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John Pilger - The New rulers of The World/IMF, World Bank and Debt Repayment for the Poorest

How to Troll a bank like a Pro...

Truth, Justice, and the Curious Case of Chris Kyle

Hillary Clinton Room Post-Scott Walker Attacks Hillary Clinton And Loses

How to Troll a bank like a Pro...

Setting up an organizing agenda

Crews to clean up oil spilled into Yellowstone River from Montana pipeline

Bizzaro Land. Romney - GOP & Conservative Policies Will Create Jobs & End Poverty.

Papal astronomers promote harmony of science, faith

Canada fights back in Buy America feud

Republicans suddenly care about income inequality? Do they understand that cutting SS hurts poor?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Why now ??

AFA demands Ginsburg and Kagan recuse themselves from marriage equality cases

Bobby Jindal should take his "No Go" speech to the Cliven Bundy ranch

This Just In: Total Solar Sector Employment In US = Total Coal Sector Employment

NYC settles lawsuit for $75,000 over 2013 police chokehold

John Pilger, "one of the worst journalists writing in the English language," smears Obama

Washington State Methane Clathrate Annual Output = Methane Released From BP Gulf Blowout

Pope Francis: A symbol of hope and contradiction

The British House of Commons is 750 years old today

Knicks Win!

The individualistic American law of religious exemptions

Yes! Pope's Stance On Environment Increasingly Pissing Off US Conservatives

Check out what the cast and crew of "Hot in Cleveland" did for Betty White's 93rd Birthday;

Since 1930s, Half Of California's Big Trees Gone; Potential Link To Drier, Warmer Climate

Fox News corrects, apologizes for ‘no-go zone’ remarks

Florida GOP proposes law requiring 8th graders to watch anti-Obama film by Dinesh D’Souza

'Acceptance, dialogue and coexistence:' Cherry Hill Catholic church holds interfaith service

Witches tie the knot in UK's first same-sex Pagan wedding

Thousands lay Rahat man to rest

"We May Be Sitting On The Precipice Of A Major Extinction Event" For Earth's Oceans - NYT

Shortfall: How an obscure amendment to the state’s property tax code helps corporations

Flashlight explodes inside of Colorado man's mouth

Watching The Smithsonian Channel's - MLK: The Assassination Tapes

A new diocese for Ethiopia and a new Metropolitan for Eritrea

Family Values Shocker: pro-life, gun loving Tea Partier Holly Fisher admits cheating on husband

From Daily Kos: "The day the Klan messed with the wrong people."

Special homepage tribute today.

The bizarre ESP experiments conducted on aboriginal children

Radical Islamists try to storm French centre in Gaza

New police radars can 'see' inside homes

I saw two of the nominees for best picture this weekend spoiler alert for Imitation game

Martin Luther King rally for workers' rights in Cleveland recalls leader's union roots

Norwood's appeal rejected--Murder verdict upheld in Morton slaying

What Works — and What Doesn’t — about Obama’s Free Community College Proposal


Bobby Jindal slams 'no-go zones,' pushes 'assimilation'

note to corporate media wind bags, Martin Luther King day is not a holiday 'for black people'

American Family Association asks Justices Kagan and Bader Ginsburg to leave marriage equality case

Lupercalia's Love Lottery (or The Origins of Valentine's Day)

Military/media worship run amok as group tries to save 'Top Gun' carrier.

Protesters block traffic on San Mateo-Hayward Bridge

Who will be the 1st politician to call for congressional hearings, re: deflated football scandal?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Going, Going, Gone! & a new Kitteh gif

The photo of MLK Day to me, a very lovely young lady

Elizabeth Warren Driving Democrats to Fix America - Ring of Fire

Fox Guest: There Are '19 Paramilitary Muslim Training Facilities' In The U.S.

One American City Enjoys a Hyperfast Internet—Any Surprise Corporations Don't Control It?

Kamala Harris’ camp hoping to keep Tom Steyer out of Senate race


Because sometimes you need to contemplate the Gigapixals of Andromeda...


Nothing's changed

The history of America’s news media and what went wrong

Please say hello to one of the newest members of the US House!!!

Please say hello to one of the newest members of the US House!!!

Please say hello to one of the newest members of the US House!!!

California Senate race a tangle of competing loyalties for Clintons

"Foreclosure crisis just about finished"


Bipartisan momentum grows for halt to U.S. funding of Palestinian Authority

PA-Sen: Former Rep. Chris Carney Considers 2016 Senate Bid

Every year on January 15, every SINGLE year

Cyprus: referees go on strike after bombing of official's mother's home

Democrats Finally Found a Smart Way to Stop Wall Street's Reckless Behavior

Israel protects Jews against another Holocaust: Marmur

Whistleblowers Say DOJ Grants Failed To Protect Kids Behind Bars

San Mateo Bridge Reopens After Stanford Students Abandon Cars In Traffic For MLK Day Protest

Umm...American reporters? THIS is how you're supposed to do your job.

Two posts needs some love

Here's Who's Sitting With Michelle Obama During The State Of The Union Address

Two posts needs some love

Family's dog returns after 23-day travel nightmare

Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon appear in a selfie, sparking a new Mideast conflict

19 arrested in ‘black lives matter’ protest on Highway 99

January Photo Contest - Preliminary Voting Now Underway - Poll 1 of 3 (vote in each one)

Larry Wilmore’s Moment Arrives as He Takes Over From Colbert Tonight

January Photo Contest - Preliminary Voting Now Underway - Poll 2 of 3 (vote in each one)

January Photo Contest - Preliminary Voting Now Underway - Poll 3 of 3 (vote in each one)

January Photo Contest - Preliminary Voting Now Underway - See these 3 polls in GD

January Photo Contest - Preliminary Voting Now Underway - See these 3 polls in GD

Tammy Duckworth looking at challenging Mark Kirk

Omaha ed board members call for McPherson to resign over Obama 'half breed' remarks on blog

What's the point of shutting down a public freeway, interstate, highway as a form of public protest?

Blame zealotry, not Islam

Heh! "Ballghazi" Thanks, Belicheat!

Whew!1 a bad TECH day!1 Did I have a couple of hackers on the line?!1 Maybe not.

TYT: Billionaire Banker Says Life Is Too Hard

Super squee video of Puppehs!!!1!

FBI’s letter, demanding that Martin Luther King commit suicide, released in full

Is LBJ being treated unfairly?

So I had to transport a leaky mower to the repair shop...

TYT: Open Carry Nuts Threaten Politician In His Own Office

They fired Colbert for this?

7 Ways to Be Sure You Are a Martin Luther King Jr. Kind of Christian

Martin Luther King: "I Have Decided to Stick With Love.." & Belafonte. King. Joy.

It's official, the 1% now own 50% of the world's wealth. Here comes TPP for that other 50%

Chinese Growth at 7.4% Is the Slowest Since 1990

TYT: Republicans Push Legislation To Destroy Government Regulation

My bastard neighbors are trying to drive my wife insane!

3 fires in San Francisco’s Castro may link to serial arsonist

TYT: Racist Billboards Erected All Over Alabama

Is Ecuador’s ‘anti-imperialist’ president using US copyright law to censor online critics?

The Nightly Show Premier

North Dallas doctor’s $10.7 million jury verdict overturned on appeal

Supreme Court to hear Dallas housing discrimination case this week--Fair Housing Act under scrutiny

Report: 1 dead, 1 injured in overpass collapse in Cincinnati

TYT: Ignorance Of Law Now A Protected Excuse For Cops

Got pepper sprayed for the first time today.

American Sniper L.A. billboard tagged with "Murder!"

SUDDENLY we cat have a cat visit our home for 48 hours.

No Chelsea morning for hypocritical world leaders in Paris

Rand Paul steps up the GOP attack on Social Security

Palestinians in East Jerusalem go 10 months without water

If the GOP gets to have an "official response" and a "Tea Party response" to Obama's SOA...

Post-Op Back Surgery

President picks up a hitchhiker

President picks up a hitchhiker

IMF downgrades global growth forecast

Jon Stewart Tears Into Mike Huckabee - " Why Is Beyoncé Harming Kids But Ted Nugent’s Fine ? "

Bill aims to drug test some Montana welfare applicants

Meteorite used by Prehistoric Eskimos before Introduction to Iron, Tools and Weapons made from Space

Antisemitism fears grow in UK’s Jewish communities after Paris shootings

Why MLK Day is so Important to the Jewish Community

Unequal World: Richest 1 % Own Half Of Global Wealth

UPDATE: I was just reading about the overpass collapse on I-75 in Cincinnati...

Video: Islamic State group threatens to kill Japan hostages

How "F" Did Things Get So Screwed Up In This Country?

How a vacuum salesman invited to a birthday party for a child with autism moved the room to tears

Sun newspaper drops Page Three topless pictures

Finally: Beer made from endangered whale testicles!

Finally: Beer made from endangered whale testicles!

Road Warrior – Crazy & Armored

Malnutrition kills 4 to 5 children per week in Colombia: National health institute

Zuluaga’s campaign manager goes missing as criminal charges take shape

Neo-fascist op-ed...New York Times! French far-right call-to-arms...

Daily Holidays - January 20

Neo-fascist op-ed...New York Times! French far-right call-to-arms...

(Jewish Group) Egypt's ban on Jewish festival is a reflection of nation's attitudes

Egypt's ban on Jewish festival is a reflection of nation's attitudes

BlackLivesMatter March, MLK Day, St. Paul - Lots of Great Photos

Paris Kosher Market Attack: 'Je Suis Juif' Trend Won’t Change Jewish Plight In Europe

Muslims Burned to Death in India Attack

Whoa Nelly! Too Close For Comfort. Black Ice. Video

Homeless Man Set on Fire While Sleeping at Beach

China's growth slows to weakest in 24 years

Catholics don't have to breed 'like rabbits', says Pope Francis

Steam Powered 1963 Ford Falcon

Rainfall can release aerosols, high-speed video shows


The DEA Just Ended A Secret 15-Year Phone Call Spying Program

OK, I will say it… Rich motherfuckers don't deserve any more god damned money

How America's Wealthy Stole the American Dream and Cashed It at an Offshore Bank

Learn how to self-apply the Heimlich maneuver.

Why Doesn't American Media Freak Out When the Terrorists Have White Skin?

One more reminder of what a Democratic Congress and Obama can accomplish

This Country Is All Too Ready to See Black Children as Criminals

Epic Epitaph

Before I panic, can you advise?

Middle class decline looms over final years of Obama presidency

Take the Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Inequality?


Elizabeth Warren must crash the Clinton coronation party and run for the Presidency

Kremlin says Kiev's actions damage prospects for Ukraine summit: RIA

Nativist Lawsuit on the Texas Border

Bank Losses From Swiss Currency Surprise Seen Mounting

Check out the Hays Eagle cam!

Democrats must start taking the 2016 elections more seriously

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Scolds Dog Owner For Leaving Pet Outside in Bitter Cold (from 2013)

Coming up on Morning Joke: Loathsome, failed CEO Carly Fiorina slithers out from under her rock

Job-hunting while hungry: Why a clueless new political decision will ruin lives

Son cited after Iowa authorities discover remains of at least 111 deer, other animals

Colorado Springs Pearl Harbor survivor to attend State of the Union

More Morning Joke...Huckabee pimps "Fair" Tax (National Sales Tax), says we need to tax consumption

Last night after a day of celebrating Dr. King

"It Is Profitable To Let The World Go To Hell" - Jorgen Randers On Why It's Not Working

Palestinians in Israel on strike after police kill two Arab men

Saudis Boldly Move Into Clean Energy, Delay Giant Solar Plan For 8 Years

Up To 40% Of Chinese Solar Panels For Domestic Consumption Fail To Meet Output Specifications

Huffington Post: Randi Weingarten: Renewing America's Labor Movement

No! Worst-Hit Malaysian States In 12/14 Flooding Most Heavily Deforested - Mongabay

10 Years Late: NYT Puts Climate Above The Fold, Then Promptly Screws Up The Headline

State of the (Labor) Union: movement still counts on the White House

WSJ/NBC(R) Poll: Highest Satisfaction with Obama Economy Since 2004 - Headline Claims "Slight Lift" for Obama.

State of the (Labor) Union: movement still counts on the White House

State of the (Labor) Union: movement still counts on the White House

AFL-CIO: What Labor Wants to Hear from President Obama's State of the Union

Hillary Clinton Room Post- Hillary Clinton Strikes Populist Note in Tweet on Financial Regulation

MLK Also Had a Nightmare

New privacy concerns over government's health care website

Mission Accomplished

Supporting Martin Luther King

Obama steps up battle to win fast-track trade deal authority

Hillary Clinton cosponsored bills to increase the minimum wage five times - correct the record

The heroes of the civil rights movement are dying or dead...who will be the new leaders?

Supreme Court may scale back housing discrimination law

France begins jailing people for ironic comments

The Function of Police in Modern Society: Peace or Control?

I don't understand why some DU members show support for the FACTS that ...

I am sick of Muslim bashing

Video: IBEW Builds NYC Subway Line

Cover of USA TODAY: "Police can SEE through walls"

xposted I am sick of Muslim bashing

If "trickle down" really worked, we'd be awash in good jobs.

Catholics don't need to breed like rabbits, says Pope from the papal plane

Is there anything more pathetic than the Republicans trying to appropriate Dr. King's legacy?

6 Family Members Unaccounted for After 4-Alarm Mansion Fire in Annapolis

French police detain five Russians suspected of plotting attack

We’re spreading freedom and democracy with guns and drones. God bless America

"If Reagan is Not Risen ... then our preaching is in vain."

We can't afford to take care of all the poor people.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Taxing

Responsible Gun Owner Shows Off Gun, Accidently Shoots Daughter | Crooks and Liars

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Politics and Mittens

A state of the union address the president is unlikely to give

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

A Historic Opportunity

Pope likens 'gender theory' to Nazi propaganda

Rand Paul steps up the GOP attack on Social Security

Oil Trains Hide in Plain Sight

Removing the Social Security Tax Cap Would Benefit Most Workers

Sam Cooke Blowing in the Wind

cross post Sam Cooke Blowing in the Wind

State of the Climate: Scientists on the Hottest Year

While they keep talking about violence in France..........

This made me sick.

The Urban Elephant: Shirley's Story (tissue alert!)

J.K. Simmons to Host Saturday Night Live

While they keep talking about violence in France..........

Yemeni army commander: Shiite rebels seize presidential palace in the capital, coup underway

Your God Sucks, So Shut Up.

But, but, but raising people's pay will kill jobs!

just in time for SOTUS

"Bratz" dolls transformed - really cool

Cancer-causing agent detected in water after pipeline spill

Seen in Madison, Wisconsin, my "WTF?" of the day...

Jon Stewart Calls Out Mike Huckabee... To His Face

is sniper movie popularity an extention of 1st person shooter games

McConnell: Senate GOP Won't Touch Social Security Without Dem Support

Higher Math Puzzle Time, from Tom Toles

WTF? MSNBC just said Obama's top agenda item in tonight's SOTU address is "Taking out Gus Fring?"

Supreme Court won't hear dispute over debit card fees

Can Podemos Win in Spain?

Will You Hear the SOTU Tonight?

Democrats Stole the GOP Honeymoon

UPDATE: Japan expresses outrage at hostage report, vows 'utmost efforts' to free them

Hey folks - remember the popularity of John Wayne

Romney, Bush seen more negatively since considering White House bids

How To Buy a Politician - Russell Brand and George Monbiot

What's Old is New Again: JCPenney goes back to the future--brings back Catalog

Dove's Super Bowl ad will make a grown man cry

AirAsia Flight QZ8501 climbed fast then stalled: Indonesia

Brave New Voices -14 - LA: Rape Joke

What Obama would say at the State of the Union if he were being brutally honest

One Eagle Has Been Released Back into the Wild!

Why Suppressing Free Speech to Protect Religion Is a Bad Idea

German journalist embedded with ISIL: Since 2001-"We Have "Created Terrorists & Increased Terrorism"

India's tiger population up by 30%

Want to know what UKIP believe? Read their manifesto pledges (some RW winners)

Growing up in Germany, I was taught that you cannot separate the Wehrmacht from the Nazi regime.

Romney biggest problem is; will the driverless car be able to use

Be Uplifted By Dogs Playing Fetch in Wheelchairs

US Giving Up on Overthrowing Assad?


‘Class warfare’: GOP senator attacks Obama’s plan to close tax loopholes for the wealthy

Argentine prosecutor who accused Cristina Kirchner over 1994 bombing found dead

Why Suppressing Free Speech to Protect Religion Is a Bad Idea

Damn - We Just Lost MLK

Rescuing the Neighbor’s Freezing Pup: His Eyes Were Screaming ‘Help Me!’

Detroit Fundraises to Test Rape Kits

"Too Much?"

Detroit Fundraises to Test Rape Kits

Teapublicans are out to steal YOUR retirement insurance premiums.

Bill would require AG to defend Va. Constitution

Republican Response To SOTUS

Does road salt kill plants in areas where road salt is used? It seems as if it might at least kill

Obama Producing Blasphemous Images!

There Are 400,000 Unprocessed Rape Kits in the U.S. How Can This Be?

There Are 400,000 Unprocessed Rape Kits in the U.S. How Can This Be?

Pope Francis, Freedom Is My Religion

There Are 400,000 Unprocessed Rape Kits in the U.S. How Can This Be?

RUDE PUNDIT: You can't support Martin Luther King without a willingness to fuck some shit up.

{Edit: Stream currently down. } LIVE stream for LENR COLD FUSION 101 at MIT

Please don't use these passwords. Sincerely, the Internet

Yarmouth, Canada: chicken terrorizes parking lot

Lindsey Vonn breaks all-time record for women's World Cup wins with super-G victory

Boomers’ retirement will hit hard, and many businesses say they aren’t prepared

Religious objections carry lawsuit against Consol

She Works Full Time For A Government Contractor, Earns Poverty Wages, And Then Became Homeless

She Works Full Time For A Government Contractor, Earns Poverty Wages, And Then Became Homeless

She Works Full Time For A Government Contractor, Earns Poverty Wages, And Then Became Homeless

Want your geek credentials upgraded?

Opinion: A State of the Union scorecard shows Obama can live without Congress

Will the awful power of the word 'slut' defeat feminists' efforts to reclaim it?

Liberty Council claims non-dscrimination laws are King's legacy...

What would DU look like in 1970 the day after "the movie" Patton came out?

McCain: "Remember, the President trumpeted Yemen as a success story, which is just ludicrous!"

Prepare for more public-private sector hijinks in Florida. Scott proposing more tax-cuts.

Tony Perkins doubles down on the "No-Go Zone" fake story...

Pic Of The Moment: SOTU Preview: Republicans To Attack Obama For Addressing Income Inequality

Howard Zinn and the Struggles for Social Justice

White House chief of staff shoulders blame for Paris snub

Paris mayor: We intend to sue Fox News

MLK Day and what happened to me yesterday ...

Paris Mayor Announces Plans to Sue Fox News | Mediate

Charlie Hebdo: Niger protesters torched 45 churches - police

Perfect sculpture depicting the American Right Wing

Anti-Charlie Hebdo protest held in Chechnya

So, you don't think we iive in a full-blown police state? Think again.

All he wanted for Christmas was "safety." Tonight he'll be FLOTUS's guest.

Six (6) states allow parents to withhold medical care for children.

THE LION KING Broadway Cast Takes Over NYC Subway and Sings 'Circle Of Life'

Bwaaahaaa ..Paris Mayor Sueing Fox News for "Insulting No-Go-Zone comments

Ladies and Gentlemen, a discussion on the SOTU speech by Charles Pierce.

Daily Beast: SOTU Sneak Peek: Obama to Hit Citizens United

Fox News Formally Apologizes for Claiming Muslims Taking Over European Cities

Supreme Court Will Consider Gay Marriage Nationally

The demonization of Chris Kyle

GOP lawmakers skip gay rights rally

French Comedians Dress Up as Fox News Reporters, Enter Paris ‘No-Go Zones’

Sarah Palin joins sniping over 'American Sniper'

Some cook ideas to try.

McDonald's destroying orangutan habitat E action

There's no point in watching the SOTU tonight.

Supreme Court upholds religious rights of prisoners

Shared blame, gun accident


Official: Relatives believe family was in mansion for fire

That huge gust of wind coming from the east....

Muslim no-go zones

The Rude Pundit - People Need to Stand Up to the Extremists Within and Without

Colombia is 8th best country for retiring: Forbes (Ecuador is first)

Everyone in congress who has voted against rebuilding Infrastructure should be indicted

"Why we're allowed to hate a movie about the military"

Ken Blackwell knows what King wanted, (except King's own words disagree)

The Cost of Walmart's Low Wages to the US Tax-Payer

Warm winter temperatures in Yukon poses problems for events

I haven't decided whether I'll watch American Sniper or not.

"American Liar"

Women Garment Workers Organize Against Inhumane Conditions in India

Breaking: Paris Mayor will sue Fox News for inaccurate reporting!

Ukraine Says Russian Troops Join Separatists in New Assaults

Jon Stewart calls out Mike Huckabee’s Beyonce hypocrisy to his face

How Expensive It Is to Be Poor

MN: Home care workers and state reach agreement on first contract

MN: Home care workers and state reach agreement on first contract

MN: Home care workers and state reach agreement on first contract

Democrats Stole the GOP Honeymoon

Breakdown: Unanimous Supreme Court back’s prisoner in religious beard case

Bush Had Deep Ties to Troubled Firm

Christian caveman finds God in Wilderness, South Africa

Pennsylvania Senators Don’t Want Paid Sick Leave for Philly Workers

WebMD article: Are We Closer to a Cancer Cure?

Charles P Pierce offers a suggestion on the SOTU speech

“The Poor Are Genetically Inferior”

Rumi Followers Fight To Keep Turkey From Cashing In On Mystic's Legacy

Jindal Insists Muslim ‘No Go Zones’ Exist in Europe

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo tells CNN she intends to sue Fox News over the channel's coverage of suppos

In defense of the passage of the ACA...

Republicans Like Romney More Than Jeb Bush — WSJ/NBC Poll

I'll just leave this here.

Chris Kyle claimed to have summarily executed dozens of Americans. Why celebrate him?

'Mansplaining' by The Doubleclicks. Clever, witty... and true.

Supreme Court Rules That Muslim Prisoner Has Right to Grow Beard

Hamburgers or minimum wage

Stop Breeding Like Rabbits? The Pope Misses the Point on Contraception

Homeless Americans Dying From Hypothermia - Bryce Covert Discusses

Pope's "rabbit" comments are coming into context.

The day the Klan messed with the wrong people

The mysterious absence of women from Middle East policy debates

How I saw the 2010 midterms and the 2014 midterms and the leaders of the DNC

Militias attack Yemen president's private home: minister

The Wisconsin #Republicans 'We Hate Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson" Amendment

Ring of Fire: Obama’s Secret Anti-Environmental Agenda


Both prime suspects of peace talks spying scandal left Colombia: Attorney

How you can tell when authoritarianism is getting completely out of hand

Hillary Clinton Room Post-Supporters say Clinton developing smarter, more relevant campaign for 2016

Mom who faked daughter's cancer diagnosis apologizes, gets probation

Israel Official Investigating Gaza Strip War Conduct.

From Politico. John Kerry adresses journalism security.

This Doesn’t Sound Like The MLK I Learned About In School

It is being reported that one of the Mayors of the UK will start

Labor Unions And Financial Reform Groups Push For “Postal Banking” With New Coalition

I can't take it anymore!!!

Man killed by bridge collapse

Vancouver couple struggles to make ends meet on only $25,000 a month

Hillary Clinton Room Post-8 years ago today Hillary Clinton launched her 2008 campaign.

GOP's Big Spanish SOTU Response Will Be a Translation of English-Only Advocate Joni Ernst's Speech

Some interesting science facts -

Need help finding mobo drivers

Major League Baseball puts Fred Wilpon in charge of its finance committee. Rilly?

Mike Huckabee: I Support Implementing The Fair Tax Because 'Giving Proportionately Is Biblical'

GOP hates facts

Surgeon Critically Injured in Shooting at Boston Hospital

Honestly I'd rather watch the Republican response.

Please don't repeat RW talking points. The MYTH of the Democratic 'Super-Majority'

Dinesh D'Souza Claims President Obama Never Had The 'African American Experience'

More details of the E5 mkII leaked.

Can someone help me find a thread?

Rumors Swirl: Obama To Kneecap The Koch Brothers With Citizens United Executive Order

How about a Movie about this Hero?

Ring of Fire: The 2016 Republican Clown Car Has Arrived!

Former governor pleads not guilty to death squad deals

X-ray technique 'reads' burnt Vesuvius scroll (BBC)

January 20, 2000, 600 heavily armed police are deployed in Charleston, South Carolina

Contractor for Ohio overpass collapse has $91M contract

In 2007, Patriots and coach were fined $750,000 for cheating.

"Obama to Double Down on Fast Track Push Following SOTU"--Here We Go Again...

Thom Hartmann: Rep Alan Grayson - America…Undermined by the TPP

Cialis inflate-a-ball

Thom Hartmann: It's time for some real competition in the broadband market

Volunteers help rescued dogs in Ohio & 11 more domestic violence shelters will keep pets safe in2015

How Washington's War on Terror Has Become a War on Human Rights Defenders in Central America

How Washington's War on Terror Has Become a War on Human Rights Defenders in Central America

Michigan's Corporate Puppets

I was so angry for days I couldn't post about MLK

Next: A movie about American conservatism which celebrates the staunch resolve ...

Guatemala ex-police official convicted in 1980 embassy siege

NWS Issues Winter Weather Advisory for Wednesday Morning

In The Middle East Sharing Atheism on Social Media Ends Badly

Why is felon D'Souza still talking?

Prate of the Union

How Western Democracy Crusaders Become Foes of Democracy

How Western Democracy Crusaders Become Foes of Democracy

Russia Warns Media on Religious Content

State of the Union: 48 Million in Poverty- Child poverty in U.S. is at highest point in 20 years

Grapes of wrath: California farmworkers fight to unionize (feature story)

Grapes of wrath: California farmworkers fight to unionize

Grapes of wrath: California farmworkers fight to unionize (feature story)

U.S. Supreme Court will not hear Baton Rouge Catholic confession case

Yemen's President 'Has No Control' As Houthi Rebels Storm Palace

Please excuse me, but I need to get this off my chest.

Rabbi Jack Moline to head the Interfaith Alliance

Baker Hughes to lay off 7,000 workers, planning for downturn

A Crisis In U.S.-Palestinian Ties


A Credit Line Reset Looms Over Cash-Strapped Oil Drillers

Jamaica to hand over heart of its largest protected area to blacklisted Chinese conglomerate

Interesting: "Identifying & Exploiting Fracture Points"

Top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Says Mission Could Be Extended

Democrat Says Fast-Track Trade Power Can Overcome Party’s Unease

Guess what TV preacher Mike Huckabee appeared with today?

Alex Jones goes off the deep end...

White House Drops 'News' from Fox News Placeholders at State of the Union Lunch

I offer prayers for our President as he prepares for the SOTU.

Feb 6 2015: Give Kids A Smile Day to Provide Free Dental Care for Children In New Jersey

Anyone know what's going on with Bobby Jindal's Presidential prospects?

Only six of the 9 justices will attend the State of the Union speech tonight.

2/6/15: Give Kids A Smile Day to Provide Free Dental Care for Children In New Jersey

U.S. top court rejects appeals by Halliburton, KBR over conduct overseas

The FBI’s Dubious Record on Prosecuting Terror Plots

Seahawks make me a fan again...

Lithuania warns its citizens of possible Russian invasion

President Obama State of the Union Address.

Black Lives Matter—at School, Too

Gentlemen, keep a firm grip on your balls

TYT: Why Black Middle Class Kids Will Grow Up To Be Lower Class Adults (New Study)

Federal jury convicts Ironworkers Local 401 boss in racketeering trial

A most sedate and civilized SOTU drinking game

NFL Investigating Whether Patriots Played Game With Properly Inflated Vince Wilfork

TYT: “Go Home & Take Obama With You,” Protestors Waved At Muslim Group At Texas Conference


Bus union, company reach agreement to avoid Super Bowl strike

Scottish MPs lay down gauntlet over UK nuclear fleet

Keith Goes Off on Penn State (Again)!

TYT: White Homeowner Not Charged For Shooting Black Police Chief During Raid

House committee opposes bill allowing ministers to refuse gay marriages

Bill Moyers and Simon Johnson Discuss Obama Strategy/Dodd Frank Dismantling and Elizabeth Warren

Rick Scott wants 100 million for charter school upkeep. No response about public schools.

There was just a coup in Yemen

dictionary definition of NINCOMPOOP

Jorge Ramos: ‘It is Republicans’ turn to act on immigration, and they aren’t doing it’

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 20, 2014

I suspect Joni Ernst will have had a makeover tonight so

The Agents of Unregulated Globalization vs. the Agents of the Fight against Climate Change

White Teenage Criminals Are Cuddly And Cute And White And Not Really Criminals Really!

Fox News Discovers Muslim, Black and Gay "No Go Zones" in America

The Golden Age of Black Ops: Special Ops Missions Already in 105 Countries in 2015

Yellowstone River oil spill: cancer causing agent detected in water

Oil Falls as Record Iraqi Output Seen Compounding Surplus

Socialist Response to the #StateOfTheUnion

Saudi Arabia's nuclear, renewable energy plans pushed back 8 years

Schlumberger to Pay $1.7 Billion for Stake in Russia Driller

Iran Sees ‘No Threat’ From Oil at $25 as Prices Keep Falling

Photos of Obama Being Awesome (in honor of the State of the Union)

Russia and Iran Sign Military Cooperation Deal

The "No Go Zone" fox lie...representative of everything they do at Fox...

Obama to Address Extremist Group

Egypt turns to renewable energy as competitive power generation option

Huckabee brings "wholesome" book tour to disgraced televangelist and felon Jim Bakker's show

Irving rattled by four quakes Tuesday, including a 3.0-magnitude this afternoon

Boy, 13, builds Braille printer with Legos, starts company

Mike Huckabee’s PAC Paid His Family Almost $400,000

GOP Congresswomen Withdraw Their Support For Proposed Abortion Ban

Has it been your experience when interacting with war veterans....

I am interested in DUers thoughts regarding the threat of using budget reconciliation during the ACA

Human Sacrifice! Dogs & Cats Living Together! AND...Willard now is concerned about CLIMATE CHANGE.

Canine Cooperation Hypothesis: Thank The Social Skills Of Wolves For Dog-Human Cooperation

Employers are Stealing Billions of Dollars from their Workers

Paris Terror Spurs Plan for Military Zones Around Nuclear Plants

SOTU rebuttal tonight. The Armed Hog Testicle Lady is the best they've got

How Local Sales Taxes Target the Poor and Widen the Income Gap

Please sign to bring this human filth to justice

Anyone read any books by Paul Craig Roberts? I believe he

TransCanada files eminent domain petitions against holdout landowners opposing Keystone XL pipeline

Man who saved lives at Paris grocery gets French citizenship

Joni Ernst is documented liar.

Mike Huckabee Talks 2016 Plans With Jim Bakker To Shouts Of 'Hallelujah'

Saw An Older Model SUV Today Flying A Huge Confederate Flag W/Rednecks Printed On It.

Truth, Justice and the Curious Case of Chris Kyle:

Frank Serpico: "NYPD Back-turners Need to Be Fired"

French Comedians Dress Up as Fox News Reporters, Enter Paris ‘No-Go Zones’

Guy who was killed by train was trying to sell the merits of an energy drink.

Robert Redford emailed me

Cue the theme from Jaws

"I'm no hero," insists Bathily as France grants supermarket savior citizenship

Pentagon says classified data on U.S. F-35 jet fighter program remains secure

Fukushima worker dies after falling into water storage tank

American Sniper: A dramatization that is coded for a target audience,

103-Year-Old Civil Rights Legend Amelia Boynton To Attend State Of The Union Address

Did anyone read this about Salon magazine?

Chimps 'Talk' About Their Favorite Foods, Trees

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 21 January 2015

What is the right-wings obsession with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust? it's freaking overkill.

we had a lovely day in virginia beach yesterday - the world's supply of photos

Paris Mayor Sues Fox News for Lying

Rigoberta Menchu: Guatemalan Court Ruling on Crimes Against Humanity a 'Historic Event'

UAW member at the State of the Union address tonight! (sitting with First Lady Michelle Obama)

Richest 1% Is Likely to Control Half of Global Wealth by 2016 - Oxfam Study

Kyle the Sniper Katrina story may not be imaginary. Remember FBI memo to shoot Occupy leaders?

Don't get me wrong, I think the world is a better place with the Internet...

You used to think that it was so easy (its from the song Baker Street)