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Archives: January 16, 2015

Gohmert gets an oversight chairmanship, despite challenging House Speaker John Boehner

The Simple Reason Why Republican Voters Aren't Settling for Jeb Bush

We Need to Stop the White House From Putting TPP and TTIP on the Fast Track To Ratification

TYT: Putin's Russia BANS Transsexuals From Driving

YOU know it wont be long and Obama will be an ex president, before it is too late I need to

There is a limit, really, to mocking others, religions, anything? REALLY

Dallas County's commissioner districts discriminate against white people, lawsuit claims

The brilliant mind of "Modern Family" producer Danny Zuker

crap, fox is coming back onto Dish....

Alabama's Newly reelected GOP Leasership

Charlie Hebdo attack used Russian, Soviet, Eastern Bloc guns

Guitar reincarnation (the guitar players out there will know what I mean)

Have you ever played hockey?

Prominent Rabbi Calls on Europe to Allow Jews to Carry Guns

Humanity has exceeded 4 of 9 ‘planetary boundaries,’ according to researchers

Time to start the Barack Obama project.

The Atlantic: Detroit in the 1940s (30 pics)

Can You Pass Alabama’s New School Safety Test?

On this day in 1930...

What do Boko Haram want?

People are paying $80 for a BelfieStick that helps you to take a selfie of your butt

No Mark Zuckerberg, you are NOT Charlie, argues Tibetan writer

Homeless street children in the Philippines are being caged to keep streets clean for Pope Francis

I know why joni ernst is giving the rebuttal to the State of the Union.

Al Sharpton Calls For Emergency Meeting To Address 'Appalling' All-White Oscar Nominees

'Run Warren Run' hires Iowa staff, opening campaign office

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy Birthday...

Snyder (R - Mich) bucks NRA, vetoes gun bill

Sandy Hook 2 years later: One senator's push for gun control

Nearly half the systems crucial to stability of planet compromised

Many parts of Northern California on track to get ZERO rain in January

Why the attacks on Pope Francis? Republican media mad about Cuba?

2014 'bloodiest' year for Palestinian media

For the first time since 2009, more people think Obama has helped the economy than hurt it

Having some drinks and dinner with Will Shakespeare.

Allow me to introduce you to Windy Wilson

Late this afternoon, outside the window of my office,

Some not so random thoughts ...

CNN - Terrorists killed in Belgium planned to abduct and behead

Duke Muslim Scholar Shuts Down Franklin Graham's Call To Prayer Claims In 30 Seconds

Will collapse in oil cause stock market crash?

One County Provides Preview Of China's Looming Aging Crisis

Travis County Clerk says she will issue marriage licences for gay marriages even if

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mixed Nuts! & a new Kitteh gif

Obama Said to Seek 7% Budget Boost, Setting Up Fight With Congress

Proud Grandpa Bill Thinks Baby Clinton Is 'The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread'

and this year's Oscars go to:

North Miami Beach Police Use Mug Shots Of African-Americans For Target Practice

The greatest speech from the greatest human being in my lifetime.

Humans are ‘eating away at our own life support systems’ at a rate unseen in the past 10,000 years

Say So Long to Rick Snyder ...

When you can't respect your own.

"WE COULDN'T SEE THAT COMING" - The Inevitability of Charlie Hebdo

Hysterical..Just Freaking Hysterical..

Satire site fools readers by portraying Republicans in an honest fashion.

Professor Richard Wolff: "There is no recovery for the mass of people"

In honor of a great human being.

Naps key to learning

Tomorrow President Obama hosts cast and crew of Selma for a screening of the film at the White House

Snowden Leak: Slow Cyber Defenses Letting Russia, China Hack US

Russia And China Go After S&P And Fitch Through Creation Of New Ratings Agency

My “War on Kinkade” shoes

PM Cameron's Plans To Monitor Encrypted Messages ‘Would Turn UK Into China’

Ring of Fire: Corporate Whistleblowers In The Crosshairs

typical Republican discussion tactic (NYS Senator O'Mara)

Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says

Back when Obama was first inaugurated in 2009

Report Finds No Substitute for Mass Data Collection

It is not wise to run through the house with a pile of flaming laundry.

Governor of Michigan Vetoes Bill on Guns (NY Times)

Huffpo: The Political Win That Could Make Elizabeth Warren the Next President of The United State

Google Sees Self-Driving Car on Road Within Five Years

NYC Turns Its Back on NYPD

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 18 - Gregory Peck

My friend lost his son last Sunday

Has the 2000 person massacre in Nigeria been confirmed?

Not to sound like a codger, but I would walk a mile and a half to and from kindergarten

Sviatoslav Richter

Transformed crib honors stillborn boy, comforts mother

Improved solar panels and printed electronics on the horizon with new discovery

TCM Schedule for Monday January 19 - Sidney Poitier

Perovskites provide big boost to silicon solar cells, Stanford study finds

At the pond today

City pond, western Maryland today

Condi Rice Reveals Open Secret About WH Obfuscating Tactics in Her Iran Nuke Op 'Leak' Testimony

Saving Mr.Banks -- Anyone else see it?

Just wonderful. (sarcasm off)

Why your gun makes me nervous

Erica Stick is third top Texas health official to resign amid scandal

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder vetoes concealed gun bill, cites risk for domestic abuse victims

French Jews Face Hate They Left Africa to Escape

Only half the systems crucial to stability of planet compromised

Kim Fowley, Runaways Producer and L.A. Rock Icon, Dead at 75

Against my better judgment ...

Middle East Turns Back Clock as Remnants of Old Regimes Rise Again

Charles Warner Executed: Baby Killer Says 'My Body Is On Fire' During Lethal Injection In Oklahoma

Match the Crime with the Average Time Spent in Prison

Facebook takes down, then restores, BART protest page

French Jews Face Hate They Left Africa to Escape

Black Crowes calling it quits, says founding member Rich Robinson

Good Lawd!!! Look at this creature that was stalking a boater in a lake in Botswana:

Satirist Charged With Violating French Speech Restrictions

Former Idaho governors blast Otter's nuclear waste deal

Being a Jewish Woman in Palestine- Answers to 3 FAQs

In Israel, Debate Over Whether French Jews Should Come — Or Stay Home

24 years ago: Soviet Russian troops attack Lithuania, kill unarmed civilians, as USSR crumbles

We Asked an Expert How Islamists Could Actually Take Over the UK

How Netanyahu's Policies Are Fueling Anti-Semitism

Daily Holidays - January 16

Uh Oh, Scaife children cite ‘enormous’ sums lost on his newspaper!

Netanyahu joins Bennett's attack: Labor list is radical left, anti-Zionist

There's a scent of change in Israeli politics.........

Boy Says He Didn't Go To Heaven; Who'da thunk it?

Look, it's no big deal. So the police were shooting black teen mugshots.

Don't Buy the Hype: 20 Years of Data Reveals 'Free Trade' Fallacies

Hallelluja! Get your crayons.

AFP photographer shot at Pakistan anti-Charlie Hebdo protest

Lost Beagle2 probe found 'intact' on Mars

Really cool liberal-leaning web site: FairWarning, Inc.

The Terrible GOP Policy That'll Kick Thousands More Mentally Ill Homeless People Out on the Streets

DU relentlessly mocks those whose ideas we disagree with

What You Can Do to Highlight MLK's Radical Legacy

For the first time in 5 years, jobs/economy drop from top concern in Pew poll.

If you have a strong moral objection to criticizing, satirizing or mocking deeply held beliefs

"Hope Global Forum" ~ how bad is this going to be?

A Pure Gold F35 Fighter Plane would be cheaper

Pentagon to deploy 400 troops to train Syrian rebels

CrossTalk: Battling Narratives

Forget Lobbyists: Big Business Wants To Control American Minds, Not Just Their Lawmakers

Kerry delivers 'big hug' to Paris

Noooo! What's To Blame For Air Pollution In Sichuan Province Town? Bacon!

WV Industries Promoting Loopholes To Exempt 1,000s Of Chemical Tanks From Inspection

Tea Party’s Constitution fraud: Why the movement’s “devotion” is a situational sham

Inequality is killing American women

The Mocking and Ridicule Must Stop!

Just One More South Florida Land Boom. Please. Just One More, In Spite Of Reality . . . Please

Camera Captures Rare Image Of Asian Golden Cat Carrying Young In Sumatran Forest

NY's small businesses need CUSTOMERS, not tax breaks!

A Colorado baker is being investigated for refusing to make an anti-gay cake

Boy Says He Didn't Go To Heaven; Publisher Says It Will Pull Book

Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Oh, No, Not Again!

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Poisoned Party

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Hostages Reportedly Taken At Post Office Outside Paris

Sam Brownback’s defiant trip to fantasy land is not helping Kansans

Beyer to Serve on House Natural Resources Committee

British police arrest man over Christmas Xbox, Playstation hacks

Divorce Ban Shows Catholic Church Power in Philippines

Christians are the world's gravest danger to peace, not Muslims. Christians can kill the planet.

Why is the US friends with Saudi-Arabia, but not with Cuba?

Schlumberger Cuts 9,000 Jobs as Oil Slump Portends Uncertainty

Fifteen detained after Belgian police kill Islamist gunmen

Hi-Ho - Another Beijing Day With Air Quality Off The Charts Bad - Approaching 600 pm 2.5

Since some are making it clear religion had nothing to do with Paris,

Occupy protesters arrested in Oakland to share $1.4 million settlement

Chris Christie-Slippery As A Greased Pig.....

Richard Wolff on the Greek Crisis, Austerity and a Post-Capitalist Future

Saudi Arabia postpones activist's flogging: source

Saudi Arabia postpones activist's flogging: source

One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other peoples' faith" - Pope Francis 1-15-15

French post office siege not linked to extremism, say police

The War on Billie Holiday: The Bureau of Narcotics’ strange obsession

#BlackLivesMatter, Veganism, & Intersectionality | Mickey Z.

Woman Shocked to See Brother's Mug Shot Photo used as Police Target Practice

Bricks Made Of Sand: Afghan training base melted in the rain? US wasted billions on botched projects

Cenk Uygur slams Huckabee: He’ll blast Beyonce after playing bass with Ted Nugent

Gang who started the Crusades decides, after 920 years, it's time to back off.

Charlotte Streetcar Opening Delayed Until June

Wild pollinators at risk from diseased commercial species of bee

David Sirota: Should Rahm Emanuel Be Exempt From Ethics Laws?

5 times the right flipped out over blasphemous depictions of Christianity

European Commission lays bare Amazon tax deal with Luxembourg

"See Something New Every Day"

Pope Francis is wrong. Religion deserves ridicule.

Religious belief will be gone in the West within 20 years

On Charlie Hebdo Pope Francis is using the wife-beater’s defence

Papantonio: Mammals Heading to Mass Extinction

Chad army vehicles head for Cameroon to fight Boko Haram

Whole Foods Worker Fired for ‘Stealing’ a Sweater—Though It Never Left the Store

Will Willard Romney be the Harold Stassen of our generation?

FBI files tell how addicted agent was able to get the drugs

Pat Robertson Would Be Gone Tomorrow If Christians Would Just...

Duke University must protect its Holy Loudspeaker!

Fat man Christy tell repubs to r e l a x .......WTH??

Are you sick of the liberal agenda advanced by large mobile carriers??

Duke University reverses decision, cancels weekly Muslim call to prayer

**** Elizabeth Warren Group****

“The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” Recants Story, Rebukes Christian Retailers

Documentary Draws Ire From the Church of Scientology

‘Friendly’ Pope Francis proves he’s no friend to free speech

The Pope is wrong on religious speech

A question about Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

Mock the ideas, not the person with the ideas.

Byko: Pope Francis fallible on free speech

James Taylor Sings Live for France, with John Kerry in Paris

Duke scraps Muslim call to prayer for student Jihadist recruiting cell

Hate speech: ‘Men who attacked Charlie Hebdo are heroes’

TYT: Right Wingers Crave Religious War And HATE Obama For Denying Them

Breaking: DU'ers Vow To Stop Watching The Daily Show

Could you please remind the GD hosts that huge events need special consideration?

Denver: anti-gay activist sues bakery because they wouldn't put anti-gay message on cake

It’s official: 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history

Simple idea to help the unemployed and under-employed

2014 officially the hottest year on record, US government scientists say

Rev. Wm. Barber Headlines MLK Events in Durham

Plunging Energy Prices Cause Biggest Cost-Of-Living Drop In Six Years

TYT: Guess What YouTube Stars Get To Interview President Obama

Grateful Dead reuniting for 50th-anniversary shows (CNN)

U.K.'s David Cameron To Push U.S. For Right To Snoop Through Google, Facebook

Four ways to react to Pope Francis.

Goldman Sachs results: $12bn set aside for pay and bonuses for 2014

BART protest in San Francisco closes stations, limits service

Pic Of The Moment: Ben Carson Compares Founding Fathers To ISIS

Lord, QVC hosts argue over the moon-Planet or Star?

St. Paul-Minneapolis Archdiocese files for bankruptcy

Caption - Without Mocking

Dog whistles everywhere...

More dismembered bodies found in west Colombia port town

Michigan governor Snyder just ended his political career...

Sam Seder: The Wall Street Appointments in the Next Congress (w/ Ryan Grim)

Side story with the boy who made up the "I went to Heaven" book...

Trillions and trillions: The iPhone revolution in dollars

Sam Seder: After Keystone Pipeline, What Do Republicans Even Want?

Laura Ingraham pines for the "Good Old Days..."

Hague Court Opens War Crimes Inquiry at Request of Palestinians

Stories of Surviving Dire Poverty—in a Reddit Thread

Don’t Believe the FBI’s Most Recent Hate Crime Statistics (Pacific Standard)

TYT: Fox News ‘No Go Zone’ Lies Exposed In Most Wonderful Way By French TV Show

If you oppose Gay marriage or Women's rights, I have ZERO respect for you or your

The Germans have a word for it

Tea Party’s Constitution fraud: Why the movement’s “devotion” is a situational sham

Can anyone, outside of the police, drive through a neighborhood at night and floodlight

TYT: Mike Huckabee Creeps On Beyonce & Has A History With Explicit Lyrics

In a US first, New Orleans finds homes for all its homeless veterans (CSM)

The app of the Aztecs: Historic Mexican codex brought into the digital age

The app of the Aztecs: Historic Mexican codex brought into the digital age

TYT: Aziz Ansari Made Rupert Murdoch Apologize & Then Sticks The Landing

Former Charlie Hebdo employee lambasts its racist trajectory

Anyone here drive an ice-cream truck?

Feminists Will Mobilize Nationwide for Abortion Rights on Roe v. Wade’s Anniversary

Feminists Will Mobilize Nationwide for Abortion Rights on Roe v. Wade’s Anniversary

A January without rain for the first time in recorded history?

NASA/NOAA/JMA - 2014 Hottest Year On Record, Even W/O El Nino; Solar Cycle @ 100-Year Low

Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty

Today in Herstory: Support Swells for Suffragists (15 jan 1917)

Justice Department Kept Secret Telephone Database

Diosdado Cabello: A new plan to destabilize Venezuela by the Right Wing in 2015

Mock YEAH! ing YEAH! Bird Yeah! Now, everybody won't you sing along ...

FBI files tell how addicted agent was able to get the drugs (Washington Post)

Spotted on an Omaha street or this year's crop of nuts is in early

Race, diversity

Keystone XL prelim? 230,000 People Told Not To Drink Their Water After Diesel Fuel Spill In Canada

Pope & Pastor endorse punching - sign of Armageddon?

Mexican firebrands mount call for self-rule: 'It’s time for the people to take power'

"Pastor" Steven Anderson is still at it...

Puppy attempts to reclaim bed from cat

Not so Random Thoughts - Part II ...

Hillary Clinton: I consider myself a modern day progressive

Girl Scout cookies for troops overseas

Thom Hartmann: Fox so-called News Is Wrong - America IS Progressive

GOP tactics on ObamaCare move away from full repeal

Thom Hartmann: Time to Lock Up the Lobbyists

Prosecutors: Woman Pleads Guilty in 2 Kids' Exorcism Deaths

Ed board member resists pressure to resign over Obama 'half breed' remarks on blog

Venezuela Balance of Trade

What do you think are the two biggest issues facing us.

Oh dear lord, is Donald Trump ever a douchebag. A horrible, horrible, terrible douchebag.

Boy recants claims in book: 'I did not go to heaven'. His name: Alex Malarkey.

Obamacare's lead agency chief announces resignation

constitutional question -- presidential term limit loophole?

Mitt Romney Has a Huge New Conflict-of-Interest Problem (bain and solamere)

Mitt Romney Has a Huge New Conflict-of-Interest Problem (bain and solamere)

Selma playing at the White House tonight..

Empty shelves across Venezuela due to tumbling oil prices create a new industry

Did Gitmo "Suicides" Cover Up Murder? US Sgt. Speaks Out on Deaths & Prison's Secret CIA Site

Think local: The struggle for municipal broadband

Proposed deal would restore wins for Penn St., Joe Paterno

Giving a hug to the members of this group.

Last segment on Rachel Maddow last night cracked me up...

Bernie Sanders Rips Republicans For Cutting Social Security For 1 Million Disabled Veterans

The 10 Most Underrated Drummers in the History of Rock

A UPI photo of the Pope making an announcement was hacked at it was epic!

For monarch butterflies, loss of migration means more disease

I 100% believe the Roman gods are still real, so don't fucking mock me!

Scott Walker launched a 'fierce broadside' against @HillaryClinton in RNC speech.

Guantánamo Diary exposes brutality of US rendition and torture

IMO, the issue should be less about diversity in Oscar nominations and more about diversity in roles

Perry spends $1 million in campaign cash fighting indictment

N.Y. Post says Twitter feed 'has been hacked' following erratic Tweets

Patriots Fan Gets Wild 'Belichick Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself' Tattoo

Cuba Is Hoping To Replace Venezuelan Oil With American Tourists

Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin: Announces 2015 legislative priorities

01/21/15 Big Block of Cheese Day at the White House

Teaching Jobs in Pricate, K-12 Schools Across the Country

he who mocks the fox in socks shall eat some lox or box the gox!

We offer prayers for persecuted believers throughout the world.

Walker Leaves Little Doubt He'll Run for President

Hackers Take Over Media Twitter Accounts, Live-Tweet 'World War III'

Europe needs to better integrate Muslim communities: Obama

Ring of Fire: Extreme Wealth, More Extreme Inequality

Holder limits seized-asset sharing process that split billions with local, state police

Russian-Backed Rebels Claim to Have Control of Strategic Donetsk Airport

Omahan takes part in France's biggest outpouring of solidarity since World War II

Any Gay or Black or Poor or Latino or WOMEN voters sitting out the election

Is the U.S. Crazy? Inquiring minds from around the world want to know.

The impending collapse of Venezuela

'Did the Americans plan the Paris terror attacks?' asks leading Russian tabloid

Net Neutrality Draft Circulated

Warren Jeffs should be freed.

January 16, 1948

Only a few bad apples? Florida police uses mugshots of black men as target practice

Overpopulation The Problem No One Will Discuss.

Christian Mom Alarmed That School Bus Tail Lights Form ‘Pagan’ Pentagram

Five restrictions on Freedom of Speech I support (and you probably do too).

So should I re-consider atheism?

Obama's approval rating has IMPROVED since last Sunday

Supersizing Manhattan: New Yorkers rage against the dying of the light

Labor History in 2:00 (1-16-15)

Shameful - The Ho Hum Response To Cuts In SSDI.

Granma: Obama’s moves are not enough

Good Vibes, Please?

Girls high school basketball coach suspended after team's 161-2 win

Voice actor stops anti-gay preacher with show tunes

Pakistani Legislators Chant 'Death to Blasphemers'

Steve Harvey Loses It On 'Family Feud' Over The 'Best Answer' He's Ever Heard

Mitt Romney Has a Huge New Conflict-of-Interest Problem

And the Oscar For Best Headline Goes To...

When ADHD Isn't What It Seems

Tink - Tell The Children

RNC rolls out 2016 debate schedule

Charlie Hebdo: 'Four dead' in Niger protest

Friday fun time: Questionable political people made of sweets or snacks?

The Streets of San Francisco Are Covered in Human Shit

Report: John Fox Is The New Head Coach Of The Chicago Bears

2008 RT host who quit: "the real facts of the matter...they wouldn't let me report it."

Hard drive capacity

NYT OP: Want to Be Happy? Join a Union

NYT OP: Want to Be Happy? Join a Union

Time to clean house. Any way to delete all DU bookmarks at the same time?

NYT OP: Want to Be Happy? Join a Union

The Streets of San Francisco Are Covered in Human Shit (xpost from GD)

Obama Warns Congress Of Veto On Iran Sanctions

Former presidential candidate’s son paid almost $100K to ‘peace talks hacker’

Nigeria's Boko Haram Imprisons Hundreds of Women and Children in Baga

What's for dinner? Friday, Jan 16, 2015

Obama warns he'd veto new Iran sanctions bill coming during nuke talks/LATimes

What's your favorite Harper Lee novel?

"God Angrily Clarifies 'Don't Kill' Rule"

Wisconsin to host GOP presidential primary debate in November

Bronx produce company workers threaten strike over daily $5 raise request

Sen. Robert Menendez Spends Big On Legal Defense

U.S. attorney general bans asset seizure by local police

BREAKING: Supreme Court Will Decide Same-Sex Marriage Constitutionality This Term

Middle East Muslims Protest Prophet Cartoon

Bronx produce company workers threaten strike over daily $5 raise request

BREAKING:SCOTUS will hear cases about same sex marriage ban.

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Surges to 11-Year High

Qatar warns prophet cartoons will 'fuel hatred'

Bill Cosby coming to Northern California, trouble in tow

Randy Johnson will enter HOF as an AZ Diamondback

DA: Landscaper Says 'Illegal Immigration' Made Him Smash Dump Truck Into Macy's, Steal ATM

The Positive Side Of Earthquakes Caused By Fracking - TMFS Sketch

Are You in the Market for an Ancient Turkish City? There’s One For Sale.

Everyone Hates Mitt Romney

And it goes a little something like 'Squee'

Crazy Clown Car Parade Scheduled!

New Sirius XM station well worth a liberal listen

I got the results of my sleep test back.

How to Recreate a Sloppy Ancient Greek Drinking Game

Joe Paterno is now winningest coach

Steel strike: 34 pictures from when 17,000 of our British Steel workers downed tools (1980)

Steel strike: 34 pictures from when 17,000 of our British Steel workers downed tools (1980)

Steel strike: 34 pictures from when 17,000 of our British Steel workers downed tools (1980)

James Taylor, John Kerry show solidarity with France

Free Gaza Co-Founder Greta Berlin Thinks Idea Of Murdered Jews Is Funny

When religion becomes private again, it may be considered gauche and unnecessary to mock it.

Economic Solutions: Two Perspectives from the Bolivarian Left

Now we're talking

Dems head to Cuba to explore 'greater cooperation'

Dems head to Cuba to explore 'greater cooperation'

Best-seller about journey to heaven is pulled (Author admits to lying)

Fox News wants sick people sneezing in your food

Cargill takes the lead in urging end to Cuba trade restrictions

Cargill takes the lead in urging end to Cuba trade restrictions

Pope Francis Is Wrong About 'Charlie Hebdo.' We Have a Right to Make Fun of Religion.

Kitchen dancing - The Twist - From Chubby Checker to Pulp Fiction

States Consider Requiring US Citizenship Test for Graduation

ICC Opens Investigation Into Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Anti-Choice Legislators Try to Force Wedge Between Reproductive, Disability Rights Activists

Weekend Economists Revere Two Kings January 16-19, 2015

Wyoming GOP Bill Allows Christians To Treat Gay People Like Crap While Hiding Behind Their Bibles

Obama: There's A Less Than 50/50 Chance Of Nuclear Deal With Iran

Newtown school panel to include proposed gun ban in report

Dumpster-diving Village artist asks $1.3M for zero-bedroom, half-a-kitchen apartment

Dead! One last time. See you there.

Sam Brownback reverses course, proposes new taxes.

BP’s maximum fine for Gulf of Mexico oil spill is cut by billions

The Supremes are ready to jolt society (IMO) by accepting the first of two social issues.

I apologize in ADVANCE, this is an absolute CROCK OF SHIT not based in ANY kind of REALITY or FACT.

Apparently this is what we need.

Police: Teen sweethearts blaze trail of crime across South

Is America Crazy ?

I think I just perfected the Martini.

Ted Nugent is high on meth.

Twelve Angry Men

Obama Administration Will Ask SCOTUS To Rule For Marriage Equality

Young Peruvians clash with police over cuts in labor rights

Young Peruvians clash with police over cuts in labor rights

MUST Watch: Viral ‘Black Gay Dads’ star in Nikon ad

“Solo Goya”: Order and Disorder

You are NOT a Capitalist.

Possession of ice cream, whipped cream topping, nuts and a cherry on top can get you arrested here:

New Congress Begins Anti-Environment Attack With ‘No More National Parks’ Bill

"The Dream Of Reconciliation"- Next week's New Yorker Cover

Gun Company Calls For Boycott of Liam Neeson After Anti-Gun Comments

Joe Paterno's Name To Remain On Joe Paterno Center For Covering Up Sexual Abuse

Ron Paul Is Just Asking The Question: Was The Charlie Hebdo Attack A False Flag Operation?

UK And US To Stage Cyber War Games To Test Banks

Obama above water again in today's Gallup poll:

Glenn Beck: Our Founding Principles Require That Christianity Receives 'Preferential Treatment'

In Just 60 Years, Neoliberal Capitalism Has Nearly Broken Planet Earth

Help me out here, Mitch. The DOW dropped on Wednesday and Thursday.

Project Censored: Top 25 Most Censored Stories of 2013-2014

I carry a gun every day

Elon Musk Releases Dramatic Imagery of Mostly Successful Falcon 9 1st Recovery Attempt, Hard Landing

Mock apple pie recipe

I can't stop smiling.

Star Trek DS9: Quark tells his nephew something about humans

I think I just perfected the Flaming Moe.

NASA/NOAA/UCB/JMA Concur 2014 Hottest Year In Scientific Record, w/o El Nino; 3rd Record/Past 10 Yrs

Anti-Vaccine Mom Would Rather Lose Baby Than Vaccinate

Civil Forfeiture to be Limited on Orders of AG Holder

Judge: Arpaio will face contempt hearing in April

Canada: man buys pink truck for wife, who is a cancer survivor

Jeremiah Wright, was right...

Minor jury service bug when browsing with two windows.

GOP Hero Ben Carson Shilled for Company That Promoted Quack AIDS & Cancer Cures


Colombian authorities to investigate ‘Little Miss Thong’ children’s pageant

Give a cat a fish, and s/he will eat for a day. Teach a cat to fish...

CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield Mistakenly Condemns Eagles’ Guitarist Joe Walsh | Hilarity ensues

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Is Fastest-Selling R-Rated Title in Fandango History

Majority Think US Should Strengthen Ties With Cuba, US Poll Reveals

Remember now - Gitmo is a Vacation Paradise - now throw those garlands for Rummy

Gun Company Calls For Boycott of Liam Neeson After Anti-Gun Comments

A little Friday night laughter for you Monty Python - What have the romans ever done for us

Reality hurts sometimes, but that doesn't make it any less true.

It all started over whose god was more peaceful, kind, and forgiving.

John Boehner Posts Cringe-Worthy List Using TAYLOR SWIFT Pics To Attack Obama Community College Plan

Giving a hug to the members of this group

History of Imbolc

The Oscars’ REAL Game | As Told by “ELIIHASS” 3 Chics’ Commenter

Homeland Security chief: Visa waivers fears to be addressed

The existence of this book diminishes us all

Love people, cook them tasty food.

OMG! I am so *hongry* and I don't know what I want to have for dinner. Suggestions?

Probe sought into Missouri prosecutor's actions in Brown case

The Crowdsourcing Scam--From "Uber" to "Amazon"...Not sure what to think about this.

California 'revenge porn' trial gets under way in San Diego

California 'revenge porn' trial gets under way in San Diego