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Help Me Here On The TPP As I Have One Major Question I'd Like Answered......

Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant will give the socialist response to SOTU.

Which ReTHUG will be the first to say something outrageous

Justice Department settles case after DEA set up fake Facebook page in woman's name

Iran says is ready for 'straight talks' with Saudi Arabia

Excerpts from Joni Ernst's big speech tonight

(UK) Chilcot report on Iraq war delayed until after general election

Any good suggestions for books to read?

Pick one.

Suspicious package shuts down Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

Problems with website...

Silk Road 2.0 founder's 'right hand man' Brian Farrell arrested in Washington

103-Year-Old Civil Rights Legend Amelia Boynton To Attend State Of The Union Address

Elizabeth Warren: Obama Trade Deal Could Undermine Wall Street Reform

Sen.Sanders and Rep. Chris Van Hollen on the State of the Union

Senate rejects effort to ban Keystone XL-pipeline exports

The Art of Amarna: Akhenaten and his life under the Sun

Good Old Games has a second wave of Lucas Arts Games.

Bad Grandpa (beauty pagent)

Cartoon, Faux "news" brings on their expert...

New Moon in Aquarius: Be True to Your Vision, and Never Mind the Haters

Ukrainian drug addicts dying due to treatment ban, says UN

Hahaha! WH drops "News" from place card for Shepard Smith and he complains about it on camera.

Uh Oh, Bible story: Doubts raised over a Texas inaugural tradition!

Are gated, largely white enclaves considered "No-Go Zones"...

Mysterious 15th-Century Irish Town Found Near Medieval Castle

Behind the scenes w/ FLOTUS & Dr.Biden at the WhiteHouse (pic)

If you are going to watch the SOTU tonight 2 little tips that might help you.

'696969' and 24 more of the dumbest passwords of 2014

HMS Beagle sketchbooks added to Digital Library (The Darwin voyage)

Rebranding the nuclear weapons complex won't reform it

Rmoney to change image by highlighting his charitable giving to all you takers

Rep. Steve King decries ‘deportable’ in Michelle Obama’s balcony

Any "American Sniper" Fans Here See Independent Lens on PBS Last Night?

"American Sniper", what are the chances of it winning film of the year at the Oscars?

Question from Ken Burch

It's not that people are stupid, it's that most things are hard.

5 rebuttals!! Why?

The Jogah: Little People of the Iroquois

Does anybody else find this odd about "American Sniper":

Anyone care to wager on ...

Miz t. gets back home tomorrow! YEA!

'But the numbers don't lie, you can't get around it,'

Is this lazy Journalism or

Obama coming to Selma!

What is a Lokean?

24 Unvaccinated Students Banned From OC High School After Campus Measles Exposure

"The Big Ideas Project" from the "Progressive Change Institute"....Anyone have experience with this?

I have 2 prayer requests

How many times will President Obama mention the Progressive Caucus Budget tonight?

GOP SOTU Rebuttal: Four Speakers, Three Platforms, Two Languages, One Party

Where can I watch SOTU State of the Union online Live?

So, Over/Under on the drinks of water that Boehner takes tonight?

Let's be honest....nothing progressive can happen under HRC as president.

I'm watching the SOTU on C-SPAN

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! State of Our Media! & a new Lion gif

Am I the only one who finds the Twitter feed on C-Span 2, to be annoying?

I will not watch the Rethug response tonight. I am out of Pepto Bismol

President Obama’s State of the Union Address - Remarks As Prepared for Delivery

James Taylor to perform 'Mockingbird' at the end of the SOTU!

It's on!

The John Boehner Comedy Hour has begun! Also, unofficial discussion thread.

Extract from tonight's SOTU Address...

I LOVE POTUS' embrace of

Petulant little Boehner pouting rather than applauding during SOTU statement on job growth

That damned neo-con in the WH strikes again...

"The shadow of crisis has passed"

From the "Agree"/Disagree" thingy ...

There's good news people!

I loved that wink!!! Ha!

where is Boehners flag pin??

Why isn't John Boehner CLAPPING???!?

State of the Union 2015: Full transcript

State of the Union 2015: Full transcript



Gov Jindal must have gone to a charter skool..

He seems happier and more lively than in years past.

All this talk about making sure working people get what they earn ...

Is Hoyer busy grading homework?

I just need to say,

Let's set our sights higher than a simple oil pipeline!

"Boner" looks like he is about to pop a gasket

I think it's safe to say

Boner is the most 'colored' man on that podium.

Boehner has a face that could curdle milk tonight. n/t.

Seeing That The Repugs Are Not Clapping For Any Of The Accomplishments They Can't ....


fuck war

"...and with TPP, you can keep your job if you like your job..." the middle class is probably just

Who is the pencil waiver in front of Feinstein?

This guy

Latest image from the State of the Union.

Christie's office refuses to release $800,000 in credit card bills

Has anybody else noticed that Boehner keeps twiddling his thumbs?

then.. Pardon Leonard Peltier

Damn...this is awesome

Official Transcripts of the Republican Responses:

I learned something today about the President's 3-D chess game and thought it was pretty cool :)

Birthers just went apeshit!

Has anyone else noticed . . .

I Don't Know If Anyone Else Here Share's This But I Believe This Is One Of The Best.....

Pleasant Hill, CA: dog finds puppies left in garbage bag

Why does Obama keep speaking to Shirley?

"I know cuz I won both of them"

I know, 'cuz I won both of them!

Republicans did not clap or stand when POTUS

Obama's trying to save our democracy.

With TPP there's what they say, and what they mean

What's with the Powerpoint presentation during the SOTU?

Well, that was pretty DAMN GOOD.

President Obama's best SOTU ever!

Why avoid the words "tax funded" when referring to "free" community college?

Slay this false equivalency on Ferguson

I saw Warren applauding Obama

Will the SOTU be online?

Obama outclassed the entire congress and set the bar for presidential candidates

Obama has been taking names for six years,

Northern Ireland: SE Health Trust to end daily delivery for elderly nutrition program

Are the GOP overlords furiously re-writing Jodi Ernst's speech?

Thank GOD this man is the president

"I know because I won both of 'em." The. Best. Moment. #SOTU

joni balls is up.

Joni Ernst looks like a SNL parody of herself. nt

Bravo Obama!

I think that the words "Keep smiling" has been plastered on Ernst's teleprompter

"Imagine if we broke out of these tired old patterns. Imagine if we did something different."

Authorities identify gunman in shooting at Brigham

Joni looks every bit the phony we know.

I am blown away - SOTU

Breadbags? BREADBAGS?

Obama alludes to DiBlasio during the SOTU

President Obama is not back, he was always right here.

What the fug is she babbling about?

Ernst is campaigning again.

From Nixon's plain cloth coat to Ernst's bread bags on shoes.

Jodi Ernst and the GOP want all of us to be as poor as her family was...

Pres.Obama Ad-Libs Zinger After GOP Cheers That He's Done Campaigning(video)

Joni Erst should get a job as a phone recording to calm people

LOL, the Keystone Pipeline is now the Keystone Jobs Bill

Check out the shoes Iowa U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst is wearing tonight for her State of the Union rebuttal

This is the person they picked to give the response?

The poor dear has flatlined on MSNBC's lines. n/t

Rethugs will complain and demand the president apologize cause he said won both elections.

No Real Ideas

LOL!!! White House gives Fox accurate SOTU lunch place-cards

Joni Ernst

Who the hell wrote her speech?

Teleprompter WAY too close.

I hope to GAWD that Ernst gets it into her empty skull to run for President

MSNBC's "Do You Agree With Joni" Pulse Graph

What is John Boehner?

Why did READY FOR HILLARY use a moment of national unity like the SOTU Address to raise money for their candidate?

Do we now have our new Michelle Bachman? n/t

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it seemed...

Anything trending on Twitter about Bread Bags?

Who is this guy giving the Tea Party Express response?

I thought Joni did a good job.....

Joni's shoes.....

Argh, this ridiculous argument about the minimum wage.

US stocks turn higher in afternoon trading

*Chris VanHollen on PBS now,

Sen. Sanders Statement on State of the Union

State of the Union: These 3 Words Were Used For First Time Ever

OBAMA: "If you believe you could work full-time & support family on less than $15,000 a yr-GO TRY IT

Random stupid thought about modern American journalism and SOTU

Toronto Mayor John Tory’s welcome reverse on transit exposes his flank

In State of the Union, Obama Focuses on the Middle Class

Aced it!

I bet that Sarah Palin

1 year after deadly International Nutrition collapse, new plant taking shape

George Will: A star was born tonight.

Sorry Dems are asking for money.

Here is a tweet from DFA about Liz after tonights SOTU adress

"God brother, you lie"

My stand up comic friend Eric Deskin

Good God! Frank Luntz and his "Fuckass Group" on FOX "News"! This should be good.

WTF!!! DCCC is e-mailing shit to donate money after the State Of The Union

Tuesday Night New Music Thread: Marilyn Manson - Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge

Obama forgot to mention: His S. Korean trade deal cost the USA jobs

I miss Tom Brokaw

The new Republican Social Security program:

A very light Colonel, not going to make it in the Senate..

"How Obama plans to tax the biggest banks"

Question about tonight. What happened when he was talking about TPP? I heard his statement

Exploding Kittens

Dumb Criminals: Two Cincinatti Men Caught Trying To Sneak Heroin-Laced Bible Into Jail

My wife does not care at all about politics. When Joni came on...

Thinking about buying a bread machine… and looking for input from those

TPP: another fast tracked foreign policy initiative, complete with secret corporate meetings

Senator Hognuts is the best they have?

Any hope that this season of Justified would still find room for comic relief

Sorry pit bulls...... even the SPCA is getting tired of you

President Obama: "I Won Both Of Them..."

Dad Delivers State Of The Union Rebuttal Directly Into Television Screen

Kid Rock Angers Some Fans With Hunting Photo Featuring Dead Cougar

For anyone who's missed the Bread Bag speech:

"Let Me Start Over" Ted Cruz SOTU Rebuttal

Chris Kyle's Supposed Record

Who among us wore bread bags on our shoes while growing up?

Did Joni Ernst plagiarize from an episode of the Simpsons?

State of the Union 2014 Address: President Obama's FULL SOTU Speech

Cold and icy outside. What dumbass parents would let kids walk with breadbags on their shoes?

Now people, don't be so critical of Joni Ernst

2015 State of the Union Address - TYT Reaction

Joni Ernst's Republican Response To 2015 State Of The Union Address - TYT Reaction

Breaking: 11 of 12 Pats' footballs under-inflated

This Joni Ernst "rebuttal" is going to destroy her.

The sinister thing about Joni Ernst's "bread bag" line.

Borowitz is tearing up the Bread Bag Lady on FB!

A New Sub-class of Teabaggers...

Just a couple of kids at a football game:

I. Have. Had. IT! I will no longer remain silent on this travesty!

many of us here wore bread bags in the winter

Can Capitalists Save Capitalism?

Ted Cruz-the speech he doesn't want you to see

Rick Scott's FDLE scandal blows open, demands probe. Way to go, Scott Maxwell.

Cuomo to Call for an AirTrain to LaGuardia

Joni Ernst delivers official GOP response, but not the only one.

from MPR news: MLK Day marchers say 'Black lives matter' and we shut down 94 in St Paul, MN

California high school sends 24 unvaccinated students home to prevent measles outbreak

So Ernst is a true Republican, her dad suddenly awarded numerous gov contracts when she took office

Who would you believe, Joni Ernst or this lady?

Rand Paul pal Alex Jones: One Billion People Will Die If Pope Francis Gets His Way

CNN's Wolf Blitzer, water carrier for the GOP, whines that Obama issued too many veto threats

Look at all the men standing and clapping for equal pay for women!

Several Stabbed On Bus In Tel Aviv, Israel

Hope Is On The Way-SYRIZA campaign video(with English subtitles)

Another issue about the Condo Association. They demanded to know who had keys to our condo. They

Government health care website quietly sharing personal data

The "poor can work their way out of poverty" meme is a lie.

Colonel Bluster, With The Bread Bag, In The Observatory

Racist bus rant teen ‘visibly moved’ by meeting with Holocaust survivor at Sydney Jewish Museum

Former Mother of The Year sentenced to 1 year house arrest.

Cardiac surgeon shot at Boston hospital dies

SOTU speech: "It's why we speak out against the deplorable anti-Semitism that has resurfaced...."

Shouldn't it be clear after tonight that republicans are legislating from a pre-1990's mindset?

Something smells about that 92 million Americans not working thing Cruz said tonight.

Mayor de Blasio visits Paris in show of support following attacks

Hebdo killings were by 'US and Mossad' to keep Israel's Netanyahu in power, claims US politican

If you do a Google search for "Bread bags on feet"

Barack Obama Is Out Of Fucks

Libertarian Party Response to President Barack Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address.


So now we know

People here are NOT laughing at poor people. They're laughing at Joni Ernst

Guardian on American Sniper: Why are simplistic patriots treating him as a hero?

The Republicans biggest priority in Obama's first term was to prevent his getting a second term...

Munich poised to lift ban on Holocaust memorial project

"and #BreadBags became a hashtag"

Air Force Turns to Supersonic Mercenaries

Daily Holidays - January 21

Libya: Rebels clash, Gaddafi-era army officers return

Summing up the State Of The Union:

[French PM Manual] Valls vows to tackle French ‘apartheid’ after Charlie Hebdo killings

So how does free community college help students now with tons of debt?

Why 3 Supreme Court Justices Didn’t Attend the State of the Union

One Tale of Jesse James

State Of The Union Doesn't Mention No Child Left Behind Rewrite Efforts

The Willow Bunch Giant.

China bounce leads Asian stocks higher; investors await ECB

French security forces to get better weapons to fight terror

UN Climate Chief: Carbon Bubble Is Now a Reality

UN Climate Chief: Carbon Bubble Is Now a Reality

The Narcissistic fantasy of Mitt Romney 2016

Why I Had to Quit Filming Hardcore Porn

This Map Explains Why The F-35 Has Turned Into A Trillion-Dollar Fiasco

Head of NYPD police union to face challenge in spring election

Iowa Foot Locker...

Republican candidates have to audition for the Koch's before they can run for office

Joni's Shoes didn't escape notice everywhere -

Did Joni really use the old "when I was a Kid" meme?

SO...I turned on "Fox & Friends" and Hasselbeck & crew are high-fiving Joni's camo heels.

Gov. Bobby Jindal Is One of the Top Republican Islamophobes -- and Also a Religious Extremist

We're Killing Ourselves on the Job --The Problem Is About Wealth and Wages: Not More Work

SOTU Schizophrenia: Middle-Class Jobs vs. Fast Track and TPP

Expanding Social Security Is the Cheapest Way to Bring More Security to America's Retirees

Mika: Shut. The. Hell. Up.

Homeless Man Set on Fire By 3 White Men With Shaved Heads

Greece: Fears for rigged elections!

84-year-old activist nun imprisoned in Brooklyn jail hellhole for breaking into nuclear facility

Who are the three critics who sit in the front row? One is a robot

Putin boasts of Russia developing "science-fiction weapons"

Palestinian Stabs 11 Passengers on Tel Aviv Bus

PWC's Global CEO Survey Doesn't Even List Climate Breakdown; Only 6% Even Mentioned It

Happy Birthday AsahinaKimi Otanjoubi Omedetou!!

Boko Haram leader claims massacre in Baga, threatens more

Bus driver, prison guards heroes of Tel Aviv terror attack

This post by Cha deserves a thread of its own.

For Shape-Shifting Mitt Romney, Climate Now Suddenly "A Major Problem" (3rd Stance In 3 Years)

As Ernst lauds virtues of plastic bags...

Your Morning Miracles

Austria to launch lawsuit over Hinkley Point C nuclear subsidies

The Pentagon Tested All Its Weapons Programs And Found Almost All Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Chocolate CEO Bleats About "Sustainble" Cacao, Levels Primary Forest In Peru To Grow The Stuff

Main Sao Paulo Reservoir At 6% Of Capacity, And Rainy Season Is Halfway Over

State of the Union: Obama shines modest light on US solar expansion

Four under investigation after Paris attacks: prosecutor

SOTU tweet IF you truly....

Deflategate, Ballghazi or The Deflatriots?

Mike Huckabee EXTREMELY disappointed that Obama failed to discuss Benghazi last night. EXTREMELY!

Is there one African-American woman on American cable or TV

Morning rant: What exactly do they mean when they say "class warfare"?

Jim Webb Completely Jumps the Shark in Bizarre "Middle Class" Tweet

Hubris, Defined, At Sea: NYT Magazine On Shell And The Disastrous Voyage Of The Kulluk

The Siege of Khe Sanh

VP Biden says he has 'plenty of time' to weigh presidency

Man arrested after tackling shopper carrying gun

Koch Group Nostalgic for Clinton Era

Guantánamo officials faked letter from inmate’s mother who could not write

That pesky Arithmetic. . .

Simply, the best.

Kshama Sawant Gives Socialist Response to Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address

John Boehner's Priceless Reactions To Obama's State Of The Union

Once again, Fox dunce Steve Doocy confuses "homeless" with "without a home of your own"

Yeah, the Right-Wing Line Was Bullsh*t: Low-Income Loans Didn't Cause the Financial Crisis

ISIS executing 'educated women' in new wave of horror, says U.N.

Ted Cruz did not want his SOTU video released?

Single-Payer: It's What the People Want

For Republicans, Muslims Will Be the Gays of 2016

"It’s not unreasonable to have wanted President Obama to swing for the fences"

Obama Dares GOP to Help the Middle Class in His State of the Union

ISIS execute 13 football fans by firing squad for watching Iraq play Jordan on TV

Catholic Church 'Allah' appeal shot down in Malaysia

Report: NFL found 11 Patriots footballs were under-inflated by 2 pounds

OK. I'm ready to donate to any organization urging Warren to run for president...

Undated photo shows Jodi Ernst on the Hardees Biscuit Line

$460,000 will buy a fuckload of breadbags

Quote of the Day

The Problem With Pope Francis Telling Catholics To Avoid Breeding ‘Like Rabbits’

Was Boehner drunk last night during the SOTU?

GOP Mentions Immigration In Spanish SOTU Response But Not In English One

Want To Be Happy? Join A Union!

Warren Denies She's Running But GOP Oppo Machine Not Taking Any Chances

I don't get the whole bread bag thing....

Yahoo question:

Obama trolls the GOP: How a not-so-lame-duck president left them bumbling - By Joan Walsh

Americans will remain baffled by the Middle East as long as

"“To everyone in this Congress who still refuses to raise the minimum wage, I say this..."

Ok, I have a rant here. About Ernst and her bullshit.

New amazing metal is so hydrophobic it makes water bounce like magic.

Caught between greed and religion: the battle for Kansas public education

Man with scissors lodged in skull calmly walks into A&E and says: ''I have a small problem''

Pope Francis, Breeding Bunnies and Ideological Colonization

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- State of Disunion

NBA 2K15 v1.0.0.40 APK

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Taxes, Toons, and War

Reince Priebus on MJ today: why didn't PBO just do his SOTU online?

Joni Ernst articulates Republican, corporate position on TTP, TTIP:

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Best use of an internet meme re: SOTU

Let's give this story legs and get rid of Rick Scott

President Obama's State of The Union Speech - Thug Life Style!

PIC: trickle down economics explained on Reddit

This just in: Pope still hopelessly out of touch with reality.

Computer professionals: would it be possible to learn your job online?

"I am French, excuse my English. All French mock Fox News now."

What are "stress evacuations"?????

The Guardian: Obama full of swagger: State of the Union leaves GOP enraged

Welfare For Me, Not For Thee: Joni Ernst Edition...

So the Speaker of the House of Representatives has invited the war criminal

President Obama's State of the Union a big hit with voters

MSNBC ran a real time poll throughout the SOTU

Sen. Sanders Weighs in on State of the Union

The "very serious policy wonk", Paul Ryan ...

Morrissey now the subject of new criminal investigation


For those who missed it, here is transcript of Joni Enest's speech last night.

elephant vs car

Supreme Court rules in favor of fired whistleblower

Senator Bernie Sanders: Tell Congressional Leaders: Democracy isn't for Sale

Joni Ernst, translated: one Iowan girl wearing bread bags for boots is kind of sad

Poll: Majority of Americans Now Believe That They Could Be Senators claims Andy Horowitz

Don't blame me

Richest Country on Earth. Yet some celebrate people being so poor.

Anti-racist video

Dirty Harry Goes to War

I picked up my diploma today.

Man shopping for coffee creamer at Walmart attacked by vigilante for carrying gun he was legally per

Does the nickname Joni "bread bags" Ernst fit?

Obama to meet with wife of American pastor jailed in Iran

The DEMOCRATS are Lucy continually yanking the football away

Joni's Poverty. Is she talking about the Farm Crisis of the 80's? She was 10 in 1980.

The Greatest Threat of All: Human Instincts Overwhelm Reason

Here's An Idea: Maybe We Could Voluntarily Not Kill Everything In The Ocean . . .

greenhouse app. money in politics.

How to say "Fuck you" with only the smile on your face

American Sniper makes Tarantino’s over-the-top movie our sad reality

Today in Herstory: Alice Paul Returns to the Suffrage Battle (20 jan 1910)

Teapublicans, like the NE Patriots, are Ball-Deflating Crooks.

FOX News does not understand complaint lodged by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo

Activists Petition Tennessee General Assembly to Protect Access to Reproductive Health

TTP Isn’t the Only ‘Trade’ Takeover Busting Our Sovereignty

Activists Petition Tennessee General Assembly to Protect Access to Reproductive Health

Do Republicans think we don't know anything about current events

Louisiana Activists Fight Proposed Restrictions on Abortion Providers

Louisiana Activists Fight Proposed Restrictions on Abortion Providers

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Want To Fix Immigration: Just Don't Tell Republicans

What’s Compassion Got to Do With It?

Am I cynical for not believing that everybody on Joni Ernst's school bus...

article: I Took My Dying Dog on a Bucket List Adventure

"A Corporate Trojan Horse": Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact, Would Rewrite Swath of U.S. Laws

So the GOP trotted out 4 (almost 5) rebuttals to the SOTU.

Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News Apologies - "How Bad Does Bullshit Have to Smell… "

A visit to the Museo Dei Tarocchi (A Tarot Card museum!)

What are the chances that the Deflatriots will be kicked out of the Super Bowl?

Puzzling Death of a Prosecutor Grips Argentina

Construction of a heathen temple to begin in Reykjavík next month

What Happens in Greece can transform Europe

Governor Christie criticizes President Obama after meeting with House Republicans

Part 2 of Mother Taking Magical Photos Of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm

Being poor sucks but not as much as saying you were poorer than you were...

The Rise of Islamo-Fascism in Turkey

Bangladesh arrests 7,000 opposition activists

Trojan Hearse: Greek Elections and the Euro Leper Colony

My college roommate was the kid of Kansas farmers.

Hate crime bill shot down on first day of legislative session

Senate GOP Accused Of ‘Closing Off Debate’ During Keystone XL Pipeline Votes

The Civil Rights Legend Who’s Inspiring a New Generation With Comic Books

The Ballghazi Takes Are Here, And They Are Fucking Insane

African-American group: I was so proud of President Obama last night....

Uday Al-Zaidy: Another Life in the Balance in “The New Iraq”

Photograph of Germany’s Pegida leader styled as Adolf Hitler goes viral

Fox’s Doocy: Students shouldn’t get free college because I just paid my loans off ‘two weeks ago'

Should the Patriots be made to forfeit Sunday's game?

All-halal burger joint opening in Milpitas

Rick Scott's FDLE scandal blows open, demands probe

Republicans Post Doctored Version Of State Of The Union, Censor Facts On Climate Change

Jodi Ernst, her fav shoes (maybe) to cover with bread bags

ECB Seeks to Inject Up to 1.1 Trillion Euros Into Economy in Deflation Fight

On stopping a legal activity

Crude Collapse Has Investors Braced for ’80s-Like Oil Casualties

Havana talks start after promises by Obama, Cuban caution

Meet the New Egypt, Same as Old Egypt, Four Years After Uprising

UKRAINE OFFICIAL: Putin Is Escalating And Emotional

S.F. supe, London Breed, calls out black community on gun crime

ISIS Executing Educated Women

Hillary Rodham Clinton reviews Henry Kissinger’s book ‘World Order’

Joni Ernst-too often Washington responded with the same stale mindset that led to failed policies

Russian TV accidentally shows Russian soldier in Ukraine's Donetsk airport

How did Democrats respond to Bush's SOTUs?

US Wants To Dominate The World, Says Russia's Lavrov

Can anyone verify the childhood poverty of Joni Ernst?

Solar and wind power yield cheapest energy, say Finnish experts

Religion’s Dirty Dozen—12 Really Bad Religious Ideas That Have Made the World Worse

Obama Kicks Off the Next Presidential Campaign

44 Amazing NYC Places That Actually Still Exist

Here’s why I didn’t watch the SOTU

‘Meh, Lemme Start Over’: Ted Cruz Resets Midway Through SOTU Response (vid)

A terrified shopper was bitten on the head by a snake at a Lowe's in Mississippi

Boehner Invites Israel's Netanyahu To Address Congress On Iran

"Christian Taliban" Holly cheats on husband!

Protests break out in Supreme Court

Allies Line Up Against Obama's State of the Union Plea on Trade


The most important word the President spoke in SOTU...

I'm sticking my toe in the water...

The STOU ops on DU today has me a little shocked..

Mike Huckabee is desperately trying to cover his ass about Nugent...(updated)

America’s best-selling cars and trucks are built on lies: The rise of fake engine noise

Do Republicans have an authenticity problem?

"hire-a-vet policy is face-to-face patriotism" from 2008

German rally leader quits in 'Hitler' row

If I hear "Income Redistribution" one more god damn time...

In Leaked Conversations, Director Of Rutgers Hillel Engages in Shocking Islamophobia

Today is The Big Block of Cheese Day! Ask the White House/Cabinet Execs Questions: #AskTheWH

The Rude Pundit - The State of the Union Is "Shove Your Midterm Victory"

I got my star back!

The Pats are the most succesfful franchise over the past decade or so...because?

Republican Poor vs. Democratic Poor

Let's Stop Calling Bill Cosby's Victims 'Accusers'

Let's Stop Calling Bill Cosby's Victims 'Accusers'

US stocks rise broadly on higher oil, expected ECB stimulus

I'm just gonna come right out and say it - I'm a "brony"

Last Night's SOTU Is the Beginning of the 2016 Campaign

Frank Luntz's Fox News focus group did NOT like the President's SOTU speech

Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins reads his "good fundamentalist christian fan mail"

Bangladesh 'Golden Girls' Guard Maternal Safety

Bangladesh 'Golden Girls' Guard Maternal Safety

Hillary Clinton tweets support for Obama's economic view

One by One, Protesters Interrupt Supreme Court Over Citizens United Case

Super Bowl ad teaser...I don't get it.

Video Shows Man Shot By New Jersey Police Raising His Hands

Jordan Mothers Hope for Full Citizenship Rights

Jordan Mothers Hope for Full Citizenship Rights

Ben Carson: Congress Should Remove Judges Who Rule For Gay Marriage

The US is a Center LEFT country! Broad Support for Progressive Proposals among 2016 Voters!

Dashed Hopes in Gay Ukraine

Obama's Plan to Tax College Savings Accounts Is Less Scary Than It Sounds

Poll: Chris Christie Approval Worst It's Been In Almost Four Years

Social Security Works - Nancy Altman Discusses Her New Book

So we found the biggest bear ever in Florida...and then we killed it.

I don't know what to do…So I'm asking, "What would you do?"

Obama's speech: landing on Mars, solar power, robotics, and Tesla: a thank-you letter to Elon Musk?

I don't like this new Sirius station Insight

Question: How can one view the votes on a post that was deleted,

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan 21, 2015

Get yer State Of The Union word clouds here

New H-1B bill will 'help destroy' U.S. tech workforce

Now I know why California banned plastic bags last year

Huckabee: States Shouldn't Follow Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling

10 years ago: DU was talking about bread bags before it was cool...

I think I know where Joni Ernst got her tough upbringing story

JPMorgan must live with $1.5 billion paperwork error

The Friendzone

I'm watching Cuomo's State of the State speech...

Cauliflower, potato, and green pea curry recipe

Zuluaga in the corner: Former presidential hopeful to be questioned over peace talks spying

Germany Pegida: Protest leader quits amid 'Hitler' row

AirAsia 8501 Stall Warnings 'Screaming' Before Crash: Reports

New Report Suggests Patriots Might Have Been Deflating Balls All Season And The NFL Was Aware Of It

Bill O'Riley performs Frankenstein test: fire BAD, wine GOOD, bread GOOD, Socialist suing Fox BAD.

Study Shows Brain Stores Seemingly Trivial Memories, Just in Case.

Arborio or Carnaroli rice for risotto?

Militarization and the Failed State: Honduras: the Failings of Neoliberalism

"...I may be lonely, I may be the only one, but..."

Jeff Flew His Nannies To Davos On A Jet-&-He Wants Us To Lower Expectations & Have Fewer Nice Things

The Dragon Tattoo Extended Version is expiring soon

Ted Cruz flubs, deletes YouTube response to Obama

Forget SOTU Speech. Nothing Is Going To Happen. Workers Will Still Be Flushed Down Toilet.

The Golden Age of Black Ops -Special Ops Missions Already in 105 Countries in 2015

Christian Tea Party Heroine Cheated on Combat Veteran Husband

Microsoft Just Announced A New Wearable Computer That Projects Holograms In Front Of Your Eyes

Republicans Jump to Defend 1% from Obama Tax Increase

House GOP leaders try to quell female revolt on abortion bill

Justices testy as Texas pushes to end use of ‘disparate impacts’ in housing discrimination cases

Obama Occupies Capitol Hill

State of the Union

Papantonio: Will Obama Deliver On Bold SOTU Promises?

Manager 'truly sorry' for blowing up hedge fund

SOTU in 140 Characters

How would you grade

Has American Sniper become some "Litmus Test"?

Looking at the dais last night it scared me

Deal with it...

Did Autumn and Winter switch places?!1 Plus, cauliflower sauce.

Inola, OK: missing man found dead in motel take this...

WI Club for Growth asks U.S. Supreme Court to halt Walker johnDoe case

Class III Senators (Up for election in 2016)

Man who hid fake moustache under water valve waits five months to finish terrible pun

I had a really bad public encounter today.

Chile to reopen investigation into poet Neruda's death

Ex-New Mexico lawman gets 10 years in bizarre road rage case

Cheating Scandals Will Forever Tarnish the Brady-Belichick Legacy

The Set Up For A Classic Battle On Capitol Hill.....

BALL PIT!!!!!!

Nothing new: Nisman's report fails to fan flames of conspiracy.

Dr. Ben Carson Celebrates MLK Day By Reminding Everyone President Obama Is ‘Half-White’

Has anyone ever seen Joni Ernst and Moe from Moe's Tavern in the same place at the same time?

Bernie Sanders: Let's get to work...

Deflecting foreign policy experience question, Scott Walker disparages Hillary Clinton

Sanders Files Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision

Justice Dept. Moving to Clear Ferguson Officer of Civil Rights Charges

Morning Joe Got Something Seriously Wrong Today!

Meet The 80 People Who Are As Rich As Half The World

Republican Two-faced Hypocrisy...

As your resident 1%er, I'm delighted to have President Obama propose to raise our taxes...

Five Years After Citizens United, Billionaires Are Buying Democracy

Q: How many Republicans does it take ...

'Animal-cruelty charges against Helmetta Animal Shelter directors'

Thom Hartmann: Thom's State Of The Union

Thom Hartmann: Here’s the Citizen's United Impact 5 yrs later

Thom Hartmann: Dr. Richard Wolff Explains Our Staggering Level of Inequality

Water supply off-limits in Montana town after Yellowstone River oil spill

Abortion Rate Drops -- But Don't Take the Credit, Pro-birthers

'keystone jobs bill'

Disneyland workers diagnosed with measles

Mexico President Faces New Questions About Personal Assets

Yemen crisis: President 'reaches deal' with rebels

Sorry Mr. President, we not the UNITED States of America. You have to use that line as a leader, but

Papantonio: Picking Apart Joni Ernst’s Ridiculous Keystone Claims

Century Later, the ‘Chinatown’ Water Feud Ebbs

Mike Huckabee lies to Christian Post: says Ted Nugent changed lyrics

Aircraft with remains of Larry Glazer and his wife Jane found off Portland in Jamaica

Wait till you see your annual letter from your accountant...SIGH

Bombshell Scientology Film: Alex Gibney on Cruise, Travolta and 'The Prison of Belief'

Warning - Snark Vid - NO SIN ZONE: Fake Ann Romney Offends Many by Interview

American Family Association: President Obama Used Islamic 'Subliminal Messages' In SOTU Speech

Charles Blow: How Expensive It Is To Be Poor

"TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You've Never Heard Of"----Quick Watch

CIA torture report architect denounces Republican attempt to claw back copies

The truth about the Keystone XL Pipeline...

In loco parentis or just plain loco? Illinois schools can now demand students' Facebook passwords.

Latest DSBN human rights complaint heard

Glenn Beck Stands By Muslim 'No Go' Zone Myth, Insists They Are Just Like Indian Reservations

Justice Ginsburg Explains Everything You Need To Know About Religious Liberty In Two Sentences

GOP Wisconsin Treasurer Goes To War With State Board Over Climate Change

Immigration is a 'pro-life' issue, Catholic activists tell lawmakers

Speaking of the value of snipers to a war effort...

Animal Welfare at Risk in Experiments for Meat Industry

Senate votes 98-1 that climate change is 'not a hoax'

Joni Ernst Wore Plastic Bags Over Her Shoes Because She Grew Up Under GOP Presidents

I was born and raised down in Alabama

Obama and the State of the Union are Strong (Full VIDEO of the 2015 SOTU and more)

Power tree? French company invents turbine system that looks like one

Luckovich Toon- Deflated

Obama's 'Drop the Mic' Moment at the State of the Union

So, my husband's Teabagger wannabee boss

The Art of Belichick

I am thinking the President has set the stage for VP Biden

House GOP may tweak abortion bill to quell revolt

What did he do to cause this?

CNN To Produce Political Game Show Hosted By Anderson Cooper

New GOP Congress Rushes Big Favors To Wall Jim Hightower

Jay Leno on Bill Cosby: 'I don't know why it's so hard to believe women'

Now THAT'S what I call a demonstration

'Devastated' Packers Kid To Get New Bike from Seattle's Voxx Coffee

OK I missed Ted Cruz last night

Russia, Ukraine agree pullback line for heavy arms

another Black young man shot with hands up.. this is nothing but modern day legal Lynching

The original version of Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever"

This Is True: Facebook Starts Cracking Down On Hoax News Stories

My late mother grew up on a farm in Clinton county Iowa during the depression.

Nation Can’t Wait To Hear Patriots Fans’ Excuses This Time

Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams ‘breach of protocol’

Lion kill