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Archives: January 13, 2015

In Stark Contrast, Albuguerque Cops Charged with Murder of Homeless Man

A nice gesture.

When it is so cold outside you don't even want to walk to your car you warmed up with the remote...

Need some book suggestions to break up your wintertime monotony? Check out these tomes

YOu know Tweety is one lazy man

Ted Cruz, Longtime Foe Of NASA And Science, Will Oversee NASA And Science In New Congress

Walkergate: Collaboration? What Collaboration? Oh, THAT Collaboration!

Times Reporter Will Not Be Called to Testify in Leak Case, Lawyers Say

(Omaha) Tuesday could be coldest day so far this winter; warmer weather on the way

Virginia county requiring homeschool KIDS to request religious exemption - possibly explain beliefs

Republican senator Ted Cruz to oversee Nasa in Congress

The Fix is In!! | Philip A. Farruggio

“I Am Selma”

"Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris"

Tweety berates President Obama again.

New California Law Requires Doctor’s Note For Vaccine Exemptions… But There’s An Out

Pope Francis slams ‘deviant forms of religion’ after Charlie Hebdo attack

Wisconsin legislator tries to shift the dialogue on charter schools, gets schooled

Good News: NYPD did not make a move for the Die In protesters in #GrandCentral tonight

Luckovich Toon- Easily Distracted

A musical tribute to my French compatriots..."À la Volonté du Peuple"

Charlie Hebdo new cover

UCLA-led study shows how rivers of meltwater on Greenland’s ice sheet contribute to rising sea level

Fulton school chief to Georgia Legislature: Raise teacher pay. Lower time spent on testing.

Congressman asks feds to probe E-ZPass data access by Port Authority

Chilcot Iraq report should be published before election, say MPs

I can almost imagine #foxnewsfacts becoming a dismissive meme like "talk to the hand"

Rummy Goes There: Donald Rumsfeld Shows his Colors

"Nebraska court clears pipeline route..." (or how the media keeps people stupid)

Gonna be one of those days

If Obama had gone to France (or sent a representative), the GOP would have complained about that too

"Imagine" de Lennon à la marche républicaine du 11 Janvier

Police: As many as 6 Paris terror suspects may be at large

Radicalization of prisoners discussed at Canadian roundtable

Help wanted

One dead after smoke fills Metro station, forcing evacuation

Venezuela Just Had A 'Let Them Eat Cake' Moment

I torpedoed a LARGE Papa John's pizza order.

A musical tribute to my French compatriots..."À la Volonté du Peuple"

Some of my computer art from the olden days (dial-up warning)

Venezuela Just Had A 'Let Them Eat Cake' Moment

Fox News goes full Fox News in its contract dispute with Dish Network

Well, it's been a heck of a bird day.

Wall Street Democrats can’t get away with it anymore, because the whole world is watching

Kindle Users: Are Kindle books cheaper if u have Prime?

Weekly print run of 3,000,000 for CHARLIE--usual run is 60,000

Little recourse seen for Democrats on Social Security rule change

"Dear parents, you are being lied to"

Hilarious Cat Afraid of Peas

Major squee factor!

Bakery employee allegedly threw nuts and bolts into granola in attempt to get work break

House Budget Chair Signals Big Social Security Reforms A-Coming

This is in trending now...

This is in trending now...

Fox "Terrorism Expert" Steve Emerson Says Listening to His Own Words Is "Like Waterboarding"

Rise in mass die-offs seen among birds, fish and marine invertebrates

Kamala Harris To Run For California Senate Seat: Reports

In honor of new GOP Senate brothers build snow McConnell in their front yard

Uh uh.

Divers retrieve cockpit voice recorder of crashed AirAsia jet: MetroTV

Our Trade Policy is Insane

Who the heck is Bunda and why does she want to be my friend?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Faux Pas! & a new Kittehs gif


OHI? Isn't that a town in California? >>

Of the 3 French Muslim attackers, did the youngest surrender or die?

Exclusive: Ukraine tensions keep Putin away from Auschwitz anniversary

Liam Neeson on Charlie Hebdo & gun control. Gun control in the US is a [expletive] disgrace.

I've got a new rescue baby coming this week!

Labor History in 2:00 1-12-15 Pro-labor Catholic Priest, Father James Renshaw Cox

France: Le Pen Senior says Charlie Hebdo is "anarchist and Trotskyist"

Need help finding the name of a movie...

The Charlie Hebdo cartoons no one is showing you.

Ted Cruz, Longtime Foe Of NASA And Science, Will Oversee NASA And Science In New Congress

I am almost physically ill about the lack of a dominant American politician at the French


China's censorship of period drama cleavage provokes outrage

Artisanal vegan cheese comes into its own

House again backs bill to lower suicide rate among vets.

Nikon 1200-1700mm "The Tuna" Helps French Photogs Capture Hostage Situation from a Safe Distance

Ebola Clue Lurks in 10 Million Zambian Bats

Forrest Gump actor (& Bobby Jindal) to speak for group that thinks homosexuality can be ‘cured’

Need help:Today someone posted a graphic or list of how the right would react if PBO DID go to Paris

Texas Monthly’s Paul Burka, hailed as best, scourge of ‘worst,’ retiring

Israeli settlers chop down 300 olive trees south of Hebron

Elizabeth Warren's Economic Agenda

Proposed pilot contract would raise American’s 2015 labor costs by $650 million

Fox News host calls for mass murder of Islamists in unhinged rant

Elizabeth Warren wins: Banker drops out of Treasury job nomination

New charge filed in Tomball hospital standoff's tennis columnists suck ...... 15 paragraphs of nothing from Peter Bodo

Nebraska Board of Ed member says he did not write racist (Obama) blog post

Elderly doctor and pharmacist illegally dealt more than 1.6 million pain pills

Heh. Bet he wishes he hadn't displayed his lack of compassion for humanity before they're finished

Randy weber somehow managed to work Hitler into the Obama/Paris debate

Charlie Hebdo and the hypocrisy of pencils.

Hacking of Korea's nuclear operator raises risk of aging reactor closures

Study says Insure Tennessee could bring $1.14B to state

30 years ago Tuesday: U.S. premiere of 'Threads'

Cop shoots cop in Albuquerque during meth deal gone wrong.

Social Security won't seize tax refunds to collect old debts

Welfare: Being Investigated by "Program Integrity Division" (CA)

NCAA said to reconsider sanctions against Paterno, Penn State

CNN: Iowa Senator Joni Ernst adjusting to life in Washington ("Chopper! Sic balls!" )

Lapid: Netanyahu represented 'pushy' Israelis in Paris

I am so thankful this man is still with us and still making the world a better place...

Stay Out

Divers retrieve 2nd black box from AirAsia crash

10 Democrats vote with GOP to advance Keystone bill.

The Unsinkable Jerry Brown

Ted Cruz Just Auditioned to Be the Right's Bold Leader in 2016, and Conservatives Loved It

Jimmy Kimmel just brought up his pet "cause..."

Beagle 2 Mars lander’s remains may have been spotted on red planet

Rahm Emanuel Hits 50 Percent in Poll (could avoid runoff)

Beagle found on Mars, press conference Friday


Ezekiel Elliott!

It's awfully quiet in this forum!! Where are the haters and whiners!!

Tech shuttles: Union seeks to organize more Silicon Valley bus drivers

Hey El! LOL

Zoo in Scotland closed, owner fined for poor care

Where's trumas?

Scenarios for going/not going to the French staged photo-op....

Dear Activists.

Dublin priest says he is gay during Mass – receives standing ovation

Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food

Ohio State is #1

Hey! Who is the National Champion?

Amid Tears, Charlie Staff Laughs as a Pigeon Poops on Hollande's shoulder.

B1G haters and TCU boosters check in, please.

Interesting dynamic in this playoff.

Why Are You Not Dead Yet? (In response to all the anti-vaxxers and anti-science folks these days)

Ohio State runs over Oregon 42-20 to capture national title

Rush Limbaugh's Downfall

Kamala Harris expected to announce for U.S. Senate tomorrow

France Rises For Freedom & The World Rises With Them

Hey!! The BIG 10 won the National Championship. I guess all of you whiners

Charlie Hebdo tribute: The Simpsons fly 'Je Suis Charlie' flag

2004: How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk sign open letter warning of a robot uprising

Will the Bush family ever return Geronimo's remains?

While we were fixated on Paris: "Piles of bodies"

Paris attacks play into Israeli right wing’s hands

David Cameron preparing for Obama trip with sideways cap and ‘rap music’

US exacts cyber-revenge by installing Clippy on ISIS computers

How did Fox News' Birmingham blunder make it to air? Because everything else does

Is there a way to cancel an alert?

We've lost the "War On Terror"

Daily Holidays -January 13

Romberg: Anti-Semitism is underreported story in Europe

UN to Hold Meeting Jan. 22 on Growth of Anti-Semitism

French Jewish community ponders its future after Paris attacks

a friend who has travelled the Middle East more than anyone I know wrote this response on FB

Thirty years later, Hattab family loses another member to anti-Semitism

Charlie Hebdo: first they came for the cartoonists, then they came for the Jews

Spike in Autism Numbers Might Reflect Rise in Awareness

Oil rout takes Brent to near six-year low


Germany's Tea Party has same problems as US Tea Party

Is it legal to take advantage of woo-believers?

The difference between a verb and an adjective.

Did Scott Walker Just Become the Newest Obamacare Defender?

Regarding Jan 7th Paris Terror attack conspiracy theories


A Black Woman Was Shot Dead By Police—Where's the National Outcry?

The Angry Right's Secret Playbook

Charlie Hebdo Publishes Its Next Issue After the Attack on Its Offices (with Cover Image)


I've been having trouble with advanced search. After typing in all the info I have,

Kansas has no women in elected statewide offices

One Student's Epic Tweets Call Out the Biggest Hypocrites Marching for Free Speech In Paris

Is the U.S. Crazy?

If you want a deeper understanding of the Paris attacks, read this.

Much Of America Still Hasn't Recovered From The Recession

Venezuelan Shortages, Long Lines Spark Violence, Arrests

Train Service Resumes After "Suspicious" Fire at Penn Station: FDNY

University of Pittsburgh researcher uses stem cells from the eye to repair damaged corneas

TOSU is gonna be good for a while

What subject creates the biggest Flame War on DU?

Mitt Romney says he considered going to France but ....

Frankly I wish that the President would come out for breathing, eating and periodic hydration...

So when is the price of food coming down?

Chris Christie’s Jersey nightmare: Why his state hasn’t touched the economic recovery

As Top Democrats Embrace a Robin Hood Tax, It’s Time for Activists to Go Big

Freedom of speech or provocation?

Could someone please post a photo of Supertramp's

Republicans need to quit robbing Americans & Democrats need a backbone.

Sarkozy is really upset at attacks? HERE IS THE REAL REASON.

A Glimpse at the Voter Base that the GOP has Built in the South

Group delivers urine sample cups to WI lawmakers in protest of plans to drug test those on welfare

The Governor's perfect State

Paris towards militarization, Europe to follow

Article: My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward


More Evidence That Public Beats Private in Education

Reality or The Onion? Dang it gets so hard to tell from just a headline these days!

Taion D=Out

A Threat to Unionize, and Then Benefits Trickle In for Players

Morning Joe discusses possible Romney run, doesn't mention the 47% video...

Toon: Muhammed, Jesus and Buddah walk into a bar...

"More state power, not free speech, the likeliest we-are-Charlie result"

Maddow: Until I saw this, I didn't understand. Paris sings Imagine.

Al-Qaeda gains ground in Yemen as country descends into civil war

How Free Is Free Speech in America?

Ted Nugent up for Best Album of 2014

Ted Nugent up for Best Album of 2014

Elizabeth Warren wins on Antonio Weiss nomination Antonio Weiss pulls out of Treasury slot

Women are not permitted to speak in churches 1 Corinthians 14:35

Unions intensifying attacks on new emerging free-trade pact

Clint Eastwood treats Iraq like Iwo Jima. Will Americans really go for this horseshit?

Conservatives are now free-speech warriors. Where were they during repression of Occupy Wall St?

House of Cards Season 3 Trailer

Elizabeth Warren Stands Up: Antonio Weiss Goes Down

Boko Haram crisis: Why it is hard to know the truth in Nigeria

Baked Kale

Could the Oil Bust Last?

Iran's Rouhani says countries behind oil price drop will suffer

Dallas Cowboys cheat 10 year old Lions fan out of a clear victory

House Dem Delauro: "TPP would destroy American jobs..."

The Prophet Mohammed: Just Call Me "STEVE"

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: The Sad Cycle

A Corporate Power Grab is Underway, So Where’s the Media?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2:The Rest

Ex-N.Y. governor Pataki ‘seriously considering’ presidential run

Query (thought experiment) for the Day: Are we witnessing or experiencing the inauguration of a...

Paul Krugman: Why GOP Arguments for the Keystone XL Pipeline Are a Sick Joke

Selma (cartoon)

California links 26 measles cases to Disneyland outbreak

Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa Forbidding Snowmen

Media: Friends and Foes of Populists

The French far-right's first priority: eliminating freedom of movement within Europe

Sherrod Brown Wrote Some Pretty Interesting Letters..

Pic Of The Moment: Meet The New Senate Chairman Overseeing NASA And U.S. Science

Detroit: Gabriel Richard Building Promises Over 100 Future Apartments

Former highest-ranking U.S. cardinal blames ‘feminization’ for the Catholic Church’s problems

Dan Gilbert: More big-name retailers coming to Detroit

How Free Is Free Speech in America?

BPA alternative disrupts normal brain-cell growth, is tied to hyperactivity, study says

A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality

Anyone know of pet rescue groups near the russilville area (I'm needing one, now.)

Egyptian student jailed for proclaiming that he is an atheist

New York police chokehold complaints 'not punished'

Washington DC: 1 dead, dozens hurt after Metro car fills with smoke

Millionaire Renounces US Citizenship To Dodge Taxes, Whines When He Can’t Come Back

Westboro Baptist Church Suspended from Twitter!

Tensions boil over in Venezuela in president’s absence

"I Want to be a Voice for Californians:" Kamala Harris Announces Run for Barbara Boxer's Senate Seat

In the USA, a total of 25 staff political cartoonists are employed by the nation’s 1,350 newspapers

Sen. Boxer Proposes Pause For Safety Act

New Calls for Redacted 28 Pages of "9/11 Report" to be Released & VF's "The Kingdom & Towers" Review

Check out this site for gun and gun violence information, provided as a public service.

Texas GOP congressman compares Obama to Hitler...... Again

Trickle Down Economics? More Like Trickle Away Economics!

Westboro Baptist Church Suspended from Twitter!

British prime minister suggests banning some online messaging apps

R. Crumb on Charlie Hedbo and the hairy ass of Muhammed

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Met with Support While Picketing President Wilson (12 jan1917)

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Met with Support While Picketing President Wilson (12jan1917)

Top Story on Google News: Charlie Hebdo mocks Muhammad, #JeSuisCharlie on comeback cover

The 2015 Golden Globe Awards Were Full of Feminist Moments

Israel Buries Four Jewish Victims Of Paris Attack

Man practicing open carry law robbed of gun (Portland, OR)

Boko Haram’s “Deadliest Massacre” Kills Thousands in Nigeria (mostly women, children, elderly)

sprain your wrist on the internet

Boko Haram’s “Deadliest Massacre” Kills Thousands in Nigeria (mostly women, children, elderly)

Europe's Muslims Feel Heat Of Backlash After Paris Terror

US Receives “C” Grade On Reproductive Rights

US Receives “C” Grade On Reproductive Rights

Final AP Top 25 NCAA Football Poll - TCU leaps to #3

America's Top Killing Machine

Mistrial declared in trial of former S.C. police chief charged with murder of unarmed black man

"The Free Press vs. National Security: A False Choice?" with AP President/CEO Gary Pruitt

Hungary's right wing prime minister attends Paris march then demonizes immigrants

Cameroon says 143 Boko Haram fighters killed in clashes

The White House can not say it, so we will have to for them.

Terrorism/Islam Expert Steven Emerson On Fox News - about Birmingham and the no go zones all over

What pit bull activism says about our culture

President of Gambia: gays are "doomed"

For the Love of Carbon

Sad America Is Sad

Next Charlie Hebdo has Mohammed on cover

The photo op that wasnt, for Obama

New York City to End Solitary Confinement for Inmates 21 and Under

Papantonio: Defense Contractors Try To Gut Whistleblowers

Justin Trudeau draws big crowd in Iqaluit

“Charlie Hebdo”, not racist? If you say so… (written in 2013 by and ex-Charlie Hebdo employee)

In Memoriam: Robert Berner

Teapublicans, Communists, and Terrorists have a LOT in common:

Homophobic Lawyer Who Cyberbullied A Gay College Student Loses Again

5-2: Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam: Islamist extremists who don't like the West can 'f*** off'

Is there an IQ test in Texas GOP politics?

Conservative Groups Smear Gun Safety Groups Over "American Sniper" Internet Comments

Papantonio: The Crippling Death of Detroit

Elizabeth Warren: I'm not running for president

One Member of Congress = 18 American Households: Lawmakers’ Personal Finances Far From Average

Jindal to Meet With Henry Jackson Society on his Eurpoean Trip

How You Can Help Find a Missing Child on Facebook With New Amber Alert Feature

Even an Ivy League Grad Can’t Pass the New GED

Lawmaker compares Obama to Hitler in tweet on Paris attack

Short and sweet: “Hand To Mouth” and the rationality of the poor

2016 GOP nomination race shaping up with 3 moderately insane candidates.

For Celebration: an after hour walk at the HQ of "Cirque du Soleil" in Montreal

Do Democrats really want a House Minority Leader worth $100 Million?

Low-energy urbanisation 'can help climate goals' (BBC)

The Rick Smith Show Jan 12, 2015

The goats fighting America's plant invasion (BBC)

Beachbot Draws Lines, Dogs, Turtles in the Sand

We are at war against terrorism, not Islam, French PM says

Yes, religion is part of the reason for the Charlie Hebdo attacks

Wired Interview: Stephen Hawking

Not In My Name

Is Solly Mac among the missing again?

Whenever terrorists attack republicans oblige them using the tragedies to trample on our liberties

"See? I'm not a millionaire (billionaire?) that's going to fuck you and

To understand it, turn it upside down.

This just in.....Elizabeth Warren is STILL not running for President

Kamala Harris launches U.S. Senate bid, begins raising money

Here's what Eric Cantor didn't say

"We Are All - Fill in the Blank" -- Once again, Noam Chomsky Reveals the Hypocrisy

Allan West wonders why he only served on term in Congress?

So question: how can Christians support the death penalty since the Prince of Peace

Kali, did you know there are books about you ?! ... lol

Glenn Beck slams Jebbie and Huckabee!

Domestic Violence Survivors In Prison - Victoria Law Discusses

[Music video] - Skrillex Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley Make It Bun Dem

Whatever became of...

The Rude Pundit - Conservatives Criticizing Obama for Not Going to Paris Are Full of Merde

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Newspaper Edits Female World Leaders Out of Charlie Hebdo Photo

My "WTF?" of the day so far...

Elizabeth Warren, in the Future Tense, Says ‘No’ to 2016 White House Bid

3 out of 7 oil rigs have been idled in Texas since August.

More state power, not free speech, the likeliest we-are-Charlie result

Russia sticks with enhanced military spending despite economic downturn and cuts in

Sinn Fein Leaders Demand Year-Round Shamrock Shake Availability

Millionaire Renounces US Citizenship To Dodge Taxes, Whines When He Can’t Come Back

Fake Jerry Jones - "There is no God."

Indiana Democrat André Carson Will Become First Muslim on Congressional Intelligence Committee

THAT post felt like trolling

Papantonio: Right Wing Extremism Kills People

My wife wants me to be a house husband.

Ohio State Championship Means Free Furniture for Hundreds

Facebook To Post Amber Alerts To Help Find Missing Kids

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Newspaper Edits Female World Leaders Out of Charlie Hebdo Photo

The NFL has no one to coach the Pro Bowl

Who's Going to Die on CSI?....

Get a job

Kim Joun Un to make his first trip out of North Korea since assuming power

Huckabee slams Obama for letting daughters listen to Beyoncé

What is Forrest Gump's password?

Elizabeth Warren: 'People have hearts ......

France extends airstrikes in Iraq on Islamic State group

Louis CK Repeatedly Asks Donald Rumsfeld If He's a Lizard Alien

Swiss to vote on compensation for former child laborers

Pelosi Drills Republicans For Jeopardizing America’s National Security With Reckless Bill

Texas Tea Party Comptroller Fooling Texans About Rising Oil Prices.

Mike Huckabee Is Concerned Marriage Equality Denies Bisexuals Two Spouses

‘It’s about vilifying people’: Group shames Wisc. GOP with urine sample cups over welfare drug tests

Former Staffer Says Working With Sarah Palin Gave Her PTSD (VIDEO)

Huckabee slams Obama for letting daughters listen to Beyoncé

'The Book of Negroes' Latest Trailer.....

Jordan Rakei - A Tribe Called Government

Theo And Beau Welcome New Baby Sister To Their Cuddle Fests

Golden Globes

Space Wood - Objectivity #1

Lawmaker compares Obama to Hitler in tweet on Paris attack

Catholics in Congress: What makes them eager to serve - and electable?

AfriLeaks website to expose abuses in Africa

PBS Doc 'Klansville U.S.A.' (Premieres tonight, January 13, 2015)

WI Republicans Poised To Pass Education Privatization Bill

Undisputed Champs my ass!!!!

U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock assigned to chair Research and Technology Subcommittee

Halliburton cuts jobs in Houston

Why a Va. atheist regularly drives to church in Baltimore

Clergy come out against ‘religious freedom’ bill

'Suits' Returns Wednesday January 28, 2015 10/9c

In Asia, Pope backs interfaith backs interfaith dialogue -- with a ‘but’

Don't let them fool you about civilized -this is what they did in Africa

What issues will we be voting on in the 2016 General Election?

time to dredge up an old story: Huckabee's son is an animal torturer

Will American News Organizations Reprint the Most Newsworthy Cartoon of the Year?

Some real champions were at the White House yesterday:

Is there really anything wrong with the Democratic Party?

Muslims' mixed response to new Mohammed cover



5 old nuclear reactors headed for decommissioning scrap heap

Looking forward to the Jim Harbaugh / Urban Meyer games

What U.S. city had the most pet adoptions from PetSmart in 2014?

British city responds to Fox News security expert's claim

One can spell, or one can despise Obama, but apparently not at the same time.

Tsunami-hit Miyagi driving school made students wait despite evac alert

Kindergarteners exploring the characteristics of paper,

Papantonio: Republicans Are Too Dysfunctional to Lead

Senate debate on KXL now. Senator Bill Nelson speaking.

Homeland may SCRAP Muslim storyline after Charlie Hebdo attacks

The Transportation Research Board Is Holding Its 94th Annual Meeting in DC This Week

A 12-Year-Old Wrote a Letter to Each NFL Team – And Only This One Responded

1793 penny sells for $2.35 million at Florida auction

Museum pays $300,000 for world's oldest known hockey stick

Governor Tom Wolf's inauguration a week away, Check out the inaugural preview video, "Celebrate"

Mayor Landrieu declares New Orleans first U.S. city to end veteran homelessness

a simple example of what's wrong with America

Obama is such a failure!

Obama didn’t march in Paris. He did, however, decimate al-Quaida, get Bin Laden, and bomb ISIS.

China plan for unmanned moon landing, Earth return moves forward

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 13, 2015

Paris attacks: New footage shows gunmen firing at police

British Prime Minister Suggests Banning Some Online Messaging Apps

Group files fresh complaint over Fukushima nuclear disaster

Chris Christie, Cowboys cheerleader: New Jersey governor torn between presidency and cheerleading

New adult arrested for throwing can of coffee at police car

Mayor Landrieu declares New Orleans first U.S. city to end veteran homelessness

Cape Breton hockey stick sells for $300,000

A Guide to the Charlie Hebdo Shooting Conspiracy Theories

Want to Be Happy? Join a union

Lawyer Thanks Don Lemon: Your 'Racist Dumb-Ass Question' Made Me Famous

Request to Sign 'We the People' petition: Stop Phone/Internet Scammers that claim they are IRS, etc.

Transgender woman denied entry to Western Wall

Folks please contact your congress critter about the cuts in SSDI

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

U.S. police organizations criticize response to alleged brutality

Remember how George W rushed over to Spain after the 2004 train bombings in Madrid?

Canine Commuter Raises Eyebrows on Seattle Bus

Oil Drop Further Rocks Putin’s Economy

Why did Japanese people stop performing seppuku?

Senate to vote on whether climate change is happening

Russian Troops Stationed Near Finnish Border as Putin Begins Move on Arctic

Podesta Will Leave White House for Clinton Campaign

Damned if you do

Religious Right Activist Wants National Guard Deployed To Stop Gay Couples' Marriages

Obama Trip to France Wastes $30 Million!!! *

Jeremy Scahill is on Ed Shultz right now

Protesters gather outside Scalise meeting with donors

Once again, the Washington post is right and the New York Times gets it wrong

I guess Huckabee has a problem when people are just too black for his delicate sensibilities

What's up?

GOP Neo Calvinistic. Unless You Can Work You Won't Eat. Your Existence Must Be Justified.

Is your cat as narcissistic as mine?

Charlie Hebdo's Biggest Problem Isn't racism-It's Punching Down--Western Society at Its Best & Worst

AfriLeaks website to expose abuses in Africa

Sometimes there is no way to descibe 'stupid'. Check this:

What are your plans (if any at this point) for a discussion topic dedicated just to the

Wallpaper removal advice needed. I have a bathroom that was wallpapered

from Colin Powell, 2013

Judge: Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Must Go To Jail During Appeal

The Daily Show - 1/12/15 in :60 Seconds

Why Fox News Gets Away With Being Racist | Newscorpse

Alabama principal seeks cans of food - not for food drive but - to defend against intruders

Haiti enters uncertain political phase as parliament dissolved

Haiti enters uncertain political phase as parliament dissolved

U.S. brands as 'terrorist' Pakistani Taliban head behind massacre

Some more old pics...

McCain has his dream job (other than president) - chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee

Meet Eclipse, the dog who figured out how to ride the bus all by herself

Role of FBI informant in eco-terrorism case probed after documents hint at entrapment

Charlie Hebdo's 1st Cover Since Attack Contains Mohammed Cartoon

George Zimmerman Arrested AGAIN, Surrenders Weapons

Suncor cuts $1B in capital, plans to chop 1,000 positions

Former Steeler Dwayne Woodruff seeking state Supreme Court seat

What's Up?

Disgraced former VA Gov. Bob McDonnell will NOT avoid prison time.

Man with Romney logo tattoo says he won't support him in 2016

Denver Church stops funeral when Head Bigot realizes Deceased was a Lesbian

I thought this was cool.

No Shit ...53

Giuliani Goes On Fox To Call For Mosque Surveillance, Suggests Opposition Is Evidence Of Wrongdoing

Spain pledges support for Palestine at UNSC

Italian convents serving as safe houses for sex-trafficking victims.

Russian and Turkish conspiracy theories swirl after Paris attacks

Do you see major differences between the trials of Siegelman a Democrat and McDonnell a Republican?

WTF ...190

North Dakota and Arkansas argue to reinstate nation's strictest abortion laws

Zimbabwe court halts evictions blamed on Grace Mugabe

Russian terrorists bomb bus in Ukraine, kill 12

Tanzania bans witchdoctors over albino attacks

12 Dead in Bus Attack That Could Doom Ukraine's Shaky Truce

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 14 January 2015

FBI: Boehner's Bartender Thought He Was Evil And Talked Of Poisoning Him