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Archives: January 14, 2015

Tiger Selfies are CRUEL, not Cool!

Yes, of course Hillary is running in 2016

Went to see Selma today

Texas congressman apologizes for tweet on Obama and Hitler

Bartender Accused Of Plotting To Poison John Boehner

Conservative callers to liberal radio shows give me a laugh...

TYT: Fox ‘Expert' Totally Wrong But How The Internet Responds Is A Thing Of Beauty

Obama apology tour NEVER HAPPENED you stupid ASSHOLES

video that shows the super Rich are getting richer

U.S. to Expand Sanctions on N. Korea Finances, Officials Say

TYT: Aziz Ansari Utterly Destroys Rupert Murdoch Over Twitter

(IS) Video shows young boy executing alleged spies

Cracking the Safe

Does Tweety know something about the Christie scandle that we don't know

It's Official...Elizabeth Warren Is Not Going To Run For President

It's Official...Elizabeth Warren Is Not Going To Run For President


Deercam porn

The Gender Police

TYT: “Unlucky With The Ladies” Is How Zimmerman’s Lawyer Describes Recent Domestic Violence Charges

6:00PM | Newsmakers: Bob Jauch and Dale Schultz (LIVE) Tue .....

Sources: Jason Garrett agrees to five-year deal with Cowboys

Are you into zentangle?


Has anyone noticed a drop in posts in this forum?

John Elway thanks John Elway for his service to the organization...

Did anyone catch this documentary Al Jazeera? I'm blown away by it...

Public Citizen: NAFTA’s 20-Year Legacy and the Fate of the TPP

Mike Marqusee is dead at 61

Sen. Sanders: Get Them on Record, Keystone XL: The Wrong Direction


VIDEO: Open carry advocate threatens Capitol staff

The 'Draft Elizabeth Warren' Movement Is About to Get Help From New Campaign Finance Rules

What's your favorite scene from Bad Santa?


Middle School Asks Kids To Bring In Cans To Fight School Shooters

MetLife to challenge 'too-big-to-fail' tag

Dmitry Orlov - "Peculiarities of Russian National Character"

Got this error message when preparing this years' "You Call This NEWS?" Awards

Ray Bradbury's house, sold for $1.76 million, is being torn down

Judge dismisses domestic violence charges against Hope Solo

Draft Warren effort presses ahead despite senator’s latest denial

FBI says John Boehner's Cincinnati-area bartender planned to poison him

LOL, cops start beating each other up at NYPD union meeting over DeBlasio protests

Chris Hedges on the Roots of Terrorism

McConnell is working hard to BREAK DEMOCRATS opposition to Keystone XL

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Je Suis Jackass! & a new Kitteh gif

SF Mayor Announces Major Expansion of Muni Light Rail Fleet

About those ads for home security systems . . .

How the liberal left loses the argument. Ceding criticism of Islam to the Right.

Can a puppy save the Today show?

Former Dolphin swims 10 hours to reach Florida shore

"Elizabeth Warren Says She's Not Going To Run For President"

America’s Angriest Store: How Whole Foods Attracts Complete Shitheads.

Speaking of Scalise, anyone watching KLANSVILLE, USA. on PBS?

So now that Fox and Payless are gone, does that mean Zac Dysert may be the starter

What is it like when your spiritual path is really working for you?

RT now putting "NOVORUSSIA2015" on their news videos from eastern Ukraine

Former Houston ISD Teacher Who Called Muslims "the Evil of the World" Sues Quanell X for Defamation

The Onion: "Mitt Romney Terrified What Will Happen If He Ever Stops Running For President"

As music can make sense when nothing else does, here's my tribute to Paris. Thanks for listening.

Well someone has to make money it and good for them

G.O.P. Governors Face Test in Shift on Ideological Agendas

Letter to a Young Army Ranger (From an Old One)

Jeremy Scahill on CNN: "I think CNN&MSNBC&FOX are engaging in TERRORISM EXPERT INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX"

Mitt 3.0 Fails To Impress Conservatives At Major Conference In Washington

War Begets War: It’s Not about Islam; It Never Was | Ramzy Baroud

DU ladies: Remember this guy?

It's the Twelfth Annual Rocktivity/DU "You Call This NEWS?" Awards!

As Top Democrats Embrace a Robin Hood Tax, It’s Time for Activists to Go Big

When you have a slow leak under the sink

Canada being sued for billions under NAFTA investor protections

Mitt Romney, anti-poverty warrior: Why his latest reinvention is so ridiculous

Wales: baby otter with pneumonia is going to be okay

Sen Marco Rubio is on the DAILY SHOW with John Stewart

Hillary Clinton just made a big move toward a 2016 campaign

not sure if this permitted on this forum but if you haven't seen the

13 yr anniversary of Guantanamo and our 2nd annual video contest

13th Anniversary of Guantanamo and our 2nd annual anti-torture video contest

"Flogging of blogger shows Saudi's painful cracks"

a good video from last years Anti-torture video contest Close Guantanamo

Tokyo Newcomer (2013) Full Japanese movie English subtitles

Iceland: Brewery makes 'whale testicle beer'

Arne Duncan's inane confusing words about excessive testing....he caused it by his own policies.

a video of Protest Torture from 2010. on human rights day 2010

The Band, The Weight

Kansas GOP Governor Says He Needs To Slash School Funding After His Tax Cuts Bankrupts Treasury

Peter Greene's super description of Arne's words about testing. Curmudgucation.

How Republicans Aim to Destroy Social Security in the New Congress

John Boehner's biggest problem for 2015 is,

some upcoming peace and Dr MLK day event

Chris Hedges on the Roots of Terrorism

Clinton/Castro 2016

Fresno CA Homeless Plea for help Need sleeping bags and blankets

$1.3 million payout OKd to settle Occupy Oakland protesters’ suit

Albuquerque Officer charged with murder caught saying he would shoot Boyd 2 hours before it occured

The problem of being assaulted, beaten up and killed is a woman's problem. Men wouldn't understand.

"Up to 75% of Abused Women Who Are Murdered Are Killed After They Leave their partners"

NASCAR racer Kurt Busch Believes His Ex Was A Trained Killer

PBS, Frontline, Putin's Way.

Great Teacher Onizuka Live Action - Japanese full movie English

Islamic State Video Claims To Show Child Killing Russia Spies

It appears that the NRA may have missed a trick here:

David Duke IS a "real Christian". If a person bombs an abortion clinic "because, CHRISTIAN!"

Guardian: The US 'manufacturing renaissance' doesn't exist, says new report

Vladimir Putin's Long Shadow - the fifth estate

Nigel Farage tells Fox News there are no-go zones for non-Muslims in France

Valley powerhouses reach new settlement deal in poaching suit

The Glaring Hypocrisy of France Posing as a Beacon for Free Speech

Follow-up: Georgetown PD officer suspended 40 days for tripping students disputes punishment

Daily Holidays - January 14

Donald Trump sues 'malicious' Palm Beach airport for $100 million

Real life puppy training.

Charlie Hebdo: Rush to buy new survivors issue

NHS Staff ‘Sign Hack’ Their Own Hospitals

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah judge turns down Governor Vagina probe's request

OUP authors told not to write about sausages or pigs in children's books to 'avoid offence'

I can understand why many French Muslims feel resentful

Frosty fatwa: Saudi cleric bans snowmen

Borderline Euphoric: Cold War II gets a bipartisan welcome

For Star Trek Fans: Axanar - Prelude to Axanar - Full Film (1080p)

"The Glaring Ignorance of Some DUers Posing as Pundits and Experts on France ..."

So who is the crazy one?

Rmoney - The nerd that knows math and economics

Patricide Redux

In honor of the primaries starting in around a year, here's a calendar:

Inside Jeb Bush's Shady Business Dealings With China

The real size of the African continent.

How the Obsession with Test Scores Helps Produce Children Who Lack Creativity and Empathy

Senate bill seeks to force embassy move to Jerusalem

Israel's facing worsening international isolation, warns Foreign Ministry paper

How Expanding the 1964 Civil Rights Act Can Save America's Dying Labor Movement

How Is Nakedly Exploiting Tragedies in the Pursuit of Selling Disgusting Hamburgers

5 Signs the American Economy May Be on Shakier Ground Than You Think

Ukrainian President to Sign Decree on New Wave of Mobilization on Jan. 14

UPDATE: Preliminary tests on soldier found dead negative for Ebola virus

Kentucky cop shoots off finger after gun store clerk hands him loaded weapon

Nightmare: Cop Stalks Woman, Has Her Committed When She Rejects Him

Italy President Napolitano departs, setting challenge for Renzi

Tech leaders lining up behind Elizabeth Warren

Fraternal Order of Police lobbies for new federal hate crime law

29 Powerful Reactions From Cartoonists Around The World Honor The Victims Of The Charlie Hebdo

Why people are buying the magazine. The word on the street...

Fox News celebrates eminent domain claim of foreign company to american soil

Bodies recovered from India's Ganges river

A SWAT Raid Based On Faulty Information Kills a Man Over His ‘Huge Stash.’ Worth Maybe All of $2.

Florida State University Failed To Correct Corrupt Koch Deal

International Space Station ammonia leak forces crew to Russian section

Danziger: It’s time for Vermont to get in on New Hampshire’s primary spoils

West Virginia. Wow.

Update on Kai, the Scottish dog at the train station

Wisconsin: Scotty GaGa

Vanishingly Small

Wisconsin: Democratic legislators respond to Squatty Wanker's State of the State speech

The Progressive: The GOP’s new ploy to destroy Social Security

AirAsia plane 'fuselage located' - officials

Robert Reich: Corporate America is maiming the U.S. economy

Beware online scalpers! I got snookered by them last year.

President Carter To Jon Stewart: The 'Palestinian Problem' is 'Part Of' The Terrorist Problem

My fear of the "war on drugs" and my dog (somewhat light-hearted, and not)

grocery shopping typical day

Plundering America: The Cuban Criminal Pipeline

Bill Maher mocks ‘ancient myths’ in ad for Richard Dawkins’ pro-atheism campaign

England: Anti-feminist party to challenge for post in Parliament

My Fellow Christians, What Do We Do When Your Religious Beliefs Violate My Religious Beliefs?

It has warmed up to -12.

Charlotte Diocese Under Fire for Terminating Gay Teacher

My Social Security check went up $13.00!

2,000 Killed In Nigeria

Hunger Games

Warren can run for president. She should run for president. & despite her denials, she probably will

Kamala Harris and the New Democratic Hope

Chris Christie's Campaign-er-State Of The State Address....

France Arrests 54 For Defending Terrorism, Announces Crack Down

unbelievable scenes at supermarkets in Bogota and Peru


Republicans and their corporate media have their "new Benghazi" with which to bash President Obama

De Blasio says he would veto chokehold bill

Pepper spray use on revelers to face Columbus Police Review


New Charlie Hebdo issue sold out across France: vendors

Fear of Ammonia Leak Leads to Partial Space Station Evacuation

Happy Birthday, Dave Grohl. He turns 46 today.

When CNN gives you Lemons, make Lemonade

Wisconsin: Walker proposes merging all state agencies into one giant Department of Corruption

Tsarnaev Lawyers Want Jury Selection Delayed Because Of Paris Attacks

Facebook To Post Amber Alerts To Help Find Missing Kids

Cabell Brand, dead at 91, was titan of business and philanthopy

Obama, GOP tiptoe on war authorization

JPMorgan hit by legal costs, Dimon says banks 'under assault'

"there’s reason to believe the link between falling unemployment and rising wages has been severed"

GOP Failed Experiment With Trickle-Down Economics; Kansas Governor Could Raid The School Budget

Mayor de Blasio Vows to Veto Chokehold Bill

Gay Hating Christians Confronted by "Wall" of Gay Loving Christians at Gay Christian Conference.

The human brain is an amazing organ.

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO on Scott Walker's state of the state

It's Wednesday again, everybody! You know what that means...

Morrissey wins special election from jail

The Nominees For The 2015 Golden Raspberry Awards Are In:

Retail Sales Down in December

White man threatens speaker of the house.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Ready for Mitt?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- They Come Back

A $205,000,000 improvement to Colorado's budget in 2014

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Astrology really works, doesn't it?

Today is the 25th anniversary of my sobriety.

Pueblo County DA warns GOP chair of election misconduct

Not enough H-1Bs? CEA Supports Immigration Innovation Act of 2015

The South’s Billboard Holy War

It snowed in Ireland:

Asahi Shimbun: Promote hydrogen as a major energy source for Japan's future

Christian Terrorist? Muslim Terrorist? Potato, Potatoe? Was Hitler a Christian Terrorist?

Team Romney: if Mitt had won, there’d be no ISIS

Congressional republicans splintering off...

"Boots On The Ground"? Obama To Seek Authorization For Military Force Against ISIS

Galavant is darn funny

Convicted Virginia state legislator wins election while in jail

We're Number One!

NASCAR driver accused of assault says ex is trained assassin

Why The NYPD Arresting Less People Is A Good Thing - Lee Camp Discusses

Will France Repeat US Mistakes after 9/11?

Free speech

The 10 Most Regressive State and Local Tax Systems

Raif Badawi

Three Women Were Nominated for Cabinet Posts in Afghanistan’s Unity Government

Three Women Were Nominated for Cabinet Posts in Afghanistan’s Unity Government

Democratic Party Position on Gun Control

How often do you shower?

West Virginia Adjusts Science Standards, Adds Theory Of Intelligent Coal

"Unmournable Bodies" -- Cultural Comment from the "New Yorker"

The Charlie Hebdo attack was not, repeat NOT about cartoons.

TRNN: Paris: Little and Big Monsters

Breaking...Bus carrying Texas prisoners falls off overpass

What Happened to All of the Women in Computer Science?

France terror attacks: Dieudonne held for Coulibaly remark

Are these the darkest days for Europe’s Jews since the Holocaust?

More on how we decide...America in Wonderland

APNewsBreak: NRA Suing Pennsylvania Cities Over Gun Laws

Insanely clever Ikea ad...I am truly impressed, and i don't watch ads!

Today in Herstory: Picketing Suffragists See Results and Plan to Push Harder (13jan1917)

My wife is leaving me. She hates the condo we bought. She tried to live without a pet. She feels

Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas" nominated for 6 Razzies

Just got my SS check.

Surveys show spike in British anti-Semitism

The Amazing Pope.

Ray Lewis can kiss every square inch of my ass

"American Famliy Association" radio runs with wild conspiracy theory...

"Democracy Now" & Glenn Greenwald Skewer MSM and their Terror "Experts"-- (Great Watch)

The best sign at the so-called Championship Game:

Angry wife chops off cheating husband's penis — twice

The South’s Billboard Holy War

Man gives out 13-year-old daughter in marriage to man who raped her

Bus carrying prisoners involved in West Texas fatal wreck

YouGov study surveys attitudes towards British Jews

Nancy Grace Battles 2 Chainz over Pot :Think of the Children

Papantonio: Pill Pushing Doctors Put Patients in Peril

Cato "Scholar" writes Wapo article shilling for forprofit schools... gets thrashed by comments

GOP House Passes Bill Setting Up New Shutdown War Over Immigration

Anti-Islam ads back on S.F. Muni buses — this time featuring Hitler

Anti-Islam ads back on S.F. Muni buses — this time featuring Hitler (xpost from GD)

Ticketmaster offers refunds for Cosby performance in Denver

Have any of you folks ever used frozen veggies that were freezer burned?

CNN'S GOOD STUFF: "Arrested Teenager Saves Cop's Life"

Ted Nugent at it again...

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Adviser Says If Mitt Had Won, "There Wouldn't Be An ISIS"

Richard Krause, science administrator in AIDS crisis, dies at 90

Lawmakers(?) to decide if climate change is real or made-up

Panama denies refugee status to Colombia’s fugitive former spy chief

I've been asked to run for vestry

Bernie Sanders: Passing Keystone XL Means A 'Significantly Less Habitable' Planet

India rejects Gilead's Hepatitis C drug patent request

Papantonio: Progressive Anger Leads to Action

Pentagon's top spy chief will be first Marine, African American to hold position

In Case You Forgot Ronald Reagan Was A Dick

TYT: Don’t Freak Out But Angry Germans Are Massing In The Streets

The US Covert War on Venezuela in 2015


Chile ends dictatorship-era electoral system

Here's a glimpse into Liz that I hadn't seen before from 2012.

CNN’s Don Lemon: We Should Beat Our Kids Because It Worked For Slave Masters

The Widow of a Paris Terrorist and Other Real Wives of Islamic State

Brownback knows just what will cure all of the problems in Kansas...

TYT: Romney Reboots, Plans To Rescue America… Again

Germany’s anti-immigrant PEGIDA isn’t a Vladimir Putin plot. It’s scarier. (Reuters)

Virginia lawmaker wins special election while in jail (slept with 17 yr old employee)

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 14, 2015

FBI raids Florida offices of firm with 'Wolf of Wall Street' link - witnesses

Cant find the right book? - alright I dont know how to do this so pic shows up on screen

TYT: Female World Leaders Photoshopped Out Of Israeli Newspaper Picture

Duplicate .... War Begets War: It’s Not about Islam; It Never Was

Salem Witch Trials Timeline (15 jan 1692 the first reports of illness, strange behaviour)

Corbett approves $1.6 Million state grant to his alma mater

"Sinceriously" is the new word...

TYT: Wall Street Will Share The Riches, Says Delusional Wild-Eyed Maniac

CHARLIE HEBDO Amedy Coulibaly, hands handcuffed

massachusetts regrets:

CMD Issues New Report on Latest Assault on Clean Election Laws

Wife chops off cheating husband’s penis, twice

House votes to gut immigration actions

Lord Christopher Monckton: Islam, Socialism, Environmentalism Uniting To Kill Us All!!

The Rude Pundit - Jolly New Jersey Governor Doesn't Give a Shit About New Jersey

Thousands of German spies at risk after double-agent stole list of identities

BUSTED: Hateful Anti-Gay Pastors Fight City Equal Rights Ordinance With Fake Petition Signatures

Annarbourites ask, “Why can’t Ypsi(lanti) just take all of our poor?” Consultant explains.

The Group Behind America's Biggest Anti-Abortion March Now Says Birth Control Causes Abortions

Papantonio: DuPont’s Polluted History Has Poisoned Entire Communities

New michigan law would let those subject to restraining orders carry concealed firearms

Meanwhile in the US, SC Poet Laureate's Poem Removed from Inauguration-Censorship?

Charlie Hebdo will now print 5 million Sp Edition copies after the 3million sold within first hours.

Elizabeth Warren shuts door on presidential run. Draft Warren groups kick it back open.

Close call with hippo in Zambia

Question about gorditas.

Gomer says radical Muslims are winning, then says he's not a "phobe."

Hillary Clinton Room Post- Report: White House adviser John Podesta will join Clinton team

"War Begets War: It’s Not about Islam; It Never Was"

Illinois Family Institute Analyst: Marriage Equality Inherently Wrong, Just Like 3/5ths Compromise

Tom Hanks Says Community College Made Him Who He is Today

As RNC Gathers, More Prominent GOP Members In Bed With Extremists (SPLC)

Young Handcuffed 'Thug' Saves Arresting Officers Life

Is it me or are the Right-Wing Candidates getting more and more asinine in their comments?

Texas: prison bus crash kills ten

Texas gun rights group reenacts Paris massacre with ‘armed civilian’ — and everyone still dies


Pro-Russian Forces Enter Donetsk Airport As Ukrainian Military Loses Ground

Those Hamilton city workers who brought pot brownies to work? They're fired (CBC)

Hagel calls for B-2 Replacement

Sandwich Monday: The White Castle Veggie Slider

Got a Cast Iron Lodge Mini Cake Pan.

Papantonio: Shifting Demographics Will Reshape American Politics

It's one month today since my first love (and only real love so far) lost his fight with addiction

If Romney loses again, I predict....

Texas gun rights group reenacts Paris massacre with ‘armed civilian’ — and everyone still dies

House Votes to Revoke Legal Protections for Millions of Immigrants

Well, I'm calling the Democratic nomination for Hillary Clinton.

Ellen DeGeneres Fires Back at Christian Post for Accusing Her of ‘Celebrating Lesbianism’

Chuck Todd indirect attack on Muslims handled brilliantly by this guy

Cliven Bundy's son arrested, in jail

12 Historical Women Who Gave No F*cks

Can Jeb get nominated if he defies the tea party on immigration, the Common Core and same-sex

The Story Of The Roma, Europe’s Most Discriminated Group

Boko Haram Massacre So Huge, Survivors Stop Counting Dead Bodies

Why the Left is Different from the Right and why they want to stay that way.

White Militiamen Arrested for Plotting Anti-Police Terrorism, No Media Coverage

Would this qualify as vigilantism?

More Texans signing up for insurance under Affordable Care Act

White militia charged with terrorism in Georgia for planning to kill police

Baldwin reintroduces ‘Buffett Rule’ legislation

FL School Delays Religious Freedom Day Over Satanic Coloring Book

Nighttime shop queues banned in three Venezuela states amid shortages

Sustainability Crisis: Renewable Resources Growth Has Been Maxed Out Since 2006

Email from Elizabeth Warren: I'm supporting Kamala

‘Strange taste’ in water caused by human remains in supply tank

Modern life.

What does math look like in second grade?

Charlie Hebdo, Don't pretend your new issue does not disrespect Islam

January 13 was the anniversary of the Air Florida crash.

Ex-GOP Congressman Hopes 'Cowards At CNN, MSNBC' Are Beheaded

Email from Elizabeth Warren: I'm supporting Kamala

65-year-old man treks across America for over 12 years to spread God's word

Obama's Crackdown on Methane Emissions Is a Really Big Deal

Russian Dash-Cams: The Human Side

Elizabeth Warren Swiftly Backs Kamala Harris In California Senate Race

Ring of Fire: Can We Save Social Security?

"Add faithophobia to my crimes: I have no respect for religions that have little respect for me"

Pennsylvania has the sixth most regressive taxes in the nation.

Elizabeth Warren on Bill Moyers in 2004

Gov.-elect Abbott creates ‘strike force’ to probe health agency

4 top Secret Service executives told to leave their posts in agency shake-up

We all need a hug from time to time

We might have more freedoms on paper, but we don't use them as liberally as the French do theirs...

Trevor Booker HORSE shot

List of shame shows Welsh Labour MPs support for Tory austerity

VIDEO: Open carry advocate threatens Capitol staff

JUST IN: FBI: Alleged ISIS supporter in Ohio arrested over plan to carry out “jihad” attack on US

300 copies of Charlie Hebdo headed to the U.S.

“Join the club”: Rand Paul mocks people on disability

Mayor de Blasio and Rabbis Near Accord on New Circumcision Rule.

Multimedia idea: Can any do this and show us the result?

Ohio Man Arrested for Alleged ISIS-Inspired Attack Plot on US Capitol

What I look forward to in the Romney run? The return of Kip, Flip, Chip, Dip and Tagg

Charges dropped against local rapper 'Tiny Doo'

David Barton Again Falsely Claims The Average Welfare Family Receives $61,000 A Year In Benefits

Have the Bundy bunch been arrested yet?

Ivy, the hummingbird, has babies....

Jeremy Scahill Blasts CNN's 'Terrorism Expert Industrial Complex' Live On CNN

Just when you thought "health care" in the US couldn't get any suckier...concierge medicine.

Since the Ottawa lone wolf shooting, 20 youth have become new converts

Man Airport Passengers Tackled For Anti-Gay Assault Getting Off Almost Scot-Free

Twin Peaks is being revived.

Larry David Lynch

New suspect identified in Paris attacks

Social Security Can By Saved By Using A Republican Talking Point: Lower The Rates, Broaden The Base

Economic musing, supply-side vs demand side etc

Barack Obama moves to cut US methane emissions by almost half

Interim NATO 'Spearhead' Force of Several Thousand Is Active

Blasphemy: Fucked up concept that tramples human rights

'Scientists' used residential school children for ESP research

"All Christians Must Be Held Accountable For This Guy"

Anybody else find themselves rolling their eyes any time they see an American flag these days?

POS weber Apologizes For Hitler Comment

China monitors the moon: Spacecraft enters orbit to plan for possible mining mission

Every time I see Baker on TV, I feel a combination of mild nausea, vague anxiety and a tinge

As It Prepares to Relocate, Whitney Museum Expands Online Database from 700 to 21,000 Works

Howard Dean’s Advice for Candidates

Bill Cosby Accuser Filing Possible Criminal Charges (Playboy Mansion Attack)

Israeli Military Officers: Don't Punish Palestine for Joining the ICC

Chinese police rescue 37 babies in trafficking bust

Remember Joe Walsh, the teabagger congressman? He's back! Just as stupid as always.

1000 lashes for Saudi blogger for insulting Islam. Please sign Amnesty International petition

Guess who will have a "history" show on Faux, on the weekends...

Budget Shortfalls Could Stop Republican Governors From Keeping Big Promises

Voodou Priests And Doctors Are On The Frontline Of Haiti's Mental Health Care

Florida teen saves life of Fort Lauderdale police officer as he is being arrested

Family: Church in Lakewood stops woman's funeral because she was gay

Revealed: Saudi Arabia's 'Great Wall' to keep out Isil

Arrested Teen Saves Life of Officer Who Arrested Him, Huff Post:

49ers to name Jim Tomsula coach (sources)

Texas gun rights group reenacts Paris massacre with ‘armed civilian’ — and everyone still dies

Pot-based sex spray for women hitting Colorado shelves

Teamsters Union Announces Agreement to End US Oversight

Cross posted to LBN: Teamsters Union Announces Agreement to End US Oversight

EDF chief says German consumers subsidise French power users

Not going to post links, but the wingnuts are FURIOUS about the House Intelligence Committee