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Archives: January 10, 2015

Spending an entire day of oral reading of the Constitution is a waste of time

Mexico Proposes Historic Crude Oil Swap with U.S.

FBI, ATF releasing sketch of suspect in NAACP bombing and offering a $10,000 reward

Framing North Korea

Why I am not Charlie


Ecuadorian President: Equality is the goal for development

"Ali burned some people who retreated from islam"

Not sure about the source, but...anonymous-declares-war

Charlie Hebdo attack was nothing to do with free speech.

Paris Grand Synagogue Didn't Hold Shabbat Services For The First Time Since Nazis Occupied France

Sam Seder: Black Cops Fear Their White Co-Workers

Charlie Hebdo shooter says financed by Qaeda preacher in Yemen

The Dells - Stay In My Corner

Police order shops closed in Jewish area in central Paris

Anyone of any religion who kills, maims or threatens

Oregon's wandering wolf, OR-7, gets official pack status

Facebook founder says ‘extremist from Pakistan’ wanted him dead

180 Marijuana Dispensaries Pop Up In Detroit: ‘This Is The Next Big Thing In The City’

lindsay Graham says the terrorist attack in France is Obamas fault...

Cartoonist Joe Sacco on the Charlie Hebdo attacks

NYPD police chief admits officers are in 'slowdown' protest: 'It's being corrected'

Kitten playing with it's human...

Just the facts, maam


Trapped In His Body For 12 Years, A Man Breaks Free

Wealthiest Americans say the poor have it easy

Report: Christie interviewed by feds in bridge scandal

French Jews on edge after 4 killed in Paris siege

i'm probably going to have to wait until monday for formerly fat cat's labs

Police: Florida girl was alive when she was tossed from the bridge

Convicted 'eco-terrorist' freed amid evidence dispute

Heads up for those of you doing your own taxes this year:

House GOP votes to increase oil spills in Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and Oklahoma

Lindsay Graham..Shut the Fuck Up

Who LOVES Jihad, Holy War, Religious Terrorism, and Other Killing in the Name of God?

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Christie Was Interrogated By Feds Over Bridge Scandal

As sad and terrible the French killings are

Boko Haram Rampages, Slaughters in Northeast Nigeria

The horror of Paris

Here's a thought exercise...

Paris Terrorist Attacks vs. Nigerian Massacre

How hero hiding in cardboard box guided police by texts as they moved in to take out jihadi brothers

Inside the Underground Bunker Condos Where 1 Percenters Plan to Ride Out the Apocalypse

Can't watch You Tube vids on Windows 7 PC

I'm so sick of this awful feeling that we are being forced into a world conflagration

There's Something Missing In 'The Hobbit' That A Lot Of People Didn't Notice At First

Joe Manchin is thinking about returning to WV.

Friday Talking Points (331) -- Nous Sommes Charlie Hebdo

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Friday! & a new Kitteh gif

If the most extreme Christian Fundamentalist could set up law as they wish?

Rachel Maddow & saying out loud Anti Semiticism

Ehud Barak: BDS is developing, Israel liable to a boycott

Big labor coalition skips mayoral race

The Nation: Police Unions Don’t Serve the People. Can the Labor Movement Force Them To?

Kosher supermarket attacker claimed IS bonds; wanted to target Jews and defend Palestine.

EXCLUSIVE: Two More Female Marines Dropped from Infantry Course

FBI, State Dept. issue warnings after France terror attacks

The Right Tries (and Fails) to Justify Its Assault on Social Security

Israelis Link Attacks to Their Own Struggles

Hezbollah Chief: Extremists Harm Islam More Than Cartoons

Venezuelans Throng Grocery Stores Under Military Protection

France Bans Pro-Palestine Demonstrations

Deputies: Man brings shovel to gunfight, and wins

2008: Muslims Majority in Europe Within 20 Years

Over 500 views, 4 R's, 1 comment in LBN

Wealthiest Americans say the poor have it easy

Over 500 views, 4 R's, 1 comment in LBN

Iran's Rouhani likens Paris terrorist attacks with Israel's policies toward Palestinians

Miss Panti Bliss "Too tired to put up and shut up"

Man fired after not coming to work for 24 years

The Workers Center-Union Partnership That’s Transforming Big-Box Janitorial Work

Apple hikes app prices in Canada and Europe, spurred by currency swings

Atlanta Stagehands Fight ‘Labor Pimps’ Pushing Temp Work, Low Wages

TYT: Welfare Caused Charlie Hebdo Attack Says Hannity Guest

Union threatens Super Bowl transit strike

Restaurant Bans Tips, Gives Servers $35K a Year

Killing in the name of...

Roy Tarpley, troubled but talented Dallas Maverick center, dies at 50

Paris' Arc de Triomphe lights up in tribute to Charlie Hebdo victims

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

The Negative Social Impact of Conspiracy Theories

Just saw comet Lovejoy

RCMP Arrests Two Individuals for Terrorism Offences

Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent

136 Years Ago Today - Northern Cheyenne Breakout From Fort Robinson, NE

Torture Advocate Alan Dershowitz Implicated In Sex Slave Lawsuit

TLW special Friday Edition

Two arrested after anti-terror raids in Sydney

help me fill our b&n cart

Gov. Christie will pay his own way to Cowboys-Packers playoff game

Study Concludes That Women Who Squirt During Sex Are Actually Peeing

Jeb Bush: Gays Like "Polluters, Pornographers, Drunk Drivers"

kitteh nose AND kitteh toes!

Media unions express outrage over Paris killings

Happy Birthday Joan Baez January 9, 1941

"I would love to have a child that did not need a lobotomy."

Port L.A., Long Beach truck drivers vote to join Teamsters union

Fox Kansas City airs false story about teacher banning Bible

Crackpot Utopia: The Year in Republican Crazy, Part 13 (With Award of the Year Winner!)

Tulsa Mechanic Finds 41 Pounds Of Pot In Dash Of SUV Bought At Police Auction

What are YOUR predictions for this year?

The 21st Century Will Be The Most Unequal Period In Human History

Why Isn’t David Petraeus on Trial?

WIN Union Economy Desk: AFL-CIO Office of Investment Makes Investments Work for Workers

Anonymous declares war over Charlie Hebdo attack

WIN Union Economy Desk: AFL-CIO Office of Investment Makes Investments Work for Workers

WIN Union Economy Desk: AFL-CIO Office of Investment Makes Investments Work for Workers

NYT: Workers Assail Night Lock-Ins By Wal-Mart

United Replaces Unionized Baggage Handlers With Min. Wage Contractors, Things Instantly Fall Apart

White House Suggests Social Security Cuts Remain 'On The Table'


Why Black New Yorkers Like Me Are Celebrating the NYPD Work Slowdown (Aurin Squire)

Secret Agents for Change

Weekend Economists Hail to the King January 9-11, 2015

Terrorism Charges Laid Against Two Ottawa Men: RCMP

Greg Abbott’s position on local control is way off base – and hypocritical

If Hillary decides not to run...?

The Disturbing Transformation of Kindergarten

January Marks National Radon Action Month

Algerian Islamists call to ‘strike Jews’ in celebration of Paris attack

Pay Attention to the Invisible Primary

Silver Airways Flight Attendants Choose AFA Representation

Florida Man With Shovel Wins Gunfight

Minnesota Cold (Part 12) Snowman Piñata

caption time (jeb & mitt)

"Congratulations, Sony. You put up less resistance than the French"

I just finished reading one of the most haunting books I've ever read.

We Only Got One Word, Where Is The Love.....


I'm sure the Halalisa Singers are all good liberals that mean well


The Nation: Do You Think Products Made in China Should Be Called ‘US Exports’? (TPP Scam)

Average gas price nationwide is $1.99, Average gallon of milk at Wal-mart is $4.99

Washington Post: Elizabeth Warren: The new, much-better John Edwards

Hamas, Palestinian Authority Step Up Human Rights Violations

A question for AA DUers- is this a nice tribute to MLK or oblivious cultural appropriation?

Why the Media Started Caring About the American Worker Again

26 Earthquakes Later, Fracking’s Smoking Gun Is in Texas

Unions still signing up new members, despite Michigan's 2012 Right To Work legislation

Peter Gabriel

Laid-Off Baltimore Workers Beat Disney in Court—And Ask All the Right Questions ... (link added)

Real Time with Bill Maher: Je Suis Charlie -­ January 9, 2015

The Third Way: 'Why are Democrats affiliated with this group that wants to gut Democratic Programs?'

Handed out flyers for a Black Power rally at a "Selma" screening downtown.

Paris: They asked for it, right?

The only surprise about Mitt will be his VP pick. I think it will be

Notes on other household appliances from William Carlos Williams

Golden Gate Bridge closing for safety upgrade this weekend

Arabic cartoonists respond to Paris attacks

{{ Je suis charlie }}

Thom Hartmann: France Can't Afford to Make the Bush Blunder

Phil Collins

Thom Hartmann: Why Carbon Should Be Left in the Ground

Response to Paris massacre is a Knee-jerk lefty reaction

New wind tree will pay for itself in two years

Police open criminal probe into drug-laced bread that sickened 40

Great movie, atheist character...

Pro-Palestinian Billboards Are Popping Up In Los Angeles

APNewsBreak: Missouri leaders sought Ferguson resignation

It seems our poor old dog has had a stroke *update added*

"Clash of Barbarisms" Gilbert Achcar

Crashed AirAsia's tail hoisted from sea in search of boxes

Daily Holidays -January 10

Jewish Institutions Worldwide Remain Vigilant After Paris Sieges End

Anti-Semitism In France: Country Has History Of Hate Crimes Against Jews

Divestment from fossil fuels: University of Hawaii Manoa's Board of Regents

In case you are confused

The Kosher Grocery Shooting Follows a String of Anti-Semitic Attacks in France

Annette Bening and Warren Beatty's Transgender Son Speaks Out in Wake of Leelah Alcorn Suicide

Woman sues University of Oregon alleging gang rape from 3 basketball players

Go right ahead and believe in any God you want to believe in...

Author, Author...

Disneyland's measles outbreak hits 19

Tom Tomorrow on Charlie Hebdo

SpaceX to launch at 1:47 am PST (4:47 EST)

US judge tosses lawsuit vs. UN over Haiti cholera outbreak

Vatican Decides El Salvador’s Archbishop Romero Died For Jesus, Not Marx

Cameron, Hollande and Merkel will get their "bullhorn" moment

Could congressional sanctions on Palestinians backfire for Israel?

New Mission: DSCOVR Satellite will Monitor the Solar Wind

Why does feminism get a bad rap?

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics: Super-earths have long-lasting oceans

Terri Schiavo’s Husband Speaks Out On Jeb Bush’s Presidential Bid

House GOP's New Rule Allows Republicans to Hide Tax Cuts

Consumer Self-Defense: 12 Ways to Drive GMOs and Roundup off the Market

Russia Blamed, US Taxpayers on the Hook, as Fracking Boom Collapses

SpaceX rocket recovery test fails

Looks like some here were spot on re: Zimmerman

Do you like Shakespeare? My local library has a set of dramatized recordings

Off Duty Cop Kidnaps Woman From Jail, Drives Her To His House ‘For Personal Relationship’

George Zimmerman arrested on domestic violence with a weapon charge

Who Should be Blamed for Muslim Terrorism?

The Real Reason Police Unions Enable the Worst Cop Abuses

Rupert Murdoch tweet about jihadists causes anger on social media

Warren Leads the Way Toward Raising Wages With Union Leader, Rethinking How to Support Workers

This College Professor Has a Master's...And Is Living in Poverty

Elizabeth Warren Fast Facts

Mia Love, Allen West and Other Conservative Blacks Hurt the Quest for Equality

U.S. ranks poorly in commitment to fight global poverty

Video of the Moment: companion video to the Elizabeth Warren meme

Bedtime for Yoshi

Is there any place around here where a person can ask a question ?

South Korea deports American over positive N. Korea comments

The US Army Is Looking To Develop A Next-Generation Pistol

Consortium News piece on the Administration's promises of transparency

Surprising New Findings Point to “Perfect Storm” Brewing in Your Financial Future

Well guess who's back in jail?

Weekly Address: America's Resurgence Is Real


Prosecutors recommend charges against ex-CIA chief Petraeus

The Republicans expected a "Lame Duck." Instead they got a "Determined Eagle."

Report: Agent Orange planes hold risk years after Vietnam

Charges recommended against Petraeus

Should Obama release all of the torture pics/data?

Ron Johnson: A Working Single Mom Should "Find Someone to Support Her"

According to the FBI and based on the statistics they've collected...

Suicide bombing by young girl in NE Nigeria, 10 dead: Red Cross, vigilante

December 1919

Twelve Ways to Drive GMOs and Monsanto's Roundup off the Market

George Zimmerman arrested on aggravated assault charge

Has anyone published a cartoon with an image of Mohammed in response to the attack?

France to invade Yemen and kill 100,000 in bid to stop future terrorism.

Weekend Toon roundup 1- Cartoonists continue to respond

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- The rest

New Committee Chair, Ron Johnson: A Working Single Mom Should "Find Someone to Support Her"

‘The Internet’s Own Boy’: See New Footage, Director Interview From Aaron Swartz Doc

The Koran Does Not Forbid Images of the Prophet

Religion Was Not the Reason For the Paris Attacks

All these bad apples are getting rather tedious.

Rupert Murdoch: Muslims must be held responsible for France terror attacks

Petraeus legacy: PROOF that you can be CIA Director, a 4 Star General, AND a clueless fucking tool

The Promises and Limits of Progressive Cities

Please someone. Explain to me how people close to Chris Christie

Can't help but think if W and Cheney were in charge of France right now

Net Neutrality

So Betrayus was an appropriate change of name

French Laundry robbed - wine heist

Memphis Campus Temps Outwit Scheme to Privatize Their Social Security (FICA ALTERNATIVE WHAT?)

Joseph Campbell “Shakespeare said that art is a mirror held up to nature. And that’s what it is.

FBI Releases Sketch Of Suspect In NAACP Bombing

If AC/DC Went Down To Georgia

"Damn the TPP" - We can't say too much about the dangers of the TPP.

Truthout: Carlos Oliva-Sola's Tragic End to an Ordinary Life: Killed by LA Police (feature story)

Miroplastic Waste Not Just For The Ocean Any More: All Great Lakes Chock Full Of It Too



Iran, Venezuela vow to 'neutralise' oil price problem

1/8 Jet Stream Pushes NY-Heathrow Flights To Near-Supersonic Pace; Groundspeeds To 745 mph

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 11 - Here Comes Mr. Jordan

And The American Epicenter Of EV Sales & Drivers Is . . . . Atlanta?

TCM Schedule for Monday January 12 - Love Italian Style

Causes of Wage Stagnation

CNN's Chris Cuomo Calls Black French Terrorist 'African-American'

Successful CA Condor Breeding Takes Scientists By Surprise; Remote Area Prevented Observation


Wage Stagnation in Nine Charts

House Pro-Keystone Votes Got $13 Million From Energy Sector; That Doesn't Include Dark Money

Win #999 (spoiler)

Hebdo Shows the Common Goals of Both Sides in Terror War

"Stop the War on Terror, we want to get off."

Carly Fiorina calls out panelists for sexism on Real Time (VIDEO)

Hawaiian anti-GMO loon makes the Encyclopedia of American Loons...

This Doctor Moved Her Clinic To The Middle Of The Ocean To Help Women Get Safe Abortions

Small volcanic eruptions (in part) explain warming hiatus

Muslims living in France have a lot of reasonable complaints–BUT-these guys didn’t speak for them.

Is This Someone's Idea Of A Joke?

Health Premiums Rise slower, but Workers Shoulder More of Cost with Higher deductibles and co-pays

Energy Department Project Captures and Stores One Million Metric Tons of Carbon

'Tractor rhythm!' or 'Who needs a drummer?'

Grid Batteries for Wind, Solar Find First Customers

Shin Bet thwarts operation to bomb Al-Aqsa

Pentagon dismisses Guantánamo prison conviction of Sudanese man

The end of gangs

NC passes fracking law, seeks taxpayer subsidies for industry

I like Mother Jones and David Corn,

My favorite coming-out story

Koran-burning pastor pulls his image from mall french fry stand post-Charlie Hebdo

Sweden’s foreign minister cancels visit to Israel

‘Selma’ vs. History - Elizabeth Drew

Another great MHP show

'Religion belongs to Dark Ages': Atheist says attacks reinforce his belief all faiths are nonsense

Low Oil Prices Mean Keystone Pipeline Makes No Sense

We must stop deferring to religion: Laughable absurdities must be laughed at.

Because some days you need icy beautiful...

Some Members Of Congress Prefer To Remain Vague On Their Religious Beliefs

49ers Jonathan Martin Says He Took Down a Shoplifter at a Los Angeles Mall

Planet Hackers

The Walking Dead - Season 5, Part 2 trailer

Why I am not Charlie

The Gawker Flowchart on Petraeus--Or, I Pity the Prosecutor Who Has to Touch this Steaming Pile.....

46 examples of Muslim outrage about Paris shooting that Fox News can’t seem to find

Reminder...Imagine IMAGINE the state we could be in if Obama had faced NO obstruction

Bill Maher calls out NYPD and their unions (VIDEO)

French Author Stops Promoting Novel (Submission) Amid ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Manhunt

The woman in the Bad Idea T-Shirts ad is distracting me.

Chevrolet 'Bolt' Concept 200-Mile Electric Car To Target Tesla

Howard Dean: Paris attackers not ‘Muslim terrorists’

How is everyone in this group holding up? It was not an easy week.

License to Kill, part 1: Shot to death while in custody

Why don't people like this just trust Pres. Obama on Keystone?

Not sure where this belongs: Look forward to the day religious people don't use the word "atheism"

Jefferson: "Question with boldness even the existence of a god"

Today in Herstory: President Wilson (Finally) Endorses Suffrage! (9 jan 19180

Greek PM Samaras vows tax cuts as leftists hold poll lead

Ontario to Include Consent in Updated Sex Education Curriculum

Ontario to Include Consent in Updated Sex Education Curriculum

Will someone commit violence in USA because they printed a cartoon or performed an abortion?

Activists are Helping Texas Women Cross State Lines for Abortion Care

My father has died

Activists are Helping Texas Women Cross State Lines for Abortion Care

Tense Scene on Basketball Court 50 Years Ago Recalls Catholic Role in Civil Rights

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 10, 2015 -- The Essentials - Fritz Lang

what's for dinner - saturday, jan. 10th

Mars Ain't the Kind of Place to Raise Your Kids, but It's Warmer Than You Are

North Korea offers to suspend nuclear tests if U.S. suspends military drills

Obama Really Enjoying Job Since He Stopped Talking to Congress

'Every Single French Jew I Know Has Left Paris': Editor Of Britain's Jewish Chronicle Claims

"If there’s some sort of outburst, we just have to remain calm and things will be taken care of..."

Gorbachev Warns Tensions Over Ukraine Could Spiral Into Nuclear War

What Was Your Past Life According To Your Memories?

German Anti-Islamic Movement Expects Ranks To Swell By Thousands...

Jeb Bush's Florida Recount Role Examined.

bike posers from hell

Kicking Dodd-Frank in the Teeth

Rumor has it . . .

Elizabeth Warren's Warnings About Financial Reform Are Already Coming True

All survivors, not just students, need civil law options

Effective immediately, no further criticism of the Republican Party will be accepted...

All survivors, not just students, need civil law options

SC pays $1M+ to inmate's estate. Inmate died after being kept naked for 11 days in solitary confinement

All survivors, not just students, need civil law options

TOON: Je Suis Charlie

BREAKING: Hayat Boumeddiene not in Paris, say French sources

Hamas condemns Charlie Hebdo attack

French Gunman Met Sarkozy in 'Crazy' Security Blunder

The good cop conundrum.

Bob Marshall Sponsors Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Conscience Clause Bill

What is this movie?

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall Sponsors Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Conscience Clause Bill

"The gods change, the blasphemer remains" Charlie Hebdo

Hamyd Mourad released without charge after being named as suspect in Charlie Hebdo attack

Andalusian Chicken

So who is a "real Christian" and who is a "real Muslim"?

Was/is the Klan a domestic Christian terrorist group?

Who profits from killing Charlie?

Shiat Chat site and some views on Paris

Grocery hostage-taker’s girlfriend left France

Meet the Muslim HERO of the Kosher Grocery

Why Sen. Elizabeth Warren intrigues 2016 voters

Fox News just got themselves a new favorite foreign leader (vs. Obama)

Ring of Fire: Top GOPer Spoke At White Supremacy Conference

Carolina vs. Seattle

10 years ago today, DUer Khephra died.

How many Florida children died during Jeb's tenure as governor?

Wow. Check out Nunavut!

The Warren Commission

Pentagon Mulls How to Fund Submarines and 300-Ship Fleet

Drone Killings and Torture: Peace Activists to be “Rehabilitated” in Jail

Ethan's Story. Commentary on high stakes test obsession.

American Academy of Pediatrics calls for reassessment of cell phone safety

Prosecutor In Eric Garner Case Running For Congress In New York

The Religion a Person Professes Predicts Nothing about That Person's Behavior.

Ethan's Story. Commentary on high stakes test obsession.

Mike Malloy - Caller Insults Mike: "You are a Jew Hating..."

Tomorrow I am Going to be 60

Muslim Grocery Clerk Saved Hostages

Are you going to apologize for allowing the racism and bigotry

Every religious text has language...

Who Should be Blamed for Muslim Terrorism?

52 places to go in 2015

"Look at the priorities of the new Republican congressional" - Robert Reich (Facebook rant)

Venezuelans Throng Grocery Stores Under Military Protection

Please welcome me in joining our new Family member: Sir Duke

Obama to push cyber issues ahead of State of the Union address

Please welcome me in joining our new Family member: Sir Duke!!!

Paris terror attacks: Muslim worker at Jewish store hid customers in cold store

Billionaire Environmental Activist Tom Steyer To Run For Barbara Boxer's Seat

In honor of blasphemy

My sister lost her fight with cancer, yesterday morning

Two Palestinian babies die in Gaza freeze

Paul Krugman- Voodoo Time Machine

Source: Terror cells activated in France

Oil could drive down ethanol profits, but industry shielded

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an idiot

The Rmoney R-1000 ... Indestructible because it's made of liquid money.

Bill Cosby makes a "rape joke." FUCK YOU, you pitiful excuse for a human being. FUCK YOU.

Horrific hate crime that prompted SPLC lawsuit in Mississippi concludes with final guilty pleas

US dismisses Guantanamo conviction after prisoner sent home

The Holocaust film that was too shocking to show (The Guardian) Caution: Graphic

Mexico awards $386 mln hydro project to China-backed consortium

Knesset report: BDS movement has no impact on economy

Poor Americans are less likely to vote and more likely to distrust government, study shows

I was just talking to a relative, who lives in France.

Anonymous declares war on extremists following Paris attacks

So, Is Elon Musk the hottest men's cologne today or not?

Rupert Murdoch (RW inflamer of passions): even peaceful Muslims must bear burden

I-94 in Michigan still closed after huge pileup

UH Budget and Finance Board of Regents committee moves to divest from fossil fuels

The Jews have to stay in France. The Muslims as well.

ASPCA Adoption Spotlight: Rocco

72 Percent of Republican Senators Are Climate Deniers

'We vomit' on Charlie's sudden friends: staff cartoonist who did not die

So I'm sitting in a tree with a rifle right now

Rock Art Draws Scientists to Ancient Lakes

Slain policeman’s family warns against confusing extremists with Muslims

Orangutans crack consonants and vowels to shed new light on the evolution of human speech

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Season 2 promo vid - funny.

Blogger Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison & 1,000 Lashes

Tens of thousands of Germans gather in Dresden to oppose emboldened anti-immigrant right wing

Paris attacks: Hamas condemns Charlie Hebdo massacre after Netanyahu makes comparison to Gaza

This is NOT a cartoon, but it is offensive

Religion In The Comics - 008

From 2012: A little patience, please, for the Arab Spring vs the French Revolution

What's more important. A kiss, or your phone?

Department of Energy challenges $54M in fines over nuke dump

Trickle Down economics is a Hoax is up to 1300 likes! are you one?

Columbus (GA) native killed by (Iowa Police Officer's) stray bullet

Sunday is the 14th Annual No Pants Subway Ride

Documents Show Earlier Effort to Link Dershowitz to Epstein Scandal

Russia says drivers must not have 'sex disorders

Settler shoots Palestinian in village south of Hebro

We’re glad we chose to be mothers in our teens

The shale oil revolution is in danger

Dick Cheney Targeted By Anti-Torture Protesters (orange jumpsuits arrive at Casa Dick)

Former MIT professor ‘robs bank,’ films ‘heist’

Israeli forces shoot 2 Palestinian youths with live fire in Burin

Assuming you have no disability, have you ever parked in a Disabled Parking spot

Teacher Allegedly Had Sex with Teen While Out on Bail for Sex with Teens

NASA Releases Three Fantastic Posters of Humans on Exoplanets

Doctor missed birth while having sex with patient, documents say