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White House Promises Obama Will Deliver 'Non-Traditional' State Of The Union Address

US Military To Limit Media Access To Guantanamo Bay Prison

Yes. Concentrated Wealth and Inequality Crushes Economic Growth

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 18 December 2015

Turkey Tried To "Lick America's Private Parts" By Downing Russian Jet, President Putin Says

Sheldon Adelson is a 'nice person' and a 'friend,' says Harry Reid

Obama can be viciously attacked on DU, and no hide, of course.

Can't find archived posts 2007-2010. Just goes to the DU2 page of journals.

Hillary Clinton- Fighting for Full Equality for LGBT People

LifeLock Once Again Failed To Actually Keep Identities Protected, Must Pay $100M

The middle class and the poor

Potentially habitable super-Earth discovered orbiting star 14 light years from Earth

Group Backing John Kasich Likens Donald Trump to Hippo in New Ad

A former Costco executive is opening a fast-food chain that's unlike anything that exists in America

Any Texas Bernie supporters here?

"Use the Force Luke...I mean the Furce, Judy..."

Oh no...

"...what the GOP candidates had to say last night was pure, unadulterated horses***."

Could a Ted Cruz or a Donald Trump create a Nuclear Winter?

What Does Chris Christie Know?

Bay Area Light Brigade Golden Gate Photo Album.

Hillary Clinton Says She's Unaware Of Receiving $150,000 In Oil & Gas Contributions.

Celebrating the Solstice: Patheos Pagan Writers on Yule

Nothing urgent but a question. I have Windows before 10 (I'm thinking 9 but who knows).

Star Wars Just Came Out and It Already Broke A Boxoffice Record...Huff Post

Will Shakespeare is still in Stratford. Anyone want to drink with me?

NYC's mayor launches new program to help quell tide of homelessness

Beethoven Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral) conducted by Leonard Bernstein

CMS schools Braindead

Beethoven according to Peanuts

So Freakin' true

House Hearing Calls Out Newt Gingrich Over Shady Anti-Consumer Dealings

Latest HuffPost/Pollster national chart showing Hillary steady at 55% and Bernie sinking below 30%

MSNBC: Introducing Sanders at a joint press conference as “the next president of the United States

You will want to see this about Bernie TODAY!

A Blind Eye Toward Turkey’s Crimes By Robert Parry

DU once had a "In Memoriam" page before the upgrade

Donald T. Rump discusses nuclear triad

Uncle Bernie #FeelTheBern

Do you consider voting for someone who supports the DEATH PENALTY to be moving forward?

I just read the Shkreli indictment from beginning to end. He is so fucked.

Was Bernie Sanders UNAWARE Of Receiving Many Thousands of Dollars of Support from the NRA?*

A friend of mine is at the Billy Joel concert in NYC and he just dedicated a song to Trump. "I'm

I was involved in a telephone town hall with Bernie Sanders and George Lopez.

Hillary Clinton on east coast oil drilling: 'So little to gain and so much to lose'

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Sue the Bastards & a new Kittehs gif

Jury sides against Cox in 'trailblazing' music piracy case

Man Who Supplied Guns To California Shooters Arrested On Terrorism-Related Charges

People Power | Bernie Sanders (On the occasion of two million contributions)

Will Star Wars opening weekend hurt debate viewership?

So Denny had a stroke

Indonesia officially bans ride-hailing service operators including Uber, GoJek, GrabTaxi

Trump: 'Great Honor' to Get Compliments from Putin

So Putin endorsed Trump. That is so weird.

With Apologies to the late great Joan Rivers "Can we talk?" - briefly - about Donald Trump

Disturbing use of Gamification. (or: How to efficiently train up your Proles)

Barbara Walters presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2015! On now...Bernie is 1 of the 10!

Vancouver approved a new thermal coal port on day one of global climate talks

Keny Arkana: "J'ai Osé" (I Dared)

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 19, 2015 -- The Essentials - Margaret Sullavan & James Stewart

How Marcel Marceau Started Miming to Save Children from the Holocaust

Texas tops Minnesota, advances to NCAA final

I just saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here's my 4 word review

U.S. hogs fed pig remains, manure to fend off deadly virus return

NBC now...Pres O goes wild with Bear Grylls! (Pic Added)

Over Our Dead Bodies If You Cut Social Security | Bernie Sanders

The story of Sanders will be he was a good man who meant well but couldn't win.

There are three kinds of people in the world.

Interfaith leaders urge Utahns to wear head coverings or other symbols in support of Muslims

Thursday Music: The Sound of Silence – Disturbed

Teaching while Muslim? Teacher fired after showing same Malala video other teachers shown

I'm trying to get to the root of America's Islamaphobia

On the trail of Hernán Cortés

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? ludwig's 254th--cool interactive doodle!!

Shkreli, CEO slammed over drug prices, $5M bond

Look what Santa left for me today!

Clinton Camp Sending Davis to Iowa's Democratic Strongholds

Federal judge finds Texas has “broken” foster care system, says she’ll order changes

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Delivers the Thrills, With a Touch of Humanity

Going into the weekend and debate, predictive odds for nomination and presidency currently stand at

UT-Austin alumni group apologizes for calling Justice Scalia’s comments ‘racist’

U.S. marshals join search for ‘affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch

Confession: I have never seen a Star Wars movie,

A song I wrote when I was 26… 58 now… and why I support Bernie.

More good news for Bernie and our group today!!!

Railroads sign TEX Rail agreements as project gains federal funds

Landry's restaurants investigates payment card data breach

i'm watching lidia bastianich and christopher walken cook together

Bernie Sanders is no Barack Obama?

Do you know what real Americans do when a socialist achieves power?

I Was Canvassing For Bernie In Dayton, Ohio, And Ended Up In A Rap Video

I Was Canvassing For Bernie In Dayton, Ohio, And Ended Up In A Rap Video

Twitter video shows police officer punching a male — apparently a student — during scuffle...

Texas man arrested at Kris Jenner's house

I think I can understand why some people wouldn't like Hillary as opposed to Bernie.

Robert Reich's Guide To Dealing With Uncle Bob Over The Holidays.

Oklahoma GOP Lawmakers Call Gay Pride Festivus Pole ‘Sacrilegious,’ Part Of ‘War On Christmas’

Douglas County judge's gun ban in courtroom has officers up in arms

Republican Ag Commissioner Sid Miller: Say “Merry Christmas” Or I’ll Slap You

Those posts about the DFA vote being rigged etc my ballot & required confirmation of E address

Former Texas College football player guilty of murder of transgender woman

Arbitration court rejects Philip Morris case vs. Australia

Preparing for the zombie apocalpyse

Third Way's new anti-populist message. Bernie's populism builds crowds, but can't win.

Third Way attacking Bernie's populist message again.

I have it now via an impeccable source (merrily)

A friend of mine in Madison, WI wrote this, I mean, just how bad is it getting?

Kin anybody hep?

Well, we just finished Fargo (the TV series) season 1. Utterly blown away!

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair Linda Sanchez Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

A Lookback at the Year in Hillary Clinton Endorsements

2015 in Republican politics, as explained by Star Wars

The activist who interrupted GOP debate to call them corrupt

Who do you find the creepiest among the republican nominees?

$30 Trillion Debt/No Money For Anything But Defense. GOP Goal.

My Republican friend HATES Trump & HRC

We Are Screwed If War With China. They Make All Our Stuff.

DNC is accusing Sanders campaign of improper Clinton voter data, but...

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats With Carly Fiorina

DNC vendor mistakenly allowed access to voter database. DNC denies Bernie access to database..

ok so im minding my own business

I am being stalked, alert stalked, and verbally abused by certain posters

My new level of outrage. The vendor left the window open...

Why its time to wake up to the occupation

Why, since Hillary is so inevitable, don't her supporters fight Republicans?

New Orleans votes to remove Confederate monuments

Alabama Lawmaker Wants Confederate Flag off Trooper Uniforms

Maryland, My Maryland? Panel urges changes in state song

Hillary Surging in New Hampshire Poll

You can't love freedom and Confederate monuments

19 Times @Nenshi Proved He Was Canada’s First Internet Dad

when we are discussing the promotion of equality

Football and the good tire

Clinton campaign raises $8 million at Manhattan fundraiser

Japan hangs two prisoners, including first convicted in lay judge trial

Jediism - A Virtual Religion

Has anyone else here on DU been invited to become a Change Coach on

Ex-US House Speaker Dennis Hastert recovering from stroke

Pentagon 'to transfer 17 Guantanamo Bay prisoners'

Ahead of Syria Conference, US and Russia Soften Positions on Assad

Bernie campaign months ago alerted the DNC that data was available to other campaigns. Wow.

NYT: FOUR Sanders campaign user accounts improperly accessed proprietary HRC-gathered voter data.

Bernie's campaign notified DNC months ago that data was available for other campaigns.

Israel to pay $20M to Turkey over 2010 Gaza flotilla raid

Being forced to spend Xmas

DNC: Sanders Campaign Improperly Accessed Clinton Voter Data

Yemen prisoner exchange completed

U.S. and Russia unite to target Islamic State's revenue sources

Michael Specter: The danger of science denial

Canadian killed Briton during ayahuasca ceremony, Peru police say

Canadian killed Briton during ayahuasca ceremony, Peru police say

Looking For His Head? Bibi To Undergo Colonoscopy

Curious about Non Christians on DU

Bloomberg: Sanders campaign has fired its National Data Director, Josh Uretsky,

Thousands Rally in Argentina to Oppose Media Monopolies

Thousands Rally in Argentina to Oppose Media Monopolies

Lighten up Francis! (The Transformers & "Gun Control")

Bolivia releases over 100,000 baby turtles into river

Bolivia releases over 100,000 baby turtles into river

Syria, Ukraine wars create record number of refugees

Turkish FM meets Saudi, Qatari counterparts in New York

Brazil court rulings help Rousseff fend off impeachment

Brazil Attorney General Calls for Speaker’s Ouster for ‘Obstructing’ Investigation


FOUR Sanders campaign user accounts were used to search Clinton campaign data.

Who Are the Houthis?

Daily Holidays - December 18

Internationalizing Movements: Peace Delegation To Cuba

I guess Sanders staffers are too young to think about Watergate.

Sanders Campaign Fires Data Director After Breach of Clinton Files

Pope Francis recognises second Mother Teresa 'miracle'

A poll about those who take your recycled bottles and cans on Garbage day

Just like Watergate, the Sander's campaign is engaging in a cover up and subterfuge.

People react and show support for Maduro in street outside Miraflores Palace

ReWalk issues PR release on VA's agreement to evaluate exoskeletons for vets with spinal cord injury

Venezuela: A Revolution That Will Not Die

Venezuela: A Revolution That Will Not Die

I've been working with the Sanders campaign

Bent Pyramid Secret Chambers Sought Using Cosmic Rays and Muon-detecting plates

VA may Expand Disability Benefits Eligibility for Veterans Exposed to Camp Lejeune water


Secret US mission in Libya revealed after air force posted pictures

Why didn't the Sanders campaign allow their National Data Director simply to resign?

Bent Pyramid Secret Chambers Sought Using Cosmic Rays and Muon-detecting plates

Casseroles for Cold Nights

The Bernie campaign reported the flaw. No good deed goes unpunished

BBS/HTTPD/FTPD/IRCD/NNTPD/imapd/pop3d/smtpd and more

The Financial Terrorism of Corporate Gangsters in the ‘Western World’

'Beaches' from illegal mining scar Colombia's Amazon

Russia boosts oil sales in Asia, even as OPEC battles to win customers

'Beaches' from illegal mining scar Colombia's Amazon

A Secret Catalogue of Government Gear for Spying on Your Cellphone

Ukraine: When the Right Sector Runs the Courtroom

Homemade Nutella

Disturbed’s David Draiman Supports Bernie Sanders for President

The Radical Priest from Quebec

Nothing is ever the Sanders campaign's fault.

Is Denmark as great as Bernie Sanders says?

Does the US really benefit

How the DNC Just Sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ Campaign in One Devastating Move

(Video) Bernie Sanders: 'I Woke Up One Day and Said We Need a Political Revolution'

Is Martin next?

Did you know that the Sanders campaign has been very successful

Here's a list of NGP VAN employees that need to be investigated. ONE USE TO WORK FOR THE DNC AND

Greatest Rock n Roll Frontmen Evah!

Hillary Clinton is out-hustling Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail

Brazil's Rousseff Scores Court Win in Impeachment Case

Brazil's Rousseff Scores Court Win in Impeachment Case

Only 14,000 years ago we slept with primitive hominids and ate their marrow?

So can anyone tell me what to expect at a caucus, and is it possible to

Twitter #defeatWassermanshultz

The contracts are signed. I am the newest member of the WGA!

Venezolanos detenidos en Nueva York por narcotráfico se declaran no culpables

Found this, Give Sanders back the 50 State voter file.

MoveOn's petition: Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Give the voter file back to Bernie Sanders' campaign

19 photos: Hillary Clinton visits Iowa City

Donald Trump, anti-Muslim hysteria and the hypocrites who enabled his rise

Hillary Surging in New Hampshire Poll

I am being stalked, alert stalked, and verbally abused by certain posters

If the DNC denies access to the Dem database for long, Bernie's donorlist will quadruple.

Panel of federal judges orders free internet radio services to pay higher royalties for streaming

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Crazy War Party

I won't pig pile on this Bernie Data Breach thingy.....

It was the Data Systems vendor who reported the system error to the DNC.

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest (trigger warning)

An essay on Santa Claus. (repost from last Christmas)


Murder charges planned after children found in locker

Bernie supporters: When you call DWS this morning

Castaway sued for $1M for eating shipmate

More DNC Primary Sabatoge: Reporters Made to Cover Debate Atop Frigid Ice Rink

Federal judges allow gerrymandering lawsuit to proceed

Morning Joe: Marco Rubio is a "Potemkin Village"

We Have Too Many Police Who Shouldn't Be Police. Need Better Screening.

I will reserve judgment on the data breach.

18th century marble bust looted by Nazis returns to Poland

Good guy with a gun

Don't look now, but the senate just did something REALLY good for the environment!

Keep up the good fight guys

So tragic. Hoping for the best.

Hillary out hustling Bernie on the campaign trail

How did the birth of Christ come to be celebrated December 25?

US Special Ops Land in Libya - Told to Leave - Promptly Leave

U.S. Wind & Solar Power Get a Huge Surprise Boost

ABC: voters say Bernie is more honest and Hillary is more empathic

/sigh... what a surprise(sarcasm)

At least Bernie is going to be getting more media attention now?

Why Liberals Gave Samantha Power the Cold Shoulder — and the Point They Missed

85% Of Male Smallmouth Bass Tested At 19 NWR Sites Across NE US Were Intersex - 27% Of Largemouth

Breaking up with Trump.....

Iran Barely Staying Ahead Of 7-Year Drought; Farms & Orchards Dying As Groundwater Depletes

My only comment I will make about Star Wars - Adam Driver

If the DNC drags their heels on data breach investigation then calls of bias will be warranted

when you think about it, it's positively Rovian.

Yemeni gov't troops seize two northern rebel towns despite cease-fire

About 2 days ago I started receiving emails from Hillary's campaign. How did they get my email

Hi-Ho - Beijing Issues Another Red Alert As Smog Buries Northeast China Again - NYT

I am outraged at the huge debt that the House just passed, Over 600 billion of debt, none of it

WAPO Poll: Clinton leads Sanders by 2-to-1, with wide edge on managing terrorism

Clinton surges in New Hampshire according to new poll

So the most trustworthy candidate is not to be trusted and the least trustworthy candidate is?

Everyday brings forth a new way of thinking.

Still Time and Space for Sanders, or Even O'Malley, to Catch Clinton in Iowa

Smooth Criminal M Jackson

The DNC keeps going too far

Kansas Farmers Forced To Cut Pigweed, Amaranth By Hand; USDA Tracking 14 Roundup-Proof Weeds In U.S.

UK Met Office: 2016 Global Temperatures Likely To Match Or Beat 2015's Record-Smashing Run

Religious types are using the Star Wars release to proselytize

I truly want to thank everybody for the support you have shown me and bravenak in this forum.

Josh Uretsky offers his explanation of why he improperly accessed HRC's files.

Sanders elf went into the cookie jar four times and is

The Bhopal boy set to prove David Cameron wrong on carbon capture

Fired Sanders aide: I wasn't peeking at Clinton Data Files

Hoo boy, this looks like it might be a good day to stay away from this place

The Sanders Campaign data breach will not be {edit}

North Korean band's shows cancelled over 'anti-American lyrics'

Good Morning, DU - Brand New ABC-WAPO Nat'l Poll HRC 59% (-1) SBS 28% (-6) MOM 5% (+2)

DNC = Dick Nixon Chicanery

In the IT world, in regards to vendors and data security...

All schools shut down in Augusta County, Virginia, Because CALLIGRAPHY!?!

Federal lawsuit filed to stop removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans

Convictions of four Alaska men over 1997 beating death of teen dismissed

So the only time Bernie Sanders makes the headlines is because of a scandal.

Scarborough: Putin has journalists who bother him killed.- Trump: Yeah, so what's your point?

so, will hillary step up and have a "damn email" moment at the debate?

Star Wars Fans Can ONLY Bring REAL Guns into Marcus Theaters (Fake Weapons NOT Allowed)

DISGRACEFUL: DNC Compromises Clinton Campaign Data, Then Blames/punishes Bernie Sanders

Fla. Judge Who Threatened To Fight, Throw Rock At Lawyer Removed From Bench

Larry Wilmore to host White House Correspondents’ dinner

The DNC needs to restore Bernie Sanders’ access to voter data — fast

So FRIEDMAN and the Morning Scabs crew now like Containment?


Scott Walker Is Dismantling an Oversight Committee That Investigated Him

How I regained my sanity...

US stocks slide on global economic worries

Clinton unveils plan to promote LGBT rights

NASA's About to Have Its Biggest Budget in a Decade

Alone Among Prez Candidates, Bernie Blasts Fed Rate Hike, And Other Nuggets From New Hampshire

Article: Eight Terrible Things abut the TPP

The Hit List

"I'm sitting on top of the world!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Entire Virginia county closes schools due to freak out over standard calligraphy assignment

Since we hit goal for the month at Act Blue

The software vendor's audit revealed, with regard to the DNC data breach,

That Trump interview on GEM$NBComcast this morning

Minneapolis: Metro Transit Police More Likely to Ticket Minorities, Study Finds

The DNC main phone # is not the number people have been calling

I don't understand what motivation the Sanders campaign would have in accessing

N.H. poll: Foes gain on Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton pulls even

The origins in the US of the "War On Christmas," something Faux "news" will never mention...

Poll: Clinton leads Sanders by 31 points ahead of debate Hillary 59% BS 28% MOM 5%

Bernie's former staffe explains the breach on CNN

Here's the pretty girl currently residing in my bathroom

Another new book cover for one coming out Monday...

Assault Weapons Bans Have No Impact On Crime

Wheelchair-accessible SUV, one of the first in U.S., ensures mobility for injured vet

Court To Catholic School: No, You Can’t Fire People Because They Are Gay

Wheelchair-accessible SUV, one of the first in U.S., ensures mobility for injured vet

Bernie defended Hillary on national TV against false scandal

Trump embraces Putin's killing of journalists: 'He's running his country'

Nuclear Power Is on the Wane, Despite Efforts of High-Profile Boosters

My question is Why does the DNC have a database that's not open to all the Democratic

Humans are slamming into driverless cars and exposing a key flaw

Monsanto's Roundup in tampons?

12-17-15 The Fighting Deborah Samson in 2:00

12-17-15 The Fighting Deborah Samson in 2:00

Go Big this Xmas - the hell with the small stuff in life

12-17-15 The Fighting Deborah Samson in 2:00

Jeb Bush: Beached Whale

This is the DNC's responsibility

"Our Community Moderating System" page update needed

House OKs year-end budget deal, sends legislation to Senate

In Preparation to Join US Wars, Japan Dismantles Freedom of the Press

Vice chair of DNC accuses Debbie Wasserman Schultz of lying about consulting on debate schedule Rea

NASA Releases Stunning New High-Resolution Moon/ Earthrise Image- from LRO

BREAKING NEWS: Ghost of Adolf Hitler endorses Donald Trump

Long overdue soul-searching time for the DP

Arrest Bernie Sanders Immediately!

Letter to Scott Walker from small business owner

Progressive PR Firm Closes Down Over Sexual Harassment And Assault Allegations

Here is one thing of which you can be SURE

Some Thoughts Re- the NGP VAN Firewall "Breach"

For pete's sake! This data stuff is not going to

Debbie Wasserman Schulz and the Wasserman associated with the software vendor

Private car ownership is on the road to becoming a rarity

Best explanation of today's hate-filled GOP ever! Seen on WaPo's comments

The Shkreli Indictment is, Honestly, Hilarious

Anyone heard whether Bernie's going to issue a statement? Or has he already? n/t

I know the real reason Bernie's access to the data was denied and I know what to do about it.

Iowa Daily Democrat: Democrats fight back against Rubio’s plans to cut veterans’ benefits

Iowa Daily Democrat: Democrats fight back against Rubio’s plans to cut veterans’ benefits

Black Students Are Being Shut Out Of Top Public Colleges And the Supreme Court could soon make it

This is the part that got the Sanders campaign in trouble...

O Adonai...

Will Bernie's DNC data breach be discussed in Saturday's debates?

I just fell in love with the Iowa caucus -

NGP VAN explanation blog post

My husband and I saw the first Star Wars movie when it opened. We were on our honeymoon at the time.

Sanders campaign calls a 1pm press conference to "answer questions about the situation

Bernie Sanders plans to hold a Washington news conference today at 1pm ET

Bone-Chilling “Plateau” in Apartment Boom Resurfaces, Smartest Money Bails Out

I've been skimming thru posts re DNC and have a request.

Say what you want about ISIS, they can spread fear pretty effectively.

Wouldn't It Make Sense That If There Was A Bug By The Vendor That Caused This Problem That ......

Riviera Beach, Florida changes "Old Dixie Highway" to "President Barack Obama Highway."

Sadness, shame and blame at Yale over First Amendment repeal video

Kuwait Airways scraps London-New York flight after dispute over Israeli passengers

In Wake of French Terror, Maybe Pastafarians Aren't So Crazy

Let’s Make Medical Marijuana A Major Issue For 2016; It Saves Lives

Some suggestions for Bernie Sanders at Saturday's debate

Got one of those DNC "surveys" with pitch for $$$

Pompatus of Love is now Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Lyrics!!!!

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz responds to Sanders VAN Suspension

GOP, some Dems support bombing Agrabah. Do you?

I'd like to make this special long-distance dedication song to Archae

Sweet, Sweet Justice: Pharma Bro Has Stupid Smirk Wiped Off Face

Charles Pierce: The New York Times Has a Source Pollution Problem

Fuck Chuck Todd! That's all. Petition to give access back to Sanders campaign.

MoveOn lines up with Sanders and against the DNC

Isn't It Interesting That Bernie Sanders Is Finally Getting MSM Coverage?.....

Pic Of The Moment: Trump And Putin Endorse Each Other

Tennessee Woman Faces Jail For Coat Hanger Abortion (but there is NO war on women!)


The downside of tracking packages -

Tennessee Woman Faces Jail For Coat Hanger Abortion (but there is NO war on women!!!)

Tennessee Woman Faces Jail For Coat Hanger Abortion (but there is NO war on women!!)

‘Star Wars,’ if it were directed by Ken Burns

George Mason University series: Star Wars Conspiracy: Does Fear Cost Us Our Liberty?

I am a diehard Clinton supporter. I don't think this "data breach" thing is a big deal at all.

Let's money-bomb Bernie today!

Occam’s razor

Activists Challenge Arizona Sex and Race-Selective Abortion Law (but there is NO war on women!!!)

Activists Challenge Arizona Sex and Race-Selective Abortion Law (but there is NO war on women!!)

On a scale of 1 to Apocalypse, what would happen if HRC campaign had breached data?

Activists Challenge Arizona Sex and Race-Selective Abortion Law (but there is NO war on women!!!)

Senators Want Social Media Firms to Hunt for Terrorists

Donald Trump Finally Distances Himself from Unrepentant Cheater Tom Brady

Isn't it...odd, to insist the email/server "scandal" is nothing, but the DNC dustup is...everything?

Guitar man thwarts off dude with shotgun.

Is there a visible petition out there is an alternate voter database and tops NGP VAN

Sanders campaign acted ethically

We Remember: Abortion Clinic Violence is Nothing New (but there is NO war on women!!)

We Remember: Abortion Clinic Violence is Nothing New (but there is NO war on women!!)

We Remember: Abortion Clinic Violence is Nothing New (but there is NO war on women!!)

'Impartial' DNC finance chief helps Hillary (violates DNC rules) (From June)

We Remember: Abortion Clinic Violence is Nothing New (but there is NO war on women!!)

Sick bastard

Roanoke Va (yes more Va craziness) parade. Open carry Confed flag and -- III Percenters?

Sanders campaign to discuss data breach next hour.

I just made an extra donation to Bernie's campaign and I have decided


For all my issues with the Obama administration.....

Pope Francis will make Mother Teresa—a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud—a saint.

Remembering Fatima Mernissi, Acclaimed Moroccan Feminist

Have you heard about the "III Percenters movement"?

Remembering Fatima Mernissi, Acclaimed Moroccan Feminist

Is the Bernie Blackout about to end?

Doesn't Johnny Manziel still have a year of eligibility left?

Hilarious Winners of the First Annual ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’

AP Source: Records: Sanders aides saved Clinton voter data

Is there an effort underway to publicly

Sanders news conference coming up

Just now on MSNBC: Multiple Bernie staffers downloaded and saved HRC info.

This is Rovian: attacking Bernie by attacking his biggest strength, his integrity

FWIW, there is a back-up mechanism for phone banking for Bernie.

Fired Sanders aide: I wasn't peeking at Clinton data files

Watching MSNBC. Did anyone else hear Steve say that NBC

JPMorgan paying $367M to settle US charges on conflicts


My brilliant grandson (age 3 in late January) comment "I'm digging it" regarding

HAPPY 72nd birthday to KEEF! You don't look a day over 172, mate.

BS'ers signing up in droves for the Egyptian River Cruise

If Bernie doesn't get access to HIS data by this afternoon, his campaign is going to FEDERAL COURT

DWS/DNC = Oedipus ?

5 things that need to be done in the wake of DWS corrupt attempt at wiping out Hillary's competition

Frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn.

Listening to MSNBC:

Jeff Weaver throwing EPIC pity party.

Press conference: Claim victimhood


New Occam's Razor: you don't go to federal court if you don't have evidence.

No Industry Rips Off Consumers More Than Big Pharma: The Latest Scam

The news conference I just saw was all about

Magical Piano

BREAKING: Documents obtained by NBC show at least 4 Bernie staffers saved Clinton voter data

FBI, U.S. Marshals join search for 'affluenza' teen

The Gloves are OFF! Looks like Bernie has had enough of the DNC BUllshit`

AP Source: Records: Sanders aides saved Clinton voter data

Bernie is bernt toast

Mike Huckabee Youth Outreach: Yelling At Stoners To Go Die In A War

Joy Reid - "Civil War on the democratic side"...

Sanders campaign goes there - wasted no time

HRC to Daily Kos: Leave DWS Alone

Medical examiner: Scott Weiland died from accidental overdose of cocaine, ethanol & MDA

Bernie Sanders Accuses DNC Of Undermining Campaign And Threatens Federal Lawsuit

DNC won't be able to make Bernie Sanders look like a thief

Innocent Bernie Sanders staffer fired just days before Christmas

SHIT JUST GOT REAL: Sanders Campaign’s Breach of Clinton Data More Serious Than Disclosed

Mutant Conservatives vs The Future

Princess Leia’s Feminist Agenda: Yeah, She Had One

Luckovich - Bearded Foreigner

If you've ever wondered just HOW crazy Trump

Princess Leia’s Feminist Agenda: Yeah, She Had One

How anti-evolution bills evolve

Dear Judge:

Obama just released the biggest energy efficiency rule in U.S. history

Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders Bristle at Holding Debates on Weekends

'Red Deer Cave people' bone points to mysterious species of pre-modern human

Bernie Sanders Accuses DNC Of Undermining Campaign - filing a Federal Injunction this afternoon

Cells use mechanism to eat each other before becoming toxic

The Vilest Moments Of The GOP Las Vegas Debate, As Chosen By Wonkette, Which Knows From ‘Vile’

Bernie Sanders campaign threatens to DNC to court if data access not restored (VIDEO)

Good for DFA! Statement: DNC attacks campaign rather than vendor.


Sanders campaign threatens legal action against DNC

DFA stands up for Bernie

guess you can say we made copies of Clinton data... says Josh Uretsky --on msnbc right now

The real scandal is that Sanders campaign fired a whistleblower.

Well, I guess now we know what the debate will be about...

Pretty please....

Dead Breitbart: Why Are All These Black People Forcing Trump Supporters To Kick Their Ass?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz should resign in DISGRACE

Call The DNC

Sanders Accounts Saved Clinton Data During Breach, Audit Says The Sanders campaign has been blocked

Well there certainly seems to be a breach

Warren Buffet is so rich that him spending $700,000....

Trevelyan, owner of the NGP VAN has been a Clintonite since 1992

Weaver at Presser says: nobody saved data. Bloomberg says data logs say: people saved data.

Isis Pharmaceuticals changes its 'unfortunate' name to avoid confusion (they'll now be called ISIL)

Fox Nation Commenter Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats

The problem is reality and "short" or uninformed

why can't so many on all sides just wait until the full facts come out regarding the DNC

x p Fox Nation Commenter Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats

Does anyone here actually believe that DNClinton does not have full access rights to Sanders' data?

If the DNC firewall is so weak, has anyone asked if the GOP has gained access?

Prediction: Obama Adm. Will Allow Dupont and Dow To Escape Their Long, Criminal History

Are we trying to lose?

Can you imagine if it was a Clinton staffer downloading Sanders' data?

Jon Steward just nailed it about Bernie...

JUST IN: Documents obtained by @ABCNews show at least 4 Sanders staffers accessed Clinton voter data

*POTUS year-end presser NOW,

Cousin's husband has scoliosis - lots of pain. He's in his 70's

Statement by Jeff Weaver, Bernie Sanders 2016 Campaign Manager

Some documented background information on Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the DNC.

Gee I don't know what to think about this data scandal

"You need to believe in things that aren't true; how else can they become?

Bernie Sanders Campaign News Conference Destroys the DNC for Dirty Tricks

The Sanders campaign honors a "whistleblower"

Why I trust cynics and distrust idealists:

On the subject on the data breach

I have been on a ton of DU juries this week . . .

Fired Sanders aide: I wasn't peeking at Clinton data files

Perhaps it's time to better understand the term Oligarch/Oligarchy as it relates to our System.

You must

Houston, we have a BIG problem...

The U.S. Pays a Lot More for Top Drugs Than Other Countries

Sanders campaign threatens legal action against DNC

Top 5 posts this week from RightWingWatch

This will BACKFIRE.

The election is a year away. Herman Cain was front-runner last election.

PPP Poll: HRC 56%- BS 28%-M'OM 9%

Video: Bernie Sanders Campaign Files Federal Lawsuit Against DNC for Withholding Voter Data

Why Did the DNC Leak the Bernie/Hillary Tech Story to MSM, Asks Charlie Pierce, Esquire

"They are not going to sabotage our campaign". Sanders camp threatens to sue DNC.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary have less integrity than Frank Underwood.

"Somebody leaves the front door open and you left a note inside"

Why the DNC going to the press was really, really, really stupid.

Just saw STAR WARS VII... Great Movie!

Do you think Bernie's campaign downloaded sensitive Clinton voter data?

Yay! I've doubled my bunnies living space...

Drunk NM Governor tries to call police off from complaints about staff party at hotel

The DNC stinks to high heaven

I give Hillary full benefit of the doubt on the cooked up email nonsense because I understand...

This morning, I minimized the impact of this data breach

How the DNC Just Sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ Campaign in One Devastating Move

What's that smell?

Those sleazy DNC servers, runnin' around with their firewalls exposed

Fired Sanders Staffer: "I Wasn’t Peeking at Clinton’s Files, Our Data Was Exposed Too"

I hereby name this data business "DNC DataGate"

‘NYT’ and ‘Washington Post’ run (settler) professor’s articles defending settlements

A pillar of midcoast Maine society -- and what we quietly know about him

Can I have the Valium Concession for DU?

I think I'm going to take the weekend off....

ISIS Vows War Against Saudi Arabia: Islamic State Group Threatens Arab Monarchy

The Ever Changing Story From the Sander's Campaign on the Data Breach and Theft

Reviled Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli Resigns

Am I the only one who's so terrified/disgusted by the current crop of GOP candidates....

Syria crisis: Powers 'agree Syria peace process resolution'

Young Americans: Connected to the world, but not to politics

You know everything I've found out about Bill Clinton

Obama Commutes Sentences of 95 Prisoners and Pardons Two

At this point in the last election, Romney was ahead in the polls

‘I want a fairer Europe,’ British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, with the UK in the EU.

Commentary on Bernie Sanders or Drake?

Statement from Charles Chamberlain, "Brings DNC neutrality into Question"

Yes, the CIA Director Was Part of the JFK Assassination Cover-Up

Who’s The Knucklehead, Mike Rowe?

Here is how to get a message to Hillary's campaign. If you want to tell her you thing she should

Martin Shkreli is the latest in the sad line of Twidiots.

I've seen a ton of Bernie bumper stickers in recent weeks . . .

The phoney DNC "scandal" against Bernie only makes my support stronger.

The Best Bernie Sanders Impressions of the Year

Why Did the DNC Let the Bernie-Hillary Tech Story Leak?

Hillary Clinton flip-flops on minimum wage-so why union endorsements?

Martin Shkreli Steps Down as Turing CEO

Fight DWS today: Donate to Bernie!!

Clinton Maintains Big Lead PPPpolling Hillary 56% BS 28% MOM 9%

NRA strikes again...this time at newspaper editor's editorial

Clinton Maintains Big Lead PPPpolling Hillary 56% BS 28% MOM 9%

Exclusive: Bernie Sanders talks Isis, guns and the billionaire class – video

To the Rescue!!!

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders: The Two Big Phenomena of This Election


Funniest Political Memes Inspired by Star Wars

This is what Bernie should have done

What do you want our next president to do? Give ten items

Have you guys heard there's a new Star Wars movie coming out?

Puerto Rican Economy Gets Screwed By Big Banks; The Same Thing Is Happening In U.S.

Bernie Sanders threatens to sue the DNC, Wasserman Schultz responds

Ok GWTW went over like a lead balloon...change of movie....

On the science of light sabers

Rep. Alan Grayson: "I Did Not Endorse Hillary"

Did you know?

SBS: Rich elites exploit poor whites, blacks and Hispanics by setting them against each other

Episode 39 of has just been released

Oberlin College Rips Up Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree

Propaganda Games: Sesame Credit - The True Danger of Gamification

If the Sanders campaign notified the DNC of this security glitch in October

Jim Webb via Twitter: Good for Bernie. The DNC is nothing more than an arm for the Clinton campaign.

Fired Sanders Staffer: We Saved Clinton Voter Data To Prove Breach

okay, Bernie peeps: watch for coverage of this DWS scandal

Clinton campaign statement on data breach

Nurses Blast DNC Attack, will protest today outside the Florida district office of DNC Chair

Hillary for America Statement on Breach of Campaign Voter Data.

Grid cells: Reading the neural code for space

Why did DNC leak the story?


Nobody really cares who looked at what data. Nobody. This is why it will blow up in DWS's face!

I'm going to miss Obama

There's still time to send a Christmas card to Don Siegelman

About Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump’s spokesbot --

I worked on the DNC IT Department(db specialist) during the 2004 election. My opinion on the breach:

Human rights court orders Colombia to stop ignoring indigenous child deaths

Human rights court orders Colombia to stop ignoring indigenous child deaths

Two deer hunts on successive weekends, starting tomorrow...

Poll: 30 percent of Republicans want to bomb country from ‘Aladdin’

December 18, 2015 Trump Lead Grows Nationally; 41% of His Voters Want to Bomb Country From Aladdi

Things you never expect to happen ever

You guys think this current DNC data hoopla will be talked tomorrow at the debate?

Thanks DWS/DNC, you just handed the WH to the god damn REPUBLICANS!!!

DU for Bernie at Act Blue has had $ pouring in since the press conference ended this afternoonUPDATE

The Sander's campaign would be stupid to go to court

PPP: Clinton ahead 56/28

Boston Herald NH Poll: Sanders 48 Clinton 46 O'Malley 2

Everything you need to know about the next Democratic debate (the debate is tomorrow)

New Mexico official reports to jail for embezzlement term

Bernie already fundraising off his campaign's illegal data breach.

ABC News/Washington Post: Clinton 59 Sanders 28 O'Malley 5

Paraguayan cops fire rubber bullets at flood victims

So, What does H. A. Goodman think about DNC DataGate?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Smashing Success!

@HillaryClinton campaign responds to data breach; asks DNC to ensure Sanders campaign only has acces

Bernie Sanders Did A Bad, Will Have To Sue His Way To The White House Now

Hopefully, the Sander's servers will be given over to the FBI. My information....

Police Called to New Mexico Governor’s Hotel Room

Netflix Just Invented Socks That Pause Your Show If You Fall Asleep

E-mail message from Jeff Weaver, Bernie's Campaign Manager, re: DNC dirty tricks

Neil deGrasse Tyson: The cutest thing ever, in the history of the universe....

From Bernie's site: Tell the DNC you expect a level playing field in the Democratic Primary

U.N. Says 60 Million People Have Been Forced to Flee War

I want to wish everyone happy holidays

Kenya Cholera Epidemic Hits World’s Largest Refugee Camp

Clinton Campaign Responds To Sanders Camp Data Breach

Change.Org Petition for DWS to resign

More money for Bernie.

Rescued dolphin moved from SeaWorld to Panhandle for long-term care

Now, MSNBC Sanders DNC Data Issue, with Steve Kornacki

Tom Brady dodges questions about Trump then chickens out and leaves.

phone for DNC donation line: a LIVE PERSON will answer

Maybe in 2020 Hillary will keep her campaign

Catholic Church Isn't Doing Enough to Stop Child Abuse

Let me get this straight - there was a VAN screwup, but campaigns are being blamed?

I was just blocked from a Group that supports the abuse of my private email.

Fight Nights: The Brief Candle of an American Artist

The cave of the crystal sepulchre

Fuuuuuuuck you, Steve Kornacki ... asshole!

I was blocked from another Supporter Group because of my the theft of my email.

Great news

Venezuela’s President warns about a possible violation of the electoral security system

Jake Tapper needs a good spanking right now.

Guess who is coming to dinner?

Lake Poopo, Bolivia's 2nd-largest lake, dries up

What is it with Hillary's always leaving classified data lying around?

Protecting FBI Whistleblowers From Retalliation

Good Grief.. Data Gate..

Sanders campaign threatens legal action against DNC.

Report: Lamar Odom not doing well, forgetting his own name

Why'd the DNC have to interrupt the self-cannibalization of the GOP?

The DFA petition

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 18, 2015

If downloading campaign lists is bad, so must be downloading classified State Department files...

The MoveOn Petition calling for DWS resignation

Truth: Baby Boomers Brought Us This Republican Creep Show

The human rights crisis in Honduras

Since the DNC is no longer answering the phone...

I cannot wait for O'Malley to publicly, at length, call out DWS for her corruption, on national TV

I am requesting that my DU OP on the Bernie Sanders Group be moved in its entirerity from

All Sanders has to do is prove the compromised data has been deleted

How many expect Clinton to get booed at the debate?

Graphic: Who Pays Taxes

DWS will not be the DNC chair in 2017

Newly discovered hack has U.S. fearing foreign infiltration

This is just a clusterfuck all the way around

I wish Obama could do press conferences promoting his agenda every week. He certainly doesn't get

If Democrats lose, who do you want in 2020?

How giant outdoor escalators transformed a Colombian neighborhood

We need to bombard Obama with messages to replace DSW

Dispatches: Argentina’s Supreme Court Appointments

I wrote a poem

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! -- Trust in Government v.2

In my opinion, the DNC has taken a fool's

Brazil Economy Minister fans rumors about his departure

Obama urges Turkey's Erdogan to withdraw troops from Iraq - White House

DNC and DWS: All telephones shut down early

Brazil's Rousseff picks close aide to replace Levy, lead economy: source

I just made my first campaign contribution today... to Bernie Sanders!

You've seen this commercial, right

SHOW OUR COLLECTIVE POWER, Bernistas. FLEX your muscles!!

When Calling the DNC.............

Brand New PPP Nat'l Poll to get your weekend started-HRC 56% SBS 28% MOM 9%

Noam Chomsky versus Islamophobe Sam Harris: Has the New Atheist Movement Been Hijacked by Bigots?

Oxford Tavern serves a giant cheese-filled meatball stuffed between 2 slabs of deep-fried lasagna

The door was left open on purpose!


National Voter File??

Climate change: Bolivia's second largest lake dries up, in pictures

I am an accountant not an IT person so I ask

Climate change: Bolivia's second largest lake dries up, in pictures

Bangladeshi lawyer takes aim at sexual violence by religious edict

Bill Moyers slams networks for using Trump as cheap fuel for their 2016 campaign ratings

Opposition Mayors Backed Evo Morales for Reelection

Bolivia's Morales says he has spoken with Peru about "megaport" projects

So did the Sanders campaign file in federal court today as promised?

Hillary Clinton already accessed and downloaded Bernie's voter data

Sanders files suit to regain access to DNC voter database

Has The Sanders Campaign Filed Their Lawsuit Yet?....

A peek at some December 2016 headlines

Lawsuit has been filed!!

Polish military police raid Nato centre in Warsaw

Watch that hot mic, Chuckie boy.... haha!

Why Hillary Clinton Should Defend Bernie Sanders Against the DNC’s Harsh Punishment

No such thing as ‘second-class’ faith, White House asserts

The Lawsuit has been filed!!


Can you even imagine the fallout if Clinton's camp had gotten into Sanders data

Hillary's opponents have a habit of self destructing.

Blitzer doing very long segment on Wasserman Schultz scandal

When a $50 cure is just as good as a $2,000 one

Will the Saudis Let Us Beat ISIS?

I just donated to Bernie again.

By DNC Contract the Sanders Campaign Had 10 Days, Did Not Get Cause Enough for DWS to Resign Simply

Datagate is Fabulous!

Error when updating a post..

Woman Almost Died When She Was Attacked By A Pit Bull — And Then She Adopted One

Thanks for the quick replies about my lawsuit question -- yes, it got filed.

As someone involved in IT work. The whole DNC "breach" thing is a cover for political gain.

Question for my friends in the African American group.

A basic question for believers.

IT'S A MAN'S WORLD (The Global Angels Awards) ... wow

Donald Trump is going to ruin everything: How the Donald could plunge us back into the international

‘A Security Concern Due to Divided Loyalties’

Sanders claims they discovered the exploit in October...

The DNC Is Clearly Violating Its Service Agreement With The Sanders Campaign

By DNC Contract the Sanders Campaign Had 10 Days, Did Not Get Cause Enough for DWS to Resign Simply

CNN this segment: DWS scandal, Bernie spokesperson to speak

School board opens door to renaming schools that honor Confederate heroes (VA)

Police Chief's Daughter Guilty Of Lesser Charges In Gay Hate Crime

More questions for believers! (AKA help me understand a friend.)

Moving violation

Did they "export and download" as per DWS?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-17-15

In honor of DWS and the DNC

If Sanders wanted to exploit the firewall breakdown,

U.S. Marshals release ‘Wanted’ poster for ‘affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch, offer $5,000 reward

I bet this isn't the first time Sander's campaign breach and stole data

What do you think Barack Obama will be doing 5 years from now

Statement from NGPVAN

Unbelievable..Just Unbelievable.

Bernie Sanders isn't playing around, officially files lawsuit against the DNC

ok.. now, in light of what really looks like a thumb

So Sanders' campaign STEALS data from Hillary, but Hillary is at fault?

Who failed to brief Obama about our war on Christmas?

Who else is waiting for Elizabeth Warren's reaction to the DNC situation?

Sanders operatives mess up. Sanders partisans can't take the heat.

TYT: "Affluenza" Teen On the Run From The Police

Martin Shkrelli hangs up on "FBI special agent" live on YouTube stream

If Sanders is so unhappy with the DNC, why doesn't he run as an independent?

TIME: Sanders Campaign’s Breach of Clinton Data More Serious Than Disclosed

TYT: Professor Suspended For Views On Allah

Names of threads not showing

Brian Fallon--Hillary comm. director on cnn now..

Do these people deserve a punch in the face?

Audio of New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R) drunk dialing police

BARACK OBAMA GROUP, please read SOP! Did you all see the article about Hagel ?

Faux "news" co-host wants to just kill all the inmates at Gitmo... (Updated)

Hillary, The DNC and the Oligarchy are RUNNING SCARED

Macri eliminates import limits, hurting small and medium industry and their employees.

TYT: Judge Swears In On Koran, Conservatives Outraged

I think this whole kerfuffle will actually end up hurting Hillary more that Bernie

FL DUers: If DWS runs for FL governor in '18

The UN security council unanimously endorsed the Syrian proposal that Kerry and others presented

Obama: The GOP Is The Only Major Party In The World Denying Global Warming

American Postal Workers Union Condemns DNC Attack on the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Amnesty International: Dow Chemical Must Appear in Court on Bhopal Disaster

My reaction?

30% of Republicans want to bomb fictional Dizney homeland of Aladdin

I TOLD you Obama was coming for our freedoms! See!

Poll: 30% of Republicans Want to Bomb a Fictional Disney Country

If the Hillary camp was not worried this story would have never erupted

Sanders Pulls Negative Web Ad on Clinton

Clinton Campaign: Data Was 'Stolen' By Sanders Campaign

What would you like to see in Saturday's democratic debate?

American Postal Workers Union Condemns DNC Attack on the Bernie Sanders Campaign

American Postal Workers Union Condemns DNC Attack on the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Judges, including one in Adelson lawsuit, subject to unusual scrutiny amid Review-Journal sale

DNC and Hillary need to understand something

What would happen if your cat had the power of the force?

There's something that mus be better than in the middle

Obama grants 95 Christmastime pardons and commutations.