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Archives: January 19, 2015

Police: Florida man had 'several pockets full of ammunition' in mall shooting that left 2 dead

Hubby sulking. Can't get over Packer loss.

Milan mayor investigated for registering same-sex marriages

This Simple Habit Can Make Or Break Your Relationship

Ghana's navy frees hijacked tanker, arrests pirates

Silver Airways Flight Attendants Join AFA-CWA

PWN GOP Program Cuts with Mincome

MLK on a living wage

Alabama school superintendent bans high school history club from seeing ‘Selma’

U.N. peacekeepers arrest Central African Republic militia leader

Israeli Airstrike Kills Hezbollah And Iranian Commanders In Syria

The King legacy!!!

One escape, a few treats a nap and a New Name:

North Korean defector Shin Dong-hyuk admits 'inaccuracies' in bestselling tale of torture 'Escape...

Here's Betty White...just because she always makes me smile.

USW: Sherwin Alumina Lockout

The GOP Republican Committee

Lawmaker Wants To Pay Students $2,500 If They See A Transgender Person In The ‘Wrong’ Bathroom

Lawmaker Wants To Pay Students $2,500 If They See A Transgender Person In The ‘Wrong’ Bathroom

Outcry after Indonesia executes 6 for drug trafficking

Charlie Hebdo gunman Chérif Kouachi buried in unmarked grave near Paris

Interview: Tribal Council Mismanagement and Millions Missing

Interview: Tribal Council Mismanagement and Millions Missing

Passing the Baton

Help DU: List of examples of FOX news lying or misleading audiences

Fox apology for Birmingham 'Muslim-only city' claim

Taking my kids to see Selma tomorrow.

In South Carolina, Cruz Blisters Obama, GOP Establishment re: protest songs

Gas Theft and Auschwitz Snub… Russia’s Every Right to End the Insults


TCM has "To Kill A Mockingbird" on starting now.

A New Baby for Ex Orphan Emily is Born

Is Putin Creating a New World Order? Oil Price Blowback

Cameron rebuts pope on speech offensive to religion

Mattress Carrying Columbia (University) Senior to Attend State of the Union

Time to Close Wall Street’s ‘Retirement Advice Loophole’

Time to Close Wall Street’s ‘Retirement Advice Loophole’

What's the U.K.'s favorite pooch?

Snowden says China stole F-35 JSF secret design information

Hundreds of Duke students rally with Muslims at Friday’s call to prayer

Oklahoma pastors will preach in hoodies to protest proposed state bill banning hoods

How to use the Indian latrine

Palm Beach, FL: abandoned dog found in field

AFT’s Weingarten: New Model for Unionism Requires Organizing With Community for Economic Justice, ..

Beats the shit out of Chris Christy:

AFT’s Weingarten: New Model for Unionism Requires Organizing With Community for Economic Justice...

Half global wealth held by the 1%

Wow. Even the Washington NFL team could beat the Dolts today.

On the Beaches of Santa Monica, Temp Workers Organize

6 million!

Anti-French Protests in Niger Kill 10 as Rallies Hit Africa, Middle East, Asia

Mali Announces End of Its Ebola Outbreak

In Surprise Announcement, Karen Lewis Says She Will Return to Chicago Teachers Union Next Week

Pacifica Archives Discovers New MLK Speech Recording

NOW Union Made

'It's pork or nothing', French mayor tells pupils

Attention Chuck Pagano! There's a play that Belicheat likes to call where a tackle becomes eligible.

Cuomo to Propose 2 New Minimum Wages, for New York City and State

John Elway Casually Mentions To Peyton Manning How Great It Was Going Out On Top In ’98

WATCH: Protesters surround conference put on by Texas Muslims: ‘You are not Americans’

David Cameron disagrees with Pope Francis on responding with violence

first round of vacation pics are up in the lounge

Just finished season 1 of "The Wire."

Today's edition of Really Unfortunate Shit Happening In America...

Does this belongs here or the Science group?

I'm done being a "liberal"

Statement: Transport Workers Union on Outsourcing of 1000+ Jobs by Frontier Airlines

Statement: Transport Workers Union on Outsourcing of 1000+ Jobs by Frontier Airlines

The most recent Doobie Brothers album, "Southbound," is a real love it or hate it proposition.


Gary Kubiak coach of the Broncos

Pope Francis to visit White House, may speak to joint session of Congress

Joke. Maybe an oldie, I just heard it.

N.S.A. Tapped Into North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack, Officials Say

Joeybee will be here shortly.

2015 Year of Resistance

Today is turning into a pretty awesome day.

Pope Francis to address joint session of Congress

New Laws Are Making Public Bathrooms Safer for Transgender People

New Laws Are Making Public Bathrooms Safer for Transgender People

Brunch with a living legend

Australian Open. (spoiler)

Dude, They Found Your Carnitas: Chipotle Solves Its Pork Crisis (animal welfare standards)

Dude, They Found Your Carnitas: Chipotle Solves Its Pork Crisis (animal welfare standards)

'Selma' stars including Oprah march in Alabama, honoring MLK

Your point BEING? Ted Cruz frets that if Romney runs, voters will stay home & "Dems will win again"

Remembering My Father Who Fought For The Union Benefits That Former Postmaster General Donahoe...

Remembering My Father Who Fought For The Union Benefits That Former Postmaster General Donahoe...

Remembering My Father Who Fought For The Union Benefits That Former Postmaster General Donahoe...

Super Bowl opening line is Seahawks by 2.5

One more "glass half full / empty" post...Trey Anastasio performing on the Dead "farewell shows."

The best news about Super Bowl Sunday!!!

DEA secretly tracked Americans’ calls for over a decade, court document reveals

Ted Cruz’s Dad Fights Gay Rights in Texas

They don't grow on trees, you know.

President Obama finally has his Piketty moment

The stark disparities of paid leave: The rich get to heal. The poor get fired.

The real Student Loan person

Democracy Now: Fox Expert admits Birmingham, UK not all Muslim on BBC News, called idiot by PM

Mike Ditka says if he had a young son now he wouldn't let him play football

Would you take an 11 year old to see "Selma"?

Pro Golfer Robert Allenby: I was abducted, robbed

"The Distorted Exaggeration of Black-on-black Crime"

Army commanders order removal of 'God and country' recruiting sign

South Carolina Law Would Make Kids Study Second Amendment for 3 Weeks Every Year

Does anyone watch Forensic Files on TV?

John Oliver has been off waaaaaaaaay to long.

How will you watch the Super Bowl this year?

Supreme Court to Review Bans on Solicitations in Judge Races.

“SNL” brilliantly tackles gentrification: “You’re acting like someone put gluten in your muffin”

I'm having a Cards Against Humanity party next weekend.

Putin's Russian invaders shelling the Ukrainian airport in Donetsk

Alberta, Canada: constable shot, not expected to live

The snake was cursed to go on his belly after that.

Fun stuff for a change :D:D:D

my most difficult journey is the path i've been traveling since i lost you

Tony Verna, inventor of instant TV replay, dies at 81

Why do bad things happen to good people (Pope Francis edition)

No, the police do NOT actually protect us from criminals

Why NFL overtime rules make sense

Man sentenced for attempted murder

what am i supposed to do with myself?

Why do Boston teams always win?

John Fugelsang on American Sniper

Dumb Criminals: British Man Convicted Of Trying To Have Sex With A Mailbox

Just so people know. My wife went to her first counseling session.

Why Eric Garner Couldn’t Breathe

In US, There Are Twice as Many Solar Workers as Coal Miners

NYPD Under Investigation for Routinely Planting Guns on Suspects and Fabricating--

Could Politics Here Really Be This Ugly and This Stupid?

Good Cop Sues Corrupt Department That Told Him ‘If you snitch, your career is done’

The Upside of a Republican Congress

Robert Parry,: Neocons: The 'Anti-Realists'

Quick car wash

By 2016, the world's top 1% will own more than half of all the world's wealth

Hungarian Jews mark 70 years since Budapest ghetto liberation

Daily Holidays - January 19

Super Bowl betting

B.C. megathrust earthquake will rip earth open like a zipper, expert says

Your Home Is Your Prison

Follow-up: Sad ending for prankster who flew Alabama flag at Texas A&M's Kyle Field

Houthis, soldiers battle near Yemen's presidential palace

DreamWorks accused of 'whitewashing' Ghost in the Shell by casting Scarlett Johansson

Ice Pelts Northeast, Triggering Bridge Closings, Accidents

Former Robertson County DA indicted

Working two or more jobs and longer hours makes you prone to heavy drinking, study says

Oil Prices Start Week in Negative Territory

Chinese hackers steal F-35, LCS, AEGIS blueprints from Pentagon

Why I protect even offensive speech

Who Will Stand With Venezuela?

CBS Poll: 85% of Democrats approve of a Clinton candidacy

Is Hawai‘i an Occupied State?

The Servant Girl Annihilator

8 Facts About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That Will Surprise You

What It Was Like to be Gay in the Civil Rights Movement

Free educational sites for those interested

Oxfam Claims The Richest 1% Will Own More Than Half The World's Wealth By Next Year

Smoking Gun? Remember how Perry kept saying there was an EMERGENCY at the border??

EU health chief says no clear majority yet for U.S. trade deal

This Chart Shows How Bad America's Bridge Really Are

Jewish centre bombing: Argentine prosecutor Nisman found dead

Two men rescued on Lake Erie near Frenchtown Charter Township

Tehran: Iran general killed in Israeli airstrike in Syria

Cameroon frees 24 hostages after suspected Boko Haram kidnapping

Hillary Clinton Room Post-85%of the party wants Hillary to run.

MLK: "I'm not interested in pressing charges. I'm interested in changing the system"

LeBron: Best I've felt all season

Russell Westbrook channels his inner Marshawn Lynch

LeBron James becomes youngest to reach 24,000 points

Flyers for the Campaigns Martin Luther King Was Working on When He Was Assassinated

NSA Broke Into North Korea's Internet Before Sony Hack: Report

Right fight! Chuck Johnson vs Holly Fisher

Chris Hedges: ‘You Have a Mother’

"It is like China, or the Soviet Union, people are always looking over their shoulder".

Kenya: Police tear-gas school kids in demo over playground

NHS England to stop referring people to 'gay cure' therapy

British Churches Celebrate Magna Carta's 800th Birthday

1% Likely to Control More Than 1/2 Globe's Wealth - While over a billion live on less than $1.25 day

Ala. speaker accuses US labor board of organizing unions

Ala. speaker accuses US labor board of organizing unions

Nats sign free agent pitcher Max Scherzer

Organizers insist no racial motive for holding pro-Confederate rally on MLK weekend

CNN: Wealthiest 1% will soon own more than rest of us combined, Oxfam says

Yemeni army, Houthi fighters clash in capital

Obama team announces State of the Union guests

The morning in 1968 when Martin Luther King gave the final Sunday sermon of his life

Another fracking earthquake in Kansas

Once homeless, teen from the Bronx will be guest at State of the Union

Obama's Approval - 50%

Pro-Russia rebels claim to control Donetsk airport after battle

Regarding Seattle's 2-point conversion

Question about redistricting.

“I can’t believe the president signed off on that program. I can’t believe it.” He kept saying it.

Teared up at end of American Sniper: "Great fucking movie & now I really want to kill some ragheads"

Is it important for Hillary to face a primary while Republicans slug I out?

Sea Battle Warships APK

Media "retired generals" profiteering & conflict of interest as "terror experts" (run from SCAHILL)

MLK and the Presidents

Doomsday ‘prepper’ dead after trailer park shooting rampage and fiery explosion

Paris is a warning: there is no insulation from our wars

Prosecutor in 1994 Buenos Aires Jewish center bombing found dead

So you think you're a party animal?

Dr King 1963.

People in states other than Georgia have some trouble driving on icy roads...

Real American Sniper was a hate-filled killer. Why are simplistic patriots treating him as a hero?

TOM TOMORROW: Charlie Hebd'overload

Today's Google Doodle: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

MLK to JFK: 'I shudder to think what our nation has become . . .'

A kind of social insanity

Michael Moore: "My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards."

MLK on Economic Justice

I'm not saying that Republican Presidential hopeful Squat Wanker is a Nazi, but ...

Egyptian President Al-Sisi is a Dictator, Not a Reformer of Islam

Top Senator: Dems Better Not Give An Inch In New Social Security Fight

Krugman: So will the deniers now concede that climate change is real?

The Darwins are out!

Martin Luther King's Last Speech: "I've Been To The Mountaintop"

A Jonathan Swift quote to explain your dilemma:

The View From The Pulpit Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Spiritual Home

British Man Convicted After Having Sex With A Mailbox

"In order to meet the order-I had to use my only uniform to dry the toilet up & stay soaked in shit"

Your Home Is Your Prison: How to Lock Down Your Neighborhood, Your Country, and You

New ‘Charlie Hebdo’ editor scolds Chuck Todd: When you blur our cover, ‘you blur out democracy’

Pope Francis Says He Wants To Address Joint Session Of Congress. This should be interesting

Obama Dares Republicans Not to Cut Taxes

Poll: Clinton leads Romney, crushes Bush

Alien Radio Burst from Outside the Milky Way Discovered by Scientists? Setting Trap to Catch Another

Hillary Clinton Room Post-Poll: Hillary Clinton Comfortably Leads Mitt Romney And Crushes Jeb Bush

Differences between Wisconsin, Minnesota spark two of last week's most-read stories

If Martin Luther King Were Alive Today..........

I support Hillary because she can bring change to our country

Nebraskans get fed up with bigotry, declare: 'Words matter' (outed NE ED member 4 Obama 1/2 breed)

Is the political system here *really* this corrupt?

British prime minister rebuts Pope Francis: In a free society, we have a right to insult religion

Egypt’s Sisi urges new Muslim religious discourse to fight ‘terrorism’


‘Cowboy’ conservative claims MLK for the Tea Party until liberals stop bringing up race

42% of French Opposed to Charlie Hebdo’s Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, Poll Finds

Russia’s “Trans Driving Ban” Doesn’t Really Target LGBT Community - The Daily Beast

NFL wants to investigate cheating by weighing ball

Martin Luther, Jr. 1967. "Where Do We Go From Here?"

So I took a really bad fall a week ago Sunday.

What...the under inflated football scandal hasn't hit here yet.

What are your feelings about the song "Dixie?"

Derp on, admitted felon, derp on!

Micro-machines journey inside animal for first time

Things NOT to say when seeing "American Sniper"

GCHQ captured emails of journalists from top international media


Hollande approval rate doubles in wake of Paris terror attacks

"I still HAVE A DREAM"!

The Way of the Mister: Fuck The Pope!

CNN reports: President Obama Job Approval Jumps 10% | Corporate media scrambles to deflect

Bully pulpit vs. bull-horn...national unity the French way...

As I get into heated arguments here

Click here to watch "American Sniper" short version

Billy Crystal: "Sometimes I think, 'Ah that’s too much for me'"

Labor can't 'sit on the sidelines' of racial justice fight, AFL-CIO says

Ah Dinesh Deloser is at it again

Utah college returns statue of Confederate soldiers to artist

How Muslim and Christian Women in Nigeria Banded Together to Fight Violent Extremism

Assembly 'letters to Robin' released by WSJ

How Muslim and Christian Women in Nigeria Banded Together to Fight Violent Extremism

DAVOS: ‘It is profitable to let the world go to hell’

Welcome to Interfaith, Everyone!

Up to 800,000 Chechens protest over cartoons of prophet Muhammad

Hillary Clinton is the only potential candidate that both their party and Independents want to run

Pope Francis Has Come to the Philippines, But Not All Filipinos Are Allowed to Look

Iranian newspaper shut down for showing solidarity with Charlie Hebdo

Unanimous Goldmine - All Coltrane solos at once.

God Rest His Soul - The Allman Brothers Band

A 16-Year-Old's Death Is Forcing Ethiopia to Confront Its Sexual Violence Problem

Saudi Arabia can last eight years on low oil prices, says former adviser

A very active bird feeder! All focal lengths are 35 mm equivalent.

Five-year-old misses friend's birthday party and gets invoice for £15.95 (UK)

ALEC, The Kochs, GOP, US Chamber Et Al Want To Crush Higher Wage Movement.

EU urges broad alliance on terrorism, at Brussels talks

Five Years after the Earthquake in Haiti

Racists pining for the Confederacy on MLK day:

Korean Air executive 'nut rage' trial begins

Religion in Football

Panic buttons coming to Texas House after open carry confrontation

Science Just Discovered Something Amazing About What Childhood Piano Lessons Did to You

Monday Toon Roundup 1-GOP

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

UK's shale gas revolution falls flat with just 11 new wells planned for 2015

Happy MLK Day

Have you ever wanted to take a chance on someone?

Chris Christie Sinks to Sarah Palin Territory

The Battle of our time: Breaking the Corporations

India: Thousands of Farmers Die from Mysterious Kidney Disease

Pentatomidae. Do you smell them before you see them?

April 4,, 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis

A Solemn Pause | William Howard Kunstler

I got my first interview.

Honest NFL Headlines: Conference Championships

American tight oil is the only thing that's keeping the world supply growing

Dawn gets an eyeful of dwarf planet Ceres (BBC)

Big Crimes Become Big Business

Arkansas 2015

Want to help map an asteroid ? (crowdsourced science)

The Pope Francis revolution: Inside the catastrophic collapse of the Catholic right

They were never there: Russia's silence for families of troops killed in Ukraine

The Return Of The Moog Modular

British man convicted of having sex with the best hot dog

"I hate bankers!"

Man cited for ‘eating while driving’ in Georgia

The Pope Francis revolution: Inside the catastrophic collapse of the Catholic right (Salon)

Pull my finger

Will Bill de Blasio teach liberals that liberals with a spine win?

"How Clint Eastwood Ignores History in ‘American Sniper'"

Who insults Islam more?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 19, 2015

MLK: "That's All I Want To Say"

Mayor de Blasio: No Apology For NYPD

President Obama's approval ratings SOARING (Jan 19, 2015)

Another customer comment to Kroger.

Isn't it treason

Ring of Fire: Elizabeth Warren Driving Democrats to Fix America

New Cuba Policy Stirs Caribbean Memories

Too late smart. Babies with guns

Vladimir Putin rides a bear action figure

Republicans and Wall Street Say to Hell With Protecting the Public

Realistically, when will we know who is running in the Democratic primaries?

Clinton talks to be hosted by foreign bank often investigated by US/Sacramento Bee

I got the NFL OT rules thing wrong and I apologize

"Frog of War"

Military steps up use of live 0.22 inch bullets against Palestinian stone-throwers

Canada special forces clash with IS in Iraq

Lack of Oversight is Killing Seniors

Governor Bobby Jindal (R) Grilled on Muslim "No Go Zones" by CNN (UK) Reporter

Meme of the Week – January 19th

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Stanford - "The other America" 1967

"If We Do It All Together, We'll Be Okay"

Ideas for box office hit films ?

Superintendent of Lancaster City Schools Named PA. Ed Secretary

Guinea schools reopen, but Ebola fears still keep many home

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. --- by Kid President

In celebration of the MLK, Jr. Day of Service, Obamas work with children

To Spark Conversation On Race, MTV Removes All Color

Martin Luther King in his own words:

Huge Snowden story:British spy agency intercepted emails from journalists at NYT, WaPo, Reuters, BBC

United Steelworkers, Pres: Not So Fast, Congress

Colombian town bans festival in which live horse was cut to pieces

Colombian town bans festival in which live horse was cut to pieces

Bluffton, IN: body found, believed to be that of missing child

Our only hope...

'American Sniper' Astounds With $105.3M Over MLK Weekend

The Rude Pundit - Martin Luther King, Jr. Would Still Fuck Your Shit Up (2015 Edition)

Red States Are Reinventing Medicaid to Make It More Expensive and Bureaucratic

Last 'Freedom Train' makes its final trip in California

Francis's remarks on women draw praise

"If We Do It All Together, We'll Be Okay"

Conservative Clown Dinesh D’Souza Compares Himself To MLK and Twittersphere Echoes With Laughter

Dinesh D'Souza, America's greatest conservative troll, explained

590 NGOs Call To Stop Japan’s Whaling Policy in Antarctica

Martin Luther King The Three Evils of Society

The California Senate race is over and here is why.

Ex-Salvador Ambassador, Critic of US Foreign Policy, Dies

Ex-Salvador Ambassador, Critic of US Foreign Policy, Dies

Oil Pipeline ruptures, spilling 50,000 gallons of oil into the Yellowstone River

The Pope Francis revolution: Inside the catastrophic collapse of the Catholic right

Here’s how Democrats win back the Senate in 2016. And it’s surprisingly simple.

first kiss

Why is THIS sniper not standing tall on America's movie screens?

Starting over

The great mid-winter feast named Þorrablót, in honour of the Nordic god of thunder

800-year anniversary coin of Magna Carta may contain error

On MLK Day, NFL-Allied Civil Rights Group Calls For ‘Redskins’ Name Change

Hindustani Slide Guitar

‘American Sniper’ Praised By Michael Moore; Calls Bradley Cooper’s Performance “One Of The Best..."

Fox May Revive X-Files With David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson

Book reveals details of massacre of journalists in Peru

"Bobby" Jindal Wishes he was White

NFL investigating New England Patriots over deflated footballs

"American Sniper?" Try "Finnish Sniper," he had the Russian army terrorized.

El Salvador president returns to Cuba for medical treatment

I just saw a remarkable exchange, re: American Sniper...

When you invade another country, people are going to fight back. WE were the bad guys.

I will still not ask the government for permission

It seems like all the "American Sniper" threads are full of people who haven't seen the film

A picture from the Selma March

January Photo Contest: Peace -- Four More Hours to Submit Your Entry!

January Photo Contest: Peace -- Four More Hours to Submit Your Entry!

Why the GOP’s war on Social Security hurts basically everyone but rich white guys

January Photo Contest: Peace -- Four More Hours to Submit Your Entry!

Pope Francis: No Catholic need to breed like 'rabbits'

When would the Patriots get a chance to deflate their footballs?

Excuse Me??

Netanyahu and Europe’s far right find common ground after the Paris attacks

GOP Dominated WI Legislature eyes raising speed limits

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe hospitalized with broken ribs

Help. I am looking for an electric space heater,

Year of the Sheep may be bad for birthrate in China

Roads to Vanaheim: Exploring the Vanir & Vanatru

L. Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson Spills The Terrifying Family Secrets On How Scientology Started

French TV shows gives a GOOD LESSON of journalism to FAUX NOISE!!!!!

Early Super Bowl Line: PK

Who’s the bigger hero: a man who shoots a couple hundred people, or a man who helps free millions?

2015 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2015 Smarty Jones Stakes

The phrase of the day is "having sex with a mailbox" You all know the drill...

*Newly discovered, speech by MLK, 1964 in London,

"The Vermont Bernie Buzz"

Freedom songs that promoted activism (Listen)

anti-immigration group appropriates MLK image to campaign against reform

No Pardon - Young Woman To Serve 30 Years For Miscarriage

'Free-Range' Mom Being Investigated by Child Services For Letting Her Children Walk to School

Ready For Hillary to Merge Social Media Channels with Emily's List When Clinton Announces

Pope: Catholics don't have to breed 'like rabbits'

Huckabee on Daily Show tonight ... will Jon Stewart ask him about

Exclusive: Newly Discovered 1964 MLK Speech on Civil Rights, Segregation & Apartheid South Africa

'Israeli army increasing use of live fire at West Bank protests'

7 Ways to Be Sure You Are a Martin Luther King Jr. Kind of Christian

NYPD sergeant: De Blasio is a "whore's court jester, sucking the c*ck of every protester"

This was posted in General, but got locked.