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Archives: September 9, 2014

Why is libertarian "Uber Corp" sponsoring San Francisco’s giant police militarization conference?

Drill-down of Catholics’ opinion on foreign policy; Positions of eight types of Catholics

FoxNews Thinks Domestic Violence is FUNNY - Oh yes they did go there...

Did anybody see this thread in LBN?

Home Depot confirms payment systems were breached

Cuomo: No Endorsement In Liu-Avella Race

might we see a clash between these two in Bats v. Supes?

Cuomo Calls Moreland a 'Phenomenal Success' Despite Scathing Report

Why do women stay with their abusers?

Pimp my camel.

some women will put up with anything for money

NY judge sentences ex-trader to 9 years in prison

Broadway Lights Won’t Go Dark For Joan Rivers

Keith Olbermann: In The Ray Rice Situation, Everyone Must Go

Girl finds ancient spear point on NJ beach

Rick Perry’s lawyers file second request for case dismissal

Mountain lion attacks 6 year old boy, San Francisco Bay area

Bear chases bow hunter up tree, bites his leg :-) (OS animal story for the day?)

Has anyone here read Blood Feud? The excerpts seems like a bunch of hearsay with no

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Bruce Levenson Isn’t a Racist; He’s a Businessman

Three D prosthetic limbs

Witness Mecca's Dramatic Transformation Over The Past Century In Just 14 Photos

Dumb Criminals: Bank Robbery Suspect Nailed After Large Amounts Of Cash Fall Out Of Pants

Dumb Criminals: Naked, Stick Weilding Australia Car Jacker Hog Tied By Motorists

Koch brothers launching ad campaign to improve public image

Smartphone app reveals the politics in your shopping cart

Can anyone tell me why "driverless cars" will not be the most important issue in 2016 election

Missouri lawmaker challenges birth control mandate

"When moderates fight back"

Protective Pit Bull Saves 8-Year-Old Boy From Swarm Of Bees

Congress only has four full legislative workdays in the next nine weeks

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Meet the New Boss & a new Kittehs gif!

For those of you criticizing (victim-blaming) Janay Palmer for marrying Ray Rice:

Woman’s Dying Wish to Hold the Dog She Saved from Puerto Rico

OK, Strange Question: Has Anybody Ever Felt Like They Have Left Their Body

A day doesn't go by where Yahoo doesn't have a news story trashing President Obama. Today's story

NBC Meet The Press Transcript Conveniently Edited

Marta has a new nature photo in the back yard: Night Hunter

Gerald Wilson dies at 96; multifaceted jazz musician

Old-fashioned anti-Semitism for progressive thinkers

took my camera with me to work today

June Jones Junks It

Sen. Pat Roberts Tied With Independent Challenger In New Poll

Domestic violence still a silent killer

Fox News (Megan Kelly) is giving Ward Churchill airtime

Krugman to Scotland: Be very afraid.

NFL turns over every leaf in ongoing revenue hunt

When burning Jews isn’t news

“Gaza = Auschwitz”

Number of children crossing into U.S. alone plummets since June

It's Rude to Stare

An Open Letter to Every Health Care Provider Who Treats the Uninsured Poor in America

Ukraine Conflict: Red Meat for Anemic NATO Alliance

NYT Investigation Reveals: "Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks--Brookings, Atlantic Council

I love my new phone.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Matt Barber and Mat Staver: marriage equality will make straight men run off with gays

If the Clinton's want to return to the White House (and i want them to)

Move On email on Citizens United vote:

Keith Olbermann: In the Ray Rice Situation, Everyone Must Go

The latest Ground Hog Poll...

Went to the store to pick up a couple things.

the harbaugh brothers are both disgusting idiots

Greg Abbott Asks If Wendy Davis Book Tour Illegal

Railroad Commissioner Targets a Russian Threat

Davis knocks Abbott over ad video shot by his state-paid videographer

West Should Stop Dragging Ukraine into NATO - Gorbachev

NYT: Special Investigation: Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks--Brookings/Atlantic Council

The New Prosperity Gospel at the Americans For Prosperity Convention

George W. Bush to Bill Clinton: Being a Grandparent Will Be 'Awesome'-

Sincerely, need advice on how to sell vintage dildos

Let's Fix Our Broken Property Tax System by Comptroller Candidate Mike Collier

Daily Kos has some advice for Alison Lundergan Grimes...

At 11, Marquis Govan Has Some Things To Say About Ferguson

“They weren’t just pouring water over their heads or over a cloth---This was real torture.”

Former Chicago Bears coach, now Florida jackass supports Rauner for IL. Gov, yet can't vote for him.

Appalachian groups, citizens head to Washington to advocate for protection from mountaintop removal

As a descendent of a clan of slave owners

As a descendent of a clan of slave owners

Review - Musical journey from Scotland, Ireland to Appalachia explored

Michio Kaku explains the significance of the Higgs Boson

West Texas Sheriff prepped for ISIS fight

Johnny Cash appreciation thread

Is This the Best Rick Perry Photo of All Time?

The religious police are here. For real, and in uniform. And I am not in Saudi Arabia

Press conference about Fresno P.D. 9/10 at 10am, Fresno CA.. Is Fresno the next Ferguson?

Kitten takes nap next to Dad

Don't ask why Janay Palmer married him. Ask why anyone would blame a victim.

Politico Reporter Catches Heat For Tweet About Ray Rice's Wife

2-legged robot runs at high speed

Vintage Dawkins

Iceland Volcano Lava Flow -- Amazing Video

"God Loves Gays" billboard unveiled in Topeka, hometown of Westboro

Truck slams into sheriff's office; driver shot

Twitter employees threatened by ISIS-affiliated group

Over 100,000 electric vehicles sold in California this decade

Destiny looks awesome... watch!

I am a Male.

Finding Prior Recs or Posts?

About Domestic Abuse (article I wrote)

Egypt Arrests 7 Men For Taking Part In ‘Debauched’ Gay Marriage Ceremony That Went Viral

Scottish independence: The Queen is urged to intervene

Physical violence is a *late* sign of an abusive relationship.

Top Peruvian foe of illegal logging brutally slain

Top Peruvian foe of illegal logging brutally slain

Full Harvest Moon, Third Consecutive 'supermoon', Rises Monday (w/related tune)

North America's key birds facing extinction, study finds

and here's the first mention of snow for the season

Mars Hill Church Begins Church Closures Due To Financial Trouble

Hey, I forgot Scott brown was a lobbyist! Lessig didn't, though...

Chick-fil-A: Selling Chicken With a Side of God

Chile weighs taking Guantanamo detainees at US request

Chile weighs taking Guantanamo detainees at US request

Would you help a woman being assaulted?

George Zip appreciation thread

An apology to the DUers in the jury.

Lawsuit Launched to Stop Out-of-control Wildlife Killing by Secretive Federal Agency in Idaho

Lawsuit Launched to Stop Out-of-control Wildlife Killing by Secretive Federal Agency in Idaho

If a conversation about race is lacking in everything but ignorance and idiocy

MH17 crash: Dutch experts say numerous objects hit plane

Texas Governor Perry's lawyers invoke Louis XIV to dismiss charges

Now Is the Time For A New Abolition Movement

US Airforce Requires Soldiers to Say in Their Enlistment Oaths 'So Help Me God'

Paleontologists discover new species of titanosaurian dinosaur in Tanzania

How GOP-Dominated Kansas Is on the Verge of Unthinkable Upsets

Maternity Death Rates Are Very High In The U.S., But Congress Doesn't Seem To Care

Patton Oswalt on NFL..

China's Island Factory

In New Orleans, Gluttony and Starvation Live Side by Side

"Chuck Todd on it" David Letterman Video of 4 "syria's" and the "WTF? question Todd asks"

The World Is Facing A Global Job Crisis

Lawsuit: Few service members' cars delivered on time



New Iraqi Government: Less than Meets the Eye?

Will the People’s Climate March be this generation’s March on Washington?

US pivots at the gates of hell

NATO poised to escalate Ukraine tensions

China Has A New High-Tech Missile That Can Reach A Major US Base In Guam

Tomgram: Nick Turse, American Monuments to Failure in Africa?

Tea Party hack Ben Carson blames Ray Rices wife partially

Gambling, Addiction and Ed Rendell Losing It On Camera - What's Not To Like?

She married him because she is an idiot.

Poseidon misadventure and posturing

RANKED: The 50 US State Economies From Worst To Best {IMAGES}

Death of Israeli child reveals Netanyahu's hypocrisy

A question about avatars

Islamic State fighters using US arms: study

US Should Acknowledge Pakistan Army’s Sacrifices

The Divided Americas: Fear of Freedom

Military academies face criticism for using prep schools to fill athletic teams

The Japanification of Germany: Dollar Rally Announces a Change in US Interest Rates

Gateway to Hell: The Threat of Ebola Grows Worse

US job market's lingering weak spot: stagnant pay

Breaking: Prosecutors Say John Doe is an Investigation into Walker's Individual Actions

Putin's New Russia: What the Future May Hold for Eastern Ukraine

How Not to Win Hearts and Minds in Africa: Hushed Pentagon Investigation Slaps U.S. Africa Command's

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: The Beater

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: GOP/CONgress

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The big E's

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

Shut California’s Fukushima: Diablo Must Go

New Email Release Shows: Peter King Demanded an Investigation To Find Journalist's Sources Like Pete

Steel and Blood: America's Racial Cancer

When Did Americans Become the Enemy?

Power Plants Heading Out to Sea in Post-Fukushima Japan

Missouri lawmaker, wife, ask court for contraception insurance exclusion

New York Times, Chrystia Freeland, on Ukraine: ‘This is not a civil war.’

Just Say No

Ukraine: the Next Christian Right’s Anti-Gay Battleground?

Swapping Piers Morgan for James Corden 'like act of violence', says America

Scottish referendum too close to call as London offers more powers

10 states report enterovirus outbreak in kids

Home Depot admits hack attack dates back to April

Rakuten of Japan to Buy Ebates, a U.S. Rebate Site, for $1 Billion

Moms' Group Calls Out Kroger's Gun Policy In Unprecedented New Ad Campaign

Noam Chomsky: ISIS and Our Times

The Inevitable F-35

Deepa Kumar: Manufacturing the Terrorist Threat: From the 1970s to the Obama Era

We Should Start Tipping America's Super-Broke Fast Food Workers

Worker dies at Bridgeton (MO) refrigeration factory

Orthorexia: When 'pure' eating goes too far, victims' health, life suffers

Federally-Funded, Universal Pre-K Has Overwhelming Public Support

Bulls reach out to Ray Allen's reps

Bernie Sanders, John Nichols and Chris Hedges all speaking at the same forum. Where is that!!??

Sources: GM Danny Ferry's reference to Luol Deng's African heritage initiated Hawks investigation

Flaunting Wider "Latitude," US Military Confirms More Strikes in Iraq

No! Federal Judge Concerned That Freedom Industries Won't Pay For Elk River Cleanup

1 Interview Request W. Canadian Scientist Produced 110 Pages Of Emails Within 16 Different Agencies

The Fight to Save America’s Last Great Ocean Liner

Release the video tape!

Acidic Seawater Makes It More Difficult For Mussels To Stick To Rocks, Fishery Ropes

Main points of the MH17 crash report

WMO: Global GHG Growth Rate At Record Highs In 2013

Apparently the Air Force has changed a little bit since I retired nine years ago.

Indian PM Modi Will Not Attend NY Climate Meet; Hints Emerge (A) Doesn't Care (B) He's A "Skeptic"

IDF credited with saving Irish troops from jihadists on Golan

Gambia Passes Anti-Gay Bill Imposing Life Imprisonment For Some Same-Sex Acts

The additional disrespect in the tape of Ray Rice and his fiancee is the constant loop

Canada Now World Leader In Degradation Of Large, Pristine Forests

Putin's actions in Ukraine spark massive brain-drain in Russia

Running out of time...

Abbas wants UN to replace US as leading negotiator in peace talks, aide says

Religious fundamentalists try to prove fetal DNA in vaccines causes autism and fail

J.K. Rowling Defends Gay Dumbledore on Twitter

Shots From an Incredible New Trove of Depression and World War II Photos

Plumline: Don’t be fooled by new GOP enthusiasm for over-the-counter birth control

Today is NYS primary day.

DeCock: Fear of Russia’s anti-gay laws keeps parents from seeing son compete

Tarantino Tarantinoed...

Concerned Veterans for America anti-Braley ads ruin my wasting time on youtube.

For those voting today please explain why you are voting for your candidates?

At least the mac and cheese won't be cause for a divorce

Here is a real journalist; not a corporate media hack.

A bored child meets the President.....

Chuck Todd just KNOWS why Obama says 'ISIL' instead of 'ISIS'

Authorities demolish 9 structures in Khirbet Ar-Rahwa in the South Hebron Hills

Seven things to watch for on Primary Day

Another right-wing government cracks down on NGO's (after Russia and Egypt)

After ordering schools for years to follow Common Core, Corbett suddenly starts to attack standards

There's an easy way to avoid Fox & Friends: "Use the remote."

Capital State Senate election tracker: Primary Day 2014

Wife defends Ray Rice, slams media

Ferguson Sets Broad Change for City Courts

Both Clintons seem to like war criminals

An environmentally friendly drill rig: New engines slash emissions, costs associated with petroleum

Depraved Justice (Scalia)

Iraq's Shi'ite militia, Kurds use U.S. air strikes to further own agendas

Rights group: African Union soldiers raped, exploited Somali women, girls

From Janay Palmer, Ray Rice's wife:

Upstate New York News Thread Sept. 9.

Report: Islamic State has big cache of U.S.-made arms

What Victory for Women's Rights Looks Like

Former Sen. John Warner visits submarine namesake

Lawsuit: Few service members' cars delivered on time

Will Abbas carry out threats if his peace plan is rejected?

The Burning Bed: One of the most horrifying movies I've ever seen.

Allegheny County's Fitzgerald says he’ll veto ‘In God We Trust’ motion

It's PRIMARY DAY, you bass.... er, I mean, you VO-TAHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S. Truett Cathy, 93, Chick-fil-A Owner, Dies

But she just wanted to be friendly...

Casino developers paint rosy pictures of economic boon

Why Congressional Republicans don’t want to vote on a resolution authorizing military action

David Foster Wallace was right: Irony is ruining our culture

How to End War as a Racket

Thoughts on the election?

Lawsuit filed in fatal Hunter Army Airfield helicopter crash

How Many Americans Live on Less Than $2 Per Day?

LOL: Fox & Friends Hosts Ask: "How Much Would It Help" If Obama Called Bush For War Advice?

Taxpayers Cover Coast Guard Private-Party Patrols

Senate moves forward with amendment to the Constitution on elections

Robocall Transcript From ‘Bill the Blog Geo’ Urges a Vote for Gov. ‘Carmel’

How Many Americans Live on Less Than $2 Per Day?

A 1%-er is my neighbor. Here is how you can tell when you have too much money...

Ever wonder why the Trivago dude is so scruffy looking and sporting his 3-day old shadow?

'Alarm bells' as greenhouse gases hit new high: UN

Underdog Zephyr Teachout 'running to win'

Another Ebola patient coming to Emory in Atlanta

British woman, 25, held in notorious Iranian prison after being arrested during rights protest

You have the world, your fur baby only has you...

Boy! that was dumb! For about 6 months now, I've had occasional bouts of

So, when will Ray Rice be arrested and charged?

Crowd Funding Civilized Revolution

Hi From Texas

Republicans just can’t get enough of Dick Cheney

'Ozzie and Harriet' house lists at $4.995 million

A picture is worth a thousand words...

More ‘Racist’ Literature Hits Brooklyn Assembly District

"I can't solve all your problems.....I'm just a phone."

Lebanon -- Protest in solidarity with female victims of terror

Halloween is coming. My favorite time of year.

Sanders, Warren, and Clinton support military action against ISIS

Why am I always reminded here on DU that women can be abusive just like men?

None of this really matters - Ray Rice DV, Ebola, ISIS

When the cute bomb explodes, it affects everything within its radius of squee...

Terry, Kim Pegula Reportedly on the Verge of Winning Bidding for Buffalo Bills

White privilege: An insidious virus that’s eating America from within *Good Read

Chuck Todd....1st Class Dumbass

Why Labor Matters in the Fight for Racial Justice

Oops! Bridge over Christie's troubled water - Email to Bill Baroni - “Turn the {expletive}s in,”

GOP congressman calls firing gay people one of the 'freedoms we enjoy'---“It’s like smoking bans."

Is ISIS going to put millions of children out of their homes, homeless and starving?

Nutter Agrees To Sign Bill Softening Marijuana Laws in Philadelphia

NYC Metro and LI news thread Sept 9.

What College Students Can Teach Us About Beheadings and Our Own System of Capital Punishment

St. Ronnie: it's racist to suggest that American slavery was a racial issue.

Jesus was a Marxist

Slow Pace of Change at Port Authority

Another reason to hate ISIS: they messed up the latest "Doctor Who" episode (spoilers)

State of the Birds live!

Report: ‘Credentials inflation’ locking people out of good jobs

We Could Have Stopped This (Ebola)

Poll finds Pennsylvania, New York at odds on fracking

Rachel Maddow - Christie sets record for credit downgrades

Photo of the Day

Pat Buchanan: Immigrants A 'Greater Threat' Than ISIS

I believe I can fly Pt.5...

Letterman needles Chuck Todd with new show segment

When you fuck with the bull...

State GOP chairman defends GPS tracking of Long Island Democrat

Rachel Maddow - Do-nothing Congress hurts ISIS fight strategy

I'm guessing that the road was a little TOO rocky.

What is a "High Energy Object"?

Murder and Migration in Honduras: Immigrant America

Lost Franklin expedition ship found in the Arctic

If you spray some cold water on him, he'll stop doing that.

Arizona's Undocumented Immigrants See Revival Of Church-Based 'Sanctuary Movement'

More than 100 teens swarm Memphis plaza, 'knocking out' shoppers

9/11-era ignorance of Islam is infecting the age of Isis. We should know better

Obama: ‘Hitting a woman is not something a real man does’

Quotables: Mike Ditka concerned about Ray Rice's earning power, Ray Lewis distances himself from his

why was ray rice allowed to avoid jail for punching his wife

Dr. Bryan Fischer: Those With HIV Should Be 'Quarantined Like Ebola Patients'

Hard Lessons: 100 Onions Grown by Maine 5th-Graders Stolen

Fringe Pastor James David Manning Wonders If Michael Sam Will 'Marry A 9-Year-Old Boy'

NFL never contacted casino to view Ray Rice tape: TMZ report

What can society do the make it less acceptable to beat your wife or girlfriend?

Trump casinos file Ch. 11, threaten Taj closure

Crazy advertisement

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Digs New Tunnels in Gaza

Rachel Maddow - Abuse video brings unprecedented shame to NFL

Beware of Dominionist rhetoric in discussion of anti-ISIS policy!

ok, who else is making room on the DVR for The Roosevelts?

The woman who started #WhyIStayed on Twitter: Sort of Endorses Teachout-Wu

Swiss gun laws are looser than California, Hawaii, Massachusetts and New Jersey

Columbia Places Fourth in US News and World Report's Best Colleges List

People who call Janay Rice "an idiot" are, themselves, idiots

Nuns to pope: Revoke 15th-century doctrine that allows Christians to seize native land

Time to end the bloody Ukraine conflict

The Best Commentary on Ray Rice's Suspension Comes From Joe Biden

Big churches, big bucks: Southern senior pastors take top salaries

What Janay Rice doesn't seem to understand is that this is unacceptable behavior. It is criminal

Has Chuck Todd apologize to Obama about the Syria comment?

Pic Of The Moment: Stay Classy, Fox News

Way to go Murka! Goons with guns duded up in military fatigues were joy-riding on ATVs.

One-man anti-immigrant "orgnization" guy makes up yet more bullshit...

Biden: stop blaming women for their abuse, dammit!

Profits Soar As Pentagon Leans on Private Corporations for Special Ops

How insightful is Stephen Cobert? When he said bush believes on Wed

Red-State Cities Find Euphemisms To Prepare for Global Warming

Todd Starnes makes up yet more "Us Kriss-chuns iz bein' picked on!" bullshit.

The Twenty-Eight Pages

Lt. Gov. Lavon Heidemann resigns, withdraws as Ricketts' running mate

Thom Hartmann: How to power Planet Earth

Thom Hartmann: Racist Policing in America

*** Gets out her box of letters and posts Sunday's Sermon at the DU Church ***

Obama finalizing plans to have your tech job replaced by foreigners

Junior's won't be selling Brooklyn location for condos after all

Anyone on Ideal Protein or using alternatives?

Catastrophic Floods are the new normal in Pakistan


New from Robert Plant's latest album

Birds adapting to climate change

Freeman: AG’s FOIL rejection argument is ‘a stretch’

You Say ISIL, I Say ISIS. Let's Call the Whole Thing Off.

President Obama To Address The Nation On Islamic State Wednesday At 9 PM

Serena Williams Is America’s Greatest Athlete

China Expected To Pass The United States As The World's Top Economy By 2024 - See more at: http://ww

Holly Bobo

Fox News Hosts Think Domestic Violence Against Women Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Dick Cheney urges Republicans to take hardline military stance against Isis

DiNapoli: Infrastructure spending has declined

Every Atheist Needs: "Waking Up" by Sam Harris

Madden 15 to remove Ray Rice in roster update

Terminology turmoil

Pastor Mark Driscoll Called Women ‘Penis Homes’

Obama, ISIS, Kissinger and Clausewitz: American Military Force in Religious Conflicts

Hourly 5-minute walks 'reverse arterial damage caused by sitting'

De Blasio Won’t Commit to Adding New Cops Next Year

Siegelman Judge Mark E Fuller got off scot-free for Domestic Violence, just like Ray Rice...

Why President Yanukovych fled Ukraine--by Ukrainian journalist JV Koshiw

Moderate Republicans endorse Democrat Sherow over Huelskamp (Kansas)

Cuomo to choose from list of 7 for Court of Appeals

Petition Calls On Obama Stop Intimidation Of Journalists And Whistleblowers

National Geographic has done it again!...

Fake Jerry Jones: Kaepernick looked like someone who would hold you up at an ATM.

Is the Catholic Church ‘Evolving’ on Gay Marriage?

Single Americans Now Compose More Than Half the U.S. Population

Toon: I'm feeling great!

Egypt's " homosexuality tests"

Paul Krugman: Obamacare Life Spiral

Interesting debate around the Monty Python movie 'The Life Of Brian'.

MoJo: A "Convention" for militarization of US police? What we saw...

Councilman and NY Senate hopeful Fernando Cabrera cries foul over omission from voter list

Demonstrators at Andrew Cuomo's primary poll site: What the frack, Governor?

"Million Biker March" (translation: less than a hundred) rally planned for DC...

Who Knows What 'The Levant' Is?

Job Openings in U.S. Were Little Changed in July at 4.67 Million

Apple's having no good very bad day.

As predicted, “Voodoo Economics” has created a “Zombie Economy”.

Sotloff Family Criticizes US For Ineptitude During Crisis

Ravens Offering Ray Rice Jersey Exchange As Domestic Violence Video Fallout Continues

Apple announcing new iPhones

Medical Marijuana:Chile to Open First Farm, Produce Cannabis Oil to Treat Cancer

Gay Culture Is Dying. Good Riddance!

Because, well, we can never see it enough!!!!

Bummer ... Apple's live event has been less than technologically impressive

3 million petition signatures to overturn Citizens United delivered to Congress

New Particle Detector Could Reveal Universe's Missing Antimatter

Papantonio: Obama’s Union Busters

NY has a new college with a new name

Anyone familiar with

13 Hours in Benghazi Book - BUSTED Mike Rodgers confirms authors telling tales to make money

Why I stopped saying America’s Pledge of Allegiance

VIDEO: Volcano Explodes With Shock Wave, Roaring Sonic Boom

HappyBirthday, StarTrek! Today in 1966, the first episode of TOS aired.

Dinner Plans for 10/31

No-cost energy for all.

LA Times Reporter Caught Falsifying Articles with CIA

Saudi Arabia Fast-Tracks Nuclear Power

In light of Ray Rice assaulting on his wife, and the victim blaming going around:

Flying Through an Aurora

None of MSNBC 'left' programs discussed Chuck Todd's disastrous performance.

Son of former New York ilander arrested in death of former New York Ranger Derek Boogaard

Funny! Don't mess with little old ladies!

NBA Player Captures Police Officer’s Generosity Toward Homeless Man

Ferguson proposes municipal court reforms, adding police review board

Cuomo: No ‘emotional’ fracking decisions

NBC producer busted for secretly taping sex with girlfriend, posting it online

Most infuriating story of the day, man beats girlfriend's kids bloody, gets one year.

"Plane Shootdowns in the Propaganda System" (An Interesting History of U.S. MediaLies)

Noam Chomsky on Scottish Independence : Statehood and Power (Recorded at MIT)

620,000 Military Families Rely On Food Pantries - Michelle Chen Discusses

Here is the next domestic abuse the NFL should deal with

Investigations still open at 93 VA facilities

Why we shouldn't be watching the Ray Rice video -


Two accused of spraying doe urine on WalMart merchandise

Steven Sotloff: moderate rebels 'sold his location to Isis militants for $50,000'

I'm asking everybody on the DU for help

Church, state: what's the difference?

Reform candidate closes gap in race to be California schools chief

Paypal and Ebay embraces Bitcoin

Okay, I heard about the Autistic kid, duped ...

Dick Cheney Tells GOP It's Time To Restart The Iraq War Machine

Remember Hypatia.

Stunning WWII photos, pre-war to post-war. 20 sections. The Atlantic 2011.

Pat Robertson: ‘Blessed Are The Fully Armed’ IN CHURCH, ‘Theirs Is The Kingdom of Heaven’

Ruth Rosen: Violence Against Women Act 20 years later

Gambia introduces bill to make homosexuality punishable with life in prison

Dinner!! September 9, 2014.

Thousands of Migrants Forced to Leave Israel, Rights Group Says

Saturation 70: the Gram Parsons UFO film that never flew.

Apologies - am I committing a TOS violation?

FRA proposes rulemaking to prevent unintended train movements

Remember Gary Webb?

The Ukraine Civil War - First time ever the IMF loans out monies

Under Militia Power, Libya Closer To Failed State

So what should they rename Jerry Dome?

U.S. judge re-sentences Jose Padilla to 21 years on terrorism charges

Bob McDonnell could possibly lose his pension

Big Ten Teleconference: Bo Pelini (coach at NU) talks about Ray Rice

Listen folks not one person on GEM$NBComcast has ever called

Greenhouse Gases Hit Record High Amid Fears of CO2 Saturation Point

Philly About To Decriminalize Marijuana

August on The Mountain...

PPP: Crist has 3-point lead over Scott in FL Governor Race

Apple jumps into wearable fray with Apple Watch smartwatch

Grover and Taysom

PPP: MI Gov race tight Snyder (R) has 1-point lead

Bill O'Reilly: There's No White Privilege, There's Asian Privilege

0.25% Test Positive for Drugs in Welfare Drug Screening

Ok folks, how should my friend respond to this email

Pizza Apologizes To Victims Of Domestic Violence

Georgia GOPer Complains About Early Voting, Excessive Black Voting

60 Minutes, Gingrich Conflicts Helped Spark Major Journalism Group's Ethics (cough) Code Overhaul

To Fix The Economy, Let's Print Money & Mail It To Everyone

These 3 Gay Republicans Are Running for Congress -- and the national party is backing them.

Institutionalized Gaslighting

Misogyny and the Catholic church

Voted at 2 pm and was voter number 21. N/t.

White House: Expect few details in Obama speech on cost, length of ISIS campaign

Poll: 2/3 people of Faroe Islands support marriage equality

MSNBC May Have Given Chuck Todd A Pass - But Letterman Didn't

One of the most brutal take downs I've ever seen by a news interviewer.

Blast in Syria kills 28 leaders of Islamist group - monitor

Paris is Overwhelmed by the Jihadi Threat

French Jihadi Mehdi Nemmouche Is the Shape of Terror to Come

Paypal to Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Elizabeth Warren: Destroy ISIS immediately, increase surveillance and tracking of Americans abroad.

Do you guys ever wonder how Andrew fucking Sullivan became an acceptable gay person

Toronto Review: Jon Stewart’s Rosewater (BBC)

A.G. settles with state’s largest insurer

Republicans Had GPS Secretly Placed On Democratic Assemblyman’s Car

FINALLY!!! some good polling for our side on Michigan Senate and Governor

Unable to pay soldiers due to $101M budget shortfall, National Guard units in Nebraska, Iowa....

Turkey aided rise of Islamic State, yet NATO promises to defend Turkey from Islamic State

What alert condition is suitable for the ISIS threat

MLK “War is the enemy of the poor” !! Stop the War on the Poor !!

Job interview question (and vibes needed)

White House says beheaded U.S. journalist not 'sold' to Islamic State

Blacks Aren't Educated Voters

Only eight more entries needed for the September contest.

Appalachian Residents Rally At The White House To End Mountaintop Removal Mining Pollution

September photo contest

Bravo Florida Dems - Rick Scott

FEC not 'Ready for Warren'

#johndoe brief filed by prosecutors available online here: Talks about illegal activity of "a candid

Florida deputy's son accidentally fires dad's gun: hits four people

The Hill: Obama to address nation on ISIS in prime time

Rejected Professor Salaita Wants U. of I. Job or Else He'll Sue

This new U2 album is amazing

"I think that people want peace so much that one of these days....

Ben Carson: if you want to know Pres. Obama, read 'Mein Kampf'

How to cook perfect Welsh rarebit

David Paterson Probably Wouldn’t Have Debated Zephyr Teachout Either

Broadway to Dim Lights for Joan Rivers After Controversy

Wu: Cuomo closing with ‘outright lies’

California Governor Brown promises to sign mandatory sick leave bill

NRA promotes "situational awareness" for Kroger shoppers as Bloomberg backed gun control group

NSA Whistleblower Joins AE911Truth in Calling for Real 9/11 Investigation - GRTV Feature Interview

Sources: Espinal won’t support ban on horse-drawn carriages

Anyone know if the senate voted on Citizen's United? Wasn't that today?

Congress approval in the toilet because of Republican obstruction. Don't vote for more obstruction!

House votes to condemn administration over Taliban prisoner swap

No threats to North America: Invests 91L and 94E, Tropical Storm Fengshen in Pacific

Why the world should care about Scottish independence

I can't tell you if the use of force in Iraq today would last five days, or five weeks,or 5 months

XLNT!!! Hey White People: A Kinda Awkward Note to America by #Ferguson Kids

Democrats Are Squandering an Opportunity to Expose The Republican Agenda

Broadway League Reverses Decision, Will Dim Lights For Joan Rivers

Former NATO General Kujat: I don't believe evidence of Russian invasion

If anyone is looking for an election job in Denver please PM me

NYS Board of Election website for results for todays primary.

Fox News Suffers Major Legal Defeat to TVEyes

Birth Control is Sinful in the Christian Marriages and also Robbing God of Priesthood Children!!

Police: Dad, Football Coach Get Into Armed Conflict Over Playing Time


Cartoon: The NFL and Concussions

Lawsuit: Former exotic dancer accuses Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of sexual assault

Apple stock falls after announcements

Bodies of 5 missing Lexington Co. children found in Alabama

Forbes Magazine: Obama "best economic president of the modern era"

Teachout Claims to Have Already Taught Cuomo a Lesson

North Carolina and West Virginia DUers

Streets flooded, manhole covers off as afternoon storm pounds Omaha area

Massive hanging coral gardens found off Mount Desert Island

San Jose police can tap into volunteer residents' cameras under newly-approved program

my son took this with his cell phone

Just a thought: DU should take part in this Net Neutrality protest.

Gay People Made A Straight Man Cry With Their Response To The Question 'Is Being Gay A Choice?'

I don't know why she married him

Carter, Biden, Obama seem to like war criminals

Photo Slideshow: ‘Knit a Brick’ protesters take a ‘wall’ to the Capitol

How about showing some of your runners up for the contest "LINES"

Rick Santorum: Let’s Call Secularism a Religion So It Can Be Banned From The Classroom

body question, might happen to you too

A question for my fellow Atheists

2 more hours left to vote in NYS.

Allegheny County's Fitzgerald says he’ll veto ‘In God We Trust’ motion

Bay Village, Ohio Police ID Ice Bucket Pranksters

House condemns Obama for prisoner swap

Medical marijuana is in trouble. We MUST GOTV!

Texas Lt Gov. David Dewhurst: Unaccompanied Minors Are A 'Mirage'

How the Top Iraqi Terrorist Was Helped by a Bush-Signed Agreement

(Mark) Udall apologizes for comments on slain hostages

Maine Republicans release secret recording of Democrat criticizing Michaud

Why Hillary Clinton's hawkish pro-Israel stance won't hurt her, even with the Democratic Party base

Cruel Former Owner of Raju the Elephant Vows to Put Him Back in Chains (petition just added)

Jed York explains why 49ers haven't sat Ray McDonald (accused of domestic violence)

Ahhhhh... Election season..

Medical marijuana is in trouble. We MUST GOTV! (xpost from Florida group)

Koch-supported Thrasher makes list of finalists for FSU.

UN, Palestinians call for $550 mn in Gaza aid

Why did Ray Rice marry someone he assaulted and disrespected so much?

I just voted for Zephyr Teachout and Timothy Wu in the Dem primary.

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy leaves 20-cent tip on $61.56 bill, restaurant says

Pat Robertson on Crack?: ‘Blessed are the fully armed’ in church, ‘theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven’

Malaysia Airlines Whodunnit Still a Mystery

‘Most of us think we did the right thing in Iraq’

Multimillionaire leaves 20 cent tip on $61.56 check (0.3%)

The History of Battered Women.

NPR says "this election is about nothing, really..."

Calls to Ban Triclosan Surge

NFL commissioner Goodell does not rule out Ray Rice return to football: ‘He has paid the price’

Bertrand Russell's Message to the Future

Chomsky: How Long Before Israel Invades Gaza Again?

Why is Floyd Mayweather lauded while Ray Rice is banished?