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Obama speech aims to reassure a nervous nation (at 8pm EST)

Broke down and bought a Star Wars seat for the 18th. Anyone else?

Bernie once again says something NO OTHER candidate is saying...

When the Music's Over .....

From my cold dead hands, DUers! Yea, that's right!

Elizabeth Warren noncommittal on primary endorsement, but praises Bernie Sanders

Common Sense And Acceptable Gun Regulations For All via Facebook.

Remember when Senator E Warren didn't join the rest of the D female Senators on Hillary?

Well all the talk has made it too the NRA...

Congratulations to the PORTLAND TIMBERS -- MLS Champions!!

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-5-15

I guess Tom Brady and those Patriots aren't so invincible after all....

OT I postponed my hand surgery to next year

Storm Desmond brings high winds, flooding

100s of people gathered at Paris’ Peace Wall by Eiffel Tower with very simple message

You seem to think that some Democrats are innocent gun fans. You have said so.

After Paris Attacks, Proposed French Law Would Block Tor and Forbid Free Wi-Fi

Iraq gives Turkish forces 48 hours to leave country

Tom Brady doesn't know how to tackle.

I am a little behind on the news, questions about the SB shootings

I don't hate HRC...I just don't think she's the best candidate on the issues I care about.

msnbc Pres Obama speaking now

If Bernie should never have spoken at Liberty U, HRC should never have praised Kissinger

Not What I Wanted, But What We Needed dog rescue by Janine Carbis Spokane, WA

Chris Hedges on Politics and American Imperialism, Recent:

Hey Gun Nuts!

Did I just hear the President call the Fort Hood shooter a terrorist?

101 year old youngster plays in the snow.

Damn I like this man

Emperor Weather: Turning Up the Heat on History--Tom Dispatch

Once again, the President is the only adult in the room.

Congratulations to @kennedycenter Honorees ......

The President spoke well and I hope we all listen?

I need a link to the story about Bernie standing with workers to help end a strike recently.

ISIL, the GOP, and Gun Extremists.

Chris Mathews is still a douche.

Science Poster

From Hillary-->Warm wishes to everyone celebrating Hanukkah. May the miracle at the center of the Fe

I've always wondered about Richard Engel and his real agenda,

Looks like Discussionist has sent Agent Smith in to do their bidding.

China to overtake US as biggest electric car market

The teen who made a revolutionary robot arm

Full interview: Sen. Bernie Sanders, December 6 Face the Nation on CBS (youtube)

Venezuelan healthcare in collapse as economy ails

Obama Reaffirms ISIS Policy In Rare Oval Office Address

O’Malley to Unveil “New Agenda for American Cities and Communities”

Turkey Must Withdraw “within 24 hours”: Iraq National Security Council

So who gets to decide who's placed on a "terror watch list" and thus can't buy a gun?

Of all children aged 0 to 14 killed by guns in developed countries 87% Are US children.

'Sorry, LGBT friends, for LDS sleight of hand'

Is there video up of POTUS' speech?

Congresswoman will NOT stand for moment of silence

Motherless Kittens Walk Up to Father and Son for Help

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Demands Booth Shutdown

O’Malley to Unveil “New Agenda for American Cities and Communities”

Phew! For a minute there, I thought the 'Aints were gonna be the ones to ruin it

Pres. Obama Addresses the Nation on Keeping the American People Safe

Drug prices expected to rise as result of TPP deal

The DIRTY and DEADLY GAME being played by Republicans in regards to terrorism . . .

ISIS is only half the problem

Why are all the current tv shows not being shown this week?

Dad: San Bernardino shooter agreed with ISIL, 'obsessed with Israel'

Two dogs at last adopted - now hitched

Where women are killed by their own families

I am sure no Hillary supporter on this board

Israel lights up as Hanukkah kicks off

any word on the Ven elections yet?

Israel lights up as Hanukkah kicks off

For my 10,000th post, I have a suggestion

Influence Explorer

Hillary Clinton Says She'd Improve Ties With Israel

The Jenny Horne liar, liar pants on fire law (SC)

Trial nears end of Oklahoma ex-policeman accused of rape while on duty

Joyeux Noel - Merry Christmas WW1 1917 Reconstitution

President Obama: We must reject religious tests on who we admit into the U.S

One of my cats had to go to the emergency vet today

Body found in sealed barrel floating down western Nebraska creek

Everything is Awesome..

‘They are coming for you’: Sandy Hook truthers escalate threats by posting home address of victim’s

They are coming for you’: Sandy Hook truthers escalate threats by posting home address of victim’s s

Republicans on twitter think we need a ground war. I asked each one if they would

Great read about the No-Fly list

Asian stocks markets cheered by US jobs report

Venezuela opposition claims win in elections

Cat Wants Hugs from Little Human and Won’t Take No for an Answer (squee alert)

Do you think it is possible to ever have a military coup in this country?

America Is Sitting On A Powder Keg

Holly came from Miami, F.L.A.

We need the draft back since so many Americans want war

Macri nixes talk show producer as Secretary of University Policy nominee after political firestorm.

The way I imagine the R congress accepting Obama... Warning: Offensive Language.

Trump interrupted

Macri nixes talk show producer as Secretary of University Policy nominee after political firestorm.

Venezuela opposition claims win in elections

Myanmar banknote hints at country's next leadership

There is a GOD, Patriots lose again! Nt

Oh, my gosh, the California kids!

How to Control Terrorism--A Radical Plan

Our Nation desperately needs a stern talking to by a “grumpy” old man.

xpost: Our Nation desperately needs a stern talking to by a “grumpy” old man.

Rukmini Callimachi - NYT reporter, incredibly informative tweets tonight regarding ISIL

Now on Netflix...Dinosaur 13

We are juggling live grenades in the Mideast

Clinton: I Will Take U.S. Relationship With Israel 'To The Next Level'

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 8: Ernest Lehman's 100th Birthday

Happy Hanukah or Chappy Chanukah!

Karl Sharro: You want the simple one-sentence explanation for what caused ISIS?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 9: Star of the Month: Frank Sinatra

The worst anti-science websites on the web

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate (if not, Happy LOLCats Day!)

The worst anti-science sites on the web...

On the first night of Chanukah my true love gave to me...

Democracy for America Begins Voting for Presidential Endorsement.

Transgender Actress, Warhol Muse Holly Woodlawn Dies at 69

Haven't been here for a while

Photo of San Bernardino shooter without burqa causes controversy

Rise of far-right in France after Paris Attacks

Bernie Sanders FULL SPEECH at Liberty University


Andy Borowitz on President Obama's speech.

Fuckin' Craig Mazin: An Appreciation of Ted Cruz's College Roommate

‘Responsible’ Gun Owner 2nd Amendments His Friend At Most Ironic Place

Puppeh and kitteh cuteness from Cute Overload

Sanders chafes at responding to real world events....

On Grief

7.2 earthquake hits Tajikistan; felt in Kathmandu, Islamabad, and Delhi

To poor people, hunger is a fuckload more real than the problem of ISIS.

Venezuela election: Maduro's Socialists trounced

Bernie says the President got it RIGHT in his Sunday address.

Stonehenge may have been first erected in Wales, 'amazing' finds suggest

What Orwell feared were those who would ban books.

Stonehenge may have been first erected in Wales, 'amazing' finds suggest

"Terra, terra, terra...I'm tired of hearing about it" - Robert Fisk video on VRT

Daily Holidays - December 7

Dear Dreamer --Michelle Phan

Income 'Inequality' is behind the rise of Isis, says author Thomas Piketty

Income 'Inequality' is behind the rise of Isis, says author Thomas Piketty

Dear Dreamer Michelle Phan

Ancient Etruscan Tomb Found 'Undisturbed' In Italy

Hospital in Redding denies 2 more women tubal ligation

Ted Cruz Isn't Crazy

Anyone but Ted Cruz

U.S. must watch Iran for signs it is violating nuclear deal, Clinton says

We got a reprieve. Now: let's eradicate the Guinea Worm

First legal ayahuasca retreat to open in the U.S.

German Vice Chancellor Warns Saudi Arabia Over Extremist Funding

Medical readiness, access are top health reform priorities, advocates say

Clinton aims to take U.S. relationship with Israel 'to the next level'

The US credibilty gap

France’s far-right National Front tops first round of regional vote

Get Covered America--OFA website on ACA subsidies

Beth Clarkson's talk to the Bernie group on Sunday

Jews gather nationwide on Chanukah to challenge Islamophobia and racism

Just 11 words from Hillary Clinton sent this powerful message of equality around the world.

Strange how all the recent attacks except Planned Parenthood

20 people at out phone bank on Sunday

France’s far-right National Front tops first round of regional vote

Bernie Sanders Wins Readers’ Poll for TIME Person of the Year

Happy Hannukah, DU!

Tajikistan hit with 7.2-magnitude quake, no casualties reported

Bernie Sanders unveils climate plan to end US oil, coal and nuclear dependence

Carson will be on Good Morning America today to comment on

Can you solve it? Are you smarter than a German 10-year-old?

Here’s Donald Trump Signing a Supporter’s Tits, As You Do When Running For President

Hillary Clinton Sends Ted Cruz Back To The Kiddie Table By Calling Out His Idiocy

U.S. struggling over what to do with Syrian rebels once tied to al Qaida

Ben Carson screws up and says Hillary Clinton is the only candidate qualified to be President

Germany's Linde buys US firm American HomePatient

As a combat veteran, let me urge you: eliminate the draft as a concept

Hillary Clinton Leads in 2016 Match-Ups as Ben Carson, Marco Rubio Run Closest

China pollution: Beijing issues first red smog alert

George Will can't express himself very well on taxation, it seems...

Bernie Sanders’ Climate Plan Would Gut Fossil Fuels, Put A Tax On Carbon

transcript of Sec. Kerry's speech on Israel at Brookings Institution

Ben Carson farts in the general direction of "experience." Go and boil your bottoms!

Iraq threatens Turkey with UN action over troop deployment

I pretty much quit watching SNL but this one I did catch - one of the best skits in a long time!!

"Let's ban AR-15s"

The Media vs President Obama

POLL: Meme of the Week – December 7th

Venezuelan opposition wins control of congress, sweeping out ruling socialists

Muslim Reform Movement decries radical Islam, calls for equality

War Drums Are A Beating. GOP And Neocons Are Beating Them.

The Isis papers: leaked documents show how Isis is building its state

If there's one thing that will drive me away from living in this country, it's the pathological

Chris Hedges: Apocalyptic Capitalism

More good, responsible open carry gun ownership and use - only two killed, including child

New Research - "Medieval Warm Period" Didn't Even Span N. Atlantic Basin; Not Particularly Warm

Dec 7 National MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll: Hillary Clinton Leads in 2016 Match-Ups

God is a Patriots fan

Welcome to Sweden: Notes on birthday condoms, home abortions, and hysterical Americans

can anyone here right now save %1 of their annual income for retirement? UPDATE

Calif. governor calls other states’ gun laws ‘gigantic back door’ for terrorists

Hillary Clinton Leads in 2016 Match-Ups as Ben Carson, Marco Rubio Run Closest

Alabama cops have been framing black people for decades

Sign a Walker recall petition, get your name in the paper. Give him money and he'll keep it secret.

The Forbes 400 now own about as much wealth as America’s entire black population

Monday Toon Roundup 1- The Issue

Heartland Kicks Out Press From "Press Conference" In Paris; Fewer Than 30 In Attendance Anyway

Monday Toon Roundup 2-Hummus

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

Zachariae Isstrom On The Move - Study Confirms Accelerated Retreat; Drains 5% Of Greenland Sheet

Human Nature.

"wrong about Glass-Steagall"

American God

Sanders: Drug 'merger' must be stopped

Telemundo/Marist poll: Clinton leads entire GOP field in new poll

A Beautiful Reminder of why John Lewis supports Hillary~

crude at $ 38.67 per barrel.

Set your reminder: Vermin Supreme to debate Love22 tomorrow 12/8/15 8:00 a.m.

****AUTUMN PHOTO CONTEST Preliminaries-- Thread 1****

****AUTUMN PHOTO CONTEST Preliminaries-- Thread 2****

***AUTUMN PHOTO CONTEST Preliminaries are up in GD

15 things I learnt about Islam and British values being a gay boy living opposite a mosque.

Economists Trim Forecast on Economy, but Expect Higher Pay

Neil DeGrasse-Tyson: Millenium Falcon or Enterrpise?

We Charge Genocide, BYP 100, Assata's Daughters - Fighting For Justice For Laquan McDonald

Political Past: Revisiting Early Bernie Sanders Posters

Jeb Bush: 'There Are No Radical Christians'

Not Planned Parenthood.....

Hillary should have never spoke at Citibank. Criminal banksters should be shunned, not legitimized.

Bernie Sanders Unveils Climate Plan

Illinois Sentor Kirk trying to scuttle negotiations with Iran

Walker Methodist trying again to bust union, workers say

Walker Methodist trying again to bust union, workers say

Walker Methodist trying again to bust union, workers say

25 years ago: Lech Walesa elected president of Poland

Elizabeth Warren noncommittal on primary endorsement, but praises Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Unveils Forceful Climate Change Plan, And He's Going After Big Oil

The new imperialist carve-up of the Middle East

They've accurately predicted our next President since 1975...and guess what?

NYTimes Hillary Clinton op-ed: Reining in Wall Street.

Dr. Thompson had it all psyched out on September 12, 2001

Zombie nativity scene draws $500 a day fine from town as Christian protesters descend

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks in Keene

OBAMA: Freedom Is More Powerful Than Fear

Man Takes Perfect Photo of Diving Kingfisher after Six Years and 720,000 Tries

Groups that have received support from the US or its allies have turned their guns on each other

In 10,000 years, we’ll know how it ends

BREAKING: Supreme Court denies challenge to assault weapons ban passed in Illinois

12/7/15: New York Daily News NAILS It Again!

Bernie Sanders Wins Readers’ Poll for TIME Person of the Year

Happy earliest sunset of the year: December 7

Beijing smog ‘Red Alert’ issued: Schools and businesses to completely shut down

Most ridiculous Star Wars merchandise you've seen so far?

Jonathan Papelbon Files Grievance Against Nationals Over Suspension

Leftovers Finale--Holy Moly

The Issues: Private Prisons, The New Slavery?

This is Just Not Good: Why Money And Politics Shouldn't Mix: Clinton Donor Charged With Murder

Sanders Has an Army of Die-Hard Facebook Fans, While Clinton's Campaign Is Trying to Buy Popularity

DU Bernie supporters give yourself a pat on the back

Folks, let's get over this Bull Crap now. We all KNOW who will be the Time Person of the Year.

Supreme Court Leaves Assault Weapons Ban Intact

Paranoia is America’s national religion: Wing-nuts, gun culture & the disturbing cost of living in..

New Homeland Security Threat Warning System Details Debut Soon

Today marks the 74th. anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

All three Democratic candidates agree that something must

Can we drop the birther BS on Cruz for now?

Who is young enough to remember this one?

Just in: Liz Warren endorse Hillary's Wall Street plan:

Time Magazine ‘Person of the Year’ Snubs Bernie Sanders For Donald Trump

"Obama can say or do nothing right!"

Bernie Sanders Unveils Forceful Climate Change Plan, And He's Going After Big Oil!

Thomas Frank book excert, still incredibly, and sadly, relevant........

Hillary Clinton glad Venezuelan socialists got their asses handed to them by voters

Lee High School Renaming Issue to Come Before NEISD Board Tonight (TX)

Obama to cancel millions in student loans swindled by Rubio-supported Corinthian Colleges

Not a run of the mill adoption story

Not a run of the mill adoption story

Reserve Veterans Day to honor veterans of U.S. Armed Forces (LTTE)

TOM TOMORROW: Well, Here We Are Again...

THIS is under threat, AGAIN

"Let's Teach Them A Lesson If They Ever Show Up Here"

A gift for you all here.

AW ban upheld Illinois

One more reason for urgent prison / police reform: HIV infections among men of colour

Freddie Gray case: Officer Porter trial moves into Week 2

i'm Waiting for Republicans to Come Out Against the No Fly List

George Takei: "Enemy? When you're doing a patriotic act? And as nonaliens? What is that?"

AW bans OK with US supreme court

Email from Bernie

Bernie Sanders Unveils Climate Plan

Bacon, BAco, BACon, BACOn, BACON

If Jesse Jackson Endorsed Bernie...

FFS...Here we go, US to roll out new Terror Alert System

Hillary Clinton: How I’d Rein In Wall Street (Hillary Group)

The VA said it was just old age

A question for fellow geeks, re: E=MC2......

Rubio: Paris Attack Were A Part Of Gods Plan...And 9/11

Islamic State’s moneymaking streams take a hit as it loses territory

Wonderful statement by Iranian Doctor serving on San Brrnardino trauma unit!

President Obama Addresses the Nation on Keeping the American People Safe (Obama Group)

Department of Justice to Investigate Chicago Police in Wake of Laquan McDonald Case

Melt-Banana - Japanese grindcore/noise rock

"You will talk, Joe. You be happy to talk soon, real soon." . . . Please com CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

US intervention: we're wigged out, but not hopeless

NYTimes OP ED by Hillary Clinton: How I’d Rein In Wall Street ****& tweet from Sen. Warren

Supreme Court Won't Hear Major Second Amendment Case From Illinois

Moderately interesting: a story from a woman who used to wear the niqab...

Switching from Hillary Clinton to Martin O'Malley

5 unneeded military-projects that the military keeps alive because lobbyists say so

Proud to Support Martin O'Malley in New Hampshire

Already confirmed: Civil liberties under attack!

Hillary Clinton Targets Big Banks In NYT Op-Ed

Cat missing for 8 years reunited with Marin family

Syria a preview of the climate wars to come

An Amazing Healthcare Revolution Is Happening In MD — & Almost No One's Talking About It

NBC Marist poll - 58% say Trump damaging GOP brand

Time announces shortlist for Person of the Year...

Toxin delaying California crab season also inspired Hitchcock's 'The Birds'

Obama, from yesterday's address: " whether motivated by ISIL or some other hateful ideology."

Call to action! This poll matters more than the Time one, this could result in a million+endorsement

ExxonMobil Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ 7°F to 12°F Global Warming Without Government Action

Suggestion On Leave decisions in the Host forum

Sweetie Pie is legal again.

Donald Trump Wants To Know If There Are Any Muslim Athletes

Bernie Sanders’s one-dimensional campaign is hurting him badly

Senator Elizabeth Warren, "I love what Bernie is talking about...

Texans sit in silence as Muslim women face racism at Austin cafe

Anonymous declares December 11 as Isis ‘trolling day'

I honestly could not tell you who Time's Person of the Year was last year.

Pic Of The Moment: Gun Nut Logic

Wealthy Right-Wing and Anti-Muslim Mega Donors Breaking for Hillary

winner of the 2007 Muhammad Ali Entrepreneur Award

Hillary Clinton Leads in 2016 Match-Ups as Ben Carson, Marco Rubio Run Closest

Military court sentences feminist Palestinian lawmaker to 15 months

Call to action! Make your voice heard!

Something that's not on the table at COP21 in Paris

Hey! There's a new kid on the Street...

Last day. Vote for Bernie Today in Working families primary!

Bernie Sanders Unveils Climate Change Plan

Ok....time to fess up......what are your weirdest food combination likes? I'll start..

Bernie Sanders Wins Readers’ Poll for TIME Person of the Year

NYT Editorial Board: What would you ask Bernie Sanders?

In SC, Ted Cruz blasts Obama’s ISIS plan for mistakenly aiming at 2nd Amendment

Half price Sunday newspaper

The tRump phenomenon explained in one tweet

Why US investors claim half the treasure found in Colombia’s Caribbean

No charges filed against Officer Hernandez in Ronald Johnson case.

Highway robbery at a kosher restaurant

Here's Why Bernie Sanders Is 'TIME' Readers' Person Of The Year, Beating Out Even Malala Yousafzai

Colombia’s police chief facing sexual harassment, wiretapping and gay police prostitution claims

Colombia’s police chief facing sexual harassment, wiretapping and gay police prostitution claims

Why didn't Obama mention punishing those who profit from ISIS oil smuggling or states who fund them?

Twitter: Cruz takes over Trump in Iowa (repost from GDP)

Fox News Analyst: "Obama is a Pu**y"

For those who didn't like a "liberal" Justice's opinion on gun control: I give you Warren Burger

Wife and son of northeast Colombia politician killed in assassination attempt

Bernie Sanders is not a final candidate for Time person of the year despite winning readers' poll

The sort of brain damage Faux "news" and talk radio can do...

Syrian refugees arriving in Texas today

Stolen Dutch masterpieces held for ransom by far-right Ukrainian militants with links to government

From New York to Los Angeles, Seattle to Miami, everyone can #FeelTheBern.

Honest NFL Headlines: Week 13

20 Questions for Hillary Clinton's Supporters From a Bernie Sanders Only Voter

Chilean President Signs Decree Removing Pot from Hard Drug List

MUD is saying they have 112 in the legislature, could go up to 116

Jane Curtin, " I use to be the only pretty blonde reading the fake news."

Swat or not to swat, that is the question

Chilean President Signs Decree Removing Pot from Hard Drug List

Bill Moyers

I confess, as time passes, I find myself hoping Trump is an epic trolling of the American idiot

Report: VA IG ousted over indecent acts

Arrrrgh!!! That fucking rethug fucker rep bill johnson, (asshole, OH) ... !!!111!1 I'll tell y'all

Go Potatoes!!

The Truth About Hymens And Sex

While Left Governments in South America Face Setbacks, Gains of Progressive Period Likely to Endure

Breaking: Natural News put on trial for crimes against science, educide in The Hague

Hospital in Redding denies 2 more women tubal ligation (xpost from GD)

Iowa: Cruz Takes Caucus Lead

Despite widespread concerns, Branstad (R-IA) refuses to budge on Medicaid deadline

Preventing Firefighter Arson

UNASUR: Venezuela Elections, 'Most Transparent We've Observed'

A year from today will be the semisesquicentennial of the event

Santa signing with deaf child - to warm your day

Investor's Business Daily National Poll: Clinton 51 (+3) - Sanders 33 (+0) O'Malley 1 (-1)

Chile removes marijuana from the "hard drugs" list

Tel Aviv market boycotts settlement goods

A date that will live in infamy

Triumphant Venezuela opposition looks to boost economy, free prisoners

Oldest U.S. vet, 110, helps mark Pearl Harbor Day

Oldest U.S. vet, 110, helps mark Pearl Harbor Day

Psychology of Terrorism

MSNBC reports poll that majority of americans support

Western Illinois U has predicted every President since 1975, and for 2016, they pick....

Catholic/Religiously run Hospitals Who Deny Reproductive Care Should Get NO Public Funds

Families First Conversation with Bernie Sanders

Steve Sarkisian Sues USC: You Fired Me Over My Disability, Wants More Than $30 Mil

Chomsky was right, researchers find: We do have a 'grammar' in our head

Encouragement thread!

Mary Buren to name library after Ellen Degeneres; comedian will unveil renovations on show today

Noam Chomsky: The GOP is ‘no longer a normal political party’ — it’s a ‘radical insurgency’

I want a gun with some...

Elizabeth Warren Shows Support for Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Plan

Ralph Peters calls Obama 'a total pussy' on live television

Liberty University already walking back Falwell's gun/Muslims comments

Proof of the war on Christmas! NSFW!

Slate's Fred Kaplan: Obama Offers Honest Words About Hard Truths

New Hillary Clinton video: LGBT equality

"The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which.....

Bud Weisser charged with trespassing — at the Anheuser Busch brewery

December 7, 1888

Trump Can’t Hurt The Republican Brand…He IS The Republican Brand

Could on-vehicle CO2 catalysis cut down on global warming?

Latin America faces huge task to reverse discrimination against Afro-descendants – UN rights chief

Mall Santa brings extra cheer for a boy with autism (5 Photos)

Turkey troops refuses to leave Iraq

Dinosaur relatives younger than previously thought and 'totally unexpected'

The project helping Russian reporters speak out about environmental abuse

PA official Erekat raises Israeli ire with terrorist condolence visit

Feel free to use this meme for the next week or so

Actor Nicholas Smith of "Are You Being Served?" has died

what happened to the yearly airing of "Tora Tora Tora"?

No, Monsanto Is Not Going On Trial For Crimes Against Humanity

Bomb blast at bus stop in central Moscow injures 3

Oklahoma man arrested for murder, sexual abuse of 1-year-old girl

Hot candidates and committees

Our Bernie yard sign just got here

Australia threatens legal action against Japanese whaling

Polling News: Democratic Polling Money-Maker

Times person of the year Bernie Sanders!

What can we really do about gun control?

U.S. justices hostile to tribal court authority in molestation case

:--2<: ™ Wearable Hummingbird Feeder (pronounced "eye 2 eye") from Dave Barry's Christmas list

Oklahoma ex-policeman preyed on women 'no one cared about'

Penis Transplants Being Planned to Help Wounded Troops

--2<: ™ Wearable Hummingbird Feeder (pronounced "eye 2 eye") from Dave Barry's christmas list

Donald Trump and the concept of evil

Neighbors Flipping Off Neighbors With Democratic Yard Signs. Are We In For Open Hostility In 2016.

Top Massachusetts court weighs whether homeless break law by fleeing cold

Keurig sold for $14 billion to private-equity firm

Ted Cruz Isn’t As Smart As Your Children; Here’s Proof

Awful, bigoted comments by Maine Republican legislators are now routine

Cat Covered in Concrete and Left to Die Deserves Justice

Incoming Argentine Foreign Minister contradicts Macri: "no reason to expel Venezuela from Mercosur."

Gazan vendors and business owners are using their creativity with new perfume

Democracy for America's endorsement poll

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 7, 2015

Time Magazine ‘Person of the Year’ Snubs Bernie Sanders (and hillary) For Donald Trump

Catholic hospital under fire for denying sterilizations

Video of apparent rape shared on Florida A&M University social media site

Elizabeth Warren praises Bernie Sanders (noncommittal on primary endorsement)

23 Reasons Why Iowans need to be Spanked Until they are 50 Shades of Red, White and Blue

Brand Spanking New CNN Iowa Poll -HRC 54% SBS% 36% MOM 4%

The Quotes of Steven Wright:

Iowans are Taking Notice Of Hillary's Disparaging Remarks About Caucuses... compared to Dean in 2004

Fox Guest Explodes: Obama 'Is Such A Total Pussy, It's Stunning'

I’m confused. “Happy Holidays” is good, but the ”National Holiday Tree” isn’t?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Presidential candidate Donald Trump calls for Muslims to be temporarily denied entry to US

replacing guns with sex toys in photos of GOP politicians

20 Questions Bernie supporters would like answers to

A Carnie appreciation thread........

Ancient Etruscan Tomb Found 'Undisturbed' In Italy

O’Malley to Join Protests Calling for End to Immigrant Detention/Forced Feedings by ICE

Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy

Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy

Gun stocks rally after Obama’s prime-time address on terrorism

Sonora Menorah

The 'Concussion' Scientist Has A Radical Proposition For Football

The Sanders Campaign releases MASSIVE Climate Change plan

Hundreds rally in Portland (the original one in Maine) to support refugees

House members ask AG to investigate LePage for abuse of power

#NONEWSFJAIL – Reject the $240,000,000 plan to build a new jail in San Francisco


My Uncle joined Facebook, and it turns out he's a Trump partisan

DNA study finds London was ethnically diverse from start

Climate Deniers Hold Event In Paris, Quietly Flops

If Hillary were to make an "if men could get pregnant" statement,

GOP hopeful John Kasich: It will ‘tip off’ terrorists if they can’t buy guns

A couple tunes for Christmas

That's it! If Neil Peart is retired then I say we need to seal the US-Canadian Border

From the Teamsters, UAW and Unied Steelworkers: The TPP screws labor

Donald Trump calls for 'total and complete shutdown' of Muslims entering the US

Donald Trump Forgets Muslim Champions During Obama Criticism

Today's PPP poll - Sanders viewed more favorably and does better than Clinton against Republicans

American Experience: Fly Girls, Cornelia Fort (1919 -1943)

Moved over from LBN: Wild boar in Germany adopted by herd of cattle

Bernie Sanders: Terrorism Isn’t The Only Threat We Should Be Discussing

What CNN Doesn't Want You to Know About Venezuela's Elections

Fox News Suspends Contributors for Anti-Obama Profanity

How Bernie Can Dismantle the Clinton Machine: Part 3

Today's CNN Poll in Iowa - Who's better for the middle class? Sanders 50%; Clinton 43%

No Charges Against Chicago Officer Who Shot Black Man in Back

This is how Bernie Sanders wins: The appeal to Donald Trump voters that would turn 2016 upside down

The NRA Gave These 9 Senators Over $22 Million To Vote Down Gun Laws (CHART)

Impact 25: This year's tribute to the important women in sports (ESPN)

Man Already Knows Everything He Needs To Know About Muslims

Oil Tumbles to Six-Year Low as OPEC Abandons Production Target

Obama, Clinton meet for lunch to 'catch up'

Bernie talks with Dreamers and others about Immigration

Mock us. Ridicule us. Say we have nowhere to go.

What part of this message are you missing?

Consumer Borrowing in U.S. Increased at Slower Pace in October

Is Donald Trump secretly batman?

Rail Cargo Drop Accelerates, Pointing to U.S. Economy Weak Spots

AARP Forum on Social Security To Focus Issue on Presidential Candidates.

AARP Forum on Social Security To Focus Issue on Presidential Candidates.

I was missing a part for our Charlie Brown holiday yard decoration and had to go looking for it

Do you support "scrap the cap" if you make over $118,500, the current cap?

Boston Chipotle Shut Down Due To Possible E. Coli Outbreak (Again?)

Britons launch campaign to ban Donald Trump from the UK over hate speech violations

Clinton's opposition to the TPP is insulting

All Eyes On Paris Climate Talks; Climate Action NOW Before It’s Too Late

Hillary on #PearlHarbor Dec 7th

I am going to make a prediction about Muslim Americans.

Radical Republicans vs Radical Islamists ?

U.S. to Unveil New Terror-Alert System for Home-Grown Threats

Bloomberg: Obama Wants Silicon Valley's Help to Fight Terror Online

Women Belong in Combat. And in the Draft.

O’Malley fields Lowcountry’s questions in town hall.

A researcher is trying to document Philadelphia's ASL accent, before it disappear

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O'Malley talks assault weapons ban at Des Moines-area stop.


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