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Archives: December 27, 2015

Don't Be Played. The Sanders Campaign Hasn't Charged Conspiracy or Claimed Josh Uretsky is a Plant

A FB friend just posted a disgusting anti-Hillary meme

Can you imagine this mentality representing the United States of America at the Climate Summit?

'Boom, Boom, Boom': Woman Points Fake Gun at Police in Connecticut

'Stay On Offense': Obama Fighting Lame-Duck Status

So here's what really happened.

Cookie Monster

Sunday Talk Shows with Bernie: MTP and FTN

Holy Jesus..Gas leak in Southern Cali called

Twisters in Dallas.

Some horrible weather in Texas now. Stay safe Texas peeps!

Political Dark Money Just Got Darker, the Editorial Board, NY Times

A short little story, which happened to me:

The Latest: Tornado on the ground south of Dallas

New Polymer Could Purify Water In Seconds: Study

Printed in Des Moines Register: Our caucus: Debaters agree on one thing -- Sanders

Porter Ranch California Disaster Darkens Holiday…What About Watts?

Pioneer of Freedom

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Malibu Stakes

Major flooding in STL

Religion in the Comics - 048

Doctor Trashes Sedated Patient, Jury Awards Payment: "I wanted to punch you in the face" Doc said.

JFK assassination sowed seeds of failure for gun-control efforts

Slim Cessna's Auto Club

Looking for a macro lens

Indepaz: Colombia Needs to Recognize the Scope of Paramilitaries

Nebraska Medical Center doctor will aid refugees during 10-day trip to Greece and Macedonia

Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation Documents Guatemala Atrocities

Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation Documents Guatemala Atrocities

Shocking moment gunman shoots diners at close range in popular chicken restaurant in Peru captured o

Shocking moment gunman shoots diners at close range in popular chicken restaurant in Peru captured o

12-26-15 A Rude Awakening in 2:00

12-26-15 A Rude Awakening in 2:00

12-26-15 A Rude Awakening in 2:00

Saw a couple Bernie yard signs in Belfast, ME today

Freshwater at Puerto Williams, Chile, is the world's purest

Freshwater at Puerto Williams, Chile, is the world's purest

UN chief: Bush deserves credit for climate change 'success'

Shoppers want mall retailer to remove Confederate flag merchandise (MI)

Committee supports removing Confederate monument from St. Louis park

170,000 evacuated by unprecedented floods in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.


The high cost of curating history’s dustbin

170,000 evacuated by unprecedented floods in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

170,000 evacuated by unprecedented floods in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

The untold story of Seattle’s racist mayor

Thoughts going out to Dallas area. Just heard from my kids there and both okay. But...

Instagram team just passed 30,000 followers

I refuse to speculate on what happened in datagate

Explosive Documenary links Manning to Growth Hormone

Finally saw Little Miss Sunshine

In Iowa Sanders' support rose +34% and Clinton's dropped -8%, and in NH Sanders rose +40% while

Wicca and Bowtie Would like to Extend New Years' Greetings to Everybody

IS leader urges uprising in Saudi, attacks in Israel: recording

What I nice time tonight!

Peyton Manning

Is Fox Giving America the Finger?


Bernie is up to 32% amongst non-white voters. Up from 1% when he started his campaign.

Court: Iowa insurer must pay claims for life-saving drugs (more than $1 million a year per patient)

Pro-choice 2017!

Baskets and a stone hatchet

Multiple lovers?

Paris even after terrorist attacks has a lower homicide rate than 32 US cities

One of our DU members who is homeless was persuaded to put up a

Wintersolstice feast of the Icelandic Pagan Association was held where the new temple is being built

Did Bernie Sanders have his fingers crossed when he apologized for the data breach?

Manipulation of Search Engine Results Can Sway Undecided Voters by at Least 20%

Bokeskine House, former home of (Aleister Crowley) Jimmy Page, destroyed by fire

I don't believe this hasn't been posted yet...Cheech's Christmas story

Burlington Free Press:Top 10 Vermont stories of 2015

Really good read into who Bernie really is.

Cigarette smoking.

If Trump is a serious candidate, why does he want his civil trial in August, during general

Chinese Mine Boss Drowns Himself After Deadly Collapse

And there were stars: How a time out turned into the nighttime sky

One killed in shooting at Detroit-area mall

Preliminary count indicates 11 tornadoes hit Dallas area Saturday evening,

Indiana attorney general stands by conviction of Purvi Patel for feticide and child neglect

When should the ends of a loaf of bread be eaten?

Cuba Reports Lower Child Mortality Rate than US and Canada

An ‘Extremist’ in the United States

After Paris: How to Fight for Climate Change's First Victims

Ten Proposals For Chavismo In The Face Of Our Defeat

Argentine government suspends Senate TV channel

I like that! HttR! NFCE champs

Should interest rates for students loans be higher than for home and car loans?

A very Doonesbury Trump

On Jeb Bush

The Savage Language Against Public Employees By GOP Candidates Disturbing.

Blizzard Warning (Texas)

Ted Cruz Aide: Gay Marriage Not A Priority

But, but .. "Americans would NEVER elect a Democratic Socialist as President!!!!!"

Ankara said to demand unrestricted access to Gaza

NFL Draft History.

Greatest Harry Chapin song ever, and even more relevant today

Let Bartlet be Bartlet!

Which do you believe is the more like scenario for the data breach?

A blessed feast of St John to you

What Will It Take For GOPPERS To Admit Climate Warming?

But First, Breakfast: 18 Recipes That Will Make Your Mornings Better

What blows me away is how justice is not served in the US!

Salon: Is Hillary Clinton a neoconservative hawk?

Multiple disturbances forces Mall St. Matthews to close early

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my colleagues in this group.

School closures remark puts Hillary in a bind

Eight confirmed dead in storms in Garland and Collin County, 50,000 without power across North Texas

Seriously, how dumb ass can a person be?

Child Sexual Abuse the Most Reported Crime in Paraguay PDF Imprimir E-Mail

Jim Webb Attacks Clinton With Eye on Independent Run

US hits Islamic State group with 17 Christmas Day airstrikes

Only 23% of Independents think that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy

65% of Republicans say that Trump shares their values

It seems I recorded the Dr. Who where he meets Donna...

Daily Holidays - December 27

Flooding 'worst in 50 years', as 150,000 flee in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) The Good Stuff Edition

Super pleased with my new 6Gen iPod Touch

At least 3 groceries opt out of Texas open-carry gun law

Why Living in a Poor Neighborhood Can Make You Fat

Hillary Clinton did not merely vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq.

A curious weapon

Donald Trump: The Least Charitable Billionaire In The World

Newly Elected Governor Strips 140,000 Of Voting Rights, Lowers The Minimum Wage

Chicago Police: Woman accidentally killed by officer fire

It's the calm before the storm

90-Year-Old Gay Man Recalls Long Struggle With His Sexuality

Asakusa Jinta music video - UNMEI

Christmas glitch allowed Steam users to see others' personal info

Volunteers give away free marijuana joints to the homeless on Christmas Eve in Denver

How can we continue to sing America The Beautiful?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-26-15

Guess who's the modern day Scrooge: "A Christmas Carol - 12/26/2015"

How Hillary Clinton Went Undercover to Examine Race in Education

Is Donald Trump Actually a Narcissist? Therapists Weigh In!

Face the Nation this morning (Dec 27, 2015) has Bernie Sanders and Stephen Colbert

‘Donald Trump totally thinks I’m a Muslim’: Atheist hammers Trump on proposed Muslim ban

Mike Malloy - 2015 Hits: The Latest Smear Campaign Against Bernie Sanders

Nail....Meet Hammer

Appeal filed in free speech case over anti-gay essay

Appeal filed in free speech case over anti-gay essay

Mike Malloy - 2015 Hits: Donald Trump Is Connecting With People Like Adolf Hitler Did

Texas tornadoes: Eleven killed in Dallas area

‘Historic’ snowstorm slams New Mexico

It's your choice: Regime Change or Improving the Lives of Americans

If Joseph and Mary tried to reach Bethlehem today, they might get murdered by Palestinian terrorists

China unveils two-child policy

.....if it was doing that to machines, what was it doing to humans?

Religious-Zionist Leaders Condemn Far-Right Violence, Support Shin Bet

Is The Erratic Weather In Texas And The Repugs Climate Change Denial Turning The State From Red....

Such is the joy of presidential campaigning for underdog Martin O’Malley

I've uncovered a huge Scandal...Bernie Sanders is a DNC plant!

Northeast Oklahoma

2015's Top Five Moments In Anti-Science Bullshit - A Video Especially For You!

ISIS leader to Israel: Palestine will be your graveyard

13 of the Funniest Internet Memes of 2015

"Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton..."

Martin O'Malley advocates a 'continuum of care' to address the opiate abuse epidemic

Hardening Of Chesapeake Bay Shorelines To Protect Development, Houses, Is Hammering Bay Life

Storing kimchi

At Least 2,693 New Daily High Temp Records Tied Or Broken 12/1-23/15; 3,912 Record-Warm Low Temps

The issue of taking on Wall street

Days of the payday loan could be numbered with new regulations on the horizon

Days of the payday loan could be numbered with new regulations on the horizon

Yes, Virginia, There Is An El Nino, But "Never, During My Adult Life, Anything Like This Before"

An unwed mom at 25, Bristol Palin graduated from a mere hypocrite to a bad example…

The Federal Reserve Board and the Presidential Candidates

"...your children and mine are just as much at risk as they were the day before Columbine."

"Your wife fantasizes about me, spud!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

It’s about the Supreme Court

New NEBR state laws go into effect this week, including a minimum wage bump to $9 an hour

If she loses both Iowa and New Hampshire

Sanders says he’s courting Trump supporters

Iraqi forces seize Islamic State stronghold in Ramadi: spokesman

I am Spartacus.....well no I wrote the screenplay and those words... Dalton Trumbo

Omaha Tribe shifts its focus from legalizing pot to growing hemp

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 29: In Memoriam

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 30: Star of the Month: Frank Sinatra

Iowa caucuses probably won't do much to narrow GOP field

The land is NOT OURS to exploit:

Florida Man goes to McDonalds...

Bernie Sanders in 'negotiations' with DNC over data breach

Thought for the Day:

Face the Nation: Trump has turned fear into anger

Bernie Sanders: If Sandra Bland were white, her death “would not have happened”

I'd like to get a Bluetooth desktop speaker

Bring Back the War Tax

Charges unlikely in killing of Tamir Rice by police, family attorney says

D. Kos: Donald Trump gets into Twitter war with Modern Family writer—is obliterated July 2015 story

Possible jury system glitch

Ted Cruz using firm that harvested data on millions of unwitting Facebook users

Edward Clarkin Is The Most Important Man In Journalism Today — And He’s Probably Not A Real Person

Bernie Sander's Stated Litmus Test For His SCOTUS Picks "Vote YES Overturn Citizens United"

Jesus statue promoted to General-then demoted

Well, this has been a Christmas I'll write stories about...

TOON: Trump-Zilla and the Also-Rans

I want to see a woman president in my life time but it needs to be the right one

Can you identify this mongrel?

Jesus statue’s promotion to army general vetoed by Guatemalan president

Jesus statue’s promotion to army general vetoed by Guatemalan president

Hillary's Evolution

One day, Hillary might be a good Democratic Party candidate for national office

Czech president: migrants should be fighting Isis, not 'invading' Europe

Conservatives are cowards

O'Malley says 'Let us get up for greatness'

WTF? Taekwondo governing body set for rebrand over use of acronym

TCM Remembers 2015

O'Malley discusses ways to fight opiate crisis.

North Korea's computer operating system revealed by researchers

O'Malley discusses ways to fight opiate crisis.

O'Malley says 'Let us get up for greatness'

My friend has a 10 yr old grandson

".... a pro-intelligent design think tank".

Award for "Most Stagnant Thinking" for 2015

Anybody know why I'm receiving unsolicited daily emails thanking me for joining "Team Hillary"?

"We, as Democrats right now, should tap into the discontent of Republicans."

Man Distracted by Device Falls to His Death off San Diego Cliff

Israel missile defence chief Yair Ramati sacked

Medicare for All, including dental, optical, hearing aids and mental health services?

Robert Spitzer, influential US psychiatrist, dies aged 83

Iran's Rouhani urges Muslims to fix Islam's global image

It's very radical...


Syrian Kurds push west of Euphrates, defying Turkish warning

In other news...Lake Michigan's turning killer tomorrow...18 foot waves predicted

What are you reading this week of December 27, 2015?

Republicans Faceplant As Rand Paul Doubles Down On Trump’s Sexist Attack On Hillary Clinton


Hezbollah leader tells Israel to brace for retaliation over Qantar's death

Andrea Mitchell Presses Sanders: You’re ’Far Behind’ Hillary in Polls on Foreign Policy

There is no Racism in the Republican Party

Rich people who have all the money they need

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 27, 2015

Trump Whines To Fox About Clinton 'Playing The Woman Card'

The GOP is completely rational

Forbes On Fox: Clinton 'The Grinch' For Attacking Trickle Down Economics

Family: Charges Unlikely in Killing of Tamir Rice by Police

Family: Charges Unlikely in Killing of Tamir Rice by Police

Dr. Robert Spitzer died; had helped to remove homosexuality from classification as illness

Colorado Pot Banking Case Tests Federal Drug Rules

One of those Dallas tornadoes was an EF4

When the wet dream of "pro-lifers" comes to pass...

Praise for Christie's Approach on Drugs Misplaced, Some Say

How the Wall Fell

The Evolution of God by Robert Wright.

Paris attacker Samy Amimour buried in unmarked grave

Bernie.. 42 years ago....Oct 16, 1973...

What Really Caused the Implosion of the Occupy Movement—An Insider's View By Yotam Marom

What's your favorite line from Life of Brian?

A Terrified Trump Throws A Twitter Tantrum After Bernie Sanders Truth Bombs His Lies

Screw the $15.00 per hour. How about $100.00?

Which candidate has the best chance of wining the most seats in congress

Sorry Hillary supporters...

Former outfielder and post season hero Dave Henderson passes away at 57

Canada 2015- from Conservative hell, to "Sunny Ways"

Just A Reminder

Monday snowstorm may drop 6 to 10 inches on Omaha area; city issues snow emergency

To Progressive Turnout & Left Action: Ban Voting Machines, We Cannot Fix a “Fixed” System

Texas Governor on CNN now discussing tornadoes n/t

Ann Coulter: Squealing with joy over the Trump phenomenon.

Which past Presidency do you think each candidate's would be like?

Dr. Ben's prescription? No, it's not more cowbell. It's "a more robust response to false attacks."

Did N.E. just throw a game to eliminate the Steelers?

And now the fun begins! Infinite America, Part 3: Chicago to Washington, DC

Can anyone tell me what "the woman card" is, when Trump uses the term?

This is a lil personal.

CBC doing a story on The Notorious RBG next. (Ruth Bader Ginsberg)

I PROMISE I did NOT do this one. A friend sent it to me. But have a laugh anyway, and HNY!

Infinite America, Part 3a: Solving the Great Debate - In-n-Out or Shake Shack?

Is there a way to get my spouse's new Windows Seven Machine to display

This Muslim Family Visited a Restaurant in the Deep South and Got an Unexpected Surprise

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 28 December 2015

Black People Not Amused By Politico Suggestion That Obama Reach Out To Whitey

Need help with adult daughter and her interaction with the family.

Syria anti-IS documentary maker 'assassinated' in Turkey

It's Not Just Nazis who Like Trump...

Candidates as Hunger Games characters

South Arkansas people... Check your weather

BERNIE WILL WIN. (Well worth the me)

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israeli and Palestinian terrorism 'cannot be compared'

Bernie Sanders in 'negotiations' with DNC over data breach

Donald Trump Blasts Bill Clinton's "Penchant For Sexism"

Desert tower raises Chile's solar power ambition to new heights

Winter Storm Warning

Black Twitter claps back at Hillary Clinton with #NewHillaryLogo

Just marked another Clinton campaign begging email as SPAM.

Interesting: List of open primary states

Koterba toon: Trumps New Year

I found this article on liking Hillary Clinton..

Donald Trump’s Six Stages Of Doom

Edited: Two questions for those in the know about residential rentals.

Nebraska woman, 100, becomes an Internet sensation after video of her dancing hits Facebook

Now HERE'S a thought.......

Alabama Governor Uses BP Spill Money To Fix Up A Second Mansion For Himself

Kitty (our shelter rescue of three weeks)