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Archives: December 9, 2015

Okay. We're getting rid of Mexicans, Muslims, who's next?

Well Hitler thought he was right (so does Trump)

A Muslim-American's Message To Donald Trump --->

Girl who lost family in fire has one wish: Christmas cards

Ted Cruz's campaign person is as much a dumb ass as he is

The Hunt for Red Mercury...

Sanders Connects with African American Voters in Baltimore Visit

Remembering The Day John Lennon Died

Yanno, Trump had an idea that is adaptable to other situations . . . . . .

What to do if Syrian refugees relocate into your neighborhood.

I still won’t vote for Hillary

Noam Chomsky on Trump: "We Should Recognize the Other Candidates are Not That Different"

The GOP should be THANKING Trump

Sam Bush & Jerry Douglas - Girl From the North Country

TYT: London Knife Terrorist Kills Zero, Injures Three

Facebook is becoming unreadable.

Muslims now, that include Muhammad Ali ? Hey Mr. Trump?

The revolution will not be televised...

Undercover Activists Buy Off Professors in Climate Sting

Santa Signs To Little Girl Who Could Not Hear Him

Saudi Arabia trying to wreck the Paris climate summit ?

TYT: Politicians Use Scare Tactics To Promote Government Spying

I have never heard such hateful rhetoric before on mainstream media

DKos: Stand back, Republican chair Reince Priebus is about to give Donald Trump a stern talking-to

How are Hillary's endorsements by a few hundred self-important people relevant to anybody???

Greenpeace exposes sceptics hired to cast doubt on climate science

Rand Paul reacts to Trump's anti-Muslim comments

Bernie Sanders declares war on the prison-industrial complex with major new bill

TYT: A Very Locked And Loaded Christmas

It's happening to me...I'm becoming that which I hate...

5 Arab Israelis arrested for IS support, planning terror attacks

Whew, Pig$

Facing backlash, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller explains steep fee hikes

trump keeps gaining in polls despite crasy statements

Cruz and Abbott join forces to denounce Obama on Syrian refugees

For Immaculate Conception: Bing Crosby sings O Sanctissima

Anyone lost a 747? Kuala Lumpur airport has 3 unclaimed ones

Poor Cruz

TYT: US Police Vs. Good Police: A Comparison

1% to rewrite our Constitution?

TYT: Texas Republicans In Vote In Favor Of Treason

Images of animals projected on St. Peter’s Basilica to promote climate awareness

Trump Denies Plans To Visit Majority-Muslim Kingdom Of Jordan

Well. Trump did this... BUT!

Luckovich - Republican Front Runner

Hillary Clinton likens other GOP proposals to Trump’s

I am seeing more gay couples in commercials

thawing permafrost could release, by 2200, CO2e =~half of all Carbon released in Industrial Age

Satire from The Kinsey Sicks.

Any of the Democratic candidates is BETTER than ALL

Hillary Clinton likens other GOP proposals to Trump’s

Bar Trump from Entering Canada

Hillary Clinton likens other GOP proposals to Trump’s


Joe Biden indirectly endorsing Hillary Clinton?

Read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s delightful response to climate deniers

How out of whack is Trump's desire to ban all Muslims from entering the US

While Trump Spews Hate, These Muslims Just Raised $100,000 for San Bernardino Victims

Preserve "two ancient earthwork sites and a 600 acre contiguous forest"

melting permafrost could add an additional 2 degrees C to estimate for 2100 of 2 degrees C - IPCC

Justices skeptical of Texas 'one person, one vote' challenge

America Does NOT Deserve Donald Trump as President

Danziger Knows!

Sen. Sanders Live with Rachel

Canada's Trudeau to get red carpet treatment during White House visit

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Mad Men & a new Kitteh gif

Bernie Sanders has shown us today his will to take control

The GOP establishment needs to inject a new candidate into the race for the GOP nomination. They

Bernie Sanders just disqualified himself as Commander in Chief

Anybody watching Dog Rescue Awards on National Geographic?


Rachel is going there - the rise of fascism

Bernie should heed this advice from Pres. Obama

Bernie Sanders is coming up on Rachel's show now. 6:22 PCT

Hillary Clinton just disqualified herself as Commander in Chief

requesting strike sanction from my Central Labor Council in about an hour....

Let's have a happy for a change...Awww!

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who is the Greatest Man of them All

Chicago police commander on trial for putting gun in suspect's mouth

Totally bushed - just wiped out

Russia has black box of downed jet, will analyse with foreign experts: Putin

PLUTOCRACY: Political Repression in the USA, New Documentary Online &, 9 pm ET

Nice image from Baltimore today.

IMF rule change keeps Ukraine support; Russia complains of my new old singer!

I must re-home six cats.

Sen. Sanders on with Jimmy Fallon tonight

Donald Trump launches a broadside back at the GOP...

Hillary supporters here obviously don't care about Baltimore

Larry the cat loves his little human boy.

Bernie Plays the Press Like a Fiddle: Old School FTW!

O'Malley: Sanders 'not good enough' on climate change.

New Jeb Bush ad aims at...everyone

O'Malley: Sanders 'not good enough' on climate change.

6 dec 1989 --École Polytechnique (montreal) massacre (but there is NO war on women!)

6 dec 1989 --École Polytechnique (montreal) massacre (but there is NO war on women!)

6 dec 1989-- École Polytechnique (montreal) massacre (but, there is NO war on women!)

On trying to believe Trump Jumped the Shark

Montreal massacre victims honoured on 26th anniversary

Too many young people are denied the opportunity to participate in national service programs.

Montreal massacre victims honoured on 26th anniversary

ACA growing pains: Losses for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas are over twice the U.S. average

Montreal massacre victims honoured on 26th anniversary

Montreal massacre victims honoured on 26th anniversary

NPR talk-show legend Diane Rehm will retire from broadcasting next year

Donald Trump is helping the Islamic State

The Montreal massacre: Canada's feminists remember (but, there is NO war on women!

The Montreal massacre: Canada's feminists remember (but, there is NO war on women!)

Paulsen and Kline are the only members of Minnesota's delegation not supporting H.R. 1786

The Montreal massacre: Canada's feminists remember (but, there is NO war on women!)

The Montreal massacre: Canada's feminists remember (but, there is NO war on women!)

Racing Commission chair quits amid disagreement with Gov. Greg Abbott

My response to the post of Bernie saying if you can't feed your family you are not free

Have any prominent Republicans pledged not to vote for Trump if he wins the nomination?

Donald Trump Wants To Ban the Internet, Will Ask Bill Gates To ‘Close It Up’


When "free wellness check ups" aren't

Homeless veterans,homeless families, mental/medical needs not met in time

Probably should have used Richard

Too many young people are denied the opportunity to participate in national service programs.

The Working Families Party Bernie endorsement email

Oy. Again.

Meanwhile in Scotland...

1966 comments on this article at the NY Times on "Donald Trump’s Plan to Bar Muslims"

Hillary Clinton wins in a walk! Says Joe Biden

Human Rights Groups Criticize U.S. Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia

A 4th Grade standardized test practice question from my 4th grade daughter

Long Lines Form at Gun Stores Following San Bernardino Attack

2015 on track to be worst year for layoffs since 2009

Joe Biden: If Donald Trump Is The GOP Nominee, Hillary Clinton 'Wins In A Walk'

Does anyone know how to embed a tweet on DU?

Another prediction milestone reached for Hillary. Odds of being President now at 60%

I'm just gonna leave this right here

Douglas Tompkins, co-founder of North Face, dies in kayak accident

Just for fun: Will the real Republican please Stand up

New study suggests PCOS may be linked to higher risk of children with autism

What do Democrats need to do to regain national security?

Bernie Won! .. But he didn't....

Anybody here want a hand-me-down world?

The Republicans and the Dustbin of History

Somebody asked 'What do you fear?'

Projections at Vatican Promote Climate Awareness

Denial Denied

It's the day after the 2016 Presidential Election...

what I learned about "kitty-colds"

Two months from today, Camp Hillary will be telling us how Iowa and New Hampshire are irrelevant.

Feel The Bern....

WaPo Attacks Unions for Seeking Higher Wages for Their Members

Show of hands...who even has a traditional landline anymore?

Who here is advocating for gun confiscation?

My new favorite singer!!!!!

A couple interesting takeaways from the latest Monmouth Iowa poll.

Brooha over Bernie's "Brashness", but Clinton's Caustic character? Media could care less.

New TV Show Idea: CYA Chicago.....

Breakfast With Bigots Kerbey Lane deals with fallout from customer's Islamophobic comments

Dangers and opportunities in Venezuela

U.S. Supreme Court seems closely divided in Texas redistricting case

You want to talk importance of Voter Turnout? Look at Iowa in 2008

The Daily Show Tapings

Bernie Sanders on The Tonight Show talking about Trump

Gov. Greg Abbott orders lottery staff to stop pursuing gambling expansion

Guns are useful for defending yourself from a home invasion

Argentina's leading progressive daily, Página/12, suffers 5-day online attack.

Argentina's leading progressive daily, Página/12, suffers 5-day online attack.

Gun control laws should be city / county implemented not state or federal implemented

Philadelphia Mayor on Trump: ‘He’s an Asshole’

Syrian Rebels 'Leave Homs' Under Truce

DuPont and Dow Chemical near merger

Governor’s stand on driver’s licenses ‘almost Trumpism’

State again seeks to tie food stamps to work

Rep. Blumenauer Celebrates Portland Timbers MLS Championship Win!

Anyone remember talk of "poorhouses?"

How many people have been shot near you?

Iowa GOP offers abandoned hog farms for Muslim relocation camps.

State could pay $100,000 for Planned Parenthood appeal

Porter Ranch Residents See Infrared Video of 'Hydrocarbon Plume'

Child brides pose new challenge in ongoing refugee crisis

If Bernie had talked about ISIS today, he wouldn't have been able to talk about racism and poverty.

‘Darth Trump’ is the Best Donald Trump Spoof Yet

I was just on a jury of another member here who has 4 hides. Please be careful!

Daily Holidays - December 9

‘Darth Trump’ is the Best Donald Trump Spoof Yet

Ex-Judge Chris Dupuy Was Arrested With a Lot of Weapons, but Should He Stay in Jail?

If our candidates mainly talk about "terrorism", the 1% win, the 99% lose-and Trump gets sworn in.

Poll on decorating for the holidays

Over heard a Trump supporter

This is how Bernie Sanders wins: Appeal to Donald Trump voters

Hillary maintains 39% lead in North Carolina

Australian police raid Sydney home of reported bitcoin creator

The Sheldrake - McKenna - Abraham Trialogues

In defence of Blairism, by Tony Blair

Daily Beast: MH370 Was Crippled by Sudden Electrical Failure

"When Trump came for Mexicans I did not speak out.. "

Interesting graphic Muslims view us and how we view them

Block Donald Trump from UK campaign gets huge support as storm rages over Muslim ban call

Kids Busted for Pot, Forced to be Snitches by Cops – Sent to their Deaths in the War on Drugs

ISIS/ISIL/Daesh: I'm really grateful we have an intelligent and thoughtful President Obama....

You in the US are not alone with Trump. In Canada our former

Just wanted to check in and to let you all know that Mrs. Clinton

Houston Judge Tosses Anti-LGBT Group’s Frivolous Lawsuit Over Pastor Subpoenas

US expands North Korea sanctions over arms trade

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-7-15

PM Modi to visit Pakistan, says Sushma Swaraj

Houston Mayoral Candidate King Downplays Anti-LGBT Discrimination

What is "reasonable" gun control?

Milbank: Donald Trump, America’s modern Mussolini

VA's accountability problems to be focus of hearing

When de Donald says we is de master race,

Tibor Rubin Is Dead at 86; Medal of Honor Was Delayed by Anti-Semitism

Menard's contract threatens managers with 60% pay cut if union forms on their watch

Swedish PM: Stabbing attacks in Israel not terrorism

Ted Cruz’s College Roommate Outs Him On Body Odor, Laziness, Creeping On Women

Mark Halperin on Charlie Rose says GOP contested convention will nominate . . .

Today's Non-Sequitur to retire Family Tree Maker software - what software do you use?

John Trudell, activist and poet, dies

Petition to block Donald J Trump from UK entry

ABC local NYC weather forecaster Bill Evans has to show up for jury duty today -

Burglary suspect effs up: "Police found the man's remains inside the euthanized alligator."

Why Richard Engel’s condemnation of Donald Trump is a big moment

Must See NY Daily News Cover Today (click on link)

Support health care for all on universal human rights day--contact your state legislature

"Freedom" Foundation tax exemption challenged

How to Get Rid of Your Landlord and Socialize American Housing, in 3 Easy Steps

MLB in Europe? London in the frame as baseball expands its horizons

Hillary Clinton and the Golden State

In case you're missing it

Independent expenditures likely to become more important in Seattle elections

Biden: If Trump Is Nominee, Hillary Clinton 'Wins In A Walk.' He doesn't mention Sanders

Republicans fear Trump could jeopardize control of Congress

what the heck is wrong with Iowa. Governor Branstad was on Bloomberg today, blaming all of the ISIS

NPR ran a story about a dangerous psychopath rolling around in his own vomit

Hillary eyes early Sanders KO

About gun "confiscation"

Hillary Clinton story

Top aide to Attorney General Kane convicted of indirect criminal contempt

McGinty Gains Support from Philadelphia Elected Officials

Child marriage in Islam is subject to the condition that it serve a clear and real interest

Beijing On Alert, But In Other Far Smoggier Cities, Business As Usual (Anyang At 999 - 3x Beijing)

WH Releases New Report on Benefits of SNAP

Kunduz MSF Hospital U.S. Bombing Survivor: "I Want my Story to be Heard."

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Police Brutality? Put More Women on Patrol.

Is the Left Prepared for the Right's Terrorism?

Time Person of the Year is not Donald Trump

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) Calls for Mandatory Labeling of GMO Foods (July 2015)

Insurance companies don't like gold and platinum plans

Trump Says He'll Talk to Bill Gates About 'Closing that Internet Up'

It's A CONSPIRACY! "Lord" Monckton Reveals All - Tony Abbott Brought Down By UN World Government!

Every time I see photos of a Trump rally I see think of this song from Pink Floyd

How Taxpayers Keep the NFL Rich

Over 1/4 of the Republican Party supports a fascist.

Can you "Spot the terrorist"? redirects to Trump's website

Enough with the "Trump is still the most sane of the bunch" arguments.

Gun sales soar after San Bernardino shooting

White House: Donald Trump Has Disqualified Himself From Presidency

Nobody could get close to a lost dog until one woman did this:. (Yeah!)

The first time as tragedy, the second time as farce

Landmark Group dumps Trump products over Muslim ban

What Are We Going To Do About DINOs?

Donald Trump's Bigotry Gives Aid And Comfort To ISIS

Person of the Year: Angela Merkel

The other side of HRC's lead in MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll

Money-smart kids: A letter to beginning investors

George Washington: "To Bigotry No Sanction...To Persecution No Assistance"

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Mein Trump

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Death and Profit Machines

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Kotorba toon: But when the innocent are shot and killed...

Hillary Clinton’s Toughness- Thomas B. Edsall

Trump Spokeswoman Defends Muslim Ban: 'So What? They're Muslim' (VIDEO)

The reason for alerts on nearly every jury I have been on have been puzzling.

US envoy investigated for Lese Majeste in Thailand just for criticising Lese Majeste laws

A Muslim-American's Message To Donald Trump

Air Force: 2 Afghan trainees missing from Georgia air base

Certain DU Hillary supporters seem to be getting talking point memos.

Hillary Clinton on Twitter: "Tell Donald Trump: Hate is not an American value.

Hillary Clinton tars all Republicans with Trump's racist brush!!!

Seinfeld Cast Members Give Birthday Greetings to A Dying Man

An Opening for States to Restrict Guns

“We as a nation are under attack,”

Thank you Time Magazine!

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-8-15

Careful what you align yourself with . . .

An Opening for States to Restrict Guns

Donald Trump And The Rise Of Extremist GOP Hate Rhetoric - Rick Perlstein Part 1

"Don't ask about ISIS today" Takes Campaign Incompetence To A Higher Level

Detroit Free Press: We stand together. We are better than bigotry.

Macdonald easily beats Chin in Lewiston mayor’s race

Ms. Kansas may spend a year in the slammer for illegally killing a bear.

Dec 8: @HillaryClinton is in Salem, New Hampshire Town Hall (Hill Group)

Most violence in the world is motivated by personal morality

Foster dad: I impregnated 13-year-old with syringe but didn't sexually assault her (trigger warning)

Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump wants to distract us from wealth inequality.

The Struggle of Being Gay in Albania

Superbug Apocalypse: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Harms Public Health

Hillary Clinton's Letter To Donald Trump Criticized More Than Just The GOP Front-Runner

So Glad Bloom County is back

Trump supporters defend his calls for Muslim travel ban

Paul Ryan Trumped In One Tweet

Angela Merkel’s War for Europe

A megaphone for progressive values (IA)

Trump is the Candidate Limbaugh has Always Wanted

"You see, Trump lost the 2016 election because he wasn't a true conservative."

It’s time to repeal the gun industry’s exceptional legal immunity

One Million People

Sanders has long had a gripe with the press leading off topic at topical press conferences

I have a question concerning trump and jebya.

This man is suing the Metropolitan Museum of Art for displaying paintings of an Aryan Jesus

"Fuck the NRA, fuck the Republicans. Fuck you and your fucking guns."

Russia trying to carry out 'ethnic cleansing' in Syria's Latakia: Turkish PM

Menard's contract threatens managers with 60% pay cut if union forms on their watch

‘Racist’, ‘fascist’, ‘utterly repellent’: What the world said about Donald Trump.

Will the US have another black president?

Millennials’ mysterious support for permissive gun laws

NYTimes: Hillary Clinton’s Toughness

Israel's Netanyahu Will Receive Trump Despite Racist Comments

TIME magazine...DID NOT name Trump Person of the year.

LOL: Is Bush An Artist?

A Nation of Kids with Gadgets and ADHD

Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump: 'That kind of crap won't work in the U.S.'

William Pitt: The Butcher's Repast

“They don’t plan to assimilate, they don’t plan to take on our culture."

Why hillary Clinton isn't considered trustworthy.

More Pix From The Park today

Elton John -- Con Artist...

Remember early on,when people were saying Trump was more moderate

Yes, Trump really wants the Presidency and thinks he'd be the greatest president evah

"Nightly Show" Correspondents Stage Walkout on Donald Trump Coverage: ‘F*ck Trump!’

Young Muslim man named Mohammed is afraid to give Starbucks barista his name, instead gives initials

Should people on the no-fly list be able to buy guns? Yes.

Kansas City Joining 'Bike Box' Trend for Cyclist Safety

This is in Atlanta: "Hair Trump"

"It is, for instance, entirely fair to call him a mendacious racist"

A Nation of Kids with Gadgets and ADHD

Report: Hillary Clinton intervened for a St. Petersburg firm after request to son-in-law

Donald Trump Disputes Hitler Comparison

This time of year children are encouraged to believe.. they should be encouraged to question

A Nation of Kids with Gadgets and ADHD

I like when......

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3: The Biz Vs. The Nuge Edition

Survey USA CA poll: 53% of republicans strongly agree with Trump on banning Muslims

COMPLETE INTERVIEW: Jimmy Fallon Interviewes Bernie Sanders On "The Tonight Show LIVE" (12/09/2015)

Potentially what a peak might look like...

Gov. Howard Dean in Iowa for Hillary Clinton

Pic Of The Moment: Two Responses To The San Bernadino Massacre

NBC Veteran Journalist Tom Brokaw Blasts Trump's "Dangerous Proposal" To Ban Muslims

Rear admiral fired after drunken nude walk at Ponte Vedra hotel

Trump proposal to ban Muslims from US relies on debunked poll from pro-Israel think tank

Befuddled Pat Robertson Declares Islam Is Not A Religion, Again

Big Food Aims to Kill Mandatory GMO Labels Before Year's End

68% of Trump supporters would vote for him as a 3rd Party Candidate

California woman takes Trump's words to heart...

Trump threatens to run 3rd party if the Repubs don't "treat him right!"

3 Points: Rubio is likeliest Repub nominee. Sanders beats Rubio by 4%. Rubio beats Clinton by 3%.

Students: Rename building called 'Lynch' after ex-president (not the Onion)

RW has fit over Joe Scarborough stating Hillary would be a "Unifying, Strong Leader against ISIS"

Donald Trump expands lead in New Hampshire to 18 points: poll Washington Times

"amazing grace" hopper-(December 9, 1906 – January 1, 1992)--computer scientist, navy rear admiral

COP21: 'Fireworks' expected as new climate text published

"amazing grace" hopper-(December 9, 1906 – January 1, 1992- computer scientist, navy rear admiral

Delaware cop gets off scot-free after punting innocent black man’s head like a football on video

"amazing grace" hopper-(December 9, 1906 – January 1, 1992)-computer scientist, navy rear admiral

Any of yall bring your feline companions with you when you travel?

On December 9, 1978, the first game of the Women's Professional Basketball League was played.

History of Women's Basketball in America A Timeline of Women's Basketball History 1891 to Present

My criticism of and opposition to Hillary has nothing to do with my support of Bernie

Saudi Arabia whines about Paris climate talks

Guess who is talking up Trump's anti-Muslim plan?

NYC: Muslim store owner in tears after he’s beaten by man on mission to ‘kill Muslims’

Iran halves natural gas flow to Turkey - Haberturk

Dozens killed, wounded in Taliban attack on Afghan airport


On NBC Nightly News, Tom Brokaw Blasts Trump's "Dangerous Proposal" To Ban Muslims

The other half of "it's looking a lot like 1933 again"

Librarians and privacy advocates ally to condemn cybersecurity bill

10 Things You Can Buy in America That Prove Just How Sick Our Gun Laws Are

How to Stop a Bird-Murdering Cat

Chicago mayor says 'sorry' for police misconduct in Laquan McDonald case

Trump's spokeswoman shows what a vicious bigot she is.

San Bernardino attackers talked ‘about jihad and martyrdom’ in 2013

States throw money at military bases to keep them open

Shoppers panic as hoverboard explodes at Washington mall kiosk

Bring the Draft Back!

Gen. Clark: Sen. Ted Cruz “Is The Definition Of A Demagogue."ISIS discussed.

Hillary in Iowa today Dec 9--3 stops: Photos of Waterloo Iowa Town Hall here...

#lovetrumpshate - Hillary's new hashtag- something everyone can agree on- even Trump supporters

Trump stokes GWB suspicion, strikes Christie despite lacking facts [video]

A Jewish menorah defies the Nazi swastika, 1931

Should children and people with certain development disabilities have representation in Congress

Hip Hop Legend Bun B Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

British Parliment to debate banning Trump from UK

In 2006, Bernie Sanders Voted In Support Of An Immigration Conspiracy Theory

American Indian Poet John Trudell Walks On

Wholesalers struggle to shed inventories in October

Trump, a son & grandson of immigrants, married immigrant women, probably has many employed for him

HIGHEST RECOMMENDED KOS DIARY: "Dear Hillary Clinton supporters"

‘Trump Is White ISIS’: Daily Show Unloads on ‘Racist Maniac’ Trump

Scalia: Affirmative Action Sends Blacks To Schools Too Advanced For Them

macho Texas Republicans cowering in fear over prospect of 21 refugees; half of whom are kids, ages

A beautiful children's book about Christmas

The County (Kern Cty, CA): sexual assault and the price of silence (trigger warnings)

The County (Kern Cty, CA): sexual assault and the price of silence (trigger warnings)

The County (Kern Cty, CA): sexual assault and the price of silence (trigger warnings)

Gay marriage advocates sue North Carolina over opt-out law

The Counted: People killed by police in the US

DU Madlibs! My ____ and _______ to _____ have nothing to do with my ____ of ____

Ohio man charged in soliciting murder of U.S. military members

Is Donald Trump trying to sabotage his campaign?

Why don't they change it so that women can inherit titles in the UK?

Male privilege & a basket of tampons

Big GOP players agree with Trump

Churchgoers Tip A Pizza Guy $700, But It Meant More Than They Realized

Why people in retail/food services need paid sick leave:

Stop clinic violence

xp Stop clinic violence

How many, or your family members, have served in the military?

Angela Merkel - WTF?


Rape is not a punchline – or a way to sell Christmas presents

Rape is not a punchline – or a way to sell Christmas presents

Trump and Clinton Eat the Same Food

Rape is not a punchline – or a way to sell Christmas presents

Obama Slavery Speech 2015: The President's Remarks On 'Nation's Original Sin' On 150th Anniversary

Greenpeace sting exposes sceptics hired to cast doubt on climate science

@_FloridaMan busted for driving 110mph without clothes

Martin O'Malley To Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump Is A Racist Fascist.

Paying f/ star mbrship

Syrian refugees welcomed by agencies despite states' fight

Martin O'Malley To Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump Is A Racist Fascist.

Neo-Nazis Just Endorsed Trump's Ban On Muslims, So, That Sums Up Just How Evil It Is


Maddow: Cruz Must Answer For Appearance At 'Kill-The-Gays' Conference

'The National Rifle Association put me on the cover of one of their magazines.

37% of LIBERALS agree with Trump on banning Muslims, from Survey USA

Clinton aims to stop 'earnings stripping' to curb inversion deals

Furor in Israel as Trump to be hosted by Netanyahu after remarks on Muslims

'The National Rifle Association put me on the cover of one of their magazines.

Senate overwhelmingly passes new national education legislation

OH GOD, What possibly can go wrong with this

Federal Agency Probing Alabama License Office Reductions

The brainwashing of Americans is breathtaking

Sunshine State Poll-HRC 60% SBS 27%/HRC leads all GO(PU) opponents by > 7 points

Dear M$Greedia no amount of assinine polls matter re Trump

On Trump, Conservatives and Muslims

NY Board Upholds $15 Minimum Wage for Fast-Food Workers

Is Sanders making a tactical campaign mistake?

in a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll 68% of trump supporters said they would still vote for him if

Former NY Police Chief Accused of Covering up Beating

John Kerry gave an inspiring speech on Climate Change in Paris

Charlotte’s Web Marijuana: A Major Medical Breakthrough

Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds Of Likely GOP Voters Back Trump’s Muslim Ban

Bernie Sanders still flying coach, while Hillary flies the Wall Street jet..

NYT: How ‘South Park’ Perfectly Captures Our Era of Outrage

BUT JIMMY CARTER DID IT! debunking the new RW talking point

San Antonio cop suspended for 'want to kill people and not go to jail?... I love my job' FB post

Rousey Might Retire If She Loses Rematch Against Holly Holm

French probe Eugene 2021 World Championships decision by IAAF

French probe Eugene 2021 World Championships decision by IAAF

A great question!!

After the rapture - Who will take care of your pets

Millennials Surpassed Baby Boomers As The Largest Share Of The U.S.'s Voting-Age Population......

Trump UK ban petition passes 250,000 signatures

The People's Choice of 'Person of the Year'.

Dear Donald Trump, and all of his racist followers, this one is for you....

So obviously obvious...........

Another WTF - Staged mass shooting

John Kerry gave an inspiring speech on Climate Change in Paris

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 9, 2015

Donald Trump: Robert Gordon University strips honorary degree

Vox: I'm from Canada, and I was never afraid of guns until I moved to the United States

Puerto Rico Pleads for U.S. Aid as Senate Dashes Bankruptcy Push

A particularly white Christmas in Christchurch? (NZ)

Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims echoes earliest days of Nazi propaganda: expert

What happens when one of the walking dead swats a bee?

Latin America and Middle East: What do they have in common?

Dec 9 Hillary at town Hall in Waterloo Iowa .. some photos

Biden Says Son's Ties to Ukraine Firm Don't Diminish Anti-Corruption Efforts

Huge volcano of methane spews out of California. Why should we care about this invisible gas?

Sometimes a reminder is necessary

Huge volcano of methane spews out of California. Why should we care about this invisible gas? (x GD)

Let’s Make America Great Again—and Ignore This Man

Found this on FB, seems like a lot of good advice for non-Muslim allies.

I see virtually no outrage over Ted Cruz' advocating genocide by the US.

Sponsors, locals agree on Confederate Flag terms in future parades (NC)

Carson Plan Repeals Obamacare, Raises Medicare Eligibility to 70

Wild Cards Trump and Sanders May Mean Extra Debaters in 2016

Alabama’s Neo-Nazi Police Take Racism To The Extreme

Stolen Art Hampers Ukraine's EU Progress

abstract austin


Senate panel urges SC’s military museum to increase its visitors, income

Here is what I dont understand. And I really want to.

Arkansas football makes top 20 in coaches' pay

Ryan Transfers $2 Million To NRCC, Announces Romney As Speaker At Major Fundraiser

Rahm should resign. Get the hell out.

Quantum physics problem proved unsolvable: Godel and Turing enter quantum physics

FDA approves genetically modified chicken - but not as food

WOW: Reporters weren't eager to ask Bernie about ISIS, but did after the campaign told them not to


An Atmospheric River hits the Pacific Northwest

For the Winn: An Interview with Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan

Company threatens managers: If workers unionize, we'll cut your pay 60 percent

For the Winn: An Interview with Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan

National Nurses continue to build momentum for Bernie Sanders. 2 NEW billboards are up in Reno

Uncle Sam Went to Donald Trump’s Office and Messed Up His Hair

Bernie Sanders’ biggest limitation

For the Winn: An Interview with Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan

Congressmen have turned their backs on Veterans, most Vets strongly oppose VA Hosp. privatization...

Trump attended fundraiser for Sinn Féin before London terror attack

America’s Child-Marriage Problem

I await rebuttals he said.

US Neo-Nazi Leader Says Donald Trump ‘the Real Deal’

Trump’s Rise Is Part of a Long, Lamentable Tradition

Someone please explain to me.

Justice Scalia Suggests Blacks Belong at "Slower" Colleges .........(Yes, he really said that.)

SCOTUS Hears Case That Could Kill College Affirmative Action

John Kerry updates on Paris talks

Woman attacks Muslims in California park after seeing them praying

Woman attacks Muslims in California park after seeing them praying (xpost from GD)

I had been watching Thom Hartmann on RT channel via Comcast. About a week ago

Muslim anti-Isis march not covered by mainstream media outlets, say organisers

Kirchner to step down at midnight; but Macri fails in bid move up his own inaugural 12 hours.

Feds accuse Washington domestic terrorist of possessing illegal rifle

Houston company gives every employee $100k bonus

Kirchner to step down at midnight; but Macri fails in bid move up his own inaugural 12 hours.

Looks like the gun trolls are out in force today on DU, and I think I know why

Gun Activists Plan to Stage a Fake Mass Shooting This Weekend

The Ethics of Prescribing Worthless Treatments

Gun rights groups to stage mock mass shooting at Univ. of Texas


Frank Gaffney and his anti-Muslim cohorts laid the groundwork for Trump’s rise.

So, I'm confused... Is alerting justifiable to both alert a possible TOS violation and...

America has Two Major Political Parties, but Only One Is Serious....

What a way to repesent, Jason Bowles!

Making the US a Petro-State: White House Keeps Alive GOP Hopes for Lifting the Oil Export Ban

Your Holiday drinks

53 days to the Iowa Caucus.. and we are off to the races

One quarter of Alaska permafrost could melt by 2100 – US Geological Survey

Quantum physics problem proved unsolvable: Godel and Turing enter quantum physics

Judge rejects racial discrimination lawsuit filed by Cleveland police officers

Epic expression from PBO …..

FBI head: terror fight requires open backdoors to encrypted user data

FBI head: terror fight requires open backdoors to encrypted user data

I used to see kids working at the grocery stores

Feinstein Vows To Offer Bill To Pierce Encryption

The Eagle Has Landed

"My Experience: Attending Medical School in Cuba"

Texas revives attempt to block Syrian refugees from entering state

Trump wants to have a Deportation Force

Trashing a group

Wendy Davis: Why I Caved on Guns When I Ran for Governor of Texas

Trump: TIME's Person of the Year (Angela Merkel) 'ruining Germany'

It's pretty bad when liberals follow the conservative playbook to attack Clinton for flying on a jet

You might have to delete some Facebook Friends today

Hey remember when the GOP candidates were asked if they'd go back & shoot baby Hitler

Koch Brothers Get Each Other Same Election For Christmas

Why This Socialist Feminist Is for Hillary (Hillary Group)

A Bald Eagle Named Uncle Sam Tried to Attack Trump During a Photoshoot

Charter school next to future Planned Parenthood clinic sues antiabortion protesters

Residents of Iowa and New Hampshire: Do Your Duty and Stop the Madness...Right Now

Gun rights groups plan mock mass shooting at University of Texas one week after 14 killed in San Be

Hundreds of full coffee cans wash up on Florida beach

Falwell: Liberty University to allow guns in dorms

Eight Things About Donald Trump

An appreciation thread for Bernie Supporters

Trump Set To Lose A Fortune As Muslim Business Partners Begin Boycott

Iraqi forces capture foothold in Ramadi

Native Americans call for ban on Christians entering the US

Dec 9 Hillary Town Hall in Urbandale, Iowa

So I was thinking about the new Star Wars movie....

Who said it: Donald Trump or not Donald Trump?

Emanuel apologizes for Laquan McDonald police shooting, repeats call for change


CNN: Sanders 50, Clinton 40 in NH

Planned Parenthood shooter: "I am guilty ... a warrior for the babies"

Supreme Court seems divided over University of Texas race-conscious admissions

Finally...after 10 1/2 years..

FBI investigating potential 2012 terror plot by San Bernardino attacker

Gun Makers Admit That Mass Shootings Are Great For Business

Many Mexicans are going home

Many Mexicans are going home

If the GOP fights Trump and he runs as a third party candidate....

Scalia argues black students benefit from ‘slower’ colleges

The new Star Wars movie? It BETTER not suck.

A Lion Pride Made Famous on TV Has Been Poisoned in Kenya

New Hampshire remains a Sanders stronghold

Do DUers honestly believe that Trump would live in the WH?

I had an interview today.

Ex-police chief from Long Island arrested in beating

Tom the Dancing Bug toon- A Very Merry NRA Christmas!

Will I get credit for being the FIRST to call it as to Trump being a Clinton plant?

Guantanamo judge hears arguments on no-touch order for female guards

Is DU too fast for our Black Members?

A year after the Senate Torture Report, almost no one's read it and it might be destroyed

Grieving Police Officer Lies With His Dying Horse After It Was Hit By A Truck

Detroit Shows Improvement, Promise 1 Year out of Bankruptcy

The greatest speech Bernie Sanders ever gave wasn't a speech.

You gotta see this!

Robert Dear is a perfect spokesman for Pro-Life

Trump threatens third party run

Long before (1882) anxiety about Muslims, Americans feared the 'yellow peril' of Chinese immigration

Trump leads WISIS or White ISIS, Hasan Minhaj on the Daily Show

Obama, Rivlin Discuss Long-Term US Defense Assistance For Israel

Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Yells Out In Court That He's A 'Warrior For The Babies'

Wall St. Falls Alongside Oil On Global Growth Concerns

Senate Science Committee hearing challenges “dogma” of climate science

I’ve seen no Govt. law official

This is one of my all time favorite songs.

It's so baffling to me

Radical Right-Wing Site: Marco Rubio Has DC Lobbyist Mistress

First, Jimmy Carter announced he had cancer...

DUers Praising Putin And Organic Food, Using RT As A Source

Donald Trump says he is not bothered by comparisons to Hitler

Obama Not Briefed On FBI's Clinton Probe

Planned Parenthood attack suspect court outburst: "I am guilty"

A Trump Gif and the opinion of The American Eagle.

Dear Bernie supporters: why do you think browbeating supporters of other candidates

Former bodyguard for scofflaw rancher Cliven Bundy arrested on weapons charges

Child raising tips not in the books:

Tell me about Adam Schiff.

Isn’t It Amazing That Jeb Still Thinks He Can Win?

Does anyone have text of Scalia remarks about blacks in elite colleges?

Tyson names Mike Beebe to board of directors, a post worth $200,000+ a year

Argentina's historic Trial of the Juntas turns 30.

Argentina's historic Trial of the Juntas turns 30.

GOP freeze on judgeship includes single-handed Tom Cotton blockade

My two immigrant parents are in favor of Trump's ban on muslim immigration

Since Gov. O'Malley is now a target of the gun enthusiasts...

Has intel elite written a bill yet strengthening surveillance?

Over in GD-P

Amnesty Report: ISIS Armed With U.S. Weapons

McCaul (R) Homeland Security Chairman: "They've got an app for that!" (Regarding encrypted messages)

Muslims are to Trump as the Chinese were to President Arthur in 1882

Reddit poster painted a modest portrait of Bernie in the hopes of donating it for fundraising.

Post your favorite Bob Rivers' Twisted Christmas Tunes

WMUR Says They Will Not Negotiate With Union Prior To Debates As Previous Promised

Another thing about Trump and Clinton planning this thing together.

Seen on the I-24 in East in southeastern Tennessee

WMUR Says They Will Not Negotiate With Union Prior To Debates As Previous Promised

Putin raises possibility of using nuclear weapons against terrorists - but hopes they ‘will never...

Jeb Bush: Trump Is 'the Other Version' of Barack Obama

WMUR Says They Will Not Negotiate With Union Prior To Debates As Previous Promised

UT: Mock mass shooting would be considered trespassing

Carter to Lawmakers: Don’t Complain About ISIS Strategy When You’re Stalling Funds and Nominations

There is a new FOX Palmetto State poll but I don't cite right wing sources.

Angela Merkel is Time's Person of the Year.

Regent suing UT System over records says he needs them to do his job

Dallas federal judge denies second TRO request to block Syrian refugees

(In my best deep South accent) Ah am a delicate flower and some words offend me deeply.

(Updated 12/9) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtecy of

If you accept corruption, you are a part of the problem

Lawsuit to remove Dallas DA Susan Hawk to move forward