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Archives: December 29, 2015

Sanders swing through Nevada continues with Las Vegas stops

Why Is It Illegal to Research the Impact of Gun Control on Public Health?

Single Payer: I had a visit with my Doctor today.

Come on, be honest, how many laughed out loud as I did when they heard a Black man named

Why can't Americans be open minded about socialism?

State Dept.: We Brought ‘Peace’ to Syria

HELLO! Recognize GOP DNC Propaganda

A Cowardly Donald Trump Attacks Hillary Clinton for Being Cheated On

Oil Slump Weighs On Housing Markets In Texas And North Dakota

Kim Davis Denied Me a Marriage License. And I’m Not Gay

Sanders, O'Malley to appear at family-focused forum.

8 photos: O'Malley in Webster City

NYC: Homeless family victimized by racist bullying

We just made the Dec goal for DU for Bernie with 3 days to go

Motorhead Frontman Lemmy Reportedly Passes Away

Just started a reading blog. Check it out

Chargers fine Eric Weddle $10K for watching his daughter perform at halftime

Pres. Obama most admired man. Trump chosen by 5%, Sanders by 3%

The proverbial picture is worth a thousand words:

Bernie Sanders: I can win the backing of Donald Trump supporters

Joseph W. McQuaid: Trump campaign insults NH voters' intelligence

Argentine Supreme Court upholds indictment against Macri's Central Bank head for 2001 Megaswap fraud

Clinton Has 45-To-1 'Superdelegate' Advantage Over Sanders

Hillary Clinton’s Got Serious Grandma Street Style Game

Damn. Lemmy died?

Marilyn would be 90 next year. June 1.

Candlelight hikes on state parks

{Fish, Wildlife and Parks} seeks to revoke Animals of Montana menagerie permit

{Fish, Wildlife and Parks} seeks to revoke Animals of Montana menagerie permit

White Woman Points Gun At Police Demands to be Shot Is Still Alive

You know I'm born to lose

Rescued Waterford seal Charlie's gone a long way (with a satellite tracker)

Me... (well almost me) when I hear strangers talking about Bernie....

Johnny Depp Intends To Buy Site Of Wounded Knee Massacre, Gift It Back To The Native American People

Problems with side effects

I spoke to Catherine Cortez-Masto (NV-Sen) today...

Someone on CNN just said you never see the GOP attack Trump on all his past liberal positions. That

Who Put This Huge Database of U.S. Voting Records Online?

Bone marrow donor ‘would do it again’ after saving teen's life

Argentine Supreme Court upholds indictment of Central Bank head Sturzenegger for 2001 Megaswap fraud

Chicago shop owner, finally allowed to defend himself, shoots everyone but the robber

In Nevada, Sanders mocks Republicans for running to casino mogul for a financial lift

NY Times: Jane Sanders Knows Politics, and How to Soften Husband’s Image

Chief Inspector Murphy takes a break from all that police work

$250,000 a Year Is Not Middle Class

NY Times: Jane Sanders Knows Politics, and How to Soften Husband’s Image

The damaging effects of segregation on whites....

About that Overtime Politics Poll that shows...

The home-grown threat

Hillary volunteers out in snowy Iowa today Dec 28 canvassing for #ImwithHer...

Tamir Rice was brutally murdered. Why with a Democratic Admin do we have to petition them to do

RIP Lemmy

Freak storm in North Atlantic to lash UK, may push temperatures 70 degrees above normal at North Pol

The Role of Black Women in the Democratic Party

When Lemmy beat down the banksters

ICYMI: Charity watchdog removes Clinton Foundation from its watch list

California is experiencing the largest natural gas leak ever—& engineers haven't been able to stop

We'll do all those things. We will do more of them and we

GOP lawmakers lead new effort to lift nuclear freeze

New York is finally installing its promised public gigabit Wi-Fi (pic heavy)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Silent Night Best of Malloy? & a new kitteh & Ram gif

Today's snow storm bird and critter pix

White Privilege much?

Here's How Many People Fatally Overdosed On Marijuana Last Year

Earthquakes and Oklahoma: Wastewater Injection

The Top 15 Feminist Moments of 2015

Sinbad The Pirate -- From Foster To Forever kitty story by Anne Waterloo, IA

The Top 15 Feminist Moments of 2015

The Top 15 Feminist Moments of 2015

This will cause Johnny Fuckup to be released and signed by Jerry Fuckedup.

R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead frontman dead at 70

Sweet Cakes owners pay damages while continuing appeal of $135,000 bias case

Melissa will interview Bernie next on MSNBC!

Did someone say Bridges!

Deal reached to allow stranded Cuban migrants out of Costa Rica

We got really lucky on that storm

From the Zinn Education Project Facebook Page

Important Petition to MoveOn

12-28-15 Sit-Down Solidarity in 2:00

12-28-15 Sit-Down Solidarity in 2:00

12-28-15 Sit-Down Solidarity in 2:00

Jebus! the only time I root for the Broncos

So, if your dog gets severely injured, and needs ER treatment....

17 Years with a Cat, Growing Up and Growing Old Together

Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in Las Vegas, Live links

Cleveland officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice will not face criminal charges

My biggest problem with the corporate political elite is that they promise a lot of free stuff

One sentence from Hollywood that automatically turns me off a movie...

Pentagon Deliberately Thwarting Efforts to Close Guantanamo

Prescient dialogue from 1979 film "Flash Gordon" -

Elephant seal repeatedly tries to cross California highway (update see reply #27)

Caltrans sign in Corona is hacked to show support for Donald Trump

Electronic Frontier Foundation: How TPP will affect you and your digital rights


Trump plots big TV ad blitz that could change campaign landscape

(from SheShe2)15 Remarkable Women of Color Who Rocked 2015

Military Lobbyists Brag About Getting Presidential Candidates to Favor War

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

How bad are things (blog post by a psychiatrist)

I get now why this is so familiar: supporting O'Malley is like being a Linux user

RIP Lemmy

Obama’s Favorite Tea Company Has A ‘Message’ For Donald Trump...

UNO student creates ceramic flock to raise awareness for sex trafficking victims

Let us pray for the family of Tamir Rice and for all victims of crime and injustice.

I cannot believe what this woman just said about Sanders' supporters

Mike Landwehr

Carly Fiorina Complains That Hillary Is Playing 'The Woman Card"

Jeb Bush Challenges Donald Trump To One-On-One Debate

"Several in the crowd had seen O’Malley in person a number of times,

O’Malley Blasts ICE For Christmas Deportation Plan.

O’Malley Blasts ICE For Christmas Deportation Plan.

Texas 'affluenza' teen detained in Mexico: CNN

Affluenza teen Ethan Couch, mother detained in Mexico

Guess Who's Back

Bernie has no fear. That's the bonus of an honest man.

$ 8,000.00 an infusion. How in the world would people without insurance be able to do it?

Jeb Bush's war on Everglades preservation rips open old wounds

Hillary Clinton is WINNING the tweet poll in Iowa by almost 7-1.

Bernie Sanders Forces Donald Trump To Flip-Flop On Raising Wages

Drinking tea, shopping at a gardening store is probable cause for a SWAT raid on your home

I'm starting a countdown on how long it takes for the DOJ and Admin to do something on Tamir Rice.

Malaysia Airlines plane 'flies in the wrong direction' from NZ to Kuala Lumpur on Christmas Day

What beauiful sign...

Really important Young Turks on the Data business

Bernie operatives -- PLEASE TAKE NOTICE!!!

Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister dead at 70

Marijuana derivative reduces seizures in people with treatment-resistant epilepsy

Newt Gingrich Says Elizabeth Warren’s Signature Program Is "Dictatorial." Here's What It's Really Do

denver mostly remembered how to football tonight

Are we better off now than we were on January 20, 2009?

In 2008, Trump Dismissed Clinton Sex Scandal as ‘Totally Unimportant’

Just got back from seeing Hateful Eight. (no spoilers)

Was there ever any good reason for the DLC to exist, or for the DLC take over this party?

New Bernie Sanders TV ads

Is it still a midnight snack at 1 AM?

A blessed feast of Thomas of Canterbury to you

by Robert Reich

Sen. Sanders: I know you mean well, but I don't WANT those people in our party

Let us pray for all those who are affected by current violent weather.

Putin Just Dissolved the Russian Space Agency

Dixie State University: A timeline (UT)

Killing of Mentally Ill Palestinian Swimming Off Gaza Coast Highlights Maddening Effects of...

Monsters responsible for the death of little Hana Alemu to stay in prison

Do you believe that people can change, grow, learn, be enlightened, transformed,

Friends are ...

Obama speaks with Abbott, offers support after North Texas tornadoes

This Map Shows the Taco Geography of Texas

IDF increasing fight against ISIS in Sinai

Former Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan praises Bernie for trying to reach out to Trump supporters

ISIS message issues call to arms, threatens Israel

Paxton objects to prosecutor fees as excessive

Daily Holidays - December 29

BBC radio hosts 13-minute Jewish conspiracy rant

Fox News Is Literally Dying Of Old Age As Younger Viewers Refuse To Watch Fox

U.S. sees bearable costs, key goals met for Russia in Syria so far

Treasury Department confirms President Obama has fully turned around the U.S. economy

Mount Vernon basketball team rescued after being trapped on school bus

Partying video could land Manziel in trouble again

I need a decent quality USB microphone

Climate change? Real?

Bolivia could cut gas deliveries to Argentina

Nonprofits assail IRS for charitable-giving rules

Cruz 'Netflix and Chill contest' raises eyebrows

New Year’s Eve Underwear Traditions from Around the World That You Didn’t Know Existed

Arsonists blamed as 130 wildfires raze northern Spain natural parks

Mapping Police Violence: New Study Shows Cops Have Killed At Least 1,152 in 2015

Chinook people are STILL waiting

Mike Malloy - 2015 Hits: Chuck Norris Warns Of Government Plot To Take Over Texas

Another school educator scandal

From the Shadows of the Cold War: the Rise of the CIA

Mike Malloy - 2015 Hits: Chris Kyle Was No Hero, But A Goddamn Mass Murderer

Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons High on UN Agenda in 2016

New nuclear weapons and an attack on worker benefits

Republicans are sabotaging our government at home and overseas...

This dog is so stoked for his Christmas present he can hardly stand it

Behind the Ronald Reagan myth: “No one had ever entered the White House so grossly ill informed”

It's a Fela Kuti kind of day

Leader of Al Qaeda group in Iraq was fictional, U.S. military says

A few others named "Most Admired" in Gallup's poll

Hillary Clinton and MSM Just Like Two Peas In A Pod

The Smartest Way to Address Gun Violence? Research

White Supremacist David Duke on Donald Trump: He Speaks ‘A Lot More Radically’ Than I Do

Would YOU pay Olive Garden $400 per plate for a New Year’s Eve dinner in Times Square?

Republican State Senator Files Bill To Strip Democratic Governor Of His Security Detail

FRC-Endorsed Republican Running On Platform Of Depriving Gays Of Civil Rights

Hillary Clinton’s insane plan for a no-fly zone

Fight over beer pong led to deadly shooting, Albuquerque PD says

This Muslim Woman Created a "Talk to a Muslim" Stand to Combat Islamophobia

Martin O'Malley: Senator Sanders doesn't want more debates

Guinea declared free of Ebola transmissions

Louisiana Democratic Party hopes to duplicate governor’s race in future

O'Malley says Sanders rejected his overtures for more debates.

Postcard from the Incredible Electric Oyster Reef

Bernie Sanders hits back after being called a ‘wacko’ by Donald Trump

Samuel L. Jackson golfing anecdote

Attorney General Ken Paxton Files Lawsuit Against EPA's New Ozone Standards

Switzerland's Warmest December In 150 Years Of Weather Records - 3.4 C Over Historic Averages

Star Wars - IMAX

With North Britain Flooding, New Arctic Storm Coming, Environment Minister Vacations In Barbados?

What Happens in Vegas

Do Five Guys in the US have shakes now?

Tool Monkeys!! Fuck YEAH!! Australian Carbon Emissions Jump 1.3% In 2015

King Crab Legs.

TigerDirect Has New Owner, Won’t Accept Returns

Hillary supporters: If the choice was between Hillary and Elizabeth, which would you choose?

While Claiming To Promote Freedom/Peace - USA Is Doing More Than Any Other Country To PROMOTE WAR

CHARLES P. PIERCE: CNN Mongers the ISIS Fear Then Wonders Where It Came From

Hillary supporter's new meme: Evolution in thinking is impossible

A California Gas Leak Is the Biggest Environmental Disaster Since the BP Oil Spill

...and now a look at the people we lost in 2015...

The U.S. Map Redrawn as 50 States With Equal Population

We must ask, which is the bigger threat?

Dear Donald:

The massive methane leak receives almost no coverage

O'Malley and Dean lied. Simple as that.

Was that Bernie staffer a DNC plant?

Judge dismisses lawsuit from SeaWorld patrons over alleged deception

Records of War Vietnam

Shittiest Local Powermongers

Israel's supreme court cuts Ehud Olmert's bribery jail term to 18 months

Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke sings the praises of Donald Trump

Turkish FA ordered to compensate referee who lost licence for being gay

Former South African president calls campaign to remove Rhodes’s statue to protest racism ‘folly’

Bill Moyers —The Plutocrats Are Winning. Don’t Let Them!

Guns and Racism

Cruz wacko: Obama ruined the country and Christmas by keeping Santa out of school


Moving Photobomb

Trump and the media, made for each other

Pornographic email scandal roils Pennsylvania politics

Obama to welcome Canada's Trudeau for official visit March 10

Why didn't the authorities take Affulenza Boy's PASSPORT when he was sentenced to

'Big Bang Theory' producers sued over "Soft kitty, warm kitty" lyrics

Jesus depictions today further promote a white supremacist agenda

Venezuela Murder Rate 2015 May Be World's Worst, Reports Claim

GOPPER Presidential Candidate Should Not Be With 10 Points Of ANY Dem In Polls.

Electra in the dark

The Year in Weird Science: Photos

Affluenza Teen & Mom Nabbed in Mexico

Tuesday Toon Roundup

Motorcyclists stop Beltway traffic, pop wheelies and drive the wrong way

Egyptian Statues Revealed in Ancient Shrines

Fear Rules - Weather Experts Just Cannot Say Climate Change Re. These Huge Storms.

Giant Squid Visits Harbor In Japan

If I were Bill Clinton my response to Trump would be

Venezuela: Murder Rate for Year May Be World’s Worst, Report Says

Boston Globe - The winners and losers in 2015 politics

24 hours ago we had no snow at all.

‘Bond predators’ on Puerto Rican debt want their bailout

The DNC Debate Exclusivity Clause- from the horse's mouth

it is slick out there in my corner of the world

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake Causes Damage, Power Outage Near Edmond

i think some are scared...anyone else notice a huge increase on attacks on bernie?

Debbie killing the party.

Hillary Clinton to Campaign River to River in Iowa on January 4-5, 2016

TRUMP CAMPAIGN SONG!! (It's a parody, but it's all true....)

Olive Garden in Times Square charging $400 for New Year's Eve tickets

CNN just now. Can't connect the dots between their own stories

Official Door-Buzzard Club theme song...

Too funny and true

"Pardon my oral flatulance." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

James Hansen, father of climate change awareness, calls Paris talks 'a fraud'

Need help finding a good home for two dogs

Anyone having trouble getting to

This One Fact About Bernie Sanders Makes Him Even More Relatable & It's All Thanks To His Wife, Jane

They're Back!

Hillary's entire 3rd debate closing statement including "May The Force be with you"

trump's real message

Clinton plans two-day Iowa campaign trip next week

NYC's Defunct Pay Phones Begin Transition Into Wi-Fi Kiosks

This puts to rest the notion that nothing works to reduce gun violence.

Martin O'Malley Says He Asked Bernie Sanders To Debate. Sanders Said No.

Fodder for the deniers . . .

Well said....

U.S. Reeling From Violent Tornadoes, Epic Flooding, Winter Weather, and Weird Heat

Annoying Things That Should Be Banned in 2016 (add yours here)

remembering wounded knee-- 29 december 1890

remembering wounded knee--29 december 1890

Sikh man is hit by a truck and beaten by two men in Fresno hate crime

remembering wounded knee--29 december 1890

MorningJoe Cuts Segment Where David Ignatius Debunked Clinton ‘Server’ Scandal:

The Laws and Rules That Protect Police Who Kill

When Fascism Was American

Turkey's Erdogan blasts autonomy call by Kurdish party as 'treason' -

Officials: 'Affluenza' teen, mother detained in Mexico

'Silent bomber' couple found guilty of London terror attack plan

Israel's Virulent Housing Bias Runs Deep — and It's Not Only Aimed at Arabs

The Centaurs of the Solar System: Giant comets near Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune,

Sony: "Sabotaging an artist's career is good for the artist!"

Martin O'Malley campaign event in snowy Iowa draws just one person

Take a guess, how many people were shot by US police on Christmas.

100 Must-Read African-American Books

Court upholds ruling on Seattle ‘gun violence tax’

Toy gun vs. real gun...

Israel warns Brazil in row over settler ambassador

Peyton Manning Hires Ari Fleischer To Ensure No One Believes A Word He Says

Political Red Rover

Jeb! vs a box of rocks ...

To Save Babies, Texas Murders HIV Funding At Planned Parenthood

Has anyone dabbled in the "Law of Attraction" based loosely on quantum theory? nt

To Save Babies, Texas Murders HIV Funding At Planned Parenthood

To Save Babies, Texas Murders HIV Funding At Planned Parenthood

How Donald Trump destroyed the Republican Party in 2015

American abstract artist Ellsworth Kelly has died.

Thom Hartman Just Had A Man Named Sam Smith On

Looky here at the latest Facebook page I found!

Trump Stamp

Paris attacks: IS commanders 'killed in US-led strikes'

Wow. Wingnuts believe Trump will get huge support from minorities and dems

Wow. Have y'all seen this?

Bernie vs. Hillary after New Hampshire

Warrantless wiretapping case against President Macri dropped.

Al Jazeera Responds to Peyton Manning and Guyer Clinic Denials

Kevin Swanson is going to get caught with a "Rentboy" like anti-gay advocate George Rekers was...

During Iowa blizzard on Monday, "Martin O'Malley was the only one who kept all his appointments"”

Let's start a petition to recruit Lizzza Vine on Saturday Night Live.

Nasdaq to delist Bay Area company run by drug price gouger Shkreli

So, some Sanders supporters wouldn't THINK of voting for Sen. Clinton if she gets the nominatation

well, now I'm wondering

A friend and co-worker of mine was almost beaten up because he looked like a Muslim

Warrantless wiretapping case against President Macri dropped.

Call out to San Gabriel Valley DUers

Sly Bastards...Conservative Group present...

It's the End of the World — How Do You Feel?

I've lived in NYC for almost 20 years and have never really been scared of the city

My life as a pro-Putin propagandist in Russia’s secret 'troll factory'

Bernie in Vegas...

Phoenix Woman Accused of Killing Atheist Victim, Then Keeping the Body as a “Shrine From God”

Data breach: NGP VAN "played no part in the October data issue that has been mentioned"

Sadness too…

Rant on about Sikh victims of violence.

Ethan Couch's mugshot in Mexico...

Sanders likes the debates as they are.

O'Malley + Dean on Morning Joe.

Flint, MI...Republican governor, lead/water and you tell me racism is dead?

A sure way to destroy public education: give taxpayer money to the parents not schools.

I'm sure DWS and the DNC wouldn't have

Palestinian Authority rejects possibility of Turkish rule in Gaza

Ben Carson doesn’t want to win: His campaign is all about cashing in

O'Malley: Sanders didn't want more debates. MSNBC HEADLINE

Who are we fighting in Afghanistan?

Bernie discusses the harsh effects of marijuana...

From FAIR: WaPo Tallies Police Killings–but Holds Back Some of the Numbers That Count

Donald Trump is the bloated narcissist the Christian right has been searching for all along

*** And the winners of the December photo contest are: ***

Never, ever trust Republicans…

Hillary's biggest problem if she gets the nomination (and it is our problem as Dems, too)

O'Malley slams Clinton on foreign policy.

Congratulations, CurtEastPoint, Tom Kitten and Solly Mack

O'Malley slams Clinton on foreign policy.

Ray Lewis asked about Peyton Manning Allegations...Ray Lewis proceeds to make no sense

New Issues Page on Bernie's Website: Improving the Rural Economy

Attention New Yorkers! Petitioning to get Bernie on the ballot in NY starts today!

Patty Murray Endorses Katie McGinty


Might this explain some of the hyperbole from another candidate this morning (SANDERS GROUP)

Shocking image: Infrared footage captures extent of immense gas leak in California

CRUZ: "The new politically correct term is no longer illegal aliens; it’s undocumented Democrats.”

The most ridiculous health claims of 2015

Greek and Turkish jets engage in brief dogfight.

Attacking Bernie for seeking Conscientious Objector status may be the most laughable smear yet

Convict who participated in smear against opponent among three fugitives in Argentine jail break.

This CAPTIONer will be off-line for several days,

50,000 posts and the only mind I’ve changed is my own (reposted following lock)

Convict who participated in smear against opponent among three fugitives in Argentine jail break.

Governor O'Malley isn't your anti-Clinton attack dog.

I am curious: if Jeb Bush, or Bernie Sanders, had a town hall meeting

Don’t Forget the ‘Social’ in Social Security

Ben and Jerry back Burlington Bernie for the White House!!

Democratic Party and Sanders campaign share headquarters. Good for them.

so where is the list of 2016 congressional candidates running on Bernie's platform?

Law to curb power of top court "is end of democracy in Poland"

Daily Kos - Hillary Clinton is going to be President. Thank God.

Indonesia: Woman and man brutally caned in public for "affectionate contact"

Turkey's Erdogan meets king in Saudi Arabia for Syria talks

This Irish film about an 8-year-old atheist girl is winning lots of awards

Observers say Chinese government-religious relations worsened in 2015

It isn't the 'exclusivity clause' stopping Sanders from accepting O'Malley's debate offer

Top Scots Catholic calls for creation of atheist schools

The year is 1915--100 years ago.

‘Glee’ Actor Mark Salling Reportedly Arrested in Child Pornography Case

Tribalism is a Problem for Both the Left and the Right

Bernie Sanders' Supporters Now Say Bernie Sanders Is A DNC Plant

RIP Frank Malzone.

Is Yahoo down?

For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions

I want a Red Ryder BB Gun...

Man killed by exploding condom machine in Germany

Income and our preferred candidates.

Gun nuts at "" faults Tamir Rice for his own death.

VIDEO: Israel likens Palestinian incitement to Nazi propaganda

Americans Seem To Buy Into "Dog Eat Dog" Economy With No Safety Net.

New petition for MoveOn to endorse Bernie before Iowa!

Even If We Invaded Iraq Again/Went Into Syria Who Would We Give It To?

ISIL issues detailed fatwa for the correct way to rape women and girls

Evacuation of West Alton underway as levee is over-topped

President Obama hasn't made an endorsement in the Primary, but

American fast food joints in Malaysia are a trip

Steve Miller-Fly Like An Eagle

No longer on the fence

Heirloom Beans.

My LOVELY camellia is BLOOMING!

Authorities suspect Ethan Couch, mother had going-away party before fleeing to Mexico

Media excited about Trump's sexist attacks on Clinton, but keep forgetting to mention Trump's sexism

They are just insane

A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. - Andrew Carnegie

Rick Snyder apologized to the City of Flint Tuesday for the Flint drinking water crisis

Israeli PR fights BDS despite budgetary woes

Cruz voters are just like Trump's

this is the real Reagan

Preliminary peace talks deal with Colombia government is ready: ELN rebels

I seriously am troubled that Bernie's avoidance of Vietnam is being made an issue here

Infinite America, Part 0: Will do very large issue tomorrow

Go Talk to One

YAAAY! Sunset @ 4:54!

Is the America as melting pot concept still viable?

Is it time for O Malley to call it quits?

Report: Texas Republican Rep. Jonathan Stickland sought advice online on how to grow 'da green'

Hillary in New Hampshire for town meetings

It was a dark and stormy night . . .

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 29, 2015

NYPD Adds 1,123 New Officers, Including 3 Brothers

We're ALL home!

Order granted against woman who threw coffee at Muslim man

Motörhead, Berlin, 12/12/15, "Overkill"...the final song played by a larger than life legend.

This thread is not about you know who

Olive Garden at the Mall ain't charging jack shit for NYE

Fox News Panel On Women Voters Is Three Old White Dudes

Have Lincoln Chaffee and Larry Lessig endorsed anyone?

Clinton isn’t a champion of women’s rights. She’s the embodiment of corporate feminism...

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-28-15 woo hoo

5 New Year's Resolutions for Brain-Dead Conservative

Second hand smoke is bad for pets, too

Florida Squeeze: A serious view of what Democrats face in 2016. Won't be easy.

Just came across this today

A Florida blog's view of the serious stuff Democrats face in 2016.

Turtles' Wayward Travels May Mean BP Oil Spill's Impact Was Global

Pataki is dropping out...

Tamir Rice Prosecutor Indicted Innocent Men, But Not Killer Cops

After ISIS Leader Called Muslims Everywhere to Terrorism, They Responded With Humor

"You know, I can't remember a time when you weren't talking"

'My story:'

The Same Pill That Costs $1,000 in America Sells for $4 in India

O'Malley Whines That He Couldn't Get Sanders To Join Unsanctioned Debates

Affluenza? Give me a break. What a crock.

2015: A Look Back

BULLETIN: Trump to hold press conference on board his airplane! Only moments from now!

Man pleads guilty to defacing Missouri Islamic center

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Jane Sanders Joins the Battle

If HRC's supporters are so SURE Bernie can't win, why are they so obsessed with forcing him out NOW?

Man appeals homicide conviction in death of exchange student

Michael Moore re: Trump's Support In Michigan: "The Republican Party Is Really A Dead Party"

Dogs eat crazy things’: Vets remove toys from Pa. puppy’s tummy

People who still think we were right to be in Vietnam will never vote Democratic again.

Ashley Madison Adds 4 Million Users Since Hack

Oil Prices Become a Problem for U.S. Steelmakers

Study: Men with more than 21 orgasms a month lowers their risk of prostate cancer

DuPont to Cut 1,700 Delaware Jobs Before Dow Chemical Merger

tRump invites media on plane

I'd like to understand the money end of debates. Do they cost or earn the party money?

Putin Sees a Chance for Assad to Stay in Power in Syria

Why is that chump Trump's press conference receiving live coverage on

Why did Donald Trump cross the road?

Sanders announces the support of a superdelegate. It’s his 11th. Clinton has more than 32 times....

3 high school basketball players charged with rape, assault of fellow player