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President will address the nation Sunday evening from the Oval Office

gun and thots and actions

Woah: 80 million-year-old dinosaur fossil has original blood vessels

This Pretty Much Somes Up The Hypocrisy Of The People Who Belittle BLM

They Haven’t Been Wrong Since 1975 And They Say Our Next President Will Be…

President Obama To Address Nation Over Terror Threats (SUNDAY EVE)

A fog of lies about Cuba damage University of Miami’s reputation

Trump will beat Hillary Clinton,...absolutely! The Big Picture (youtube)

Everyone is skyrocketing!

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-4-15

Cuban is arrested in Greece for theft of artworks from Cuban museum

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2: God Isn't Fixing This Edition

LOL! Why Trump Started Running For POTUS (via Garrison Keillor)

12-5-15 Together in 2:00

12-5-15 Together in 2:00

12-5-15 Together in 2:00

Chipotle sales battered by widening E. coli outbreak

Kentucky prosecutor withdraws effort to bar judge from criminal cases

Chipotle sales battered by widening E. coli outbreak

What do you do to get rid of a crazy stalker?

Chipotle sales battered by widening E. coli outbreak

Kansas sperm donor fights back after state forces him to pay child support

RANDOM THOUGHT: USA Might Be Going Into War Like Actions OR War w/ ISIS - Obama's Special Address

Man Accused Of Trashing Florida Mosque Has History Of Anti-Islam Social Media Posts

A Chavista victory in Venezuela will be "fraud" to the opposition

Wal-Mart Cries Foul Over 'Astonishing' Tax Increase In Debt-Stricken Puerto Rico

I'm am spending the night at my friend's sister's house SUNDAY EVE and she is an Obama hater, and I

It has rained four days: my cardinal bird banged on my window

Bernie Sanders Hits The Kochs Where It Hurts With People Before Polluters Plan

Whaddaya say...

How many troops will Obama announce he is sending to Iraq and Syria tomorrow?

Roll Tide

Judge orders Salvador ex-president to trial for corruption

Chris Hedges on Politics and American Imperialism


Adam Ruins Everything - Why Most Internships Are Actually Illegal

America Needs a National Slavery Monument

Where did the shooters' cameras go?

People Hilariously Criticize Bible After Reading Verses They Think Are From The Quran

NOW THAT XMAS music is on radio TIL xmas, are there ANY hanakuh(sp) songs?

Hillary's got a friend: James Taylor back Clinton

Fight imperialism: Ukraine under Russian occupation: locals advised on how to deal with invaders

Monica Lewinsky

Liberty University Wants Students to Carry Weapons

Muslim family's encounter with Gwinnett (Atl) police goes viral

HuffPo: The Sanders Corporate Tax Reform Plan

By gutting the middle class, maybe the rich in the GOP are just trying to save the planet...from

Senate Republicans Up for Re-election Are Urged To Keep Distance From Donald Trump

Summoning my best Haymitch impersonation for once more unto the breach...

Fall in the Cascades

SAraH pALiN has a plan to defeat ISIS

Ted Nugent calls Pres. Obama a "freedom-hating, America-hating punk"

Donald Trump Supporters Mostly Uneducated, New Poll Finds

One dead, 30 missing in Azerbaijan oil rig fire in Caspian Sea

We're entering the season

Ugh. Have we ever seen a presidential candidate do this before?

To gun lovers from your hero...

Not all news coming out of this area is bad! IBEW local 440 endorses Bernie!

My $120,000 Vacation by David Brooks

Waco Shoot Out Gun Confiscation Fantasies

Donald Trump is a Dangerous Freight Train who must be stopped

This cat introducing her kittens to a dog is so cute it actually hurts

Porsche will invest $1 billion to launch battery-powered Mission E

TYT--that time Cornel West had narcissistic meltdown & smeared Obama as a "Republican in blackface"

Bernie Sanders Pushes For Gun Control After San Bernardino Shooting

Labor Secretrary Perez joined Clinton in Sioux City Iowa to announce his endorsement.

The Making of a Roman Silver Cup

Marie Curie

The NRA scares gun nuts and right wingers with these magazine covers.........

If we go to war again in the Middle East

President Obama to Deliver Rare Oval Office Adress

Nice poster

Consider giving a Mark Gormley music video DVD as a gift this Christmas

Swedish fascists burn homes, blame crisis on refugees

Every one of these mass shootings increase gun sales......

A partial list of mass shootings in Europe, Canada, and Australia since 2000

For Those Who Make Uninformed Statements About Bernies Platform While Attempting to Insult Him

Video of Kerry Keynote at Saban Forum...

Our home-grown terrorists

Why have I not seen this until now?

Well. imagine that !

My brothers passing....update

Drunk neighbor Trump

If You Like Dogs, You Need to See this Movie.

Kerry at Saban Forum: Current Trends Are Leading to a One-state Reality

San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik became hardline in Saudi Arabia, family says CBC News

Yes, we know.

Three people gave me the finger yesterday.

Hillary is Unelectable

Sanders would never have blocked SP advocates from participating in a HC forum at the WH ...

Why is CSPAN showing

Hillary Clinton will have an interview on THIS WEEK tomorrow morning...

Okay. This has got to be the best Christmas commercial. Ever.

Can’t Put Down Your Device Or Your Food? That’s by Design

Venezuela’s high-life elite hope hard-hit poor will abandon Chávez’s legacy


Regarding the United States Postal Service...

Initech has taken on the Top Ten feature and we're all happy and proud Initech did

Can Venezuela improve its economy, and restore the dreams of the Bolivarian Revolution?v

Hillary receives 12 more endorsements in South Carolina. Campaign launches terrific new ad in SC!

London: stabbing being treated as 'terrorist incident'

Gun Guy Calls Out Fox News Stupidity On Bullet Buttons

$5.3M Confederate flag proposal ‘appalling waste’ of tax dollars.

The US has entered an 'entirely new phase' of domestic terrorism

The Bible Tells Us A Fetus Becomes A Living Being When It Draws Its First Breath

Well, they did it: Texas Republicans Approve Resolution To Secede From U.S.

Chinese Justice: Charging anti-pollution NGO volunteers with prostitution (nothing new)

Bernie Sanders, Invoking MLK, and Erasure

Abusive private messages

You just gotta love the contrast...

Clinton Will Make a Better President Because She IS THE Better Candidate.

Texas GOP votes not to put secession question on primary ballot

I see a "Patriot Act Part 2" in our future! Get ready! nt

DPS searches Hispanics more, finds less, Statesman analysis shows


Jahlil Okafor: Ray Rice-Gate, NBA Style

Europe Doesn’t Even See The Kind Of Anti-Abortion Violence The U.S. Tolerates

Amazon's annoying recommendations.

Uncle Tom Black Pastor's Major Flip flopping two-faced hypocritical ignorance on Trump

Blackmail Politics Is the Name of the Game in Brazil

Boston Mayor Walsh endorses Clinton, at labor union rally

Montel Williams has had enough with dead brained conservatives

US Aircraft Carrier George Washington Task Force Monitors Venezuela Elections

Cartoon from "Retail comic dot com"

US Aircraft Carrier George Washington Task Force Monitors Venezuela Elections

Nicolas Henin: The man who was held captive by Isis for 10 months says how they can be defeated

This Picture of Trump is Fitting.

I used to be 'working poor'

Small but fervent crowd backs Irving mayor’s stance on Islam

‘They are coming for you’: Sandy Hook truthers escalate threats by posting home address of victim’s

Entertainment wars: D-FW venues complain WinStar casino makes it hard to compete for big names

Why Charles M. Schulz Gave Peanuts A Black Character (1968)

The US Media's Mad Rush to Pre-Judge Venezuela's Vote

Where Uruguay leads, the rest of the world struggles to keep up

"Bush kept us safe" in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Expert: Video shows slain boy's hands in pockets when shot

Router bit size

Security filmed assaulting students after Univ. of Houston’s AAC Championship win

Cruz: I Would Carpet Bomb ISIS Into Oblivion

For levity - a review of a major rave

The US Is Getting Seriously Off The Rails In This Election Cycle.

Daily Holidays - December 6

Governor of Yemen city of Aden killed in attack

Rahm Emmanuel, Laquan McDonald and Black Rebellion in Chicago

GOP College Chairman Slams Tea Party, Resigns, And Joins The Democrats

If Obama were to talk renewables in the context of starving ISIS

Advisor To Iran's Top Leader Calls Fate Of Syria's Assad A 'Red Line'

Poland Considers Asking for Access to NATO Nuclear Weapons

Gaza Farmers Give Back by Sharing with Those Less Fortunate

Do Mass Killings Bother You?

West stands alone in anti-Isis alliance as regional partners slip away

Female Canadian soldier who fought with Kurds against Isis says they are just 'a thorn in the side'

Olives--the next oil boom?

Bernie Sanders to make several stops in Iowa next week

Free beer!

Khamenei advisor: Assad’s fate a ‘red line’ for Iran

"You can learn alot from the backs of cereal boxes." . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Gary B. Smith!!

State Bar could discipline Williamson County DA Jana Duty

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Need A Little Christmas Now Edition

Ringo Starr's Personal 'White Album' Sells for World Record $790,000

The New Yorker's cover hits hard this week.

Meditation aids psoriasis

Eutelsat Does the Math on Reducing Future Satellite Costs

Isil fundraiser flees UK despite terror watch

ISIS army of scientists set to wage chemical and biological war on West

Obama signs bill allowing working military dogs to retire in U.S.

Severe flooding prompts evacuations as Storm Desmond sweeps across UK

Supporters Rally for Hillary Clinton at Iowa Town Hall

I don't know any of these women and yet I am in tears -Love You to death

I'm reaching terrorism fatigue in the media.

Thanks for the great season Hawkeyes

RW paranoia at its best: Obama will use TPP to Enforce his Climate Agreement

Top Jeb Bush political donor in Miami: I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump

High Stakes for Democrats in Supreme Court Redistricting Case

ferkrisesake - channeling things my Dad always said

Do gunners think people are so stupid

AUDIO: Defense Contractors Tell Investors That Escalating Conflicts Are Good for Business

Can I interest you in Hanukkah????

Best ad ever for stronger gun laws.

My local 'news' ran a clip of Ted Cruz saying the wife in the SB attack passed the same vetting

Jacobs vs Quillin

What happens when you grow Catnip in your backyard

Conservative Pundit Erick Erickson Shoots New York Times, Brags About It On Twitter

Russian ships flaunting missiles during Bosporus Strait passing is provocation: FM Cavusoglu (Turkey

Two Questions

Dinner party with a bunch of Right Wingers last night--As usual--I whopped their Ass!

In America, freedom means ...

Justices Look Anew at Affirmative Action in Texas

OK Gunners, why do you need a semi auto weapon.

I 100% agree if the Democrats ask for more than better background checks, it will cost us votes.

Sen. Sanders on Face the Nation

Growing number of cyber shills

Big 10 Champs

Jerry Falwell Jr.: If more good people had concealed guns, ‘we could end those Muslims’

Another mass shooting was over. The country had moved on. But inside one house in Oregon, a family w

Red Cross trying to negotiate with IS for humanitarian access -

India is second most ignorant nation of the world: Survey

A blast from the past! Just HOW evil is Dick Cheney?

A Thousand Men In Ecuador Read Letters Of Women Touched By Violence

Syria air strikes: Britain is only dipping a toe in this war on Isis

Fox ‘News’ Tells Two Radically Different Stories About Two American Extremists

IS claims deadly attack on Aden governor, 6 guards in Yemen

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg on the Second Amendment (and Heller a bit)

Fracking Expands in Latin America, Threatening to Contaminate World's Third-Largest Aquifer

Fracking Expands in Latin America, Threatening to Contaminate World's Third-Largest Aquifer

Did Iowa win in another universe? Joni Ernst congratulates Iowa on the 'big win'

Organizing Against Gender-Based Violence in the Name of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz

Organizing Against Gender-Based Violence in the Name of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz

The Cynicism of Identity

Gentrification Threatening to Destroy Little Haiti, Community Leaders Warn

Here's why massive multishot military-style hardware: Addictive fun.

Fmr Gov. Carlin among those mobilizing support for Clinton in #Kansas

When driving your hands should be at 8 and 4 (not 10 and 2)

The In-Between State - Pema Chodron

Someone killed the L0oniX bug. A solution

Articles in the Sheboygan Press...

Koterba toon: GOP & Trump

Now, CBS FACE THE NATION, Trump, Christie, Sanders, San Bernadino Attacks, Check Local Times

Convoy of wreaths depart for Arlington National Cemetery

Louie Gohmert: Obama Importing Terrorists To Justify Gun Control Laws

Celebrating the Birth of Christ

Hillary Clinton Returns to New Hampshire for 18th Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015

Trump giving scary interview on Face the Nation right now

Sanders addresses overflow crowd at Keene State College

Liberty University's President Tells Students To Be Armed

Ted Cruz campaign ad out takes

35 years! Wow!

Americans Deeply Divided on Gun Control Issues

Training to be Santa is tough

Ash Carter on his thought process opening combat roles to women

Trump, Cruz Talk Tough On 'Radical Islam'

Azerbaijan: Huge blaze rips through oil platform in Caspian Sea, 32 killed Ruptly TV Ruptly TV

The Hollywood Myth of the "good guy with a gun"

More Than a Million Judicial Cases in Guatemala Pending

Hawaii Supreme Court invalidates permit to build Thirty Meter Telescope

Last day or two of a PBS begathon today...

Israeli organ trafficking suspect arrested in Istanbul

Clinton Earns the Support of Dozens of SC General Assembly Members

Climate Scientist James Hansen Warns World is on Wrong Track to Prevent Runaway Global Warming

Video shows Miami Beach police fatally shooting man - Trigger warning

No, This Is It: The Most Detailed Scan Of Pluto We Have - Newsy

Ship carrying nuclear waste arrives in Australia

Russia equips bombers over Syria with air-to-air missiles for self-defense

What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

India's capital New Delhi chokes under air pollution

Man saved from being washed off in Chennai flood waters

Minnesota Extends Medical Pot Program To Cover Pain

cheney 'honored' with bust @ u.s. capitol....

LRB: Is that it for the NHS?

Sanders Proposes ‘People before Polluters’ Climate Plan

Extremist Group the CIA is Paying to Kill Innocent Civilians in Afghanistan

Bernie Sanders coming to Baltimore to meet African-American leaders

Listen to this witness who saw three people dressed in all black and witnessed them

Hillary's newest ad “Aidan” outlines plan to tackle out of control prescription drugs "Aidan"

Appalling Waste of 5.3 Million Dollars - Confederate Flag Museum in S.C.

Safeway ordered to pay almost $42 million for website sales

Carter: Cancer is gone

Sanders: I Will Not Buy Into ‘Their’ Plan To Ignore America’s Problems To Talk About ISIS

Hillary just very cleverly accused Donald Trump of treason.

America's top SAT tutor explains why no one should take the SAT in 2016

Liberty University President: If More People Had Concealed Guns, ‘We Could End Those Muslims’

Supreme Court slaps down maker of Planned Parenthood videos Newsweek

Bernie Sanders Hits The Kochs Where It Hurts With People Before Polluters Plan

Sanders: I Will Not Buy Into ‘Their’ Plan To Ignore America’s Problems To Talk About ISIS

The Daily Show - The Fight Against ISIS

Please help me understand the truth on DU policy...

Online-tools for debunking hoaxes and fakes

Online-tools for debunking hoaxes and fakes

In this country right now

Indigenous Leader Murdered in Southern Mexico

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Trailer

220 pages of the worst Xmas gifts out there

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Pennies (HBO)

Trump supporter asks him, will the "young strong refugees" remain celibate?

A note about polling...

Florida Tea Party leader splits with movement over solar power: ‘I will do what is right’

Sen. Bernie Sanders visiting Cornell College Dec. 13

A Tale of Two Elections

I'm thinking that if we banned the sale and resale of all semi auto weapons that

Why can't the right wing nuts.......

Bernie Sanders Wishes Plymouth Residents A Happy Holidays

Saudi must stop financing fundamentalist mosques abroad: Merkel's deputy

Bernie Sanders announces Dubuque stop for Saturday, Dec. 12

Jeb Bush needs a Red Bull or ten

Isn't this how it started 80 years ago in Germany?

Bernie Sanders plans return to Waterloo

Jimmy Carter reveals he’s cancer-free: Latest scans showed ‘cancer was gone’

TOON:No-Fly Gun Sales

Trump picked stock fraud felon as senior adviser

A short trip to Cove Spring Park, Frankfort, Ky

When someone on DU asks you a silly question, think of this (Meta) :-)

The endless parade of endorsements is ridiculous. But it is effective in making oodles of headlines


UNMC researcher focused on breakthrough medical therapies for rare disease after niece's diagnosis

German Vice Chancellor warns Saudi Arabia over Islamist funding

The laws are already in the books. They are being ignored.

Milwaukee for Hillary Organizing Meeting + Phone Bank Sun Dec 6

Watch Live: @HillaryClinton Speaks at @BrookingsFP Event Institute 12 noon ET....


Bay Area Congresswoman Jackie Speier Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

My Collection Of Political Gear From Over The Years.

Bill Maher, Full Interview Part 1 and 2

President Jimmy Carter told folks at his church this morning

So I am watching CBSN and waiting for an interview with Bernie Sanders up

AP NCAA Football poll 12/6/15

A GREAT PLACE to buy your Holiday gifts...

So DUers who will win those regional elections in France today

Bernie Sanders is the big reason why I support Bernie Sanders

One worker killed, 30 missing after Azeri oil rig fire: government

Ethiopia: The Biggest African Refugee Camp No One Talks About

Light One Candle

Hillary supporters are a big reason I will never support Hillary

Hillary Clinton supporters have no impact.....

'I'm alive': Afghan Taliban issue message from 'leader'

Yemen's Aden governor killed in IS blast

Armed teenager running toward school shot by police officer

A Russian Tanker Is Still Leaking Oil in the North Pacific

HEY! TERRORISTS! With Pretzeldent Cruz, you're fucked. No, worse than that...DEAD, you TERRORIST.


Ben Carson Fondly Remembers ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

doctor doom has a new hip.

Hillary supporters are a big reason I will not support Hillary

Politics and religion

Rubio mistress scandal?

Ted Cruz easily wins straw poll of Minnesota Republican activists

So Trump actually said that terrorism will end when Obama gets the

Marijuana Warehouse Found Near Police Dog Training Center

Past CIA Directors: 'We can neither kill nor surveil our way out of terror.'

Beginning of the end for fossil fuel subsidies?

Manchester Union-Leader: "Sanders addresses overflow crowd at Keene State College"

"Sanders: I Will Not Buy Into ‘Their’ Plan To Ignore America’s Problems To Talk About ISIS"

What are you reading this week of December 6, 2015?

Cast your vote - Should Bernie Sanders be TIME Person of the Year

Made this on photoshop

It IS the 2007 primary all over again! The Clintonista PUMAs are back right on schedule!!!

Full interview:Sen. Bernie Sanders on Face the Nation

Could my neighbors be in federal trouble?

Sandy Hook "truthers" are getting worse.

Governor Jay Inslee (Washington) endorses Hillary Clinton

Sanders: Gun control no "magic formula" for terrorism

"I’m not going to let anybody undermine collective bargaining rights or prevailing wage standards."

Venezuela’s elections: Courage in the face of economic and psychological war

Courts Are Shaking Up House Elections in 2016

Clinton explains why she won't say 'radical Islam'

Fox News Contributor Literally Goes Ballistic Over NY Times Call For End To Gun Epidemic

TYT: Marco Rubio: Paris Attacks Were God’s Plan

Actual Strategies From A Leaked GOP Memo -- We Didn't Make These Up (pic heavy)

Here's an idea for a new type of Democratic Primary Debate:

TYT: Quentin Tarantino On The Epidemic Of Police Brutality

Bush donor says if Trump wins the nomination, he will vote for Hillary

The solution to #NRA --Hillary post--and she is spot on...

The Second Amendment Was Never Meant to Protect an Individual’s Right to a Gun

Argentina commits to restoring one million hectares (2.5 million acres) of woodland.

Argentina commits to restoring one million hectares (2.5 million acres) of woodland.

TYT: Marco Rubio: Why Aren't We Talking About Bomb Control?

TYT: Ben Carson Visited Syrian Refugees, So Now He's An Expert...

President Obama Will Speak Tonight from the Oval Office

Clinton Laughs Off Trump’s Claims That She Lacks ‘Stamina'

TYT: San Bernardino Terrorists Pledged Loyalty To ISIS Online

Republicans Allow Potential Terrorist Buy Guns Legally?!?!

How Bernie Sanders Will BERN Through Clinton's Southern Firewall

Anti-Intellectualism is killing America

The Entire Labor Movement Should Be Paying Attention to Wisconsin’s Kohler Strike

Sanders: I'm frightened about the planet we're going to leave

France far-right leader Le Pen welcomes 'magnificent result' in poll

When Labor Groups and Silicon Valley Capitalists Join Forces to “Disrupt” Protections for Employees

Hillary: "I’m not going to let anybody undermine collective bargaining rights

TYT: George Zimmerman's Racist Revenge Porn Tweet

Jin Akanishi - Baby Girl

Why we need Bernie in WH: "Income inequality is by design. We can't fix it by tweaking capitalism"

Bernie should have never spoke at Liberty University. Bigots should be shunned, not legitimized.

when was last time a US Senator called his party's front runner a 'xenophobic race-baiting religiou

TYT: Cop Points Gun At Black Man’s Head

"The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do

Justice Department will launch investigation into practices of Chicago police

Final CFP rankings

Sanders and Kennedy at Liberty University, 32 Years Apart

Compilation of Democratic Polls as of TODAY from Huffington Pollster:

Speaking at a conservative Christian University VS being a member of a conservative Christian group.

Hawaii Supreme Court Invalidates Thirty Meter Telescope Permit

attn: "Bernie Sanders is Declaring War on Walmart"

Post a song that Phil hates!!!

Keeping Their Voters Stupid Keeps Republicans Elected

Trump: Kill their entire families

‘If more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those’ Islamist terrorists

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 6, 2015

Sensitive Skin

San Bernardino shooter’s dad: He was ‘obsessed’ with Israel


tv show references renowned Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi

The Greatest Lounger Of All.

Gay man killed in San Bernardino massacre saved 4 people

Donald Trump vows to personally ‘knock out’ terrorists:

Indigenous in Jerusalem

Terrorists Robert Dear & Dylann Roof Are OURS!

Scott Walker administration finding new way to deny public records

France is "considering blocking" Tor and banning public Wi-Fi connections,says blog.

Did anyone get a screen capture of Bob Kraft hanging out with his best bud, Rupert Murdoch??

Clinton condemns Liberty University head's call to 'end those Muslims'

CHOCOLATE holiday house..... YUM

Trump: Islamic terrorism will get solved when Obama ‘gets the hell out’

The road home!

The Latest: Venezuela Leader Admits Party Can't Always Win

4 years later, Clinton’s LGBT Geneva speech hailed for impact

The Republicans Are Courting Millennials, But The Kids Aren't Buying It

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 7 Deceember 2015

"Baby Parts" PP video fakers get bad news from Supreme Court: Show us the MONEY.

So far. So good.

Uh-Oh... Good 2nd A peeps can't watch NFL go to Hooters or shop at Costco

Coca-Cola apologizes for a holiday ad where white people bring soda to Mexico's indigenous people

Let's not lose sight of another concern of a GOP win worst-case-scenario

Bernie has almost no ground game in Iowa.

Pfefferneuse cookies

Ecuador legislature lifts presidential re-election limit

Trump Builds His Lead, Clinton Gains in Matchups With GOP: Quinnipiac Poll

Brazil: Governing Workers Party suspends detained senator

Is it something I ate? What died in here?

Hillary Clinton Accuses Jerry Falwell Jr. Of Aiding ISIS

What Scott Walker’s Elimination Of Wisconsin’s Living Wage Law Means For Workers

Clinton and Republican candidates agree: Increased surveillance is necessary to prevent terror attac

Regarding NICS laws and Background Checks. A question.

$157.9M! Yahoo's Mayer wins no matter what

Sheriff's deputy on ventilator, had surgeries after being shot four times (very bad guy with a gun!)

Shock Poll: Bernie Sanders, The MOST ELECTABLE Candidate In Either Party.

Shock Poll: Bernie Sanders, The MOST ELECTABLE Candidate In Either Party.

The Lost Broadway Musical Starring Muhammad Ali

Hillary Clinton Was Discussing Gun Control Just as the San Bernardino Shooting Happened

The council's tortured reasoning (MD)

Rebel flag stirs protests ahead of Virginia city’s parade

A mass shooting a day? "Press Distorts with Inflated 'Mass Shooting' Statistics."

Sidelined Confederate flag supporters expect to be in 2016 parade (LA)

Bowl matchups

Bill would give locals ability to change names of historical monuments (SC)

Anyone know where I can stream the President's speech tonight?

Lawmakers question $5.3 million price tag on proposed Confederate flag display