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Never doubt the Tobster.

She Gave A False Address On Her Visa

New meme

Interview today on NPR

I just watched Jon Stewart

Nevada Lawmaker Sends Christmas Card Featuring Fully Armed Family

AG Loretta Lynch Promises to ‘Take Action’ Against ‘Anti-Muslim Rhetoric’

A shocking statistic about gun deaths in the US

Latest 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination polls are released....

Research Points To Mental Health Risks Associated With Meatless Diet

Canadian judge fines man $1.30 for growing 30 marijuana plants, calls laws obsolete and ridiculous

It's Krampus Eve!

Why in HOLY HELL does a former TV star have to stand in the halls of our

How American gun deaths and gun laws compare to Canada's

Oh yeah, I quit smoking about a week ago. Here's what worked for me.

These Pranksters Read Bible Passages to People, Telling Them It Was the Qur’an; They Were Shocked

U.S. shale oil producers pummeled after OPEC decision

Have you seen the Me at Zumba video with Lucille Ball.

Top Jeb Bush political donor in Miami: I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump

Putin Wants Russia to Become World's Organic Food Superpower--First, Hopes to Clip Turkey's Wings

RT promo-propaganda that's too good not to post:

After The Paris Atrocities, The ‘Anti-Muslim’ Far Right Is Forecast To Take Over Swathes Of France

ABC news posts photo of Tashfeen Malik

How will British airstrikes affect the Syrian conflict? The Plot Dangerously Thickens...Sound Cloud

How About A Ban/Limit On Bullets?

I have an all-in-one computer with a 21.5 inch touch screen.

Where is the grandma?...

Is the CT alive and well on the snafu today?

12-4-15 Solidarity in the Fields in 2:00

12-4-15 Solidarity in the Fields in 2:00

Is there any logical reason to allow Bush, Christie and Fiorina in the next debate?

12-4-15 Solidarity in the Fields in 2:00

Poll: Clinton expands favorability lead over Sanders

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-2-15

If Elected, Here's How Bernie Sanders Would Choose His Supreme Court Nominees

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update 12-3-15

Stop whining about the officials. Detroit blew it.

Steve Martin Writes a Hymn for Hymn-Less Atheists

Congress Moves to Sabotage the Paris Climate Summit

A Hanukkah Treat (No, Not Latkes) With a Sweet Reminder of Sicily

Look at this crap posted in GD which needs some comments nt

Hillary's Rahm Problem

Clinton Makes Small Gains on her huge lead in National Race- Today in Primary Polling

New Horizons Returns First of the Best Images of Pluto

This is what you have to do to own a gun in Japan (which has a near 0 gun homicide rate)

Bernie Sanders Joins Calls for Federal Probe of Chicago Police

Greinke to the Arizona Diamondbacks---6 year deal.

A Hanukkah Treat (No, Not Latkes) With a Sweet Reminder of Sicily

Crowds Of Stock Traders Gather At Weeping Statue Of Wall Street Bull

Ben Carson adds the $1 bill to his list of off-the-wall theories

Oh FFS..........Gun rights? Try gun pride: GOP candidates display firearms machismo

Surprising people with what is in the Bible.

Friday Talking Points (371) -- GOP Begins To Freak Out Over Trump

DU for Bernie at Act Blue JUST hit a new milestone!

Another FRIENDLY message to Hillary supporters from a Bernie supporter

Protests in the Ivies: Whatever Happened to Irreverence and Thick Skins?

Fred Hampton: Fight fire with water

Republicans only recognize acts of terror carried out by followers of radical Islam. They refuse to

DU for Bernie at Act Blue JUST hit a new milestone!

San Jose: Racist text scandal spurs outcry, calls for jail overhaul from community leaders

Witch hunting?

Everyone Who Has Ever Worked With Ted Cruz Despises Him

Killer Drone News Blackout Continues As Mainstream Media Ignore 4 Whistleblowers

Walmart scares California city away from minimum wage increase

Sen. Bernie Sanders Meets With Picketing WMUR Workers, Helps Broker A Deal To Reopen Negotiations

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. TGIF! Systematic Desensitization & a new kittehs gif

need a kitteh question answered

Why did Hillary take so much money from Wall Street??? Because that's how the game was played...

Martin O'Malley in Arkansas

This made my day!

Crime Scene Becomes Media Circus as Journalists Rifle Through Shooters' Home

Latest HuffPost/Pollster graphic shows things are stabilizing with Hillary up by 25 points.

Even neocons call Clinton a neocon.

The history behind New York City’s missing subway lines

WEE December 4, 2015 I'll start......I'll start with some......

Lawyer for San Bernadino Gunman's Family Floats Sandy Hook Trutherism

NYC Mayor Urges City's Pensions to Divest Gun Investments

Let There be Peace on Earth

Fermilab Experiment Finds No Evidence That We Live in a Hologram

Supreme Court agrees to hear Puerto Rico restructuring appeal

For the first time since 1920, The New York Times runs an editorial on Page One

Gun Debate Yields Page 1 Editorial (in The New York Times)

Texas drops request for emergency order to block Syrian refugees

New rightwing Buenos Aires Gov names Justice Minister opposed to abortion in case of rape or incest

Exclusive: U.S. puts request for bigger Turkish air role on hold over Russia tensions

Rosa Parks had no children and her only brother died decades before she did.

Why the assassination of Fred Hampton matters today

Who else is on soundcloud? And here's a very raw Belly cover.

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 6 - A Tale of Two Adaptations

IS oil smuggling to Turkey insignificant: US official

TCM Schedule for Monday December 7 - Girlfriends

Donald Trump ends speech after 10 protest interruptions

Can we make it more expensive to support the NRA?

The Modern Meeting: Call In, Turn Off, Tune Out

If the intent of a person with a gun is to kill as many people as possible with it...

Ryan Coogler In Negotiations To Direct 'Black Panther' For Marvel Studios

Putin seeks alliance to rival TPP

Ex-muslim Here to answer any questions you might have

Only a legal loophole allowed the sale of the CA shooters weapons.

Supreme Court rejects emergency appeal from California antiabortion group

The Sociology of Terrorism

Trump and Xenophobia

A Friendly Request of Everyone Please

12 Santa Clara County jail guards probed for racist texts

Bud Weisser arrested at Budweiser brewery

Third millennium questions for a sustainable world: Rachel Armstrong

The Kingpin soundtrack. One of the best ever?

Trump calls for Macy’s Christmas boycott

The Second Amendment must go: We ban lawn darts. It’s time to ban guns

Martin O’Malley talks immigration at DePaul.

End the Gun Epidemic in America

Rest in peace: Scott Weiland

Pledging allegiance

Martin O’Malley talks immigration at DePaul.

Would you give up your guns for the life of a seven year old soccer playing girl?

You want people to give up their guns?

Have you seen this awesome gif ad released by Bernie's campaign?

3 million people are cut off from basic services due to flooding in India

Supreme Court rejects emergency appeal from California antiabortion group

from Farmer's Almanac,

Rahm's troubles ripple toward Obama, Clinton

F.B.I. Treating San Bernardino Attack as Terrorism Case

Do you remember

Demographics data from Public Policy Polling's New Hampshire survey (Dec 3rd)

So it has now come to this..

Judge Slaps Texas With $605K Tab for Fighting Same-Sex Marriage

Favourite Christmas movie? Mine: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Disability Scoop: Change Ahead At Autism Speaks

Pro-choice mom.

Death of a Character Actor.....Robert Loggia

Bernie Sanders: All the shouting in the world is not going to...keep guns out of the wrong hands

Time for another dirty polling secret. 60-70% of IA voters and 80% of NH voters are undecided

I've seen a few threads about the San Bernadino terrorist's

UAW wins historic victory in U.S. South with vote at VW plant

Gun Control Issue Hurting Bernie Sanders

NRA and Terrorists Sitting in a Tree: San Bernardino Gunman's Family Lawyer is a Sandy Hook Truther

once again......s.randall thomas

Missouri Dem Proposes Placing Same Restrictions On Guns As Abortions

The making of a Scrooge: Experts weigh in on why some older people are angry, isolated

Sometimes an act of religious extremism is an act of religious extremism.

Israeli Defense Minister Says US 'Can't Sit On The Fence' In Syria


Russia Starts Deliveries Of S-300 Systems To Iran

Former MK and minister Yossi Sarid dies at 75

A third of Americans support sanctions against Israel

Carole King supports Hillary. Guest on Hardball tonight....

Florida Rescue Cat Makes Amazingly Fluffy Recovery

Hillary's rise comes at the expense of women

What It's Like To Be A Cop Involved In A Mass Shooting

Should women have to register for the draft?

Baghdad calls on Ankara to 'immediately' withdraw troops

Sanders Campaign Submits Paperwork to Get on Virginia Primary Ballot

Charles Koch gave $90 million to influence higher ed in the South

Swedish Foreign Minister Accuses Israel of Executing Palestinian Assailants Without Trial

The most important thing in the world is nowhere in the news.

Daily Holidays - December 5

Trump: I Don't Believe San Bernardino Shooter's Sister Unaware Of Plot

Hillary Clinton extends lead in Democratic race for president

Ben Carson: US Needs To Stop Immigrants From Troubled Countries From Entering

Didn't know where else to stick this

CNN/ORC poll: In Democratic race, Clinton solidifies lead .... December 4, 2015

Trump calls for Macy’s Christmas boycott

The Lies Change but the Murder Never Stops

Looking for suggestions for Pop-up blocker software.

Horror Beyond Description

Clinton and Sanders will participate in Iowa Black & Brown Forum--but will O'Malley?

Laquan McDonald police reports differ dramatically from video

Are guns good for self defense? The answer seems to be no...

Stubb's vs. Stubb's

Massachusetts Campaign Submits 100K Signatures

Turkish soldiers training Iraqi troops near Mosul: sources

Rock Hill SC Pastor accused of touching child gets plea bargain (5 years probation)

Rubik's Cubes for Sanders

South Carolina Young Leaders for Bernie

The Nation: Why Bernie Sanders Should Embrace European Models of Democratic Socialism

The Sanders Corporate Tax Reform Plan

Bernie Needs More Than Just Your Vote

Wouldn't we all love to tell Monsanto's CEO exactly what we think of him? Mark Ruffalo did.

Work ‘Till We Die (Social Security video)

The Middle East is Changing, Hillary Clinton’s Policy Isn’t

High wages aren’t to blame for the decline of U.S. manufacturing

Bible verses presented as if from the Quran

Latest pictures show Isil training camp in Afghanistan

Rahm Emanuel Denies Laquan McDonald Cover-Up In Op-Ed Article title

Spanish galleon with rumoured £1bn treasure hoard found, says Colombia's president

Every Nation Backing This War—Including US—Must Answer for Hospital Bombing: MSF

Why Fast-Track Trade Deals, But Not Climate Agreements?

Ben Carson pays a price with evangelicals for the two things he's said that made some sense

Winter wonderlands in the UK--skating in fairy fantasies around Britain

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the Zuckerbergs' baby responds via Trevor Noah

Gun control: New York Times runs front page editorial for first time since 1920

The clip of Hillary laughing with a Repug about bombing Iran deserves its own thread.

Political Justice

Coventry Carol

Go whine about billionaires in GDP. The only one I know just sent us THE coolest Christmas card

ISIS Speaks Out on San Bernardino Shooting (Calls Them 'Supporters')

Thoughts on the murders of innocents.

Saudi Arabia’s unity summit will only highlight Arab disunity

Better but not much!

Hillary Clinton Is Dominating, But Democrats Still Like Bernie Sanders

Did Key Witness Undermine Prosecution's Case in Freddie Gray Trial

Help Bernie Sanders Win TIME’s Person of the Year Poll

U.N. climate talks approve draft text, many disputes remain

CLinton supporters are desperate now

We will not live in a free society if we continue to allow gun access to anyone with a pulse.

Weekly Address: We Will Not Be Terrorized

China And Jobs

Bernie Sanders Asks Us To "Follow The Money"

Bomb Science 101

We have "Freedom of Speech" NOT "Freedom From the judgement" of consequences of HATE-Filled Rhetoric

Wouldn't It Be Nice.....

"90 Percent Of People Trying To Lose Weight Forget This One Thing" .. Huff Post:

The radicalization of Israel

I would be extremely content if Assault Rifles and Semi Auto Hand guns

The number of people in America vs. the number of guns in America, visualized.

Lawmaker Who Was ‘Life Member’ Of NRA Quits After San Bernardino Massacre

A non-technical, one sentence explanation of the assault weapons ban

Australians visiting America should be warned of gun violence

To Those Who Say “A Pox on Both Your Houses,” I Say “A Pox on You”

are racist police in the US terrorists?

Arguing with A Conservative is Like Playing Chess With A Pigeon

Me vs CP and DU (the long story, for those who don't know it)

New Harvard Research Debunks Gun Lobby’s Favorite Talking Points (4/15)

Marsha Blackburn's not happy....Tennesseans approve of Planned Parenthood

Clinton touts gun controls after San Bernardino attack

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: America the Exceptional

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: 6 letters, Starts with W……. ends with S…..

Does the front page of the New York Times front page indicate a shift in the media on guns?

Weekend Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Muslims in America Condemn Extremists and Fear Anew for Their Lives

Luckovich Addresses Climate Change

Trump Mocked Disabled People, So Disabled People Mock Trump

Lamar Smith's Venal, Paranoid Bullshit Circus Rolls On; Conspiracy Theories, Science Funding Cuts

Chennai Flooding: Single Wettest December Day In 100+ Years; +/-270 Killed, 1 Million Displaced

Does Anyone Have DVD's Of Season 2 Of Two And A Half Men?.....

'Presidential Selfie Girls' Endorse Hillary Clinton

Triple suicide blast kills around 30 people on Lake Chad island

"The Poorest Deserve The Best"

The New Fox National Geographic: Global Sightings Of Mary! Skyscraper Tech! Haiti Is Poor!

"Cheaper Than Dirt"

Ricketts stops trying to import death penalty drugs for now

I had to put my bullshit waders on this morning!

"Tough Talk and a Cowardly Vote on Terrorism" & "Republicans’ Climate Change Denial Denial"

Greg Abbott choses to protect companies over employees in pension fight

Wal-Mart worker fired after 18 years for turning in cash he found

WWII missing Marine accounted for; Gov. Brown sends condolences

Chris Hedges and Cornel West....

UAW wins historic victory in U.S. South with vote at VW plant

UAW wins historic victory in U.S. South with vote at VW plant

UAW wins historic victory in U.S. South with vote at VW plant

The Nuge spends 30 minutes of quality time with Alex Jones. 30 minutes you can never get back.

Newspaper style note: Hot enough for you?

Newspaper style note: Hot enough for you?

Chris Rock on Gun Control

Stupid F***ing Media

Sen. Jake Files' financial woes mount, Democrat-Gazette reports

Federal judge awards $19,950 attorney fees against state in marriage case, total over $93,000

Bernie Sanders inspired cutting boards helps a crash victim heal

Nature Editorial and News Item: Can terrorism be studied in a scientific fashion?

Just how loony can the right-wing get?


In retrospect, how often does the national media get it wrong, at first?

Who are you and who do you want to give your vote – Find out here

TPP Threatens Security and Safety by Locking Down U.S. Policy on Source Code Audit

Rachel Maddow - Amid war and political vitriol, Congress opts out of democracy

What polls tell about the progress of the Sanders campaign and the current state of the primary race

Malcolm Nance, the former counter-terrorist strategist ...

Jerry Falwell Jr.: "We Could End Those Muslims"

Well, no mass shooting yet, but it's only 11 a.m. ET

Shock Poll: Bernie Sanders is the Most Electable Candidate in Either Party

The left’s absurd Hillary hate: Why this ridiculous anti-Clinton crusade needs to stop (HRC GROUP)

I love animal videos, but...


Bernie! Please help save this Donkey!

Have yourself a bang-bang Xmas

Texas Backs Down From Effort to Block Syrian Refugees

Over A Quarter of the Streetcar Systems Taking Shape In the U.S. Are in Midwest Cities

Some clueless choad wants Kim Davis to be Time Person of the Year because she's like MLK

CSPAN: (10:15 ct) CAMPAIGN, 13 Dem Senator Women @DC Event Endorse HRC

Douglas and Sarpy Counties, Nebraska.....

Bernie Sanders - Our Last Chance by Sharon Heiser

Some of the dangers of Cannabis include..

Libraries - Unique libraries around the world

Bernie Sanders Wins Middle School Dessert Poll!

I finally figured out who Ben Carson reminds me of.

Our fear levels are like plates, kept spinning by taps of fear at the edges

What We Can Expect From Hillary Clinton on Israel/Palestine

Chennai is underwater—and America’s outsourcing chiefs should be worried

Today is National Day Of Solidarity 12.5.15 (#StandwithPP)

Are you radicalized?

The Clinton Files: Those White House Coffee Klatsches

Strange Weather in Buffalo, New York, no snow at all, late this year, last year-7 feet- Nov/2014

Bungee jumping - the magnetic way

ACA Choices for South Carolina, 2016

Sander's group should call out for a flash mob on election day.

ABC News: "What's in a Name? Hillary Clinton Knows More Than Most"

What would Hillary say, is what enquiring minds wanna know

Cartoon: Animal Nuz - F the NRA Edition

PostCapitalism by Paul Mason review – a worthy successor to Marx?

Ohio Community Lives in Fear as Rifle-Toting White Man Stalks Black Neighborhoods With Impunity

NASA: ‘We Will Have A Mass Shooting On The Moon By 2055

Thirty years ago Mike Mills threw fucking corndogs at Mike Watt

It has started: A global proxy war against freedom!

Business is booming: US arms makers strain to meet demand as Mideast conflicts rage

End the Gun Epidemic in America

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss....

Chris Hedges: The Corrupt US Goverrnment...

Anyone else see this coming? "Police Response To San Bernardino Stokes Militarization Fears"

Bernie Sanders Just Took the Boldest Stance of Any Candidate on the Laquan McDonald Case

Have you seen the Squatty Potty unicorn commercial?

Web Extra: Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley Visits Arkansas.

Consumer Reports: Consumers Want Mandatory Labeling for GMO Foods

World Soil Day Champions an Untapped Resource to Solve the Climate Crisis

Here's a fun one

The Consciousness of Being at War

In dealing with the Fox News "Norway has a higher mass shooting fatality rate than the US" junk

Superbug known as ‘phantom menace’ on the rise in U.S.

Bernie funneled campaign cash to family members

Speaks Volumes: "Clinton still confident in Rahm Emanuel"

Suspect’s family lawyer: I myself probably have 4,000 or 5,000 rounds of bullets at home

A Cap on Solar Is Not the American Way By Barry Goldwater Jr.

Photos of 'distant objects,' taken from head of my bed @ 5 a.m.,

I'm about ready to do a non-profit or PAC or something for smart gun control

95,000 Words, Many of Them Ominous, From Donald Trump’s Tongue (NY Times)

Neenah Police: Evacuations underway (Appleton, Wisconsin, Appleton, Wisconsin ...)

Dec 2: Hillary Clinton calls for federal inquiry of Chicago police tactics

Venezuela: A Dictatorship Masquerading as a Democracy

"Don't tread on me"

Is This the End of Chávez’s Venezuela?

Has Jeb repeated his assertion that his brother "kept us safe"

Rousseff 'calm' amid impeachment fight

U.S. First Shields Its Torturers and War Criminals From Prosecution, Now Officially Honors Them

Ecuador lawmakers vote to end presidential term limit

Ecuador's media express fear over freedom of speech

ISIS radio question?

What the Hell Just Happened on MSNBC and CNN?

Bill is right! The idiots probably can't afford it..

Dec 2: Hillary Clinton calls for federal inquiry of Chicago police tactics

from Robert Reich:Put an asshole at the head of the ticket and the shit falls everywhere.

kitty kitten cat cat

Truth-Out: "Super PACs, Dark Money and the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Part 1" lies about Sanders

How Alienated Youth Fall Prey to the Militant Allure of Islamic State

Lowe's has 6-packs of LED light bulbs for $9.95

Don't let the names of sources fool you. Just look at Progressives Today.

Have to move to another state? Job, Relatives, School etc..

Religion in the Comics - 45

Chris Hedges: The Cult of Celebrity.....

O’Malley: Calif. shooting shows need for stronger gun regulation.

Clinton is no more corrupt than most politicians. That's the problem

Bomb Science 101

O’Malley: Calif. shooting shows need for stronger gun regulation.

What I haven't seen mentioned but what jumped out at me watching interview with Farook's

Hillary Clinton Will Finish Third In Iowa, Behind Bernie Sanders and O'Malley. Here's Why

CNN/ORC Poll Invalid!

Counting mass shootings a bad way to understand gun violence in America

Texas GOP Moves Toward Vote On Seceding From Union... Can I give you a hand, TX?

It doesn't matter whether you support Hillary, Bernie, or Martin.

Mike Colter's Luke Cage: A Plain Clothes Hero

Israel demands PA pay Dawabsheh medical costs

The First Step

These Pranksters Read Bible Passages to People, Telling Them It Was the Qur’an; They Were Shocked

How do I start a group?

The Real Reason We Can’t Have Gun Control (Hillary Group)

The GOP on the Eve of Destruction

Planned Parenthood Now Offering PrEP in West Hollywood, More Locations to Come

I had to put my bullshit waders on this morning! (A great rant)

12 drugs of Christmas

‘Holy Grail’ of shipwrecks found off Colombian coast

Clinton Foundation Leadership

An Open Letter in Support of Jason Rezaian ( Iran )

Turkey seizes four Russian ship in Black Sea

Christian Terrorists...

"Clinton has developed a reputation as one of the most right-wing Democrats on Israel/Palestine"

Blindfolded Muslim asks fellow Auburn students for hugs, here’s what happened next (feelgood moment

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (featuring Sanders & Clinton)

"This is the Wingnut Nation he's been financing all this time. Did he think it was a joke?"

"San Bernardino: The Most Twisted Terrorist Plot Yet"

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 5, 2015

The NRA-ification of the Republican Party

Listening to CNN and GEM$NBComcast you'd never

Crossposted fm GD Blindfolded Muslim asks fellow Auburn students for hugs, here’s what happened next

The strange nexus between the GOP, Trump and outrageous conspiracy theories

NRA's IRS tax form 990

Iraq Demands That Turkey Withdraw Its Troops From Northern Iraq

Well, that made my day!

Iraq's prime minister called to launch airstrikes against the Turkish troops

Police recover 145 guns from home of Michigan man after he attempted to shoot his wife

Let's clarify for all time: The unvaccinated are not just a danger to themselves.

Colombia to build museum for Spanish galleon discovery, president says

YouTube sensations Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson joined Donald Trump on stage at his

Existence of commercial bananas threatened by disease — and there is no known way to stop it

Hillary lying video compilation

Leytonstone stabbing: Man 'screams this is for Syria' in knife attack at Tube station (LONDON,UK)

Hillary Clinton Calls for 'Hard Look' at Visa Waiver Program After San Bernardino Shooting

Existence of commercial bananas threatened by disease — and there is no known way to stop it

Who else is still decorating for Christmas?

A Look Inside a Billionaire’s Bunker Doomsday Escape for the Elite

For the first time, astronomers have measured the radius of a black hole

Astronomers Using ALMA Spot Monstrous Baby Galaxies In Dark Matter Filaments

Surprise surprise! ISIS moves in on Afghanistan:

Hillary Clinton and a Venezuelan Murder Mystery: Who Killed Luis Manuel Díaz?

Sanders Proposes ‘People before Polluters’ Climate Plan

Straw or water vacuum sealer

I fit the description….

Autumn colors on a dull day

We will not be terrorized. Obama pretty much calls Congress INSANE.

Kerry Warns Israel About Collapse of Palestinian Authority

Liberty University president urges students to be armed

Wear a green ribbon for the climate

Halfway Through Paris... And a Very Long Way from World-Saving Deal

Social Media Becomes Latest Weapon In Extremists' Arsenal

Holy shit. Obama pretty much called Congress INSANE today in his address!

Man Shot At Gun Show

Losing Food Stamps: Thousands Of Vulnerable Oregonians At Risk Next Year

Erick Erickson disliked NYT cover story on guns so much, he shot the paper

Dock the USS Arizona in Tucson? With this plan, it's possible

Ted Nugent says.......

Got my first "serious" camera, a dslr, tips?

Lady on the JTV just said, "Those look like shit."

VW workers to unionize in US South after groundbreaking vote

Iraqi blogger tells of leaving Iraq for Syria, and then on to the next country as a refugee.

For those of you undergoing MY LITTLE PONY withdrawal

All products created by Big Pharma are not created equal.

Remembering Riverbend, Iraqi blogger.

Russia Accuses U.S. Of Cover-Up Over IS Oil Smuggling To Turkey

Are you OK with having a National Christmas Tree,


Russia ratchets up war rhetoric - and not just in Syria

Russia prepares for nuclear war: 'Doomsday' plane could be ready to launch in TWO WEEKS

the Nobel Prize winning author Doris Lessing

'Absolutely No Medical Records': How Women Get Back Alley Abortions in Argentina

'Absolutely No Medical Records': How Women Get Back Alley Abortions in Argentina

NRA Darling Ted Nugent Says It’s Time for Cleansing America of Liberals

Indicted ex-leaders a message to Central America elites

Linfield wins!

"Who else has lighted tree but "christians" Christmas tree?"

Man accidentally shot friend at Arizona gun show

US Can't Access NSA Phone Records In California Terror Case

Former Australian Politician: Country Should Issue Travel Warning for US After Shootings.

Expanded EIA Data on Small-Scale Solar ‘Important Step Forward,’ SEIA Says

Black Sabbath for WHAT??!!??

Excited just signed up with Bernie's campaign

Negotiations resume between Kohler Co., striking union in Wisconsin

If you give a man a gun: the evolutionary psychology of mass shootings

Negotiations resume between Kohler Co., striking union in Wisconsin

Negotiations resume between Kohler Co., striking union in Wisconsin

Well, that's the LAST time I taking Spock to the arcade. Too much drama to deal with…

We are fighting back! Donald Trump Ends Speech After 10 Protest Interruptions

The GOP On The Eve Of Destruction by Bill Moyers

Did Trump's two foreign wives have K1 visas?

Is this legit?

Police shoot man dead in Florida

Charles Pierce: Uber-Liberals Are Now Likening Hillary Clinton to Dick Cheney (HRC Group)

Ancient 'Wand' May Be Oldest Example of Lead Work in the Levant

Mass Shootings Are Changing Us-Children have never known a time without lockdowns and mass shootings

Receding waters expose sites to plundering

Bernie Sanders to visit Baltimore youth center named for Freddie Gray

Intact, Packed Etruscan Tomb Found