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Archives: January 2, 2015

Sarah Palin posted a photo of her son stepping on their dog for New Year's

Omahan quit his day job to photograph the sunrise for 320 straight days

People We Lost in Sports in 2014

Movie - Snowpiercer - not a review just puzzled.

Beautiful Mind (the Alzheimer's Song)

Gambia president accuses 'terrorist groups' of coup attempt

Photographer Recreates Portraits of Women In Her Family Going Back 200 Years

Mario Cuomo has died.

Question about NY's med marijuana law?

John Nichols: It is time to apply the rule of law to Dick Cheney - long MUST READ

Former Governor Mario Cuomo Dies at 82

Manila wins NYE 2014 craziest fireworks display

Syria conflict: 76,000 die in deadliest year - activists

saw a pretty funny post on Facebook

Huffington Post: The Year 2014 for Organized Labor

HarperCollins omits Israel from school atlas

Huffington Post: The Year 2014 for Organized Labor

Huffington Post: The Year 2014 for Organized Labor

Child abuse:

Election shocker: Feiglin left out of Likud list

Mario Cuomo, former New York governor, dead at 82

A Tale of Two Cities -- By Governor Mario Cuomo, Democratic National Convention, 1984

Huff Post: Bela The Dog, Sentenced To Death In Owner's Will, Gets A Great New Life At Sanctuary

Is anyone else watching this Oregon game?

NYT: Mario Cuomo, New York Governor and Liberal Beacon, Dies at 82

9-11 in the Academic Community

12 week old French Bulldog is a genius:

2 West Virginia police officers shot, wounded while stopping vehicle

AP: Newborn killer whale a good sign for imperiled pod

Jeb Bush Resigns as George W. Bush’s Brother

I don't think I've ever come across any Florida State fans here in the sports group...

What is the consensus on substituting

Governor Mario Cuomo (1984) complete speech DNC

Mario Cuomo's 1984 Convention Speech

When George HW Bush does die, will there be a lot of tributes? Or condemnations?

Obama’s Trade Chief, Undaunted by Odds, Pushes for Trans-Pacific Partnership

Keeping Mario Cuomo and the Cuomo family in my prayers.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy New Year!! & a new Kitteh gif

Euro starts new year at new lows, oil tries to bounce

'Do's' and 'Don’ts': Things I Learned Writing about the Middle East | Ramzy Baroud

Why do people post questions about why other people don't discuss things?

Chicago Transit Projects for 2015

Squirrel Hides Nuts in Dog's Fur...

Proposed Woodward High-Speed Bus Route Faces Scrutiny

In New Mexico Tent City, a Glimmer of Hope

Preparing for a coalition government debate

Mario Cuomo has died.

Apartheid Israel is self-harming with Western support

How your cat tells you happy new year

The face you make when you walk into a place showing Fox News...

All The College Championship Football Games Games Are On Pay TV.

Most cancer types 'just bad luck'

Victory! Town’s Cruel “Possum Drop” Won’t Have a Live One This Year

Happy New Year Skinner~

Oklahoma Legislator Proposes Hoodie Ban

9 Animal Rescues from 2014 That Will Put a Smile On Your Face

Florida Counties Just Stopped All Marriages To Avoid Marriage Equality

Jeb Bush will pick _____??____for his VP

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 2 January 2015

The Story Behind That Weird Cardinal You’re Seeing on Facebook (1/2 red 1/2 white)

WTD... It's a great day to be a Duck

More room for chickens likely means costlier eggs

what is the greatest number of "Mario Cuomo is dead" threads that will appear

Abbas moves for Palestine to join 18 international treaties

13 Technologies You Can’t Believe Actually Exist

Global Capitalism: December 2014 Monthly Update GOOD NEWS! Richard D Wolff

Kaiser responds to union plans for weeklong strike

My friends you should go look at this in GD it is LGBT in nature (added a second OP)

Obama To Disband the Marine Corps

My circumcised unvaccinated son was bit by a pit bull while breast feeding at Olive Garden

Wisconsin Church Responds To LGBT Discrimination With Messages Of Love

Chuches call for equality through 'Black Lives Matter' rally

Queen hands out New Year's awards

you just never know where the ripples you make will end up.

Former NY Governor Mario Cuomo has died

Anyone here ever been to a Beatles concert?

Alibi For Congressman Who Spoke To White Supremacist Group Completely Falls Apart

There's the NYPD and then there's the Police Chief in little ol Pittsburgh, PA

Free public domain audiobooks

General Electric Rankin Bass Rudolph Commercials (1964)

So much for the HATERS!! GO BUCKEYES!!

Hey! The Big 10 went 3-1 in Bowl games today. Just sayin!!

Has anyone mentioned that the SEC team from Alabama lost this evening??

A View on Cuba's Opening From the De Facto US Colony of Puerto Rico

Ranking Every Episode Of “The Twilight Zone” (156)

A View on Cuba's Opening From the De Facto US Colony of Puerto Rico

So. A third string QB who has only one game under his belt is now playing

The Ohio State University Buckeyes! nuff said!

Rethinking Solidarity with Cuba

Where the hell is El Supremo??? He is awfully quiet.

Conservatives just aren’t funny: Why the right will never have its own Stephen Colbert

Mario Cuomo: the death penalty is a "stain on our conscience"

Kolkata and Shanti Niketan pics (pic warning, obvs)

Hillary and Jeb! Clinton and Bush!

Snow machiners dig moose out of avalanche

Were you close to any of the fireworks shows last night?

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church vs. birth control

Watching Cuomo's plane on the Albany tarmac in Dec 1991...

Mario Cuomo's Notre Dame speech on religious freedom is worth a read.

Mario Cuomo's Notre Dame speech on religious freedom is worth a read.

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 2, 2015 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Neil Simon

Chart: Americans are in an unusually good mood — all the time

The history of the West's caricature of Asia as a "Borg-like" existence and its implications....

'A living hell' for slaves on remote South Korean islands

'A living hell' for slaves on remote South Korean islands

Human Rights Topic

Tennis Has An Income Inequality Problem

Daily Holidays -January 2

Rare Nazi diary, describing life inside Lodz Ghetto, published

Something new for 2015.

Matt Taibbi on the NYPD work stoppage

Mario Cuomo's 1984 DNC speech, "A Tale of Two Cities."

Observation from Hunter S. Thompson on the "clubby" relationship between politicians and journalists

Florida Man Charged With Murder After Mother Found Decapitated Outside His House

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Proposes Summit With South Korea

It's 2015, here's to the trolls!

America's Authoritarian Police Violently Enforce the 1%'s Rule

Is Bernie Sanders' Best Option to Run for President As a Green?

Caught on Video: Florida Deputy Repeatedly Steals from Walmart — While Armed and in Uniform

Poll BS

Florida minimum wage increases 12 cents in new year

Dennis Kucinich: New Year's Resolution for America

The long and short of it

"Died" vs. "murdered." Just a pet peeve of mine.

"Kampuchea: The Revolution Rescued" (1986 PDF book on Pol Pot's rise and fall)

Hearing Voices: Just came across this TED video and though it interesting for discussion.

Super PAC set up to elect the prosecutor in the controversial Eric Garner case.

Pres Obama, Wall Street, Corp CEOs, & Members Of Congress Strategize on Selling the TPP

The newest stealth fighter has another problem?

So there's haters for the Buckeyes, the SEC, Notre Dame, FSU, etc...etc...etc....

Smithsonian Digitizes 40,000 Artworks from Asia

Things Can Only Get Better: How Feminists Rocked 2014

Mario Cuomo: "Once you get to be President, you want to be king.”

Mario Cuomo would have saved America from

Marriott hotels lobby FCC for right to block outside Wi-Fi

Kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership Before It Kills the Middle Class

There are no NAZI's in Kiev. No sirree...

Piketty refuses Legion of Honor: "I don't think it the role of government to decide who's honorable"

Some AirAsia victims found belted in seats

Friday TOON Roundup

PA. gives tax incentive program to rich suburb; kept application period a near-secret

4 more under investigation in Greek ferry fire

2015: Republican Talking Points

Italian doctor who got Ebola is declared cured in Rome

My Favorite Graph of 2014: The Rise and Rise of the Top 0.1 Percent

Oregon Ducks face internal discipline for chanting "No means No"

Prediction For 2015:

Our real police/race problem: Diverse forces, white resentment, and America’s persistent divides

Social Security a new look

I love John Fugelsang

John Cleese explains Fox "News" (One Minute Video)

PBS: To keep New Year's resolutions, focus on future, not present (video w/transcript)

"If their god is God, why do they feel it necessary to defend the Creator From Neil deGrasse Tyson?"

Wisconsin right wing moves from stealth candidates to stealth web sites, ads and "news"

2014 a record breaking year for aliyah

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, named in underage 'sex slave' lawsuit

Poland to search for its famous WWII submarine

Nuclear dream is fading as wind and solar soar

Mario Cuomo and the death penalty

The 5 Stages Of Republican Grief Over Obamacare

Harry Reid Breaks Ribs, Bones In His Face While Exercising At Home

Happy New year to all of the DU Lounge Lizards.

Slacking Workers of the World Unite

The bipartisan war consensus

Good read

The Great Hope Of 2015; The Greek Election Will Smash The Euro

'US security guards draw weapons after diplomatic convoy attacked by settlers in West Bank'

When are the younger members of the Dem Party going to start stepping up to the plate?


Social Democracy in America?

AirAsia jet may have made safe landing on sea before sinking, experts says

NYC Labor May Break With Police Union

Smirking bully New York cop charged in attack on female MTA worker

Oregon Football Players stand up for Rape Victims, and get punished. Dafuq?

Kiev's brutal strategy in eastern Ukraine

Red meat triggers toxic immune reaction which causes cancer, scientists find

Atheist group slams Alabama university over fear-mongering, pro-religion mass email

Defying textbook science, study finds new role for proteins

Global Precap: Religion and LGBT in 2015

Pakistani boat laden with explosives blows up off Indian coast, India says

Explained: The enigmatic death of Mrs. Oscar Wilde

Disgraced Republican Whip Steve Scalise Has Ties To Another Hate Group

2014 deadliest year in Iraq for civilians since 2006-7 bloodshed: U.N.

Breaking - Harry Reid hospitalized after breaking several bones

Cities Without Traffic

Paul Krugman- Twin Peaks Planet

"Back to the Future II" is on (ABC Family). They travel to 2015.

Has anyone here done ayhuasca?

Adopt a dog on your next hotel stay

Halliburton revealed....."without Halliburton there could be no war or occupation"

The Second Amendment is for everyone — it’s time we armed the children

Kenya high court suspends anti-terror measures after opposition objections

Whale Wars Returns to Animal Planet Tonight 8 PM EST - Yes "Don't Kill the Whale" -

Social Democracy in America?

Saudi Arabia's national airline to introduce gender segregation after a string of complaints

Abandoning Doubt in Sedona, Arizona

Opponent of Nicaragua canal says he was badly beaten by police

Egypt warned Amal Clooney she risked arrest

Is Laughter the New Meditation?

"What Makes Non-Violent Movements Explode?"

The most important skill in science or self-improvement is noticing the unexpected.

xpost The most important skill in science or self-improvement is noticing the unexpected

There's gotta be a 12-Step group for this somewhere

Plotlines? Brush Strokes Are Enough.

Governor Mario Cuomo, Catholic Politician Who Respected Separation of Church and State, Dies at 82

I wonder - if a woman were elected the next president - if we would see the abuse of women

Prince Andrew sex case claim denied/BBC (Sex with a minor)

Prosecute Bush*/Cheney, Hell we won't even prosecute Clive Bundy

Germany's Cologne Cathedral To Turn Off Lights In Protest At Anti-Muslim March

Is there a Polar Bear club in your area?

Woman can wear whatever they want.....

Michael Keaton says his education at a Catholic school shaped the person who he is.

Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders....

The Pittsburgh police chief just showed NYPD what a real cop is made of...

Socialism Will Continue in Cuba

Arlington firefighters evacuating homes near propane tanker fire on Interstate 20

Message from God...

It was just....I...I didn't stand a chance. It was horrible. I was so afraid.


Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams.... we remember those who passed in 2014

Joe Conason: The Lion Of Liberalism: Remembering Mario Cuomo, 1932-2015

Toward a Multi-polar World

The 2 major difference between NAFTA and TPP are:

Peace Activist Kathy Kelly Heads to Prison for Protesting U.S. Drone War

Sarah Palin tells the truth (end of the world is nigh)

Great news for tennis fans...spoiler

Hillary Clinton Room Post-Barney Frank raises, again, for Hillary

Back to the Future Poll: Which will happen first - Flying Cars or Cubs win the World Series

The 2015 GOP Clown Car: Bigger, Meaner, and More Dangerous Than Ever

Obama lambasted opponents of free-trade agenda, arguing opponents are ignorant of the benefits

Saving His Mother and Brother From Execution (WWII labor camp)

"The same forces that worked to marginalize (Cuomo) will be brought to bear against Warren"

In Greece, as the state collapses, the neighborhoods organize

2016 General Election will be really really really boring.

My "WTF?" of the day...

The Queen Just Honored a Politician Who Believes Hurricane Katrina Was Caused by Gay People

For MLS fans: a BBC podcast looks at the league as it turns 20

Two cops were shot in West Virginia

Senator Bernie Sanders Aide: "It would be shocking" if Hillary doesn't run.

The Pillaging of Paraguay

Childhood in the US 'safer than in the 1970s'

Biden, Maduro shake hands, exchange words at Brazil meet

Don't say anything. He knows.

*** Gets out her Electric Stapler and posts tonight's DU Cafeteria Specials ***

Creationists shit all over science standards.

Local counties to end courthouse weddings to avoid marrying gays (Florida)

Do you support President Obama's decision to impose more sanctions on North Korea

TCU No. 1 in latest computer ranking

Damn. Bye Ellie May. Hope you reunite with your critters on the other side

President Obama Sanctions North Korea After Sony Cyberattack

This was weird, I just saw a advertisement for Downton Abby on PBS

A Gulag Survivor's Story -- Decades of Russian Death Camps

Donna Douglas who played Elly May Clampett dies

Happy New Year, NoColo!

I resolve to believe everything that Taterguy posts!

In Racially Troubled Arkansas City, Battle of the Billboards Reignites

Treaties Between The United States And American Indain Nations

Beaumont Man Hit by Vehicle, Stabbed Amid Argument with Mother of his children

Rose Parade Features First-Ever Sikh Float

What's for dinner? ~ Friday, Jan 2, 2015

It's official. 2015 has been canceled.

Happy New Year 2015 Baby picture found

Cologne cathedral to switch off lights in protest at anti-Muslim march

Pope Francis uses new year mass to condemn slavery and human trafficking

The reality of being a Christian in the Gulf

Ella May Clampett has passed.(Donna Douglas)

Native American Code of Ethics

Whoa! Look at this pile-up on a highway in Ashland,NH:

Nuclear Calendar -- Jan. 2, 2014 | FCNL

Dear President Obama, Please shut the f' up about TPP rainbows and unicorns...

The Stories Behind the Shots: An Interview with White House Photographer Pete Souza

Chicago records fewest number of murders in a year since 1965

I am waitng for that great day

Marshmellow crop in danger

TYT: America's Craziest Politicians DOMINATED By One Party

Max Baer on Donna "Elly May" Douglas' passing:

Blame Anti-Vaxxers for Your Flu

So, how about them Cubs?

OH DAMN!!! Just heard on the Al Sharpton show that

Latvia Takes EU Helm, Ready to Talk Upping Defense of Russia Borders

Responsible Non-action in a Natural World

Italy rescues at least 1,400 migrants in 2 days

If the NYPD can safely cut arrests by two-thirds, why haven't they done it before?

Florida Man

A party goer shares her late night meal with an elderly man on a bench....

#DontreHamilton protests in #Milwaukee now:

Weekend Economists Have an Epiphany! January 2-4, 2015!

Business as usual at the UN - but US public opinion on Israel is shifting

Did Cancer Evolve to Protect Us?

Death Of Tanisha Anderson, Mentally Ill Woman In Police Custody, Ruled A Homicide

The myth of Scott Walker as a budget guru and great TOON

Dear President Obama: If the TPP is so wonderful why the dark cloak of secrecy?

Do you favor economic isolationism

Mario Cuomo - I forget how smart he was, and philosophical

Thousands March In Kiev Rally To Honour ‘Hitler’s Accomplice’

Possible end of ferret ban in NYC

War-torn Syria rings in New Year much like it ended 2014

The last person I want as President, is Hillary Clinton.........unless

our secret chamber

TYT: Senator Pledges To Follow Leader Of A Foreign Nation

Putin Youth: a glimpse inside the Russian "Nashi" indoctrination camps (Kasparov in drag?)

'Agent Carter’ review: Cool addition to Marvel’s TV universe

FCC Chief to Seek February Vote on Open-Internet Rule Proposal

An ad that is pro Keystone Pipeline? Really??

Sen. Chuck Schumer wants suggestions for Bold Ideas for the 2016 Election.

Sarah Palin’s Facebook Photos Of Son Stepping On Dog Trigger Online Outrage

15,000 new Jewish settlers in West Bank in 2014

Hulu Plus has just added the second season of the Scandinavian drama "The Bridge"

TYT: Leaked ‘Kill List’ Shows They Knew Kids Were Dying

Mike Papantonio: The Geopolitical Dangers of Falling Oil Prices

David Duke Threatens To Expose Other Politicians With White Supremacist Ties

Palestinian shot dead by Egyptian forces near Gaza border

The 15 Most Awesome Obama Photos Of 2014 (IMAGE GALLERY)

“a shot of red wine down the throat” - Delacroix’s “Women of Algiers”

Some of the best bathroom graffiti I've seen.....

U2's Bono Says He May Never Play Guitar Again After Cycling Accident

Florida Man attacks ‘spiritual’ girlfriend’s car over dead granny sex toy dream prophecy

What are the three branches of government?

Law Firm Issues Bogus Advice to Clerks About Gay Marriage Licenses, Gets Slapped Down

'Our children never come back'

Things I have learned about airplane crashes into the sea, thanks to CNN and their marathon coverage

Evolution-Accepting Christian Professor: Bible Doesn’t Have to Conflict with Scientific Realities

Jesse Jackson rally with Dontre Hamilton family Live

Good page for historical economic data - pertaining to Gov (e.g. revenues/Recpts as % of GDP) - it

Just Another Day

TYT: Christian Tries To Blow Up Mosques In Israel To Fulfill Biblical Prophecy

Bit part players in the Star Wars movies...

I stand with President Obama (Redux)

David Duke Threatens To Expose Other Politicians With White Supremacist Ties

Our scary new Congress: Meet 5 Tea Party extremists taking office this month

This year, 2015, is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta

American Airlines pilots’ union board meets to mull over last company contract proposal, binding arb

Here's a story about some very good people.

Here's a story about some very good people.

What is the world's greatest food?

"I like criticism. It makes you strong".

Selena Gomez Deletes Abu Dhabi Mosque Photo After Criticism

Angry man blames two ex-wives for Robin Williams' death

Bob Hall, 87; Harlem Globetrotter showman

Funeral for transgendered Ohio teen postponed/moved due to "threats of disruption"

Constipated goldfish operated on by North Walsham vet

First the Amish, now Tennessee?!

US stocks end mixed as manufacturing growth slows

The father of freedom

Gov. Mario Cuomo's from July 1984 DNC... still true today

Wow, the rent is too damn high - couple pays $3,400/month for 500 sq ft apart. in NYC