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X-Post BS. Saturday night 2016 Democratic debate gets lowest ratings of any debate this year.

Likud taps its first openly gay MK to replace Shalom

X-post GD.P. Saturday night 2016 Democratic debate gets lowest ratings of any debate this year

FULL ABC Democratic Debate Part 1: 3rd Democratic Presidential Debate 12/19/2015

Shirley Temple Figured Out Christmas at the Age of 6

Even if Bernie Sanders doesn't win the primary, he has given every indication that he will

Israeli officials praise reports that terrorist Samir Kuntar killed in Syria

12-20-15 The Father of American Manufacturing in 2:00

12-20-15 The Father of American Manufacturing in 2:00

12-20-15 The Father of American Manufacturing in 2:00

Having trouble copying an image to post.

I'm starting to think that those idiots will actually go ahead and nominate Chris Christie. (eom)

and now, my annual broadcast of that heartwarming holiday tale of redemption; William S Burroughs

Clinton just slimed Bernie Sanders with a discredited Murdoch attack on single-payer health care

Closing statement

A Sunday night break from politics...

This was so funny last night.. I had to share...

Biggest Hate-Monger on Discussionist Revealed to Have 10 Personalities

Jimmy Carter Announces Grandson's Death at Sunday Sermon

Hillary's hand picked it company let the database get hacked twice. Why do they still have the job?

Ted Cruz. Jesus Christ, Jesus Cruz. (with Videos)

St. Louis officer who fatally shot teen quits amid DWI probe

CBS Edits Out Criticisms of U.S. Policy From Focus Group With Muslim Americans

DWS must go.

SpaceX delays historic launch for better weather - to land many people at NGP VAN got canned? nt

Donald Trump: No Proof That Putin Kills Journalists

Cruz Faces Fresh Waves of Inconsistency Charges

Good Lord, people. Sanders apologized. Clinton accepted his apology, so

Patriots QB Tom Brady finishes No. 1 in Pro Bowl fan voting

Shouldn't Bernie have also apologized to Hillary supporters?

Hillary Clinton Email: 'We Could Lose The Nomination'

How many years in a cent?

Ludlow native a western Mass. connection for O'Malley

And YOU thought Rand Paul jumped the shark with the "Aqua Buddha" thing...that was a WARM-UP.

Last night, Bernie called for an independent audit of the database since day one...

I find the nativity stories interesting and informative

I have to announce a great honor: I have been blocked from

I saw a comment online somewhere yesterday that cracked me up.

The return of war? Turkey's south-east region plunged into 'worst violence in years'

New CBS Poll Finds Big Lead for Ted Cruz in Iowa

A&E are running tRump infomercials tonight

I just saw "In the Heart of the Sea" tonight. (no spoilers)

49 Things You Would Have Sworn A Presidential Candidate Would Never Say. Then You Lived Through 2015

A friend wrote this:

Zippy Comic Strip.

The most complete summary of the DNC kerffuflle yet

DU software and jury service.

This is a part of the world where the United States has tried to play two different approaches.

Brussels police raid home, make arrests in Paris attacks probe

Sexism at Disney (Star Wars): I can't buy a Rey action figure anywhere, and she's the heroine!

Brazil president's survival odds improve, but ally demands growth

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Shatters Box-Office Record

"Deck us all with Boston Charlie" lyrics

Democratic race could still ‘turn on a dime,’ O’Malley insists after latest debate.

Bernie has big lead in NH, within 5% with Hillary in IW

Argentina: Hundreds protest outside Buenos Aires congress over media censorship fears

The DNC has a nominee

Bernie Explains DNC Data Breach and Hillary Says "We Should Just Move on..."

Hillary Clinton's Latino Outreach Director Finally Becomes A U.S. Citizen

A Capital Ship For An Ocean Trip.

Believe it or not, this is the best time to be alive

I thought Hillary Clinton did really well in the debate last night.

Chris Hedges: The Creeping Villainy of American Politics

Omaha zoo CEO addresses concerns about planned elephant import: We're saving the lives of these anim

Once more, with feeling.

Well Steve Harvey really screwed up tonight.

Either ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli’s Twitter account was hacked — or he’s gone completely off the ra

Operation Naked King: U.S. Secretly Targeted Bolivia's Evo Morales In Drug Sting

Jimmy Carter's grandson has died.

There's some kind of jerk-TRUMP "documentary" on, I offed it. & Tweety/MSRNBC are doing one soon

DNC and the Hillary campaign share headquarters. Huh.

Internet standards body approves HTTP response code 451: "Unavailable for Legal Reasons"

Hillary and Bernie Each Had a Pretty Strong Debate. That Means Hillary Won

Since Star Wars quotes are in vogue, let me offer one...

Car plows into crowd near Planet Hollywood, dozens injured

Nashua, New Hampshire, Closes Schools Over Threat of Violence

"Washington Post Promotes Dickensian Marketing Experiment on Poor Children."

WP: Jeb Bush says he ‘hated’ being the front-runner

"Finally, an Explanation for Hillary Clinton’s Long Bathroom Break"

Woman Outraged No One Keeping Her from Saying "Merry Christmas"

Hey!! do you think for once we can avoid the STAR WARS MOVIE SPOILERS???

KKK Website Upgrades Server To Accommodate More Trump Racism

Panama to Launch 'Truth Report' on 1989 US Invasion

U.S. to Protect African Lions Under Endangered Species Act

One for Game Of Thrones fans...

Israeli university heads protest US anthropologists’ boycott measure

The mystery of India’s deadly exam scam

3 people killed, 30 injured when car plows into sidewalk along Vegas strip. Vibes to one and all.

How a Nation Self Destructs

Black holes can grow as large as 50 billion suns, study says

Curiosity discovers high concentration of silica in rocks on Mars; scientists puzzled

Bernie's staff has committed cybercrime. They have taken, potentially, millions of dollars of info.

What Happens When Someone is Coronated Too Soon....

ALMA reveals planetary construction sites around young stars

U.N. Report Shows the U.S. is Failing Women At All Levels

Was O'Malley Snubbed At Democratic Debate?

To the Sanders folks: how much have you contributed to someone else?

Was O'Malley Snubbed At Democratic Debate?

Celebrated hunter crushed to death by baby elephant

Ring of Fire: "There's no difference between media and wall street"

This guy would like to know how much we donate to other politicians.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 22: TCM Guest Programmer: Tina Fey

What evidence is there that anything similar happened in 2008 re: campaign data?

Indonesian police hunt for more suspects over foiled terrorist attacks

Abortion Opponents Won't Be Happy Until It Is Criminalized/Women & Providers Jailed.

by Robert Reich

Exposed: A Secret Catalogue of Government Gear for Spying on Your Cellphone

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 23: Star of the Month: Frank Sinatra

And God created Cat

Mother of ‘affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch added to missing persons list

Anybody remember GoLeft TV? Who was the monstrously hot blonde reporter with the glasses?

I Saw A Jolly Hunter

George Lucas gifts $10 mil for black/hispanic students at USC film school

Confederate flag supporters, opponents clash at 'Secessionist Rally' (SC)

America Falls Into Line With Russia on Syria

Inside the head of a mass shooter

It’s Okay – Change that Offensive Name on a Building

Jack White - Freedom at 21


Post Debate in NH with Dr. West and Bernie

Dovish Israeli Groups Say They Face Harsh Crackdown

Is the Pharma Bro a Pick Up Artist? Is this the apotheosis of the culture we deserve?

DNC Vice Chair Rybak: Wasserman Schultz "Went On Television And Repeated A Knowing

I'm Watching A Slow But Interesting Transformation....

Polluted nuclear weapons site to become tourist destination

O’Malley tries to gain post-debate traction.

Hip-Hop Stars Support Mississippi Rapper in First Amendment Case

Shortest Miss Universe reign ever -- they crowned the wrong one. Oops!

The Ban Hammer of Censorship to provide false enclaves, called "Safe Spaces".

Wow... I thought I knew evil.

Truman plain speaking

The band that can't get into the Hall Of Fame...

Fifa: Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini get lengthy bans

Daily Holidays - December 21

As Brazil mine spill reaches ocean, its catastrophic extent becomes clear

I could never hate any Democrat as much as I do the thought of Donald Trump becoming President.

Las Vegas police say car crash that left one dead and 36 injured was intentional


African Lions to Be Added to Endangered Species List

All Aboard the ‘War on Christmas’ Pander Train

USDA will no longer enforce the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) requirements for beef and pork

Endangered Christians

"We came, we saw, he died" and then we got a 2nd Libyan civil war, including ISIS

Chris Hedges: The Creeping Villainy of American Politics

China landslide: 91 missing in Shenzhen after pile of construction waste collapses

Telegraph fined £30,000 over email urging readers to vote Tory

Ask MoveOn to have a presidential endorsement poll

Palin Compares Grassroots Conservatives To Battered Women

Most Syrian rebels sympathise with Isis, says thinktank

Blocking Democracy as Syria's Solution

University of California Drops Private Prison Investments Amid Student Demands

Trump will be on the Today Show *again* this morning

Shame on you, ABC! Hillary was late coming back to the debate

Hope you enjoy.

Asking admin here to delete Star Wars spoiler.

If you are progressive and you vote on record and not rhetoric, then you will vote for Sanders.

Democratic contest winding down as GOP brawl escalates

Merry Christmas DU from a Christmas past

Nancy Pelosi Hints Broadly at Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Krugman: Dumb and Dumber

Isn't it amazing how these rich criminals always have hoodies when arrested

First day on the job Omaha police officer saves lives, is hospitalized

Trump Las Vegas Hotel Files Objections After Workers Vote to Join Union

Trump Las Vegas Hotel Files Objections After Workers Vote to Join Union

Trump Las Vegas Hotel Files Objections After Workers Vote to Join Union

In Order to address debate schedule concerns Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

Happy Yule, y'all!

Why did Hillary use a discredited Rupert Murdoch lie to smear Sanders?

POLL: Meme of the Week – December 21st

This superintendent has figured out how to make school work for poor kids

Ruiz: Cablevision accused of firing ‘exceptional’ Long Island worker over union activity

Nancy Pelosi Hints Broadly at Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Another Sikh attacked

"Liberating the Smalltalk lurking in C and Unix" by Stephen Kell

Leading environmentast and Climate Change pioneer Bill McKibben endorses Bernie Sanders

Was any of the info Sanders staff got marked "Top Secret?"

Clinton campaign sweats out data breach damage.

Ruiz: Cablevision accused of firing ‘exceptional’ Long Island worker over union activity

Ruiz: Cablevision accused of firing ‘exceptional’ Long Island worker over union activity

Very liberal voters prefer Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders (55% to 36%)

Turkey announces troop withdrawal to de-escalate tensions with Iraq

The problem with the conspiracy theories regarding the DNC and the number of debates.

Explaining it ALL...

Hillary doesn't talk for free. The debates are an exception.

FIFA ethics court bans Blatter, Platini for 8 years

Looking for Melodic Piano Sheet Music - Waltzes, etc.

Obama Accuses Trump of Exploiting Working-Class Fears

Venezuela frees Pepsi workers it arrested for not making enough Pepsi

How Corporate America and the Fed Blew It - Warning - The Crash of 2016 is on the way...

Brazil government says sharp peso devaluation good for region

Re: Radicalization

"Climate change is a lot like fashion. There's always something new." Come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!!

thanking you in advance for your support.....

Hillary Clinton Returns to Iowa on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

CBS Edits Out Criticisms of U.S. Policy From Frank Luntz Focus Group With Muslim Americans

Monday Toon Roundup 1- GOP

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

The official DU Lounge 'I've seen the new Star Wars movie' check-in thread!!!

New Sanders Negative Ad Slams Clinton Greed

Apple CEO tells whoppers in interview

First on CNN: Graham ends his campaign for the White House

The Spending Bill Guts Food Safety - Prepare to Get Sick!

Lyndsey Graham drops out

Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Over The Years: Then vs. Now

So, in summary . . .

Warning Star Wars Spoiler (Just not the way you think)

I think, "belief" is a survival-technique rather than a means of revelation.

Rubio likely to win GOP nomination, but will lose to Clinton, University of Alabama predicts

More Media Coverage for GOP dropouts than Sanders

Spain’s Election Shows How Much Trouble the Establishment Is In

After the darkness ...

Hey DU...don't rec this thread. (But kinda actually maybe.) I need your help for my dad.

Well, at least he has time to update his website now

TRUMP demands an apology: What are some snappy ways to say, "Fat chance, you flop haired bozo"?!1

Never forget that Lindsey Graham and Lara Logan made up a totally false story about Benghazi .....

RWW News: Ted Cruz - Mobilizing Christians To 'Vote Biblical Values' Is The Key To Saving America

US Steel, union reach tentative contract for 18,000 workers

US Steel, union reach tentative contract for 18,000 workers

CBS News Iowa Poll basically no change since November survey

US Steel, union reach tentative contract for 18,000 workers

How Donald Trump is breathing life into America’s dying white supremacist movement

Bernie Sanders vs. the world

Millennials have gotten royally screwed: That’s why they’re voting for Bernie Sanders

In September, my beloved furry son died (Django). Last night:

MIN from ST.319 - Y.Ê.U (EDM Ver.) M/V

List #7,548,922 of essential philosophical truths:

More creative support from Bernie supporters!

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-20-15

LOL! Robin Williams at a November 12, 2007 event celebrating Prince Charles' Birthday

Tell Obama to stop the bombing of Agrabah! These drone attacks need to end!

Juggalos, Russian Troops, & An Islamic 'Feminist' Cult: Best of 2015 From The VICE Network

H Post: Bernie Sanders Won the Debate, Defeated the DNC, and Became the Real Democratic Front Runner

Really-I Just Heard Some CNN Reporter Ask Lindsay Graham If He Accept A Cabinet Position In Trumps..

Hillary Clinton’s no-tax pledge is Republican policy sprinkled with Third Way politics

Chicago Teachers Awarded $280,000 in Damages for Pregnancy Discrimination

Inside The Weird World of an Islamic 'Feminist' Cult

Chicago Teachers Awarded $280,000 in Damages for Pregnancy Discrimination

This Kitty Rescue Is The Best Story I’ve Heard All Day!

Chris Hedges: The Algebra of Revolution

Chicago Teachers Awarded $280,000 in Damages for Pregnancy Discrimination

Switzerland, no more. I am feeling the Bern.

The 10 Best Feminist Quotes of 2015

The 10 Best Feminist Quotes of 2015

Hillary's vs Bernie's word cloud on all social media on the internet

A Key of Awesome Christmas Spectacular

Blaming the victim. (Hillary Group)


my god i'm an idiot.

Cleaning up a few questions about the Great Data Breach of 2015

Oh no, oh dear GOD NO! Lil' Lin-Lin suspended his ass-kickin' Presidentin' war mongerin' campaign.

New RW Christian Movement To Shop ONLY Christian Friendly or Owned Businesses.

The Debates on Foreign Policy in Syria

Did the Feds Just Hand White House to GOP?

Clearly the NFL has a serious officiating problem

Donald Trump is breathing life into America’s dying white supremacist movement

December 21, 1916

Moment of silence, please.

Bernie Sanders vs. the world: How the political & media elite are trying to set him up to fail

Iranian hackers 'targeted' New York dam

Sign to take to tRump counterdemos

Well looky here! Bernie Sanders Sweeps Online Polls...

How the most expensive structure in the world was built

Brawl breaks out between flag-waving nativists and Hispanic protesters in Phoenix Walmart lot

China: Be Careful What You Ask For

Krugman: Donald and The Decider

It's a lesson for sexual harassers around the world

After downing an energy drink, what happens in the body is kind of scary

Latest HuffPost/Pollster national chart shows Hillary climbing... and Bernie sinking

42 days until the Iowa Caucus! Fuel up & win every day!!


Finally! Some presidential candidates who tell it like it is!

Walker. Perry. Jindal. Graham. What is YOUR prediction for the next one to bail from the clown car?

Sometimes I feel like I am caught between 2 Semis headed for a collision

Bernie Sanders Clearly In Pocket Of High-Rolling Teacher Who Donated $300 To His Campaign

“I guess Christmas Eve was booked.” —Bernie Sanders aide Michael Briggs on Saturday night debates.

Hot off the press Emerson University Nat'l Poll- HRC-65% SBS 26% MOM 2%_HRC-Best on foreign policy

Is $3,500 a reasonable price for a CT scan?

Watch Bernie apologize again. You know you want to.

Some thoughts and suggestions

‘Veterans For Bernie’ Say Sanders Website Blocked on Military Bases (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

In Missouri, Fewer Gun Restrictions and More Gun Killings

Trump supporter charged in plot to bomb Muslims: ‘I’ll follow this MAN to the end of the world’

Six US Troops Reported Killed In Afghanistan

It Took Just One Woman Calling Out Sexual Harassment To Take Down A Top Progressive PR Boss

Can anyone recommend a doll hospital? I have a

Star Wars spoiler

Has anyone had any success using Nioxin shampoo?

Can anyone recommend an all-day sunscreen?

Why couldn't AirBnB be charged with racketeering?

Why would Sanders supporters believe Hillary is playing dirty?

ISIS minority killings should be recognized as genocide – British MPs

What the Founding Fathers really meant in the 2nd Amendment

Brzezinski To Santorum: 'Why Aren't You Working On White Men With Guns?'

I want to make sure this accomplishment doesn't pass by unnoticed and unappreciated.

No B.S.

Dumbest complaint I've read so far re: Episode 7 (Minor spoiler in white text)

Why couldn't AirBnB be charged with racketeering? (xpost from GD)

Does William769 post here?

Killer Mike tells it straight on the DNC sabotage against the Bernie Sanders....

Cross-post from G-D (hope DFW doesn't mind)...

This simply shouldn't be controversial.

Icelandic banker sentenced to five years in prison

Sanders campaign checking if they STILL have Clinton data

Cheering for Bernie Sanders, deep in Hillary country

Just thought I'd drop in and say...

Muslim passengers shielded Christians in deadly bus attack in Mandera (Kenya)

Well, Bernie Sanders, the American people like you A LOT!!!!

New Mexico struggles with campaign finance enforcement

New PPP H2H matchups: Clinton better than Sanders across the board (tied on Carson)

The Fault in Our Polls

An interesting fact about jury service..A lot more of it..3 or 4 times as much

Pic Of The Moment: Bush Thrilled To Be Circling Toilet Bowl

Mika calls out Santorum and makes him look like the Jerk he is

Why did some of the crowd boo Bruce Springsteen on SNL?

TOON: Merry Christmas!

Hillary Clinton wants“Manhattan-like project” to break encryption

My fav skit from SNL this weekend: "Meet Your Second Wife!"

Arkansas horror: 57 dogs found shot and poisoned to death

see FDR, Clement Attlee: Wasn't economic security at home once seen as VITAL to national security?

help me pick my next car. i need safety gizmos.

Prison Chaplain charged with rape was Bill Gothard protégé (Duggar/Huckabee connection)

Marco Rubio Shocked He’s Labeled a ‘Bigot’ for Opposing Equal Rights for Gay People

Trump-where he belongs

NY Gov. Cuomo to seek out and pardon thousands of youthful offenders.

GOP messenger

Oh, rules are for the little people - not for the Clintons and their associates..

I understand some Hillary supporters

Governor Cuomo Offers Executive Pardons to New Yorkers Convicted of Crimes at Ages 16 and 17

Bernie Sanders Refuses Flashy ABC Podium In Favor Of Own Humble, Homemade Lectern

How to Avoid Movie Spoilers after the First Weekend

Hillary Clinton Has a Smart Response for Defeating Islamic Terrorism In-Depth-Slate Magazine

"freep" from Urban Dictionary

Phyllis Schlafly Says Donald Trump is 'Last Hope for America'

Medical Marijuana Is Saving Lives; What’s The Wait On Legalizing It EVERYWHERE?

Question for my techno-geek friends

At the end of the day, posting a movie spoiler is a very small thing.

Watch trailer for "Atticus and the Architect:The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman"

Politicus Poll: "Should DWSchultz be forcibly removed as DNC Chairwoman?" <- VOTE NOW Plz.

Macri's decree appointments to Argentine Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional.

Progressives Don't Run the Democratic Party

Today would have been Frank's 75th birthday. He would have torn Trump several new assholes.

Remember NAFTA-gate in '08? A similar political smooth move by the Clinton campaign.

Diner busboy finds $3,000, makes sure money is returned to owner

Macri's decree appointments to Argentine Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional.

Six US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan on this past Monday

Here's the email from Hillary Clinton:

You have to love Jeff Weaver,bernie's campagin manager

DU Classic Rock Trivia CHALLENGE: Name the greatest song to have rhymed "masses" with "masses."

Bernie Sanders On Donald Trump: He's A 'Pathological Liar'

Online Poll Voting Campaigns - See Them Here

Latest PPP poll results - Clinton would beat all republican contenders except for a tie with Carson.

Donald Trump wins first, second, and third place for 2015 'Lie of the Year'

Martin Shkreli: I Was Only Pretending to Be Horrible

'Moon rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake

So Trump wants an apology from Hillary...

Blind Dog Named Christmas Rescued After Being Trapped in a Well for Months

Argentina's President Macri calls on Venezuela to free political prisoners

Is interstellar travel possible?

Military to Military: Seymour M. Hersh on US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war

How come Bernie's campaign manager and everyone else failed to inform BERNIE of the data breach?

Armed Forces Members,Veterans Use #iwillprotectyou After Muslim Child Says She's Afraid

Green America: Hasbro & Disney: Stop Exploiting Toy Workers E action

Encrypted Primary Message - Try to crack it!

New Orleans reconstructs those monuments of a confederate history

After reading the posts in here for the past month or two, I have come to the conclusion that

FDA overturns 30-year ban on blood donations by gay men

Monday-Morning Quarterbacking the Democratic Debate

Las Vegas Driver Faces Murder Charge

Why the Mall of America is suing Black Lives Matter protesters


Physicist George Ellis Knocks Physicists for Knocking Philosophy, Falsification, Free Will

Student perspectives on race matter (KY)

I was a controller of a medical clinic for a number of years

Rob Ford's Sobriety Coach: Inside the Manic Life & Work of Bob Marier

Faux News Upset that President Obama

Why I bought a star.

Hillary News & Views 12.21: Debate Highlights and Analysis, and Prioritizing Millienial Women

Hillary Clinton To Wrap Up 2015 In New Hampshire, Talk About What's At Stake in 2016

Oddly, this isn't even the worst vehicular crowd attack in Nevada history

Will few primary debates at low viewership times hurt nominee in November?

Hillary Clinton TV Ad: "Secure"

Ministers approve bill to shutter all shops on Saturday

New PPP Polls: Hillary Performs Better than Bernie Against All GOP Contenders

Do you think Sanders had any knowledge of his staffers stealing Hillary Clinton's data?

Should Debbie Wasserman Schultz resign as DNC chair?

Chelsea Clinton expecting 2nd child.

The DNC's extremely rapid buckling at Bernie's lawsuit says one thing:

I recommend this guy as the moderator for the next Repug Debate/Farce

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

I am really not understanding why DWS or the DNC or whoever is driving this

HRC says "hell no" to apologizing to Trump. Jeb sides with Trump.

Emerson College poll: Clinton 65 - Sanders 26 - O'Malley 2

Seriously? This is going to be allowed to stand? Really?

Trump demands Clinton apology for ISIS "best recruiter" jab

Man calls 911 for rolling papers, is busted

Sorry I didn't get the email. Thanks. My donation is made!!

"Hell no."

Why Some Feminists Choosing an Old White Guy over Hillary...

Vote for Bernie Sanders....because we can't afford to let a Republican get into the White House...

Chelsea Clinton expecting second child next summer

m$nbc is airing a documentary on donald trump tomorrow night. just saw a clip with ann coulter.

Hillary should tell the rat head to go fuck himself.

Nebraskans for Peace 'Cat Lovers Against the Bomb 2016 Calendar'

CBS News, Sanders leading in NH

Getting to know your extended family better via Facebook has its downside.

Cat Lovers Againt the Bomb 2016 calendar, order yours today!

Democratic debate versus NFL playoff games ?

Sophisticated Trump

Colombia government asks forgiveness for 1988 paramilitary massacre

Colombia government asks forgiveness for 1988 paramilitary massacre

You can tell the quality of a candidate by that candidate's enemies.

Chelsea Clinton announces she's expecting a second child.

Obama prepares Executive Orders to quell gun violence

Spox: ‘Hell no,’ Clinton won’t apologize to Trump for ISIS remark

Next summer, Charlotte is going to be a big sister! Feeling very blessed & grateful this holiday sea

The new Star Wars was the first movie I've been to in 7-10 years (no spoilers)

Americans Try Norwegian Christmas Food

Sanders Precinct Capt. in Iowa: Hillary Clinton does not lead the Democratic Primary!

NORAD Tracks Santa Website

FDA eases restrictions on blood donations from gay men

O Morning Star...

How The GOP Stole Progress

FDA eases restrictions on blood donations from gay men


12-21-15 Santa Maria School Massacre. in 2:00

12-21-15 Santa Maria School Massacre. in 2:00

12-21-15 Santa Maria School Massacre. in 2:00

FitzGibbon Media and the problem of sexual harassment in the progressive movement

I am so sick of Star Wars!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 22 December 2015

FitzGibbon Media and the problem of sexual harassment in the progressive movement

You know that lone Sanders supporter

Police: Man chokes woman in Austin airport line to ‘take Devil to hell’

First post-debate poll released:

Democracy Now: Is DNC Afraid of Democracy?

Do you want RED Bullshit or BLUE Bullshit?

3 Irving brothers could face stiffer charges after 83-year-old beating victim dies

Phil Ochs and the "Crucifixion" of JFK

National horse race polls are meaningless, and robo-call polls are the worst, but if you must talk

Funeral shrine celebrates fallen Texas A&M cockroach

Bernie Sanders - The President We Need

Better Than Elf On A Shelf

Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley Town Hall Meeting in Madbury, New Hampshire

Am I the only one who not only buys a present for a pet?

Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley Town Hall Meeting in Madbury, New Hampshire

Bernie supporter here, hoping to be able to trust HRC

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 21, 2015

Devaluation-driven inflation forces Macri to grant $30 Christmas bonus to pensioners, aid recipients

Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley Town Hall Meeting in Madbury, New Hampshire

.@HillaryClinton releases one of best videos I’ve seen. Even my Bernie friends will love it

Should Hillary Clinton apologize to Donald Trump?

Helen Keller sums up my feelings about the concept of safe spaces

Ring Out, Solstice Bells.

Brazil Freezes Mining Companies' Assets for Burst Dam

Colombia: River of the Seven Colours Closed to Tourists

Colombia: River of the Seven Colours Closed to Tourists

GloZell Green I just interviewed our next president @hillaryclinton on @theconversation

GloZell Green--I just interviewed our next president @hillaryclinton on @theconversation

Gibraltar court awards Chevron $28 million in damages

Man Jailed for 28 Years After Woman ‘Dreamed’ He Raped Her Gets New Trial

Bernie the monster scares the media

In My Opinion There Is A Difference Between Being Liberal And Being Progressive.

The REAL reason why Ron Paul lost and why no good candidate can ever win.

Understand that the following transcript I put together from an MSNBC segment about an hour ago...

Unsubstantiated but could possibly get verification here

Jeremy Corbyn says he would pick Bolivia if he had to live outside Britain

Military to Military Seymour M. Hersh on US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war

There Is A Difference Between Liberal And Progressive.

Hillary Clinton Camp To Donald Trump: 'Hell No' On Apology

Transformative former New York Philharmonic conductor Kurt Masur Dies at 88.

Ya know that Christmas snow globe you have? You shouldn't

EVERYONE who is interested in this election MUST watch and listen to this NH Town Hall meeting,

Hillary Clinton Condemns Arizona Lawmakers' Attempt to Defund Planned Parenthood

New trial for Baltimore officer in Freddie Gray death set for June

Commentary: Hillary Clinton cleans up in Democratic debate

What information from the Sanders campaign does Clinton have? When did they get it? How many times

Harrison Ford Paid Over 50 TIMES More Than ‘Star Wars’ Co-Stars

Richard Linklater, Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey Organize "Bernie" Fundraiser

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the FORCE is with HRC

The Sun told to put apology to Jeremy Corbyn on front page

Tonight is Longest Night!

Looks like the woman in Las Vegas with her car was high on meth.

Jerry Seinfeld’s next ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ guest? President Obama.

From GD: The REAL reason why Ron Paul lost and why no good candidate can ever win.