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Just because I feel like it:

Bravo Fast food workers

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??? n/t

Fast food workers protest on east side for higher minimum wage, right to unionize

Cuomo: Debates Are Bad for Democracy

A box full of parts, most of them wrong.

Rachel Maddow coming up on Chris Hayes to discuss Governor Vagina Probe (Graduate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 5 September 2014

Watching "All In With Chris Hayes"

Ok....Green Bay Football or Roger Federer ...... hmmmmmm,

Republicans for labor

This band looks like a lot of fun, Walk Off The Earth

the Japanese Bankers Association is weighing whether divesting of U.S. assets may make better

Those 2 young women just on Chris Hayes are an inspiration

Three photos guess who can't get into Kroger???

Al Qaeda 9/11 Anniversary Attacks Ready: New Undetectable Explosive May Be Used (Mossad web Intel?)

A must read article about homeless gay youth

Write and send a personal email to your U.S. senators: Vote to repeal Citizens United

Interesting history: AL Gore debates NAFTA with Ross Perot, November 9, 1993

McDonnell guilty of 1/10th the shit Christie has done

Regeant University must be so proud of their most famous graduate.

Florida Officials Appeal Ruling That Declared Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

17 Ground Zero Part 3 High Tech Incendiaries in WTC Dust

Lookin for a Nascar tap from Seatlle

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Oops, I did it again & a new Kittehs gif!

Dressing Your Dog Up Like A Massive Spider Is One Way To Scare The Sh*t Out Of People

Croeso i Gymru(Welcome to Wales), President Obama~ Where he starts off talking to the kids..

McDonnell rejected plea deal where his wife, who he smeared to defend himself, would have walked.

Me too, Marie, me too.....

How Gov. McDonnell's Guility Conviction, Should Spark a Change in Michigan. Will it?

New law extends tax options for municipalities with nuclear plants

You bellicose old men who never served can 'follow them to the Gates of Hell'

*Rachel doing a job on 'gov.' family values mcdonnell.

Nickled and dimed and quartered, oh my. . .

I quit my job at the Jewish Community Center over a pro-Israel rally and they called me an anti-semi

Mike Malloy - Experiencing Homelessness: Executives Living In Boxes

The Elephant Whisperer.

As an atheist, I'm grateful Christians pray for me

Texting driver recovering from buttocks impalement

I can't celebrate former Gov. Bob McDonnell going to jail when so many other politicians remain free

Nazir Afzal: ‘There is no religious basis for the abuse in Rotherham’

A Federal Court Just Agreed To Rehear A Huge Obamacare Case, And It's Great News For The White House

Surviving an ISIS Massacre | The New York Times

Catholic confession case: Baton Rouge diocese asks U.S. Supreme Court for review

We have allowed ed reformers to say weird untrue things about teachers and students.

'KKK Wants You To Burn': KY Man Arrested For Terrorizing Hispanic Family Next Door

US rejected Abbas's peace plan, PA says

*Claire McCaskill coming up on Rachel show.

Governor Ultrasound haz a sad

Claire McCaskill: POTUS/Veep material?

The Duck Caliphate Of Phil Robertson

Judge blasts 'expert witnesses' called to defend Texas anti-abortion law

Welcome home.

Values Voters Summit full of anti-gay kooks

Shoe on the other foot

Argentina moves to impose price, production controls

Argentina Senate passes debt swap plan in defiance of U.S. courts

Netanyahu's Tactical Use of U.S. 'Strategic' Dialogue

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 7 - Planet of the Apes Double Feature

"Charles Koch’s Brain" By DANIEL SCHULMAN

Iran Gets $1 Bil. Oil Revenue Released By Japan, Part Of Nuclear Deal

TCM Schedule for Monday September 8 - Beatrice Lillie

Three Reasons Why Putin Laughs At Impotent America

GREEN SIGNALS: New species of monkey discovered

Bread and Roses

Obama killed Joan Rivers

Victoria Jackson (+Frank Gaffney) vs. Grover Norquist

One in 10 girls sexually abused, says UN report

In Horrible Gaffe, Scott Brown Straightforwardly Explains Conservative Philosophy

We better prepare to run against Ben Carson in 2016

Amnesty International: Torture still rife in Mexico

Exploring Louisiana Judge's Conservative, 'Terrifying' Background

Federal Inquiry of Ferguson Police Will Include Apparent Racial Profiling

making clean water...

Hey, Burners: mosquitos in Black Rock test positive for West Nile. Watch out for fevers

Term Limits: Why They're Bad

Salud, here's to Joan (yeah, she was recently bad)

Global Greenpeace poll shows majority support creation of an Arctic sanctuary

College Has Gotten 12 Times More Expensive in One Generation

"Are 97 of the nation's 100 poorest counties in red"

Thom Hartmann: Alan Grayson has an Iraq Strategy...

USCCB Chairman Applauds Federal Court Decision Upholding Marriage

Thom Hartmann: Detroit…Bankruptcy on Trial

How’s that new health care contract for state workers, retirees working out? Ties to Perry's staff.

Teen murder victim was bullied by alleged killer since kindergarten.

Nevada offers Tesla up to $1.3B for battery plant

Hillary Clinton raising money for Democratic candidates...

Obama admin. drops appeals in three for-profit mandate cases

Scalia Insisted On Death Penalty For Inmate Now Exonerated By DNA Evidence

NATO attacks!

In the FWIW Department - Dave Domina & Northern Nebraska

Obama admin. drops appeals in three for-profit mandate cases

I've always considered myself a reasonably intelligent person,,,,

fuck people.

McDonnell Perfect GOP Presidential Candidate. GOP Model Of Corruption And Cronyism.

My doctor don't help either. He told me to run five miles a day for two weeks.

Why did Chris Christie cross the road?

Should employers be allowed to screen for alcohol in random testing?

ISIL destroys religious, cultural sites in Mosul

The Fast Food Protesters Never Will See A $15 An Hour Wage And Not Even A Wage Raise.

What's eating Catholic women?

Whoa! Amazon Indian Warriors Beat and Strip Illegal Loggers in Battle for Jungle's Future

"GOD LOVES GAYS"~God’ of Facebook crowdfunds Westboro billboards..

Michael Katz, 75, Who Challenged View of Poverty, Dies

Missing NIH Scientist Found Dead In Gaithersburg (MD)

Top ISIS lieutenant killed in US air strike

Jon Stewart: Dems So Desperate to Win, They’re Jumping Ship from Obama

Mike Malloy - Wood Chips: The Slaughter Of The Innocent

Any hints on finding photos of ancestors on the Internets?

Five arrested in Houston fast food wages protest

British human rights activists feared detained by police in Qatar

Laredo judge pleads guilty to extortion

Another concealed weapon permit holder becomes a murderer

Best thing Hillary is doing - Motivating her supporters for 2014

Oakland Raiders settle cheerleader suit over pay issues

Joan Rivers' Jewish Identity Was Part Humor, Part Faith

White House names Google’s Megan Smith the next Chief Technology Officer of the United States

What's for dinner Thurs sept 4?

My friends in the DU Lounge:


Posner's decision in the Wisconsin and Indiana cases

McClatchy: Taxpayers and workers gouged by labor-law dodge

How do i combat fruit flies?

Senator Al Franken as a young rock & roller !!

Yao Ming aims to save Africa's elephants by persuading China to give up ivory

McCaskill urged Democrat to withdraw from Kansas Senate race

McClatchy: Democrats’ warnings of GOP government shutdown aren’t backed by facts

Women – the Pillar of the Social Struggle in Chile’s Patagonia Region

Delaware Governor Apologizes for 'Inappropriate' Twitter Photo

Dumb Criminals: Tuxedo-Wearing Seattle Man Shoots At Couple Who Interrupted His Oral Sex

How John Lennon affects today's immigration fight

New York Daily News on the Redskins: "Sack the name"

Michigan teachers can resign from union any time, judge rules

Growing Calls for Reforms of El Salvador’s Privatised Pension System


Human Rights Groups Proposes to March by Morandé 80 in Memory of Allende

Charges sought for MTV star's SeaWorld protest

PBS: Are Americans a Stingy Lot of People?

I've had too much brandy so ask me anything.

Ad for the bookbook. Unique.

mr. fizzgig, you have bought me the most awesome present ever. now set engines to maximum warp

Spot the difference?

Members of the next International space station crew

Pennsylvania justice urges ban on defender group

Hey, CD4 peeps -----

fat cat is up a pound since the spring

15 year old girl claims she was forced to wear "shame suit" because skirt was too short

Accountability vs Reward

NC men freed after 30 years will seek pardons

Can Fox Teach Your Child About ISIS? Russell Brand The Trews (E138)

Japan's "Batman"

Putin believes that he can win war with NATO and no response if he attacks Estonia

Member of Cuba 5 says he's optimistic about deal

Sin alert! Sin alert! Hit the DVR!

MOVIE NIGHT: Undefeated Swordsman :with English subtitles (Japanese)

Hagel: US Needs to Maintain Military Superiority

Millions Struggle To Get Enough To Eat Despite Jobs Returning

Your butt is 5 inches above the road.

Resistance grows in EU to new Russia sanctions

Gay teen kicked out of parents' home directs funds raised online to finance LGBT homeless shelter

Dreadnoughtus! Largest most complete Dinosaur found yet

New More Relatable Superheroes

The booming intern economy--All work and no pay

It is a Societal Advantage that we whites have

I got stopped by a Cop tonight......

Undefeated Swordsman :with English subtitles (Japanese)

Airman denied reenlistment for refusing to say 'so help me God'

Kansas' Kobach: "You can't withdraw because you didn't say 'SIMON SAYS'" Seriously?!

Airbus examines potential for using hydrogen fuel cells in commercial aircraft

White Snakeroot

Patriot Act’s Absurd New Spawn: Just When You Thought it Couldn’t Get Any Worse

Why Are So Many Westerners Drawn to Fight in Mideast Wars?

Obama & Cameron find little Enthusiasm at NATO for new Iraq War

Native American Kindergartner Sent Home on First Day to Cut Hair

The Graduate from Liberty University and Regent University

Would a US/ NATO war in Syria be Legal in International Law?

Husky doesn't want to leave dog park.

Oops! Police Claim They Have 'No Idea' Where Those Military-Grade Guns Are

Happy Friday, folks!

Pssssssssssssssst turn on Joe Scum and watch him bawl over Bob McDonnell

America is a Gas Hog and we’re not going on a Diet even if Global Warming Kills Us

No Kidding? FCC Chairman Says Broadband Market Isn’t Competitive

The struggle for Hong Kong

Friday Toon Roundup 1: RIP

Friday Toon Roundup 2: Hate and Hell

The Sao Paolo Forum and the Yankee Attacks against Our America

Friday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

'No New Wars, No to NATO': Demonstrators Challenge Role of Western Military Alliance

NATO Summit Casts Shadow over Ukrainian Peace Efforts

"Maine Rolls Back Health Coverage Even As Many States Expand It" (Kaiser Health News)

New Data From The Fed Shows Piketty Was Right: The Rich Get Richer While The Middle Class Suffer

No Daylight for US Govt Photos, Video That May Show Gitmo Torture

You Have a Choice: Sign a Contract That Says “So Help Me God” or Get Out of the Air Force

Disillusioned British jihadists beg to come home

Here is another sleeper of a Senate race that is expected to go to the republicans that might not

Hipster Village: Berlin Nightlife Grows Up

N.Y.C. Police officers called Black people 'animals' and 'should be wiped out with a bomb'

France and Friends: Merkel Increasingly Isolated on Austerity

Heavy shelling near key Ukrainian port of Mariupol

Elvis-inspired religious musical The Identical should be returned to sender

Transgender SEAL is subject of CNN documentary

Army suspends head of Western medical command

US ground troops to train in Ukraine next week

Detroit CFO to return to stand in bankruptcy trial

A revival of sacred Catholic architecture -- in the south?

Fired Va. coal miners win case against mine owner

Jrock-Visuel Kei band "Lynch"

How big a box should we keep FREE SPEECH in?

Alaska has highest rate of welfare recipients in the U.S., Census says

There's No Such Thing As A 'Normal' American Family

Report finds communication issues to blame for June friendly fire deaths in Afghanistan

Two coal ash dams in Lumberton 'high hazard', says state

Chuck Todd Lands Obama Interview For 'Meet The Press' Debut

UK Newspaper The Mirror Predicts: "Britain could bomb ISIS on 9/11"

25 Horrifying Images of the "Free" Market at Work

No sound

Gulf of Mexico residents hail ruling against BP

FED: median incomes drop for all but wealthiest

WAL-MART Introduces New Dress Code, Employees Must Buy Own Clothes


As Christie's pension commission meets, Democrat suggests a new idea

'Shut up' part of cover-up? Port Authority probes muzzling of GWB officers

About Joan… I can't say anything at all.

In Bridgegate whitewash, 'shut up' was just the beginning: Editorial

Christie's legal back flip on pensions: Editorial

Bentley was a 9 week old Boxer when he was poisoned

British jihadists in Syria are sorry, want to come home

Chuck Todd Lands Obama Interview For 'Meet The Press' Debut

As Trump Plaza closing nears, Trump Taj Mahal experiences money problems

Film Says Corporate Tax Avoidance Clouding Modern States

Gap Between Richest And The Rest Widened After The Recession

Badgered on immigration, Chris Christie offers 2 words: Don't ask

Victoria Nuland in 2013: "We have invested over $5 billion to assist Ukraine..."

I just resubscribed and something is odd with the forum list....

What are some "modern" rules of workplace etiquette that MUST be addressed?

Priests visit home of Liverpool bedroom tax victim to exorcise demon

Wyoming State Bar Apologizes For Publishing Cheney Bio Bashing Obama

U.S. and Allies Form Coalition With Intent to Destroy ISIS

Bob McDonnell’s shocking stupidity: How could a politician have been this dumb?

Kerry, Hagel urge coalition against Islamic State

This is weird.

240,000 have signed a petition to reunite a dog handler with his dog 10 hrs left to help

Hamas leader: No to Israeli disarmament demand

Hillary Clinton: US should lead on clean energy

Goran Dragic says FIBA World Cup game was fixed

Ex-New England Compounding Pharmacist Linked To 64 Meningitis Deaths Arrested At Logan Airport

Congress Set to Bow to Obama on ISIS War

Adam Silver: Legalized sports betting 'inevitable' in more states

The Religious Right's 'Nice Guy' Who Threw His Wife Under the Bus

BP share price rebounds as analysts say 'buy'

Yee-Hah! Thailand To Expand Road To 4-Lane Highway Through Largest Intact Forest, WH Site


Last of the Anti-Gay Marriage Judges

Bulls fans shouldn't panic over Rose's World Cup play

Clinton Tut-Tuts Deniers, But Offers Few Specifics, Nothing On Keystone At Vegas Shindig

Introducing RAMP: Rockin' Appalachian Mom Project

Michael Mann's Brief Lays Out Details On Nat. Review Case; Accusation Of Dishonesty Is Defamation

Judge Richard Posner Pokes Scalia In Major Decision For Gay Marriage

80th Anniversary of the SS Morro Castle Disaster

(CA) Economy Pension grapples with risk of total losses, plus billions

Payroll employment increases in August (+142,000); unemployment rate changes little (6.1%)

German CO2 Emissions Up 2nd Yr Straight; Merkel's Green Legacy Colored By Brown Coal

The Twilight of Antonin Scalia

Now in the stretch run, who's your World Series Champions?

Iran 'backs US military contacts' to fight Islamic State

Probe finds no cover-up at San Onofre

Nato agrees on new 'spearhead' force amid Ukraine crisis

President Obama didn't want to be POTUS at nine years old

U.S. mulls more steps in response to Israel’s land grab in West Bank

Lufthansa nixes over 200 flights as pilots strike

ReThink911 Billboard to Go Digital in NYC!

The Incoherence of Antonin Scalia - By Richard A. Posner (Yes, THAT Judge Posner)

Russian blogger accused of starting a gay terrorist underworld

Ballot, Shmallot ... Roberts Is in Much Bigger Trouble - By Josh Marshall

My neighbor, a semi-retired cop, is a fox news watching idiot.

"It's a Bird!" "It's a plane!" "No, it's a CAPTION!" What's Obama pointing at?

There is no moral difference between blaming a woman for having her pics stolen, or for being raped.

Southeast Ohio Hunger Fund

Some big Obamacare news: premiums will fall in seven big cities

Just another normal evening in Russia...

There are 17 anti-Obamacare ads for every other Obamacare ad

Elizabeth Warren: The market is broken

Robin Williams memorial character discovered in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor beta

US doctor infected with Ebola arrives in Nebraska

quick home remedy for bee stings

Oink Oink: Pentagon says it needs $200-300 billion more!

How the Next iPhone Could Finally Kill the Credit Card

Fast-Food Workers Turn Up the Heat

Ukraine and pro-Russia rebels 'sign ceasefire deal'

Noam Chomsky: The End of History?

Ed show: Fighting for fast food worker rights

Cobra is captured after 4 days on the loose in Thousand Oaks

Just released: Joint statement by Secys Kerry & Hagel on ISIL meeting with allies

TX: Child Care Center "Withholds Water From Babies To AVOID Diaper Changes"

Have you heard of the Koch Sisters?

Computer game about... fire watching?

Your Panicked #wisconsin Governor: Here Come The School Vouchers

Can we talk?

What do you say about God

Syria crisis:British jihadists becoming disillusioned at fighting rival rebels and want to come home

Tennessee Vote No On 1 Facebook group page - Submit Us Not to Papal Law

Horrible mutant spider attacks humans by night

Our little Ms Kandi - the (almost) 4 pound Chihuahua is

Red light camera industry fights citizen vote

Z-Nation Sept. 12th and something premieres tonight on t.v., but I can't recall the name.

Anyone else watch anime?

Army can't track spending on $4.3b system to track spending Not the Onion

Kevin KLINE is on Kelly/Michael!1 A sighting just too rare!1

Fisherman Pulls Monstrous Nightmare Shrimp Out Of Ocean

California blue whale numbers on the rebound

Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks at NH AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast 2014

Rachel Maddow - GOP won't allow Democrat to quit Senate race

Bob McDonnell and Thomas Jefferson

Rachel Maddow - McDonnell trial a spectacle to the end

Affaire Trierweiler, mauvais sondages : semaine noire pour François Hollande

Sharifi-Ha house is built over seven storeys and has three rooms which can rotate 90 degrees to

Miscommunication blamed for deadly US mistake

Rachel Maddow - Wife-dumping defense fails to clear McDonnell

Pic Of The Moment: Meet The GOP's 2016 Golden Boys

Media Should Be Challenging Arguments For War, Not Baying For Blood

ISIS Waterboarded Captors, Including The Late James Foley

Margin game: Cuomo machine moves to smother Teachout

Brooklyn’s new hate crimes unit already ‘busy’

Abbas rejects Egyptian offer to settle refugees in Sinai

"I’m Not That Guy"

Smedley Butler on War HOW TO SMASH THIS RACKET!

U.F.T., de Blasio to re-negotiate part of contract

Study of Jewish Women Shows Link to Cancer Without Family History.

cashless society

Democrat and I am Tennessee Green voting for Isa Infante

My personal encounter with Joan Rivers

New POLL-9/3/14 BURKE 48% Walker 44%

Bosnian mine accident: 29 rescued, 5 miners buried

Upstate New York News Thread Sept 5.

Thankyou, DU'ers

Project Hieroglyph: Fighting society's dystopian future

Judge Tosses Challenge to Sen. Landrieu Residency.

A Florida Congressman Had A Men-Only Fundraiser

Ulster County planner laments lack of details about proposed Pilgrim Pipeline

The Battle for New York Schools: Eva Moskowitz vs. Mayor Bill de Blasio

Free Speech Case Springs From Fracking Dispute

Kamal Saleem: Obama Attended DC Mosque On Christmas While Vacationing In Hawaii

Kerry Vows Islamic State Destruction as Coalition Forms

"I have no idea what the jury deliberated about." Bob McDonnell's lawyer

Rich kid who flew to school in helicopter and left in Ferrari expelled for cheating

De Blasio administration takes pre-K victory lap

Europe’s Pears Rot as Putin Retaliation Pushes Down Price

Update: Nevermind: What's EarlG up to? Is he really going to host?

Should NATO Be Upgraded To The 21st Century?

Megachurch Pastor says ‘gays must be put to death’

If you use the word "optics" when referring to "appearances," you're part of the problem.

Thom Hartmann: The Koch Brothers' on Fascism

Federal application filed for hydroelectric project at Delta Dam

Rand Paul Swipes Hillary: Don't Fight Climate Change 'Instead Of Terrorism'

But Weren’t They Asking For It?

What have we here?

The Bob McDonnell conviction is very much deja vu for those of us in CT who remember John Rowland

Western Leaders in Denial on Ukraine Sanctions

Laurie Higgins: libraries need books about how happy kids will be if gay parents die

NYC Metro and LI news thread Sept 5.

Al-shahab's #1 leader deprived of due process by drone

5 More Types of Conservatives to Ignore

GOP Chair of One of Virginia's Largest Counties Shares Women/"Mental Illness" "Joke"

Obamacare Effect Linked to Lower Medical Cost Estimates

Pentagon confirms al-Shabab leader killed in airstrike in Somalia

That woman doesn't miss many opportunities to tell it like it is…

Different Party, Different Year, Same Hillary

To take House seat, Recchia will have to overcome Staten Island's 'red borough' voting history

I'm listening to NPR ...

I actually just saw somebody "rolling coal."

The low-cost* fighters to serve tomorrow’s air forces (BBC) {*relatively speaking}

Iran 'misses' nuclear probe deadline

Teachout: Women’s party is ‘high-priced’ ad for Cuomo

Rand Paul: Hillary is not enough of a Neo con

13 hours - a new account of Benghazi -

Touting military service, Coffman strays beyond conduct code boundaries

Paying for college: how much are degrees worth? (BBC)

North Korean nuclear reactor may be operational

Spicy kale and lentil curry

There Has Been a 4,000% Increase in Ankle-Monitoring of Women in New York This Year

It’s John McCain’s party again: How the GOP returned to total hawkishness

Utah: anti-marriage equality rally set for Sep. 18

Move over, Mitch! Paul Ryan lets slip secrets of how GOP will run the Senate

There are two kinds of people in this world...

What's for dinner Friday, Sept 5?

Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick says 'maybe' to presidential run

Corbett(PA teabagger)gets another $3.5M from biggest donor!

State fine for incinerator

I was just ask to do Jury Service and again the reply was not higlighted up so I could not locate

Burke Leads in Wisconsin

Bush Sends Signals About 2016 Presidential Run

My new camera .....

I'm a little amazed how little has changed since 1984.

Mike Malloy - Bob McDonnell And Wife Found Guilty In Corruption Trial

BURGER KING merges with TIM HORTON DOUGHNUTS to form world's unhealthiest corporation.

Mayor de Blasio ditches NASA's contract for overhaul of 911 system after costs skyrocketed

President Obama with other NATO Summit leaders at Cardiff Castle last night

Ted Nugent Uses Facebook To Warn Of ’4th World Allahpuke Zombie’ Attacks on 9/11/14

Maria Fernandes,through worker exploitation tragically dies in New Jersey parking lot.-Tribute Video

Documentary on the Pirates' Dock Ellis coming out soon.

Looking forward to this:

Israeli soldiers set fire to olive trees in Hebron

Why Do Doctors Commit Suicide?

Exhibit #4,582 in what happens when Drudge links to a seeminly innocuous article

Life forms appeared at least 60 million years earlier than previously thought

List of public schools destroyed by the Israeli military in Gaza

Thomas Pynchon Draws the Line at Making Fun of Homer Simpson's Big Butt

A supremely Minnesotan joke,

The kooks are out in force...

Ian McEwan: the law versus religious belief

Chica the Spider-Dog

I am so grateful we have an adult in the White House

How Conservatives would handle ISIS.

Former NSA Official: Edward Snowden Leak Has 'Clearly' Helped ISIL

Holy shit.

Does It Help to Know History? - Adam Gopnik makes a case for having a historical sense

Immeasurable Heaven

Woman's CARDBOARD license plate fails to fool the cops

Republicans Regress to 12th Century for Men-Only Fundraiser: ‘Tell the Misses Not to Wait Up’

Kevin Swanson Is No Longer 'Playing Patty-Cake' With Feminists, LGBT People

I have a black eye because I interrupted a man beating a child

Lunatic Ben Carson thinks USA is becoming BOTH Nazi AND Communist

Why is “libertarian” Uber sponsoring San Francisco’s giant police militarization conference?

Within Reach of Your Arm

From the way that the environs on this damp ball are all out to slay each other

How the Suburbs Got Poor

How The Suburbs Got Poor

By the way everyone, I'm tired and cranky now...

29 People With 'Soft' College Majors Who Became Extremely Successful

Iraqi Jewish Archive to go on the road

URGENT - Florida-Aircraft-Unresponsive

2014 NFL Facebook Fandom map

Maloney, Hayworth trade blame for capacity zone

Catholic Schools Are Brazenly Firing Pregnant Lesbian Teachers

Teachout And Wu Seek To Block Democratic Committee From Aiding Cuomo-Hochul

Ebola Outbreak Update: Death Toll Tops 2,000

Bronx man claims police brutality caught on camera

Bogus Photo Does Not Show Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson's Injuries; It's Not Even Him


Joan Rivers’ Funeral Set For Sunday In Manhattan

Columbus Dispatch cancels GOP fundraiser after getting caught

Papantonio: Republican Obstruction Shapes Obama Legacy

I'm rendering leaf lard in my crockpot.

Poking Russia with a Stick? NATO Approves Military "Spearhead" for Eastern Europe


Ukraine's Cease-Fire Is Putin's Victory

The Public Service Commission’s big Comcast moment

Illinois Conservative Activist: Children Should Read Books About Their Same-Sex Parents Dying

Scientists: The American Southwest Faces a “Megadrought”

Scott Brown cites his "military experience" as a reason to vote for him

Private jet crashes in Jamaica! Not known how many were on board.

Hillary: I Will 'Probably' Decide Early Next Year Whether To Run In 2016

Is the Draft Board hiring volunteers

"And then suddenly he saw..."

Anybody on Twitter? And want to help me out?

Rmoney Says Make The Military Mighty

In 2016, will the Repubs have to hold a pres. primary debate in a prison or will they...

Regina men’s barbershop and woman they refused to serve both the target of threats

The Rude Pundit - Dear David Brooks: A Beheading Is a Beheading Is a Beheading

Report: McConnell Campaign Manager Faced Subpoenas Before Resigning

Atlantic: Invest 90L; Pacific: Hurricane Norbert

"Ain't I a woman?"

Left Behind Movie Starring Nicolas Cage should be titled

Records: Gov. Nixon kept routine after shooting

Thousands Honor Slain Journalist Steven Sotloff's Jewish Faith In Memorial Service

Airman denied re-entry to Air Force for refusing to say ‘so help me God’

Do the McDonnell, Perry, Walker, etc scandals give you flashbacks to 2006?

West Virginia women rank last for salary, employment

Israel increases the Settlement Division budget by 600 percent in 2014

Rachel Weeping: A Christian Pacifist Reluctantly Endorses Military Strikes Against ISIS

'Klingenschmitt (R) Has No Business In Public Office'

Kentucky man pours gas on Hispanic neighbor’s house: ‘KKK wants you to burn’

VIDEO - Fox News finds media bias! Media link McDonnell to Republican brand

Sons of Anarchy - Final Season - Premieres this Tuesday Sept 9, 2014

Megachurch Pastor says ‘gays must be put to death’

Estonia angry at Russia 'abduction' on border

Why this former Special Counsel to the Moreland Commission supports Zephyr Teachout

Mike Malloy - Antonin Scalia's Favorite Murderer Was Innocent

Estonia angry at Russia 'abduction' on border

Women’s Employment and Earnings -- A Ranking by State

** Gets out staple gun and posts tonight's dinner specials **

My community health care company has boosted the number of daily patient visits again.

MJ - Hillary Clinton Praises a Guy With Lots of Blood on His Hands

Larry Glazer's death 'worst nightmare' for Rochester

May be leaving DU on Sunday

Armed border militia confronts 'smugglers' that turn out to be camping biologists

Pat Robertson advises 80 year old tither to get her butt to work

Primary picks for Albany-NYDN endorsements

Quinn on Cabrera’s ‘indefensible’ pro-Uganda video

2012 Message from Condoleezza Rice to Ukraine: 'The World is Watching You'

Why can't MSNBC cover anything but the doomed plane that crashed near Jamaica?

Tories defeated as benefit bill clears first Commons hurdle

D.C. mayoral candidate Carol Schwartz lays claim to ‘education mayor’ in policy paper.

Ferguson police chief lied about requests for cigar tape

Watching Chuck Todd and Luke Russert discussing Obama’s European Trip right now!!!

Knocking Bloomberg, de Blasio touts a ‘transcendent’ moment

Help end the violence...

Do you feel guilty about putting down a book, halfway through?

may I say shit?

Zephyr Teachout says she’d roll back property-tax cap

The truck is filled with trombones

If you need a reminder how strange it must be to be Barack Obama sometimes

Half the Country's Attorneys General Ask Supreme Court to Decide Marriage Equality

Al-Qaeda Chief Announces Start of Jihadi Operations in India

Conservative Blogger Erick Erickson: Minimum Wage Workers in Their 30s ‘Failed at Life’

Washington Resigned as Texas Rangers Manager

Colombia expels Venezuelan student opposition activist

For Profit Charter Schooling at it's finest!

Davis wants $10 minimum wage amid 'Texas Miracle'

Obama Slays Another Republican Talking Point By Explaining His Strategy To Dismantle ISIS

Kevin Sorbo's message to Jewish folks: 'Newsflash! You did kill Jesus'

Bogota Mayor orders investigation into his son

Do you believe Russia when the say the Estonian security official was on Russian territory?

How Police Caught A Cop Who Allegedly Abused 8 Black Women..Buzzfeed from Huff Post

Line, lines, fat ones, skinny ones, straight ons, curvy ones.

Lawyer to Judge: Drop Gun Charges Against Star Witness in Garner Case

Video Goes Viral - How To Stop Police From Entering your Home

New materials to explore, books to read, friendships to make.

off to indian summer festival !!!

School Kids Perform Cover Of 46 And 2 By Tool

An Independent, Kentucky Woman...

indian summer festival

Top anti-immigrant acivist charged with sexual abuse

The Destruction of Santa Trinita and Siege of Florence, WW2

For those Americans abroad who have questions about their tax status

Remember this? Bassey. Shirley Bassey.

Anti-immigrant activist molested little girl...

Jeb Bush's Team Signals Possible 2016 Presidential Run

Good news for Corbett in new poll, RGA cash

It's overcast and intermittent light rain in Colorado.

Any World War II buffs here?

Rick Santorum Mocks Rand Paul As Kerry-Style Flip Flopper

Confusion As to Which Countries USA is Bombing

Barack Obama makes surprise visit to Stonehenge after NATO summit - and bumps into gobsmacked family

Salvadoran ex-president turns himself in

How Police Caught The Cop Who Allegedly Sexually Abused 8 Black Women

'I squealed like a teenager': Family's joy at Stonehenge brush with Barack Obama

AK Senate race - Alaska Democrats ask Maryland tax officials to review Sullivan's tax breaks

Weekend Economists Celebrate Peace Like a River September 5-7, 2014

Ferguson: I Did My Best To Prevent It

Jeffrey Sachs, De Blasio Ally, Endorses Teachout-Wu

Horrible Bosses 2 Trailer

'The Daily Show' Examines Democrats Who Are 'All About That Base'

Government is not an alien power...

Palestinians march across West Bank against Israeli occupation

NYC KIDS PAC Endorses Teachout over Cuomo, Wu over Kuchel

Seafood-Mercury calculator

HMS Prince of Wales will enter service

Barack Obama still beloved in Britain

When Steve Jobs Refused To Give Early Apple Employees Stock, Steve Wozniak Offered Them $10 Million

Adopted separately, brothers meet in Ottawa, after years apart

I made it through my second speech in speech class.

heavily-armed border militia members mistook conservationists .. for illegal immigrants or smugglers

Venezuela Launches New Missions To Fight Poverty

Apple to tighten online security after recent hack

264 Military Buildings to Become Parks or Hospitals in Ecuador

Trailer Park Boys Season 8 available on Netflix today!

The U.S. Government’s Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations - By Glenn Greenwald

English vs. American

Crustaceans will rule the Earth!

Elizabeth Warren slams Eric Cantor like Wall Street sell out


Nebraska Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Keystone XL pipeline case

"Kansas suddenly emerges at center of fight for U.S. Senate"

Stuff Dennis Richardson Says (repuke candidate for Oregon governor)

Pshaw, worthless fools. I'm about to go to Spain and you're not. What should I do when I'm there

Boy’s Secret Rendezvous Saved Starving Street Cat

Idiot Pundits Promoted--What a Surprise

The Baby Whisperer.

Live JDF Press Conference on the plane crash off Port Antonio Jamaica

The Gillibrand mystique: Is memoir a step along presidential pathway?

The real reason Obama stopped at Stonehenge:

So I'm painting an armoire. And the cats like to sit on it. So I had the brilliant

Spinal Tap "Stonehenge" live at Glastonbury 2009

First post here on new blog and book on progressivism


Question for rightwingers, is hating minorities more important than peace on earth?

A Question For The Women Regarding Something Medical

League of the South forming crazy-ass militia, for secession

In honor of President Obama's visit to Stonehenge

Bernie is serious! Coming to WI

Bernie is serious! Coming to Iowa

Did Chad Taylor Realy Make A Mistake, or Simply Bait a Rat Trap? (Either Way, I'll Take It.)

Lott and Breaux--Putin's Lobbyists

Dana Perino Bashes Obama For Being Shown Walking Alone At Stonehenge

Help with computer problem

Computer help needed

Judge approves Central Park Five settlement

Time lapse aging, wow!

The Actor Who Inspired Putin Has Died

Baton Rouge cop resigns after he’s caught texting desire to ‘pull a Ferguson’ on ‘n*ggers’

Don't Call Her "Just a Model".

Illinois anti-LGBT group: Libraries need more books about same-sex parents dying

Elizabeth Warren: When it counted most, Hillary sided with the vultures

"Tea Party Unloads on 'Complete Imbecile' Rick Perry"

Fox News: Rape Victims Must Take 'Personal Responsibility' for Drinking Too Much

Gun-Toting Militiamen Mistake Researchers for Illegal Immigrants

Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo Reaches Out to New York State Governor Candidates to Ask for Sasquatch/

Ted Nugent uses Facebook to warn of ’4th world allahpuke zombie’ attacks on 9/11/14

Federal Judge Who Presided Over Siegelman Case & Who Recently Beat His Own Wife Bloody Strikes Deal

Newly discovered asteroid to buzz Earth this weekend

Our agency website has been down for two days. Wait'll you hear why.

Elizabeth Warren: When it counted most, Hillary sided with the vultures

NYT Begs Supreme Court: Stop Harming Gay Families, Decide Marriage Equality.

Proposed New Constitution Article I- Continuing & Expanding the Original Constitution & its Amendmen

Hillary: Kissinger Stands Up for American Values

Remember the Grilling flame wars?

Move over, hoomin, the tablet is mine: why animals love touchscreens

'I squealed like a teenager': Family's joy at Stonehenge brush with Barack Obama

Traditional Barber Shop