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Elizabeth Warren: When it counted most, Hillary sided with the vultures

Subsidizing Sports Tickets?

Bill Maher: GOP thinks “voting should be legal but discouraged, like interracial dating”

WTF ...139

Lock'n Festival stream:

Worst Book Review Ever Criticizes Slave History For Not Presenting 'Both Sides'

The Attempted Assassination of FDR in Bayfront Park

California Gov. Jerry Brown debates Republican challenger Neel Kashkari - Sept. 4

"Fox News Rewrites Benghazi! Narrative After New Expose"

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Falling Down & a new Kitteh & Doggie gif!

Video: Jerry Brown/Neel Kashkari debate from Thursday night

very funny blog post and very funny comments!

CNN needs to go back to covering car chases. Coverage of single plane tragedy today, embarrassing.

HRC has just written a glowing review of Kissinger's new book. STILL think we should nominate her?

Berlin--Metropolis of Vice (interesting documentary of the Weimar Republic before Nazism)

Tea Party Zombies Must Die video game riles Republicans

Looks like a Friday Night Hillary bash

Kate Bush - BBC Documentary (video)

Wendy Davis book reveals abortion

It’s ‘Bomb Or Bombing’ In Iran Inside Of A Year, Israeli Leader Tells US Pol

Hoda & Kathy Lee did a smashing job on Joan

Presenting the Corporate Sponsors of Urban Shield

The Pentagon gave local cops nearly 12,000 bayonets over the past 8 years

Leonard Peltier's birthday is on 12 September. Send cards and letters

About Rachel Maddow's "Cocktail Moment" tonight:

Gaza conflict: Drone footage reveals extent of damage

John Podesta eyed for Hillary Clinton campaign chair

Best Overview of Fracking Updates I Have Seen Recently:

The sports car that runs on SALTWATER: Vehicle goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.8 seconds

Congresswoman Portrayed As A Pair Of Legs With 'Baggage' In New TV Ad

"We Must Stop Inflating Our Elected Leaders"

Need investors

Ben Carson blames Michael Brown for his own death

Per Aspera Ad Astra, it is not...

Winning and losing strategies for home sale asking prices

Growing Pressure on Obama to Do Something Stupid

CNN shows a bit of the human suffering in Ukraine.

Newfound “Pitbull” Asteroid Will Zip By Earth on Sunday

WTF ...140

Has anyone read "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed? Is it good? Or does she whine?

Officials pledge tighter ethics rules in Virginia

Obama visits Stonehenge while at Wales sommet.

The Ferguson Uprising through a Historical Lens

Are we heading for a ground war in Syria?

Rob Ford talks about getting subpoenaed regarding Lisi's extortion charges

Main Street: Three Great Reasons Why Fast Food Workers Are Striking Today (Thursday 9-5-14)

Koterba toon: Hacking

Officials Warn Of New Menigitis Outbreak Among HIV-Positive Gay Men

Clay Aiken Lays Out Plan of Action For NC’s Military Families & Veterans

go me. job in on time, and looking great.

The Bankruptcy of Detroit and the Division of America

WTF ...141

WTF ...142

Nobody Loves the Sea as Much as this Dog!

Proof of the GOP War on Women. The United States of Misogyny

John Kerry's Call for Strategy on ISIS Excludes Ground Troops

anyone here use Hola to watch shows in other countries?

so, theoretically, restaurants COULD pay servers

WTF ...143

Medieval Help Desk

How to Wreck the GOP in 3 Easy Steps

question about symptoms of menopause

Here is a quote from the KJB Version of the Bible...

From bad to worse...

You the bull…

No one Democrat...

The blasphemy of a homophobic Jesus

Religion and human rights: Awkward, but necessary, bedfellows

The moon, the river, and mosquitoes

John Oliver on Misleading Labeling of Food Products

American Values

Japan suicide rate ranked 4th among high-income countries, WHO report says

Energy interests in Ukraine?

Claire McCaskill: Kris Kobach ‘finger on the scales.

El Salvador ex-president under house arrest

Obama Enlists 9 Allies to Help in the Battle Against ISIS

Margaret Atwood's new work will remain unseen for a century

Defining racism in Korea-Racism causes setbacks in society amid growing influx of migrant workers

Price of Big Macs Would Only Increase by 68¢ if Minimum Wage Was Doubled

Hillary Clinton Calls Henry Kissinger a Friend, Praises His Commitment to Democracy

The Average Work Week Is Now 47 Hours

Anonymous Really Wants a Cyber War With the Islamic State

Prof. Graeme MacQueen, author of "The 2001 Anthrax Deception- The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy"

Elizabeth Warren Tells Bill Moyers Why She'll Never Be a DC Insider

There are Sleep Issues More Terrifying Than Nightmares

Why Kim Kardashian Is the Perfect Icon for Our Sick Society

12,800 years ago proof of a major cosmic impact: Journal of Geology

There are Sleep Issues More Terrifying Than Nightmares

Noam Chomsky: U.S. Has Plunged the Cradle of Civilization into Disaster, While Its Oil-Based Empire

The US And Iran May Be Working Together Against ISIS

Monarch butterflies depend on gardeners

Wal-Mart Employees Explain Why The New Dress Code Is So Infuriating

Will Christians Ever Bless Gay Marriage?

The Pentagon Is Rethinking Investments In Future Technology

I have seen a lot of poker hands but never a Royal Rush but today I saw the closest thing

How America's Suburbs Got So Miserable

A Predator Drone Has Reportedly Been Spotted Circling Above ISIS's Capital City

Ancient Christian Amulet Referencing The Last Supper Found In UK Library Vault

Weekly Address: Vice President : Time to Give the Middle Class a Chance

Sorry, did I invade your country? Putin doublespeak timeline

What might prompt a DU account being under review?

Swill Milk Scandal

I scream, you scream

Don't like the look of someone in your town? Get a job with the control.

Cracked: "What We REALLY Mean When We Talk About Leaked Pics"

Bruce Morton, Veteran CBS News Reporter, Dies at 83 (NYT)

Nestle’s Water-Bottling Activities Amid California Drought Underscore A Lack Of Policy Options

Using the phrase "sick society" to describe today's society is silly.

My father died. I have to liquidate his house.

French president slams accusations by ex

NFLPA wants new policy on drug suspensions

Florida mom gives fire-ball and jello-shots to her kids.

Miami Herald: Former President Bill Clinton tells Democrats to back Crist with big turnout

"You are arrogant!"

Photo of the Day

My lap-band had to be removed yesterday

Russia dispatches naval force to reopen Arctic base

Tea Party Zombies Must Die: The Game

How's your 401K doing?

An Atheist’s Defense of the Historicity of Jesus

Winter Garden Commission adopts new policy for prayer, pledge

EW to Play Herself on the Set of Amazon’s Political Comedy Alpha House....

Slender Man inspires teen to torch home with mom and brother inside

The Religious Right's 'Nice Guy' Who Threw His Wife Under the Bus

Sen Wendy Davis:"I emerged a different person. Changed. Forever changed”

Are Catholic conservatives turning on Cardinal Timothy Dolan?

Thu Sep 25 MFF opener!: Re 8 activists exposing COUNTELPRO -- movie "1971" ; book "The Burglary"

There are 5 small plane crashes a day

CBS to Air Interfaith Special CRIME, PUNISHMENT & REDEMPTION, 10/5

Legal memos released on Bush-era justification for warrantless wiretapping

Alan Keyes Is Not Making Sense, Again

LOL: Bush's Daughters are Not Republicans

Tom Tomorrow: How the "news" works.

gah! year of the stinging things...

Media Shy About Discussing Spiraling Down Wages And Spiraling up Cost Of Living.

Father's a Cornell and UPenn Grad and first fired the Uzi

Obama to delay Immigration action until after election

Hillary Clinton and Trade Deals: That “Giant Sucking Sound”

Debunking the Risk Argument in Capitalism

Wu crashes a Hochul stop on the Upper West Side

Tall, tattooed and forthright, can Nadia Bolz-Weber save evangelism?


Israel refuses to allow Palestinians to build on own land near Yatta

Palestinian lawyers to attend Cairo conference on Israeli war crimes

Has Oslo made West Bank boycott of Israel impossible?

Toon: I wish I could talk to you

A Video that everyone needs to watch:

Don't Stop Me Now

Warren: Destroying ISIS should be 'No. 1 priority'

So-called recovery bypassed 90% of American families-who have gained 0 in terms of wealth/income

Weekend Toon Roundup 1- Crook

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- Who needs a strategy?

Weekend Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Bain Cap Digs Clear Channel into Big Debt & Exits Sensata w/Stock Offering of $0 to Sensata

Angie's List = Scam

Robert Reich: The Bankruptcy of Detroit and the Division of America

Rare Bill Hicks interview Austin public access TV 1993

Chuck Todd: ...if I'm not working closely with Luke Russert, there's something wrong with me.

New Witness saw Wilson chasing Brown and shooting him while Brown had his hands up.

Understanding the Threat Posed by ISIS

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 6, 2014

Upstate New York News Thread Sept 6.

wikiHow: How to Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian

What's he hiding from senior citizens?


Noam Chomsky: The End of History?

Kissinger on Democracy in Chile

Granny loves me...

The Worth of a Person. Epiphany.

Saving Private Bengazhi: Fox News Selects Witness's for Fox News's Bengazhi Select Committee.

Using the "N" word instead of the "N" word.

'Hola' at your brain: first brain-to-brain interface is a step towards digital telepathy

Exclusive: Israel's Video Justifying Destruction of a Hospital Was From 2009

Medical Examiner: More Tests Needed in Joan Rivers' Death

Cannabis Oil 101

NYC Metro and LI news thread Sept 6.

Economist article alleges slavery wasn't all bad

Stolen Photos, Stolen Music, Stolen Movies, Stolen Content...

Man finds $3 million winning lottery ticket in center console

Construction workers new witnesses to Michael Brown shooting

“From the beginning, I was in it for real”: Ice cream legend’s plan to radically up-end America

9/11 Families Launch Anti-Islamophobia Campaign For Anniversary Of Tragedy

Texas schools have their priorities straight...

Rochester Reeling From Loss of Larry and Jane Glazer

America Keeps Honoring One of Its Worst Mass Murderers: Henry Kissinger

Shadowy sale of Venezuela paper raises fears of slow-building news blackout

Atlantic: Invest 90L ; Pacific: Hurricane Norbert

Legal memos released on Bush-era justification for warrantless wiretapping

Bush's Daughters are Not Republicans

New Jersey Downgraded Again

Rome posters call for boycott of Jewish shops

Tampa Bay Editorial: Rick Scott's Record: An Environmental Disaster

I say let them be a separate country.

Wonkette: Bruce Rauner (GOP IL Gov cand.) makes an ad featuring a 20-year-old VW camper van

McCain is Most Frequent Guest on Sunday Morning

Wonkette: Bruce Rauner (GOP IL Gov cand.) makes an ad featuring a 20-year-old VW camper van


What do you so when you realize that your entire life was determined by the decisions of a teenager?

BP Drums Heels On Floor, Decries "Opportunistic Environmentalists", "Shoddy Science"

Temple U. Jewish student attacked at pro-Palestinian booth

TV Shows I'd Like to See

The Wall Street Journal's Parade Of Lies On Climate Science

Media Matters, George Soros and rightwing callers...

Employers refuse to pay workers enough to live on, but cops arrest the workers when they complain

Who are Israel's Palestinian informants?

Hanging out!

Oh Shit!

"The Crop Is Dying As We Watch It": ND Farmers Trying To Cope With Fracking Waste, Toxic Dumping

Ringo Starr takes on IS over Beatles nickname: 'It's bulls**t... We stood for peace and love'

Biologists Confirm Migratory Fish Have Made It To Upstream Of Last Elwha River Dam; 1st In A Century

Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we're nearing collapse

Gabby Giffords' and Mark Kelly's Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC ads

Saturday, September 6th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

I can guess what their answer would be...

If you have Amazon Prime, be sure to check out this AWESOME documentary:

Hospitality website Airbnb steps aside in battle between authorities and users

"High School Student Suspended For Telling Another Classmate"Bless You"After Sneezing"

All the Black History Books I've read are wrong!!!!

Ten things that you can teach your nine year old child before teaching them how to fire an Uzi

I just wrote the President at

Cuomo, Teachout, and Missed Opportunities

A bit of Republican in me

Gillibrand slams insurance companies: Response to Yates flooding 'un-American'

Giant Spiders found

What's The Matter With Connecticut?

Time to bite the bullet and see if my son has a reading disability.

Best weekend of the season

Amazon review of bear spray:

Ah, "progress". Isn't it grand?

Ex-BuzzFeed Editor Fired For Plagiarism Gets Second Chance At Conservative National Review

The only things that I know about this house are the fact that it exists and I'm not living in it

New camera, old lens.

Hurricane Norbert batters Baja California and heads north-west

Are Catholic conservatives turning on Cardinal Timothy Dolan?

WATCH: Pregnant Lesbian Teacher Fired By Catholic High School

CUNY TV Special: Senator Elizabeth Warren and Paul Krugman in Conversation

How we gonna pay for the new war on terror? Anybody? SERIOUSLY war hawks, how???

Judge orders Scott to stop fighting request for email records

who is watching the US Open semi-final with Djokovic and

When all else fails ... you can count on McCain

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for NY and surrounding states till 9 eastern.

This Year's Fair Entries:

So I want to raise spider mites

State Department releases graphic anti-ISIS video

Dallas-area man gets prison for his dog's death

Do you get something out of prayer? Do you feel better after you pray?

Abbott says he grieves for Wendy Davis family

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Quadruple Amputee to Walk in New York Fashion Week

DTE calls storm '10th most impactful' in 111 years; 350K without power

Scientists give (Sherrod) Brown a lesson in algae blooms

Want money out of politics?

Rasmussen question: Who do you trust more? American people or national leaders?

USA's Middle East policy in a nutshell.

New veterans memorial will honor LGBT community

Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault

US launches online campaign against ISIS

American foreign policy will never change.

Space Shuttle and Space Station Photographed Together

while I'm on the subject of undies, I own 10 pair of black briefs. this

Finally, Common Ground

If all of you agreed with me all the time, I would not be on DU

Alison Lundergan Grimes

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Urges Christians To Convert Atheist Friends With Nicolas Cage Movie

2 "Outsider Witnesses" provide new perspective on Michael Brown shooting

'Surreal Moment’ for 1st Quadruple Amputee to Walk in New York Fashion Week

How do I change my user name?

Scots to be offered radical new deal in bid to save the union

so I harvested my giant green soccer ball today

And it's Assad to the rescue! "Syria launches airstrikes on ISIS stronghold"

Robert Parry: Sidestepping Ukraine’s ‘N-Word’ for Nazi

Propane biosynthesis by eColi...

The bruised and bloody faces of couple who were beaten up by six men outside Missouri nightclub when

Jennifer Lawrence's Lawyer Locked In Copyright Battle With Website

Brunch with Bernie: September 5, 2014

ISIS Defector: Other Countries May Be Next

Chicago Gun Violence With Easy-Access Indiana Guns

Mother of Higgs boson found in superconductors

Martina Navratilova Pops the Question at U.S. Open

We're getting hammered here in So Az with monsoon rain.

Bahrain’s arrest of a dissident merits a firm protest from Washington

Good fugging grief - this security guard should be fired

Who said “Rock is finally dead” ?

Anyone watching college football today??

Toon: Inside the hacked files of D.C'.s elite!

Shock new poll says Scots set to vote yes to independence

Is there an easy Internet way to find a phone number in Canada?

Washington Fuming About Bahrain's Human Rights Crackdown - Daily Beast

My cousin who got injured at work just found out she will be placed back in the home she got hurt at

What It's Like to Be a Black Cop in St. Louis County

NY Times: When Whites Just Don't Get It Part 2

Luckovich toon: Moonlighting

rainbow and a surprise visitor

Amazing speech about US Muslim relationship...

Sittin' here la la, waitin' for my ya ya...???

Henry Kissinger: Iran 'A Bigger Problem Than ISIS'

Hawk watching. No binoculars needed.

NGO distributes pamphlets on Israeli products to be boycotted

Editorial: Marzec’s views not consistent with student body

The Proclaimers-Cap in Hand(Yes Scotland)

Cuomo tells Queens: Hochul ‘believes what we believe’

McCain Rips Obama’s Failure to Bomb Stonehenge

It's Saturday night. Time for some nerdy pickup lines


County to Send Anti-Federal Message by Horseback!

I don't care about Disney lying about my Prince Charming.

The lame-duck chatter has started ridiculously early - like always

Fight anti-Semitism, embrace Zionism

Mike Malloy - New Book Says C.I.A. Official In Benghazi Held Up Rescue

Violence Among the Amish

Golden Weapons of Destruction Take Aim at El Salvador

Golden Weapons of Destruction Take Aim at El Salvador

Mike Malloy - Arrests In North Carolina For Distributing Voting Rights Leaflets

Rabbi plans area’s first ‘gay friendly’ shul

For my Deadhead friends:

A Victory Over Justice System's Failure: Wrongly Convicted Brothers Freed After 31 Years in Prison

Outcry over dog in washing machine (China animal cruelty killed photo not in OP)

I know you're set for fighting, but what are you fighting for?

If Putin attacked a NATO country, would you support the US sending troops

Just had lunch w/DUers for the first time in ages. We should all do this more often!


113 years ago today: Buffalo, NY was its era's Dallas, TX...

Toad's Likely Questions for the President Tomorrow on MTB

McCain Rips Pres. Obama's failure to bomb Stone Henge (new accusations revealed by Borowitz)

CDC Statistics Show What Happens When You Don't Vaccinate

Most Santa Fe, N.M. marriage licenses go to same-sex couples

Help.....who got the cheek to cheek kiss of death on project runway Thursday?

MoJo: ISIS Is America's Legacy in Iraq

Workers, Politicians March in Labor Day Parade

Justice Ginsberg to officiate at another LGBT wedding

Dumb fighter pilot games: Dead Bug

Request: Can someone point me to recipes that replicate Chinese restaurant-type

About chicken salad

Zephyr Teachout brushed off from Andrew Cuomo during Labor Day Parade

Sunny Northwest day stuns ISS astronaut

Useless Household Tip: Make your own canned whip cream!

The Caribbean Colony that brought down Scotland

Here is a thread..Angies list..= scam...well worth going to ..(if you haven't seen it yet)

Honda recalls 126,000 motorcycles for a 2nd time