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Archives: January 18, 2015

Need help, please. Knuckle-dragger husband of a friend of mine sent me this:

From 1968: "Let Your Faith Light The World...

Pemberton mother accused of setting infant on fire in roadway charged with murder

Sometimes it feels like we Really ARE IN TROUBLE ...

How to correct income inequality in one move

Happy Yappy Birthday to Betty White -- 93!

My 15th wedding anniversay was Thursday.

There needs to be more than one kind of student loan forgiveness program.

Took a little trip over the mountain today.

Why is publishing an image of Muhammad a grave insult to Islam, but eating pork is not?

The Old Man and the Semen

Kindergarten writing in their journals

Newtown school panel to include proposed gun ban in report

We Never Learned to Dodge Bullets

The comet Lovejoy is visible tonight

Watch This Time-Lapse NASA Video Of Us Turning Earth Into An Oven

How much are words worth?

Ancient Egyptian Woman with 70 Hair Extensions Discovered

Louisiana plantation museum to focus on harsh realities of slavery

No one here wants to comment about Penn State and Joe Paterno. Well, Keith Olbermann does:

Jimmy Carter: "The most terrible human rights violation on earth right now, unaddressed. . ."

Religion, and Isolation of believers, has some strange results..

Cuomo wants statewide 'affirmative consent' campus sex assault bill

Is a Climate Disaster Inevitable?

Could Hollywood's new love of complex women help Hillary Clinton?

Anonymous donor gives $1 million to families of 2 slain NYPD officers

Brighid's Mantle - History and Lore

US-Cuba thaw: Congressional delegation arrives in Havana

‘Sea of Blue’ marchers turn out in Washington to support police

"Life, Liberty, Happiness: Health, Food, Shelter." Will Pitts' best ever?

View from the left: Can Hillary afford to ignore Warren's battle cry?

President Obama Will Seek to Reduce Taxes for Middle Class


'Complete rape' of government by industry – Kirk Wiebe on private contractors in intelligence

Obamacare's little secret: Meet the most important person you don't know.

Ephemeralization (dMASS): ''Doing more with less'' - Buckminster Fuller

The Dead Are Watching (The Llewellyn Journal)

Islamic State frees around 350 Yazidi captives in Iraq's north

What's the difference between a lawyer and a prostitute?

Yemen: Shia Houthis seize president's chief of staff

Academy president responds to Oscar firestorm


Afghan cabinet nominee wanted by Interpol for tax evasion

Fine Penn State $1395 and erase almost all the rest of the penalties

and the Oscar for the best Caucasian goes to.....

Newtown school panel to include proposed gun ban in report

Keys To The Matchup: Packers vs. Seahawks

Remember the pizza guy that got abused by the used car dealer? Guess how much $$$ was donated:

A young child's education begins (VERY disturbing video)

Non-MSM Breaking News: Obama Presidential Job Approval 11 Points Higher Than Bush At Same Point

Man arrested for filming execution in Saudi

Sam Brownback Proposes Tax Increases In Wake Of Budget Problems

Chip chip--like they do w/ Roe v. Wade! GOP tactics on ObamaCare move away from full repeal

Juan Martin del Potro out of the Oz open...

"Obama’s budget proposal will take aim at the wealthy"

This Is How Republicans Plan To Destroy Liz Warren's Greatest Achievement

Obama tax plan: Middle-class credits, increases for rich

Fasten your seatbelts, Lounge: Cocker spaniels; neighbor (loud) parties, calling cops?!1

Chicago No Longer Seems a Lock to Host Obama’s Library

Solar Is Adding Jobs 10 Times Faster Than the Overall Economy

Buying a home in Britain should not be an impossible dream (The Guardian)

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

St. Louis cops apologize for beating wrong black man bloody in chase after suspect - not the onion

Why you never answer the doorbell

Anybody ever used a turf box with a dog?

Apple is led by a gay man (thoughts about The Imitation Game)

This guy is the luckiest man alive today.

"A migration without end"

That photo of country leaders at Paris march last week? Here is what it really was:

They always say bad news comes in threes...

Redistribution, American Style: Take From the Poor and Give to the Rich

OOoh, Lounge, tonight SNL is actually LIVE!1 headsup n/t

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 20: Star of the Month: Robert Redford

Odds & Ends

Former Guantanamo guard reveals colleagues murdered 3 inmates

What Is the "Deal" With Cumo?

This thread is NOT about religion.

Sometimes I feel like this.....

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 21: Robert Osborne's Picks


Federal lawmakers urge Hogan to back Purple, Red lines.

White ‘survivalist’ gunman shoots black police chief 4 times and walks free

Conservatives In The House, Then Moderates In The Senate

Gordon Parks' Never-Before-Seen Photos Of 1950s Segregation

Penn Station Ousts Slew Of Fast Food Joints To Improve Image

Gordon Parks' Never-Before-Seen Photos Of 1950s Segregation ~ cross post

Flanders & Swann

This is so the best Metallica, thrash even, song ever, and still totally relevant.

The Hill: 5 reasons the Left doesn’t believe Warren

Let's be clear about the leaked "middle class" tax cuts

Beautiful day to walk the beach

If Jesus was asked about internet forum moderation

'Smallest theater in the world' to travel from England to India

Des Moines Register: "Espey: US deserves better transparency from TPP"

ESA Hikes Budget, Takes Steps To Send Astronaut to Chinese Space Station

Poor Kids Arrested By Philippines Before Pope Francis Visit

Police Officer Cameras Catch Another Officer

Three Earth-like planets sighted around nearby star

Do You think Warren will run?

Oops..some one blabbled.

Newtown school panel to include proposed gun ban in report

Los Saicos

Sunday's Doonesbury: Who's this Warren character?

Sunday's Doonesbury: Who's this Warren character?

Bjork fans. please check in with me.

Bjork fans. please check in with me.

Who wants to wish FL Michelle Obama Happy Birthday with me?.. Still the 17th of Jan in Hawaii!

Cartoonist still in hiding due to al-Awlaki fatwa. Reason #325 why he got what he deserved

Confessions of an Iowa gun snob (3rd in a series!)

Two new reports raise fundamental questions on Savannah River MOX plant

Mean Girls in the Retirement Home

Shattered glass after widespread vandalism, burglary spree in Lubbock including GOP county HQ

Beep beep

Power 5 conferences pass cost-of-attendance measure as NCAA autonomy begins

USGS likely to upgrade North Texas’ quake risk level

Fleetwood Mac forced to end Lincoln show early

Suspects held in Greece as European terror crackdown widens

Daily Holidays - January 18

You'd think it'd be a given

The downward spiral a journal of the journey

The next UN humanitarian chief could be the one person who'd make 'Heckuvajob Brownie' look capable

Magic Mushrooms, LSD and other psychedelics might protect against depression and suicide

Chicken Shack

London: Holocaust memorial posters defaced with ‘lies’ graffiti

The Etymology of Psychedelic

The one sentence you need to read to understand France’s anti-Semitism crisis

3 Palestinians Sorry for Torching German Synagogue

'Surge in hate crime directed at Jews'

Protect and serve......and sing to Taylor Swift?

The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan Castle

Check in if you have a Hawaii Chair! or something better!

The Ancient Mystery of the Ever Burning Lamps

Complaints force Army to remove unauthorized ‘On a mission for God’ poster from recruiters office

2 people took a photo of same lightning bolt (by chance) & someone reconstructed 3D model of it!

Screen writer working with CIA mysteriously disappears

Kaiser, nurses union reach tentative agreement; two-day strike called off

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Bag Of Chips Edition

The Myth of Gentrification

Home Petite Home

The United States Is Open for Business in Iraq

Poll shows 80% support among Americans for "mandatory labels on foods containing DNA"

Bully Gets Destroyed After Mocking Schoolmate’s Dead Sister NSFW

5 Outrageous Right-Wing Moments This Week: Red-Faced Fox Actually Admits It Made a Mistake

Why Americans Are Giant Hypocrites About Free Speech

Crooked Narco Cops: 10 Outrageous Ways Police Have Enriched Themselves on the Drug Trade

Illustrated Bites by Heather Diane

Japan boosts military budget

Have a room to rent? Buffett expects record crowd at Berkshire shareholder meeting for his 50th anni

Meet the Right-Wing Judge Who Just Screwed Over the People Taking Care of Your Grandma

Kentucky teens on alleged crime spree captured in Florida

Wilson on the cusp of greatness?

"Self-policing" in the financial industry

This election, Liberman's racism is going mainstream

What are the most heartless and out of touch comments about poverty

Where do you think Obama's Presidential Library should be?

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Agent Orange

Snark levels were on full blast for ‘Kohaku’

Benghazi Wars Episode VIII

It’s time for a revolution: Bankrupt policies, historic losses call for new generation of leaders

Israel lobbies foreign powers to cut ICC funding

The Hill: 5 reasons the left doesn’t believe Warren

Maher is right about religion: Orwellian ridiculousness of Jesus, and the truth about moral progress

Wisconsin: So much for checks and balances in the state Capitol

Environmentalists on Disney Springs fake spring: really?

Noam Chomsky on the dangers of standardized testing

Outside Charlie Hebdo

Losing my faith in humanity: Six years since 'Operation Cast Lead'

Tax-evading business is going strong...

Pope Francis’ new clothes: Why his progressive image is white smoke and mirrors

Wrigley Field to go bleacher-less until May

U.S. Consulate desegregates security staff, Israeli guards quit in protest

some dog bite statistics

Francis is officially the most popular Pope as six million turn out for record-breaking mass in Mani

Sunday morning tunes...Lucius.... Tiny Desk Concert...

Fox News apologizes 4 times for inaccurate comments about Muslims in Europe

Senator Feinstein's husband stands to profit big (again) from government deal

Australian Open begins tonight at 7 p.m. on ESPN2 .........

Stay off roads in Western Central NJ - 1/18//2015

Islamic State group reportedly throws homosexuals off roof as punishment

Cartoonist's -Hoped For Obituary: "Distasteful. Truculent. Moody. Provocative towards bastards."

Pope Francis’ new clothes: Why his progressive image is white smoke and mirrors

Seattle DUers! Come to an MLK march tomorrow! (And a panel with John Carson!)

Seattle DUers! Come to an MLK march tomorrow! (And a panel with John Carson!)

Oh, dear god, first Mitt and now...(get ready)...

Guantánamo Diary: ‘Torture squad so well trained that they were performing almost perfect crimes'

Which of the 11 American nations do you live in?

The ex-President is receiving his daily feeding.

Dear President Obama: Thanks for giving those long boring speechs that people are just texting while

Terrorists Will Never Limit Our Free Speech, But Government Can

The Great Lao-Tzu said:

I'm kind wondering ...

The Streets of San Francisco Are Covered in Human Shit

John McCain leads US delegation of senators on tour to train Syrian rebels

I had to drive 10 miles out of my way and back, but I got gas for $1.49/gal.

To call the Boulder/Denver turnpike a US highway is a fucking joke.

Wow. I got attention for an OP about the woo-woo stuff; let's do something real. Click here.

RE: Tipping. The customer ALWAYS pays the wages

Green Bay Packers vs SeaHawks-Everything you need to get ready for today's NFC title game

Congressman Dan Kildee (Michigan 5th District) reserves seat at SOTO for imprisoned Marine

Birds of a feather: Palin and Le Pen to appear at Oxford University

If all right-thinking people are united against terrorism, where are the 'Je suis Nigeria' banners?

Your moment of zen - live webcam of mantees in Blue Springs!

Atlanta area DUers - any gardening types planning to attend the event next Sat at Wylde Center?

How They Puff 'Em For Us

WATCH: Palestinian protesters throw eggs, shoes, at Canadian Foreign Minister in Ramalla, West Bank

Tom Lehrer

Foo Fighters *hilarious 2011 tour rider - NO TRIDENTS BACKSTAGE!!

Medical examiner in Iowa reports at least 12 flu deaths

Kenneth B. Morris Jr. is 52. Direct descendant of Frederick Douglass AND Booker T. Washington

So a Romney staffer is walking down the street

So Cute! This Baby Bulldog Trying To Howl For The First Time Will Melt Your Heart!

Shots fired near VP Biden's house in Delaware

"The Good Lie" (2014)--under the Oscar-hype radar...

Trickle Down economics is a Hoax is up to 1500 likes! 200 more in 8 days

MSNBC reporting that shots were fired near the Biden home last night

A question about naming conventions of the 18th century.

Qatari imprisoned in US returns home — declared an enemy combatant after 9/11

Finally saw that great fantasy/comedy movie...

Ukraine troops retake Donetsk airport area with ‘mass operation’

Israel lobbies foreign powers to cut ICC funding

If Elizabeth Warren does not run

"The Good Lie" (2014)--under the Oscar-hype radar..

Hillary Clinton is too old to run for President. There, I said it.

At least one Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli strike in Syria: sources

'Friendship Nine' to be cleared of civil rights sit-in crimes

Senators to Saudi Arabia - Go Ahead & Flog, Just Don't Do It In Public

Suspected Boko Haram fighters kidnap around 80 in Cameroon

2014 warmest year on record--Bill McKibbon on Democracy Now

Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee Hint At 2016 Presidential Ambitions

When All Fundamentalists Were Christian

Strong medicine for belly-achers about the immigrant invasion...WOOOOO!

Koran-burning preacher’s pulpit of defiance and chili cheese dogs

Gottdam Obama gas prices

Now that Republicans care about income inequality, they will happily pass Obama's new plans

The vision of a champion

Guantanamo Bay staff sergeant claims three men believed to have committed suicide were actually tort

Je Suis Charlie Backlash: France Hate Speech Arrests Highlight Double Standard, Critics Say

Just saw Network again after many years.

At least one Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli strike in Syria - sources

Turn the god damn music UP

Yes, Cardinal Burke, women are TERRIFYING...

Happy Birthday To RebelOne!

George Will On Romney 2016: GOP Has Deep Bench, ‘They Do Not Need To Look Backwards’

Iran jails scientist for refusing to help with Uranium-enrichment

Satire and mocking have been staples of liberalism from the beginning.

Disneyland measles: Rapid spread concerns health officials

By Any Other Name… Terrorism Sucks!! | Philip A. Farruggio

A Birthday Celebration for a Woman Who Has Become and Icon...

A man in a Silverado was crushed between 2 semis and he had minor injuries.(Photo)

Ukraine troops retake Donetsk airport area with ‘mass operation’

Hey, kids, where is your protest music?

Luminarias festival, Spain: horses jump through flames for St. Anthony

Homily notes of this morning's Mass

No, Fox DID NOT Apologize.

An orgasmic tribute for all the Pats fans (especially Will Pitt):

What are you reading the week of Sunday, January 18, 2015?

Oh Snap!: Miss Lebanon Slammed for Selfie With Miss Israel

The American economy summed up in a three-minute movie clip - NSFW

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 18, 2015

Should Chinatowns in America be torn down?

Heard about a new teabilly expression

Lawmakers Ban Open Carry In Washington State Capitol After Gun Nuts Storm Building

Anyone ever tells you Freepers are not racist...

Girls rate exotic foreign foods

Anyone ever try Kratom?

Salon:The Pope Francis revolution: Inside the catastrophic collapse of the Catholic right

Password Problems for me?

Huckabee: ‘Cultural Divide’ Stops Obama Kids From Liking ‘Wholesome’ Music

The Weekly Bug: Romney, Romney AND Romney (again)

We Will Never Be Strong Again Living off of Imports

New ‘Charlie Hebdo’ editor scolds US media: When you blur our cover, ‘you blur out democracy’

Clinton's Democratic allies offer her an economic road map

A Cheesy Love Story - The Ad Doritos Don't Want You to See

Oregon Christian Blogger Mom Declares Yoga Pants "Too Lustful" & Gives Them Up for Jesus Sake

Archbishop Aquila Tells 1500 Pro Lifers/ Go Door To Door To End Abortion In Colorado

Jeremy Scahill Names General Barry McCaffrey As Worst 'Fear Profiteer' TV Analyst

The Cast of 'The West Wing' Just Reunited — And It Was Absolutely Amazing

Congress gets over two hundred paid days off each year, but...

This Former Industrial Chicken Farmer Wants to Go Big With Pasture-Raised Eggs

Not Even Black Cops Can Get Justice...

the dog has me pinned to the couch

Saks Seems to Believe Anti-Trans Discrimination is Totally Legal

Saks Seems to Believe Anti-Trans Discrimination is Totally Legal

Yes We Can...speak the Truth about Corporate Dems to reverse dangerous trend

Gail Collins column: Texas is sending you a present

Air Force UFO files hit the web

Elizabeth Warren Backs Kamala Harris In California Senate Race

Activists Put a Face to the Violence Hidden in “Humane” Farming (Whole Foods etc. fraud)

Cuban scholars: “US-style democracy not only option”

What does the adjective "American" mean, aside from geography or citizenship?

The Black Vault

I have to disagree with Bill Maher about boycotts and free speech

The American state-religion is not Christianity. It is Nationalism.

Lawmakers Ban Open Carry In Washington State Capitol After Gun Nuts Storm Building

Venezuela president receives parade amid looming crisis

Is it really so difficult to not use violence or threaten to use violence in response to ridicule?

My cake fell.

"What am I alone on this ?"

Allegiance - A New Musical (George Takei)

The loooooser keeps losing

Teenager loses virginity to her estranged DAD and now plans to marry him

Hitler discovers Romney will be running again.....

Are we recruiting for the 21st Century Crusades?

Frederick Co. Man Eugene Smith Mauled to Death by Family Pit Bull

Elizabeth Warren keeps pressure on Hillary Clinton

Ring of Fire: Immigration on The Republican Chopping Block

Ron Johnson makes an ass of himself, AGAIN...

Hot Tuna - Watersong

The Teabonics Hall Of Fame — 60 Iconic Misspelled Protest Signs (PHOTOS)

Football inside; what's outside?

M Matters:GOP Justifies Weakening Social Security Disability Program Using Right-Wing Media's Smears

When you give clothes away to charity do you worry about little stains?

Over 80 percent of Americans support "mandatory labels on foods containing DNA"

Hunts Point Market Workers will not go on strike as workers and management agree on certain terms

Bernie’s On Board: Sen. Sanders Stands With President Obama On Tax Cut Plan

The potential for disastrous abuse of power in this area is great

Delta Flight Attendants File Flight Plan for IAM Representation

New Jersey Misused $54 Million Meant to Protect Children from Lead Poisoning

Some people should never be allowed to be doctors!

"Normality is over rated"

Westboro Baptist protestors.....Under The Rainbow

No Teachable Moment as Jim Clancy Leaves CNN

THIS machine kills nobody

Wisconsin Teachers Use Legal Loophole in Act 10 to Get Their Union Back

Wisconsin Teachers Use Legal Loophole in Act 10 to Get Their Union Back

Wisconsin Teachers Use Legal Loophole in Act 10 to Get Their Union Back

Rolling Stone: 17 Reasons This 'Rhiannon' Clip Is the Coolest Thing in the Universe (Fleetwood Mac)

(Crazy Right-Wing Nut) Pundit: President Obama's Secret Plan To Have Non-Muslims Stoned to Death

No Fast Track Digital Toolkit

Israel’s Political Right Sends Diplomacy To Hell

No Fast Track Digital Toolkit

Handicapping the race for mayor of Houston

Woman uses 2 guns to shoot at would-be home invasion robber

DC Metro driver's story of privatization brings Mayor to tears

Saudi blogger’s wife says global pressure could force his release

Israel Told Swedish FM They Would Not Secure Her Visit


The SOTU will be very interesting IF

Union job media: Jobs at EPI

FL law chief fired by Scott says he was asked to falsely accuse someone in criminal case.

White man shoots black police chief 4 times without being arrested or charged

Senator (Graham) To Push For Iran Sanctions Or A Say On Any Deal

Biggest religious gatherings in the world

Building Ties To Counter Religious Extremism In LA

Ohio: kitty survives freezing conditions

The Pope Francis revolution: Inside the catastrophic collapse of the Catholic right

"Chris Kyle & Marcus Luttrell - A New Breed of "Entertainment SEALS"

Wow. Even the Washington NFL team could beat the SeaChickens today.

Elizabeth Warren carries growing clout into her next big fights with Wall Street

Bird gangs.

Germany's Anti-Islam PEGIDA Cancels Rally Due To Terror Risks

Jay Leno on Warren vs. Hillary: I Don’t See Hillary’s ‘Fire’ Anymore

The Swiss Just Made Things Worse for the Euro

Pipeline breach spills oil into Yellowstone River

For fifty-six minutes, I thought I might actually be able to watch the goddamn Stupor Bowl.

we walked around colonial williamsburg for a bit today - super pic heavy

I ask your prayers for DU.

Ukraine Faces Default Risk as Russia Puts Neighbor on Notice

Watch this nature doc on the majestic tar-sands pipeline

Bush Strategist on Mitt Romney: 'You Can't Own Car Elevators and Run On Poverty'

Mike Huckabee's idea of a "wholesome" musician

Choke of the century.

Green Bay Packers got robbed imo

Seattle won! 28/22


Let's Laugh At These Poor Seahawks Fans Who Left The Game Early

Another DUer is struggling and could use some help

For MLK Day

Colts/Pats Who wins?

MLK Day toolkit

Fiddler on the Roof, TCM now.

David M. Shribman: Bushes v. Romneys v. GOP unity

Kentucky crime spree teens captured in - you guessed it - Florida

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 19 January 2015

Protest songs

"The Tragedy of the American Military" - James Fallows (Long and worthy read)

The goat:

Asteroid 2004 BL86 scheduled for close encounter with Earth in January

New Yorker Magazine Cover Depicts MLK, Trayvon Martin & Mike Brown