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Archives: January 26, 2015

New Maryland Governor Opens an Assault on Environmental and LGBT Protections

Mike Krzyzewski becomes 1st Div. I men's coach to reach 1,000 wins

Pink Martini-Children of Piraeus(in honor of the SYRIZA victory tonight)

Ukraine: Phone calls prove rebels attacked city, killed 30

Hello! Thinking of moving to Houston-area. Tell me about it

Cuba digs in heels on concessions as part of better US ties

Greece shows what can happen when the young revolt against corrupt elites

Hershey's is blocking import of British Chocolates

Will the U.S. ever get a SYRIZA?

Dad charged over sick child prompts Aussie marijuana debate

Fox Trashes Netanyahu.... for real.

Blood vessels.

Lessons Democrats SHOULD take from the Greek election

The New Democratic Party Platform?

This Antonio Porchia quote could be a fitting motto for Fox News.

The Germans are getting restless

Israeli ambassador in U.S. reprimanded for forbidden political campaigning on behalf of Netanyahu

The Masonic Initiation Wells of the Quinta da Regaleira

Scotland: Total Ban on Fracking & Unconventional Gas In Sight

Huckabee Defends His Breaks From Conservative Orthodoxy

David Cameron, go Cheney yourself

Parents Can’t Name Their Child ‘Nutella,’ French Court Says

I do not grow arugula

Billionaire CEO tells Davos that US schools should use unpaid labor

EU Ministers to Hold Emergency Meeting on Ukraine

And my city gets stupider by the day.

The Hightower Lowdown - The Trans Pacific Partnership

New York City mayor: 'Don't underestimate this storm'

Honeybell oranges from Florida. What a wonderful break from Ohio Januaries...

Bloody Sunday in Selma Alabama

Alabama same-sex marriages could start on Monday, says judge

Hundreds dead as Boko Haram clashes with Nigerian army in Maiduguri

Jewish leaders call for Europe-wide legislation outlawing antisemitism

This is not a real smart idea.

Anybody going to protest Netanyahu

The Scale of The Universe 2

New Kitteh Update - Meezers!

2 planes evacuated in Seattle, 3rd flight diverted to Dallas

Federal Judge Stays Ala. Gay Marriage Ruling

Dropkick Murphys Order Scott Walker To Stop Using Their Music: ‘We Literally Hate You!’

well well well, guess who is having an affair

Anybody else watching "Sons of Liberty?"

I just watched that entire Sarah Palin Iowa speech

Funny how the party that doesn't think the Greek people should endure ......

Paul Krugman: The Greek Stand-By Arrangement

Blogger Who Uncovered GOP Leader's White Supremacist Ties Had Home Internet Lines Cut

Breached pipeline that spilled oil lies exposed on riverbed

How completely UNEXPECTED! Grampy McBush & DiFi want the Pres to send more ground troops to Yemen.

Creamy Chicken and Corn Chowder

Pennsylvania’s Governor Breaks Through a G.O.P. Tide

Appalachia: The big white ghetto

Bad Cop, No Donut: 25 Jan 15 - Cop may not face liability for negligence in K9 mauling

New Study Pokes Hole in GMO Mosquito Plan

Keith Ellison Says Get Corporate Crime Money Out of Politics

Expert to Examine Ways to Build a Successful, Sustainable Farming System

The first woman to lead an Honor Guard in India

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 26 January 2015

Bad news f/ Idaho amphibians...& school kids

Ok It's one week to Super Bowl

CBS must also have its SOTU Congressional address media luncheon place cards made out same as Fox.

a couple more peace sign emoticons

Airlines preemptively cancel 2,300 flights ahead of Monday storm

"20-Week Bans Are Devastating for Women Like Me"

President Obama pays homage to the peacemakers:

Al Queda Sure Is Lucky

Obama and Modi agree to limit US liability in case of nuclear disaster

Live stream of India's Republic Day parade

As inequality soars, the nervous super rich are already planning their escapes

Lost Sherlock film found - starred William Gillette

Letter: Joni Ernst is not a combat veteran.


Pres Obama is at it again in India~Modi Shifts on Climate Change With India Renewables Goal

Scrap Trident nuclear programme, protesters demand

(Interesting title by AP): Greek Radical Left Wins Election, Threatening Market Turmoil


Men suing Ruby Tuesday over sexism, how it may actually help women


Obama has set the parameters of 2016: middle class economics vs. trickle down economics

US Supreme Koch About to Gut Yet Another Civil Rights Law

Sheldon Silver will step down as Assembly Speaker

Americans for Prosperity’s legislative agenda is just Koch Industries’ corporate wish list

Does Appearance Change How You Are Treated?

A lot happens in eleven years.

NEWS FLASH: Hillary is not nominated

Is Shake Shack's IPO a good thing?

Rush? Oasis? Name the MOST BASHED band or performer in the HISTORY of DU.

"Best in Show" (Scott Walker)

Shots Fired Inside NYC Home Depot, 2 Dead

Bill Schuette, mondo asshole

You're missing the only camel-mounted military band in the world right now

Here's Something Compelling To Watch On 'Australia Day': John Pilger's "Utopia"

Obama plans to block ANWR development -Overreactive Republicans Irate with disreguard for logic!

Sorry, my "my posts" page was messed up

Tremendously Powerful Documentary . .

Thousands March in Caracas to Commemorate Fall of Dictator

Higher Taxes Lead to More Jobs

How a nuclear near-miss in ’95 would be a disaster today - by Ted Postol

Venezuela denies Pinera and Pastrana access to Lopez in jail

Debbie Reynolds honored for lifetime achievement

Psychology studies suggest rising wealth means more jerks

Alaska Wildlife Troopers cited Kathleen Adair for “hindering lawful trapping.”

Boehner and McConnell Bomb On 60 Minutes When Asked For GOP Alternative to Obamacare

Auschwitz Survivor: Being Alive Is The Best 'Revenge'

Shadow of the Holocaust still hangs over Europe

Interview: Krystyna Chiger, holocaust survivor

For Fore!

Report notes 400% rise in anti-Semitic incidents during Gaza war

India and US climate deal - Why It Makes Sense for India

Millions of GMO insects could be set loose in Florida Keys

Rabbi condemns state legislator's use of anti-Semitic term toward Delaware's governor

Anti-Semitism's increasingly thin and hard-to-see line

Survivor René Slotkin on Liberation at Auschwitz

cause of death: wild cherry

What will Gordon's troubles mean to Manziel?

Daily Holidays - January 26

Kerry in Nigeria to warn against postelection violence

U.S., India to Deepen Cooperation in Space

Alabama says they will refuse court orders to issue marriage licenses to gay couples

With '1 Percenter' Wealth Set To Surge, '99 Percenters' Should Rejoice

“US, Ukraine and Russia: What Went Wrong?” A talk by John Mearsheimer and Rick Rozoff, Evanston, Ill

DUers using generators during the storm

McClatchy: Possible drone recovered on White House grounds

I'm watching the Super Bowl....join me....

Organizing Warren house parties

Pele's Hair

Crazy Engineering: Mars Helicopter

John McCain: The Most Hypocritical, Opportunistic and Untrustworthy Senator

Super Bowl for the Rich: Upper-Class 91, Middle-Class 9

3.2 MILLION US Jobs lost to China (so far) - PNTR worse than NAFTA?

The True Cost of Citizens United: The Roberts Court’s Darkest Hour Revisited

Paul Krugman:Ending Greece’s Nightmare

Rodman invited Seth Rogen to N.Korea. That would not end well.

Malaysia Air site hacked, some customer data appears online

The LCS and SSC Survivability Dilemma

Greek singer Demis Roussos dies aged 68

Yemen officials: First U.S. drone strike of 2015 kills 3

My wine store threw an impromptu party last night...

Turn on the TV Guide Channel...Now !!

If you want to know what the new Greek leadership really thinks

Historic Photographs

Where did all the sardines go?

Put Aneurin Bevan, founder of the NHS, on our £20 notes

Meme of the Week – January 26th

James Baldwin, a Guide in Dark Times

Afghan economic crisis looms as foreign aid dollars depart

Satire? Greeks vote to stop having shit kicked out of them

"Who Are We?" - New culture war about ethnic, racial identity emerges - by E.J. Dionne

Syriza’s Victory

Defense Department starts an essay competition related to former Saudi King

WikiLeaks demands answers after Google hands staff emails to US government

Andrew Marr Interviews Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Nobel Prizes and awards for saving lives. Rare. Entertainers receiving awards. Endless.

Toll of Filipino commandos killed in rebel clash rises to 43

Republican Candidates Descend on Iowa chronicles Andy Borowitz

Charles M. Blow: "The Scenario I Have Always Dreaded - Yale Police Stopped My Son At Gunpoint"

Perfectly restored 1940 Ford Deluxe convertible a labor of love

Even At 10X Price, Japanese Rice Increasingly Popular In China; Less Cadmium And Lead And Such

Chris Hedges: Killing Ragheads for Jesus

Chris Hedges: Killing Ragheads for Jesus

Illinois Hired 36 Employees, Five Lawyers To Handle "Rush" Of Fracking Firms. Nobody Showed Up.

Potential GOP Candidates Who Think Climate Might Be A Problem: Romney, Graham. Enjoy!

US Dept Of Fear: What A Coincidence-"Greece is an Emerging Hub For Terrorists"

7 shocking facts about Saudi Arabia under ‘modernizing’ reign of King Abdullah

Greece first, Spain next?

Mystery drone found on White House grounds? (video)

What is happening on the moon? Emily Cragg answers the hard questions & shows Proof

Say what you like about the film American Sniper, you have to admire its clarity. I's about killing.

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Boss of the GOP

Monday Toon Roundup 2- 2016

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Drone lands in tree at White House - Updates included

GOP's New Social Security Playbook: Pit The Disabled Against Retirees

Taken For Granted At Davos That US Government Run On ‘Legalized Corruption’

Rachel Maddow: LOL! Is the Moon a Planet or a STAR? QVC’s Greatest Moment!

Who are the Independent Greeks?

Wisconsin: State budget shortfall projected at $928 million over two years

The Saudi palace coup

Scott Walker Confesses

The NFL's Anti-Weed Policy Even Extends to Drugs That Could Prevent Brain Damage

Wisconsin's Controversial Schools Bill

TOM TOMORROW: Science Stuff w/ Your Host, Right-Wing Science Dude

Europe turns Left as Greece breaks all records

No, Astrobiology Has Not Made the Case for God

Kuffarsplaining -- A How-To Guide For Talking About Islam

Gun control group pushing for expanded background checks turns attention to Oregon

Russia, China – neither allies nor rivals

PD: Including creationism in public school curriculum part of well-rounded education.

Democrats opt for earlier convention

Pan-European Leftist Movement Is Rising: Joe Weisenthal

I don't know if you all remember little bubby, Dylan. He was born on 11/11/11. (pics)

The rise of 'scam PACs'

Gun sense

Media Demonization of Syriza: Pretending that Neoliberalism is Popular and Mainstream

Greek singer Demis Roussos has died

TYT: Justice For Sale? Supreme Court Ruling Coming Soon

People really need to learn to say "I don't answer questions" when accosted by cops

"people around the world will no longer accept austerity..while the rich continue to get much richer

TOM TOMORROW: Science stuff

Crisis-hit Venezuela bars ex-presidents from talks with opposition

TYT: Fox Attacks ASU For Course On Race

Rape is sexual freedom, of sexual experimentation

Sheriffs want popular police-tracking app disabled

National Review: Sarah Palin speech "meandering and often bizarre"

How Israeli High-Tech Firms Are Turning the U.S.-Mexico Border into a New Kind of Hell

192 years ago today, the world lost one of its greatest men

Did you see what he just said?!?!

Stylebook Snapshot: StyleIt app by Carnegie Mellon grad takes guesswork out of getting dressed

ACTUAL HEADLINE (WAPO OP-ED) : End Obamacare, and people could die. That’s okay.

Stocks down slightly, investors shrug off eurozone fears

Pic Of The Moment: The GOP Health Care Plan Is Finally Here!

Actual op-ed headline: 'End Obamacare, and people could die. That's okay.'

Inside Hillary Clinton’s 2016 plan

Dropkick Murphys to Scott Walker: Quit using our music; ‘we literally hate you’

National Geographic : Measles Are Back: Key Questions and Answers on Disease, Vaccinations

OPEC chief sees chance of oil zooming to $200 a barrel

If Jesus Returned

This 12 minute video should go viral. A quote: "Like forging new rivers through stone."

Larry King tweets Mitt Romney will decide on 2016 presidential bid within next 2 weeks

This 12 minute video should go viral. A quote: "Like forging new rivers through stone."

DeFazio requests USDOT action on tank-car safety

This is what the republicans want the people to go back

President Obama Attends India Republic Day Celebrations | Al Jazerra English | Times of India


Wilmington DE to Philadelphia

The Hanging Tree...LOL (hunger games)

Yay! We're #1!!

What's a good breakfast beer?

ISIS driven from the Syrian city of Kobané, jihadist group also losing ground in Iraq

Shrunken middle class

The Mad Hatter who killed Lincoln's assassin

Is rewarding tax avoidance the way to fund infrastructure needs?


ISIS driven from the Syrian city of Kobané, jihadist group also losing ground in Iraq

George Lucas: “Girls Go to the Movies Just Like Anyone Else”

George Lucas: “Girls Go to the Movies Just Like Anyone Else”

Ex-Fox News Employee Commits Suicide Outside of News Corp. Headquarters

Research pinpoints new technique for producing cheaper solar energy

Blacks disproportionately killed by police, assault police in Va.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Backing Down From Food Stamp Fight

Repubs push f/ Atlantic offshore drilling

Greece’s Tax Burden Below EU Average, Says ECB’s Mario Draghi

Obama's Approval Rating Spikes to 50%

Thom Hartmann: News Is Not Terrorism

Sack's cartoon: Bread bags for Joni Ernst

Are we at DU having technical difficulties?

Climate models disagree on why temperature 'wiggles' occur

Greece economy is wrecked because people don't pay taxes, it's totally corrupt; wasn't fit for EU

Phyllis Schlafly is going senile.

One state - From poorest to richest counties

5 incredible insect superpowers

Why A Black Man's Murder Often Goes Unpunished In Los Angeles

Great Blizzard of 1888 - Photos

San Francisco Zoo offers creepy way for lovelorn to get even with exes

Remember Bobby Jindal's remarks about the "stupid party?"

Scott Walker shops at Kohl's just like you and me, no really, he does...

Winters in Siberian permafrost regions have warmed since millennia (gradual warming for 7,000 years)

Romney’s Consideration of Candidacy Is Closely Tied to His Faith, Allies Say

The miracle of a bridge hand.*

Psychology studies suggest rising wealth means more jerks in S.F.

Spacecraft's Double-Take Reveals Changes on Mars

Psychology studies suggest rising wealth means more jerks in S.F. (xpost from GD)

ICYMI: Al Qaeda's YouTube guide for jihadists

Politics aside, Jeb Bush is one smart and funny guy

Meanwhile in flyover country(SW iowa) sunny&60 Freedom Summit cleanup continues

Woman beheaded in the streets of Mecca, Islam's holiest city...

Lawmaker asks Colorado to pay for IUD program

U.S. Embassy In Yemen To Close To The Public Amid Turmoil

Why Sitting By The Fire Is The Best!

Detroit man faces prison for not paying child support for child who isn't his; sparking controversy

Sheldon Silver's arrest clouds NY's DNC 2016 bid

Lawmaker asks Colorado to pay for IUD program

Florida police used mugshots of black men for target practice. Clergy responded: #UseMeInstead

How American sniper got his high score

The true cost of Citizens United: The Roberts Court’s darkest hour revisited

An Opening for Elizabeth Warren If She Wants It

Wikipedia Declares War On Women, Gives Anti-Feminist Males Control Over Gender And Sexuality Entries

Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey Sponsors Essay Competition to Honor Saudi King

Ukraine Rebels Move To Encircle Government Troops In New Advance

To Collect Debts, Nursing Homes Are Seizing Control Over Patients

Defiant Putin Calls Ukrainian Army NATO's Foreign Legion, NATO Accuses Moscow Of Arming Rebels

U.S. top court rules for employer in retiree benefits fight

Oklahoma fights gay marriage, LGBT in general

The most liberal right-winger I've ever met

Ten killed in Greek fighter plane crash in Spain

The Phoenician city of Tyre - A rich history of industry, mythology and conflict

John Boehner: Obama fights for the rich, we'll fight for the middle class and the poor

Demis Roussos, an incredible singer and icon of the 60's and 70's has passed away today at 68.

Prophet Image at U.S. Supreme Court Shows Taboos Aren’t Eternal

Culture In Decline

USDA Reports First Commercial Case of Bird Flu Variety Since ’04

Historic Overhaul Seeks to Change How U.S. Pays the Doctor Bill

Wow! Google street view enables a virtual paddle down the Yampa river!

Black NYT Writer Criticizes Yale Police as Son Held at Gunpoint

The Date Has Been Set - Alex and I are Getting Married!!

She's so Belle. Emma Watson to portray Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Holy Shit, I Interviewed the President

Scorcese Documentary on Bill Clinton Stalled.

Santorum seeks to rebrand himself ahead of 2016

Are you "Death Qualified"?

S. Fla. computer worker: I stole military secrets

I think Black History should be taught in all Public Schools

Russian Credit Rating Lowered to Junk by S&P, Outlook Negative

Let’s Not Morph Obama Into Elizabeth Warren Quite Yet...

Mike Huckabee knows how to solve all the trouble with school shootings...

Travel bans/transit shutdowns being announced

Daily cute: cat finds new bed

Cuban Youth Built A Secret Internet Network

Bitcoin revealed: a Ponzi scheme for redistributing wealth from one libertarian to another

Dutch Court Refuses To Extradite Terrorism Suspect Over US Torture

Pap and Seder: Joni Ernst Taking The Crazy Pedestal from Michele Bachmann

This is mind-blowing: You have to pay Switzerland to lend it money

Windshield Wipes UP In Heavy Snow? Please Advise!

Ted Nugent doubles down on his "subhuman mongrel" remarks...

New escalation in eastern Ukraine: Our war in Europe

Obamacare 2.0: the White House's radical new plan to change how doctors get paid

Opening Today: "Hear My Voice" at National Museum of American History

French judge says parents can’t name their daughter Nutella

Canada’s Green Energy Sector Now Employs More People Than Its Tar Sands

Fox’s Todd Starnes to Michael Moore: Jesus Would Love American Sniper

Obama hits 50% in today's Gallup poll:

Weaponized Speech

Putin Salutes Tsipras Win as He Courts Europe’s Upstart Parties

I love me my veggies!1 The healthier the better!1

Another Woman Accuses Cosby of Rape... Huff Post, Cindra Ladd, "Trust Me"..1969

1967 Merv Griffin show. Interviews MLK, Harry Belafonte also a guest.

Comic relief: Palin wants to be POTUS

Why Greeks Should Dump The Euro

EU Renews Push for Russia Sanctions as Clashes Sweep Ukraine

The Rude Pundit - Blizzard Blogging: Sarah Palin Had to Be Totally High


Evidence the DEA Attempted to Alter Testimony on Drug War Massacre in Honduras

Food Truck Robberies Rise in Venezuela With Basics Shortages

White House drone belongs to government employee flying it for fun: report

Stormy Monday, 1/26/15

Why Are the Feds Abusing Research Animals?

Tides suggest where big earthquakes may strike

Thanks, Anti-Vaxxers: Many Oregon Schools Have Nonmedical Vaccine Exemption Rates Over 50 Percent

Cops: Woman Drowned Puppy In Airport Toilet After Not Being Allowed To Board Plane With Animal

‘NYT’ and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war

SNL's parody of inspriational country songs "Wishin' Boot"

ACLU wants curb on restraints in schools

Deficit To Shrink To Lowest Level Of Obama Presidency, CBO Says

New York City Sends $30 Million a Year to School With History of Giving Kids Electric Shocks

Gay Alabama Lawmaker Threatens To Out Closeted And Cheating Colleagues

Glacial melt could change chemistry, food web in world's oceans

Boehner and McConnell Bob and Weave When Asked for GOP Alternative to Obamacare

San Francisco’s Driest January On Record Likely, No Rain So Far In 2015

If Gandhi took a yoga class

The Fate of Ukraine

Molly Ivins explains late-term abortion

USA Mexico border - photo from 1920

Hello, DUer's in the Northeast. Let us know that you are okay and sheltered in

Boston bombing jury excludes some Catholics

Some early morning vines

Greece's Syriza victory gives strength to Spain's anti-austerity movement/Fortune

This thread's title is... Batman on an elephant

2015 Kentucky Derby Prep - MSW winner Khozan

Nor'easters and the hardy New Englanders

Girl looking out from a balcony

Please keep those of us in the eye of this storm in your prayers and good thoughts.

It's only going to get worse: States Consider Repealing Prevailing Wage Laws

Dozens of dogs missing from Wise County, Texas

Hillary Clinton impersonates Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Canada

Thompson’s NBA-record 37-point quarter lifts Warriors over Kings

Video evidence of foreign fighters in Ukraine

Syriza finds right-wing ally to form Greek government

If Islam (or any religion, for that matter) were truly a "religion of peace"...

Housing Secretary Julián Castro to Headline LGBTQ Conference

Gay Alabama Lawmaker Threatens To Expose Colleagues' Marital Infidelity

NBC News has up a live cam of New York City....

Washington Week Ahead: White House seeks to sell trade agenda, close TPP deal

This AM Denver PD Shot & Killed My Unarmed, Teenage Female Neighbor Right Behind My House

Blizzard of 2015 memes are sweeping the Northeast even faster than this weather

I’m an atheist psychiatrist. Should I see patients who believe in God?

Boston’s leaky (natural gas) pipes add to greenhouse-gas buildup

Justice Sotomayor: Stop Bending the Constitution to Favor Cops

San Francisco’s Driest January On Record Likely, No Rain So Far In 2015, Drought continues

Color me gobsmacked, but my kid is coming to A & M in Corpus this fall. What can you all tell me?

Interfaith Interaction (or Lack Thereof)

Who are the Independent Greeks?

C.I.A. Officer in Leak Case, Jeffrey Sterling, Is Convicted of Espionage

Here are 5 scary ultra-right wing Catholics who are outraged by the cool Pope

Energy-hungry India doubles down on coal


Ordinance would ban electronic cigarettes on BART

A glorious moment in the Anglican communuion. First female bishop consecrated

The Supreme Court Allowed A Man To Be Executed, Then They Took His Case

1,000 82nd Airborne Paratroopers Headed to Iraq This Week

Boom! Blizzard Could Be Strong Enough to Produce Rare Thundersnow

What band did these 18 people pay to see in 1961?

Gay Rights Face Off Against Religious Rights in 'Add the Words' Testimony

I clean-installed Windows 7 on my HP laptop which was running Vista.

Fox News Host Just Can’t Understand Why Obama Doesn’t Attend Tea Party Rallies

Don't know if this is the right place but I need advice. Is there an company that works with

Researchers Made A Discovery That Changes Everything We Know About Greenland’s Melting Ice

He was the first great Sherlock Holmes. But few will have heard of US actor William Gillette.

If you don’t understand how people fall into poverty, you’re probably a sociopath

Even in non-political governing CHRISTIE is irritating, disgusting, REPULSIVE. Bossy/bully.

KFC Has a Double Down Hot Dog and It's as Terrifying as It Sounds

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 26, 2015

Fox News is now too anti-Christian for some right-wing activists

12 Essentialist Oversimplifications About Religion Badly in Need of Theory

HEADS UP: "Face Off" (death of Gus Fring) is in tonight's "Breaking Bad" marathon on AMC

Foreign Funding Bankrolls Anti-Netanyahu Campaign – Flies in 5-Man Obama Team

What's for dinner? Monday Jan 26th.

Patrick Cockburn: ‘An effective terrorist attack requires the complicity of governments’


Opposition to Obama "from the right" isnt ALL about Race, really?

Morning Plum: The last stand of the anti-gay marriage warriors?

Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism, the First Computer

Report: NFL investigation has “zeroed in” on Patriots locker room attendant

Morning Plum: The last stand of the anti-gay marriage warriors?

Tool-making may have made language genes more useful

Here's How Much You Should Tip Your Delivery Guy During A Blizzard

He was the first great Sherlock Holmes. But few will have heard of US actor William Gillette.

I got off from work at 1pm - I thought woohoo

I’m an atheist psychiatrist. Should I see patients who believe in God?

Someone on nolabear's FB feed lives in New England and is rooting for the Seahorses

Poverty and Indigence Reduction Stalls in Most of Latin American Countries

Russian Sanctions Might Be Obama’s Greatest Blunder

Sigline Problem is Fixed. Thanks.

Ben Carson: Gay Couples ‘Not That Smart’ Because Loving Christian Bakers Might Poison Wedding Cakes

Imagine if John McCain had won...and then immediately died.

Legalized Bribery-Zephyr Teachout on Sheldon Silver, Corruption and New York Politics


It's BubbleWrap Appreciation Day!

White House releases photo of drone operator who crash it

Anonymous Hackers - Friend (Barrett Brown), Snaps at FBI Over-reach; Resulting in Prison Time

Yay! Snow Day*****************

Last week we talked about the crazies on Craigslist. Today police found the bodies of a couple

I think either KFC just stopped fucking trying

Must ridiculous thing I've read in a long time - on TPM, re Joe Scar and AlaskaWordSalad

William Boardman: Boehner's Treason?

GOP lawmaker: Minimum wage is for teenagers and minorities

GOP State Senator Argues He Can Legally Drive Drunk

Juan Cole: How Stable Is Saudi Arabia?

Think about the stupidest conservative you personally know, like a family member or Facebook friend.

Anyone here with Asthma or other chronic lung disease? You may be interested in this-just FYI

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 27: Star of the Month: Robert Redford

Far-far-far right House Republicans form a new club (Daily Kos)

Read this article and please doubt the headline:

NY TImes: Romney’s Consideration of Candidacy Is Closely Tied to His Faith, Allies Say

If Bernie Sanders Runs For President, It Won’t Be as an Independent: “I will not be a spoiler”

NYC DU'ers. Curious. What are the logistics of dealing with 2 ft of snow.

British support for EU membership grows, despite UKIP popularity

Producer Alan Ladd’s Wife Accuses Bill Cosby of Drugging, Raping Her in 1969

Natural-gas line explodes in West Virginia

“The best slave is the man who believes he is free.” ~ Goethe.

The Screw just keeps on tightening, Home Health Care

Cornyn says Keystone pipeline through Texas created 4,800 jobs in first year of operation

Cops Kidnapping Random People Off the Street, Forcing them to Be Jurors

For anyone interested in NYC - you can track Sanitation's snow removal trucks -

Don Feder: Obama Presidency Worse For Jews Than The Holocaust

Lawyer Claims Woman Can’t Prove She Didn’t Actually Want To Be Set On Fire

‘Even if it worked, I would oppose it’

People with disabilities half of people killed by cops; disability rights groups protest

History's biggest snow job...

Elizabeth Warren: Supreme Court housing decision could put our financial well-being at risk

The conservative (bowel) movement is full of scams.

The Koch network’s 2016 spending goal: $889 million

Funny how everyone loves govt when there's a major emergency like a massive snow storm

Sara Palin exposes herself to all as....A "Total Idiot"

UPDATE: ALL public transit and roads in NYC shutting down indefinitely

Man loses Super Bowl access over Facebook post

Obamacare cost to be 20% less than forecast, budget office says

Ending Greece’s Nightmare by Krugman

Glenn Beck: I'm Taking My Whole Family On Vacation to Europe This Summer 'Before It's All Destroyed'

China’s Louisiana Purchase: A methanol plant on the bayou

Mitch McConnell's attempts to shut down the purported open debate on Keystone failed tonight.

Christie goes all in on Detroit-style manager for Atlantic City

14-year-old faces capital murder charge in baby's drowning

ALIEN STAR SHIPS hidden in plain sight with Robert Evans

Gun enthusiasts rally at Capitol for open carry law

My rant against TeaParty bigotry & sedition

2 more states join Texas-led immigration lawsuit

Report: NFL Focusing Investigation On Patriots Locker Room Attendant

Russian riot police raid Crimean Tatar TV channel

Report: Man who says he was fired by Fox 7 kills self near News Corp.

Socialist snow plows keep clearing all the roads around my house.

Indiana's Repug Governor Starting New State Run Media. No, Seriously

House Conservatives Form "Freedom Caucus" as Right-Wing Rebellion Continues

Mom Finds a Weird Creature in a Tuna Can

Judge tells GOP leader his elections board criticism 'is just not true,' insists board oversees inv

"Held in Public Trust" Is a Future Tense Phrase

The blizzard of '78.

Sarah Palin bemuses Republicans with rambling speech and talk of 2016 run