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The Boycott Israel movement is driven by bigotry

ISIS linked accounts praise attack on twitter

Physicians Demand End To 20-Year-Old Ban On Gun Violence Research

Bernie has all of the qualities of a great leader..

We don't know anything about the shooter...because he's holed up in a church.

Tweety should not be allowed to cover the news.

Re: Violence

Send it back Bernie. You don't need it!

Ted Cruz listed as only climate policy 'hero' by Koch brothers-backed group

Justice Scalia’s Majoritarian Theocracy

WashPo: The San Bernardino shooting is the second mass shooting today and the 355th this year


mass murder in San Bernardino, Ca

Martin O'Malley: My promise on guns, NRA

Rest in Peace

Martin O'Malley: My promise on guns, NRA

Autism people? Really, Chris?

COP21: India signals willingness to cut coal for climate cash

So really this was a terrorist attack, that is beyond doubt.

Was at a sale out in the country today and was talking to a guy

Afghan Taliban leader Mansour 'wounded in gunfight'

Dispute at party may have sparked San Bernardino mass shooting that killed 14 - LA Times

Man killed in shooting outside southwest Houston clinic

Fight The Stigma! Do Not Allow Anyone To Blame Those With Mental Illness.

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor in SF Mission Closing Down

Harry Reid to force vote on gun amendment

Russia presents proof of Turkey’s role in ISIS oil trade--(Their View)

TRIGGER ALERT: A gunman on the ground. GRAPHIC IMAGE

Fight against Voter ID law continues

Environmental Rights Defender Faces Death Threats in Guatemala

Bernie Sanders uses signatures, not money, to get on Texas ballot

My take on what happened.....

San Bernadino presser is expected to give update on shooters when it starts in a few minutes....

A hell of a coincidence...

There, I feel better already!

Dispute at party may have sparked San Bernardino mass shooting that killed 14

The GOP is the world’s only major climate-denialist party. But why?

F Fox News saying its international terrorism

Sweet Jesus. San Bernardino is a hoax because they use the word active

There is a very skilled right wing industry engaged in fanning flames of hatred . . . .

Endorsements are nothing more than a wet finger in the air a lot of the time.


NAACP sues Alabama over state's voter identification law

San B Presser: IED believed to be found at oringinal scene. Redlands was the location...

Trump solution to ISIS: "Take out their families"

Texas Sues Feds to Block Resettlement of 6 Syrian Refugees

knock knock...

The BBC on San Bernardino: "just another day in the United States of America"

Two dead - one detained

Police Chief just said it was not a pipe bomb.

Press Conf over- next one will be 8:30-9:00 Calif. time eom

Our Best Hanukkah Recipes

Venezuela’s electoral system is being unfairly maligned

It's beginning to look like this was a man/woman (man/wife or gf) team. So...

They do have a third person in custody BUT

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-1-15

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump Wants Five Million For A Debate On CNN

O.K. Am I out of my mind..?

Bernie supporters could blow this election: Why refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton will only make

Twitter feed on NRA.


Ordinance would remove 4 Confederate monuments in New Orleans

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!Church Night!! Bromance

Renegade Police in Rural Alabama Accused of Mass False Arrests of Hundreds of Black Youths

Haslam Just Whistlin' Dixie About Confederate Symbols (GA)

Greenfield police officer under fire for Confederate flag in garage (MA)

by a friend, Maybe Your Second Choice Should Be Your First;Here’s Why You Should Consider This.

BBC reporting is really different than us media

Despite Losing Her Life To Violence, 6 year old Catherine Hubbard’s Dream Lives On (Sandy Hook)

I just can't watch or read anything about the latest mass shooting

Maybe Your Second Choice Should Be Your First;Here’s Why You Should Consider This.

This guy, in the '60s - another mass murderer - Charles Whitman

Toon: Guns, Inc.

DUer "Why Syzygy" needs to be added to the Memorium page.

Got Snow? Try this....

Consumers reports: The FDA approval of GMO salmon is an "abuse of public trust."

Woman Killed in Savannah in Yet Another Mass Shooting Today

Even IF this is a terrorist attack, the NRA is not off the hook.

Trump agrees to quit race if he can still be on T-V every day.

Donald Trump’s Rally in Georgia Was a Total Bust

Question: If a shooter's name was O'Hara would you think the IRA was behind it?

200 Climate Change Activists Storm Australian Parliament

Alex Jones sets a new low...

If this is ISIS, how did they miss the huge shopping area 3 blocks away???

Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist

Alabama struggles with number of children living in poverty at 27.4% (

Breaking news on today's isolated incident!

12-2-15 Caught-This Time in 2:00

12-2-15 Caught-This Time in 2:00

12-2-15 Caught-This Time in 2:00

"Workplace-related" shooting -- if this is the case, you must read "Going Postal"

Video from SUV shooting scene

Worse than useless

NY Daily News front page for Thursday: 'God isn't fixing this'

Why do establishment dems only invoke other countries when it comes to gun control?

Suspect ID'd in San Bernardino Massacre as Syed Farook

Switching from CNN now - Jackass Don Lemon's coming on - trying MSNBC

NY Daily News Cover 12-3-2015

With today's Republicans I pray this wasn't ISIS in SB.

Lawmakers Offer ‘Prayers’ For Mass Shooting Victims, Receive Large Checks From The NRA

Cord cutters - news junkies here is a great site.

This meme says it all. How long we've gone without an accident sign (a safety sign)

The 2A is not the problem

Farook's father says Syed is very religious.

When We Do It, It Isn't Terrorism

God punishes good samaritan one day after good deed.

The Freedumb Of Guns Is Not Worth The Cost Of Guns.

One more from Sunset Cliffs

Daily Beast: Suspect ID'd in San Bernardino Massacre as Syed Farook

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why can't we wait to know who did it and why?

Thank you, DU

TYT: BOMBSHELL: Alabama Cops Systematically Planting Drugs On Blacks For Decades

What happened to mental illness supposedly being the common denominator in mass shootings?

Bi Thusa Mo Shuile

TYT: FBI Prevents Terrorist Plot To “Execute Jews And Blacks"

Donald Trump Campaign is broke

I met Rosa Parks once.

TYT: Republicans Fought For Armor-Piercing Bullets For Terrorists

Neil deGrasse Tyson: 400,000: Americans who died fighting in World War II.

Is publicity causing more shootings?

OK, for now, nobody is going to 'grab' your guns

Our NRA whore Republican lawmakers would rather do nothing to stop the carnage

Taken somewhat shamelessly from a friend's post on FB.

CBC news did a story tonight on Paul Ryan's reaction to the shooting today. He gave

What is wrong with CNN. They have some jerk spewing the incident in San Bernadino as nothing to do

My brother is a fucking gun nut that is dating a Trump supporting teabagger

and cue up the "false flager bullshit "militia types" claiming there were swat practices going on

Donald Trump Joins Insane Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones, Who Calls Him The George Washington Of Tod

The History Of Hillary Pushing Democrats To The Right

Thank God! Farook is reported to have bought his gun legally!

Sanders Only Candidate To Get On Texas Ballot By Petition, Doesn’t Pay A Cent

Brother in law of the suspect speaking at presser

The Most Obscene Thing About Today's Mass Shooting in San Bernardino...

Second Shooter identified as Tayyeep Bin Ardogan Qatari citizen

Coca-Cola drops controversial Christmas video set in indigenous Mexico

Hold Your Thoughts

Coca-Cola drops controversial Christmas video set in indigenous Mexico

ATF: All 4 weapons traced. 2 of the 4 were legally purchased by someone involved

Canadian smuggler had 51 turtles in his pants when he tried to cross border

Bernie is NOT Obama

New Security Alert For Linked-In Members

Colombia arrests security officials for selling arms to narcos

So the bottom line on todays’s horrible event?

'Daily News' provokes with cover on Calif. shooting: 'God isn't fixing this'

4 Million Muslims Killed In Western Wars: Should We Call It Genocide? Aug 2015

This Texas House Candidate Isn’t Afraid to Say She’s an Atheist

No one trusts Clinton except middle aged and older Democrats. Everyone else deeply distrusts her.

Brazil president's nemesis wounded but dangerous

Female San Bernardino shooting suspect ID'd as Tashfeen Malik, officials confirm

Inuit shaman parka 'copied' by KTZ design well-studied by anthropologists

Hillary goes after the Republicans on #GunViolence

Updated - Authorities identify couple who killed 14 at San Bernardino holiday party

Racing Extinction - must see movie opens today on Discovery

Houston Council Member Richard Nguyen’s Signs Defaced with Swastikas

Racing Extinction - must see movie on Discovery (trailer)

New breaches revealed in report that says Secret Service is ‘in crisis’

If you're reduced to complaining about a temp tribute in a logo...

Discovery Channel - Racing Extinction trailer

Professors Support Resolution To Boycott Israeli Institutions

Fox News’ Eric Bolling melts down on Twitter after reporter challenges his new conspiracy theory abo

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet: Part 3

Black Eyed Pea Restaurants declare bankruptcy

Huge Shapes in Middle East May Be Prehistoric

The Barbara Mikulski Emails To Hillary Clinton Are Adorably Hilarious & Heartwarming

More top Fifa officials arrested in corruption investigation

More top Fifa officials arrested in corruption investigation

EXCLUSIVE: ISIS Adherents Praise San Bernardino Massacre, "America Burning"

Human nature’s dark side helped us spread across the world

Kitty nose vs bee.

'Honey, That's Creepy!': Ads Call Out Houston Anti-LGBT Bigots As Disgusting Liars

Donald Sutherland Explains the Real Meaning of Hunger Games and Why its Message Must be Understood R

Hours before San Bernardino shooting, doctors urged Congress to lift funding ban on gun violence r

Donald Sutherland Explains the Real Meaning of Hunger Games and Why its Message Must be Understood

Hawaiian court revokes permit for planned mega-telescope

EDITORIAL: Rep. #Windholz must resign after repulsive rant about #PlannedParenthood murders

Another Shooting Death at Another Women’s Center: This One is In Texas

Saudi Arabia 'destabilising Arab world', German intelligence warns

BREAKING: Oscar Pistorious convicted of murder as prosecutor's appeal is granted

August 18, 2015 - BBC NEWS: My Lariam dreams

S.F. police shoot suspected stabber in Bayview District

Bernie Sanders’ Hernia Likely Caused by Strain of Attempting to Lift..humor

LIVE - Africa Live: Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder

Daily Holidays - December 3

Young, geeky, and black in Memphis (BBC video)

Bobby Jindal, David Vitter leave Louisiana Republican leadership vacuum

NAACP sues Alabama over its voter identification law

They don't want to hear our free speech

Seventy years since the Nuremberg Trials

Texas Sues to Block Syrian Refugees

John Hope Franklin: Race & the Meaning of America

You can't have it both ways. MLK VS Rosa Parks.

Lisa Pathfinder launches to test space 'ripples' technology

Bernie Sanders’s ‘College for All’ Plan Is Fair, Smart and Achievable

Members of Congress Have $68 Million of Their Own Cash Riding on This Industry

Couple Kept Tight Lid on Plans for San Bernardino Shooting

Former Democratic county chairwoman hopes to be the first Latina from Texas elected to Congress

Developing : Suspects arrested for ties to Jewish terror attack in Duma

Thanks to the DU admins.

If they included family shootings in these statistics, the numbers would be astronomical

Jerry Jones would be wise to bring Johnny Manziel to Cowboys

let's not let this latest shooting take attention away from

Sao Paulo Officials Declare ‘War’ on Students’ Occupy Movement

Sao Paulo Officials Declare ‘War’ on Students’ Occupy Movement

Israel arrests Jewish terror suspects in deadly firebombing

Greetings from the Middle Ages

'France likely to close more than 100 mosques'

Unarmed man, handcuffed, seat-belted and trapped in car, makes 3 cops fear for their lives.

Record Number of Endangered Florida Panthers Killed This Year

Turkish-Russian row over jet downing escalates

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: The Issue that never goes away

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: T-boned

Thursday Toon Roundup 3:The Rest

Poetry Thursday. Nocturne of the Wharfs, by Arna Bontemps

Worth waiting for! Incredible skyline created as Mount Etna erupts for the first time in two years

Florida's Orange Industry Is in Its Worst Slump in 100 Years

This Theorist Believes That Capitalism Creates Mass Murderers by Causing People to 'Malfunction'

Just some obligatory number-crunching.

What did Rahm Emanuel know?

California gun laws?

Appreciation thread for SheShe, Cha, 1STRONGBLACKMAN, Number 23, JUSTANOTHERGEN and CHITOWN GUY

Labor Secretary Perez endorses Hillary Clinton

The security we got in return for letting the NSA/Government trash individual rights really paid off

Coca-Cola workers plan to strike Thursday morning

Coca-Cola workers plan to strike Thursday morning

Coca-Cola workers plan to strike Thursday morning

Report: Despite UNRWA Promises, Teachers Incite to Murder “Jewish Apes & Pigs”

Labor Secretary Perez endorses Hillary Clinton for president

President Obama's current (and Martin O'Malley's former) Labor Secretary endorses

Can it be? Was the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty a Muslim woman?

Report: Detroit a leader in initiatives for black males

Peter, Paul & Mary: Blowing in the Wind

Where do our candidates stand on private ownership of high capacity weapons?

Rahm knew. He'd have fired McCarthy when he found out had this been withheld.

A repeat of Clinton vs. Obama? More like a repeat of Gore vs. Bradley

I don't want to go on the cart...

Canadian judge fines man $1.30 for growing 30 marijuana plants, calls laws obsolete and ridiculous

Non-lethal hand gun

The Latest: Police tear down protesters' camp in Minneapolis

The Latest: Police tear down protesters' camp in Minneapolis

Hillary Clinton Calls for U.S. Inquiry Into Laquan McDonald Shooting

Australian Satire on Gun control

Labor Secretary Perez endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Russian public sceptical about Paris climate change conference

A Mole in the Koch Machine? (Hillary ally claims to have infiltrated the Koch empire.)

Manslaughter charges dropped for BP supervisors in oil spill

Al-Qaeda is so like---yesterday.

Reality Check...

Texan shoots man for parking on the street in front of his house

We are all Jews here': U.S. soldier honored after leading revolt against Nazi prison guard

Modi Blames Huge Chennai Flooding On Climate While Flaunting Coal In Paris

Headsup: Gnarly arguing with Joe on MoJoe

If you support a woman's right to choose...

Ted Cruz Invites The Science Hack Pack To SPECIAL HEARING!!! "Data Or Dogma" - Can't Wait!

The Progressive Magazine - The Spirit of Occupy is Alive: An Interview with Kalle Lasn

San Bernardino Shootings: "God Isn't Fixing This"

Hansen: Cameron Climate Rhetoric Farcical, Given Fracking Policy; Paris "Screwing Next Generation"

The Truth About Capitalism Today:

Pittsburgh police arrest Hazelwood man in shooting of cab driver who claims it was hate crime

Putin issues sharp threats to Turkey for downing of Russian warplane

Were sickly obsessed about guns they are part of the decor

Wow, this chart today:

Another Earthquake Hits Oklahoma: Officials Worry Stronger Quake Could Threaten National Security

Do legal restrictions on gun ownership correlate with reduced gun ownership?

Trump wants ISIS dead and he wants their families dead, too

You are 7 times more likely to die from right-wing terror over Islamic terror

America without white normative privilege.


The Government Explains Why It Took My Email

Bitcoin dead? It's just warming up...

Scientists come face to face with angry deep-sea squid

‘I Put in White Tenants’: The Grim, Racist (and Likely Illegal) Methods of One Brooklyn Landlord


Islamic State: Why Afghanistan isn't panicking – yet

I think Clinton is sincere about accepting 65,000 Syrian refugees.

Did anyone catch Roland Martin's interviews with ...

Ongoing Forecast For A Gun-Obsessed Society

“Distress” in US Corporate Debt Spikes to 2009 Level

Court convicts Oscar Pistorius of murder

- STOP THE BURNING short film - “Save the forests, and we can save our climate”

HuffPo Politics: Research on Why People Engage in Conspiracy Theories

BDS is the new form of antisemitism

Applications for US jobless aid rose slightly last week

Yemen: Nine wounded in Saudi-led coalition airstrike on MSF clinic in Taiz

Just imagine how President Donald Trump will go down in the history-books:

Hours before San Bernardino, doctors urged Congress to lift funding ban on gun violence research

Survivor Second Chance...

Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Reportedly Targeted A Clinic Before

Hi There!

HuffPo Politics: Research on Why People Engage in Conspiracy Theories (Conservatives & Alex Jones?)

No matter what the motivation was

Dick Cheney’s Eternal Likeness to Be Unveiled in Senate’s Halls

Why would anyone want to own a Rebel flag?

Planned Parenthood Isn't Killing Children.

The Laquan McDonald Cover Up & More - Why Anita Alvarez Must Go

Venezuelan healthcare in collapse as economy ails

Fox pundit: 'I confront my whiteness by ‘going to the tanning salon’

Re: Background Checks

Hillary Clinton fires up enthusiastic crowd in Orlando

Porn star loses column over rape accusation

WTF? San Bernadino shooters had 6-month old child and baby registry at Target store.

Donald Trump apparently thinks the San Bernardino shootings are good for him

Ralston boy with special needs plays, scores in middle school basketball game

Not buying the 'office argument' line

Defense Team in Freddie Gray Trial Shifts Blame onto Other Police Officers

Female "adorable drug kingpin" recently arrested is daughter of a DEA supervisory agent

New York Post covers

Crash #100 at the 11foot8 bridge!

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 3 December 2015 ( Trump gets the attention of HRW )

Eleanor Roosevelt.." looking fear in the face"

State Leaders, Economists Endorse Hillary Clinton Infrastructure Plan

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

I'll give Microsoft a backhanded compliment on Windows 10............

Oh look, Clinton just picked up her 16th union endorsement

Coalition or Cold War with Russia?--Stephen Cohen and Katrina vanden Heuvel

Israel arrests youths over fatal West Bank arson attack

TYT: How To Define Domestic Terrorism

It's So Bad in Brazil That Olympians Will Have to Pay for Their Own AC

Clinton secures another union endorsement, bringing total to 16

Paris Attacks: Friend of 'Baby-Faced Bomber' Arrested at Airport

Pic Of The Moment: It's Just Another Day In America

2016 candidates react to San Bernardino shooting

The important thing right now is that we not offend the nation's gun apologists

Jews Shouldn't Light Menorah For Hanukkah Because Of Anti-Semitic Threats, Paris Police Warn

TYT: Man Facing Jail Time For Meme

Mental illness, mental illness, mental illness

Hillary/Bernie will be 2016's Mitt Romney. And that's good.

Hillary will make sequestration style deals aka 'pragmatism', Sanders will do it by executive order

“They are afraid of the terrorists, but they’re also afraid of the truth”

Ann Coulter: “21st-century white American men” are “the most pacific human beings in world history”

I'm looking for the OP about ...

TYT: BREAKING: San Bernardino Mass Shooting

Indiana gov asks the Church to turn away refugee family; archbishop unsure

"My relationship with Donald Trump would be as almost a relationship with Jesus Christ."

From 2011, as true then as today.

The world must accept that the HPV vaccine is safe

BREAKING NEWS: Conservatives express relief they don't have pretend to care about "mental health"

LAT: The real shock and horror was the near universal lack of shock and horror.

How fringe attacks on American Muslims became mainstream

This is the 500 page from Bloomberg Politics

Shorter Jeebus: Stay off Twitter, assholes!

This is why Martin O'Malley's promise to stand up to the NRA is so necessary

Rahm Emanuel: I'll be so glad to see this scumbag booted out of politics

For the last three days all Stephanie Miller has talked about on her show is Trump

So I have a question for gunners, shoot-everything-that-movers. How many of the mass shootings

Yesterday there were three gunman...

Vermont utility to sell Tesla Powerwall - (Brief article)

Workplace killings - the origin of the phrase "going postal"

The President to speak shortly at the WH?

What happened to the third person apprehended?

Elected Republicans & Candidates: Stop Praying and Do Something!

How we know AGW is real

Clinton Didn't Implode, So It Goes Like This...

Governor Mark Dayton and Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges Endorse Hillary Clinton Infrastructure Inves

McGinty top Dem. recipient of Marcellus Shale $$$ for last 2 reported years.

You can't stop a lone nut (or two) who wants to kill people!

*No Applause please* the Attorney General of the United States Lynch gave a speech today

NRA: One Mass Shooting Per Day = Perpetually "Too Soon To Talk" About Guns

Paul Ryan pushes mental health bill after San Bernardino shooting

Tom the Dancing Bug toon

Why don't we use prayer to defeat ISIS? It would save a lot of money.

So... Sanders is tone-deaf on race... aaaaaand Clinton puts a picture of Rosa Parks

Who's Behind the Ghost Companies Funding Jeb Bush's Super-PAC?

NH polls . Hillary 44%, BS 42%, MOM 8%

NH polls . Hillary 44%, BS 42%, MOM 8%

Senior defense official: Defense Secretary Carter to open all combat jobs to women in historic chang

Yesterday's San Fran cop killing is 100 times worse than the Chicago cop killing--mho

PPP (D) NEW HAMPSHIRE poll- HRC -44% SBS 42% MOM 8%

Krugman's review of Reich's new book: Inequality results from corporate market power which in turn

The TPP State of Play: How We Defeat the Largest Trade Deal in History

Andrew Seidel

Outside solutions to gun violence

PA Senate candidate Sestak called for EPA oversight of Marcellus drilling.

Why are we not shown "her" picture on CNN? Tashfeen Malek?

Yes, Guns Do kill people. And no, just because there are so many of them doesn't mean there's

The San Bernardino mass shooting horror just came home to me this morning.

Sikh woman ordered to show breast pump after fellow passenger suspects she may be a terrorist

Will Jihadists legally buying guns be a game-changer in the gun control debate?

Bernie Sanders Is Stuck Being A Regular Politician Now

I no longer give two f*cks about your 2nd Amendment rights.

TOON: Inhofe Gets Schooled

Mrs. Clinton's role in Honduras coup is reason to block her nomination


Hillary Clinton secures another union endorsement, bringing total to 16

A website the lets you interact with pets in shelters by controlling their toys

List of every gun massacre in Great Britain in the last one hundred years:

Classifying the San Bernardino shooters:

Hillary Clinton secures another union endorsement, bringing total to 16

I would question the sanity of anyone who would purchase an assault/military style weapon

Tenth Circuit Overturns Sanctions in Voting Rights Case

President Obama on San Bernardino: It Is "Possible" Attack Was Terrorist-Related

Hillary said she could name republicans to run with

Bernie Sanders’ Hernia Likely Caused by Strain of Attempting to Lift Up Middle Class

Where are Bernie Sanders gains going to come from?

F*ck controlling guns, control the ammunition

Wisconsin Law Firm Wins Key Ruling on Tribal Jurisdiction

NIH: What is schizophrenia?

'Islamic State is the dirt of Imperialism'

Non-USA media recommendation here

Phony Generosity: the Self-Serving Charity of Mark Zuckerberg

Pope Francis criticises ‘fundamentalist’ Catholics (UK)

Ricky Martin loves Hillary Clinton. I love Ricky – but I love Bernie Sanders more

Trump to Jewish Gop Group: "I'm a negotiator like you folks."

Elaine Massacre...BLM is getting the same message. Buth then BLM are bullies, I hear.

ISIS Oil - Vijay Prashad

Forget ISIS: Humanity is at Stake | Ramzy Baroud

S.F. mayor launching department on homelessness

Maggied So sorry you were accosted in MIRT.

What should happen with the Second Amendment?

FB post about abortion goes viral: 'Women have given their lives to defend it'—'stop apologizing'

Will Hillary Clinton Do More For Black America Than Did Obama?

Cruz says he's concerned shooting may be Islamic terrorism

The Shadows in the Cave | John Michael Greer

What is the worry in this group with universal background checks for private sales?

Would America Pick Trump Or Bernie?

CNN:Male Shooter Apparently Radicalized.

I am at the Contra Costa Watershed Symposium

Syed Rizwan Farook was in touch with international terrorism subjects

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Digital Camera Sensors

Religious books and target practice

FBI searches Miami office of company tied to Spain's Imagina: source

Let the 'Sex Workers' Speak for Themselves! | Mickey Z.

Bernie Sanders Keeps Strong Lead in TIME Person of the Year Poll

It's the Holidays. The nation and world are grappling with a new wave of violence. So...

Something to take our minds off the horrors of the day . . . . .

How Russia is Smashing the Turkish Game in Syria

A new island turns two

N.J. legislature to vote on overriding Christie gun control veto

December 3, 1989: Melissa Brannen Disappears

Chicago cop who killed Laquan McDonald tied to cover up of another fatal police shooting

Harry Reid On Gun Violence: Congress Is ‘Complicit Through Our Inaction’

What Can Pearl Harbor Teach Us About 9/11 and Other 'Surprises?' | Mickey Z.

Deal reached on locker room access for Illinois transgender student

In historic decision, Pentagon chief opens all jobs in combat units to women

House passes energy bill axing oil export ban, Obama veto looms

Trump: To Fight Terrorists, ‘You Have To Take Out Their Families’

Reclaiming Palestine: How Israeli Media Misread the Intifada | Ramzy Baroud

Turns out the word "trump" has another secondary meaning

Man in neighborhood did not want to racially profile Farook

The top candidate for a psychiatric hold, Donald Trump, had the nerve to say that there is something

Former Massey Energy C.E.O. Guilty in Deadly Coal Mine Blast

Your Preferred Answer on Gun Control

Wild Dog? Could Be Part Wolf, Coyote or Jackal || Vid: cute hybrids

Former Japan Official: “Unstoppable contamination of Pacific Ocean… is seriously menacing US West...

The left, the right, and the Bill of Rights

Building Monopolies, One Merger After Another

These People Complaining About “The Wiz” Seem To Have Forgotten That “The Wizard Of Oz” Exists

US Appeals Court rules against group trying to disband union for Minnesota home-care workers

US Appeals Court rules against group trying to disband union for Minnesota home-care workers

US Appeals Court rules against group trying to disband union for Minnesota home-care workers

Americans Bought Enough Guns On Black Friday To Arm The Marine Corps

Activists renew calls for abortion clinic attacks to be labeled domestic terrorism

Activists renew calls for abortion clinic attacks to be labeled domestic terrorism

I knew it was coming. Bernie supporters don't want a President they want a dictator to force their

You Cannot Petition The Lord With Prayer

Robert Lewis Dear...

I'll take Logic for 1000, Alex.

Our insane approach to guns and the people who use them to slaughter us

Another Day In Paradise........ think about it

New most distant object in solar system

Bernie supporters are going to have to stop attacking Hillary if they want Bernie to win

Hillary Clinton's Ghosts: A Legacy of Pushing the Democratic Party to the Right

Eat a paleo peach: First fossil peaches discovered in southwest China

‘Allahu Quackbar’

These doors stay open!!

Theory of 'smart' plants may explain the evolution of global ecosystems

When is enough, enough?

Scalia was pretty clear in Heller: our entire gun control wishlist is Constitutional

Unions representing over 75% of all US unionized workers have already endorsed Hillary Clinton

At Jewish Summit, Trump Says He's A Good Negotiator Like 'You Folks'

Syed Farook..?

Free Speech

14 Percent of Democrats Will Not Support Hillary Clinton.

2002 Bush is enraged that UN weapons inspectors are not finding any hidden weapons.

A Lot of People Are Telling Congress to Repeal Its Gag Order on Gun Violence Research

The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work (Phillip Rogaway Dept. of Computer Science University of

This text would scare the crap out of any parent...

I want to do this but... I don't have the time:

Tom the Dancing Bug presents: "The War on Radical Christians"

Obama To Cancel Debts Owed By Defrauded For-Profit College Students

Why Is It We Haven't Heard Much From Wayne LaPierre And The NRA Lately?....

December 3, 1946 in opposition to police intervention that was facilitating strike breaking activity

December 3, 1946 in opposition to police intervention that was facilitating strike breaking activity

December 3, 1946 in opposition to police intervention that was facilitating strike breaking activity

Well Looky Here: Top 10 recipients of money from pro-gun groups in 2016:

What's up w/Paul Ryan and that fuzz on his face?

Hillary Clinton Statement on Endorsement from North America's Building Trades

San Bernardino struggled with hate groups before shooting

2-day union vote starts Thursday at Volkswagen's US plant

Thoughts and prayers are cheap unless you're the NRA

2-day union vote starts Thursday at Volkswagen's US plant

2-day union vote starts Thursday at Volkswagen's US plant

San Bernardino Shooting Investigators See Terrorism Links

F.B.I Treating San Bernardino Attack as Counterterrorism Investigation

Still applies.

Thought long and hard about this: Time to put the Gun Nuts here at DU on ignore.

Do we know if they were actually married?

Fukushima OKs disposal site for radioactive waste within prefecture

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 3, 2015

White House plans executive action to expand background checks for gun sales

Japan's stationery sector rocked by pencil supply crisis

Jim Jefferies -- Gun Control (Part 1) from BARE -- Netflix Special

Instead of Telling Me Why Hillary is Better Than Republicans, Why Don’t YOU Vote for Bernie?

North Korea’s tourism push comes with a security catch

To Be Able to Vote for BERNIE SANDERS in Colorado's Caucus Mar 1st YOU MUST Register as DEM B4 Jan-1

40 years ago I hunted ducks and doves.

South Korea converts monks and priests to taxpayers

Birther Trump is at it again

2.17 mil. foreigners now living in Japan

China accused of hacking into Australia's Weather Bureau

US bill introduced to transfer two frigates to Taiwan

Dallas man accused of cooking Chihuahua on stove suggests puppy turned up heat

This has been posted before, but it's worth watching again.

President Bush the dumber opened Pandora's Box...

GOP tries to fire up base with Obamacare, other 'messaging bills'

London Zoo offers chance to sleep with lions

Martin O'Malley making campaign stops in Arkansas.

Maryland officer convicted of assault for pointing gun at civilian’s face

US Marine found guilty of killing transgender Filipino

Clinton wins endorsement from Women's Chamber of Commerce

Defamation suit against Abe over Fukushima crisis thrown out: Court

Study: Unprecedented support for ISIS in the U.S.

Today is my birthday, and would you believe even my neighbor got me something?

Hillary Clinton Snags Another Early Labor Endorsement North America's Building Trades throws in for

Our insane approach to guns and the people who use them to slaughter us

Magnificent Mount Koya

paul ryan wants to protect gun rights for those on the no-fly list

I think some will label this as a "Bouncy." Thanksgiving in Florida.

Martin O’Malley reacts to the San Bernardino mass shooting.

Martin O’Malley reacts to the San Bernardino mass shooting.

US Marine found guilty of killing transgender Filipino

U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Danes reject EU justice rules in referendum: exit polls

A major coalition of building & construction unions announced its support for Hillary for President

TEPCO settles suit over suicide of Fukushima dairy farmer

Senate Votes to End Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood

First self driving cars, now self driving trucks threaten extinction of driver jobs

When Trump Fizzles Out, Ted Cruz Might Rise To The Top

I think there's no more obnoxious trend in the past decade than the oxymoronic "Youtube Star"

Colombia police ‘wiretapping, shadowing and intimidating journalists’

How Fox News Created Donald Trump and Destroyed The GOP

Colombia police ‘wiretapping, shadowing and intimidating journalists’

1,052 mass shootings in 1,066 days: this is what America's gun crisis looks like

Yeah, I would say the shooters WERE heavily armed ( Pic)

Please try to reach out for support during the holidays....

Two legislators push impeachment as panel ends LePage inquiry

Colorado proves the NRA and the right wrong.

If you have young children, this is a MUST WATCH

Clinton loses ground in latest New Hampshire poll (Sanders takes lead at Real Clear Politics)

Mexico’s injustices fall like dominoes as two torture victims released in 24 hours due to illegal ev

Mexico’s injustices fall like dominoes as two torture victims released in 24 hours due to illegal ev

To Be Able to Vote for BERNIE SANDERS in Colorado's Caucus Mar 1st YOU MUST Register as DEM B4 Jan-1

It has been almost a month since I posted.

Coast Guard rescues sharks from illegal nets

Just Curious - How Much Money Is Required To Purchase The Large Amount Of Ammo These Two....


Ben Carson, Mispronouncing ‘Hamas,’ Fails to Impress Republican Jewish Group.

Why can't it be a combination of things?

Learning Together and Giving Thanks

Explore Machu Picchu's Inca remains through Street View

Explore Machu Picchu's Inca remains through Street View

Fifth Graders Arrested For Planning Explosion at High School

Gun Industry Executives Say Mass Shootings Are Good for Business

“Syed Farook is an American"

Also shocking but true: Bernie's numbers in IOWA are skyrocketing.

An awkward question that no one has yet asked

Senate Votes Its Priorities Today

Tired of violence, doctor offers penile enlargements for assault rifles


Jason Voorhees For President 2016!

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley Clark gives his take on Syria airstrikes.

‘Affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch under investigation after Twitter user posts beer pong video

It's raining cats and dogs in Northern California right now...

Putin is playing games in Syria: Gen Wesley Clark

Upgraded to Windows 10 - Wow! Great OS.

KKK plans protest of Syrian refugees in Texas

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Pens Billboard Essay for Women in Music Issue, Pays Tribute to Lady Gaga

When White Girls Deal Drugs, They Walk

Republicans say no to new gun control legislation after San Bernardino

Just Threw a Beer Can at my T.V..

Bail set at $1 million for Omaha felon accused of buying a handgun

7 Things Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want You to Remember About Bill Clinton

Why HRC gets all those endorsments so early in the race?

Christmas dinner for 2 - need suggestions.

Putin wants Russia to become world's biggest exporter of Non-GMO food

Former TN sheriff indicted on 113 charges

Why Are American Police So Incompetent? Killer Cops Run Amok

George Zimmerman suspended from Twitter after posting nude pics of ex-girlfriend out of revenge

Spokane Sgt. booked for Second Degree Rape -- of a female officer!

Man Climbs Tower, Won’t Come Down Until Family Leaves

Mario Bravo: Argentine man snatched from mother at birth meets her 38 years on thanks to Grandmother

This Guy Just Destroyed Hypocritical Pro-NRA Lawmakers for ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ for San Bernardino

Mario Bravo: Argentine man snatched from mother at birth meets her 38 years on thanks to Grandmother

60-Year-Old Pastor Marries Teenager He Impregnated With Wife’s Support

First Victims of Massacre ID'd: Health Dept Colleagues and a Father of 6 Among the Dead

Any thoughts about the Oscar Pistorius news?

More Bankster Crimials Join The Federal Reserve

Bridgeport Officer Who Reported Racist Letter Wrote It: Police

Bernie Winning In The Daily Kos' Presidential Primary Straw Poll!

Nielsen: smartphones and the internet are eating our tv time

Clinton secures major labor endorsements from building trades

How far are we from war in the streets??

Bolivian Archaeologists Dig For Rare Artefacts

Bolivian Archaeologists Dig For Rare Artefacts

Russia warns Turkey will regret plane downing, receives condolences

Labor Secretary Perez endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Hillary Clinton Statement on Endorsement from U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce

NASA Space Telescopes See Magnified Image of Faintest Galaxy from Early Universe

Anti- Muslim Backlash

Korn's "Freak On A Leash." Lead vocals, Barack Obama...sort of.

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?

John Hope Franklin: Race & the Meaning of America

A French Expert's Guide to the Hidden Riviera

So why can't Bernie get his policies in to law

This Trump Gif is disturbing.

Iraqis think the U.S. is in cahoots with the Islamic State, and it is hurting the war

Putin makes surprise visit to Crimea after power shortages

Is LaPierre so silent because he's afraid of Hillary making this a big election issue? She has the

Police responding to report of gunman at South Bay hospital

“I often had to skip meals”: Senate Dining Room Workers Want a Union, Say They’re Living in Poverty

President Ted Cruz Wouldn’t Just Build Donald Trump’s Border Wall. He’d Hire The Donald To Do It.

The anti-vax crowd is back, repeating its usual debunked silliness.

Christie veto showdown brings his gun positions to light

The Entire Labor Movement Should Be Paying Attention to Wisconsin’s Kohler Strike

I just confirmed...

Woo Hoo- Maxine Waters endorses Hillary Clinton.

High frequency hearing lost at the movies -

Venezuela Votes Soon -- And the U.S. Isn't Missing Its Chance to Meddle

Martin O'Malley returning to Iowa for two-day trip.

Taking a bullet

Execution by police officers may have been the only

The one thing we do know is that

“The idea of college being affordable is such a wild thought.”

Germany Rebukes Its Own Intelligence Agency for Criticizing Saudi Policy

To everything there is a season...

Colombia VP in Intensive Care after collapsing during speech

Today the senate voted to defund Planned Parenthood and gut the ACA

Possible solution: Load guns with trackers so stockpiles can be detected by satellite

Saudi woman granted asylum in UK after death threats from her family

Why is Bernie struggling to get union support?

Cutting spending to Planned Parenthood and ending the Affordable Care Act?

Hillary Clinton: "We do have the best law enforcement in the world"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 4 December 2015

If anybody here wants to shut down places of hate like France is talking about doing

Republican reactions to San Bernardino changed a lot after learning an alleged shooter was Muslim


Retired General Speaks The Truth: We Created ISIS

Now I know why cops are armed to the teeth

Citizens United’s True Legacy

Bill Maher and Thomas Piketty unite: Income inequality, Islamic extremism and a liberal war on terro

Email from Bernie about gun violence...

Blue Doors, Mare Island Naval Museum

The Atlantic 1974 - Will will it end?

Some thought Bob was a prophet...

Attackers in California shooting had thousands of bullets

Some Health HISTORY!!!! “I don’t give a shit what people think.”

Former Isis hostage says airstrikes on Syria are a trap

Maybe my favorite odd moment EVER:

Republican Consensus: Syed Farook/Muslim Terrorist ... Robert Dear/Lone Wolf

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy Mocks GOP for Post-Massacre Prayers

Guns in the Home and Risk of a Violent Death in the Home: Findings from a National Study

Perhaps we should treat guns like cigarettes, or find ways to reduce their circulation...

Cheney's Bust

Another mass killing: "OMFG, I'm afraid! I need a (or more) Gun(s)!

Help! I have no job or personal references

Legendary actress ran an underground, illegal, life-saving AIDS safe house

Legendary actress ran an underground, illegal, life-saving AIDS safe house

U.S. gets serious about radical Christians

Correct the Record Super PAC

Back home today, even with wind not very cold, I discover 2 BUDS still on rosebush.