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Four NATO Allies Deny Ukraine Statement On Providing Arms

Rotten to the core...

September 7, 1893

Changing colors

NYT article on Marv Nickolson - Obama's golf buddy and formerly Kerry's 2004 body man

Supporters rally for gay, pregnant teacher fired from Catholic school

Delaware Governor "Accidentally?" Tweets Bondage Gear Picture

How interfaith initiatives empower young people

Worst football talking heads? NBC's Sunday night.....ugh

Evaluating President Obama on tough decisions

They're up to something.

The Street Store

How we grew up: an Israeli veteran on the dehumanising power of military control

Nebraska doctors say Ebola patient making progress

The Division Bell is older than The Wall was when The Division Bell came out

Syria rebels, once hopeful of U.S. weapons, lament lack of firepower

Some posts to check out

Some posts to check out

Malkovich or Walken?

The stolen celebrity photos

San Francisco 49ers fans take over Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium

So six months later does CNN have anything to say about the whereabouts

Brave Woman Descends Sewer for Trapped Homeless Dog

Martina Proposes~ Tennis Channel Twitter Pic.. #happilyeverafter :)

Here's How The US Could Defeat ISIS And Assad

Do you think the end result of the U.S. in the mid east will be like this?

Japan says economy contracted 7.1 percent in 2Q

Ancient superfood--Native corn and a friend

Leonard Pitts Jr.: If GOP is so right, why are red states so far behind?

I am so glad to be back here!

A shrimp looking thingie the size of a lobster was captured off a dock in Florida.

Venezuelan Default Suggested by Harvard Economist

Daily Cute: Pug Goes Crazy in First Ball Pit

on meet the press anybody catch the mayors saying they get no help from feds

Nate Silver says GOP takes Senate on bad data - Hell no says Princeton Election Consortium

What’s the joke?

Issue with youtube links

What do YOU think "ISIS", "ISIL", or "ISLAMIC STATE" actually is?

Doesn't "Islamic State" sound like a college?

Intro to a Revolutionary Left Wing Political Group!

The Deflation Caucus By PAUL KRUGMAN at the NY Times

Latin America’s Anti-drug Policies Feed on the Poor

David Ignatius: The Senate Republicans’ foolish fight over ambassadors

Are you more concerned about putting food on the table and paying rent or a terrorist attack?

Air Force denies reenlistment after refusal of religious oath

Mike Ditka teams up with Bruce Rauner in new ad campaign

Tell me again that Black is not seen differently than White

Barbara Boxer re-election run looking unlikely

Groups: Time Is Now To End 'Shocking Degradation' of World's Forests

When I'm Sixty-Four

PBO's WTF Expression when 10 Seconds after he mentioned "Syria" Chuck Todd said "You have Not..

Does anyone here remember the poster DoctorBombay? (Jack the Ripper-related)

UT-Dallas Students: We Were Excluded From Abbott Event

Are boomers the new coveted demo?

Forbes Magazine: Obama best economic president of modern times!

Ack! Need a good excuse why I forgot to record the Broncos/Colts game!

Destroying ISIS May Take (Three) Years, U.S. Officials Say

Kitten falls asleep after kisses

Michael Brown Was Shot While His Hands Were Up, New Witness Confirms

U.S. Strikes in Iraq Against Jihadists, Moving West Toward Syria

Mr. Kurtz Comes to America

Let's say the US is successful in destroying IS by being the FSA's air force...

Stephen Hawking: Research on the ‘God particle’ could cause space-time to collapse

Hairy monkeys! (the knowledge of which we have somehow lived without)

2014-15 UCL Group Stage

Should President Obama demand that Congress vote whether or not to go to war with Syria?

two blind sisters see for the first time

Republicans gaining traction in push to turn Silicon Valley red

I just had to have our dog Swifty put down.

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/07/2014

Millennials are saying no to credit cards

Yes, I am a boomer. Played in a rock band. And - the hearing is starting to go. Why isn't hearing

Let the River Run Wild.

phase 2.3 of anniversary extravaganza is covered and life is good

Depressing day at the park.

Terrorism with a “Human Face”: The History of America’s Death Squads (El Salvador Option)

Iraq secures area around key dam after US strikes

Don't wear a turbine on your head.

"how does culture shape who you are? - Research

Honduran radio program taken off air after pressure from city’s mayor

'How does culture shape who you are? - Research

Lost opportunity: With wars winding down, VA’s brain research failed to launch

No Shit ...4

Lost opportunity: With wars winding down, VA’s brain research failed to launch

GOP insider's email: political ambitions got in way of Dallas' 2016 bid

Testing revolt brews in Florida as Miami schools chief urges delay in new exams

Aurelio Martinez, Honduran first black Congressman to the Honduran National Congress.

Graphene: How Carbon May Save the Planet From Global Warming, Drought and More

(Jewish group) Is the Boycott Movement Anti-Semitic?

What would you do if you saw a white person

(Jewish group) Istanbul Store Bans Entry to ‘Jew Dogs’

(Jewish group) 'Nazi-Era' Jewish Business Boycott Posters Appear in Rome

Wage growth in the U.S. is stuck in the '70s

Predictions: Winter forecasts vary between NWS, Farmers' Almanac

(Jewish Group) NGO distributes pamphlets on Israeli products to be boycotted

2020 Olympic Games to shine green with hydrogen

WTF is Wrong With These People?!! Parenting? Society? WHAT?!!

What would you do if you saw a T-rex with (edit) fricken LASER beams coming out its eyes

Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy died Monday

In Brazil's wetlands, jaguars face a new threat: drug traffickers

In Brazil's wetlands, jaguars face a new threat: drug traffickers

Sidestepping Ukraine's 'N-Word' for Nazi

Borowitz: McCain Rips Obama's Failure to Bomb Stonehenge

Al-Qaeda suspects were brought to the 'point of death' during 'real torture' by CIA

Amazing real-time video of the aurora seen in Fairbanks this weekend (Not Mine)

Kucinich: ISIS, Libya, NATO and Preventing the Next 9/11

Arizona’s Flip-Flopping Stance on Marijuana and PTSD

Zunes: The U.S. and ISIS

North Dakota fights wastewater legacy

Meijer looks for 10,000 new hires

Kroger sets hiring goal of 20,000 employees

Ecuadorean President Wants Social Security for Everyone

Stop Corporate Takeover of NY Climate Summit

Curious Thunderbird "problem"...

Rejoice, for God's plan has been revealed! And it's perfect!

4 Ways Greedy Capitalists Rig the System to Profit Off Our Misery

The pheasant plucker

5 Things to Know Today about the Fight Against ISIL

America's Energy Madness—We're Banning Solar Panels, But Many Towns Can't Regulate Fracking

Why Are Cops Shooting So Many Mentally Ill People?

Almost Every Slice of American Society Wants To Strengthen Social Security Except Washington Insider

Do Latinos in US have to Change their Names to Get a Job?

S Truett Cathy, founder of restaurant chain Chick-fil-A, dies aged 93

US treads on Islamic State minefield

British Female Rocker Joins ISIS

Caliphate bid threatens Arabs most

Poseidon misadventure and posturing

Tomgram: Nick Turse, American Monuments to Failure in Africa?

We have achieved peak niceness: Michael Palin to narrate The Clangers series

Thousands of Acres in Judea and Samaria Will Become State Land: ‘Not Beneficial’ Says US

Approaching US Midterm Elections: Debate Policy Without Conflict

Whats up with GD- DU this morning....??

US move to involve Asia-Pacific countries in Ukraine policy

Leadership in Decline

TMZ has the Video inside of the Elevator (Ray Rice)

The video of Ray Rice punching his fianceé when they were in the elevator:

The Accursed Inversion

Volcano erupts in Papua New Guinea

Meteorite strikes near Nicaragua’s capital leaving 39-foot crater

How Methane Wrecked Obama's Fracking Gambit

Texas 5-year-old shoots himself in the face with a shotgun during unsupervised hunting trip

An interesting graphic on cigarette sales from 1970-2012

Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years in prison

Harvard receives largest-ever gift, $350 million for public health

I've purposely not commented since Furguson. This GIF sums up my thoughts nicely...

Does MSNBC really lean left, or does it lean to reality?

Jupiter moon Europa may have tectonic plates similar to Earth: scientists

Interesting article....who IS paying for the Wisconsin's fight for governor?

GOP's Obamacare Nightmare Is Coming True: It's Working

White teen in BMW hits three cars, assaults cop in Pennsylvania and doesn’t get shot

Do deer eat mint? If I plant it, will it keep them out of the garden?

Prince William and Kate expecting second child

Former A&P exec to serve 3 years for fraud scheme

Pennsylvania mother who gave daughter ‘abortion pill’ gets prison

Medieval helpdesk

Jogging US Marshal kicks man in the crotch, arrests him after he yanked down her shorts

Fever, coughing, mouth blisters: Hundreds of Midwest kids hospitalized with mystery virus

Technological upgrades of body and mind soon to be a reality — but only for the very rich

Some Retail Workers Find Better Deals With Unions

Is There Any Rational Case for Banning Gay Marriage?

‘Time to get laid’: College wrestler filmed self raping 18-year-old co-ed after drinking game

Israeli politicians praise Sisi plan to give Palestinians land for a state in Sinai

Japan eyes female workforce boost, but barriers remain

Big Banks Fined Mega-Billions; CEOs Remain Untouched, Above the Law

Cruz brings back Shock and Awe: Bomb ISIS to ‘Stone Age’ with ‘overwhelming’ air campaign

Policy Responses to Corporate Inversions Close the Barn Door Before the Horse Bolts

‘My time has come and gone’: Mitt Romney pushes back as Fox News host begs for 2016 run

Market will create demand for ‘super-ethical’ clothing factories, Wall Street boss says

Bill Nighy Blasts Margaret Thatcher for Bashing Gays, Trade Unions

RCP polls not looking good ... one thing I will say only a very few candidates

Former Florida cop suspected of raping 6-year-old pleads guilty to ID theft, weapons charges

Japanese ships exploit loophole in international law, embark on annual whaling hunt for ‘research’

WATCH: New Guinea’s Tavurvur volcano erupts, splits sky with sonic boom

"If" republicans take the senate, what do voters think that is going to do for them? Does it

GHOST: An Anti-Terrorism Vessel Built to Outperform Stealth Aircraft

What would you do if you saw a middle eastern person

Ohio Amish Barn Raising - May 13th, 2014 in 3 Minutes and 30 seconds

Universities get $5 million grant aimed at improving worker safety in Kentucky

I don't really know where to put this.

America's wealth gap 'unsustainable,' may worsen: Harvard study

Oscar Pistorius trial: verdict expected on Thursday

Aye, we can: British markets jittery over Scotland vote

Omahan in Benghazi in 2012 faults CIA station chief’s stand-down order

Is a person is born in Canada, does that make him/her a Canadian citizen, regardless of the

Louisiana Judge's Gay Marriage Ruling Is Riddled with Errors

Electrolux takes on Whirlpool in U.S. with $3.3 billion GE Appliances buy

LETTER: Government should abandon F-35 jet

Nato summit: where tanks and fighter planes are par for the course

GE has a brand new TV corporate marketing campaign called "The Boy Who Beeps."

Electrolux to buy GE Appliances in $3.3B deal

Chris Hedges: Driving American Politics Underground

We still lie about slavery: Here’s the truth . . .

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History~PBS

Regulators blew chances to bring labor scofflaws in line

Singer Simone Battle, of pop group G.R.L., found dead

Pound sinks as Scottish independence race tightens

Serbia caught in middle over Ukraine

Biggest donors to Corbett and Wolf campaigns listed:

Japan says economy contracted 7.1 percent in 2Q

only in America...

Obama's broken promise made no sense as polls on Amnesty in very red states is popular

10 common comments on feminist blogposts

Survey of company execs: US pay likely to stagnate

Safe Storage

Don't come back, Oakland mayor tells Urban Shield conference

Landowners want details of proposed pipeline route

Will the result of the DoJ investigation in Ferguson be just a band-aid?

Fines, hearings among lingering 'fracking' issues

Americans in general have been trained to have knee jerk, immature reactions to certain words

Renouncing U.S. citizenship is about to get a lot more expensive

FVL Helicopters: How To Avoid F-35 Snafu

TOM TOMORROW: Capt. Kirk Vs. The Internet

The never ending Pasta story. (C'mon Loungers, don't disappoint me.

Poll: One-third of Israelis think about leaving

Obama: U.S. military to provide equipment, resources to battle Ebola epidemic in Africa

Venezuela: From oil power to oil importer

Family finds wrong body in casket at viewing in West Palm Beach

Treasury to limit profitability of overseas shifts

NY Times: Some Retail Workers Find Better Deals With Unions

In Chad, elephants make a comeback

I generally like Al Jazeera's news coverage, but .........

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Are Married!

China: Shang or Zhou dynasty sword found in Jiangsu

Israeli authorities have proven they cannot investigate suspected violations of international human

Tomorrow is NYS primary election day for state and local races.

Was Jesus for the death penalty?

India and Pakistan floods kill nearly 300

Venezuela: From oil power to oil importer

Poroshenko Promises 'Crushing Defeat' Of Rebels In Visit To Eastern Ukrainian City

Nigeria's Boko Haram 'seize' Michika in Adamawa state

From Pine Beetles to Disappearing Glaciers, NASA Scientists Tell of "Dramatic" Planetary Changes

Photo of the Day

I think I finally understand why Papa Bush and Bill Clinton had troops in Somalia...

Russian Airspace May Be Closed In Response To Western Sanctions

Cuomo buys TV time in Buffalo, NYC before primary

Stringer report finds affordable housing in disrepair

Bizarre, Prehistoric Ratfish Chomped Prey with Buzzsaw Jaws

Scottish Independence Looms as Iceberg Moves Toward U.K.

Three Italian nuns killed in Burundi

Woke up to rain!

Israeli Minister Says Hamas Truce Will Be ‘Limited in Time

America's Wealth Gap 'Unsustainable' According To Harvard Study

Widening gap between US rich and poor is unsustainable, says study

Zephyr Teachout: My qualifications? I'm not under federal investigation

Schumer Anti-Inversion Tax Plan Could Reach Back to 1994

Political help needed

Fed Seeks to Calm Congressional Demand for More Oversight

Politics and endorsement thread.

Exercise Sea Breeze 2014 set to begin

Cops are seizing hundreds of millions of dollars from drivers and bragging about it in chat rooms

Driving American Politics Underground

Oh great.....Twitter is now serving ads.

WATCH: NYPD Officers Take Turns Beating Bronx Man After Search Turns Up Nothing

Teens Arrested in Assault of Mentally Disabled Man

Cigarette Smoking in US

The Trans-Everything CEO

SC "minister" who liked hookers kept foreign students as slave labor...

‘Property of US Govt’: Islamic State Jihadists Armed With US Military Weapons

Upstate New York News Thread Sept 8.

Israeli Cult ‘Brainwashed’ Jewish Women Into Have Sex With Non-Jews For ‘Redemption’

Guy who posted hacked celebrity nude pics on Reddit wants his privacy back.

NYC Metro and LI news thread Sept 8.

Tom the Dancing Bug

Mike Ditka does ad for Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate

DUers Have the Power to Make a Difference in 2014 with GOTV Efforts.

Cuomo: Calling debates a “disservice to democracy” was a joke

A child helps your career, if you're a man

Renouncing U.S. citizenship is about to get a lot more expensive

A Conservative Shitizens' Guide to Civics

Comcast deploys military police to Ferguson, MO

Mountain lion attacks boy, 6, on trail near Cupertino

"It was one of those things where you couldn't believe he actually threw it."

Who Here Has Seen The Documentary "Knuckleball"?

Do the super-rich actually have realistic contingency plans for survival,

Hamas is Isis says Fatah

If ISIS is based in Syria, why are we not helping Assad to fight them?

Dreadnoughtus: A New Dinosaur Discovery

Larry Klayman shows what a bigot he is.

The science behind Isis savagery

OH for god sake!

Dynamics of Domestic Abuse

Boy, 6, recovering after mountain lion attack

Juan Cole: the millennial generation of young Arabs took to the streets chanting ‘bread, freedom and

Frank Rich: Obama's Foreign Policy Critics are Wrong

Now open: DU Lounge Playground

Pundit class completely wrong on Obama's Foreign Policy: Punditry vs the Presidency

VIDEO: Man refuses to let cops search house without warrant, films police despite protests

Pic Of The Moment: Meet The Press...

Washington State Megachurch Closes Branches After Founder Is Caught Calling Women ‘Penis Homes'


Sucks to be mad

San Jose council candidate apologizes for racy cupcake images

Rand Paul's Remarkable Metamorphosis (Now he wants to go to war vs. ISIS)

Breaking: WHO: Ebola virus spreading exponentially in Liberia, many thousands of cases expected

Police apprehend naked man near San Jose City Hall after standoff early Saturday afternoon

Olive Garden offers 7 weeks of unlimited pasta for $100

London Luton airport evacuated after suspect package found

New Chapter in Let's Do What Works and Call it Capitalism now posted.

Monday advice from Feline Friends

John Oliver Hits For The Cycle And Dismantles The For Profit Education Industry

Amnesty International: Ukraine: Mounting evidence of war crimes and Russian involvement

Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka tie the knot in Italy

Pastor Jim Garlow: Joan Rivers 'Going to Hell' For Her Potty Mouth

I wanted to spin an OP off the 'Millennials are saying no to credit cards' thread...

John Oliver on student debt

Mars Hill church closing Seattle branches, laying off staff

OFA gives John Boehner a pep talk

The Rude Pundit - Torture Apologist Marc Thiessen: Bush Was "Right" About Something ...

I can't stand the way local news hype and sensationalize stories

Why (Wisconsin Congresswoman) Gwen Moore and I got arrested

How soon do you anticipate the coming collapse of civilization?

On this day in 1900 Galveston Texas

Wow! Yahoo News Is Now Posting Crap From RW Nut Job Sites As "News"

Goldman Sachs now admits that at least $27 of the price of crude oil is from reckless speculation

We did not have the Green thing back then

Fighting Bob Fest 2014 - Back to Baraboo this Saturday!!!

US Foreign Policy Cartoon. Cleanup difficulties illustrated. (Zyglis)

Joan Jett Replaces Cee Lo Green At Louisiana Music Festival

Any ideas for living off a social security benefit of only $680 a month?

Five Things To Watch For During Legislative Veto Session

Why Did Obama Go Golfing After Journalist Beheading? MEET THE PRESS

Greasing the Prairie

Dave Daubenmire: if you don't teach about Jesus in public school, you are serving Satan

The High Cost of Renewables

Guys-Damn it, pay attention to task at hand


I would like offer my apology ....

DirecTV's Ad Features Gay NFL Fans

Ninety-year-old gay couple marries in Iowa after 72 years together

US strikes in Syria: potential targets could include leadership, weapons and training camps

Indian, Pakistani troops aid flood-stranded people

Papantonio: Charter School Fraud Gone Wild

Nagin reports to federal prison in Texarkana

Underground journalism keeping fight against Assad alive in Syria

Leader of Irish Catholic church retires

Anyone notice NBCs Gun-centric advertising for fall Police shows?

Bob and Maureen McDonnell can't vote in the next election

"There is no tomorrow!"

We are being conned into war again - We must not fall for it.

Mr. Shraby wanted to check the account online at the bank site

Most exotic food you've ever eaten

EU source of crisis in Ukraine, says MEP Marine Le Pen (RW French National Front)

Mystery respiratory virus likely to hit kids across country

Ecuador to Adopt Digital Currency

A Quadruple Amputee Walked The Runway At New York Fashion Week

Senate subcommittee: No political bias in IRS targeting

WTF ...149

Proven Ways You Can Help GOTV!

Arab foreign ministers back Abbas' UN bid for occupation deadline

Why does Congress not have to sustain the bullshit kind

WTF ...150

Ravens release Ray Rice

What's behind the spike in Saudi beheadings?

Kerry heads to Mideast for talks on Islamic State

10 Reasons to Hate Capitalism

Please report what you are doing to GOTV. I am...

BREAKING: Ravens Release Ray Rice

Ravens terminate Ray Rice's deal

Just another day at the beach 0.0 ...I guess.

Fox Hosts Giggle That NFL Player’s Abused Girlfriend Should Learn To ‘Take The Stairs’

Bay Area peeps: If you see only one show this month, make it this one

No Shit ...5

Pet tortoise, missing since 1982, found in attic alive and well

Religious Right Hero Vladimir Putin's Forces Persecute Christians In Ukraine and Russia

MH17 disaster: Russians 'controlled BUK missile system'

Fox News Jokes, Laughs About Ray Rice Punching His Wife Unconscious

Berkeley vs. Big Soda by Robert Reich

Public Transit Is Underfunded Because the Wealthy Don’t Rely on It

"Who Says?"

Black Lawyers to Challenge Police Brutality in 25 Cities

Scottish independence: The voting influence of disabled Scots

Freakazoid "minister" says Michael Sam will marry a nine-year old boy...

Ring of Fire: Warhawks A More Serious Threat Than ISIS

Will President Obama's speech be in prime time on Wednesday?

With ISIS, A Long Road Ahead for U.S.

Ray Rice cut by Ravens after video of elevator punch

NCAA to Penn State : "We're good now, fellas!"

NCAA restores Penn State's bowl eligibility

Well there goes male privilege*...

This Buzzfeed list was written by our governor: "26 More Reasons To Love Minnesota"

Congressional candidate Jack Trammell has received the endorsement of the Virginia AFL-CIO.

Disappearing darkness

Lots of domestic violence mansplaining happening on ESPN right now

Besides saying the pledge of allegiance, not in unison, Congress

Tropics are busy ! Invest 90L, Invest 91L, PTC Norbert, Invest 94E, TS Fengshen, TD14

David Cameron's epitaph: The Last PM of the UK

The Trillion Dollar Zombie

"Ladies, The Smarter You Are, The More Likely You Are To Be Single"

Ray Rice is Toast

Full Text Of Obama's Coming Speech on Wednesday

Interesting article at Alternet about homeschooling.

The next POTUS and all states will have to deal with GM driverless cars. Since the

This U.S Ally Beheaded 19 People Last Month One of Them was for Practicing Sorcery

NYPD Cops Handcuff, Beat, Pepper Spray 23 Year Old After Frisking Him And Coming Up Empty

‘After the Rapture’ Will Place Your Cats With Loving Atheist When Jesus Comes — for a Small Fee

The things one learns on DU ...

Breathless on PBS....anyone?

Bratton tells Council he wants to hire 1,000 new officers

1 in 5 U.S. Women Raped During Their Lifetimes, CDC Reports

Teacher: No longer can I throw my students to the ‘testing wolves’

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire: Teachers Who Don't Teach About Jesus Are 'Teaching A Doctrine Of Demons'

Ray Rice punches then-fiancee; Fox News blames... the President

Members of Congress Warn of ‘Moral Stain’ if Zadroga Act Expires

Benedict Cumberbatch: America needs a female President, then a gay one

Stu Rothenberg's "gut" tells him there is a GOP wave coming in the Senate

Awesome new "Pro-"Rauner Ad

Rethugs,baggers, extremist say EVERYTHING is Obama's fault.

Teacher tells of throwing students to the "testing wolves."

The NFL had the latest Ray Rice video in July

Next Game of Thrones book releases October 28, 2014

Iraq crisis: Parliament swears in unity government

Tracking premium changes on New York’s health exchange

Did You Watch Any Movies this Weekend?

ISIS Fight Dilemma Like Entering Fight With T-Rexes. Likely To Get Eaten By Whoever You Help Win

Judge declines to block Cuomo, Democratic Party

Virginia man commutes 220 miles a day

For Walkers and Cyclists, A Swedish Road-Planning Strategy Helps Save Lives


Search ends for Rochester plane on 'ghost flight'; future of recovery uncertain

The WSJ again wrings its hands over our struggling 1%

France’s Moroccan-born education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem fights back against slurs

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 8, 2014

Mayor de Blasio wants to take control of rent regulation from state lawmakers

In place of 'boots on the ground,' US seeks contractors for Iraq

NCAA Drops Penn State's Postseason Ban; All Scholarships Back Next Year

The Right Honourable Mousers Larry and Freya!

Steelers Antonio Brown "Crane Kick" / Karate Kid Parody

Proud to Stand with this Honorable and Brilliant Man, President Barack Obama

Discrimination and the Perpetuation of the Police State in America

Dedicated to DUer pbmus

Italian nuns killed in Burundi convent attack

In God We Trust?

Justice Department Will Investigate Ferguson Police & Practices

The Whys Behind the Ukraine Crisis

Gun-Toting Militiamen Mistake Researchers for Illegal Immigrants

Teachout, Wu return to ‘net roots’ before primary

QOTD: Ronald Reagan, on Roots, 1977

Who’s Telling the ‘Big Lie’ on Ukraine? --Robert Parry

Protection order against Lt. Gov. Lavon Heidemann (R-NE) granted

Whose Idiotic Ray Rice Comments Look Especially Awful Today?

CNN Begins Coverage of Royal Pregnancy

A song about not giving up, Josh Groban.."Don't Give Up"

NY Gaming Commission schedules public hearings on proposed casino projects

Hard to believe, but a Republican president said the following about guns and warships..

Has anyone here ever listened to Michael Savage?

Toon: Proverty Wages-Next Exit

I was watching some megachurch televangelist from Texas

Travis Childers (D-MS for Senate) ad: "Bloodhounds"

Hersh's Pizza & Drinks in Baltimore posted this offer on their facebook page:

I condemn violence toward women in the most solemn, emphatic ways possible.

Isolated Peruvian tribe risks human contact, and disease

Jerusalem clashes after teen's funeral

Charles P Pierce- Tactical Redeployment

SHAME: Fox hosts jokes that Ray Rice's abused girlfriend should 'learn to take the stairs'

So that's why Sheldon Cooper hates Wil Wheaton's guts! He's a fat-shamer.

Anyone going to be attending the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello Fri and Sat?

Ben Carson: Stop 'Demonizing' Ray Rice, He 'Needs Some Help'

Colombian journalist Amalfi Rosales flees after death threats

Not even close. Dem Presidents destroy Republicans in jobs and market gains

(Rick) Scott promises $1B in tax cuts during campaign stop in Winter Park

St Louis Police Try to Boost Community Relations by Fingerprinting Ferguson Children

Hadrian's Wall dig unearths Roman stylus wax tablet (BBC)

Council announces legislation to regulate Elmos

Christian group sanctioned at two dozen college campuses

comic book artist Art Spiegelman on Israel/Palestine

Psychedelics And PTSD

McDonald launches 100-day VA reform plan

Remember NY Democrats Tuesday is....

Sex abuse victims: Irish cardinal’s resignation not soon enough

New ‘Nuns on the Bus’ tour to tackle political ‘dark money’

Atheists challenging ‘under God’ need to win hearts, not just minds

No Shit ...6

Women or Objects?

Dont go back to Iraq!!

Barbarism plain and simple.

Keith Olbermann On Roger Goodell: "An Enabler Of Men Who Beat Women"

Michigan man is freed after 15 years; DNA fingers other man in murder

$200M in improvements proposed for Grand Central

Thoughtful, Rational, and Deliberative versus Impatient, Reckless, and Threatening?

Florida Charter schools continue to rip off taxpayers...

"If John McCain were in charge we'd be in seven different wars right now across the world."

Cuomo wraps up Hochul’s ‘fun’ campaign


State structural deficit approaches $1.8 billion (nearly three times higher than in may)

Bratton on Making Chokeholds Illegal: ‘Good Luck But I Won’t Support It’

The Twitter hashtag #WhyIStayed is a must read (trigger warning)

iPhone 6 Supplier Violates Labor Rights

Senator Sanders: Undo Citizens United

‘Mayor of the Internet’ Alexis Ohanian Backs Tim Wu’s Plans For Tech

I registered to vote in Texas, but there's a problem........

Expelled Venezuelan opposition activists ‘were also politically active in Colombia’

Typical Tweety,...Obama says we need to convince the locals to take on Isis...

Releasing medical information and identification of a minor

Canada grants asylum to Colombia’s former peace commissioner: Report

(Neb.)-Protection Order Granted Against Lieutenant Governor Heidemann

Senate Votes 79-18 To Advance a Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

The New Yorker: Dignity (fast food strike)

I cannot believe that tweety is having a fit about the President using the word,

Hundreds of Colombians with learning disabilities sterilized every year

Baltimore Ravens scrubbed this disgusting tweet

When Cuomo votes, anti-frackers say they will be there

It is a fact that the NFL knew exactly what Ray Rice did, that is to say they knew about the video.

Election guide for tomorrows primary.

What Do You and Fleetwood Mac Have In Common?

Colombia’s state protection unit says more corruption to be revealed

Orman and Roberts vertually tied in brandnew polling

An Ode To A Primary Challenge

Ben Carson Defends Ray Rice: Don’t Start ‘Demonizing This Guy’

How rainforest destruction hides in our clothes - beware of rayon

Remembering the Brave Young Woman Who Refused to Say the Pledge of Allegiance Nearly 80 Years Ago

Ali Abunimah Advocates Solidarity With Hamas

Foreign policy views of churches & religions in one graph

How to shutdown the average republican's war lust. It's easy, and you can help;