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Archives: January 23, 2015

"Will he go gate"

Hillary Clinton to Canada audience: 'You won't get me to talk about Keystone'

Obama to pass on meeting netanyahu during washington visit

BREAKING NEWS: King of Saudia Arabia dead

Dead King Abdullah has 4 daughters that he's kept locked up since they were children...

Harry Reid briefing.

'Trusted lieutenant' of bin Laden on trial for U.S. embassy bombs

Police use patrol car to stop pit bull rampage in California

Is John Boehner a Traitor?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 23 January 2015

U.S. judge mulls letting British spies testify in disguise: sources

S.F. supe, London Breed, calls out black community on gun crime

Just when you thought you've seen it all.....

Watch them attempt to pressure Obama into attending

Iran then, Iran now

New GOP Anti Abortion Bill Bans Obamacare Subsidies Where Abortion Covered?

Jerusalem 'unaware' of Putin visit next month

Downtown Hotel Workers Strike In Support Of Coworkers Who Filed Complaints

History’s a Positive for Clinton; Not So for Bush or Romney

A few thoughts on the modern secular movement

"He spat in our face publicly and that's no way to behave."

Two men sentenced in Atlanta for international sex ring

White House "enormous anger" at Bibi/Boehner scheme, promises "there will be a price."

For all you cat lovers, a few laughs.

U.S. reduces staff at embassy in Yemen amid unrest - official

U.S. hikes security at military bases in Europe

What this bread bag thing shows us

Why the Modern World is Bad for Your Brain!

Mitt and Jeb meeting in Utah, for what??? IMO it's to divide up the market for 57 Chevy's

Are the Patriots ever going to explain all their shriveled balls?

Sharks to move AHL affiliate from Worcester to San Jose, will play at SAP Center

Finally Obtained: David Gregory Arrest Warrant Affidavit

Art Pope & his Civitas Org One Again Attempt to Intimidate the Left in NC (schoolyard bully tactics)

Prisoner’s Guantánamo Diary Details 12 Years of Abuse.DemNow.

What are the ingredients in McDonald’s fries?

Fired McDonald’s workers say they were dismissed for being minorities

there's magic happening

Okay, Okay I get it. I know when we're whipped - I'll even say it twice. In 2016 I'm ready for

The Daily Show - Majority Retort

So I'm listening to Robin Young talking about the Patriots' balls...

"Immigrants and Native Americans"

Bad Lip Reading - NFL edition

Abortion dissenters face backlash

So-o-o-ooo.....Mitt Romney wants to run for president again? I just got one thing to say to that:

Measles outbreak in Omaha & Lincoln, NE


Please say no to Hillary Clinton in 2016!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Foxy! & a new Kitteh gif

"Speech doesn't corrupt, money corrupts. And money isn't speech."

Gallup Poll Shows Clinton Leading All GOP Candidates

The new King of Saudi Arabia:

Virginia Republicans introduce 20-week abortion ban

Christopher Phillips, ex-bio weapons specialist, back in Nova Scotia

Tom Steyer will not run for Boxer Senate seat

Montana city gets OK to drink water after oil spill in river

Diaspora Jews are not in ‘exile,’ they are at home

Warren takes on drug companies at health care conference

TX wingnuts lack issues (cough) so will make the cowboy hat the Official Hat of Texas

Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver, arrested for corruption...

I fucking HATE Hillary.

House Republicans Pass Secret Tax Increase On Small Business In Abortion Funding Ban Bill.

Yemen president quits, throwing country deeper into chaos

Birmingham site of conference on Kraftwerk

Chris Pratt (Guardians), Chris Evans (Captain America) make Super Bowl bet to benefit children’s charities

Good game on Root. UTEP vs. WKU.

Yemen’s Turmoil Exposes Mr. Obama’s Crumbling ‘Partners’ Strategy

Republicans’ Own Witnesses Attack GOP Net Neutrality Proposal At Hearing

Fox News lamely attacks Rebecca from the SOTU

Anyone else see Boner and McTurtle on CBS Evening News?

Euro Dives To 11-Year Low After Aggressive ECB Stimulus

More Truly Shitty Headlines From The NYT: "Debate Over Vaccinations Intensifies." Jesus Christ . .

Ken Burns' 'The Roosevelts' Reveals Everything Wrong With Our Current Political Class

Somebody has stolen our whole Christie Sims collection from the Lounge bookshelf

So... technologically speaking... this is "progress"?

Talks to end West Coast seaports deadlock go on 1-day hiatus

Obama Executive Order Will Coordinate The 23 Different Agencies Working In The Arctic

Freedumb! WV Legislature Ready To Dismantle Alt-Energy Law, Because Moar Koal Jobz!!

Surprised to see the Senate still going (10:30 eastern)

Freedumb! Indiana Legislators Return W. Bill Allowing Climate Denialism, Creationism In Schools

More dolls in the basement.

Republican abortion bill shows they still believe many women lie about rape

Clearly, The United States Senate Is A Hoax - Vox

"U.S. officials say 6,000 ISIS fighters killed in battles"

Obama hails the late Saudi King Abdullah

Israeli soldiers are provoking Palestinians to shoot them with live ammo

Great Start to New Session: Three House Reps Join H.Res.14 (re: the 28 Pages)

"'America is No. 1 in wind power,' Obama says"

I'm totally indifferent about Hillary!

OMG - this football thing is out of hand.

House and Senate Dems should BOYCOTT Netanyahu's Boehner-orchestrated Congressional address

Israel omission from Asian Cup video embarrasses Asian Football Confederation

Every Democrat in Congress Should Walk Out if Netanyahu Dares to Undermine President Obama on Iran.

Curious about what people are paying for Health Care or what kind of coverage you are getting

Difference in weigh of a football at the ranges discussed - .017 ounces. 1.7 hundredth of an ounce.

Goo goo goo joob! Failed Bush recess appointee warns Fox spokesmodel about IRAN'S MISSILE SITE!

Bless the Beasts & Children (1971) Trailer

Meet Pudding, the Photogenic Fox That’s too Friendly to be Released Into the Wild

Carpenters - Bless the Beasts and the Children (Original Soundtrack version)

Carpenters - Bless the Beasts and the Children (Original Soundtrack version)

Magnitude 7.0 quake hits off Vanuatu: USGS

OT? Trying to watch "Noah" on cable with Russell Crowe

"The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think"

DreamWorks Will Shut Down PDI/DreamWorks Studio

Cowboys fan sues NFL for $88 billion over reversed call

Our dog died yesterday.

I can't speak for the Saudis, but I'll bet they're honored by HuffPo's coverage of their dead king

Report: Mossad undercuts Netanyahu, warns US Congress against more Iran sanctions

NY Assembly Speaker Charged with Fraud

Tom Brady is George Costanza

Quotes From UN General Assembly Meeting on Anti-Semitism

the word MEOW has never been sung so beautifully


Warning Graphic: There aren’t many careers where you can be found to have hog-tied and beaten a

Let It Be

Against the New Anti-Semitism: Remembering the Holocaust Protects Us All

Whistling At Your Mom

Boehner's incompetent at fact-checking


Photo: Clarence Thomas poses today with major opponent of marriage equality

Update on the condo pet issue thing. ONLY giving a one time update as a few requested.

Voter suppression should be unconstitutional

UNL to offer 'gender-inclusive' housing to transgender students

With Nebraska Legislature's more conservative bent, voter ID measures face clearer path in ’15

NAA: Avonte Oquendo’s Mother Invited to Attend State of the Union Address

Dish Networks Violated Do Not Call List 57 Million Times

cause of death:

Richest 1% will own more than rest combined by 2016

It's permanent, (Arizona) 'dreamers' can keep licenses

Anti-H-1B senator (R) to head immigration panel, says tech worker shortage is a 'hoax'

Tweet function broken

I hope Democrats grow some balls and walk away from Nutty Yahoo's Congress speech.

Has the Tweet button disappeared?

Republicans Post Doctored Version of State of the Union, Censor Facts on Climate Change

Oil Jumps as Saudi King’s Death Spurs Speculation Over Policy

YouTube's highest paid star is a mysterious woman who unwraps Disney toys. For real.

My Bell Amy

NACHOS. Do you carefully and lovingly layer yours, or throw shit on a plate and nuke it?

Third Time Lucky

Australian Open. (spoiler wee hours Friday morning)

U.S. Fears Chaos as Government of Yemen Falls

Funniest State of the Union Memes

A little help please with some budget numbers...

Daily Holidays - January 23

Salman, the new Saudi king: Less reform, more religion looks likely

Birmingham manhole explosion just misses child

Baby Tortoises Found On Galapagos Island For First Time In Over 100 Years

Culture and Community: Appropriation, Exchange and Modern Paganism

Juan Cole: Netanyahu Imported by GOP to ensure Iran War

Nice video on how to cut up a chicken

New Jersey police release video of cop shooting man with hands up

Families USA Brief Warns Against Medicaid Per Capita Caps

What happened to the tweet function?

Abraham de Moivre

Lawmakers: Carrier fleet should be exempt from cuts

My son's first project goes up at Yale Cabaret in early March

What All Americans Need to Know About How Poverty Impacts Education

What the Labor Movement Has to Do to Become a Major Force Again

U.S. Democracy Held Hostage By The Rich As Never Before


Study: Smoking marijuana has no ill effects on your lung

Watching The Wheels


Okay, what could possibly stink about this?

Labor Department: Former Jenny Craig franchise owner kept employees' retirement contributions

White man astonished to be arrested for attacking a black man.

Bread Bags or Deflated Balls? Predict the Cold Open for Saturday Night Live......

Marco Rubio Moves Toward 2016 Presidential Bid


Tweet button disappeared. I get only text. Only on DU.

cheated on her husband at a family's value conference

The Definition of Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

Life in the Sickest Town in America

Happy Birthday Omaha Steve

Why wealthy Americans’ delusions about the poor are so dangerous

If Hillary Clinton runs for President, Elizabeth Warren will....


January 19, 2015 NLRB finds mandatory arbitration agreement unlawful

Attention Hollywood

Twin 9-Year-Old Boys Left Basically Alone for Months

Late Night Comics on the SOTU

"I'm not a scientist. But luckily, gynecology isn't a science."

Glacial Meltwater Pooling At Base Of Greenland Ice Sheet, "Slushifying" It En Route To Ocean

GOP rep.: Keep minimum wage low ‘for minorities’ who aren’t worth more than $7 an hour

Half Of GBR Corals Gone in Past 27 Years; Study Projects 90% Loss Under BAU Scenario

Netanyahu ‘spat in our face,’ White House officials say

"History of the USA since World War I" (1976 Soviet work, PDF)

Irony: Westminster Abbey Flies Flag at 'Half Mast' for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Anybody have experience with black rice?

McCrory is still not in charge

"Girls Town" in Chicago Makes National Top Ten Neighborhood List

Coalition Building for Atheists

Tom DeLay: Obama's 'Arrogant' State Of The Union Proves He Despises America

UKIP Deputy Leader's Rant on BBC Question Time Swells SNP Membership

Humans Help This Baby Elephant Climb out of a Hole—and You’ll Never Guess Where

''Why America can't have nice things, part Doo. or "What's my congress-critter done lately?"

Miss. Wouldn't Allow This Teacher to Show Kids How to Use a Condom. His Simple Solution Is Brilliant

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - The Crazy and Cruel Party

Barrett Brown sentenced to 63 months for 'merely linking to hacked material'

Bill seeking ‘conversion therapy’ ban dies in Va. Senate committee

Happy 15th Anniversary, Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Ballghazi

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

One year ago today

Teaching Capitalism to Catholics

Mississippi Wouldn't Allow This Teacher to Show Kids How to Use a Condom. His Simple Solution Is...

Huckabee: America Needs To Know Laws 'Come From God,' Not Man

Sandy Hook Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer Moved to Federal Court

A Future in Prison

Virginia: One year ago today

'Selma' Distorts History by Airbrushing Out Jewish Contributions to Civil Rights

John Boehner’s unconstitutional LEGISLATIVE overreach

The Disneyland measles outbreak and the disgraced doctor who whipped up vaccination fear

Dubya weeps...

Maine Governor Wants to Get Rid of the Secretary of State Job

Hogan budget would cut state worker pay, city school aid

Adam Putnam, other top Republicans call for Gov. Scott, FDLE resignation probe. Video.

I think that there is a high probability that Tom Brady will not be playing in the Super Bowl

Baird presses Saudi prince on blogger’s flogging sentence

Catholic University gets $3 million ... to teach "principled" entrepreneurship

BOROWITZ REPORT: Six Weeks’ Paid Leave Opposed By People With Thirty-Three Weeks’ Paid Leave

Pay/Benefits Of Illinois State Workers Too Generous - Illinois New Governor.

Climate's Babysitter from Tom Toles

Resurrecting a Meltdown-Proof Reactor Design (molten salt nuclear reactor)


Supreme Court Upholds Auto Stop With No Traffic Violation

Saudi Arabia’s Tyrant King Misremembered as Man of Peace

NREL Reports Examine Economic Trade-offs of Owning versus Leasing a Solar Photovoltaic System

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Spinning Out of Control (audio link)

Study finds that Fast Food Restaurants can raise their hourly wages to $15 without hardship

Anglican Church in England to ordain first woman bishop in history

Pic Of The Moment: GOP On Climate Change: Ignorant And Proud

On 5th Anniversary of "Citizens United" Citizen Groups Nationwide Act to Introduce Legislation

“Black household wealth has collapsed so completely there is no statistical possibility......

Watch a US Senator Cite the Bible to Prove That Humans Aren't Causing Global Warming

How could any fisherman not want one of these?

Barbaric punishments: Saudi Arabia has the same orientation as the "Islamic State--ISIS"

Nice post in DU

If Climate Warming Were An Approaching Tsunami The GOP Would Stop People From Escaping.

Professor Richard Wolff Explains Our Staggering Level of Inequality

Rare Optical Phenomenon Creates Three Suns in the Sky

Who wants a free "Ready for Warren" bumper sticker?

Do you favor or oppose mandatory vaccinations for preventable diseases?

NY: Subway Fare Going Up

5 The corporate media, King Abdullah vs. Hugo Chavez

Kerry at WEF coming up live on CSpan1...

Teen accused in crime spree charged with statutory rape

Suburban Chicago: Pace Unveils $2.3B Rapid Transit Network Plan

Papantonio: The Plot Thickens in the Dershowitz-Epstein Story

Iranian women stand united in protest and hope at Asian Cup

Syriza stretches poll lead as Greek election campaign ends

Chicago Bears Equipment Manager Put In Charge Of Super Bowl Footballs

TPM: Yes, Republicans Want Big-Time Cuts in Social Security

SkyMall Lands in Bankruptcy as In-Flight Shopping Habits Change

Christie 2013 campaign almost $800,000 in debt

Thailand: Thousands of Fish are Being Evicted From This Abandoned Mall

Iran Sanctions Supporters Don't Want To Improve Nuclear Talks. They Want To Destroy Them.

Paris attacks: Can France integrate disaffected suburbs?

TPM: Could The GOP Turn Social Security Into A Perennial 'Crisis' Like The Debt Limit?

No cops, no cops...just They Might Be Giants...

Hello New Jersey from Detroit!!!

So, Has Atlantic City joined Detroit as no longer run by it's citizens?

Not the first time the Patriots have cheated

Miley's speaking voice sounds like the duck-voiced kid with Marylyn MONROE

Obama Sets up "War Room" to promote "Fast Track"--Seeking to Woo Fellow Democrats on Trade Deals

Dennis Prager to his listeners: tell your help, especially your Latino help,that you're a Republican

Should there be a Senate Investigative Committee for Ballghazi?

John Boner's Washington, D.C. Phone #

It's not about football, dang it.

7 big lies ‘American Sniper’ is telling America about Iraq and Chris Kyle. Raw Story

We need to stop being so aggressive and confrontational...

Golden Gate Bridge barrier leads to rampant speeding, new rules

Inquiry Sought After Former Commissioner Accuses Gov. Rick Scott of Meddling

What is your favorite cookbook(s) ?

The Most Controversial Films Of All Time?

Scientists slow the speed of light

One of the headlines of the day...Lindsey Graham? President? Really?

Bobby Jindal proves he's a bigot...


America is a country that glorifies war and the military.

Belgium’s Ramdam Film Fest Shut Down Due to Terrorist Threats

Bernie Sanders: Trickle down economics is a fraud...

If Obama Pushes Dems On TPP It Will Split The Party. And It Will Make GOP Presidency Possible.

It's odd to see Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush running against one another.

Bernie Sanders: Senate Republicans Ignore Science on Global Warming

Africa Is The Next Cheap Labor Market In The Global Economy.

The "1 in 3 college males want to rape" headline is bullshit.

Genuinely Bad News About the F-35 and the A-10

Governor: Legalizing pot was bad idea

The Senate continued work on the Keystone XL Pipeline bill on Thursday, voting on 10 amendments.

Richard Dawkins reads homophobic hate mail

Whoa! A team of Scottish scientists have slowed the speed of light

Davos Elite: We Are Not The Bad Guys

Luckovich cartoon: It's a scandal!

Head West for Best Look at U.S. Oil Drillers’ Pain

Obama is Manipulated Again by Big Business' Siren Song of "Legacy"

Legalized marijuana might be the best thing to ever happen to heroin addicts

New Republican Math on Tax Cuts Doesn’t Equal Faster Growth

Today in Herstory: Ethel Byrne Sentenced for Working at a Birth Control Clinic

MasterCard to Lift Transaction Block on U.S. Cards in Cuba

Leading Indicators in U.S. Climb for Fourth Straight Month

House Cancels Abortion Ban After GOP Congresswomen Drop Support

House Cancels Abortion Ban After GOP Congresswomen Drop Support

Gather round, Hatriots; it's time to throw Charles Pierce under the bus.

BREAKING: House to Vote on Abortion Coverage Ban (a different piece of woman-hating)

BREAKING: House to Vote on Abortion Coverage Ban

Existing Home Sales Fall 3.1% In 2014

2014 was a real rhino-slaughtering bonanza

"Dire" needs of southern African flood survivors unmet two weeks on

Germany Sees ‘Last Chance’ for Peace as Putin Blames Ukraine

On the 42nd Anniversary of Roe, Time to Listen to Women Born After It

On the 42nd Anniversary of Roe, Time to Listen to Women Born After It

Ted Nugent rocks Las Vegas ‘for Chris Kyle … in defiance of all the pieces of {expletive}’

1% pissed they don't have more

Measles outbreak casts spotlight on anti-vaccine movement

Meet the New King, Same as the Old King: Price-Crushing Oil Policy Stands

Abortion Law: Roe Was Right, But McRae Was Wrong (upheld hyde amendment)

Abortion Law: Roe Was Right, But McRae Was Wrong (upheld hyde amendment)

Abortion Law: Roe Was Right, But McRae Was Wrong (upheld hyde amendment)

Bobby Jindal rally: "prayer warriors" declare "no-go zone for demons" even Krugman is "suspicious" about the TPP

Legally Blind Woman Is Given Sight, And The First Thing She Sees Is Her Newborn Baby

New Study Shows More Than HALF of Abortion Clinics Face Threats

New Study Shows More Than HALF of Abortion Clinics Face Threats

New Study Shows More Than HALF of Abortion Clinics Face Threats

Former Panthers GM accuses Patriots of foul play in Super Bowl XXXVIII

Great - now we got to contend with boozy birds

Disturbing the Peace (T. Thorn Coyle)

Do you have a problem with the POTUS saying "God bless"

scummy says no to casino

Toon: What Jon Boehner was really doing behind president...

Help my wife write this letter she plans on sending to everyone in the complex.

Smoking Gun: Romney (brother Scott) Alleged $800 Million HARM to Indian Trust Funds

Idea for all anti-choice Repb's in Congress who voted yesterday ...

Calls for McPherson to resign ed board seat over bigoted blog posts continue to mount

German court rules that men can urinate while standing--called "Sitzpinkler"

'Palestine' Is Becoming a Bad Word in Washington

Video of Adam Opie Putnam talking of investigating Scott. Yes, really.

Former neo nazi (republican candidate) arrested for

Is the usual definition of poverty as mad as it looks?

Texas Cities Face Fiscal Squeeze on Prolonged Oil Rout, S&P Says

Troy Aikman comes down hard on Brady and the Pats:

Austerity Age Fades as Road Work Pushes Atlanta to Borrow

The Family Budget robs grandma!

"Dire" needs of southern African flood survivors unmet two weeks on (Please donate if you can!)

7-year-old Iowa boy dies after family dog attacks, sheriff says

Rosetta: 'Goosebumps' on 'space duck' hint at comet formation (BBC)

Justice Delayed: The Long Road of the Guatemala CAFTA Complaint

Justice Delayed: The Long Road of the Guatemala CAFTA Complaint

Justice Delayed: The Long Road of the Guatemala CAFTA Complaint

Think about THIS next time somebody lectures you about the threat of Islamic Fundamentalism

Pro football is entertainment. It isn't like

Top Russian official warns west not to try to topple Putin

Fake Jerry Jones - Talks about his $10m donation to Univ. of Arkansas


The Rude Pundit - "I don't give a fuck it's your house": American Sniper's Failure

January Photo Contest - Final Poll - Open for voting till Tuesday, Jan 27, 5 pm ET


January Photo Contest - Final Poll - Open for voting till Tuesday, Jan 27, 5 PM EST

January Photo Contest - Final Poll - Open for voting till Tuesday, Jan 27, 5 PM EST

What dramatic movies have been historically accurate?

A few thoughts on the modern theist movement.

APNewsBreak: Gov't reverses on health care privacy problem

Hard Proof The Patriots Have Deflated Balls

"It may have been too clever by half." - Aaron David Miller* on Netanyahu/GOP debacle | CNN

Charles Pierce: "DEFLATRIOTs" Brady, Belichick, and Great Balls of Fire

The Next Top Doctor In Pennsylvania Is A Transgender Woman

I Don’t Vaccinate My Child 'Cause It’s My Right To Decide What Eliminated Diseases Come Roaring Back

Who Killed Lard?

For someone falsely accused, Tom Brady's incredibly uncurious. His most obvious deliberate lie:

FOIA: Department of Justice CCIPS Notes On Aaron Swartz Investigation

When wingnut cavemen attack: The right turns on Renee Ellmers with stunning misogyny (Salon)

Cruz seems to be using his link as a campaign ad.

The Talk

15 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2015


The Talk

Irish can't keep their peckers up

NBC News Poll: Clinton Retains Obama Coalition, Fares Better in White Rural Areas

Regret apps: The undo button for instant messaging

Austerity-Battered Greeks Favor Radical Left Before Vote

Backing Obama, Hillary Clinton Opposes New Iran Sanctions Bill In Congress

In Post-Revolutionary Ukraine, Homophobia And Oppression Deepen

"Congress Seeks Netanyahu’s Direction"--(While Obama reveals his "Closet Realism")

Overwhelming Statistical Evidence Suggests The Patriots Are Cheaters

Elizabeth Warren takes on big pharma---Introduces Bill To Use FINES Against Them For Med Research

GOP and guests posed for photo after arriving for SOTU...

Treasury Sec. Lew describes successful Warren opposition to Obama nominee Antonio Weiss as 'unfair'

Time Travel conundrums

NFL Statement deflate gate


Americans demand fairness in sports NOT politics nor economics

Gunman shots Goodwill store security guard in Maryland

Oh, what Gilda Radner...

Bob McDonnell is no longer a lawyer

NFL Finds Patriots Used Deflated Balls In First Half, Then Reinflated Them

SkyMall parent company files for bankruptcy, CEO blames electronic devices

A NYC apartment just sold for $100 million

Bernie Sanders: Trickle-Down Economics is a Fraud

Hilllary's VP will be...

Anti-tax, pro-biz hypocracy of Republicans

Dawn Of The Street Signs!

The "In case you were wondering if we really DO have morons in Gov't" WTF of the day:

El Salvador: UN rights office welcomes ‘ground-breaking’ pardon of woman in abortion case

Best take down of Fox ever..

New Mexico appeals court to hear assisted suicide case

"An Old Hand is at Work in Yemen's Bloody Cvil War"--by Robert Fisk

Nike Designer: Back to the Future II Shoes Will Be Released This Year

Pap and Seder: GOP Stands Stagnant As Climate Change Annihilates

The King Is Dead, Long Live His Geriatric Brother...

Warren to be top Democrat on Senate panel on economic policy

WH: Denies giving out your personal info. re: health insurance, but now says it will stop doing it.

A question about Auto-trash by Keyword

Will Warren and Sanders undermine President Obama and attend Netanyahu's address to Congress?

Democracy Now!’s not-so-good interview with Stephen Cohen on the Ukraine

*EXPOSE* Many Congressmen and Senators are buying their way into Congress to protect their subsidies

Oh great..just when I thought it was safe to fly again...

Bulgaria customs seize two million live baby eels

Blue glow around Hong Kong is beautiful, but potentially toxic

Coincidence? Today’s word of the day on ‘Sesame Street’ is inflate

Will U.S. advisers move to Iraqi front lines?

New Milestone: Majority of Public School Students Now Considered Low-Income

Bias against the disabled is as American as apple pie

The oceans are warming so fast, they keep breaking scientists' charts

This Long-Lost Constitutional Clause Could Save the Right to Vote

Who Thinks A Deal Has Already Been Cut Between The Patriots & The NFL To Sanction Them After....

Bob Dylan wants billionaire ‘job creators’ to start actually creating some jobs

Greece: politicians plea for votes, ahead of Sunday ballot

End of line for 415 - 2nd area code coming for S.F., Marin

Do the Chinese come up with any proverbs any more?

King James dethroned!

Intuit Offers $25 Refund To TurboTax Deluxe Users Hurt By Software Changes

Baby Tortoises Born on Galapagos Islands for First Time in 150 Years

Houthi Takeover Leads to Massive Protests in Yemen

Sheldon Silver's Arrest Means Headaches For Andrew Cuomo

The amateurs talking football in GD.

“In Dog We Trust” Rug Earns Nearly Five Figures in Charity Auction

Scotland: cat is best pet slimmer of the year

UMN study says northern Minnesota forests will change with climate

Lopez Obrador Back on the Battlefield

I am boycotting the Super Bowl...join me...

Make Room in the Clown Car: Is Fox's John Bolton Setting Up A Run For President?

'Empire' Breaks Fox TV’s 22 Year Old Ratings Record

For those who want to start the Presidential contest early...the IOWA FREEDOM SUMMIT is this weekend

The NFL will probably supply game balls next year

President's Task Force On 21st Century Policing

today I am a happy man

Democrats rally around Obama amid furore over Netanyahu Congress visit

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: James Fallows, Bill

Sanaa, Yemen: president offers to resign; thousands march in streets

My fav cartoons of the day

Membership Rate Falls for U.S. Unions in 2014

Do any of the posters regarding "Deflategate" know fuck-all ...

Auction of "In Dog We Trust" rug nets over $9K for rescue

Anyone see the movie "Copenhagen"?

KFC Japan runs out of french fries due to U.S. industrial dispute

War criminal & hypocrite Tony BLIAR's love letter “Dear Mu’ammar...Best wishes yours ever, Tony”

TEPCO to miss deadline on decontaminating Fukushima water

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir will be NBC's event reporters for the Super Bowl XLIX pregame show

300 police officers subjected to disciplinary action in 2014

Republicans Have Found a New Way to Attack the Obama Economy. Americans Won't Buy It.

Five examples of true statements regularly used as code for false statements.

"Cop Watching" As groups police the police, some add guns to the mix

As a NY Yankees fan, I truly enjoy watching the Patriots be hated by the nation

Bernie Sanders: If the environment were a bank it would have been saved already.

Huge asteroid to whip past Earth on Monday

China blocks VPN services

Senile asshole laughably claims 'Everything I've predicted ... has come true'

Paul Ryan vouches for Mitt Romney as anti-poverty advocate

OK State Rep. Sally Kern files three bills targeting gays


Burmese soldiers suspected of brutal rape and murder of 2 Kachin teachers

KO: Football? What’s A Football?

South African Oil Spill Pollutes Rich Whites’ Playground

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, I truly enjoy watching the Patriots be hated by the nation

President Barack Obama gestures as he talks with Akira Cooper.....

Kamen Rider Drive' appeals to all ages with supercar stunts

Michigan: kitty with frozen paws expected to recover

Weekend Economists' Demeter Film Award Reveal January 23-25, 2015

Senate Republicans Remove 'Civil Rights And Human Rights' From Subcommittee Name

TYT: Jamaica On The Verge Of Major Marijuana Reform

Crime is down in the US. But which states benefited the most?

Because sometimes it really is just startdust....

Another 'DeflateGate' theory. Weather/temperature?

Are shopping malls dying out?

JR East to run bus service through Fukushima no-entry zone

Bows like machine guns....

TYT: Facebook Wants To Help You Know What News Is Real

McConnell goes full asshole

I thought David Corn was a liberal.

5-year-old boy in Missouri fatally shoots his baby brother

TYT: Bill O'Reilly Clueless On Minimum Wage Issue

Scott Walker replaces scientist on water council with industry donor

Scott (FL) says he would cooperate with any FDLE probe

Dog chained and abandoned behind Walmart chews off own paw to escape

TYT: 98 Senators Finally Admit Climate Change Is Not A "Hoax"

Why wealthy Americans’ delusions about the poor are so dangerous

TYT: Joni Ernst's Family Received Hundreds Of Thousands In Government Aid

Tea Party spawns GOP nightmare: How it’s already ruining the party’s ’16 strategy

Court strikes down Alabama ban on same-sex marriage

Quick question ...