbor's Home Because Only Way He Knew How To Unload It

LGBT Pride parade held in Belgrade, Serbia

Republicans never call President Obama a "warmonger".

From slavery to sexism, how can Christians make amends for social sins?

Former Vatican Ambassador Is Facing Sexual Abuse Trial

Head Hog

Paper Shredder

War & the Constitution

A cop pulls a car over,

Surely this is the beginning of the end of the nightmare...


Raising Most People’s Wages by Robert Reich

Around 12 Americans Are Fighting in Syria, Not 100: FBI Director

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/28/2014

Question about ads

The War Against ISIS: Operation Fingers Crossed

Sunday dinner.. radio on.... (verbatim)

Vatican Paedophilia Scandal: Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski Stored Over 100,000 Child Porn Videos

Focus Peaking (sort of) for Olympus Pens.

Analysis: Israel Increasingly Anxious Over World's Flexibility To Nuclear Iran

Americans For Prosperity Sends (Incorrect) Voter Registration Info To Cat

Rick Perry Arrives at Value Voters Summit. Wearing God's armor.

Radical Islamist Preacher Anjem Choudary Arrested in London

60 Minutes...... I love the POTUS......

‘Wire’ Creator David Simon: Corporations ‘The Cancer’ That Are Slowly Killing American Middle-Class

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 29 September 2014

Wow! Frisco and Pitts tie for the Wild Card!

Faa Hopes To Return Chicago Air Traffic Center To Full Service By October 13

Anybody see the Braley / Ernst debate?

NY Times: With Perspective From Both Sides of His Desk, F.C.C. Chairman Ponders Net Neutrality

Letter to Editor Thoroughly Explains U.S. Middle East Policies: Clear as Mud!

Netanyahu: In UN Speech I Will Tell Truth About The IDF, The Most Moral Army In The World

Elizabeth Warren wants to probe if Fed is too close to big banks

You Don’t “Have Nothing to Hide”: How Privacy Breaches are Quietly Controlling You

Burning a shareable disc in Rootsmagic 6.

Ceiling Cat is love