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Do any of you remember when DWS bypassed Dean's DNC and went right to the media...

Look What I Found!

DC releases more police video related to in custody death

Anyone else get a robocall about a Clinton --

How to bake an egg...Sveedish Style:

How Slaves Built American Capitalism

2016 Dem Debate Schedule...

I clicked on the In Memoriam link in Announcements today...

Will the gloves come off tonight?

This might be of interest here.

What's the plan to get millennials to the polls?

" I think Hillary will go down as one of the finest secretaries of state we’ve had.”

Cuba, One Year Later: What Has Changed?

Cuba, One Year Later: What Has Changed?

Watch Fox News Corner Ted Cruz In A Lie He Tries DESPERATELY To Get Out Of

I'm going to be watching the Jets/Cowboys game tonight

How Bernie's Socialism Wins (and why Republicans love socialism but won't admit it)

Can you believe it? The Wizard of Oz AND The Wiz (Live) up against the Dem debate tonight.

Something Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and I can agree on

Is there any way to use an outside avatar for your profile?

Four Questions Bernie Sanders Needs to Answer

My local ABC affiliate will be covering the Democratic Debate at 7:00 CST but

US Senator Bernie Sanders' Facebook page just quoted FDR on "organized money"

. "Question the candidate, not our beloved system!"

Where can I watch the debate online?

Oh My Lord!


Let's be honest! No matter who wins the income inequality gap will

20 minutes to go.

I don't trust Hillary, but if she's the nominee. (More than likely)

Aging bear at center of court fight is euthanized in Ohio

Wisconsin loosens campaign finance rules for 'dark money'

Been busy lately...

Democratic debate thread.

WTF? Why is Geo. Stephenopolis introducing the DEMOCRATIC DEBATE, with GOP blather????

Alan Grayson: Bernie held the title of MOST amendments passed when he was in the House (video)

Do you ever get tired of hearing Bernie never did anything in the US House???

Colombia, Spain in diplo-row over sunken treasure trove worth an estimated $2 billion

Colombia, Spain in diplo-row over sunken treasure trove worth an estimated $2 billion

Alan Grayson: Bernie held the title of MOST amendments passed when he was in the House (fixed)

Star Wars: Force Awakens is the 2nd best Star Wars movie behind Empire

US Rep. Jim McGovern stumps for Hillary Clinton ahead of Democratic debate in New Hampshire

Hillary is my least favorite candidate ever.

War in Yemen: The Yemen Peace Talks Turn into Crisis Management--A View: TRNN

They announced Hillary first! The fix is in!!

Martin O'Malley has a great speechwriter

Loyal pitbull who guarded owner after fire put up for adoption

Bernie: "I apologize."


Check in here if you're at a Debate Party!

"You're a bigot, Mr. Trump"--yes, another Grinch Trump parody song

O'malley Gets It Right


Bickering? Martin's prepared speech showed he wasn't listening, because Bernie and Hillary

Very big of Bernie to apoligize to Hillary...

Adults. The Democrats are adults. Great way to handle the DNC database issue: an impartial

Did Hillary just say she would go after africa?!

A Star War Music Video I did way back when for fun

Live stream alternative - having trouble with ABC link? Go here:

Ack! Disney/ABC should have to report this as an in-kind contribution

Serious question re debate.

Debate comment -- is it my television,

Martin O'Malley just really surprised me.

Is ABC the only site that is streaming the debate?

I pledge to support Hillary if she is the nominee? Do you pledge to support Bernie if he is the

ABC desperate to prevent a debate from breaking out.

God, I still love America. State Capitol Building, Lansing, Michigan, December 19, 2015.

Fire Debbie Wasserman Schultz

No profiling is never acceptable. eom.

Donald Trump is one of the worst speakers I have ever heard.

Too bad DU's not down this weekend too, we could use a break

It is hard to figure out what the rules are and why O'Malley is getting less time.

Democratic Debate Thread 2

No wonder O'Malley broke in and insisted on speaking

Anyone got a link?

"Yeah well the thing is people...Forget it!"

The moderation in this debate just plain SUCKS

Dear Secretary Clinton:

you can't have a no fly zone without troops on the ground.

Bernie is going to make the Saudis pay for that wall.....I mean fight ISIS.

Fierce fighting in northern Yemen kills at least 75

Short sale tax break on verge of being extended until 2017

So my question to all candidates for the US Presidential elections

Did O'Malley just make a joke about Bernie's age?

This is intended to be APOLITICAL: Hillary Clinton is fucking BRILLIANT

Assad did not create ISIS. We did when we left political vacuums all over the ME

Who is your pick for the worst governor in the country?

So the first 40 minutes of the debate was for DNC approved pundits to oppine?

Hillary is killing these guys on foreign policy!

My experience: The debate is practically unwatchable online

So Far, it's 1. Hillary Clinton, 2. Bernie Sanders, 3. Martin O'Malley

Not the debate that was hoped for in GD-P

Hillary was in the bathroom a while.

Democratic Debate Thread 3

A message from Manny: Adios, Dear DUers

Pete Seeger Labelled 'Subversive' After Speaking Out Against Plan to Deport Japanese

Debate moderators

"The rest of the world is moving away from socialism." ?

Why was Hillary fashionably tardy after the break?

Bernie would win it all tonight if he just simply said

The difference between D and R debates

Were you on DU during 2003/2004 primary and general election?

ISIS is a Revolution

Funniest Hillary Clinton Memes

I have to ask: Why did Hillary wear her bathrobe? nt

‘The Big Short,’ Housing Bubbles and Retold Lies

Poor Martin...

Martin O'Malley is getting screwed here.

Higher education Should Be A Right For Everybody.

Am I the only person who thinks the new Star Wars movie is

"Now this is getting to be fun."

Muir And Raddatz are Such Weak Moderators...

Shoplifting suspect shot after running over deputies


Democratic Debate Thread 4

A state budget is NOT a Federal budget.

12-19-15 No Greyhound in 2:00

12-19-15 No Greyhound in 2:00

12-19-15 No Greyhound in 2:00

Edward Snowden: Sanders unexpectedly more credible on foreign policy than OM and Clinton

Agree with Hillary and disagree with Bernie on college

Hillary thinks we can fight Assad, ISIS, and Al Qaeda at once

Trump says other republicans are "jealous as hell" that Putin did not endorse them.

Time for: Our three Dems are like oxygen compared to the whackjob Rethugs!1

"Addiction is a disease, not a criminal activity."

Why are we discussing Secretary Clinton's bathroom habits and wardrobe ?

OMGOSH......MOM's ears look elfin sorry to say that too. It looks like they're pointed.

she also said earlier that we need to get Turkey involved with ISIS

With all our important problems, what a stupid question about the White House decorations!!

Bill is gonna grow the economy one more time woo hoo!

Just got back from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'. My random thoughts (SPOILER ALERT)

"Shes A Lot Smarter Than Me."

Sanders is clarified butter.

I thought they were going to visit debate watch parties from each candidate

Why are stephanopolus and Carl

Thank you, Bernie.

Anyone else have technical difficulties after the last commercial break? The debate came back

DWS on CNN: "Unfortunately, the Sanders campaign doesn't have . . .

I always sleep well going to bed after a Democratic debate Filled With

... and with you, President Clinton

"And May The Force Be With You."

Hillary's ending statement

and may the force be with you.......statement of the night. eom

So what did you all think of the HRC interview on ABC that just ended?

Hillary got the first word, the last word

"Good night, and may the Force be with you." GREAT closing line from Hillary!

Did the debate change the race?

Trump was the only republican mentioned by the Democratic candidates during the debate

"Goodnight And May The Force Be With You."

Can someone tell me when Bernie Sanders is taking on the "corrupt" Democratic Party?

I think Hillary kicked ass!

Hurry! There's an online poll that needs voting on!

Clinton is going to lose in a general election

My daughter's family just got a dog, not working out

"Fear and Anger never built America"

The broken clock got something right.

MSNBC didn't find the Dem debate important enough for a post-debate

DWS's Undying Loyalty & Unwavering Allegiance to HRC is no mystery

The biggest loser in the debate..... drum roll please


Well whaddya know, there IS a difference!

What makes him my hope..

Hillary's team makes a move to trademark "May the Force be with You"

Way too cozy.

Sanders is my first choice, but O'Malley was amazing tonight

The people have spoken

It is easy to see why Sanders is ahead of O'Malley

Hillary just f*cking blew them away! (HRC GROUP!)

I got a hide, but when I disputed it from my Inbox, my post does not show in my Outbox

unhappycamper. I heard frm Great Aunt of Triplets that unhappycamper is fine. Just taking a break.

Cornel West and Bernie to speak at hotel after debate. Bernie2016TV

Love this picture of Hillary Clinton from when she was 22

I started debate threads tonight, and it was pretty damned good.

"The business model of Wall Street is fraud" - @BernieSanders

Oh my goodness, I've finally done something of note

TIME Debate Poll

Impressions of this evening's debate.

Okay, I'm getting really pissed off

It's a major issue, so... what is the worst that happens with NO intervention in the M.E.?

Here is what I think of ABC and their debate.

MAIN STREET MEDIA.....faux, CNN, MSNBC......and forget CBS,NBC, ABC.....

Meet Dakotaraptor, The Terrifying New Dinosaur KU Researchers Are Piecing Together

Tina fey and who's the other one??? Movie, "sisters" and now on SNL.....

SNL: Hillary is having trouble with millenials. The reason?

Nice to see all DUERS back to discussing the issues

The reality is that Clinton is an excellent debater

Huffington Post trying to make an issue out of why Mrs.Clinton

Mother Jones: Here's What Actually Happened in the Great Sanders-Clinton Data Theft

Democratic Debate New Hampshire 12/20/2015 FULL VIDEO

Sanders camp suspends two more staffers over data breach

MSNBC: Two more Sanders staffers suspended...

It's 8:00. I came home to watch the debate, turned down fun. It's not on the schedule.

Who Won Saturday's Dem Debate?

About Hillarys Level Of Appeal To Young, Millenial Voters.

Report Card: Clinton Still Leader of the Pack

Just to be clear

I'm trying to figue out why this poster has not been banned

Turn to Stone

You must be registered as a Dem by 2/15/16 to vote in the primary.

Why I believe Josh Uretsky's explanation

Having seen the Dem debate tonight, I really feel that

Hezbollah: Samir Kuntar Killed in Israeli Airstrike on Damascus

Looks like I wasn't the only one frustrated by ABC's debate livestream

Amid DNC dust-up, Sanders raises $1 million in a single day, campaign associate says

Adolf Hitler really did have only one ball, according to new medical report

Hillary intends to continue choosing the flowers and china when POTUS

I thought the Bush voters who chose him based on their feelings were nuts.*

Is MeNMyVolt Skinner's wife? nt

12 more hours to enter a photo

Attention, ManiacJoe! The gum wall has risen.

Disgruntled Russians want cat as next mayor

Tonight, Hillary passed the buck on ISIS.

Will the Journals from DU2 be accessible soon?

Daily Holidays - December 20

Air France flight makes emergency landing in Kenya over bomb scare

Report Card: Clinton Still Leader of the Pack

Who won the debate

Very weird telephone call

Bernie supporters could blow this election

Hope this happens and has a stop in Central Michigan

Trump may have gone one bluster too far.

Thoughts on adopting bigger size limitations for pictures?

Sen. Sanders closing Statements at the Debate

30% Of Republicans Are In Favor Of Bombing Fictional Town In Disney’s Aladdin!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) O Christmas Squeee 2015 Edition

How the Democratic and Republican debates compared

Americans are afraid of terror but

:DRYVRS Ep. 1 "Just Me In The House By Myself" starring Macaulay Culkin

Voices from Syria: 'The safest place is the frontline'

Charles Pierce: Why Did the DNC Let the Bernie-Hillary Tech Story Leak?

Obama Administration to Justices: Reject Marijuana Lawsuit

Clinton, Rubio, Cruz Receive Foreign Policy Advice From Same Consulting Firm

Moscow Times: Russia Will Not Object Assad Ouster After Syrian War Ends

Krugman: Housing Bubbles and Retold Lies

VOX: Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Nominee....!

Sanders doesnt want the nomination. Why is he running?

I Helped Create ISIS

Bringing Socialism Back: How Bernie Sanders is Reviving an American Tradition

Way to go, Morocco! A solar mega-plant to deliver electricity to half the country's population.

Killer Mike: "Stay confronting bullshit at every turn."

8 Terrible Things About the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Yemen Crisis: One More Reason to Re-evaluate the Toxic U.S.-Saudi Alliance

Juan Cole: Top 5 Ways Saudi Arabia Really Could Fight Terrorism, & Not by a Vague Coalition

For the Holidays, will anyone pray for Peace?

Representative Jan Schakowsky Introduces Medicare Fair Drug Pricing Act

UPDATE on TIME debate poll

Thanks Rahm and Magic Johnson!: Parents at west side Pre K school clean their children's washrooms

Don't mess with Wall Street, Mr. Shkreli

His competitors skipped the spin room, but Martin O'Malley couldn't resist the opportunity

If elected President, would Hillary nominate Rahm Emmanual for Supreme Court?

Mike D'Antoni joins Sixers as associate head coach, sources say

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Three Kings

LeBron James careens into seats; Jason Day's wife stretchered off

Jimmy Butler: Bulls need new coach Fred Hoiberg to push harder

Kudos to Clinton for being gracioius about the kerfuffle last night

D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle deny Lakers played 'scared'

Clinton missing from Dem debate !

Kyrie Irving to play for first time since NBA Finals

Next Debate: Sunday January 17. Time TBA

NBA fines Paul George $35K for criticizing refs

I warmed a little more to Sen. Sanders' personality watching the debate

7 demented ways America thinks about guns

Only One Senator Seeking the White House Missed the Big Spending Vote

Here’s what happened with NGP VAN, the Sanders Campaign, and the Clinton Campaign

A Special Relationship: The United States is teaming up with Al Qaeda, again

The Force Was With Hillary Clinton in the 3rd Democratic Debate

Bernie Sanders passes Obama fundraising mark

For a change in pace, here's some news, Slovenia voted on Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption today...

TOON: The Zen of Poo

Star Wars joke **NO SPOILERS**

Pro-BDS group uses Israeli platform Wix to build website

CEO of Hewlett-Packard Ousted

Politifact Rates O'Malley Claim of Clinton Positioning on Gun Control 'Half True'

Premont ISD to stay open

Ever have one of those days?

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler make triumphant return to SNL as Palin and Hillary — and it’s hilarious

Hillary Clinton Challenges Bernie Sanders to ‘Join the Democrats’ on Gun Control

Not healthy for a Party to embrace only one candidate. No room for us there now.

I'm sorry but at the end of the debate I heard Clinton say:

I don't understand what Clinton said at the end of the debate...

BDS resolution overturned by UC grad students’ national union: It discriminates against Jews

Not healthy for a Party to embrace only one candidate. No room for us there now.

Hillary Clinton Says ISIS Is Using Trump as a Recruiting Tool. Is She Right?

About last night

The Guardian: Sanders outshone Clinton on foreign policy at the debate. But who watched?

What kind of people.....?

me too...

Thoughts on the newer insulated tabletop water boiler/dispensers versus electric kettles->energy $$

We need to support our nominee..2 Words.."Supreme Court"

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-20-15

An excellent French documentary on Japanese prison life from the inside.

Cops 16x more likely to kill people with untreated mental illness

Clinton Cleans Up

I have to ask: Why didn't Bernie wear a bathrobe?

Nope, they won't.

Whenever I come across ridiculous things that wingers say…

F-ING. Terrifying.

South Florida Village is the First to Pass Anti-BDS Ordinance

Black sesame taste tantanmen noodle Square gyoza.

8 reasons a Bernie Sanders presidency would be great for Trump supporters

Debbie Wasserman Schultz 2015 = Katherine Harris 2000

Arizona Taxpayers Billed $500,000 for Battle Against Gay Marriage

& He Thinks YOUR Wages Are Too High

Bernie Sanders coming up on "THIS WEEK"...

Anyone else having an issue with the edit function? nt

Of Course I'm A 100% Impartial Joy....

Bernie Sanders: "I think you have a pathological liar"

Post-Debate Polling Prediction - My Take

Fear and Loathing at a Trump Rally (these people are something else!)

A Moment of Zen(puffs). . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Young Turks Coverage on ABC Democratic Debate

Native Americans Launch New Video Against ‘Hollywood Indians’

Navajo Nation's Nutrition Crisis

Mark Halperin (Bloomberg): Clinton Still Leader of the Pack

'Tis the season for friends and family

Here’s what happened with NGP VAN, the Sanders Campaign, and the Clinton Campaign

I still can't get over it. The way the DNC

IndyStar poll: Hoosiers say LGBT rights beat religious rights

Ferguson cop says life is ‘ruined’ after pointing AR-15 at journalists and saying, ‘I’m going to f*c

TYT: Obama’s ISIS Speech Was Tough. Was It Smart?

As Public Funding of Universities Dwindles, Faculty Are Unionizing

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on data breach. Is she lying

Oglala Sioux seek solutions on chronic housing shortage

If God knows everything, then we do not have free will. Why does he create people

Todd Rundgren - Blind; song about climate change deniers

TYT: Which Cultures Are Most Comfortable Killing Civilians?

Here is my prediction

I think Sanders supporters focus too much on defeating Hillary Clinton

Guess who won the Dem debate?

Should we discuss the Nativity again?

Too much GD-P warps the perceptions

TYT: Gun Safety Instructor Shoots Pastor

The U.S. School That Trains Dictators & Death Squads

Probably The Best Line Of Last Nights Debate:

I wasn’t raised to fear people with a difference of opinion. They are merely victims of a disease in

Rockets fired from Lebanon into north Israel: security sources

NYT: Bernie Sanders Falls Behind in a Race Centered on Security

Regardless Of Whether Your Candidate Wins The Nomination...

When China hacks into our email and Dept of Defense Clearance database, Democratic Party

Cuba’s Fascinating Babalú-Ayé Procession Honors African and Catholic Traditions

Recently Discovered Titanosaur Is So Huge, It Barely Fits into a Museum

What Significant Questions the Primaries have raised?

Sugar-free Christmas cookies?

Colored pixs of King Tut's tomb -

Oglala Sioux seek solutions on chronic housing shortage

Who Won Last Night's ABC Primary Debate?

Bernie Sanders passes Obama fundraising mark

CBS/You Gov NH poll

My thoughts on the debate:

FDR: "Organized Money."

Native Americans Launch New Video Against ‘Hollywood Indians’

FBI snooped on singer Pete Seeger for 20 years

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-19-15

Clickety, clickety, clickety.

CBS/YouGov Iowa Poll: Hillary 50, Bernie 45, Martin 4

Prices skyrocket, stun Argentines

Prices skyrocket, stun Argentines

CBS/YouGov New Hampshire Poll: Bernie 56, Hillary 42, Martin 1

DataGate - What Most Voters Will Think

What food is your enemy?

Check in if you're sick of it all and just want to wait for the real voting.

NYTimes: In Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton’s Focus Is on G.O.P.

CBS/YouGov South Carolina Poll: Hillary 67, Bernie 31, Martin 2

Bernie Sanders Pleads for Trump Supporters to Leave the Dark Side

O Key of David...

Guatemala Rejects Differentiated Treatment to Cuban Migrants

Raise Your Hands: Who has been banned from the Bernie Group?

The Insane

from new CBS/yougov polls for clown car show

"And may the Force be with you"

Does someone know of a collection of Trump quotes?

Two Straight Debates On National Security, And No Questions About The Real Threat To The Globe

Martin O'Malley won last night's debate

Sanders Suspends Two More Staffers Over Data Breach

My favorite minute from last night's debate

Hillary Clinton is playing a Dangerous Game: How her Anti-Bernie TP's Could Cost Her & America

The best time for a political earthquake in Spain is now!

Questions linger over Tom Brady’s relationship with ‘body coach’

Ineresting, WHen PEOPLE get to vote, Bernie wins. When the paid Corporate Media crowd

Don’t you find it strange that the press..


Hillary is very confused about technology. It can be challenging, but also important for economic

Ron Reagan endorsed Bernie Sanders

SNL Mugs The GOP Debate

Trump and Putin

True Meaning of Christmas (That Everyone Forgets)

Manny - say it ain't true!

It's 3 AM, who do you trust when the phone call comes in?

What are you reading this week of December 20, 2015?

Brumotti, Road Bike Freestyle 2

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders says Donald Trump is a "pathological liar."

Norway Offers Migrants a Lesson in How to Treat Women

I was searching the internet and look what I found.

New NBC/WSJ poll

Sanders outshone Clinton on foreign policy at the debate. But who watched?

CBS South Carolina Poll: Clinton 67% - Sanders 31% - O'Malley 2%

Utility grade beef question

Did anybody actually get this email?

Spaceplanes vs super rockets: Expert reveals who will win the battle of cheap space

An Explanation of What Bernie Sanders Staffers Actually Did and Why It Matters

Does any of this strike anyone else as too convenient not to be coordinated?

Suspected Russian warplanes kill scores in Syrian city: rescue workers

Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy

World Trade Organization strikes 'historic' farming subsidy deal

This is a real email from the campaign.

Donald Trump defends Vladimir Putin: 'I haven’t seen any evidence that he killed anybody'

Martin Shkreli’s old school debates what to do with $1 million donation after his arrest

Hillary Clinton Saves Dull #DemDebate With Last-Second Star Wars Shoutout

Oh Tannenbaum

(Australia) Stoner sloth’ anti-drug campaign gets reality check as medical experts walk away

Video: ‘You’re A Mean One, Mr. Trump’

Video: "You're A Mean One, Mr. Trump" (Grinch Parody)

I am so sick of anti-choice bullshit.

Spain's conservatives ahead in election, Podemos second: exit poll

Trump on Putin's crackdown on journalists: 'it’s never been proven'

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is just doing her job.

Everything about this election

New CBS News New Hampshire poll -- Sanders CRUSHING at 56% to Clinton 42% for a 14% lead!

last fyi, for fairness purposes

Hillary Clinton Campaign Doubles Down After Experts Question Claim About ISIS Videos Using Donald Tr

New CBS News Iowa poll -- Sanders pulls within 5% of Clinton: Clinton 50%, Sanders 45%, O'Malley 4%

What? I'm getting no Likes for this on Facebook?

Snowden to Appear Via Video Link at New Hampshire Convention

Imagine the fit Hillary supporters would have if the DNC chair

Prime candidate for pardon or commuting of sentence: Leonard Peltier.

Did I miss something? No Mojo?

This WOULD be headline news, if the MSM's goal were actually to inform the people....

Mexican Cardinal Says Church Doesn't Oppose Medicinal Pot

Bernie Sanders had a point about those ‘fancy dormitories’ and ‘giant football stadiums’

TRUMP-PUTIN 2016? Ohio Gov. John Kasich releases satirical campaign site for GOP front-runner... LOL

At the Dem. Debate Hillary Clinton invited us to look up her top donors...

Facebook removes page after ‘Peace on Earth’ photo incites outrage

Alan Grayson did NOT endorse Hillary Clinton

Well, Christmas will not be 80 degrees after all, says the fickle weatherman.

COMPLETE INTERVIEW: Chuck Todd Interviewes Bernie Sanders On "Meet The Press " (12/20/2015)

If Hillary's campaign stole Bernie's campaign data



On Discussionist: "I can honestly say I've never seen the fighting in DU so bad as today (Rubicon)

Anyone else having trouble with "trash this thread" not working?

Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection.

Who said this: "In all fairness ... you're saying he killed people. I haven't seen that."

Public Campaign Events and Important Election Dates

Yoda: voting for @HillaryClinton I am. Yessss.

Merry Christmas DU from Christmas past

Sad news: Jimmy Carter's grandson dies

"I won't vote for Hillary in a general election,' 'I'll write in Bernie's name...'


Hours after grandson’s death, Jimmy Carter teaches Sunday school

FULL | Bernie Sanders One on One Interview With George Stephanopoulos Post Debate 12.20.2015


Salon: The United States is scarier than the Islamic State

I'm Not Ready To Make Nice

A little song from Folk Uke

The Democratic Primary

Illustration I brought over from the Artist site

SNL does GOP debate

Why I don't buy Uretsky's story, and why that doesn't get the DNC off the hook

2004 Ohio Precinct-Level Exit Poll Data Show Virtually Irrefutable Evidence of Vote Miscount

Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” Played At Trump Rallies –WTF ?

Making a Murderer - Netflix's new true "crime" documentary series is mind blowing!

Thank you William769

Sanders suspends additional staffers for accessing Clinton data files

I am boycotting the PPR of MannyGoldstein

"Weapons grade hypocrisy" and "dude needs a mirror" is totally worth a repost, imho.

15-year-old killed while shielding Tennessee girls from bullets

Notes from the Outside....

lately I've been having a heck of a time having to sign in on lots of

The Third Democratic Debate: The Force is With Her

Religion in the Comics - 47

Bernie's up next with Baba Wawa on ABC n/t

A lesson in love and giving from disadvantaged children: tissue alert

Ben Carson: Carpet Bombing Is Like Saving Kids From Cancer

Just Realized. In An Odd Way. Ben Carson Kinda Reminds Me Of The Shrub.

Bernie: Way up in NH and Within the MoE in Iowa. It's on, like Donkey Kong!

Spanish election: Conservatives win but fall short of majority, exit polls show

question related to having to log in to a lot of sites

Where Democrats Stand on Medicare for All.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 21 December 2015

A door that's not a backdoor, and magical ponies who burp ice cream

Only 42 More Days Left - But Not Till Christmas - Is that Enough for O’Malley?

As Christians Arm Themselves, Pastor Gets Shot By Gun Safety Instructor

Dec 17 CBS/YouGov IOWA Poll Clinton 50 same; Sanders 45 +1; RCP Ave Hillary +14.9

1917 World War I In Color: A rare record of quiet on the Western Front

Curious? First NGP VAN data breach and it was Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders first post debate interview UPDATED 2:45 AM EST Dec 20, 2015

Have you discontinued the In Memoriam page?

Koterba toon: Iowa caucus

I had a deja vue feeling from last night's debate when Hillary and Bernie were asked if

(Updated 12/20) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtesy of

Devaluation-driven inflation forces Macri to maintain Cristina Kirchner's Price Care program.

Hillary Clinton 'We Could Lose The Nomination'

Ray Davies and Dave Davies first time on stage together after 20 years

Will the real Hillary please stand up?

I'd like to make a public apology to Segami.

WTF, "Jeb!" Name calling? NAME CALLING? You're playing right into Trump's hands, ya effin' maroon...

The Case for Taking Martin O’Malley Seriously


War On Terror Has Created More Terrorism

Realistically, of Bernie and Hillary's proposed agendas

Denver Cops Break Up Homeless Camp in the Middle of a Snowstorm

Pyrrhic victories...

Tenants Rights Group Priced Out of SF Mission

India: youngest attacker in 2012 gang rape released from prison

Why do Clinton and Trump do better in crappy-method polls and worse in established-method polls?

spellcheck issue?

Reich Facebook Post on Debate Last Night

Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Over the Years: Then vs. Now

Don't be a Drama Queen

Dem Debate 3: The Force is With Her

A Hillary Christmas - SNL

Amy Dacey, DNC CEO, says Sanders staffer: tried to delete notes . . . to hide his activities.

So grave-dancing is OK, noting that a grave-dancer is on timeout is not? WTF?

Even If Paris Accord Far Exceeds Expectatations, Glacier & Ice Sheet Melt Locked In For Milennia

Breaking News Consumer's Handbook: Election Polls Edition On The Media (NPR)

Vilsack Scorches Congress: If You Expect USFS To Fight Ever-Larger Fires, Then Pay For It

Aired March 7th 1968

No longer pretending to be objective, NYT turns 3rd debate into “The Hillary Clinton Show”