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Archives: December 12, 2015

Does Hillary make Trump look a little less bad?

Texas Constable Urges Residents To Take Up Arms Against Migrant Children Housed In A Church Camp

My current favorite solstice song...

Gene Autry: The Cowboy Code.

Ted Cruz’s Shameful Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Ok, so people are supposed to save for their retirement AND for their children's college fund????

The Economy Is Improving, So Washington Has Decided It's Time To Screw You

Paranoid about "gun control"?

"Banning Muslims: 25 Questions and Comments for the Pitch Fork Mob"

Petition: Tell "ABC World News Tonight" to give more coverage to Bernie Sanders

Possible arson fire damages California mosque

Sanders winning in New Hampshire (by 10% in newest poll), Maine, Utah, Vermont (plus Iowa update)!

Mitch McConnell: Trade deal vote after 2016 elections

Black Lives Matter is NOT a civil rights movement!

OK, the hell with it. I'm watching "The Man Who Came to Dinner" on TCM.

It’s official: The Bush tax plan loses trillions and worsens inequality

Clinton helped write the first 9/11 health bills in the Senate when she represented NY

Martin Shkreli’s Latest Plan to Sharply Raise Drug Price Prompts Outcry

Beehive Fences in East Africa Protect Farms from Elephants

Episode 38 of has just been released

We asked 6 pollsters if Trump could win the general election. Here's what they said.

FBI Missouri: Prepaid Phone Bulk Purchases, Propane Tank Theft Puts Police On Alert

To Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Is No Longer a Laughing Matter

Why is Martin Shkreli so interested in antiparasitic drugs?

Come and get your endless war. And profit stream.

Where's the snow??!!

What is a bigger threat to your safety?

You’re more likely to be fatally crushed by furniture than killed by a terrorist

Banksy Drawing Of Steve Jobs Turns Up At Refugee Camp

Bernie Sanders Calls Out The Biased Corporate Network News For Blacking Out His Message

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. TGIF! Bob Kincaid is here & a new Kitteh gif

Friday Talking Points (372) -- Not Funny Anymore

Stories from the Road: And I have a bachelor's degree goddammit!

Will DU exist in 100 years?

He's Big. He's Bad. He's Tiny Face Trump

Report: ABC World News Tonight Has Devoted 81 Minutes To Trump, One Minute To Sanders

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Play One For Hanukkah

The Republicans are being mean!

Former Chilean soldier charged with murder after stunning radio confession

Former Chilean soldier charged with murder after stunning radio confession

Bernie Sanders leverages Boston app maker to rally supporters

'Don't Trump On Me'.....

Day 10 of 24x7 coverage of "Islamic terrorists." What about the "Christian terrorist"?

U.S. oil export ban 'very likely' to be lifted in spending bill: source

Great Carl Sagan quote: "A celibate clergy is an especially good idea

Koterba toon: Statue of Liberty?

Family sues as video casts new light on police killing of Mario Woods

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-10-15

Putin Tells Defense Chiefs to Strengthen Russian Nuclear Forces

I kicked a foul-mouthed bastard out of the clinic today.

High School Students Jailed for Fashion Faux Pas

Any John Wayne fans? We just watched Hondo in 3D for the first time

Judge Refuses to Toss Charges Against Texas Attorney General

John Williams, popular 6th man with Cavaliers, dies at 53

Thanks Donald: ’Muslim motherf*cker’: NY man launches glass-smashing attack on cafe staffers

some times Right wing bigots get trolled.. this was rather funny! and yeah he supports Trump.

What'cha gonna do when DU is offline for a couple days?

Islamic State can make fake Syrian passports: U.S. report

Hillary Clinton is going to appear in Broad City's upcoming third season

May have been posted already, but here it is.

More Good cops: California Cop Won’t Be Charged for Shooting Man After Rollover Accident

To the Donald Trump-led GOP: We Will Fight You and We Will Win

Since DU will be down anyway....

How many will be canvassing for Bernie in Iowa Saturday?

Cthulhu Withdraws from race: Concedes "Not Evil Enough" for modern GOP

Venezuela Opposition Mayor Aims to Dismantle State Electricity (& water) Firm(s)

John Boehner: Republican Representatives Pass Bill to Strip Ex-Speaker of the House of Office Rights

Actor, Comedian George Lopez Endorses Bernie Sanders

Meanwhile, back at the White House...

Gun linked to Paris attacks traced back to Florida arms dealer implicated in Iran-Contra scandal

Will you be able to develop a DU smartphone app?

Does Bernie want some cheese with his whine?

in case anyone cares, there's an online poll that Bernie Sanders isn't winning...

Dave Johnson: Does Clinton Really Oppose TPP? There Is A Test For That

The good guy with the gun

What Hillary Gets (And Bernie Sanders Doesn't) About Wall Street

Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters

What it like living in Eugene?

Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo announce resumption of iconic Thursday marches after 10-year hiatus.

What's everybody doing while DU is down?!1 Am going to *miss* ya!1

Poll: Millennials support sending troops to fight ISIS, wouldn't serve if US needed more soldiers

Armed 'patriots' turn protests toward Muslim Americans

100% Accurate Election Predictors Say Bernie Sanders Will Be President

Kapitan Krispy Kreme, the Tonnage On Loan from Hell, and his climate change hypocrasy exposed

This afternoon I was listening to Science Friday on NPR and...

Why did secret investors pay $140 MILLION for the Las Vegas Review-Journal?

The South Carolina Education Association Recommends Hillary Clinton for President

COP21:Climate deal final draft 'agreed' in Paris

Sanders calls for gun study funding after 1996 vote against similar research

Hillary Clinton on Broad City: Yas, Queen, Indeed With Amy Poehler as an added bonus.


Anti-LGBT Texas Officials Claim They're Being Bullied By Pro-Civil Rights Group

Can anyone here help these 4th graders expand on their recycling ATM idea?

Martin O’Malley Knocks Donald Trump During Mosque Visit.

Visiting a Northern Virginia mosque, O’Malley expresses solidarity with Muslims.

Hillary: The NRA want people to feel like the black helicopter are coming to take your guns.

Visiting a Northern Virginia mosque, O’Malley expresses solidarity with Muslims.

Using no more than three words, describe the average Trump supporter

Mike Dewine staunch anti-abortion Ohio State Attorney General.?

Minimum Wage Is Not a Livable Wage (Common Dreams)

Based on the strength of Blue States, the GOP is in trouble in the presidental election

Former Chilean soldier charged with murder after stunning radio confession

O’Malley Speaking at Mosque: ‘San Bernardino Does Not Define Islam’

O’Malley Speaking at Mosque: ‘San Bernardino Does Not Define Islam’

A victory for me today.


Rep. Molly White: Obama should “be arrested and tried for treason against the US”

Dear non-Muslim allies, here's how you can help

14 New MST3k Episodes have been funded via kickstarter!

Finished: Fiorina Iowa Town Hall Event Draws Only 14 People

O.K.. Main Stream Media..Here’s a poll for ya...

Dean Skelos, Ex-New York Senate Leader, and His Son Are Convicted of Corruption

The Iraq War: The root of Europe's refugee crisis.

Clinton Staffer Lorella Praeli To Become a Citizen With Obama At Ceremony

The roots of the refugee crisis....

Exclusive: Trump lead among Republicans undiminished in first poll after Muslim comments

Scott Walker's account of 2 caught in workplace sex doesn't match state's records

Something that stood out to me in Clinton's Democracy for America endorsement email.

Judge Denies Paxton's Motions to Dismiss Charges

In A First, Trump Goes On Offensive Against Cruz

We have Trump. Canada at hashtag #welcometoCanada puts us to shame.

Gay Iranian poet flees persecution, finds himself in Israel

Amazing words at #welcometocanada. Trudeau welcomes personally. We have Donald Trump...

Marco Rubio the top GOP choice among rich: CNBC survey

TYT: Man Screams At Muslim In Restaurant, Fights Employees...

Study Finds Unions Improve Teacher Quality, Lead To Lower Dropout Rates

ACLU Board Member Resigns After Urging People To Kill Supporters Of Trump

New report: Charter schools great at making money for private business, not much else

TYT: Carly Fiorina Grilled On Constant Planned Parenthood Lies

TYT: Republican Establishment Planning Party Coup If Voters Pick Trump

Daily Holidays - December 12

Obama signs stopgap bill averting shutdown

Conservative backlash grows against brokered convention

Veterans have 9/11-linked diseases, advocacy groups say

Billionaire Saudi prince: Trump should end campaign

15 Things You Didn't Know About Bernie Sanders

ABC, CBS, And NBC News Made An Intentional Decision To Ignore Bernie Sanders

What Clinton Gets Right, And Wrong, About Wall Street Reform

NO PLAN B - Beautiful, but haunting image from Paris UN Climate Conference

Only One Thing Can Stop Donald Trump

Anonymous Launches Operation Against Trump

Washington to Whomever: Please Fight the Islamic State for Us

‘I Didn’t See These Times Coming’: The Economic Despair Behind the Rise in Blue-Collar Deaths

IBEW Applauds DNC Decision to Drop WMUR Sponsorship of Next Debate

Marjorie Lord dies at 97; 'Make Room for Daddy' star supported L.A. cultural causes

Why did Turkey shoot down that Russian warplane?

Republican Senator Jeff Flake Visits Arizona Mosque

Sue Teller - Mashup Artist

Playing Christmas Carol on Church Bells

I thot I was watching CNN...

Donald Trump Brings Up Ted Cruz's Cuban Ancestry At Rally

Unsung and anonymous, we owe SO much to the world's multilingual translators...

US has most climate-change deniers of any country surveyed

Serigne Diouf - The Man Whose Girlfriend Was Punched by a drunk racist in Bellingham, WA

Bernie Sanders Will Become President

'Ambitious and Transparent' climate change deal unveiled in Paris

Signs of a dying empire that becomes dangerous

Voting will be cut off for the Autumn Contest Finals by the server upgrade for DU

Climate Justice Movement "Extremely Disappointed" in COP21 Draft's "Failure to Step Up"

Agreement in Paris Paves Road For The End of Fossil Fuels

LSU Sigma Chi fraternity closed by international organization and kicked off campus

Charles Barkley on Donald Trump

Burundi crisis: At least 34 bodies found in Bujumbura

Can anything stop America’s savage gun epidemic? By Mark Morford

Why do some people say an area is flat like it's a bad thing?

Two thirds of Trump's wives were immigrants ...

I hereby nominate Dick Cheney ...

Say what you will...

Bernie's common sense comments on ISIS - August 2015

Weekly Address: Standing Strong in the Face of Terrorism

St. Petersburg's Car Plants Face Closure Over Anti-Turkish Sanctions

Russia plans $40 a barrel oil for next seven years as Saudi showdown intensifies

Ukraine Lawmaker Manhandles Prime Minister, Sparking Parliament Brawl

Millionaires feel VERY comfortable with Clinton... I don't want them feeling comfortable at all.

I wonder who will get in the last post before DU goes dark?

Need recommendation on your favorite Classic

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Mr. Amerikkka

Woman who shot at shoplifters vows to 'never help anybody again' after conviction

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

American Nazi Party Chairman: Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Unrealistic

Garrison Keillor to join Hillary in Minnesota

They didn't think about the Sunday LOL cats!!!!

Sanders Releases ‘People before Polluters’ Climate Plan

Sanders Releases ‘People before Polluters’ Climate Plan

USA: The 3 White Men

Maduro threatens people: he won't built 500,000 houses he promised because they didn't vote for him

Warren vs. Scalia

who's worst Trump or this 17 year old boy

The Value of Fusion Friendships

Tenn. School Wins Right to Ban Gays and Women Who’ve Had Sex: ‘This Is Who We Are’

Hillary Clinton calls for removal of Confederate flag at The Citadel

Bernie Sanders: I’m Sick of Trump’s Anti-Muslim ‘Crap

Right-Wing Wall St. Financiers Launch Big Money Attack on Clinton

Hillary Clinton Hails Jon Stewart In Her Own 9/11 Push

Burundi: 28 people shot dead after deadly night in capital

Mason City & Iowa City Fighting for Us Town Hall with Hillary..Dec 16** AND Bam Bam!!

today's media in a nutshell

The Gambia now an Islamic republic, says President Yahya Jammeh


Korean economists present dire consequences for South Korean economy in 20 years

How Many People Have Been Shot Near You This Year?

Tony Goldwyn Canvass For Hillary! Des Moines, Iowa Dec 12

Americans aren't terribly impressed with other Americans.

Trump to GOP: 'I'm sorry I did this to you'

'Good without God': Nebraska atheists take over nativity to promote tolerance

From the brain of a bigot

OK Bernie People - What Can We Do To Help Get The Blackedout Info On Bernie Out To The Public?.....

Junk Bonds Are Tanking and Icahn Says Meltdown `Just Beginning'

The EU's Own China - Poland Has Biggest Coal Reserves, Worst Air Pollution In Europe

Why the junk bond selloff is getting very scary

Republicans DO IT All The Time.

Let's talk about your holiday shopping, shall we?


"Mock mass shooting" today at UT-Austin, with counter-demonstration. Who is "Murdoch PIZGATTI"?

NYT Rewrites Scalia to Make Him Sound Less Racist

On Scalia & Trump

The common man is being played

ISIS seizes Syrian government assets, gains access to passports and ID software

Everything Ted Cruz Said In NPR Climate Interview Was A Lie; Links, Annotation To Every Lie

The year is 2018. The American president is none other than Donald Trump. Surprised?

Alabama cops hold man down and beat him following car chase for pot possession

12 Essential Tips for Surviving the DU Downtime This Weekend

Was Chipotle too busy avoiding the fake dangers of GMOs to focus on actual food safety?

Phonebanking starts in one hour!

ROFL: Walt Handelsman on the Press and Donald Trump

Daily Climate - As Deniers' Ranks Shrink, They & Their Claims Are Only Going To Get Crazier

ND High School Under Fire For Rejecting Student’s Gun Photo From Yearbook

The Dilemma

Fusion friendships are one way to fight politics of fear

How do you get rid of a 'bible thumper' away from your door?

Warming Impact On Oceans' Long-Term Ability To Produce Oxygen Not Even Mentioned In COP Draft

Hillary Clinton touts economic plan at St. Louis campaign event

Lead Poisoning Victims Screwed Over By Structured Settlement Claims - The Ring of Fire

The Primary Campaign is NOW Over - H.A. Goodman Has Spoken

Hillary-->On the set of @broadcity season 3 with @abbijacobson, @ilazer and Amy!

Artist Recreates Captain America Punching Hitler With Ms. Marvel & Donald Trump

Sanders Campaign Decries ‘Bernie Blackout’ on Corporate Network News

Brand New AP-GFK Poll HRC Fav/Unfav 44/46-SBS 31/32 Could possibly win/not win HRC 78/17/SBS 37/56

Atlanta Approves Ambitious Streetcar Expansion Plan

Well, Look At THIS: Mass Shooting Casualties, by Religion of Perpetrator: Muslim vs. Non-Muslim

First political sign in a yard ever

NJ Rutgers-Eagleton Hillary 60% BS 19% MOM1%

TOON: Evil Has Many Faces

NJ Rutgers-Eagleton Hillary 60% BS 19% MOM1%

Hillary Clinton's career by the numbers

Bernie Sanders in Iowa this weekend - List of locations.

US Town fears solar farm would "suck up all the energy from the Sun"

METALLICA “One” - 2 Girls 1 Harp (Harp Twins)

Happiness and unhappiness have no direct effect on mortality, research suggests

Who else is afraid of being Left Behind?

A Michael Moore tweet from 2013.....Still accurate.

Who wants to vote to delay DU work until Sunday night

"Hey, LongGuns and Gals, listen up!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin on Facebook!!

Democratic 2016 candidates call for removal of Confederate flag from Citadel

Confederate groups rally behind battle flag in Christmas parade

Radicalized Couples.

Sanders Vs. Warren.

ISIS Employee Of The Month

Scalia's Upskirt

A black Confederate flag waver illustrates the absurdity of these monuments

Michael Moore: Where to Invade Next trailer

Confederate flag issue for students, school in Seneca (MO)

Bill Murray defends Muslims against bigotry: ‘There is a phobia about what Muslims are like"

The Navy’s newest ship breaks down, limps into port

In one ear, out the other.

GA school says teacher had no ‘ill intent’ asking Muslim student if she had a bomb in her backpack

If Senator Sanders wants more coverage by the network news,

NYT Rewrites Scalia to Make Him Sound Less Racist

MSF Afghanistan hospital airstrike death toll reaches 42

“Jingle Bells,” the recurring nightmare

Nearly 200 nations near historic deal to slow global warming

Fight breaks out in Ukranian parliament

H. A. Goodman Takes Political Writing to New Level

San Bernardino Health division to be staffed by temps

Today, December 12, 2015 12-12 OMG!!!

Oklahoma Republicans cut taxes now it has big budget hole.

11 Million Stories; Trumps Obscene Push for Mass Deportations

TYT: Middle Class Americans No Longer Majority

Saudi women vote for the first time in landmark election

"When I was a kid, I played _____________ in the Christmas pageant"

White Southerners Claim White Pointy Hoods Were for Fun Christmas Thing

Confederate battle flag controversy migrates to Many LA

Nation’s Oppressed Christians Huddle Underground To Light Single Shriveled Christmas Shrub

Starting to imagine that all this muslim talk in the U.S. might result in more atheism....

TYT: Rapist Cop Preyed On The Powerless

The Most Luxurious Airline Seat Would Offer a Private Canopy View

Now H.A. Goodman is trying to unskew the polls?

The Trial & My Cousin

Climate Change Is Making the Earth Wobble

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4: Trumpland Uber Alles Edition

FBI Recovers Items From San Bernardino Lake

Today Squab is featured on the Lounge lunch menu

YouTuber Mikey Bolts' TRUMP.

Atheist Richard Dawkins attacks liberals who defend Islam's homophobia and misogyny

TYT: LEAKED: Republican Elites' Terrified Trump Memo

Donald Trump Really Doesn’t Want Me to Tell You This, But …

Ted Cruz: As Gutless As Jeb Bush

Send a Christmas card to Don Siegelman,

Brave Lady’s Guns Seized For Shooting Into Crowd, How Is That Even Fair?

Hillary Ties All The Republicans To Donald Trump

TYT: Fake Inspirational Quotes Troll Your Idiot Facebook Friends

TYT: LA To Send “Dear John” Letters To Fight Prostitution

Does Bernie Sanders have another discussion group that we can join

TYT: Read The WHOLE Second Amendment

The ‘Defend Christmas Freedom Hotline’ is now open. Operators are standing by.

What the funding fight means for national parks

President Obama Praises Bernie

Majority Report: Sanders: Trump is Just Latest to Use Scapegoats to Mislead Voters

Maduro Announces Proposals to Renew the Revolution

Social media helps drive historic Cuban exodus to U.S.

Only a few weeks left until the deadline to register to vote in Colorado

Social media helps drive historic Cuban exodus to U.S.

Majority Report: Fake Climate Science for Cash

5 more days

Don’t Let Them Fool You: Exxon Doesn’t Give A Damn About Climate Change

AG Strange (AL AG): Being Drunk Doesn’t Invalidate Pistol Permits

Pope's visit to Juarez will include cross-border Mass

Now is the time to Join The Political Revolution!

Democracy, not oligarchy!

The Struggle Continues: Garifuna Land Defender Shot in Honduras

So, you're not voting for Bernie Sanders?

The left isn’t dead yet in Venezuela

Secular Talk: Ted Cruz Opposes Climate Science To Help 'Single Moms Waiting Tables'

Anyone else having problems with Win 7 update?

Anger yoga

Rerun of last year's "Why I love Obama" photo and words from daily.cos

Best Secretary of State in my life time

Confessions of a Hillary Shill

Father & son steal $40,000 worth of chicken wings from NY restaurant where they both worked

And that is what I will be doing as a candidate for President!!

Secular Talk: University Threatens 'Disciplinary Action' Over Palestinian Flag

Fictional "Equal Treatment News" front page cartoon

China Enters “Red Alert” Status As Climate Talks Wrap Up In Paris

Bernie Sanders has a very nice smile

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 12, 2015

Les hommes à poêles - Maybe I should have said: NAKED men?

"What Stinks in Saudi Ain’t the Camel Dung"--William Engdahl

World seals historic deal in Paris to stop global warming

December 12, 2000, a date that will live in infamy.

Anybody here a Union College (schenectady, new york) alum?

Barking up a couple of trees

A friend of mind said every time she sees Cruz she sees Grandpa Munster. What do you think.

Old Joke, New Faces…

Need Hope? Then you need to click this...

Fear not: More Americans support Bernie Sanders than Donald Trump — no matter what TV says

Hate speech is going mainstream

How warm is it in your area ????

The War on Christmas, Puritan edition

How a gay Iranian poet fleeing persecution ‘fell in love’ with Israel

Planned Parenthood Clinic’s Windows Busted Out

Woodrow Wilson’s racist legacy

4 Ways The TPP Will Affect Your Dinner Plate1

Happy 100th Frank!

What do you make of this "13 hours" movie.

Anyone on DU live in a 'tiny house' . . .

A Maine Mill Town and the 5,000 Refugees Who Call It Home

My tv viewing Christmas wish list

Anyone get there cholesterol and sugars down with a Paleo diet?

Fascism is knocking on the front door

Hillary's greatest strength

Best wishes to the progressive 2A defenders in DU...

Virginia Man With Ties to White Supremacist Group Sentenced in Murder for Hire Plot

Georgia teacher asks 13-year-old Muslim student if she has a bomb

How Fast Can It Change? Iowa Caucus Polling - December 2003 and December 2007

Klan figure to lead Stone Mountain rally

What if Trump was just trying to Punk the Republican party?

350 Infants Possibly Exposed to Tuberculosis by California Hospital Employee, Says Hospital

Teenager baseball pitcher to break Mexico gender wall

The Fargo Dome?

19 Most Powerful Photos Of Refugees Coming To Canada

Teenager baseball pitcher to break Mexico gender wall

For all wine lovers........... or even if you're not (Probably the best trick I've seen!).

Angela Merkel

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Working Until It’s Time for Your Grave (Common Dreams)

Thanks to Trump, fringe news enters the mainstream

Son: Don Siegelman held in solitary in La. prison

La Paz's cable-car system Teleferico a heady ride that bridges Bolivia's values

More Than 190 Countries Adopt First Global Climate Pact

Trump's GOP rivals should be thanking him

When talking about guns, terms matter. (repost from GD)

Influence of Earth's history on the dawn of modern birds

Influence of Earth's history on the dawn of modern birds

To beat Trump, you have to do more than call him a fascist

Question for DU administrators

Public sector workers feel sting of precarious jobs, data shows (The Toronto Star)

Democratic Race Stabilizes

Last call for circumcision, breast feeding, pit bull, smoking, PETA, Olive Garden posts before DU

Trump masters the art of demagoguery

John Oliver: Income Inequality

Burundi: one day, 87 dead

The Amazonian tribespeople who sailed down the Seine – video

Macri to rule by decree in Argentina, bypassing Congress, until March 1.

Putting it in perspective

Sen. Sanders: Media doesn't reflect reality in America

What Orwell can teach us about the language of terror and war - excellent read

HEY! Iowa Caucus - Feel The Bern

Bernie Sanders in Iowa this weekend

Karl Rove: Donald Trump Would Get 'Creamed' Up Against Hillary Clinton

I need some help on with Hillary & Bernie and Democratic posts.

Ring of Fire Video about Hillary Clinton's Legacy As Secretary of State

Full House for Bernie at Clinton (pics)

New Clinton Ad Highlights A Key Difference Between Her And Deluded GOP

Army-Navy game. The pre-game on field "Prisoner Exchange".

We have h8tful 8, ridiculous 6, now #JiveFive Supreme Court, Scalia and his buddies

I must not fear.

Donald Trump thinks Clarence Thomas is the best Supreme Court Justice.

Divers Recover Items During Search of Lake for Evidence in San Bernardino Massacre

I must not fear.

Help Save 170 Elephant Calves From Being Sold To China And Exploited For Entertainment E action

NYT: Alan Dershowitz on the Defense (His Own)

Ted Cruz Invited A Right-Wing Radio Host To Testify On Climate Science And He Gave This Insane Rant

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 13 - Christmas Mysteries

George Takei spreads a little love for Bernie: "For those who #FeelTheBern, some welcome news."

TCM Schedule for Monday December 14 - Girlfriends

Murder, Theft, Exploitation: How American Imperialism and Neoliberal Economics Conquered Latin Ameri

Murder, Theft, Exploitation: How American Imperialism and Neoliberal Economics Conquered Latin Ameri

Donald Trump: 6 Million People Over The Age Of 112 Are On Social Security

The Displacement Bomb Set to Explode San Francisco... and You’ve Never Even Heard of It

"Gun Shop" by artist/musician Alan Magee

Man arrested on hate crime and arson charges in fire at Coachella Valley mosque

Credo Petition urging Congress to censure Justice Scalia

Sanders' Iowa Supporters Try To Get New People Out To Caucus

White House hails ‘most ambitious climate change’ pact ever


John Kerry: Remarks at COP21 Plenary

Hillary Clinton statement on the Paris Climate Change Agreement

Bernie Sanders Releases Statement Blasting Campaign’s ‘Blackout’ in Corporate Media

Podesta to donors: Cruz is likely GOP nominee Read more:

Terror Plot Uncovered Overseas Names Chicago, Toronto As Potential Target

The 90 universities listed below support Donald Trump.

Welp, got alerted at DI

Chanting 'Russia!' 2,000 People In Montenegro Protest Against Plans To Join NATO

Mock mass shooting met by counter demonstrators in Texas

Woman charged with attempted murder in failed abortion

Just two hours left! Good thing I logged on now. nt

The Toxic 'Chemical Hypocrisy' Of Food Babe, Joseph Mercola And Mark Hyman

Watch: Fists Fly in Ukraine Parliament After MP Tries to Lift Prime Minister

Happy Birthday ~ Ol' Blue Eyes

I wonder how many pregnancies are going to occur because of the DU Blackout?

LOL..gun thread got locked because hosts have agreed...

Blink and you might have missed mock shooting protest near UT

Here in the Northern states -- I live in Oregon -- we can get Liberal radio -- how about the South?

6,000-year-old skeletons in French pit came from victims of violence

Good bye DU it has been real .... tribute videos .... 90 minutes to go until "the end."

Looking for a cell phone for visually impaired

A weekend of angst over Islam: Guns in Richardson, marchers in Dallas and a quiet conversation in Ir


Cruz Soars to Front of the Pack in Iowa Poll; Trump Support Stays Flat

Are you old enough to remember Christmas 1964 (or maybe 1965)?

The Dam Called Trouble -- Endangering over 400,000 in Dallas area

This is one worth watching in my opinion...

I may have just gotten a call from Don Siegelman. Is that possible?

*** DU will be down for an extended period of time starting Saturday 12/12 @ 8PM ET

100 minutes of DU left

*** DU will be down for an extended period of time starting Saturday 12/12 @ 8PM ET

Austinites turn out in droves for anti-gun 'mass farting' protest

Voting Democratic

Here's a little something to help us all with our difficult transition:

Afscme Union members out in Iowa today for Hillary....

Pot Brownies Found In Local Elementary School

Marco Rubio Is Winning the Neocon Primary

I'm back just in time for the shutdown

"We'll Meet Again" --- Johnny Cash

And the Heisman winner is...