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Getting it of my chest: Why is it that?

This needs to posted and shared everywhere

Newfound Exoplanets Are Most Earth-Like Yet

What Paul Ryan tweeted to Christie, after the Packer win:


Nordic Model: a balance of regulated capitalism, universal social welfare, political democracy, and

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 12 January 2015

Cowboys Only Needed 2 Yards....

Crispies reaction to thinking Dez made the catch.

Payton's old.

U.S. airstrike in Syria may have killed 50 civilians

Texas police officer who used stun gun on 76-year-old 'did nothing wrong'

A quite understandable misunderstanding

When I try to copy a Photobucket link Adblock blocks the link with a black strip

Croatia elects first female president

These koalas have been burnt in bushfires, and they need mittens

The Debate is Over


HI Lounge!

As a Lions fan ...... Cowboys fans can .....

2 Tuskegee Airmen die in Los Angeles at 91 on the same day

It took GWB THREE DAYS to get to NYC after 9/11, so...

Chris Hedges - We have engineered the rage of the dispossessed (warning - may scare some)


Old Economy Steve meme

What Can We Do To Lessen The Grip Of Fear From Terrorism?

R CRUMB… (Warning: graphic heavy)

aww, Maggie Simpson at the end of the Simpson was waving a flag and

Obsession with white skin - from Shia Chat site

I seriously love shooting down discussions on FreeRepublic.

‘Charlie Hebdo, Before the Massacre’

Ah, the good old days of cable TV...

President Obama Doesn't Go to Paris March; Right Wingers React as Only They Can

Susan Galloway & Linda Stephens

Religious leaders honor prominent Muslim voice of Southern California

The Laffer Curve Has Flatlined

A million Filipinos join Catholic procession as nation readies for papal visit

So is El Supremo going to pull a cboy and and say that Payless will go into

Group of fourth-grade girls planned to kill their teacher with hand sanitizer, police say

Saw a beautiful magnetic-cover scene of Refrigerator Art for only $110 recently.

Bishop says interfaith dialogue can be a model for French society

I just returned from a week in Paris

Just finished this one

"Why Elizabeth Warren Won't Run"

Pot makes you jump from buildings... 60 Minutes.

Afghanistan at crossroads again

My wife and I had a small dinner party tonight.

I'll pass.

More Than 250 Animals Found New Homes With Help Of Macy’s Union Square Display

Five years ago today, a horrific humanitarian disaster unfolded in Haiti

Terrorist toons for today (added a couple)

Christie watches Cowboys lose, then takes some ribbing from GOP rivals

Labor History in 2:00 1-11-15

Tax cuts were never intended to increase tax revenues, so stop saying that

Moral Mondays is coming to Albany!

Lithium plant to bring 400 jobs to Imperial Valley

Why Is This Giant Cell Phone Tower Smack Dab in the Middle of an Elementary School Playground?!

Sign Petition to Stop Veolia Union Busting vs USW 8751 Boston School Bus Union

Sign Petition to Stop Veolia Union Busting vs USW 8751 Boston School Bus Union

Sign Petition to Stop Veolia Union Busting vs USW 8751 Boston School Bus Union

Do I owe someone an apology?

Is a Clinton Revival Timed-Out?

Democrats, in a stark shift in messaging, to make big tax-break pitch for middle class:

AirAsia flight QZ8501: Flight data recorder retrieved; search underway for cockpit recorder

Ruling says ex-Groveland cop unfairly fired (for union organizing!)

Workers: the poor orphans of the US economic boom

Divers Retrieve 1 of 2 Black Boxes From Crashed AirAsia Jet

Watch: Maggie Gyllenhaal Just Gave a Perfect Golden Globes Speech

Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary review – a radical Indian royal in the heart of empire

History 'Will Be Very Generous' To Obama

Day-Old Congress Most Hated Ever

The American people don't want a revolution despite Elizabeth Warren's sounds of alarm for...

Tribes join effort to keep Yellowstone grizzlies protected

Men’s Rightsers offer innovative new theory about rape and feminism.

Christie And The Cowboys-Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Democrats, in a stark shift in messaging, to make big tax-break pitch for middle class

Pacific sunset from Mt. Tamalpais

Tuesday in Texas: Bad Bills and Educational Robin Hood for the Rich

Union calls for reinstatement of fired United flight attendants

Union calls for reinstatement of fired United flight attendants

Union calls for reinstatement of fired United flight attendants

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Attended Paris Anti-Terror March Over France's Objections

Trigger happy Cop

One Student's Epic Tweets Call Out the Biggest Hypocrites Marching for Free Speech In Paris

From a Teacher: Brace Yourself, Rhode Island!

A Reminder that We Cannot Allow Fear Power Over Us

Beautiful and Powerful image.

Rant: I'm really hating Common Core, or at least how it's being applied.

Joe Buck: Am I Drunk ?

Watching a Smithsonian Channel doc about flight attendants.

"History Will Be Very Kind To Obama"

Two fires at large U.S. oil refineries

To all the "yes but" folks


Get your free bumper sticker 'Warren for President'


Elizabeth Warren's response to Third Way Criticisms: 'Oh Please'

Kerry urges rapid growth in US-India trade, commercial ties

Chris Christie throwing fit in Wisconsin.

Drug shown to prevent and treat diabetes in mice

Compare and contrast (how anti-Semitism is viewed) (left vs. right)

Rochdale, England: dog takes train, comes home okay

Daily Holidays -January 12

Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has found a part of Obamacare he loves

California revenue soars, even as tax-cutting states feel the pinch

Fox News 'terror expert' says everyone in Birmingham is a Muslim: Twitter reacts with #foxnewsfacts

Just a little bit of sanity

Caribbean Island Says Goodbye Fossil Fuels, Hello 100% Renewable Electricity

Republican Congressional hopeful praying for a miracle.

I Am Hyper Cacher

Colombia keen to woo Malaysian oil palm, O&G investments

Fairy Tail Narrator, Actor Bob Magruder Passes Away

"Ahmed Merabet's eulogy is the most important thing you'll read on Charlie Hebdo"

Old Gas Stations

Peru planning 'second Machu Picchu' in Chachapoya

New Bayit Yehudi hopeful was detained by Shin Bet for anti-disengagement plot

Watch these 3 young girls PREACH it!

Scientist tackles mystery of Greek astronomical mechanism

Medieval woodland ‘threatened’ by Haywards Heath homes plan

Warren touts racial equality in speech

There is so much more to flying frogs than flying frogs

The Distorted Exaggeration of Black-on-Black Crime Ignores Much of America's Criminality

The Reality Tale of Two Education Systems: One for the Poor, and One for the Rest

Republicans are the real wealth redistributors

NYPD's Work Stoppage Backfire: Arrest Rates Plummet At No Cost to Public Safety

"Obama a No Show at Paris Rally"

Paris attacks: France to deploy 10,000 troops

Homelessness Isn't Inevitable Rather A Manifestation of a Society that Is Sorely Lacking in Justice

Historic Tokyo Bank Heist

Site list please.

If Obama HAD gone to the Paris rally....



Measles outbreak at Disneyland linked to non-vaccinations

I stopped liking Bill Cosby 25 years ago. Here's the story.

Fox says Dish 'censoring' the news Fox personality makes claim in a commercial

East Grinstead ‘totally out of bounds for non-Scientologists’ says Fox News

obama asked GWB to go to France but he was drunk.

Talking out their butt when it comes to child support dependent kids in NE

White House rejects petitions to fire prosecutors who drove FOI activist Aaron Swartz to suicide.

US coin trivia question

-32C here today (feels like -39) according to the weather channel.


I saw George Zimmerman getting into a BMW X6 or X7

Child living in remains of home destroyed by Israel dies from freezing weather in Gaza

Angry right’s secret playbook:

Kelly: Nebraska politics not as simple as Democrats vs. Republicans

Cairo 'debauchery' bath house men acquitted

Customers waiting in long lines robbed in Caracas (Spanish)

Meme of the Week – January 11th

Terrorist attack thwarted in north-west China, six suspected militants killed

Obama to host summit to fight violent extremism

Charlie Hebdo: A failure of policy

Officials say suicide bombing kills 12 people in Iraq

Why didn't Obama send Biden to the Paris rally?

Juan Cole: After Paris attacks, could David Duke style Racist Parties Sweep to Power in Europe?

Report: Russian spy agency sought to recruit Snowden

Choosing strains for flu vaccine an inexact science with potentially deadly consequences

French app to show support for Je Suis Charlie campaign approved in one hr after contacting Tim Cook

Can we please set the record straight regarding France's reaction to the murder of Jewish

Why didn't Utøya inspire the reaction that Paris has?

I was watching "Jaws: The Inside Story" .............

Foreign ministers gather in Berlin to seek Ukraine progress

Funny French Photoshopping of Sarkozy

This is what many are clamoring POTUS should have attended?

The Most Feminist Moments Of The 2015 Golden Globes

Human Rights Campaign under fire for corporate shilling

Koterba toon: Remember former US Congressman Terry? (R-NE)

Blixa Bargeld is 56 today

No One Is Safe From Backlash When Criticizing the Police, Even the Police

US: Cuba completes release of 53 political prisoners

We are so screwed UPDATE: HuffPo ranks the 2016 "Presidential contenders." Screwed. Really screwed.

This One Activity is Proven to be the Best Brain Workout Available!

John Kerry heads to France amid criticism of Obama

Utøya vs. Paris

Oil prices drop on Goldman downgrade, European stocks spike

Supreme Court rejects Louisiana same-sex marriage case, takes no action on 4 others

Drowning Cajun Country

ALBUQUERQUE: Charges to be filed Monday against APD officers in Boyd shooting

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler show Cosby how to tell a Cosby rape joke

Daily Kos: Obama To Disband the Marine Corps

The Punching Pastor's Resume is Posted.

Kathleen Parker: Sharpton does more harm than good

All this Cosby stuff reminds me of an old Eddie Murphy stand up bit...

TOM TOMORROW: And Then - The Hot Takes

Iran eclipses U.S. as Iraq's ally in fight against militants

NAFTA scrutiny of oilsands tailings ponds opposed by Canada

When Earth was a frozen Snowball (BBC)

Boxing: the Heavyweights!

This McDonald's commercial offends me

Nice. George Clooney speech at Golden Globes...

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 12, 2015

Facebook facepalm of the day.

Sudden Thunder From the Center-Left -make big tax-break pitch for middle class

If Chemicals were Partygoers... (much funnier than I thought chemistry could be)...

The trip that changed national parks forever (BBC) {John Muir centenary}

Extremist Cubs fans kill 12 (not really)

Supreme Court won't hear dispute over DUI blood tests

AZ: Phoenix Transit Workers May Strike During Super Bowl

Good Summary - "Supreme Court rejects Louisiana gay marriage case, takes no action on four others."

'Frozen conflicts': Democracies decline to uphold their own values

Golden Retreiver puppy loving baby:

The New Chevy Volt (and Bolt)

Must see, iconic image from yesterday's March for National Unity in France:

Idea for gas terminal off East Coast rankles fracking foes

The Clash of Civilizations | James Howard Kunstler

Margaret Cho's Golden Globes Bit Accused Of Racism

Idea of reform is no assault on police

Monday Toon Roundup 1-GOP

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Cartoonists

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Sen. Sanders: Listen to the Scientists (tar sands pipeline, climate change, terror attacks)

Seeing J.K. Rowlings on the front page

BUSTED! The world leaders did not "march" in Paris.

Piano stores closing across US as fewer children taking up instrument, some deterred by cost

It's cheaper to reimburse for gas right now than to pay the mileage rate

Ohio police-union campaign urges support for cops

TYT: Billionaire Terrified Of Obama

LOL. Brownback To Propose Tax Revenue Increase To Help Fill Budget Gap

Faux's crazy "judge" goes off the deep end...

Side question: is any 20th-century writer as equally cited by both the right and left as Orwell is?

Faux "news" calls Obama "obstructionist."

Religious Bias Issues Debated After Atlanta Mayor’s Dismissal of Fire Chief

Phi Kappa Psi reinstated after investigation finds no 'substantive basis' for Rolling Stone allegati

Fox pundit: Paris was terrorized because French people have smartphones instead of guns

A comment I just posted to a NY Times article about de Blasio's "missteps"

TYT: The Issue Americans Worry About Most Is Absolutely Right

Nearly 20 years after Columbine, Americans still think Eric Harris was an unpopular outcast

Ted Cruz to oversee NASA

China has just banned the burqa in its biggest Muslim city

TYT: Megyn Kelly Schools Bill Donohue

Denis Leary: Racism isn't born, folks...

Cops probe 'embassy orgy'

Supreme Court rejects new challenge to Obamacare law

TYT: Palestine’s Latest Tactic Enrages US & Israel

Democrats' Plan Would Benefit Middle Class, Target Rich

Lame Duck Dynasty? Obama Goes it Alone...and Up Goes His Approval Rating

Sam Seder: Whats With Politicians Fetishizing About Cutting Social Security?

Education Secretary Says Administration Is Committed to Testing.

What's round on the ends and hi in the middle?

'White Genocide' Billboard Appears On Alabama Highway

UK Prime Minister on Fox News 'Expert:' "Clearly a Complete Idiot"

'White Genocide' Billboard Appears On Alabama Highway

And while his team is out of the playoffs, the controversy over Christie’s acceptance of gifts from

Pope Francis Says No to Fracking

Question: How many expats here used "Right of Return" laws

Students Return to Peshawar School After Taliban Massacre

Scottish nurse with Ebola shows signs of improvement

New Mexico lawmakers eye hemp production bill

McDonald's to cut 8 menu items, intro Clementine Oranges in January

In resort towns, working class squeezed out as rich move in

January Photo Contest: Peace

Where are Jeb Bush's brats now?

January Photo Contest: Peace

Lest an art history teachable moment pass, Delacroix. It's not about 1789

GOP Congress Threatens Overseas Family Planning

GOP Congress Threatens Overseas Family Planning

Ohio Superintendent Resigns, Charges Dropped In Connection To Rape Case

Sam Seder- GOP, Day 1: Attack Seniors and Disabled

Interpol puts ex-Ukraine president Yanukovych on wanted list

We need to talk about Common and John Legend last night

Supreme Court declines to hear appeals in California water dispute

So how cold is it?

These Before-And-After Photos Show Saddest Dog Ever Become A Smiley Sweetheart

Paid trolls? Somebody is funding this seminar. BUSTED!

Paris attacks suspect entered Syria on Jan. 8, Turkey says

Kerry Defends Absence, goes to Paris Thursday.

DA: Albuquerque Police Officers Charged with Murder in Shooting of Homeless Man

France to deploy 5,000 police to Jewish schools

Some of history's nastiest insults...

Twitterloin: not a San Francisco neighborhood (we hope)

Sally Roesch Wagner: South Dakota's Reincarnator of Suffragists

Claire McCaskill won’t run for Missouri governor in 2016

Salvaging the Ecosystem after Salvage Logging

Obamacare appeal among cases supreme court declines to take up

A recent PEW poll shows a majority of people support gun rights over gun control.

Honest NFL Headlines: Divisional Round - A rule makes us sympathize with the the Cowboys???

Time to Pay Religion the Disrespect It Deserves

just talked with the vet about formerly fat cat's labs - updated

Today is five years since Haiti was devastated by that horrific earthquake

You can tell the anti-gay marriage people are getting desperate...

Cop and cat

OWH feature: How a serial stalker was finally stopped ('Absolute, 24-hour-a-day terror')

Petition to Boehner and Republicans not to cut Social Security.

Breaking - Fugg- CENTCOM Twitter hacked

Steubenville rape cover-up charges dropped against school superintendent

Pats-Pack, please

Poisonous Plants and Flowers for Cats (and dogs too!)

Ben Carson is no longer a doctor.

To the naked eye, it appears that the Cowpies may have gotten hosed.

Indiana couple arrested after filming baby putting gun in mouth

How DU felt about Jeb Bush in 2004

Why would this be locked after a jury voted overwhelmingly not to hide it?

Goa, India: government to open 'therapy centers' to 'cure' gay youth

Cable News, 1860

Unearthed Talking Heads Concert From 1980

Solar Cell Polymers with Multiplied Electrical Output

The Rude Pundit - Terrorists Must Be Dealt With (If They Attack Westerners)

Boko Haram

US Centcom Twitter account 'hacked by Islamic State'

ACLU Seeks Supreme Court Review in Wisconsin Voter ID Case

Pic Of The Moment: Fox News: Making America Dumb Since 1996

California's Almonds Suck as Much Water Annually as Los Angeles Uses in Three Years

Kaiser's 2,600 Mental Health Workers Strike in California

Doing the Happy Dance! We have a contest theme and it is "PEACE" - should you miss the tagged post

CENTCOM Social Media Accounts Hacked by Apparent ISIS Supporters

Rick Scott for President?

Video: 'My Husband's Not Gay' Reality Show Faces Backlash (updated with second link)

Video: 'My Husband's Not Gay' Reality Show Faces Backlash

George Zimmerman bails out and arrest video is released, but not yet

Disturbing Article - 1 In 3 University Of North Dakota Men Surveyed Would Rape A Woman If They Could

How Will History Judge Barack Obama?

Pastor: I punched a kid ‘as hard as I could’ for ‘not taking the Lord serious’

Lee Terry to join D.C. law firm as senior adviser

Oh come ON, WTF with this RIDICULOUS WH press if Bush would have gone to France?

January 12, 1876

Why the Charlie Hebdo attack goes far beyond religion and free speech

CENTCOM Twitter & Youtube accounts hacked

Santorum Calls Possible GOP Rivals ‘Bomb Throwers’

Whoa ....... I wish I could throw like this!

Gavin Newsom Won’t Seek California Senate Seat

McCamy Reports: Employers go to SCOTUS to Demand Their Right to a Hand Slap and a Token Fine

So Paris shootings had nothing to do with Religion

Got him!

Yeah, we're screwed.

White House: US should have sent other officials to Paris

Ring of Fire: New Congress Will Bring Frightening Compromises

8 Dumb Quotes About Science From New NASA Overseer Ted Cruz

Fox was right about Birmingham

New Missouri Bill Would Permit Christian College Groups To Discriminate Against Gay Students

Exclusive: Cuba has freed all 53 prisoners as agreed in U.S. deal - U.S. officials

Yorkville Endoscopy, where Joan Rivers had last surgery, losing accreditation

Savannah man, 22-year-old Matthew Ojibade, dies in restraining chair while in police custody

This Guy Blasted John Lennon’s “Imagine” To The Paris Crowd And The Response Gave Me Chills

Murdered Police Officer Ahmed Merabet's Brother Malek Says Charlie Hebdo Terrorists 'Pretend To...

Cops find loaded gun in Tennessee woman’s vagina

Saudi Cleric Says Building Snowmen is “Un-Islamic” (It Leads To Eroticism) LOLZ

Pope Francis Denounces Religious Fundamentalism That Inspired France Attacks, Mideast Conflict

I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart. Anne Frank

Ugh, Notepad++ was hacked for naming their new release Je suis Charlie

Did We Set the Next Generation Up for Fascism?

Surprise: Nancy Grace wrong about marijuana

GM reveals their 200 mile range, $30k electric car and it isn't ugly.

It’s all but official: Republicans sent Brad Ashford to Capitol Hill

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 13: Star of the Month: Robert Redford

Vegas Cop Gets To Keep Job Despite Obama Gun Photo, Calling For 'Race War'

Cue the obligatory "Ted Cruz Uranus" jokes in 5...4...3...2...1

Effects of Religion, An Informal & St00pid Analysis

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 14: Cinematography by Charles Lawton, Jr.

I find it interesting how much the activity in GC&RKBA declined after someone posted these links

Interesting anecdote on why firearms knowledge can be important.

Keystone fight isn’t over yet, landowners’ lawyer says

if Bush was President Nobody would Care if he went

Snce we are trying to start this room up again i think we can start a thread praying for peace.

95-Year-Old Newlywed Dies After Wife Taken Away

Stormy Monday, 1/12/15

UVA Fraternity Reinstated After Rolling Stone Article on Rape

Novel new law prompts towns to agree to rescind gun measures

Per Day Cost Of War Is Absolutely Amazing

So, Ted Cruz is now in charge of NASA funding

Remember the time Petraeus said John Kiriakou HAD to face prosecution for leaking classified info?

US invents new countries and teaches them to live right

W Post: The AFL-CIO is on sound political ground to push for wage increases

Mugshot extortion outlawed under bill – Palm Beach Post

Egypt's Crackdown On Gays Includes Disturbing Medical Exam

Ring of Fire: Wall Street’s Happy New Year

Newspapers also attacked in Belgium and Germany, EU and USA to increase cooperation

Sounds like a nepotism/crony bill is in the works in FL to hide university intern positions

We Have Engineered the Rage of the Deluded

Doesn't it just warm your heart that Conservatives/Republicans SUDDENLY care about the French?

As I type this ...

USDOT installs Feinberg as acting FRA administrator

Paris suspect Said Kouachi was roommate of 'underwear bomber': Reports

I'm having a hard time with the distinction being made between political & apolitical mass shootings

Hollande asked Netanyahu not to attend Paris memorial march

Congress wants to get involved in international negotiations with

Texas Bill Would Strip State Workers Of Salaries If They License Gay Marriages

This is what has become of NFL football:

What's the difference between Bob Graham and the Clintons on the Iraq fiasco? Honest truth.

South Dakota Same Sex Marriage Ban Struck down

Murdered and missing aboriginal women deserve inquiry, rights group says (CBC)

Saudi cleric condemns snowmen as anti-Islamic

Judge rules SD same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

Paul Ryan Won't Run for President in 2016

'Save California' Group Wants National Guard Deployed To Stop Gay Couples' Marriages

Russian Banks Plead for Interest Rate Cut as Borrowing Costs Spiral

With Libertarians Like the Koch Brothers, Who Needs the State?

Late Show with Stephen Colbert Begins Sept. 8th. Will you watch?

Senate Procedural Vote on Keystone today at 5:30pm ET

The shocking horror of free community college

Metro Suspends Green and Yellow Line For 'Smoke' At L'Enfant Plaza

Would you consider unlocking a thread?

NYC is promoting it's new free ID card program w/ free admissions to museums

Depressed and Disgusted About The Plight of America's Wolves

Beyond NYPD crisis, New York mayor's first year marked by innovation (Christian Science Monitor)

Harlem "preacher" now says Obama made deals with ISIS and Al-Qaeda...

Two male comedians discuss the Cosby due process "cop out"

January Photo Contest

So, the moron who called Birmingham a "no-go zone" for non muslims is on the BBC apologizing

Social cost of climate change too low, Stanford scientists say (should be $220/ton, not $37)

Peter Paul and Mary... "This Land Is Your Land".... written by Woodie Guthrie

Charlie Hebdo Cover Features Muhammad Holding 'Je Suis Charlie' Sign

Contrasting Paris Demonstrations : "Leaders" vs the people

Prosecutor: Probable Cause to Charge 2 Albuquerque Officers

Justice Department Aryan Brotherhood of Texas Prosecutions Complete

Truly Puke-Inducing! Brownback Honks About "Crisis Of Families" As Source Of Economic Woes


John Fox out as Broncos coach

San Francisco burglar grabs pit bull — owner aghast

PLUNDERING AMERICA: THE CUBAN CRIMINAL PIPELINE (Sun-Sentinel 3 part expose of Cuban migration)

PLUNDERING AMERICA: THE CUBAN CRIMINAL PIPELINE (Sun-Sentinel expose of Cuban migration)

FCC Sniper Takes Out Matthew McConaughey To Prevent Live Broadcast Of Profanity

Weiss withdraws his name for undersecretary, will serve as counselor (non confirmable).

Tout est pardonné (All is forgiven), Charlie Hebdo's newest cover

Dianne Feinstein on "Walking Dead"..."Daryl shouldn't have cried in that last episode"

Ohio Replaces Lethal Injection With Humane New Head-Ripping-Off Machine

Being Investigated By Program Integrity Division

Drawing scurrilous cartoons of Mohammed is not just protected speech, it's a good thing to do.

Ben Carson’s Troubling Connection to Company That Promoted Quack AIDS, Cancer Cures

Bill Maher's Atheism: Religion Is The Crystal Meth Of The People

TravelByDrone website; cool videos

Mitt Romney's 2016 Outreach Includes Tea Party Firebrand Laura Ingraham

President Obama's Legacy in Historical Context

Brownback Inaugural: "Immorality is the Root of Kansas Problems"

Proposal wants to make Bible Mississippi's state book

President Obama's Legacy in Historical Context

U.S. Senator Claims Terrorist Sleeper Cells Present In Country

Here's the list of donors to Dick Morris' "Stop Hillary" PAC...

Religious activities in Capitol a daily occurrence during session

Cat lovers, do you know about this site? It is great.

United studies outsourcing up to 2,000 airport jobs

Warren Wins: Obama Treasury Pick Bows Out Of Nomination Process

CNN's Jake Tapper throws a fit over Obama's absence from the Paris rally

An avocado a day may help keep bad cholesterol at bay

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Newspaper Edits Female World Leaders Out of Charlie Hebdo March

Wolf Blitzer says he has seen a picture of the dead terrorist's gf in a bikini.

Canada stands tall in global fight against depression (Globe & Mail)

Hey Right Wingers, Are You Really SURE You Want To Make An Issue Out Of Valerie Jarrett?

Really weird houses

BPA alternative disrupts normal brain-cell growth, is tied to hyperactivity

It Was Murder: Paleontologists Determine Dinosaurs Were Killed By Someone They Trusted

Charges: Woman passed out in trooper's driveway said address is '28780 I'm Drunk'

Steve Emerson tells BBC he's sorry for calling Birmingham 'totally Muslim'

Cardale Jones on going to college:

Progressives Doubt Obama Will Protect Social Security From GOP

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Radioactive leak reported at TVA nuclear plant in North Alabama

Has the Philippine Catholic Church broken away from Rome?

Unpaid interns charged £300 for a job reference

Who is cashing on on this whipped up fear across the planet?

I sure don't agree with KO on this:

Divide and conquer the middle class on the minimum wage

Quadriplegic man forced off flight by police after pilot said it was unsafe to fly with him on board

Police Brutality's Hidden Victims: The Disabled

Photos: Deer rescued from Snake River diversion dam (Idaho)

Teamsters vote to authorize strike over commercials contract

Comptroller predicts better-than-expected growth in Texas economy

Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov’t fumes