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Archives: December 16, 2015

Limbaugh blasts Trump for his criticism of Cruz, likening Trump to the GOP 'establishment'—ooooooh!

‘Star Wars’ Premieres to Enthusiastic Thumbs Up in Hollywood

Fascism: It's what all the cool kids are doing these days

Ever heard of ReinBulls?

Robber calls Indian-American store clerk ISIS “terrorist” and shoots him in the face, reports say

God Repuklican candidates are in love with killing people

Republicans Panic As Hispanics Launch Massive Vote Campaign To Punish Trump & GOP

Community Wants Atheist Santa Billboard Taken Down

Tiny-Home Village in Dallas Aims to Revolutionize Homeless Care

Durbin Asks Pope Francis to Defend Gay US Official

Malala Yousafzai Has A Message For Donald Trump And Muslim Haters

Macri leaves ESMA concentration camp site w/o maintenance or grounds staff; fires 2,000 caretakers.

Rabbi Gets Decade in Prison for Divorce Coercion Ring

In 2008, Clinton was at 29.4%, Obama was at 27.7%, Edwards was at 25.5% the NIGHT BEFORE the caucus

Chelsea Clinton to Headline First Solo Fundraiser for Mother

US Supreme Court to decide whether tribal convictions count

"Fecal Transplant"???

Peru May Fine Kimberly-Clark for Alleged Price Fixing

Hearing: Did Chinese Drywall Company Hold Back Information?

'Affluenza' Teen Sought After Probation Officer Lost Contact

Clinton has maintained a solid lead nationally and in most early states over Sanders for much of..."

Where can I buy a bumper sticker that says I am not worried about ISIS?

Lindsay Graham is completely deranged!

Homan Square hearing listens to testimony on Chicago police practices

Homan Square hearing listens to testimony on Chicago police practices

In NH, Bernie Sanders Advocates For Expanding Social Security

Brand Spanking New Morning Consult Nationa Nat' l Poll -HRC 52% (+0) SBS 27% (-5) MOM 2% (+0)

12-13-15 Samuel Gompers dead IN 2:00

12-13-15 Samuel Gompers dead IN 2:00

Linda Ellerbee's farewell broadcast airs next.

12-13-15 Samuel Gompers dead IN 2:00

Hillary Clinton outlines plan to stop ISIS from recruiting online

American gun murder rate is obscene

12-14-15 Austerity No More-Workers Strike Back in 2:00

12-14-15 Austerity No More-Workers Strike Back in 2:00

12-14-15 Austerity No More-Workers Strike Back in 2:00

Did I just hear Mike Huckabee right? Did he just say that anyone who believes in separation of

Ban on CDC gun violence research ludicrous

Hillary Clinton Is Whitewashing the Financial Catastrophe

Question about Freddie Gray trials

Brand Spanking New Ipsos Reuters Poll (through today) HRC 60% SBS 29% MOM 3%

Tiny Mites Living on Your Face Hold the Key to Your Ancestry

Awww! So SPECIAL! Lil' Lin-Lin wantsta click his ruby red slippers 3 times and make GWB reappear.

There's been an Anderson Cooper sighting!

This animated gif could become useful, in case Lindsay Graham ever becomes famous

Lena Dunham to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Anybody here take Cymbalta for depression?

Is there a name for the Pagan thing?

Rinse Penis is talking about unifying the Repubican Party

"I'm glad he decided to wear his dad's suit on national TV"

Let's listen to 12-15-78 tonight! (Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band)

Huckabee...Did you catch...

I refuse to watch the debate tonight

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Multiculturalism is a Sham, Dec. 14, Washington Post.

Already I don't like this GOP debate formant

Hillary Clinton Unveils Plan to Stop Spread of ISIS

Oh, God-Ayla Brown singing the national anthem at Republican debate

Threat that closed down L.A. schools appears to be a hoax, congressman says

*******Might as well start a debate thread. I can't do this alone*******

Hillary Clinton Asks Tech Companies to Help Thwart ISIS Online

Jeb Bush LOL

Anyone have a link to tonight's debate?

Two people taking "selfies..."

And the award for Best Pander of The Debate goes to . . . .

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Hope and (Climate) Change & a new Kitteh gif

Florida Woman gets into argument at DMV - gets arrested

One ex-wife, four ex-girlfriends and one innocent teenager passing through the neighborhood.

God These Assholes Suck

NASA/Goddard - "99.999%" Chance 2015 Warmest Ever; Arctic/Siberian Temps 18F Above Historic Avg.

Rubio On Climate Agreement: "Unilateral Disarmament"; "Outrageous" And So On And So On

Just In Time! ExxonMobil Announces Opening For Climate Researcher

School hoax threats reminded me of this

El Nino Boosts Risks Of Amazon Fires; Associated Drop In Rainfall Coincides With Onset Of Dry Season

hahahah Jeb Bush watching party

***** Debate thread two*****

On the Interstate this morning I spotted a Ben Carson bumper sticker.

Its little Algorithms spinning. Its little Algorithyms writhing . . . .

"Latest Threads" Tab has been Hijacked And resolves to a Jfrog Web hosting sales & support site.

U.S. Navy commander warns of possible South China Sea arms race

American Kids Are Graduating From High School At Record Rates

Giffords helps start New Hampshire anti-gun violence group

***** Debate thread three*****

Democrats Ramp Up Redistricting Plans In Effort To Avoid Repeating 2010 Fiasco

I'm thinking there are RNC operatives embedded in the audience

I think Ben Carson has a dependency issue

Baby, it's coal outside!

Who is constantly coughing at the CNN R debate tonight? It's even out on the internet

Who is coughing?

Anybody else tired of hearing about political correctness?

Carly .... Nice outfit!

Rachel was just talking about Killer Mike for all you Bernie fans not getting

Bernie Sanders will win Democracy For America endorsement.

Tyrangiel on Twitter: This debate is to foreign policy...

Done. Wimped out.

Oak Island watchers...

Of course people like this support Cruz and tRump

How a married gay Catholic couple live their faith

Bernie Sanders Says Trump's Immigration Remarks Are 'Xenophobia' And 'Racist'

Reince Priebus sets the 2016 goal for the RNC: Competence

Beware: Someone Is Trying to Convince You That Bernie Can't Win

Fiorina may well be even more smarmy than Cruz.

Merriam-Webster: Searches for 'socialism', 'fascism' skyrocketing due to Sanders and Trump


Dick Wagging! Dick Wagging!

Court Rules Bush Administration Can Be Sued for Its "War on Terror" Conduct

Did Cruz just say that ISIS is now in the Rio Grande area of Texas?

*******DEBATE Thread 4 FOUR*******

Is Mike Rowe a total fraud and grifter?

Islamic extremist arrested in Germany on terror charge

Who would win: Jimmy Conway or Darth Vader?

Ted Cruz's festival of fraud

Venezuela Socialists seek to curtail opposition advantage

Careful Santa

Retired San Jose officer awarded $80 million over botched surgery

My kid and Santa (Spoiler Alert)

The theme of this debate was fear and loathing?

Cruz stopped when discussing deportation...

I think it's going to be Rubio/Haley

The worst group of GOP candidates...ever.

Who won the debate?

I predict a war with N. Korea in our future. It will be the next president's job to get...

Bush fumbling and stumbling through his closing statement

So Cruz won the debate? followed by rubio and Bush.

Texas sucks again: Suspends student for using "magical" hobbit ring in terroristic threats

In many ways it's a 2 person race

I keep trying to type "Jeb" and autocorrect keeps changing it.

So they called the 2012 GOP field the Clown Car.

NYC Christmas Eve Forecast: 72 and rain

Abbott extends National Guard order amid new border crossings

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 17, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: Treasures from the Disney Vault

It's all a clever plan by the GOP to rehabilitate

What Biden said about Giuliani holds for Christie

"Radical Islamic terrorists" and...

Compare Hillary's & MO'M's Statement on the PCCA to BS's and check out the Tweets‏

Nyeri Myeri Akumba (guess at spelling)

Mysterious newspaper sale...

How many here absolutely refused to watch the repuke mud wrasslin' contest tonight?

Cruz, "...I will utterly destroy ISIS..."

Which GOP candidate means more deaths for the USA

"To all our Muslim brothers and sisters this is your country too..." -Hillary Clinton

My Impression Of This Debate Is That All The Candidates - Kid Table And Main Debate....

Who are the republicans saying won the debate

feckless weaklings...

Kudos to NYC Mayor De Blasio and his police commissioner for not falling for the hoax terror threat,

Tomorrow morning

None of the Republican candidates mentioned Bernie Sanders at all tonight.

How do we fix the media?

Been trying to find the author of this song for a long time.

SF supes unanimously turn down plan to build new jail

GOP debate audience excited by prospect of killing noncombatants and innocents

I'm Canadian, moderately "left", and I say this bluntly.

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 18, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: Christmas Classics

Rudest fans award goes to.....

Contacting Sanders campaign

These people have no shame

Woe be unto those who chose the word 'Terror" for the drinkie word tonight....

"This country is a mess"

Abbott, Paxton Make Pitches for Nativity Scene

Texas extends National Guard order amid new border crossings

Horse Racetrack Shutdowns Loom Across Texas

"Be My Eyes" app pairs blind people with sighted volunteers via smartphone

Miami Republican files legislation in Congress to end automatic benefits for Cuban immigrants

Who is going to 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' this weekend?

AP FACT CHECK: Republican debaters go astray

Daughter, A, asked me to return to her in NJ,

One worthy obituary

Theology of government shutdown..Dominionists are coming.

Interesting stuff on Cruz, Dominionism, and govt shutdowns.

Death penalty rates plunge to lowest level in the US since 1970s

‘F*ck Trump’: Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike talk about Republican racism in the 2016 campaign

Should provincial liquor stores serve as neighbourhood pot dealers? (Toronto Star)

This was sent in the Monday e-mail for the Slayer merch store

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats With Carly Fiorina

SPLC: Candidates Who Criticized Trump's Muslim Ban Proposal Make Appearances at Anti-Muslim 'Summit'

Japan, South Korea stick to coal despite global climate deal

Facebook tests changes to 'real name' policy

Your Xmas Tree: Real; Fake; or None;

Synopsis of the CNN Republican Debate

The U.N. Sent 3 Foreign Women To The U.S. To Assess Gender Equality. They Were Horrified.

Culture as a source of health

Daily Holidays - December 16

"Politics in a Time of Crisis: Podemos and the Future of a Democratic Europe"

IKEA’s solar rooftop – the largest in Missouri – installed by women-owned, union contractor

Chelsea Clinton to step up role in her mother's campaign

The best candidate last night was actually

Ryan unveils sweeping $1.6T deal on government funding, taxes

State officials outline proposed $42 million upgrade of Route 82 in Norwich

Long-delayed domestic spying bill included in omnibus

Carson; on pediatric euthenasia as a metaphor

LAPD found 'no bias in all' 1,356 complaints filed against officers

Tom Friedman: Paris climate accord is a big, big deal

Sanders Gained The Most Twitter Followers During The GOP Debate, Which Is A Bad Sign For Republicans

Want Viagra? S.C. Bill Would Make Men Go Through What Women Do to Get Abortions

Anyone catching 'Childhood's end'' on syfi?

Kohler Company and UAW Local 833 reach a contract agreement

Women are 11 times more likely to be

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Casino Battle Royale

Hi Skinner

He 'won't lower his standards' to hire women. Why this comment tells us a lot.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Reinventing Banking: From Russia to Iceland to Ecuador

Any GED teachers here? I have a couple of questions. nt

Hispanic Conservatives: Cruz "Perhaps Worse" Than Trump

Bernie Sanders Live-Tweeted The GOP Debate With Some Truth Bombs

FU2016 - the highlight of last night's debate (oh the irony of it all)

Incredibly, Morning Scabs gushing over JEB!1's performance

That awkward moment when ...

Every time Carly quotes Thatcher, an angel gets his wings. Or we take a shot of Jaeger. Your choice.

New directive: “Treat the most severely injured, even if it is a terrorist”

By popular demand, it is the heartwarming "Many Moods Of Carly Fiorina" Photo Shrine.

Florida man wanted to visit friends in jail so,

Qatar hunters abducted in Iraq desert by gunmen

The U.N. Sent 3 Foreign Women To The U.S. To Assess Gender Equality. They Were Horrified.

In a minute, Good Morning America will be discussing the Repug debate

Bernie Is Right: The Military-Industrial Complex Is Alive and Well

Working Families Party email

Study Indicates ISIS Armed With US-Made Weapons

Bernie Sanders Gained The Most Twitter Followers During The GOP Debate

I don't think the Republican Party wants to win the White House in 2016.

This WTO Ruling Is Perfect Example of How Big Trade Deals Trump Democracy

Millenials will not save the housing market

Wal-Mart’s growing trade deficit with China has displaced more than 400,000 U.S. jobs

Stiglitz: When Inequality Kills

A Holiday Note to Congress: Half of Your Country is In or Near Poverty

Rush Limbaugh cooperating with the Feds to protect his property from climate change beach

Red name, blue name: 25 baby names that may indicate your political leaning

Decrease in aluminum prices affects Sherwin Alumina's negotiations

Decrease in aluminum prices affects Sherwin Alumina's negotiations

Marco Rubio Pushes to Block Low-Cost, High-Speed Broadband

On my reading list:

Beware persons are trying to convince you Bernie can win.

Can Bernie Sanders Win Back Iowa’s Working Class?

The GOP Want War. WWIII

Conservative radio just loves to hate—and it's turning on the GOP

Movie “Spotlight” opens, and a NYT columnist uses it to criticize religion’s privilege

Counter-Protesters Drown Out Mock Mass Shooting With Farts

Do you even want to know how many syrian civilians Assad kills each day?

EU will not raise social media age limit to 16

I'm having a problem about Alzheimer's / wife, maybe me now

College IS free. Right now.

Nobody On Stage Last Night Will Be President

Hellooooo . . . anybody home?

Award-winning, low-footprint brick is grown with sand and bacteria and cuts CO2 cost

Why are Chinese fishermen destroying coral reefs in the South China Sea?

Did Fiorina say, "I buried a child" at one point?

Question about beaches and coast lines.

Looks Like We Are Facing A Chaotic Election Cycle.

The Republican debate captured in a single image ...

Talking Shop with Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders

Iowa City Fighting for Us Town Hall with Hillary Wed, Dec 16, 2015, 2:45pm

confidence panic confusion

Menards, Under Fire, Backs Down from Threat to Managers Over Unionization

Beware all the SCIENTIFIC polls that show Hillary

CNN Didn't Ask The Clown Car 1 Climate ? In National Security Debate; Candidates Never Brought It Up

Can someone please explain Karen Straughan?

Saudi, Emirati military commanders, dozens others killed in Houthi rocket strike in Yemen

BBC - Chinese fishermen destroying coral reefs in the South China Sea

HEY! You KIDS! Mike Huckabee has a message for YOU about his lawn and how he wants you off of it.

Bernie was right, the climate accord in Paris didn't go near far enough

Vatican refused to sack priest convicted of child sex abuse, documents show

Which candidates lie the most?

Rome Police Confiscate Thousands of ‘Fake’ Blessings Near Vatican

"you should've seen how they walked in"

Kids arrested for saggy pants

Good round table discussion on Democracy Now right now on The Sheldon Adelson Republican Debate.

So didn't watch but the media has reduced Rubio and is going full Cruz.

A perfect first "mission" for a ship named after my friend's father

Chilling Video Terrifies Nation

Like Copenhagen Talks, Paris Climate Negotiations Were Mostly Smoke and Mirrors

Went to a DocInABox last night. Gave them my ID & insurance card

crazy morning on Morning Joe today...Mark MacKinness in a weird hat and no sound

Resisting Regulation, Predatory Lenders Pump Millions Into State Political Campaigns

Repug Debate Theme: You have everything to fear especially fear itself.

Last Night, Was It Just A Slip.....

Bernie is winning in all 50 states!

Rats fleeing the ship

Ben Carson: Kids don't like me when I open their skulls..."But later on, they love me."

"Show post" on hidden posts and "Show usernames" on polls is not working...

Hillary Clinton Takes to Twitter and Owns the Republican Debaters

The Lost City and Saturn’s moon Enceladus: A habitable environment

Freight Shipments Go to Heck, Hammered by Inventory Glut, Weak Demand

Hillary Clinton Lays Out Comprehensive Plan To Bolster Homeland Security

Massachusetts teen found guilty of murdering math teacher

A Rocky Mountain Mike Christmas song that brings cheer to the holidays

India says Paris climate deal won't affect plans to double coal output

8 Terrible Things About the Trans-Pacific Partnership

On Russia Today and propaganda.

Trump Sounded Like a Democrat for a Second Last Night

The only way to stop Trump is to find his Horcruxes.

Donna Ad #2!!!

Mom Alters Tattoo to Support Transgender Son’s True Identity.

How to get religious accommodation in the public school system: A 6-step guide

Oklahoma football: Baker Mayfield down to few options for regaining fourth year of eligibility

Please, what is kombucha? My daughter just brewed up 3 looks like iced tea...

Alex Salmond brands Trump 'loser' after judges reject windfarm appeal

I don't care which candidate DUers vote for in the primaries.

NOW Backs Donna for Senate Seat

I just have to thank Lindsay Graham for pulling up that pic of Putin shirtless on the horse...

Hyeon Soo Lim: Canadian pastor given life sentence in North Korea

Jon Stewart Shames Congress Into Action

The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car. In His Garage

If Ben Carson had a cold could anyone tell?

Seventy-Eight New Hampshire State House Reps Endorse Hillary

For goodness' sake! . . . Please come CAPTION Fox & Friends on the Athesist Santa Billboard!

Two suspected of links to Paris attacks arrested in Austria refugee center

Fiorina Claims Feds Haven't Asked Silicon Valley For Encryption Help ... But They Have

Beware of posters telling you Hillary will win

Question about volcanoes and climate change

Syrian family gets into U.S. by disguising themselves as guns

Woman stabs boyfriend 5 times after she finds him having relations with a turkey carcass

Why we’re going back to the Moon—with or without NASA

Fox News... Where the US-Constitution and the Geneva-Conventions are irrelevant.

Merry XMas! Aim for the flattop!

My favorite Hillary surrogate:

The Republicans were all beating war drums last night. Guess who takes the most MIC money ...

Foreign Policy

Like a dog to its vomit! . . . Please come CAPTION Lindsay Graham!!!

One of the biggest arguments against marijuana legalization is falling apart

‘House of Cards’ debuts Frank Underwood campaign ad during GOP debate

Here’s what made it into Congress’s big spending and tax bills

LGBTQ for Donna - Constituency Group

Biden Worries Legalized Weed In D.C. Will Cut Into His Business

How Corporate Execs Got a Hold of the Red Cross and Drove It Into the Ground

PSA: Don't give diet books as gifts to people at a holiday party...

I drove from Ann Arbor MI to Red Wing MN yesterday...saw only one bumper sticker.

U.S. to charge Venezuela's National Guard chief with drug trafficking

DFL Chairman Ken Martin Announces Clinton, O'Malley, Sanders for 5th Annual Humphrey-Mondale Dinner

The little neighbor girls are coming over to make cookies Saturday...

There is Justice (found on Facebook's Adopt-A-Billionaire Charity Drive)

New York State Agrees to Overhaul Solitary Confinement in Prisons


Serena Williams is Sports Illustrated's 2015 Sportsperson of the Year

Bewearing clean underwear!

Japan upholds rule that married couples must have same surname

DEA Chief Calls Med. Marijuana A Joke; No, The Real Joke Is DEA And Congress

"I'm at 42, you're at 3."

Congress adds contested cybersecurity measures to 'must-pass' spending bill

How Poverty Changes Kids’ Brains

SyFy's Childhood's End take on religion

LHC sees hint of boson heavier than Higgs

Do you plan to see Star Wars VII?

NYTimes Editorial Board:Don’t Blame Mental Illness for Gun Violence

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5: Power Of The Dark Side Edition

America is kind of scaring the shit out of me

Pic Of The Moment: Another ISIS Propaganda Video?

Flint, Michigan, tried to save money on water. Now its children have lead poisoning.

None of the GOP candidates have to worry about the truth. They already know their supporters will be

Top Democrats on Homeland Security Committees Endorse Clinton’s Security Plan

15 PC Bathroom Set

Abortion - cross-post from GD

Secret Service officer slain in DC, had been suspended

Flint Michigan and NAFTA

Humphrey-Mondale Dinner will have the three presidential candidates.

I hope the Loonie sees this

44 men and counting...

The winner of tonight's 1st #GOPDebate? @HillaryClinton's Snapchat account. Love it.

Beethoven's birth anniversary today,

Memphis teen 'was running away' when shot dead by police, witnesses say

America's tallest man, offended by my semen.

JUST...BEWARE...of everything and everyone

Flowers for Jeb

Arrest warrant issued after "affluenza" teen goes missing

Love You to Death: a Year of Domestic Violence remembers 86 lost lives

Love You to Death: a Year of Domestic Violence remembers 86 lost lives

Love You to Death: a Year of Domestic Violence remembers 86 lost lives


Argentina axes disputed grain and beef export controls

Some Amazing Photos for your Wed. viewing

Get a grip: San Bernardino massacre isn’t part of a ‘world war’

So... Ms. Fiorina, if Thatcher said that a woman can get the job done

Be ware because

Can someone please explain to me the difference between:


Bernie on MSNBC Andrea Mitchell in 5 min. nt

Chris Christie claims he’s tight with King Hussein of Jordan, who’s been dead for sixteen years

An End to the Right’s Reign In Spain?

This Day in History… December 16, 1773

Did Ted Cruz Reveal Classified Information During The GOP Debate?

I am going to be on a phone conference with

Third night of "Childhood's End" on Syfy is tonight.

Your Mouse Knows When You’re Mad

Irish court backs extradition to U.S. of `facilitator of child porn'

Youth trumps age - the eternal battle

Anyone here with Atrial fibrillation?

 ‘The Politics of Higher Purpose’: An Interview With Martin O’Malley

Brand Spanking New Monmouth University Nat'l Poll-HRC-59% SBS 26% MOM 4%

‘The Politics of Higher Purpose’: An Interview With Martin O’Malley

Windows XP spotted on Royal Navy's spanking new aircraft carrier

Best campaign commercial from last night:

For the undying 9/11 MORONIC JET FUEL ARGUMENT

Italian masonic leader Licio Gelli dies aged 96

Democratic Candidates Battle for Immigrant Vote.

Donald Trump is a clown whose supporters are ignorant racist bigots..

3 Foreign Women Visited The U.S. To Assess Gender Equality. They Were Horrified.

I found a more qualified candidate to replace the Repug gaggle

Bernie accused of being in the 1%

Congress passes bill to extend health coverage for 9/11 responders

Fact Check about Universal Background Checks

Carly Fiorina And Ted Cruz May Have Revealed Classified Information During GOP Debate

'Socialism' the most looked-up word of 2015 on Merriam-Webster

I'm making an Iowa/NH prediction right now, and it won't change before actual voting takes place

Daesh terrorists attack Bashiqa camp in Northern Iraq, injure 4 Turkish soldiers

Can't think of what to get your Republican relatives for Christmas? (other than a lump of coal)

GOP to Puerto Rico's nearly bankrupt government: 'Drop dead'

Wheaton College suspends Christian professor who wore a hijab

U.S. spending bill does not block climate fund payment

Insert "Darth Vader is toast" joke here...

She’s braved rough seas and space walks. Can she weather climate change skeptics?

NRA's Dana Loesch blames San Bernardino gun massacre on terrorists neighbor

TWO MILLION individual contributors!!!!

Bernie Sanders is one of Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People! Airing Thursday, 12/17

Supreme Court Aims To Gut Voting Rights For Good

(BAM!!) Wages in America are too damn low!- Bernie Sanders

This could be interesting....

​The Little-Known History of How the Canadian Government Made Inuit Wear ‘Eskimo Tags’

The Rise of the Anti-Anti-Trump republicans. (The opposition to him is just too mean.)

Let's make it 3 million contributors!!

Christine Todd Whitman: 'The Republican Party Must Defeat Trump Now'

Communities of color hate Republicans more than ever, and GOP seems psyched about that!

Baltic Dry Crashes To New Record Low As China "Demand Is Collapsing"

CNN Republican debate in 90 seconds

Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl

Do you know what makes Bernie electable?

Warren Buffett to give stamp of approval to Hillary Clinton.

Iran says it will not accept any restrictions on missile program

After watching the republican debate I think the republican party is a hate group.

Federal Reserve announces first rise in US interest rates since 2008

Los Angeles Unified School District Closes All Schools Due to ‘credible Threat’

Los Angeles Unified School District campuses closed after threat of violence

Team Santa!!!!

Some Diaspora News

A New State Flag for Mississippi’s Third Century

Minnesota Bank Robbed During Live TV Report

Email from Team Bernie...

Angel' pays off $106K in NEO Walmart layaways

A Civil War memory by a Jersey County soldier

200-year-old Giant salamander found alive in China

Identity Politics. I am not interested in them.

I have an experiment for you regarding political campaign messaging


City Considering What To Do With 4 Confederate Monuments (MD)

NATO’s Got a Brand New (Syrian) Bag--The Latest Pepe Escobar

Saudi conviction of poet for renouncing Islam seriously flawed, lawyer argues

“It’s not me – it’s the robot!” – Lionel on AI’s use by military, Musk

Party of Religious Liberty Botches Debate on Religion and the Constitution

Arctic Sets New Warming Record in 2015

Fear & Loathing in Vas Vegas - The Republican Debate

Saturn's Moons Align To Form Bullseye In Orbit - Newsy

Corporate Media Wants Donald Trump To Win

Yellen announces 1st rate hike in (oops) 9 years (or 11 or 7 or whatever) and

What's your humorous take on last night's republican debate?

White people could learn a lot from other white people who have adopted

Congress tucked CISA inside last night's budget bill

Sanders to target Clinton on foreign policy during Saturday debate

How legally durable are Obama’s climate pledges?

Congress Drops All Pretense: Quietly Turns CISA Into A Full On Surveillance Bill

You Asked, Martin O’Malley Answered

You Asked, Martin O’Malley Answered.

CDC: Overdose deaths up seven percent

Millionaire businessman not guilty of raping teenager after he accidentally penetrated her

FAA requires drone owners to register by February 19 or face fines

Politics in the United States will not change materially

Look what a politician who endorsed Clinton--has to say about Bernie Sanders

Amber Alert - Green Bay, Wisconsin

Abuse and torture of detainees are immoral and illegal measures

Malala meets victims of the Peshawar school massacre

10 G.O.P. Debate Quotes, From Fear-Mongering to Simply Bizarre

Most Bernie Sanders voters OK with Hillary Clinton winning (Hillary Group)

Sydney hit by tornado, severe winds and hail

Why say "free" when we mean "tax-funded"?

Texas billionaire offers $100,000 bonus to all employees

All day long I've been hearing about a new terror level...

What a great person!!

Is it true that Hillary and her supporters hate the fact that Trudeau won the Canadian election?

Real estate comedy....or tragedy.

Massachusetts: teen convicted of murder and rape in teacher's death

On 1 January 2016, over 70 years after Hitler's death, MEIN KAMPF will fall into the public domain..

US Introduces New 5-Level Terror Alert Table

BREAKING **** MISTRIAL In Freddie gray trial

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 16, 2015

Christie takes bold stand in defense of Trump

Sanders blasts Fed over interest rate hike

FBI on San Bernardino massacre: Alleged shooters did NOT post support for jihad on social media

I want to auto-trash threads with a keyword that's actually a two-letter abbreviation.

One way to promote Bernie when you have nothing else to do...

Abby Wambach Retires Tonight

Jesus Chatline - 4chan TROLLS CALLING IN

I don't think I have ever been this worried about the Presidential election

Freddie Gray case: Hung jury in William Porter trial

Chorus Line

An Unbelievable Story of Rape, from the Marshall Project and ProPublica

Open letter by Argentine musician Charly García leads to dismissal of openly fascist Macri official

Fair and unbiased poll for Hillary Clinton primary supporters

ABC News: How Bernie Sanders Got the Biggest Twitter Bump From the GOP Debate

2 officials: Venezuelan National Guard chief indicted in US

Prosecution blunders; Colombia Supreme Court absolves paramilitary chief of drug trafficking charges

O’M FACT: Martin O'Malley grew MD’s wind industry to more than 300,000 MWh in 2013

Gingerbread houses - why?

How do you upload your own avatar image to DU

Gov. Walker Signs Political Corruption Bills In Private

Kochs Attempt To Infiltrate Progressive Organizations

Bishop accused of not being 'candid', lacking 'compassion' in testimony to royal commission

Anyone see "Rob the Mob?"

Argentine Finance Minister announces end of currency controls and devaluation.

Government Spending Bill Includes Big Wins For Worker’s Safety

The Backlash Over Sams Club CEO Diversity Comments

Argentine Finance Minister announces end of currency controls and a devaluation.

Christmas comes early for GMO food labelers !

FBI: San Bernardino attackers didn’t show public support for jihad on social media

Fantastic article: The Plot Against America: Donald Trump’s Rhetoric

I'm scared. Maureen O'Connel said "Rand Paul" and "voice of reason" in the same sentence

FBI: San Bernardino shooters did not support ISIL on social media

You Asked, Martin O’Malley Answered.

For the undying 9/11 MORONIC JET FUEL ARGUMENT


Lawmakers Have Snuck CISA Into a Bill That Is Guaranteed to Become a Law

PPP Iowa Poll has Hillary up 18 points

We were out looking at Christmas decorations and didn't expect a semi-nudity elf (photo warning)

Arrest Warrant issued for 'Affluenza' Teen Ethan Couch - Teen missing.

Ben Carson is now a certified fucknut

Russian Airstrikes Restore Syrian Military Balance of Power

Anyone ever listen to Captain Beyond?

Simple minded continue to anoint the king of lunacy


Sorry for the general discussion

Chattanooga Shooting That Killed 5 U.S. Military Members Was Terrorism, FBI Confirms

Yes, Sheldon Adelson Bought The Las Vegas Review-Journal

Google's Self-Driving Car Unit Will Be A Standalone Company In 2016, Could Challenge Uber

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trump looking presidential

xmas shopping done! Thank you Harry & David and Legal Sea Foods!

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This pretty much sums up last night's GOP debate....

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If anyone wants a review of the latest Star Wars movie WITH SPOILERS.....

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A contest

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Well I got my phone number and PIN for the phone call with

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Publics' feelings on two Presidential candidates

One of our favorite shots from today’s town hall in Iowa City: Dec 15 Town Hall

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GOP Senate Intelligence chairman now investigating if Ted Cruz revealed classified info during CNN d

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This could be really bad for us who live in California...

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